Bruce Willis acts rude & ungrateful to journo while promoting ‘RED 2’: wtf?

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis decided to act like a giant tool yesterday during a videotaped radio interview. Bruce was in London with Mary Louise Parker, and the two chatted with Magic 105.4 to promote RED 2. The unfortunate host, Jamie Edwards, tried his damndest to get Bruce to cooperate during the interview, but Bruce wasn’t having it. As far as he’s concerned, his job (that is, making the movie) is done, and he shouldn’t have to bother with a silly little thing called promotion.

What followed after an unpromising intro was a very messy and disastrous talk that featured poor Jamie trying to change topics while Mary Louise was all like, “WTF?” and trying keeping Bruce in line as the situation quickly devolved. Things weren’t good when the trio acknowledged that the movie was mostly shot in London, but Bruce told the journo that his favorite setting in the movie was “Istanbul,” even though none of the movie was shot there. Here are some excerpts:

Bruce isn’t having these questions: “Has any actor ever told you this Jamie? This part is not acting, what we’re doing right now. You might be but we’re just selling the film now. Sales. The fun part was making the movie.”

How would he promote this movie? “I wouldn’t, I’d slash my hooves.”

How does he keep women happy? “Not that part is just a line in a movie, you’ve just got to be nice to people”

Did he enjoy driving in the movie? “I’m thinking about driving right now. I can hardly keep my mind on this interview. I’m thinking about driving somewhere, maybe the M1? You have some great questions here Jamie. Great chat.”

[From Magic 104.5 in London]


What is with Bruce Willis here? Somehow, I doubt that Bruce’s behavior here is anything new because Kevin Smith admitted a few years ago that Bruce’s attitude while filming Cop-Out was “soul crushing” and that Bruce generally acted like “a f—ing d-ck” to everyone onset (unlike Tracy Morgan, who Kevin said, “I would lay down in traffic for“). In response, Bruce stated, “Kevin Smith is just a whiner.” Hmm. Methinks Bruce should be grateful to even have a career at this point after phoning it in for at least the past decade.

Poor Mary Louise for having to put up with this nonsense too. She’s the one who claims to be quitting acting soon, but I think the industry would be better off with her staying and Bruce getting lost.

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis

Screencaps courtesy of YouTube and; photos courtesy of WENN

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  1. Lindy79 says:

    Oh dear.
    I get the junkets are tiring and boring for them on the most part, especially when asked the same question by 20 different journos but it’s part of the job when you sign the contract so either shut up and be polite or disappear.

    • Lisa says:

      Yeah, he’s an actor, right? And he’s getting paid a bunch of money, so I’m not exactly brimming with sympathy.

      • hadleyb says:

        Seriously! Gee, a lot of people around the world do repetitive tasks at work day ALL day, every day for years. And they don’t get paid MILLIONS.

        Grow up Bruce, I think he doesn’t realize, or care how good he’s got it. I am so over all these movie stars and celebs. I hardly ever go to the movies anymore. They are junky half the time and the other half I am sick of supporting Aholes like this guy.

      • Pandy says:

        Agreed. Way over paid to pretend on a movie set for a few months. Fuck off Bruce. I sent him a twitter and told him he’s a huge loser – this just pissed me off so much.

      • bns says:

        Exactly. And the poor interviewer has a job to do himself.

      • Bijlee says:

        Yes!!! Why are we expected to sympathize with these people all the time? It’s part of your job. DO IT! I realize it’s painful, but complain about it in your own damn time. Don’t waste the reporters. That’s the price of fame man. Deal.

      • Jen says:

        Exactly. He is paid millions to play dress-up and entertain. His job is to make movies, then promote those movies. I make a lot less and I have to put up with dumbass questions every day, but if I did what he did, I would be unemployed.

        It is not rocket science and he is not saving someone’s life or putting his in danger. Bruce–Grow up, suck it up, and get on with your JOB.

      • Alex says:

        @hadleyb “I am so over all these movie stars and celebs. I hardly ever go to the movies anymore. They are junky half the time and the other half I am sick of supporting Aholes like this guy.”

        If you’re so over them….why are you spending time on a website like CB?

      • springingforward says:

        He reminds me of my ex- a flat-out narcissist with a serious rage issue….

