Miley Cyrus reaches 13 million Twitter followers, reveals name of new album

Miley Cyrus

Oh, where to begin with our darling Miley Cyrus? She’s still dominating far too many media outlets, and yes, I’m tired of seeing her tongue all over the place too. No one wants to see what anyone else has eaten for lunch, right? She should put that tongue away, but to Miley, it’s a huge symbol of rebellion. Let’s see what’s new since we talked yesterday. Miley struts around as the star of this new MTV VMA promo video, which is set to the tune of Beastie Boys’ (RIP, MCA) “No Sleep ‘Till Brooklyn.”

Also, there’s been a very bizarre development that seems almost like a parody, only this is some very serious sh-t. Miley, who has been working very diligently to increase her amount of Twitter stans, promised to release her album’s name once reaching 13 million followers. As I understand it, there was a bit of a hangup last week when Twitter combed its ranks while targeting spambots, so Miley lost a bunch of followers, but she has finally reached her (lofty) goal. So Miley has kept her promise and announced that her album name will be … “BANGERZ.” She followed up with “If you don’t know why my record is called BANGERZ you’ll know as soon as you hear it. Nothin but #BANGERZ.

Miley Cyrus

I know. It’s ridiculous, and I’m not sure whether Miley has named her album after the DJ collective called “The Bangerz” or if she (or one of her songwriters) thought up this word on their very own. Supposedly there was a leaked track that briefly surfaced yesterday and featured Miley singing with Britney Spears. The title of the song? Also “BANGERZ.” Sounds like a disaster in the making! Poor Brit.

Oh, and I can’t resist posting some new photos of Miley’s dogs. We’re both dog people, which is probably the main thing keeping me from disliking this girl at this point. She’s entitled and delusional, and she’s saying so many ridiculously clueless things lately, but these puppies lead me to believe that — on some level — she’s still the old Miley.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Photos courtesy of Miley Cyrus on Twitter and WENN

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  1. strickchic says:

    So sick of seeing her tongue!!!!

  2. DreamyK says:

    Put your tongue back in your mouth, Miley. You’ve overtrusted it being attractive to anyone except your cell phone. *shudders*

  3. Falula says:

    I want to punch her in the throat.

  4. Tapioca says:

    Could those dogs be more over it? Who says animals aren’t supernaturally intuitive, because they look exactly how all of us feel about Miley’s #BANGERZ…

    • Liv says:

      I feel sorry for her dogs. I don’t think she’s mature enough to care properly for them.

    • carol says:

      how many dogs does she HAVE at this point?!

    • Raquel says:

      One has to imagine that her dogs are thinking:

      “But the tongue constantly lolling out the mouth is OUR deal!”

    • erika says:

      her tongue and she are too self absorbed for doggies….

      and BANGER# ok, as in (Scottish accent)

      “Bangerz and mash? Lovely jubbly! Git een mahhh belly!”

  5. Kit says:

    Bangerz?! Ahahaha. That is hilarious.

    I hope her next album is “and Mash” (or is “and Mazzzsh” more likely?).

  6. QQ says:

    Girl. Bye, shut the fuck up… And your mouth too, close it if you can

  7. Anna says:

    “the old Miley” – Miley has always been obnoxious. People just forgot about it when she wasn’t everywhere – she stopped releasing music and her film career flopped, and she spent 2 years at the pilates studio.

    • Lulu86 says:

      Thank you!!!Someone with a memory, she has always been an entitled brat. Didn’t she threaten to end Radio Heads career LMAO, these kids i tell ya.

      • blaize says:

        She was 15 and whining because she didn’t get to see some band she liked in person. She was likely joking about the ‘ruin their careers’ part, since she hasn’t even mentioned them since. But yeah, she did whine about not getting to meet Radiohead in person somewhere. To be honest, at 15 I probably would have whined about not personally meeting a singer or band I liked too, ESPECIALLY if I happened to be in the same place that they were.

  8. Spooks says:

    No, no, no, Miley Cyrus should not be doing anything set to the tune of a Beastie Boy song.

    • Leigh says:

      My thoughts exactly. So funny to hear her silly little girl pop music at first, then hear the Beastie Boys.. lol. Everything about her image and her music makes her look ridiculous.

  9. Sabrine says:

    Miley was so upset by your comments she was crying all the way to the bank.

    • Leigh says:

      Yup. She’s rich. But she’s a joke!

    • bns says:

      Because money is more important than integrity…

      • blaize says:

        Integrity? I thought you were going to say something like talent- you know, something that the public could more accurately judge. You have to kind of know someone to know if they have integrity, and it’s a quality that people judge very differently. Some people think it has to do with a person firmly adhering to traditional values/ social mores, or keeping promises to live by certain traditional ideals even if the person was young and under pressure from adults when they made that promise.

        To others, integrity has nothing to do with that and instead has more to do with whether or not you can trust a person, and about their kindness or compassion.

  10. Bubbles says:

    I’ve seen her tongue so many times I fell like we made out.

  11. Eleonor says:

    Mmmmh how many of her twitter follower are fake???
    You know Larry Rudolph pr machine…

  12. Maryjane says:

    only 13million followers and she is blabbing””” whot of justin bieber that has upto 42million followers, stewpid thing!!!

  13. Peep says:

    Dear Miley: If the puppies can put away their big ol’ drool sloppers every once in a while, you can too. Thanks.

