Raven Symone doesn’t let body criticism affect her self esteem, or does she?

Raven Symoné, the 23 year old star of Disney’s That’s So Raven, is a fuller figured young woman who claims not to let criticism of her body size get in the way of how she feels about herself. She says that people sometimes say rude things about her right to her face, but that she doesn’t let it get to her. Symoné is hosting a workshop sponsored by Dove to boost self esteem for tweens:

On Thursday, the singer-actress will be helping to boost some of her young fans’ confidence when she hosts a hundred 11- and 12-year-old girls at a Dove-sponsored self-esteem workshop in Cape May, N.J.

“It’s going to be so much fun,” the 23-year-old, who’s been working on her fifth album, tells PEOPLE. “We want to build their self-esteem and give them tools to face the world the next day without us there.”

The singer-actress has experienced her share of criticism – especially from online “haters” – for her body, which she’s called “thick and fabulous.”

“People come up to me and have certain words for me, but you know what I do? I say, ‘I’m healthy, I exercise, I believe in myself, and I think I’m beautiful,’ ” she says. “You just have to learn how to transform the pressures into something that doesn’t soak into you on a personal level. You see it, you breathe past it, you don’t let it sink into your self-esteem.”

And to enforce her positive mantra, if something’s got her down, Raven has a simple technique. “At the end of the day I’ll call my best friend and yell and scream and get it out,” she says. “And the next morning, it’s out of my system.”

[From People]

We need more larger-sized people in the public eye. There are plenty of underweight actresses, why can’t there be overweight actresses too? Yes it’s technically healthier to be fit and smaller, but there’s also nothing shameful in being overweight and too many people are afraid to fully live life at their current size. I know I’ve been in the trap of thinking that things will be better for me 10-15 pounds later, and that’s no way to live.

The sad thing about this story from Symoné is that even though she says that she’s strong and can deal with the criticism, she also admits she has to scream about it often to her best friend. How is that fair? Yes she could stand to lose some weight for her health, but what effect does that have on the people talking smack to her? We have people of all sizes in our society and while a certain shape is desired and healthier, that doesn’t mean we can’t accept people across the spectrum. It just makes me sad sometimes to see people suffering and to hear such cruel comments.

Raven Symoné is shown on 9/13/08 at a tribute to Patti LaBelle. Credit: WENN

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  1. natasha says:

    Some of the cruelest comments about her were written by the aptly-named evil beet. I have not returned to that site since and never will. I do wish you wouldn’t link to her.

  2. photo jojo says:

    I think she looks great. :)

  3. Annie says:

    This is going to sound terrible, but I don’t care.

    I disagree that larger is better. I mean, there’s an extent to all of it. I don’t think there should be stick thin role models, but I’m sorry, when the American Obesity rate is 66.3%…I kind of fault several things for that, and one of those things being this notion of glorifying fat.

    I’m not saying diet and exercise your life away. I’m saying, especially for kids, make ‘em eat FULL healthy meals. Not Jack in the Crap or McCholesterol. I’m saying, feed them full hearty breakfasts and lunches and dinners and make them play a sport, or heck, ride a bike. But no, we idolize this sedentary life and then when a girl’s fat, she’s considered “full figured”. I’m all for curvy, and more power to that, but when you’re doctor is saying your body fat levels are too high and you risk high cholesterol, myocardial infarctions…well, it’s time to reevaluate what “big and beautiful” really means.

  4. voodoobetty says:

    @Annie – beautifully put. There isn’t much more I can add to that really. I don’t think Raven is really that overweight. She’s obviously naturally curvy and I agree we should embrace all body types. However I do not think we should glorify those which are created by unhealthy lifestyles weather it be stick thin because of lack of nourishment or obese because of lack of control over ones appetite.

    And I really hate this new term “Thick”. That is the new term for what used to be “Rubenesque” or “a little extra padding”.

  5. Giz says:

    Why do other people have such issues with larger sized people? Because they are an affront to their eyes? It isn’t a matter that they see it as “health” issue. It’s like American dislike for “excessive” body hair on women. It’s a prejudice. If Raven Simone, weren’t larger sized but had under arm and hairy legs, you’d be ripping her for that.

    BTW, not all larger sized people suffer from major health issues. Thinner individuals still suffer heart-attacks, strokes, high cholesterol levels and diabetes.

  6. Iris says:

    what are you talking about Annie? the America I live in does not glorify fat. while we are clearly a fat nation in the global sense of the term, it’s not something that we embrace or are proud of. overweight people are taunted more so than they are idolized.

    the obesity problem does not stem from ‘glorifying fat’ or ‘idolizing this sedentary life’, it’s from the over-availability of unhealthy food on every street corner and grocery store aisle.

    full-figured actresses are only applauded because they haven’t conformed to the Hollywood ideal of beauty, despite the pressures and negativity they obviously have to face. and they do deserve to be commended for not allowing their acting talents to be overshadowed by a weight discrimination.

  7. Donna says:

    Her general personality annoys me more than anything else about her. Can’t see past the cocky attitude and abrasive voice. Shiver!

  8. Anna says:

    Raven has a beautiful body and she’s right not to be ashamed of it.
    Besides, it’s not per se unhealthy to be slightly overweight, as is Raven’s case. She is by no means obese and I doubt that she is at any health risk if she really does exercise regularly and eat sensibly most of the time.

    And about the part that it’s sad she has to scream with her best friend about her frustrations, I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the stick thin actresses, like Lara Flynn Boyle, Keira Knightley and countless others did the exact same thing. It must be equally (if not more) as frustrating to be called anorexic and ugly by the tabloids. And as far as quality of life goes: I bet Raven has a much better time by not starving herself like so many Hollywood ladies.

  9. neelyo says:

    Good for her for being proud of her body, but perhaps she’d listen to some criticism of her crayola drawn eyebrows?

  10. voodoobetty says:

    I do think this nation glorifies fat. The terms “Big and Beautiful” “BBW” “thick and fabulous” that is glorification of being FAT. You are BIG because you are FAT and sorry but there is nothing beautiful about someone who lacks the common sense or the control to take care of themselves. The same can be said about women who starve themselves to stick thin proportions. There is nothing attractive about that either so dont think Im on the fat basher bandwagon

  11. CJ says:

    I don’t think she’s fat or even a big girl. I think she’s normal and curvy.