      • Meaghan says:

        @Alex – in their defense, there are actors and actresses that don’t seem as big of jerks as him. He goes above and beyond. Not surprised though, I mean him and Demi were married for how long, so I always assumed they were both jerks.

        Mary Louise is probably quitting after having to film a movie with this dirtbag.

    • Jane says:

      I agree. It isn’t like his job is a pressure cooker, like a neurosurgeon or air traffic controller. He needs to get over himself. Everyone has aspects to their job they don’t like or even hate, but you still have to do it.

      He didn’t seem to mind going on talk shows to promote. I guess he prefers promoting his movie with the people like David Letterman than an unknown, small time interviewer just trying to make a living.

    • Spooks says:

      He is a massive dick. What is wrong with Mary’s face?

    • F5 says:

      He’s an epic dooche and it’s common knowledge.. why is everybody surprised..I’ve seen him do this a million times.

    • samr says:

      Clearly someone is NOT getting any! Ha!

  2. claire says:

    He had an awkward, rude and painful interview just a month or so ago as well. What’s his deal?

    • FLORC says:

      The promotion and those sit down meet and greets that are a revolving door of interviewers with the same questions all day long is the worst part of the job said by many actors.
      Everyone is allowed to have a cranky day here and there. With that said Bruce is being a baby. He’s been in this business so long and knows he drill. He could also quit and live off his enormous wealth or simply write it into his contract he will not do those types of interviews.

      He’s a brat at this point and i’m over him.

      • Snakecharmer says:

        yeah it’s so so tedious, their jobs are so hard and interviews are sooooo repeatative that its impossible to be gracious. what if medical professionals operated in that manner? how about police or firefighters? He’s a jerk who makes a ton of cash, his behavior speaks volumes about who he is.

      • Meaghan says:

        My job is tedious and boring, I have to constantly answer stupid questions time and time again. And I manage to keep it together and be respectful and not snap. So why is it they can’t? And the millions lining their pockets would make it even easier for me to shut up and smile. No excuse.

      • Marianne says:

        I realize that he probably gets annoyed by having to answer the same questions all day…but suck it up…its a part of the job. I pretty do the same crap every day at my job and get asked a lot of stupid questions. Yeah, it can be frustrating at times but you have to keep cool. Bitch about it later, on your own time.

        If he hates so much, then just don’t do the press work. Simple.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      @Claire-I have rarely seen Willis NOT rude or ornery in an interview. He’s always at the very minimum cranky, and this is just one of a few reasons why I don’t like him.

      Solid actor for the most part, but still an unprofessional and ungrateful d*ckbag.

      • claire says:

        Really? Yeah, can’t say I follow him or have seen any interviews, but I definitely remember a recent story where he got flack for acting nonsensical and too good to be there at a recent interview. Shame to hear this is just his M.O.

        For all the money and perks, suck it up, Dude!

      • Liv says:

        I am so disappointed! I always thought he’s a nice guy – turns out I was wrong. What an idiot.

        Seriously, being an actor is not the hardest job in the world. There are so many people in the world who suffer, do really hard work or don’t have any money or food – and here comes Bruce Willis who thinks it’s a crime to ask him fucking questions!

  3. Decloo says:

    Wow! He looks exactly like a turtle.

    • jenny piccolo says:

      That is so true! A snapping turtle too!

    • Meree15 says:

      Lol! True dat! I have thought him a lousy actor and a loser since Moonlighting what the hexx did anybody see in this douche?

  4. Lisa says:

    Well, I’m at least glad to hear Tracy Morgan is awesome. I loved him on 30 Rock.

  5. Eve says:

    I’ve known for ages Bruce Willis is a d*ck to fans, so…not exactly surprised now.

    • V4Real says:

      and we wonder why some Europeans think that Americans are so rude. Please know that this arrogant prick does not represent all of us.

      I still like him as an actor though. I think he has just turned into a grumpy old man.

      • Anna says:

        I really don’t think it’s a national thing at all, but a matter of personal ethics, standards, behavior etc – the recent Rhys Ifans story is just as messed up.

