Bethenny Frankel poured water on her ex, Jason Hoppy, while he was sleeping

There are new, amusing allegations in the ongoing divorce war between Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy. Bethenny and Jason are still living together in the same New York City apartment, even though they’ve been separated for seven months, because both of them refuse to leave. This if course predictably causes friction when they’re together, including arguments, yelling and water-throwing. Additionally, Bethenny is said to be trying to raise their daughter Bryn, 3, as a vegan, which Jason says a nutritionist warned them against.

According to the insider, Jason accuses Bethenny of storming into his room while he was sleeping on March 15. “She threw water on him to wake him and yelled that she ‘has more money than God,’” says the insider who’s read court papers, “while Bryn was sleeping in the next room.” He also says she’s called him “white trash” in front of Bryn.

Jason claims that Bethenny is too focused on her career and unable to give her full attention to their daughter, Bryn. “His court papers say that when Bethenny’s team was watching her, Bryn locked herself in a bathroom on set. Firemen had to break down the door — Bryn wound up crying hysterically in a corner,” the insider tells In Touch.

He also alleges that Bethenny attempted to put Bryn on a vegan diet without consulting him, even though a nutritionist later said that it wasn’t healthy for a toddler. “According to Jason, Bethenny has ‘issues’ with food and refused to allow Bryn to eat animal products,” the insider reveals to In Touch.

Bethenny’s lawyer categorically denies Jason’s claims, but one thing’s clear — Jason’s laundry list of complaints reveals the ongoing divorce has hit a new low. “No one expected it to be amicable,” says a second source. “But this has gotten downright nasty.”

[From In Touch]

I get wanting to raise your child as a vegetarian or vegan if that’s your personal belief system, but not because you want the kid to be “skinny” or whatever. There’s a thin line between eating for personal convictions and sharing that with your family and pushing your eating disorders off on your kids. We all know where Bethenny falls on that spectrum. A source tells Radar Online that “Bethenny obsessively monitors what Bryn eats.”

I love the visual of Bethenny throwing water on sleeping Jason and screaming at him that she was “richer than God.” If she’s so rich, why doesn’t she get another apartment and quit bickering with Jason over money? If she doesn’t have to worry about money, why make her divorce more contentious than it has to be? Jason is always going to be her daughter’s father and it would be much easier for her to try to peacefully coparent than fight him every step of the way.

Meanwhile Bethenny’s new boyfriend doesn’t have to worry about money either. We’ve heard that she’s been spending time with a billionaire named Warren Lichtenstein, whom she’s claimed is just an “old friend.” She was recently seen on vacation with him in St. Tropez. Old friend indeed.

Bethenny Frankel is shown on 7-23 with Brynn. Jason Hoppy is shown on 6-20 with Brynn. Credit: FameFlynet and

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  1. lady_luck says:

    I don’t understand why Jason Hoppy doesn’t leave the apartment. Has he no dignity?

    She’s the mother, so she naturally has the right to choose her abode.

    • emmie_a says:

      Being a mother doesn’t give her the right to the house. Jason is super involved in his daughter’s life so he has just as much of a right to be living in his house.

    • FLORC says:

      Bethenny has a vindictive nature. This is known from a long behavior pattern. If Jason wants something Bethenny will try to disrupt his happiness and his wants/needs.

      Being the mom does not give her the right to the home. If it did he’d be tossed out already. Instead she drags her daughter to hotel rooms and that makes for an unstable environment for a child watching her parents ugly divorce.
      This woman is awful to the core.

    • gogoGorilla says:

      I hope the first comment was meant as sarcasm. Being the mother does not give you greater rights than the father.

      I used to like Bethenny when she was on RHNY, but any goodwill she used to have has long since evaporated. I think she is a vindictive, sick woman.

      She’s also loaded, so I have ZERO sympathy for her refusal to work with the father of her child on mutual parenting/financial agreements. She’s a piece of work.

    • Holden says:

      Please tell me that was sarcasm and not as ignorant and sexist as it came across.