    I do however thinks she needs to wear clothes that fit her body and are the correct size.

    Those two top clasps look like they are about to burst open. That’s not sexy, trendy, whatever–it just looks bad. It would look bad on any size women.

  12. Hojo says:

    I just wanna know… who did her eyebrows? Her makeup makes her look TERRIBLE. And Raven is usually fly as hell!

    I have never thought Raven was overweight, I would say she is NORMAL. And I think people need to embrace that. Size 0 is not where it’s at! My 14 year old sister is size 0 — at 23 there is no way I should be. I am “big and fabulous” at a size 10 thank you!

  13. IriD says:

    Not all fat people are unhealthy. let me repeat: Not all fat people are unhealthy. Nor are all skinny people healthy. Anorexia poses greater risks than carrying around an extra 10 pounds. Fat is not glorified, but some of us like to think that not every bit of beauty is owned by the size 00 crowd. Personally I think that seeing a woman’s sternum poking through her skin is far less attractive than an extra curve or two.

  14. voodoobetty says:

    a size 10 is BIG? What the hell? NO NO NO.
    A size 14 or 16 is big. Id say a size 10 is about normal.

  15. voodoobetty says:

    @IriD thats why I made note that neither stick insects or fatties should be glorified. And yes sorry but Fat people are indeed unhealthy. They carry more weight than they should and that puts a strain on many vital organs which is UNHEALTHY. You can eat a totally vegan diet and still be fat and unhealthy because your BMI is too high.

  16. Rhianna says:

    Humanity has bred in breasts, butts and thighs for millenia. I’d rather see a Raven, or a JLH, than a skanky coke whore with bleach blond hair and hideous frankenboobs. God help you if you run across a gristle like Madonna.

    Good for Raven. She always strikes me as very down to earth, and intelligent. Things sorely lacking in the land of fake boobs, fake tans, and IQ levels in the negative.

  17. Ling says:

    I agree, CJ, the girl is doing herself no favours with that suit – which, were it correctly sized, would actually be quite lovely. (Her hair is so aggravating I think I might vomit, so we’ll skip that part.)

    Any monkey can tell she’s nowhere near unhealthy-sized. She couldn’t be a stick even if she wanted to, her body just isn’t built like that. She looks like an adult, which she is.

    Awkward side note: I feel like we glorify pre-pubescent figures for girls. That’s… messed up.

  18. Annie says:

    Anorexia poses greater risks than carrying around an extra 10 pounds

    But carrying around an extra 10 lbs doesn’t make you OBESE. You could weigh more than your recommended weight for your height simply due to the fact that muscle weighs more than fat. I’m not talking about “carrying around an extra 10lbs” I’m talking about carrying around an extra 60.

    I’m talking about size and GIRTH and BODY FAT.

    BMI indexes.

    And again, I never said ALL FAT PEOPLE ARE UNHEALTHY.

    I’m saying there’s a higher risk when you’re obese.

  19. Sijo says:

    Well, she doesn’t have cankles so she isn’t that big.

  20. Annie says:

    And! When you’re carrying around that much weight, you have higher blood pressure, higher cholesterol, higher triglyceride levels and obesity is recognized as a MAJOR contributor to coronary heart disease.

    And as an aside, in case someone interprets my statements as such, I do not consider Raven to be obese. And my issue here is with obesity and the wavering lines of health and “big”.

  21. IriD says:

    “This April, researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles reported their clinical study of 14,739 patients with coronary artery disease, that had been confirmed on tomography, who were followed for over three years. They found that “obese” and “overweight” patients were at significantly lower risks for cardiac death than “normal” weight patients.”
    (from http://junkfoodscience.blogspot.com/2006/11/obesity-paradox-1.html)

    The same article and many others I’ve read also state that fat people actually live longer on average than thin people and that this whole presumption that fat is unhealthy is a myth perpetrated by the diet, pharmaceutical, and beauty industries.

  22. Me2 says:

    “Yes it’s technically healthier to be fit and smaller,”

    That’s not the comparison– it is heavier versus thin. A person can be heavier and more fit that their thinner counterparts, as is MORE often the case.

    Body types differ, and carrying extra pounds alone is not indicative of high cholesterol, myocardial infarction, diabetes or any of the other conditions that affect many Americans.

    Not every woman who had a baby can hire a personal trainer and get a tummy tuck, they walk, lift weights and eat sensibly and their bodies hang onto the weight.

    Smokers and non-skinny-Minnies are the last bastion of prejudice permitted, nay, encouraged in the US.

    Newsflash folks– food and cigarettes are both legal to purchase and consume. Go slam the alcoholics who drink and drive and leave healthy, full-figured gals alone.

  23. RhymesWithSilver says:

    Sigh…and Karolina Kurkova is fat, too, right? Seriously, Hollywood… That said, Raven is carrying too many pounds on her tiny frame. And you can tell she’s trussed up like a Christmas goose under that outfit.

  24. Diva says:

    Why do some of you care so much about other people’s weight? What difference, honestly, does it make to you whether a “fattie” is considered beautiful by anyone else???

    Your attempt to pretend that HEALTH is what you’re concerned about rather than your actual problem with how you think other people LOOK is not convincing.

  25. gg says:

    I have no issues whatsoever with her size, but that outfit is at least two sizes too small and looks horrific.

  26. Rio says:

    It really does depend on WHERE you are carrying the extra weight. If one carries their extra weight- be it 5, 10, 15 or 100 pounds- around their midsection (the “apple” shape), this is substantially riskier than if you were a “pear” shape (big butt & thighs, like me). The fat on pear-shaped individuals is more often than not subcutaneous (lit. “below the skin”), while the fat carried almost exclusively in the midsection means that your actual internal organs are surrounded in fat, thus a higher risk for heart attacks and the like.
    Now, this isn’t saying everyone who’s an apple is going to die miserably, nor is everyone who’s a pear is in the clear. Genetic/family factors play a HUGE role in health. This is just a general rule of thumb.

  27. california angel says:

    It’s the parent’s job to teach their kids proper eating habits, not Raven.

    P.S. Amen Me2

  28. Exiled says:

    Is it just me, or does she look like she’s had work done on her face???

  29. NotBlonde says:

    To all of you saying basically that we’re all either obese or anorexic: get. a. grip. If you are seriously overweight, like Biggest Loser overweight, you WILL die early and of something prevented by being of a lower weight. You never see seriously obese old people. Why? Because they die in their 40s and 50s.