      • Shoe_Lover says:

        I’m Australian and not everyone in the world thinks that Americans are like that.
        I’ve been to the US three times and each time people went out of their way to help us and make us feel welcome in your country.
        For example, on my first trip on our first day in the US (in LA) we set out to find a cab to take us from Hollywood Blvd to the Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City. I’m a huge Sharon Tate fan and I wanted to put flowers on her grave (don’t judge). The cab driver took us there and said he wasn’t leaving us there as we wouldn’t get another cab and he sat there with the meter OFF. When he realised that we couldn’t find her grave (I had the wrong details) he drove me to the cemetery office, with the meter off, and went in with me to help me find the right section. Then he drove me back, picked up the girls who were waiting in the wrong section, and took us to Sharon Tate’s grave. All with the meter off. He then asked us what else we had planned for the day and we told him we were going to various places in LA and he said he would take us if we wanted. So he did and every time we stopped he waited with the meter off and while we were driving he pointed out attractions, gave us history and trivia info etc. it was just like having a guided tour. It was brilliant.
        Every other person we met was just wonderful and kind and polite. Every trip has been wonderful because of that. There were only two people who weren’t nice and what’s 2 out of hundreds?

        I get what you mean though. It seems like Australian’s have this image in the international community of being racists etc and that is so untrue. Sure like any country we have moronic racists but they are the minority not the majority.

      • V4Real says:

        @ shoe-lover but I think you are missing the point of some Eureopeans; I never said all. I also said vice versa.

        BTW as TOK said it was an innocous statement and people just ran with it as if it was litteral or I was saying Americans are rude. It’s just the opinion of some that I have read about and seen on TV.

      • Shoe_Lover says:

        @ V4real- sorry, I didn’t word it well. I wasn’t trying to say you are wrong and that’s not what the world thinks of Americans.
        I was more trying to reassure you that a lot of us really like you guys.

    • Teddy says:

      I once saw pics of Bruce and Alec (plus spouses) at dinner and thought these two should do a film together. Just the 2 of them with no other cast members. With David O’Russell directing. Can you just imagine the ego driven grouch fest that would be?

    • Kristen says:

      REAL intelligent, V4Real. I don’t base my opinions of Canadians based on some third-party account of Justin Bieber. Gahh.

      • V4Real says:

        Oh Kristen don’t go there. Don’t try to start a debate just for the heck of it. It has been said before by various outletts that some Europeans opinions of some Americans is that we (in general) are rude and vice versa. China called us lazy. This has been on many media outletts or perhaps you should just Google it and see for yourself.

        It’s just some people’s opinion and it’s not the consensus of the entire country. Choose your battles sweetheart. 🙂

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Oh my goodness…and it was such an innocuous statement by V4Real, too.

        Sometimes I think people around here just wanna get outraged over nothing.

      • Kiddo says:


        Who the hell are you calling outraged?! I’m outraged by the comment that people are outraged in their comments! 😀

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @Kiddo-are you calling me The Queen of Outrage? Because I accept that title and I plan to use my powers.

        *evil laughter*

    • bns says:

      Yep. People always act surprised when actors are dicks, but a lot of them are.

      I’ve heard Mary Louise Parker is a piece of work, too.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Gah! Thank you, Eve, I posted similar above.

      I really need to start scrolling down and reading before I post.

      Willis is an asshole.

  6. DeltaJuliet says:

    I heard part of this interview this morning and yeah, it was kind of soul crushing. You hear these kind of interviews and you think of all the things you wish the interviewer could say back (they probably wish they could too). I mean, is the work that hard Bruce? You can’t be just a little bit gracious and let THIS guy do HIS job which he undoubtedly gets paid much less for? Asswipe.

    • Raquel says:

      I sometimes wonder, if I was the interviewer–I might say it. If worst comes to worst, I lose my job asking spoiled little narcissists who play make-believe for a living lowball questions. That’s the absolute worst.

      Then, there’s the other possibility–as they say in showbiz, all publicity is good publicity. You could get exposure as ‘that guy who told so-and-so that their shit does, in fact, stink, and make them lose it on live air.’ That’s an interview that would get seen, which, in turn, would make money for your employer….

    • Tara says:

      Yeah, it would’ve been tempting to say “so you don’t just play an asshole on tv…?”

  7. Reece says:

    Kevin Smith has no filter so when he told that story about Bruce Willis I was done.