    • ThruRoseColouredGlasses says:

      @Lady Luck*

      Good luck with that Golden Uterus Complex you got going on. A mother has no more natural right to a child than a father does.

      Apparently he does have dignity if he is refusing to roll over and give up custody to a child he helped to create

    • ThruRoseColouredGlasses says:

      I meant @Lady Luck

    • Kim says:

      Please neither has dignity. She is no better than him. They are 2 adults who need to get it together for the sake of their daughter!

    • Keira says:

      Bethenny is mentally unstable and is clearly incapable or unwilling to move past the wounds of her own childhood. She fails to comprehend that her rigid, self interested approach to life will soon alienate her daughter, who will increasingly crave the company of her comparatively laid back, loving father and his family.

    • Scuttlebutt Luver says:

      Jason has just as much right to their home. He and his parents will be Bryn’s future stability. Bethenny’s narcissistic, fame & money obsessed personality, coupled with her lifelong food issues and lack of parent role models make her incapable of being a stable parent.

  2. emmie_a says:

    I hate this woman! And I think I saw a tweet from her that said something along the lines of why should she have to be living in a hotel in HER town… so maybe she’s no longer living w/Jason. And if she’s richer than God then why doesn’t she buy or rent a new place, even if it’s just temporary?

    I’ve read that she loves all the acrimony between her and Jason because it keeps her in the news and will help her new show. And she is always camera ready and posing withe Bryn, so I tend to believe that Bethenny loves any attention she can get.

    • brin says:

      She has some serious issues, I feel for her daughter.

    • Andrew says:

      I also can’t stand her. I feel bad for him though. It seems he cares much more about their child’s well-being. Also, my friend wanted her kid to be vegetarian but the pediatrician wouldn’t let her. He said to wait until the kid was older because it can really mess with a toddler’s health…he said just to focus on feeding her with healthy food (not JUST vegetarian) instead, which to me makes more sense.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      She acts like she’s insane and she also looks like she’s insane.

      • kaligula says:

        LOL That perfectly sums up my thoughts about this.

        I hear/see the word “famew****” used a lot, but IMO it’s actually overused. However, it is a perfect descriptor for this woman. I can’t believe she actually found someone to impregnate her. Their marriage always seemed like a sham to me. A self-serving plan that backfired on her….

        Oh well. I pray for that child.

      • Sumodo1 says:

        Yes! Bethenny has always been mean to Jason. She could have spared all this drama with a turkey baster and frozen pop. She IS her mother. (“Raised by wolves.”)

  3. Talie says:

    Very War of the Roses.

  4. Neelyo says:

    I pity the fool who gets involved with her.

  5. strickchic says:

    What gets me is that I WISH my daughters father wanted to have more to do with her. And here she is, she has that and just being so selfish, she wants her daughter all to herself. If she loves her daughter so much, she should put Bryn first, not herself. This woman is sickening on many levels, but she will probably not see how she is harming her daughter until it is too late. I feel bad for this poor little girl. Grow up already!

    • Andrew says:

      He seems much more focused on the kid’s well-being and life than her

      • Holly says:

        And I assume this is why he is staying put at the apartment… I can’t think of another arrangement that would allow him to keep track of what hair-brained food schemes Bethenny is trying to enforce on Bryn; and, if he had walked out that door, there’s no doubt he would have been shut out of Bryn’s life altogether.

        It truly seems he’s staying there for his daughter, period.

      • gogoGorilla says:

        Plus, I think whoever leaves is going to risk forfeiting some rights either to the property or to the child and/or perhaps the other side can make a case for abandonment. You know Bethenny is going to throw whatever she can to see what will stick.

        In wider news, her show is going to totally bomb because her fan base has to be completely eroded by now.

      • Relli says:

        I agree with gorilla, he likely staying so not give B any weight to her allegations of crazy. I am not an attorney but I know someone who is going thru a divorce and she was advised not to leave the home because her soon to be ex could allege abandonment and he was going after full custody. I only watched B on RhWNyC and caught only a few episodes of her spin off but i wouldn’t put it past her, the need for complete control is strong in this one.