    Raven Simone is not obese by a mile. She could stand to lose a few, like most of us in this country, but she isn’t fat at all.

    It upsets me that some of you are defending fat people by going to the other extreme and saying that anorexic people aren’t healthy either. No hey aren’t. But a fat person (I mean, a really fat person) should strive to be a healthy weight.

    I don’t believe this urban myth the media is shoving down our throats that Hollywood glamorizes the stick thin. Just looking at the Golden Globes red carpet will show you that there are actresses of many healthy shapes and sizes with natural breasts and butts. Stop believing that stupid myth. It is just that.

  30. Amy says:

    I agree that Evil Beet was particularly cruel to Raven. After Raven even addressed it on her MySpace (it clearly made her cry), Beet told her to put down the cheeseburger! That’s no different than schoolyard bullying.

    Note to everyone complaining about her size: it’s really none of your business, is it?

  31. tigerlille says:

    Wow, it warms my heart to read to read the posts from Natasha and Amy. I also stopped reading Evil Beet after her vicious attack on Raven, and I also wish that this site did not offer a link to Evil Beet. In addition to being incredibly immature and a bully, she has ethical issues. When she isn’t in the mood to do her own work (my supposition), she uses the work of others with out giving them credit. Or at least that was the case before I stopped reading her site. I have brought this issue to her attention, but never received a response. It didn’t seem to concern her readers, but then I don’t think anyone stays with that site unless they are of like mind.

    As for the “fat issue,” you don’t have to approve of or commend the morbidly obese to treat them with courtesy and respect. As a former social worker, I worked daily with child abusers, drug addicts, and criminals, and I always treated them with courtesy and respect. All human beings deserve to be treated with respect.

    And as for Raven… A thousand years ago women with her body type were venerated. At one time, women were shown deference as the guardians of life.

  32. vdantev says:

    Well after she ate two of the three original Cheetah Girls, they had to do something about her.

  33. MSat says:

    Even though this kid annoys the hell out of me with her cloying acting skills, I still think people need to stop picking on her. If her figure bothers her, she will do something about her weight when she is ready.

    Now, her horrible show and that movie she did with Martin Lawrence…those are grounds for bullying.

  34. Annie says:

    But a fat person (I mean, a really fat person) should strive to be a healthy weight.

    That’s my point! lol. I’m not “fat bashing” I’m talking about Obesity.

    Clear difference.

    Again, if you read my first post I say: I’m all for curvy, and more power to that, but when you’re doctor is saying your body fat levels are too high and you risk high cholesterol, myocardial infarctions…well, it’s time to reevaluate what “big and beautiful” really means.

    And I’m not saying run around disrespecting them, I’m saying, LOOK at the state of our nation. You can’t take my reference to obesity to be my reference to fat-ness. I’m referencing obesity, which is gauged by a doctor and I’m also NOT saying that Raven is obese.

    It wouldn’t hurt her to work out a little more and watch her intake, or better yet, wear clothes that fit her…but she’s not obese.

  35. blah says:

    Americans are generally fat. Raven doesn’t look fat necessarily but but her clothes are too tight. Obesity is not attractive. If you are a big person and are healthy and work out and are solid, that is one thing. But fat lazy people who stuff their faces with fast food, soda etc gross me out. Same as emaciated women who smoke cigarettes and eat nothing.
    I have traveled all over and what I see is that in the US, we eat CRAP and tons of it. People need to stop pigging out and get some excersize. If you are in that industry, people are going to pick apart your looks no matter if you are fat or skinny.

  36. hmm says:

    Let me just say that Raven is now bigger than she was in the picture from four months ago. It is up to her whether or not she loses weight or whether or not she is comfortable at her current weight. The reality is that she is a 23 year old female actor in search of work in looks obsessed Hollywood and if she wants to be successful/employed then she will have to pay attention to her weight. Raven has gained a considerable amount of weight over the past few years and that cannot be good for either her career or her health. She is a decent actress and can be really funny but only she can decide how much of a career she will have. I’m just going to make an obligatory role model remark because she’s always talking about being a positive influence on young people. In the black community in particular, the struggles with diabetes and high blood pressure are immense and it would behoove Raven to take that into consideration when she is talking about being thick. Beyonce is thick and Ashanti is thick, but Raven is fat. And no matter how much she talks a good game about being happy the truth is that she knows she could do better for herself.

  37. Annie says:

    Wow. Went and looked that up Hmm and you weren’t kidding.

    Girl has PACKED IT ON.

    That cannot be good….

  38. czarina says:

    Some people seem to lose common sense when discussing such an issue. Raven is not obese, and the truth is that one of the problems with “looks obsessed Hollywood” is that they lead people to think that a size 2 or 4 is “normal”, which it isn’t. Most people who are a size 10 or 12 (and remember, fashion industries who create these sizes are not doctors and it is not based on medically acceptable weight), are perfectly healthy and well within their medically acceptable weight zone.
    I think the point of someone like Raven is that she is not killing herself to prove she can look like a model–or hating herself for not achieving it.
    Nobody is celebrating obesity…but suggesting that someone who is not exceptionally thin (a size 0, 2, or 4) is in fact fat or obese is unfair and inaccurate.
    And why on earth, hmmm, would you suggest that a person’s career, talent or ability to be a role model is based solely on their appearance? THAT sounds to me like a much worse lesson for kids to learn than Raven putting on a few pounds.

  39. pak31 says:

    I’ve watched her grow up on t.v. Because my kids watch Disney channel I knew who she was from Cosby, then when Raven came around I have seen a lot of the episodes. She has pretty much each year gotten a little larger. The earlier Raven episodes, her face and body was slimmer and she looked better. Here she looks bloated to me. Plus, she used to have great eyebrows now they look strange to me. I don’t think it’s right to have to be stick thin to be accepted but looking at her makes me uncomfortable for her. If she could drop some weight she’d be better off, but I only say that for health reasons.

  40. I heard a very articulate statement the other night – “the two words Americans hate the most are; Portion. Control.”

    It is easy for us as Americans to live our lives with a bit of wanton excess, only to regret our superfluous expenditures when we start to realize the unintended consequences (like our health and our wallets). I think it is very sad when our national collective entitlement combined with our unspoken credo of “Bigger is Better” manifests itself our waistlines and we become walking punchlines. It frustrates me the way we throw away our health and future, just because it’s “easier not to” in regards to restraint and personal accountability.

