E! wants to pull pregnant Kimora Lee’s show because of her antics


Sources are saying that ex-model and ex-wife of hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, Kimora Lee, is about to get her reality show yanked because the E! channel and production crew are sick of her diva demands and bullying behavior. This comes as a surprise considering that E! is so eager to work with other celebrity bitches like Denise Richards, Dina Lohan and Ryan Seacrest.

Even though it’s a huge hit, Kimora Lee Simmons’ reality show is getting the ax – because the former model is too difficult to work with, say sources.

The network honchos at E! Entertainment Television are in negotiations with Kimora to pull the plug on “Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane,” because she is “bossy, erratic, and she bullies underlings,” a TV insider told The Enquirer.

“Kimora is a nightmare, plain and simple.”

She has yelled at the crew on the show, accusing them of deliberately trying to make her look bad with unflattering lighting, says the insider. And also, she “went nuts” when she saw junk food being served while filming because “she’s obsessed with her weight,” says the source.

After a series of meetings, network execs decided to try and cut their losses – even though they’ve just begun the show’s third season. Kimora is saying she is fine with leaving as long as she gets paid, says the insider.

[From The National Enquirer print version, Jan. 26, 2009]

Considering that Tyra Banks is one of Kimora’s best friends, this really shouldn’t be too much of a shock. I do wonder how “huge” a “hit” the show is, though – I’ve barely even heard of it, and have never seen it in my life. But I avoid E! reality shows like the plague. The only program worth watching on that channel is “The Soup.” As for Kimora, she might have been able to get away with being a high-maintenance bitch when she was Mrs. Russell Simmons, but her stock as a celebrity isn’t what it used to be. True, she is engaged to hottie Djimon Hounsou, but I’m sure he can’t maintain her ridiculous lifestyle the way her ex did. If the show gets pulled, she’ll have to rely on the huge divorce settlement she got and all the money she makes from her horrendous “Baby Phat” fashion line.

In other Kimora news, she has confirmed her recently-rumored pregancy with Hounsou. This will be her third child, and is first. Maybe this explains her moodiness on set?

Kimora Lee Simmons and actor Djimon Hounsou are expecting their first child together, a source close to the couple tells Usmagazine.com.

Simmons, 33, has two daughters, Ming Lee, 8, and Aoki Lee, 6, with hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, whom she divorced in 2008 after nearly 10 years of marriage.

“I have a lot of hang-ups in life with men. I’m not very trusting,” she told Harper’s Bazaar last year. “After my breakup, I thought, ‘I don’t need anything.’”

But after meeting Hounsou in February 2007, she said, “I have someone who has the heart, the soul, and the hotness.”

Added Hounsou , “My first impression has always been the same, that she’s a very beautiful lady, very capable and intelligent and smart with great family values. She’s the least high-maintenance lady I’ve ever dated.”

Asked if she wanted more kids, Simmons told Us last September, “I would love to. I practice everyday.”

[From Us Weekly]

Kimora is shown having lunh in L.A> with her fiance, actor Djimon Hounsou, Jan. 14. Photo credits: FAME.

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  1. Tess says:

    Soooo Mzzzzz. Kimora has junk food and weight issues????

    I wish she’d do something about that roll o’ fat she’s got wrapped around her neck like a sausage.

  2. RReedy says:

    She is beautiful but temperamental like Naomi Campbell… all that self indulgent rage reveals a lot of insecurity and downright meanness. There are too many NICE people to work with. I am sure the employees deserve better than this type of shabby and rude treatment. Kimora has all money can buy except nice manners.

  3. Vannuccia says:

    She’s not beautiful anymore….she was stunning up until 6 or 7 years ago and then she started to get really bloated in the face- not a good look.

  4. Bea says:

    Good – she needs to go away.
    Her attitude & her Neck fat are hard to stomach. (YUCK) It’s sad but from what I hear her kids are just as “Cocky” w/ the help. She should teach her daughters to be humble….it’s a better quality.

  5. Codzilla says:

    Vannuccia: Agreed. She WAS beautiful, but not so much anymore.

  6. CiCi says:

    I’ve never seen the appeal of this woman; she’s more of a man than Djimon.

  7. Kelly says:

    I love KLS too, Thanks for making clothes that fit my curvy body! Fan Forever : )

  8. dude wtf says:

    i like that she’s a good mom. She always makes time for her children. I think her clothes are a little trashy & overpriced.

  9. kate says:

    i saw one of her shows and it was just awful. she came across as a huge bitch, and that was after being edited for TV! god knows what she’s like in private.

  10. neelyo says:

    Her face has always reminded me of a blow-up doll. I agree with Kate, she comes across as a bitch after being edited, imagine the nightmare she must be in the un-edited footage. I’m glad she’s being cut. Behavior like hers doesn’t need encouragement.