  8. Anna says:

    This breaks my heart bc I always thought he was such a nice and down to earth guy. Fun fact: a marketing firm determined (a couple of years ago) that Bruce Willis is the ‘most trusted celebrity’ in Russia – and thus he got a major advertising deal with a premiere Russian bank.

    • CG says:

      +1. I caught Die Hard on HBO or something the other night and was thinking that he seemed so likeable and down to earth IRL, especially with how he handled Demi and their kids. This totally bums me out!

  9. Dee says:

    What a dick.

  10. the artful dodger says:

    I like people who don’t fake it even if that means they turn into arseholes. I respect it a whole lot more.

    • Kcaia says:

      Yeah, at least with those people you don’t have to worry about what they’re thinking or what they say about you.

    • jaye says:

      Yeah, but promoting the movie he’s gotten millions to make is part of the gig. I don’t think any actor’s desire is to make movies that no one goes to see. The least he could do is be professional.

    • Pandy says:

      I agree re “real” people but come on – we all fake it at work, fronting that we’d rather be there than anywhere else lol.

    • JenD says:

      He could still be polite without faking it. Being an a$$hole is not cool, especially when he’s in the position he’s in.

    • Samtha says:

      This is his JOB. The publicity is to help sell HIS movie. If I acted like that while doing my job, I would be fired in a second.

    • Lisa says:

      If Bruce were this guy’s boss, then OK tell the DJ his questions suck. But Bruce isn’t his boss, and in fact, Bruce is not doing his own job.

    • bns says:

      Really? Because I have more respect for people that act professional and do the job that they’re being paid to do. It doesn’t take much to sit down and answer the same 5 questions over and over again, especially when you’re being paid millions of dollars and only have to work a few months out of the year.

    • Nina W says:

      This guy’s job is to “fake it”, he can damn well suck it up and fake it through the dumb interview. I can respect people being “real” but he makes his living being fake. Seriously, he needs to man up, put on his big boy pants and do his damn job civilly.

  11. rkintn says:

    Doesn’t BW have kind of a rep for being a tool? I kinda of liked it when it was told he made AK cry over being mean to Demi, but that kind of douchey behavior doesn’t just come and go. That being said, I love me a good BW action flick:)

  12. bammer says:

    This is what disgusts me about celebrities. You have made close to 109 million, have a healthybaby, people kiss your ass 24/7 but you are just an ungrateful pig. Quit acting and be miserable somewhere else. The man was just doing his job.

  13. Kate says:

    I remember reading a journalists account of her interview with him years and years ago. Also in London, she opened by asking him how he was liking the city, he snarled that the weather was shit, told her she had 60 seconds of his time and started counting down. He walked out a few seconds into his countdown. She wrote about it, and the next day his publicist organized another interview where he was a completely different person, friendly and chatty.

    This behavior is nothing new. He’s an epic douchebag.

  14. merski says:

    Wow, on a rude-douche-scale he’s right up there with Billy Bob Thornton…. What an accomplishment!

  15. RHONYC says:

    i think Bruce was funnin’ around sarcastically, but that interviewer made me wanna shoot myself in the face to end the BOREDOM!

    jeez-fuggin-louise. 🙄

  16. shanaynay says:

    My friend used to work at a retail store in manhattan when after they closed Bruce Willis and his now-wife came in for some after hours shopping. My friend was so nervous because she’s a huge fan. Willis goes up to her and asks her where the bathroom is and my friend was so nervous she stammered going “uhh..uhh..” and he mocked her going “uhh..uhh..hello?!”. and finally she said the restroom is only for employees and pregnant ladies and ran away. hahaha.

    it all makes sense now. he’s a jerk!

    • melior says:

      Lol! that’s uber funny. I just don’t get her jitters. The guy does nothing for me. Plus he seems like a major dush. Are Americans usually so excited when they meet a celebrity? A few weeks ago a friend and I spotted a French actress Letitia Casta in a brasserie near Montparnasse where I live. We just went: Hey is that LC? We raised our shoulders and we moved on. She was so normal looking. I would not have spotted her were it no for my friend. I don’t get the celebrity culture. I found this site by mistake and I find people’s reactions quite funny. Many a times the comments are more interesting than the actual ‘news’.

      • Vesta says:

        The comments on this site are quite often hilarious. I find it refreshing when people snark on celebrities. Celebs are apparently here to stay so why not have some fun with them, not just blindly worship them.