    At the same time, I can appreciate the mental fatigue of being an overweight individual in America. Body-image is so salient in our culture that even someone who is moderately big hears nothing but ridicule about their body-type.

    It’s incredulous how much of a disparity there is between our “ideal” figure (an anorexic sexpot selling you everything from movie tickets, to facial cleanser, to vacuum cleaners) and our “actual” figure (66% of Americans are obese or overweight). That full-frontal assault of “idealism” so very pervasive, it is enough to condition anyone that if you don’t look perfect, you are unworthy of time, love, and attention – and since you’ll never look perfect, you might as well dull your depression with another pizza.

    I think it’s this impression of perfection that keeps undercutting individual attempts at maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I see someone like Raven Symone – an individual who is happy with who she is and what she looks like – and I smile. Skinny-minnies aren’t going to motivate us to get off of our collective asses; but perhaps confident, secure women who unabashedly put themselves out in the spotlight can inspire all of us to make better choices.

    I’m not saying Raven is some sort of poster-child for health, I just respect her willingness to strut her stuff despite criticism. Perhaps one day she’ll be a spokeswoman for a healthy lifestyle, but in the short-run I think she’s doing more good than harm.

    You know, I’ve never been severely overweight, but I can certainly relate to the, “If I was just __ pounds lighter” mentality. Even now, I’m fit, compact and curvy, but I’d still love to lose that extra 5-7 that my hips refuse to let go of. I understand the pervasive double-standards and the skewed relationship Americans have with food and leisure. I just feel there has to be a more effective way to tackle the problem than name-calling and trendy diets.

  41. SixxKitty says:

    My children have grown up watching her in cosby re-runs and on Disney. I’m glad she is happy in her skin, and I think she is stunning, I also think that those who arn’t, bitch…

  42. Kara says:

    Or whatever you call yourself. I think it shows a lot of ignorance on your part to refer to the, “fatties”, as unattractive, because they can’t control what and how much they eat! I was thin most of my life and became overweight due to a chronic illness. Not because I shove twinkies and Big Macs in my mouth with no holds bar. I can’t exercize without becoming dangerously ill. There are many people out there
    like me. There are many others who have other medical conditions that have lead them to obesity, and not some unbridled passion for food.

  43. Gigohead says:

    If Raven believes that having a body of an overweight 40 year old woman(I’m almost 40 and I’m a size 12) is acceptable, then she’s highly mistaken. She can be a good body weight without starving if she’d cut the junk food be more active. I was chubby when I hit 21 when I lived on my own and did not prepare my own meals. Thanks to McDonalds and KFC. I went up to a size 14 from an 8. I underwent nutrition counseling in college and was able to shed the weight. Had I not chosen that, I think my fertility may have been affected. Since it may have resulted in Polycystic ovarian syndrome.

    Sorry. I do applaud her message but when you are squeezing into mature women clothing at 23. It’s time to make a change. I sure did.

  44. lrm says:

    Living in Kenya for a year and a half,I learned that I was ‘too skinny,and would never find a husband’…my American friend’s Africa boyfriend told her he wanted her ‘big as a matatu’ [which is a mini bus used as a bus]….I’m a size 6,always have been,good weight for me. Now,yes,some cultures glorify fat b/c it is a symbol for wealth…[think Taiwan: where a 6 yr old boy I tutored was obese,but that was standard among the priveleged,and wives who are heavy in some places can be seen as being taken care of by their husbands-it's a prestige thing.] But in Kenya,many of the large,very large by US standards,women that I saw daily,both rural and urban,subsisted in not much more than ugali [grain porridge] and sukuma wiki [version of kale] with ocassional meat,milk,tea….So,by no means were they overeating,worked physically like dogs most of the time,and lo and behold,were still ‘heavy’. Yet perfectly normal,even desired weight among many if not most Kenyans. That may be changing among the western educated and elite…but fact is you cannot attribute weight with health across the board [as mentioned by at least one poster above]. America may be glorifying it’s obesity issue,but we really are talking about two issues here: one being acceptance of differing body types/genes,and the other being aware of denial in terms of lifestyle/nutrition intake/overall health. That applies to both the overweight in the USA as well as the average and underweight. Nearly everyone eats like cr*p. Celebs and non-celebs alike.

  45. NotBlonde says:

    The difference between women in that Kenyan tribe and women in America is that they are genetically predisposed to be built that way; likely from the fact that they get so little food their bodies use every bit of it and store every bit of fat it can get.

    Women in the Hottentot tribe of Africans have humongous butts and thighs and it isn’t because they are fat or unhealthy, it is purely how they are built.

    But a Midwestern white woman sitting on her ass all day stuffing Cheetos into her mouth and drinking soda all day is not the same.

    You cannot deny that comparatively fewer people are fat because of genetic disorders and health problems than because they are just lazy. About 9.6 million people in this country (according to the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey) have hypothyroidism, the kind that causes you to gain weight. That is less than 6% of the entire US population. There are various other reasons why people are fat and stay fat (my mother, for instance had three children and a major bout with depression after her mother died which caused her to pack on a lot of weight). But from my personal experience (of course, I can’t speak for the entire country) most of the people I know who are fat, like Biggest Loser fat, not 10pounds overweight fat, are like that because they have horrible eating habits and sit around most of the day.

    They could do simple, absolutely free things to lose weight like drinking water instead of soda (make the investment to get a filter pitcher or a filter for your tap) and WALK around. Walking around is free. Take a lap around the block. If that is too dangerous in their neighborhood (as it was in mine) walk around your house.

    My mom cut out soda and lost 10 pounds in two weeks. Without changing anything else (as she is a bit stubborn in her ways). And then cut out snack foods and continues to lose weight by merely walking at the park for a half hour.

    There is no reason to be fat in this country unless you have a medical reason for it. Absolutely none.

    And again, I mean Biggest Loser fat, not extra ten pounds fat.

  46. Christina X says:

    I love the double standard of people who consider it fashionable to have curves, but god forbid that cheeseburger migrate to your waist. That changes everything, doesn’t it?

    This is what I mean by hypocritical.

  47. Christina X says:

    By the way, I’m overweight and I am still healthy. I prefer to lose weight because I personally find it unattractive, but wouldn’t dare imposing my ideals on someone else who happened to be overweight and in perfect health.