  11. Roma says:

    I missed the memo – when did Kimora Lee stop being a lesbian? Or was that just a “phase” after things ended with Russell Simmons?

  12. jess says:

    Roma—i never even heard the lesbian rumors…

    that being said…i looovvvvee the soup! joel is so funny!

  13. Eileen Yover says:

    I’m glad she makes clothing to fit curvy women, but I was just shopping today for my 6 yr old and some of her clothing for kids looks like something a street walker would wear. Teeny skirts and shirts with giant bedazzle gemstones on them. I love that kids aren’t all Strasburg anymore, but I’m not ready for my 6 year old playing on the playground in a miniskirt that even bloomers would show from underneath. And there were no legings in sight so I’m assuming this skirt was on its own.

  14. terry says:

    she was just a trophy wife/ex model that married some booty hungry millionaire music mogul, divorced him(surprised?) got some cash and is trying to eek out a relevant life. But she has no real value.

  15. Pfisher says:

    Yea, great family values she divorced her husband in 2008 but meet Hounsou in 2007. GREAT FAMILY VALUES.

  16. Jane says:

    I’ve never heard the lesbian rumors either. But horrendous? I think Baby Phat is cute. A little expensive, but nice.

  17. NJMDPS says:


  18. Nosy says:

    Yes, Kimora is bisexual. For those unaware, watch clips of documentary “The Aggressives” on You Tube, specifically clips profiling butch party scenester and working actress/model, KISHA who became popular cuz, well, she was Kimora’s lover…

  19. Razzell Dazzell says:

    I love Kimora….E will be sorry, they’re going down the tube already! It’s not like they have big shows…excuse me, they like to broadcast the “hoes of california” with the Girls Next Door. Whatever! Kimora, go to the style network where you belong…..You are too fierce and fab to deal with substandard conditions!Kimora does have great family values…she loves her girls and she loved Russell, a person can only try for so long. She loved her family enough to say enough! What good is staying together when it hurts (emotionally and physically) you and the children. Not implying that she was abused, but she and Russell are committed to raising healthy, happy children and isn’t that what’s most important. Kimora worked hard to get to where she is….it’s not all because of Russell, but it has helped, but don’t get it twisted, she is talented, beautiful and creative. Let her live!

  20. Brandy says:

    I can’t believe some of the comments praising Kimora’s great mothering. If raising your girls to be self-entitled brats and showing them how bully others is great parenting, I can’t begin to imagine what’s considered “bad”. Being a strong woman is one thing-being a ball-busting b*tch is quite another.

  21. happyinmyownskin says:

    I enjoyed watching her show and her brash diva attitude was what got the show ratings. I hope they are not really cutting her show because she’s pregnant and they do not want to feature that. After all, Tori & Dean did just that on their reality show on whatever channel they’re on.

  22. Jill-e-b says:

    I’m with you, MSat – “The Soup” IS the only thing on E! worth watching. Joel McHale is a god.

  23. Kristen says:

    Kimora’s show a success…now that’s ridiculous. My ears bleed whenever I hear her voice.

    Djimon is absolultely Gorgeous and so talented. What in the hell is he thinking.

    Yes I agree Baby Phat is hugely successful and she obviously is a great business woman. But not high maintenance…has Djimon even met her or is he high on something. She seems like a first class b*tch – who unfortunately is raising her children to be the same way.

  24. vdantev says:

    I’ve never understood the fascination with watching this woman. If it hadn’t been for Russell Simmons her only employment in life would begin with the words, “Would you like fries with that?”

  25. Cas says:

    Has anyone actually watched Denise Richards show? I must say that I couldn’t stand her, but after watching her show, she actually comes across as really likable.

    Pretty much all of the E! shows I find slightly nauseating, Kimora’s being the worst! But Denise seems like a pretty cool chick, her dad is adorable too!

  26. I love Kimora! She’s very entertaining! She is beautiful so for all the haters talking about she was beautiful, you guys can just stfu because your just hiding behind a computer & your probably ugly yourself! You can check me out on my youtube.com/stephsteph160

    Anyways, Kimora is a successful independent woman who doesn’t need a man to support herself & her beautiful daughters.


  27. junette says:

    if it was a man acting the way she does running his business, he wouldnt be called a bitch. she runs a multi-billion dollar a year business, you dont do that by being friendly and to vdantev Kimora had lots of money before she met Russell so do ur research before u comment and if it wasnt for Kimora taking over babyphat Russell would probably be bankrupt by now

  28. junette says:

    To Kristen, yes she is high maintenance but she has her own money to take of her high maintenance needs so there nothing wrong with that. if u had all the money in the world, ur telling me u will still wear kmart clothes and do ur hair urself. I dont think so. be real and stop hatin

  29. I have had problem opening this with my iphone, why?

  30. Rennolds says:

    Holy crap. I thought I was the only one!

  31. cover letter says:

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