        And Willis is just being rude like so many times before. Ridiculous behaviour.

      • Nina W says:

        No not all Americans are excited by meeting celebrities. I grew up in a town where many celebrities live, I’ve seen quite a few, met a couple, gone to school with their kids. I have no interest in meeting them and would not approach one for an autograph or talk in public. There are famous people I would stutter over if I met them but I have no interest in meeting the Bruce Willis’ of the world.

  17. Aud says:

    Actors like him are whiny. They forget that they are contracted to promote a film after it is released and it’s not like they are going to a crappy 9 to 5 job to push paper for a minimum wage. They are interviewed for a few weeks, maybe less than a fortnight, and they are paid millions for their roles: for some people, that’s enough for a few lifetimes.
    Sorry, no respect for such tossers as Bruce.

    • Raquel says:

      Exactly. And, even if it wasn’t typically expected that, yes, an actor will promote the film, they are being paid waay to much to be spoilt brats about it. In Willis’ case, probably double digit millions. So, sit down, stop bitching, and do the damn interview.

  18. Jennifer12 says:

    I hate these jerks who have no idea what it’s truly like to be poor or in need. Promote the movie you’re overpaid for phoning it in for and f—- off. I know many people who would kill for a fraction of what this marginally talented POS earns for doing not much at all.

  19. mata says:

    I just realized that the most incredible part of this is that after decades of stories about him being an asshole to both fans and coworkers, this seems to be the first time some of the behavior was ever taped.

  20. Nev says:

    getting too old and miserable to keep it up!!!


    where’s my VIN DIESEL?!!!!

    he can HANDLE it l’m sure. haha

  21. Jayna says:

    What arrogance and rudeness. I was already bored by him in interviews where he barely talks above a whisper, very softspoken. Only on Letterman does he try and show a personality and humor. I felt otherwise like I was leaning in to listen to him. He used to back in the day be funny and outgoing.

  22. lisa2 says:

    Bruce doesn’t get hounded by the press anymore. He used to be the sh*t now not so much. The guy was asking silly questions to try and lighten the mood. But after his first question things were over. I don’t know if Bruce thought he was being fake with that first question but he kind of shut down after that.

    I have seen other celebs at photocalls asked the exact same question 5 or 6 times. I mean the exact question; and I’m watching thinking.. WTF didn’t you just hear the person before ask that already. But these celebs just listen and answer it 5 or 6 times and try to change up the answer. It has to be exhausting talking for 5 minutes or so with different people back to back.

    But it is called doing your job. Bruce is not new to the game. He has done this for years. So do your job.

    • Nina W says:

      I have zero sympathy for the “it must be exhausting” to be interviewed repetitively and asked the same stupid questions. Try a real job Bruce. One where you don’t get to sit on your ass and be rude to the little people. Yes it must be duller than dirt to endure these moronic interviews but it sure as hell beats actually working! I cannot begin to tell you the number of tedious conversations I have had to endure in my life, for no pay and yet I manage to not humiliate the people I speak with. He’s an entitled jerk.

  23. DeltaJuliet says:

    You know what? I don’t even feel bad.

    Here’s an example. My job is with a municipality and I basically answer phones and do scheduling. I get the same questions all.the.time. The same stories and lies told to me all.the.time. I don’t get to be a prick to these people, no one feels bad for me and my sucky job and I get paid WAAAYYYYY less than stupid BW. So he can STFU, do his job, and collect his paycheck just like the rest of us.

  24. Mia 4S says:

    Yeah he’s probably always been a tool, he just doesn’t care enough to hide it anymore. That’s OK Bruce, soon hopefully the studios won’t care anymore about you either.

  25. TG says:

    Bruce Willis is a huge loser. When you are visiting another country you should be courteous to your hosts. What a major douchebag. Why don’t these journalists stop letting these jerks get away with this behaviour. He is officially on my Do Not Support List. Will never pay one penny again to support any project he is part of. He is also ugly and an old fart. That pic of his wife says it all even she can’t stand him. Look you can see she is trying to get as far from him as possible.

    For the record Britain. I love you guys don’t let this loser get you down. Wish they would not let him in the country anymore than he won’t have to complain about the weather or anything.