    This whole “ZOMG OVERWEIGHT IS BAD BECAUSE IT’S UNHEALTHY” is a f-king cover-up for “OMG EWWW FAT PPL”.

    So let me get this straight, it’s socially acceptable for your body fat to miraculously migrate to your boobs, hips, and ass? Well, I have a newsflash for some people: It’s still body fat, and no matter where it goes, it still affects your BMI. I notice no-one ever criticizes girls with a big ass and big tits for being on the verge of a heart attack, because it’s aesthetically attractive.

  48. tigerlille says:

    Someone commented on Raven’s eyebrows – they are a genetic anomaly. Her brother has them too. I think she said that she usually waxes them, but sometimes she gets tired of doing that. After reading Beet’s nasty comments about Raven, I got curious and did a little research on Raven. If you look into her background, you will find that she is remarkably talented as anactress and muscian. After she left the Cheetah Girls, there wasn’t much left in the way of voice or song writing talent. I applaud her for not going the way of other Disney child stars, such as Britney.

  49. stillwill2 says:


  50. Kat says:

    Her clothes don’t fit. She looks like she is gonna bust out of that outfit. This is not attractive, no matter what weight you are.

  51. Jill-e-b says:

    Why is it anybody’s damn business how fat someone is? And why is it okay to pick on fat people? I’m sick of reading things about how people who are fat obviously sit around all day on their arses, eating cheetos and watching the telly … people gain weight for a number of reasons … my friend’s antiseizure meds messed with her weight. She runs six days a week and eats an incredibly healthy diet. She’s also thirty pounds overweight.

    How about we stop with the rude assumptions and let someone’s health be their business?

  52. drm says:

    @Jill-e-be THANK YOU! Just to explode a few myths here…I’m 43 I’ve had four kids and I’m a size 14/16. I also take a LONG walk every day at a good pace, I eat miinimal junk food, get my 5+ per day, take a vitamin, don’t drink excessively and am a happy, healthy NON JUDGEMENTAL person. And guess what? I just had a complete physical for my immigration and everything is fantastic…my cholestoral is lower than my doctors (2.7 if you must know with excellent HDL). Oh I’m a PhD carrying sociologist with a full on job so my ‘fat’ hasn’t affected my brains and obviously I don’t sit on the couch stuffing cheetos in my mouth…I have other things to do.

    These discussions p*** me off. How dare anyone attempt to categorise me based ib something as arbitary as my clothing size or numbers on a scale… I like my life, my new husband loves me, I have a phenomenal sex life, don’t suffer from low self-esteem and have NO intention of starving myself to fit a socially constructed appearance ideal, or to ‘fix’ medical problems that I don’t have and as my doctor says will most likely never develop.

    I have problems and issues like everyone else, I just choose not make food or my appearance one or more of these. My health and appearnce is my business as is my body, and my weight.
    I enjoy my food and I dang well intend to keep enjoying it. I also work in public health and the much lauded BMI is fast going out the window. People are built differently and your health comes down to what your doctor says and what your tests (should you choose to have any) tell you and how you feel. Move your body, feed it well and feed your mind and your ethics at the same time and much of your life will go well for you.

  53. drm says:

    Dang no edit button excuse fast typing typos!

  54. geronimo says:

    Just to add, I understand the BMI scale to be far more of a very cynical friend to the insurance companies than a proved scientific tool for measuring a person’s health.

  55. dALILA bRAZIL says:


  56. Tru-Dru says:

    Raven is doing her Thing, and I was with her since 1989, and I will be there for her till the end…(YHWH) GOD Bless her!!

  57. nikkid says:

    I don’t understand how is it that so many of you know what she’s eating, do y’all live with her? Many of you who are putting her down because of her size don’t look any better, but because we can’t see your faces or bodies when you’re making your comments about other people y’all thing it’s o.k. Listen to me, step back and take a look in the mirror and at your lives before you start calling other people out on theirs. God accepts us all regardless of how much we weigh or how we look, so why is so hard for us to accept each other for who we are? I hope some you seriously look at yourselves and take this phrase into consideration “why is the pot calling the kettle black”. Just think about it, “how would any of you feel if you were the one being bashed. Many of you might say that you are not a celebrity and you are not in the public’s eye. But think about it, is being a celebrity make someone less of a human being?

  58. Excellent points drm, lrm, NotBlonde and Christina X. It seems it all comes down to an argument of “health” vs. “aesthetic”. I think if more Americans were to reexamine what is “healthy”, the standards for beauty would be reassessed as well.

  59. Annie says:

    Which is why my original post says pretty much that when you’re doctor is telling you that because of your body fat, you’re at a higher risk, you need to change your lifestyle and you know, Americans don’t. We like our fast food, we like our tv, and we like vegging out.

    We are a consumerist culture that thinks of taking a walk as something that’s this arduous task.

    And sorry, when you’re a public figure, it’s part of your job to be judged. What do you think we’re doing by reading sites like this?

  60. Jane says:

    Vdante- Nice to see a 40 something dude pick on a 20 something woman. Very classy.

  61. Sickitten says:

    NotBlond, great post. DRM, yawn.

    I think the real issue here is that people really don’t want to look at Raven because of her face. Her face and choice of eyebrows has no business being in the public eye as she really doesn’t have the talent to subsidize this fact.

  62. Christina X says:

    Annie, I have an idea.

    Yes, since you’re a public figure, people will judge you, but why not for a change, we start judging people for talent or character?

    Or has society reached a new low where judging people for their body size is a bigger priority than how well they do their jobs and ethics? Is this what society has evolved into, that vanity is all that matters?

    I’m about 25 lbs overweight. I’ll be the first person to admit that it’s my fault I’m this overweight and that I need to lose weight, but the dichotymy of fat and thin has apparently become such a fixation with the public that they’re on a witch hunt.

  63. Christina X says:

    That being said, I think that what’s causing so many people to gain so much weight is inactivity. I’ll also be the first person to admit that. I was thin when I worked and exercised outside of work.

    I don’t think that relentlessly, callously taking the piss out of people for being fat helps. All it does is make themselves hate each other more…simply offering advice and trying to help is different from “you’re so fat and disgusting! You should be ashamed of yourself!”

    And I think that in our culture, instead of enforcing a healthy figure with shame and humiliation, that we need to start personally evaluating our diet and activity level in a more constructive matter. Because I hear more of the “criticism” part than the “constructive” part.

