American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi talks about Bikini Girl’s busted face

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Kara, “look I’m engaged!” DioGuardi, on 1/13/09. Credit: WENN

New judge Kara DioGuardi talked to the man who thought it was a good idea to high five a blind guy, Ryan Seacrest, on his show yesterday. They discussed snotty bikini-wearing contestant Katrina Darrell, now known around the world as “Bikini Girl.” Kara basically said that Bikini Girl was a butterface, but she made it sound a little nicer than that. You can tell that Kara hasn’t changed her ways and is still annoyed after the incident, in which she re-sang the contestants song and got offended when she was told she didn’t sing it any better:

“I love pretty girls,” she said on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show Wednesday. “The thing with bikini girl — to be honest, I thought she had a better body than she had a better face.”

The two got into a heated spat after Darrell sang Mariah Carey’s “Vision of Love.” Judges Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson sent her through, but DioGuardi said she didn’t think Darrell had “swing.” So DioGuardi re-sang the song for Darrell, telling her how she should have done it. Darrell then snapped, “your demonstration wasn’t any better.”

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“To her credit, she’s gotten so much attention. It was probably a good call to wear the bikini at the end of the day,” DioGuardi told Seacrest. “But we wouldn’t be talking about the bikini if she killed the song.”

Asked by Seacrest if she’d send through a “pretty” girl before a “cute” girl, DioGuardi said, “It’s hard to say. But pretty and cute … they’re important. It’s a visual medium. You’re going to see people on the covers and in the press.

“Of course, I want a pretty girl,” she said, “but I’m not just looking for a pretty girl; I’m looking for an incredible voice, great stage presence. I’m a big champion of women. I’m not the kind of woman who’s going to drag a woman down.”

[From US Magazine]

My opinion of Kara didn’t change after watching last night’s episode from Kansas City. Kara may say superficially nice things to the contestants, but she’s not a down to earth person like Paula and there’s no heart in it. She uses “sweetie” and other terms of endearment as a way to couch criticism and subtly put people down, and she just sounds insincere. Maybe that’s why she didn’t like bikini girl – she saw another woman with an attitude and got competitive. There are all sorts of ways she could have handled that incident better if she didn’t agree with the male judges, like telling them to close their eyes while the contestant sang. Instead she took it personally, came off as petty, and is now defending herself. American Idol could have done much better choosing a judge. They resort to mocking special people in every audition episode so I guess we can’t expect class and professionalism from their panel, either.

fox winter party 3 140109

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21 Responses to “American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi talks about Bikini Girl’s busted face”

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  1. yeah says:

    She’s talking pretty? She’s a nicer looking version of Sandra Bernhardt, the fugly “comedian”. At least, she’s the slightly better put together one, but she’s no beauty, especially based on HER OWN words. How very Simonesque of her to first look to wrapping and then justify by saying the voice must be good too. Nice try…too late…you already f’d up.


    eta: Thanks for the correction, dude! I knew it was not feeling right but I’m lazy and didn’t look it up.:-)

  2. mojoman says:

    Petty, petty, petty..she still rehashed it which means she still hasnt got over it!

  3. dude wtf says:

    Yeah: I think you mean Sandra Bernhardt not sarah. The reason why i know that is b/c you are totally RIGHT! She does look like her!! hahaha

  4. MSat says:

    Hello…publicity stunt!

    FWIW, I thought the bikini girl was obnoxious, full of herself and a mediocre singer. She won’t make it past H’wood week.

  5. Based on the 5 second clip I saw on the news, Bikini Girl is a butterface, but DioGuardi is ugly on the inside.

  6. california angel says:

    I agree cb, Paula at least puts emotion and a little bit of humanity into her comments and does her best to make every person leave feeling partially good about themselves. Despite her hot mess-ness, she is definitely my favorite judge on the show. I saw last night’s show but missed the bikini girl (tuesday?). P.S. cool, there’s a spell check:)

  7. jess says:

    ugh. this judge has irritated me since i found out about her. she’s annoying, doesnt contribute much to the show’s dynamics that wasnt there (past evening out the testosterone/estrogen on the panel) and it NOT one to talk about butterfaces anyways. ugh. i wish fox would cut her loose.

  8. Jessica says:

    Ugh. She’s so stiff in those pictures.

    I feel like Idol is the eighth grade clique that whispers about her in a huddle while being outwardly nice to her.

    PS: Those eyes have evil in them.

    PPS: GOD help this woman if she tries to steal Simon from Paula. Just saying.

  9. Sickitten says:

    “I love pretty girls,” she said on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show Wednesday.

    No you don’t really love pretty girls. Pretty girls are a threat to you. She’s just like so many women in the work place who have to be ‘the prettiest’ one and when someone better comes along their claws come out to the detriment of all around them. Who told them they were gonna always be the prettiest any way? Their parents, I guess.

  10. MSat says:

    I will take this chick over Paula any day. Paula is batshit crazy, her comments make no sense, she is half in the bag most of the time and lets crappy performers through because she feels sorry for them. She’s a waste of space on the show and has been so for years. I think Randy should be replaced, too. Dawg.

  11. Ceenitall says:

    Idol has jumped the shark she is the proof.

  12. pippipcheerio says:

    How’s about ditching BOTH this piece AND Paula, and bringing on a real female performer insteac of these preening posturing idiots? Like Joan Jett or Chrissie Hynde – oh, I forgot, they probably wouldn’t touch these fading pile of refuse with a ten-foot pole.

  13. Christina X says:

    I agree that Bikini Twit is a butterface and that apparently a lot of men out there have low standards, no matter how neurotic they are about them.

    The thing with this new judge is that she obviously lacks common sense. You can tell by Bikini Twit’s “attire” (or lack thereof) and body language that she knows she can get what she wants (attention) by flaunting her body, and she gave Bikini Twit exactly what she was asking for. By getting annoyed by her, she let some dumbass with nothing above the neck to offer get the best of her, and her acting out about it probably is going to cost her reputation as a judge.

    I have to give her credit where it’s due and that she’s more relatable than Randy “What Simon said!” Jackson, Simon “I think with the wrong head” Cowell, and Paula “You’re so good!” Abdul.

  14. Lia says:

    Bikini girl was so arrogant that it shrouded any possible talent she might have had. Her singing kind of stunk, but Simon and Randy showed their true shallow colors by voting her through because they liked her a$$. Nothing they say as judges from this point on can be taken seriously now.

  15. Jill-e-b says:

    Amen, MSat.

  16. Cletus says:

    who the hell is this person, anyway?

  17. Gina says:

    That new judge, Kara, is one to talk. She’s no supermodel, herself. Ugh, I cannot stand this new judge. I loathe her so much, I think I’m boycotting American Idol altogether. That and the fact that the show is simply not entertaining anymore.

  18. Gigohead says:

    I think Bikini girl’s only talent will probably get her a gig on Maxim but to the end of American Idol, I don’t think so.

  19. dallas nelsen says:

    please dont bring kara back next year me and millions others wont be watching if she dose.

  20. Nik G says:

    You have my vote to get Kara DioGuardi off. She’s pathetic!!! She loves herself more than anything… for absolutely no reason

  21. SK says:

    Don’t care for her at all. Really boring and self-centered woman. Would be glad to see her off American Idol. Feel like there is a lot of favoritism and she really doesn’t seem to care for Siobhan for some reason. Jealousy perhaps?