  26. Elodie says:

    Well I’m more mesmerized by his wife outfit the dress, the shoes, bloody hell it’s stunning and so is she!

    Oh Bruce… yipee kay-yay motherf****er!

  27. NeoCleo says:

    Take a look at the man’s head.

    HE LOOKS LIKE A D-CK, TALKS LIKE A D-CK thus methinks he is one.

    I’ve never liked him personally and haven’t really enjoyed him since his days with “Moonlighting.” Gawd am I OLD?

    Arrogant a-hole.

    • bluhare says:

      Totally agree. Just look at those photos. How anyone could think he isn’t arrogant looking a them is beyond me.

      Guess he forgot what life was like during his bartending days.

  28. EscapedConvent says:

    God, what is his damage?! If this is really so distasteful for him then he shouldn’t do interviews. I felt sorry for the interviewer watching this. It’s too bad he doesn’t have the wealth & clout of Bruce Willis, in which case he could have put the microphone down & walked out in the middle of the proceedings.

    This is no different from watching someone be rude to a waiter.

  29. Chris says:

    Stay classy Bruce! Seriously, what a cranky old man. I half expected him to tell the journalist to get off his lawn. Pathetic.

  30. Tanguerita says:

    what an epic asshole.

  31. Laura says:

    Well I can’t see the video, and I don’t think I’ll watch it cause that kinda stuff makes me cringe, but I must admit I don’t understand these stars who treat people terribly all the time, why would you do that? Do they think that all their money and fame shields them from being a decent human being? I mean everyone has a bad day, but how can you honestly be a dick to random people while doing the job you get paid millions for???? And I don’t want to hear them whine and talk about how hard it is to do so many interviews, You know how you combat that? Stop making movies, keep your old sour ass at home and spend your millions! Seriously I know this is a mini rant, but I just don’t understand it. And you know what sucks too? the guy most likely wanted to tell Willis “hey stop being a dick for a half a second k?’ but couldn’t because he most likely he needs his job. If I ever meet Bruce Willis I’m going to be so rude to him!!! *goes to daydream about petty revenge on a guy she’ll never meet for a guy she doen’t know*

  32. Mari says:

    Ya’ll seriously need to drop the pitchforks. I don’t care much about him, but good lawdy, everyone has bad days, regardless of how much they make. I’ve *rarely* heard anything bad about him from friends or press. Give him a break, sheesh. Now, with that said, he does owe the interviewer an apology. I’m sure glad all my bad moments aren’t caught on tape or some of ya’ll would lobby my head be lopped off.

    • Kate says:

      This wasn’t a one off. There are dozens of similar interviews floating around, this is just the one that’s gone viral.

    • TG says:

      According to comments on here Bruce Willis has been known as a jerk for years and in interviews as well, this is just finally getting more attention. Not putting down my pitchfork. Maybe he won’t miss my $12 at the movies or whatever but it makes me feel good knowing I am not supporting this rude jerk.

    • bluhare says:

      Not only am I not putting down my pitchfork, I’m heating the tar and I hope someone else is plucking the chickens.

      • TG says:

        @bluehare – Thanks for the laugh. Makes me wish just for a second I was living about 400 years ago.

      • Mari says:

        Sorry for ruffling the tar and feathers…*teehee* That was pretty funny. Carry on 🙂

    • Tara says:


  33. GiGi says:

    The junkets are rough on everyone – like a corporate conference. However – everyone is paid to be there. The questions are prescribed and the topics are approved. The actors know this, so WTF? Everyone is just looking for a little sound bite for their show. Just play nice and get through the day.

  34. katielouisiana says:

    Bruce needs someone to tame his right eyebrow-it looks like a pube.

  35. bns says:

    What an asshole. He’s too old to be acting this way.

    • ParisPucker says:


    • bluhare says:

      Actually, a long time friend who was 30 years older than me told me one day, “bluhare, just wait. Getting older, your bad traits get worse, but your good ones don’t get any better.”.

      RIP Cora.

  36. RPG says:

    Perhaps he’s still smarting from having been in two of THE worst movies of this year: A Good Day to Die Hard and GI Joe Retaliation.

  37. Kaboom says:

    Looks like someone has a bristlepine cone up the rear that he cannot dislodge. Get a grip, Bruce, you used to be a pro.

  38. Chicagogurl says:

    Wow. Mary Louise almost made a second facial expression.