  64. tigerlille says:

    Hey, it looks like Evil Beet is no longer linked on the CB blog site. If this was done deliberately, my congratulations. I am sure Beet/Sasha could care less, but I am genuinely glad that no reader will inadvertently find them selves on such a nasty and dishonest site. One small act of decency! Xia, xia.

  65. CB Rawks says:

    I love her, she’s adorable. My nieces and I watch her show, which we love.
    I wonder how come they ditched the mother character though? Odd.

  66. Annie says:

    Is this what society has evolved into, that vanity is all that matters?

    When you work in that kind of industry. Yes.

    You’re not judged on your looks in a firm, or a doctor’s office. They want to know that you can handle your litigation and your sudden seizures.

    And that’s what I’ve been saying, that we need to stop leading sedentary lives.

    How am I being callous? I didn’t call her a BigMac munching, cellulite ridden sow of a girl.

    I just said that obesity is an issue in America and all those people defending why it’s ok…..I mean, 1: one way or another, we’re obsessing about body weight, whether it be obsessing about the actual size or obsessing about people obsessing about it. 2: Defending it just perpetuates this cycle of unhealthy living. Bla bla. Yes. Not ALL fat people are unhealthy. but you know what? A good portion of them are and that’s a problem.

    Again, we’re not talking size 2 or size 22, we’re talking actual BODY FAT MEASUREMENTS. When you’re over 50% fat, that is horrible for you.

  67. drm says:

    I love it when people don’t agree with me and I become automatically ‘boring’ must try that particular theory on at work sometime :)

  68. Christina X says:

    And since so many complain about the mainstream industry being shallow and vain, why doesn’t everyone practice what they preach?

    We already have a lack of talent in the industry on account of vanity. I prefer not to contribute to the lack of depth and intellectual value in society by supporting dumb, vapid actresses who can’t sing or act their way out of a paper bag. Everyone bitches about the lack of talent in the music and movie industry, yet everyone’s so quick to pick apart someone’s flaws if they don’t look like a Hollywood Frankenstein.

    As someone overweight, I already admitted that I’m responsible for my weight problem, so I don’t see where you’re going on with me being defensive about it, and quite frankly, I don’t know what you’re being so defensive about.

    Lots of people have unhealthy habits. If it was observed at face value, there would be a huge scare about it.

    I know the worst thing you could possibly be in our vacuous hole called society is overweight, but I sympathize for obese/overweight people the same I do anorexics because I think that sometimes there’s a psychological trigger for their exercise and eating habits.

    It pisses me off that the only health issues that burden an entire culture are the ones with physical side effects. You can eat as much or little as you want, as long as it doesn’t appear. You can snort, inject, inhale, and swallow as much as you want, as long as people can’t tell…and it all traces back to me thinking that this “concern” about obesity being thinly veiled as health, when it’s clearly not.

    I’ve known people with tapeworm who eat more than I do and get as much exercise as I do, and the SS of health and well being aren’t knocking down their doors. But why not? Oh, right, because it doesn’t affect their pretty little waistlines. If 66% of America yacked their guts out to look good, I’m sure that all the special reports would be ignored. Because at least it doesn’t show on the outside, right?

    You know. For every “fat” girl in Hollywood, there are about 10 of them making themselves vomit or live on celery and air. Funny how they get sympathy just fine.


    funny how these people aren’t being demonized for unhealthy habits.

  69. NotBlonde says:

    Christina, I find it interesting that you only seem to pay attention to the gossip rags and the “media” when they are talking about fat actresses considering as of late the most coverage you see is of actresses getting frighteninly thin and talking about their problems with cocaine (Lindsay Lohan), anorexia (Nicole Richie, one of the Olsens…I think Ashley, that woman who was in Men in Black II…her name is not coming to me, Calista Flockhart, Ellen Pompeo, Portia DiRossi, Annalynne McCloud and all those other new girls on that new 90210 show). I’m sorry, but you are kidding yourself if you think the media skips over overly thin people without pointing out their many faults and problems.

    I even seem to remember “them” talking about how Nicole Kidman was too skinny to actually be pregnant and she was faking it.

    The last time I recall anyone saying anything about any actress being unnecessarily fat was the attack on Jennifer Love Hewitt and she was really quite large at the time. It also didn’t help that she was wearing a very unflattering bikini at the time she was photographed.

    My point is that everyone needs to stop thinking and believing that there is some “Hollywood bimbo, Frankenstein, blonde haired, blue eyed, fake breasted, anorexic” ideal. It’s a stupid myth perpetuated by fat people so they can feel better about themselves. You’ll notice it’s only fatter actresses who bring up the issue of weight? Raven Simone is clearly self-conscious (even though she isn’t fat, per se) which is why she is starting up this camp.

    But you cannot think that 66% of the US population being fat doesn’t effect those of us who aren’t very overweight. I can’t stand it when a Biggest Loser-fat person sits next to be on public transportation. Taking up room in MY seat that I paid for is affecting me. Clogging up the subway doors when I’m trying to get out is affecting me. Ramming my ankles on their scooters affects me.

    The difference between an anorexic or a bulimic person and an obese person is that their problems rarely affect anyone except them and their close family. Another difference is the numbers. How many anorexic people, like actually anorexic, not just thin, do you see on a daily basis? How many overweight people do you see on a daily basis?

    Don’t try to make it seem like obesity doesn’t hurt anyone. It hurts the entire country. I can’t go to McDonald’s (for a tasty and extremely unhealthy treat every now and then) and get a 4 piece chicken nuggets without the person at the register telling me I’d have to order the Kid’s meal. I can’t order a SMALL meal. It’s regular or large. Why? Because the people who eat there eat mass quantities of the crap.

    I understand that it is difficult to lose weight. I know because I’m carrying around my extra ten that I can’t seem to get rid of. But I don’t take up two seats. I don’t eat three or four cheeseburgers in one sitting. I don’t drink soda. No one has to do those things. They choose to.

    It affects all of us. Period. You being slightly overweight is not who any of us are talking about. We are talking about the morbidly obese.

  70. Christina X says:

    I think anorexic people are speculated as much as blatantly overweight people are too. What I am trying to say is that there are actresses out there who are who spend hours at a gym, obsess over every single calorie, and make themselves vomit. I’m not going to say that all women with a nice body are neurotic about it, but some of them are, and no-one seems to make a big deal out of it.