  6. Lucy2 says:

    They are only going to end up hurting their daughter, especially if she is witnessing that behavior. Poor kid.

  7. blue marie says:

    gah, this woman.. such a b-tch..

  8. RHONYC says:

    oh cutie-cutekins!

    just what this dismay, rainy NY morning needs…
    a lil’ smiley, Bryn ‘Happy’ to brighten my day! yay! 😀

  9. DanaG says:

    I just learnt to hate Bethany Frankel that little bit more. Just let the kid eat she wants like all the other kids. I think most health experts don’t agree that children as her should not ever eat any form of meat. Her reasoning behind it is just stupid I actually know several rather large vegetarians. Vegan is too severe for such a young child adults struggle with it. I do find it funny that someone who made her money of selling booze is being so fussy about food.

  10. SmokeyBlues says:

    I can’t imagine the level of stress that poor little girl is under. Children feel what their parents feel, and she must feel that hate, anger, vindictiveness, and stress they have toward each other. They are doing permanent damage to that child. They should be ashamed. All the money in the world and not one single drop of class or dignity or respect for the innocence of their child. Blah!

  11. Alexandria says:

    I hate to predict such awful outcomes, but if the kid stays with Bethenney (don’t care if it’s spelled right) then she’ll most likely develop an eating disorder, or some type of disordered eating (mixture of diseases, like EDNOS). She will probably grow up to eventually hate her mother (just like Bethenney hates her OWN mother) she may have daddy issues if she’s brainwashed enough and is forced to stay away from him. My younger cousin was in a very similar situation; loving, doting father and psychotic witch of a mother. She only saw her dad on weekends but as soon as she turned 18 she cut all ties off with her mother and moved in with her dad. She hates her mother till this day and acts like she doesn’t even exist. Hey Bethenney, your kid WILL remember, and even if she doesn’t, someone WILL tell her about the stuff you’re doing and she WILL use Google to find out one day. Kids are resourceful like that.

  12. Truthful says:

    and Brynn looks just like Jason, LOL!!

    I loathe Bethanny, couldn’t stand her on the Real housewives show either.

    she always put Jason down, she did it on her show often.

  13. Sam says:

    The vegan thing is about control for Bethenny. She has made it very clear that she herself is not vegan (there are plenty of pap images of her in restaurants and she is clearly eating meat). She initially came out and said Bryn wanted to be a vegetarian and came to that on her own – now it’s being vegan. Usually, kids are vegan if their parents are, and that’s a matter of ethics. However, it’s sort of weird that she’s mandating it on the daughter while she herself is not. That makes me think it’s a “diet” in the conventional sense. Which no small child needs.

  14. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    She sounds really screwy – hope she is not one of those types who will abuse her kid because the kid looks like the Dad. Looks like this child would be better off with the father raising her.

  15. Mandy says:

    She is a vile, disgusting woman. I can’t believe I used to like her. SHAME ON ME!

  16. sirsnarksalot says:

    Bethenny should get together with Halle Berry to complain about these “terrible” fathers who fight to stay a part of their daughter’s lives. The nerve of some men!

    She needs to take her millions and go choke on them. She is a shrew to the tenth power and it will all unfortunately rub off on that poor child. Stay in there and fight, Hoppy!

    • OutstandingWorldCitizen says:

      I knew this would end horribly. Watching him have to deal with her “sense of humor.” I like snark however her jokes were mean and rude. He really tried. Such a nice guy. There are eps where he put in her in place b/c he was hip to her game of trying to make him look bad.

      I feel bad for Jason. He’s staying in the apt. because he invested in the place as well AND more important wants to see his child. Why didn’t she just go to a sperm bank?!

  17. Jayna says:

    As bad as she is, not every stupid story in these rags is true, people. I highly doubt she yelled she is richer than God. LOL She doesn’t want to give him any more ideas than he already has about getting that money. She plays it close to the vest regarding her money. Not really a bragger and actually kind of frugal and certainly one of the last things she would scream at him in any context. I can imagine other things she would say in her rude and brusque manner, not that.