  39. BooBooLaRue says:

    Maybe in addition to being an arsehole, he was high?

  40. SamiHami says:

    I remember many years ago either he or Demi were filming a movie in my town. They had their girls with them and they were all very little then, so that gives you an idea how long ago this would have been.

    Anyway, my hairdreser told me that the manicurist at the salon had been hired to go give Demi an manicure wherever it was they were staying. When she returned she said that Demi was lovely, friendly, good tipper and all that. Also paid her to manicures on the little girls. But Bruce? She had nothing good to say about him; he was a complete jerk and Demi actually apologised for his jerkiness!

    I guess that goes to show that some things never change. He was an ass then and apparently still is.

    • Vesta says:

      Demi surely has a thing for asshole-y men. Why can’t she choose nice men…like Emilio Estevez was.

      • TG says:

        Because it takes a confident woman to choose a decent man and most of Hollywood is full of insecure brats. Demi seems to be leading the pack.

  41. madpoe says:

    Powerful pisces moodswings!

  42. mzizkrizten says:

    The term ‘grumpy old men’ originated for a reason.

  43. Jess says:

    I thought the whole interview would be worse but thank God for Mary Louise Parker to help out with joking along. But Bruce Willis is even worse to his fans. I remember once hearing about a guy who saw him and went to ask for an autograph with BW telling him, “Get a f***ing life, a**hole”. Yeah, not a very nice guy. Great actor, but not so nice person.

  44. Emily C. says:

    I suppose it’s too much to hope that she stuck her microphone up his nose after that picture where he’s blatantly ogling her chest. He’s a turd.

  45. Liz Mills says:

    Wow, another asshole from South Jersey. Who would have guessed?

  46. Gal says:

    Grumpy old turtle-headed brat.

  47. holly hobby says:

    He’s lucky he’s still getting leading men parts as opposed to moms, grandmas and old lady parts. So ungrateful. I haven’t watched a BW movie in years come to think of it. He’s just not that appealing to me.

    My father calls it smirk acting – cuz that’s all he’s good for.

    • TG says:

      My brother-in-law makes fun of Bruce too. He says that Bruce might be lying drunk under a bridge somewhere but he is going to save the world. I think his movies have gone to his head. He is officially on my permanent Do Not Support list.

  48. taxi says:

    Bruce wasn’t nasty, as some celebs have been, just looked utterly bored. The “interviewer” was pretty boring and came off as obsequious rather than insightful nor did he ask any meaningful questions. The interviewer could surely have come up with at least a couple of good questions or observations. Isn’t that his job?

    • Jess says:

      The interviewer did ask interesting questions and sounded like he really liked the film. And that was Bruce Willis being bored? There’s a difference between someone being bored and a flat out jerk. The interviewer sounded enthusiastic and he was doing his job. Some actors need to learn better manners or at least ACT like they do.

      • taxi says:

        What is the nicest thing you did on set?

        “J Malkovich says..really a cracking line… To keep your women happy, just……” “Is that how you keep your women happy?” Answer, No.

        These aren’t questions I found interesting. Glad if you did.

      • Jess says:

        He also asked about the car chase scene and whatnot. It’s not like he wasn’t talking about the film the majority of the time as the film was obvious main focus. He did seem a little nervous, too.

  49. Dawn says:

    He hasn’t been nice since he got Moonlighting. Truly everyone has always said there is a reason he has such a big head and it has nothing to do with talent! I haven’t liked him for a long time now.

  50. Kiddo says:

    Cranky old geezer needs a nap or laxative.

  51. Meanchick says:

    I handed him his douche card years ago when he hung out with Diddy. And yeah, what is wrong with Mary’s face?

  52. Ann Carter says:

    OMG. disgusting. he was appalling. I wish the poor guy had thrown a chair at him.

  53. Chrissy says:

    Really? I thought he was pretty funny. Maybe it’s because I can see my husband answering questions like he did.

  54. Alexandra says:

    I think the old man needs a nap! Or must be close to his bed time! God – what a jerk!

  55. Walkerfan says:

    This is another prime example of why I love Paul Walker. He himself has said (paraphrasing) that acting isn’t that important and they’re not saving the world with their jobs. A down to earth person, unlike a lot of his spoiled peers. At least Paul Walker is trying to make a difference with his organization; going to disaster zones and helping the injured.