    Dita von Teese, Kate Beckinsale, and Megan Fox have all admitted to not eating for periods of time, and their obsession with not eating is as unhealthy as those who are obsessed with eating. If these women appeared skeletally thin, only then would the media start caring.

    And I do feel sympathy for the celebrities who’ve had eating disorders such as anorexia. Mary Kate Olsen, Lara Flynn Boyle, Nicole Richie, and even Rachel Zoe I feel bad for. I, however, don’t feel sympathetic in regard to women who glamorize starvation diets.

    You probably think that I’m perpetuating this “slim, large-breasted, blonde haired, blue eyed” myth to make myself feel better about my weight, but on this topic, I don’t even feel like touching this with a ten foot pole, but it has nothing to do with my weight. OK, so I’m perfectly fine with admitting that this “myth” is part of a big defense mechanism, but a large part of me still believes it and would continue to until I fit the mold perfectly.

    Yes, I agree with you that once you reach an extent of where you get so large that you can’t get out of your house much less get out of bed that it affects their families, worrying them sick about their health and overall well being.

    I also happen to think that these people might have psychological issues that keep them from getting motivated enough to take care of themselves. I think that some people overeat and it’s a bad habit, some people overeat because they’re bored, some people overeat because they’re lonely, some people overeat because they’re depressed. I’m not saying it’s fine to overeat, but there are lots of other reasons that people overeat.

    I don’t personally know a ton of anorexic people. I know maybe one or two at most, but like I said, I think that anorexic people really don’t deserve the flack and speculation they get from the media, either.

    I’m not completely disgareeing with you about obese people, but I still stand beside my point. I can definitely understand why people get annoyed at restaurants downsizing portions and restricting certain ingredients because of the people who use it in excess ruining it for people who eat food in moderation. I understand that.

    To an extent, I can understand the obesity obsession, but I think it’s bullshit that girls who are 15-30 lbs overweight are lumped into this category, and I’m sick of any time someone notices someone famous gained a little weight that they pretend that it’s because “they’re at serious risk!” and that they’re so large that they’re immobile. I’m not saying that just because you’re a little chubby (like Raven Symone) to ignore that you’ve gained some weight, but that 15-30 extra lbs won’t kill you, and I don’t believe that’s the actual issue at hand.

    I’m sorry, but I don’t.

  71. NotBlonde says:

    I apologize for the long-as-the-Bible comment, but I get very frustrated with this whole Hollywood myth crap.

    It is a myth. There are women of all hair colors, all breast sizes, shapes, colors and realness or fakeness. There are women with fake noses and real noses. There are women with highlights and others with a new hair color every other week and others who don’t change it at all. There are actresses who have gained weight and those who have lost weight. There is NO IDEAL. The job demands that there be no ideal. Actors, by definition, have to be varied in appearance to suit the job. Angelina Jolie could not play Betty Suarez (from Ugly Betty, for those who are unaware). Cate Blanchett could not play Harriet Tubman. Whoopi Goldberg could not play a teenager on 90210.

    Let’s take the actresses who were nominated or won Golden Globes for films this year (these women have “made it” in Hollywood):

    Angelina Jolie real breasts, brown hair, age 33
    Kate Winslet: naturally blonde hair (highlighted now for the film she was nominated for), real breasts, no known plastic surgery, age 33
    Anne Hathaway, brown hair, brown eyes, rather odd features, very pale, real breasts, age 26
    Meryl Streep, real breasts, graying hair (as it should), no known plastic surgery, age 59
    Kristin Scott Thomas, brown hair, real breasts, no known plastic surgery, age 48
    Rebecca Hall, brown hair, real breasts, not traditionally attractive, age 26
    Sally Hawkins, brown hair, brown eyes, real breasts, age 32
    Frances McDormand, brown hair, brown eyes, real breasts age, 51
    Emma Thompson, naturally blonde hair, real breasts, age 49
    Amy Adams, red hair, real breasts, age 34
    Penelope Cruz, Spanish, dark brown hair, real breasts, age 34
    Viola Davis, African American, real breasts, age 43
    Marisa Tomei, real breasts, dark brown hair, 42

    Average age of Golden Globe nominees 37
    Number of fake-breasted Golden Globe nominees 0
    Number of underweight Golden Globe nominees 0
    Number of overweight Golden Globe nominees 0
    Number of NORMAL SIZED and healthy-seeming nominees 13

    Anyone who believes the myth that you cannot make it in Hollywood or that there is some Hollywood ideal of being scary skinny, blonde, blue eyed, fake breasted and fake tanned, just take a gander at the women above who are actually respected for their acting. And then shut your mouths.

  72. Diva says:

    NotBlonde – How does it “hurt” you to order a kids meal? I do it anytime I go to any fast food place, I’ve never been injured by it.

    Get OVER other people’s condition, ffs. Worry about yourself and yours, not the other random people at McDonalds. Why is it that this is something that so many people feel they have the right to judge others on?

  73. Christina X says:

    NotBlonde, I was being moderated, and my response is very very very very long.

    Just in case it doesn’t pass:

    1. I feel bad for anorexic girls as much as I do overweight girls. I feel really bad for Mary Kate Olsen, Lara Flynn Boyle, Nicole Richie, Rachel Zoe, etc. What I have issues with are women who appear healthy on the outside and make statements glamorizing starvation diets, and no-one saying anything about it.

    2. I don’t necessarily completely disagree with you. I think that a lot of people’s rights are being invaded by people who don’t understand the meaning of the word “moderation” and have to ruin it for people who can.

    3. I don’t think success is measured by the “petite, blonde haired, blue eyed, curvaceous bimbo” myth. I do however think that people’s importance and public interest are exaggerated if they’re conventionally attractive.

  74. NotBlonde says:

    Because those others affect me. The point I was making about McDonald’s is that there should be an adult choice that is the norm. The “child” size is a normal portion but people don’t realize this. Because of that crap, all fast food restaurants feel that they need to make their portions ridiculously large in order to satiate the obese. If they took down their portion sizes or made it seem like a normal adult would get only 4 pieces instead of 10, we would all be better off.

    I noticed too how you skirted the issue of a larger person taking up unnecessary room. How do you feel when someone who is very overweight sits next to you on a plane? Or on a bus? Or on the subway?