  18. Holden says:

    Every time I read about her, she sounds like a more and more horrible person. There’s something to be said for settling the divorce quickly with the father of your child (or mother, from his perspective) and moving on with some dignity instead of doing this, whatever this is.

  19. dd says:

    Jason’s a dick. His parents are creepy. Team Bethenny here.

  20. OK says:

    WOW…she is a piece of work! Making a child a vegen is just wrong. Since when is Bethenny a vegan? On her show she was always eating meat and dairy products. Let the child be normal and have a better relationship with food.

    Regarding her divorce and custody battle, why is she so against 50/50 custody? Suddenly he not good enough? He was good enough to impregnate her now because he is not doing what she wants he is now unfit?

  21. Tig says:

    Just hazarding a guess here- a 50/50 custody arrangement requires two folks who get along reasonably well and can be counted on to be able to compromise- that clearly isn’t the case here. A 2 yr old doesn’t present quite the same level of challenges – but man, when such a child gets to school- that’s when the fun starts. I’ve had teacher friends tell me the saddest thing is to try and have a productive meeting with these types of custody arrangements- both parents feel their approach is the best, the divorce is played out again, and nothing gets addressed.

    50/50 may work in terms of living/time spent together, but one parent needs to be the decision maker. Now whether that person should be Bethany is up to a court to decide.

  22. Meg says:

    i have a friend who says she ‘doesn’t want a fat kid’ so her daughter has never had those fat rolls that toddlers have-it looks odd.
    babies that young need to be chubby because they grow at such a fast rate. I’m not talked about a 5 year old weighing 140 pounds.
    Bethany clearly has self worth issues-she made fun of a fat women on her reality show. a woman’s self worth is not determined by her dress size, it’s so sad the issues Bethany has and to be passing that along to her daughter. Bethany is like Gwyneth paltrow-it’s not about being healthy it’s about assuming someone is unhealthy because they don’t’ have washboard abs.

    • Annie says:

      I was freakishly skinny at 5 and I turned out just fine. I’ve got more “baby fat” on me in my 30’s than I’ve ever had before. Never had fat rolls even as a baby. I got me some now though.

  23. bravocueen says:

    I never really DISliked Bethanny but I’ve always loved her husband. That child is cute as a nickel. Lucky for her, she looks exactly like her father.

    If a couple splits up, when its age appropriate, instead of insisting one particular food choice over another, I believe she should have the option of either. When she’s old enough to choose, she can choose. I have lots of vegan friends who have multiple children that have decided either way.

  24. diva says:

    I have only seen their show a couple times and she treated that man horribly. I don’t think I could stay in the house with her.

  25. TheTruthHurts says:

    I hope Karma comes back at Bethanny and she loses custody of her daughter. Jason is the more stable parent and should be the one to raise her and influence her. We need more Jason’s and less Bethanny’s.

  26. Melanie says:

    Don’t know if it’s true or not since I don’t know these people from Adam and Steve but this story makes Bethenny sound like her mother.

  27. Cirque28 says:

    7 months is just stupid. And it sounds like they’re both keeping records of any ‘misdeeds’ they’re able to catch the other in. What a way to live. Their divorce judge should make them sell that apartment and get separate places to live FFS.

  28. katherine says:

    Poor Jason should’ve consulted Katie Holmes’ dad. This would all be over, and he’d have custody.

  29. Marianne says:

    I’m not a vegetarian or vegan, but if I was I think I would let my child choose for themselves what they feel is right.

    About their fighting, I think someone needs to be the bigger person and just move out. I know you want to seem like “the winner” but you’ve got to think about your kids first. It seems like no one is really thinking about Brynn. 🙁

  30. Tara says:

    If kids can survive and even thrive on the crap most families eat, I’m sure they can survive veganism.

    • Nina W says:

      As long as it’s done responsibly by someone who understands nutrition, but it’s a different story if it’s done capriciously by someone who is not vegan themselves forcing it on their young child.

  31. D75 says:

    Come on, people. I know Bethenny is vilified by almost everyone, but consider the source (In Touch). I’m sure Jason is no saint in this whole mess, either.