  56. lola lola says:

    The interviewer was asking really stupid questions & blabbing on about himself. Bruce was just bored. I was bored watching it.

    • TG says:

      I don’t by that argument because Bruce started acting like a jerk straight out of the gate. The first question wasn’t stupid. I agree the interviewer was awkward but I think that was because that Jerk was making him uncomfortable. Bruce knows he holds the power and he picked on a “nobody” that makes Bruce a bully and a a jerk. So now we know this is how Bruce gets his kicks. Bruce feels special and powerful if he can make someone insignificant (in his mind) look bad. He knows how to modify his behaviour. I bet he wouldn’t treat a fellow actor of similar acclaim or a director such as Steven Spielberg like that. Bruce is a weakling. He is a waste of human space.

      • lady_luck says:

        +1 a bit of manners and graciousness wouldn’t go astray. That mary parker came across as conceited, boring and almost conspiring with Bruce too.

  57. Thiajoka says:

    The interviewer seems to be a huge fan and a little star-struck and to have really liked the movie. It’s unfortunate Bruce Willis couldn’t appreciate that instead of trying to make the guy look like an ass instead. Yeah, maybe not the best interviewing skills, but a bit of graciousness for the guy who is clearly a fan.

  58. buell says:

    Sounds like someone needs to have his Depend changed.

  59. MademoiselleRose says:

    Me, I just got sacked when our government outsourced our whole department and I can’t find a job, along with another 250 people. Wow, I and a bunch of us would be pleased at the moment to be making $50 a day, let alone be paid millions and sent on trips all around the world in exchange for just saying a few nice words. What a loser. I hope he never gets another job.

  60. Ginger says:

    Im only going to see this film for Helen Mirren. I would put up with ten times what Bruce is complaining about for the money he’s being paid. He needs to eat some humble pie. I’m sorry to hear you’ve list your job mademoiselle. My hubby was laid off two years ago and we lived off my income for a year until he finally found his current job. It’s rough but hang in there!

  61. Lucy2 says:

    I realize junkets must get tiresome and boring, but it’s part of the job. Suck it up and get through it- if you don’t want to do promotional stuff, take smaller films and paychecks. When the studio is handing over millions of dollars they expect you to try to at least sell the movie. And no matter how boring a junket may be, there’s no excuse for being rude to someone just trying to do their job.
    Did anyone see that interview that Mila Kunis did a while ago? She kind of blew off all the generic questions about the movie and instead had a really great conversation with the interviewer, treated him like a person, and changed up her boring junket a bit.

    Oh MLP- You looked so good for so long but I see the Botox monster has found you.

  62. lady_luck says:

    Good Gawd, that was uncomfortable viewing. Couldn’t help feeling for the interviewer (although he was boring as a sack of spuds). Wow, bruce, you obviously don’t care about your image anymore if you’re happy for the world to view you as a rude, narcissistic pig.

  63. Chris says:

    Just typical of actors who think they are doing the most important job on earth. And cant bother with what they believe as ‘unimportant’.

    Like DeCaprio at a restaurant with his security goons. Another group at a table were having a birthday party celebration, one took out a phone and took pictures of the group having a fun time.

    DeCaprio sends over his goons and “demands” they stop taking pictures, in case he’s in them.

    Personally I’d be real happy if they all stopped these promo tours. Then we wouldn’t have to see this crap all the time.

  64. JenW says:

    Ugh, he’s the POS who hasn’t realized it yet.

    • MegG says:

      It would be great if more people see this and what a shitty person and actor he is. He only plays the same role over and over in his movies anyway

  65. nickhard says:

    havnt seen the clip but can gather the interviewer would be mortified havning bruce being an fwit………tho he couldve being a lil imaginative in his questions but overall there was no need for any of that jerkiness……if bw had being a cnt towards me i wouldve gone for the passive aggressive veiled smartassery towards that bald POS n make him try n hit me 😀

  66. Danskins says:

    What a major a-hole. I feel sorry for him being a pathetic human being who enjoys bullying others to make himself feel superior to the “little people.” He’s neither handsome or charming, most of his film characters are repetitive, so I don’t get his appeal and staying power in films. He’s completely overrated.