    I’m sorry, but their lives are not their own when they are squishing me and sweating on me. It’s a damn health hazard. What you are basically telling me is let them eat themselves to death because it is their life right? What about all the time and money they waste going to the doctor? Being on dozens of medications? Wasting the ER doctor’s time because they had a preventable heart attack? Blocking my way and making me miss and train so I’m late for work?

    Being morbidly obese, I cannot stress it enough that I am NOT referring to people who are 10, 20 even 30 pounds overweight I am talking about people who should be on the Biggest Loser, is something that is preventable. There is no reason, barring some kind of medical issue, that anyone should be morbidly obese. None. Those Biggest Loser candidates make perfect examples of people who want to get healthy and change their lives and no longer be a burden on their families. They are a burden in the workplace, working more slowly and less efficiently.

    Stop making excuses about how “it’s no one’s business” but yours and get up and walk around. I don’t see how me telling someone that them being morbidly obese effects people beside themselves is going to hurt them.

    Maybe I just don’t understand. But I cannot excuse obesity. It is a terrible, preventable issue.

  75. Christina X says:

    Goddamn it, I’m still being modded!

    I can agree to a point that obesity affects people, but simply being overweight doesn’t.

  76. NotBlonde says:

    How many times have I said that I’m not talking about generally overweight people?

  77. Christina X says:

    I’ve said I agreed with you about that.

    I’m not saying that if you’ve gained a little bit of weight to ignore it, but the radical anti-fat people making a big deal out of being about 15 lbs overweight because of “health risks” are full of it.

  78. Aspen says:

    I like getting Happy Meals. :)

    I TOTALLY get your point about that particular subject, NotBlonde, but I love getting the Happy Meal with my kid. She giggles every time and says, “Mommy, it’s for KIDS,” and I get to use that moment to teach her that even grownups should eat small portions of “treat” food like french fries.

    I, like you, want nothing to do with a 44oz. drink or a bucket of french fries. The packet-size of fries that comes with a kid’s meal is a reasonable portion for adults. When I was a kid, THAT is the size that my parents got with their meals when we had fries somewhere. Now? You can’t get a truly “small” fries anywhere unless you order the kid meal. Hell, they even have kid meals that have huge portions. I think they call them something stupid like, “big kid” meal…cause that’s exactly what you get if you buy them.

    But I digress.

    And…like Christina…I gotta say that I’m pretty sure that MOST people in MOST situations…are more concerned with how “fat” looks than they are about how healthy “fat” is.

    Just so you know…I totally got what you were saying and I couldn’t agree more.

  79. NotBlonde says:

    I get where you are coming from now Christina. It bothers me too when someone looks at someone with say, a bit of a larger butt and calls them “fat” (a la Kim Khardashian and Jennifer Lopez) or has a tiny tummy or flabbier arms and calls that “fat”.

    I wanna strangle people like that because I can’t wait until they get older and their metabolism slows down and they get those extra 10 or 20 that they just can’t lose.

    Aspen that is sooooo adorable. I can’t wait until I have kids so I can do fun little things like that and have those moments. You’re so lucky. :)

  80. Gina says:

    First off, I think Raven looks great in that pic. She doesn’t look overweight to me. In fact, did you know the average size of a woman is actually a size 14? As long as Raven can maintain a healthy weight & self-esteem, I think she’ll be okay.

    It’s sad to see American society judge people based on their appearance. I’ve lived in different countries where someone of Raven’s size would be considered the ideal. In Europe, they see slightly overweight women as beautiful — women who are full-figured, busty, and have a pretty face. However, in the United States, we put women who are paper thin and drug addicts on pedestals. What’s wrong with this picture??? The media has a lot to do with why society feels the way they do about what real beauty should be. Sad really. Maybe Raven should consider moving to Europe.

  81. Aspen says:

    I don’t think she’d be much better off here in Japan OR in Europe. Though America has a larger percentage of obesity than European countries (and certainly more than Japan)…the “acceptance” of larger bodies is no more forgiving there than it is here. I find it odd that people think people in other countries will be more or less giving. People are just people.

    No. The world has been in love with very, very slender women for a long time, now. Fat was considered beautiful when it was difficult to obtain. It no longer is. Now, modern culture with all its excesses admires the look that is more difficult to achieve and maintain.

    So it goes.

  82. vdantev says:

    I never got anywhere by pussy-footing around so I’ll just lay it on the line and take my lumps afterward:

    “Everything is an illness, nothing is ever anyone’s personal fault. We’re all victims. Boo-hoo.”-is what I’m hearing.

    And then wonder why some folks weigh in at a quarter of a ton? I despise this culture of victim-hood that has sprung up in people’s lives, where self-control and correction is a fate worse than death. We as a people are steadily becoming such spoiled little babies where instant complete gratification is the only axiom and being told NO is a mortal sin. Too many choices America- it’s not healthy. We do better as a people when the times are lean and hard, not when there’s an over abundance.

    I’m willing to accept that there is a genetic predisposition to being fat, but that doesn’t entitle someone to pack on 600 pounds, call it a disability and label themselves a victim. You still have the ability to make healthy choices in your eating habits and to exercise. It’s not easy the better choices in life never are, but the hotter the fire the purer the gold.

  83. NotBlonde says:

    Gina stop trying to perpetuate the myth. “Paper thin” people are not put on pedestals. The most beautiful woman “in the world”, so to speak, has been Scarlett Johanssen several times. She is hailed as one of the most beautiful women in the world and she’s not “paper thin” by a mile.

    The “average size” doesn’t mean anything when your country is 66% obese. The average size should be smaller.

  84. Raven Simone says:

    I am a fat ass, I should also really learn how to put the double cheeseburger down…P.S. Don’t supersize!

  85. Vantrell Lewis says:

    Raven always look great that what make her famous because she is really a cool person on the inside. Sometime I wonder what were it be like if I had someone like Raven for a girlfriend.

  86. amber says:

    u looked poped

  87. Tracey says:

    I have always loved raven. She has really gained some weight over the years.. She can afford easily to lose it if she wanted, but she is proud. Props to you.

  88. MILEY says:


  89. Christina says:

    From the neck down, she looks awesome. It’s just her facial features that don’t do it for me, but that would be true even if she were skinny (I think it’s the nose and brows)

  90. Johnny Appleseed says:

    Yeah, she’s a lard@ss, but she has a camel face too. Fugly.

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