  14. Nev says:


  15. Skins says:

    Geez, vh1 is acting like she is some kind of super-duper star who will be performing a can’t miss show for all of us. Last time they had her on she did “rebel yell” at the vh1 diva’s thing and I swear, it was the worst performance of anything that I have ever seen. And I liked her at the time. This should be one of the most try-hard moments in tv history

  16. Dana says:

    Reminds me of the toy from the 80’s “kerbangers”.

  17. judyjudy says:

    That black dog….what a cutie!

  18. JL says:

    Miley STOP!

    You’re making Kelly Osborne look downright classy….purple hair and all.

    BANGERZ? OK Destiny Hope, sit your country ass down and quit trying to be all urban or whatever the hell you think you are. It’s disrespectful to a whole group of people making fun of them that way.

  19. JGL says:

    Miley, honey, Rolling Stones (the band not the magazine) did the whole tongue thing (Just google Rolling Stones or ask anyone with some decent taste in music or visit way before even I was born and trust me I’m way older than you.

    You are not edgy or sexy or whatever your delusional mind tells you with the way you thrust your tongue at everyone and everything. You just look stupid and gross

  20. Anna says:

    She is an embarrassment to the human population. As for being a dog person, that’s great, but when your animals start killing each other because you have WAY too many, then I lose all respect for you.

    • blaize says:

      That can happen with just two dogs if one doesn’t like the other. I’ve never had two dogs before. My family had one when I was little. I’ve always been more of a cat person. But I’ve heard lots of stories about people having to give up an animal that was hurting another.

  21. erin says:

    a “banger”, amongst musicians (esp electronic and club producers) is considered literally a track that bangs because it’s so good. usually bass heavy also. so, i think it’s pretty ridiculous to title your album that – it’s almost like she doesn’t really get it. i don’t think any musician expects to or even wants to put out an entire album of “bangerz”.

    • heyheyhey says:

      Thank GOD you know the reference as well!

      As a musician myself unless all your music is absolutely sickening, even then it’s a really pretentious name for an album and for anyone who knows what the word means there’s high expectations. Miley Cyrus, LOL will most likely never in her life make a banger. Stop trying to be cool chick, she’s the antithesis of COOL.

  22. some bitch says:

    Damn, and here I was hoping it would be callled TRY HARD.

  23. Ruyana says:

    I have this fantasy that someday someone with a sturdy pair of pliers will come along when she has that stupid tongue flappin’ in the breeze. They’ll grab her flappy tongue with the pliers and do-si-do her around the room a little.

  24. lisa says:

    she should name her album cow tongue

  25. BooBooLaRue says:


  26. blaize says:

    In her recent interviews she’s been on a try-hard mission to get the public to take her seriously as some edgy new artist, and it’s clear that she’s taking her ‘art’ (which she and her team are really pushing all over the place) too seriously for someone who’s not even a great singer. Those two things combined are annoying and will make any pop star come off as entitled, whether they actually happen to be a nice person or not. I miss the Miley of 2011 and early 2012. Her interviews were better, her style was better, her music was better, and she seemed to just be being (be being?) her natural self.

    And her album title is cheesy. I hope the whole thing won’t just be an auto-tuned mix of hip-hop and dance songs, because then I’ll be disappointed. I was so mad at myself when I bought Carly Rae Jepsen’s album.

  27. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    Who are her actual fans is what I want to know; Will she actually tour and put on 2 hour live concerts in 15-25,000 seat venues; This “album” is almost an ego vanity trip, not an attempt at real music; and how is Esperanza Spalding ignored and this talentless tramp in our faces all the time.

    • DetRiotGirl says:

      She actually already has. As I recall, she did two highly profitable large venue tours while she was with Disney. She even made a movie about it. I would know, I’ve had to sit through it. (Former nanny here!)

  28. Lucinda says:

    I think her PR machine is brilliant. You all profess to hate her and yet you can’t stop talking about her. What truly harmful thing has she done? As my husband always says, “I don’t care what they say, as long as they’re talking about me.” It’s great for business and her business is booming!

    • marina says:

      I have people in my life who feel that way too, one is my sister. Most of the time people are saying how annoying she is; but it’s true, she doesn’t care if it’s negative attention, as long as it’s attention. Most people find her attention seeking behavior to be a major turn off.

    • Jarredsgirl says:

      Lucinda, that’s an embarrassing thing to say. I know people think that any attention is good attention, but it really isn’t. Look at Vanilla Ice. Everybody knows who he is, has it helped his career? Noooo. Everybody talked about Casey Anthony… What does it mean? Nothing.

      AND you believe her business is booming because that is what they are trying to get you to think. She wouldn’t be doing all of this promotion if business was really booming.

  29. Anders says:

    Bangers are what british people call sausages i.e. bangers and mash (a popular dish in England).

  30. Jag says:

    She just a different type of Lady Gaga, but instead of thinking she’s all artsy, she thinks she’s all edgy.

    Miley, put your tongue back in your mouth and sit down. You’re not edgy and probably never will be.

  31. mytbean says:

    sigh… she has such an amazing body but her face always makes me think of the derpy vulture in this classic cartoon. So derpy :/

  32. Asdfg says:

    I hope her face gets stuck like that.

  33. Jarredsgirl says:

    Whats up with the colour of her tongue? It looks like she has poop on it.

    Bangers are sausages! What a dumb name.
    This chick…

  34. homegrrl says:

    it’s the tongue that says

    “another hit of mollEeeEEeeeEEeee”

  35. Mew says:

    She should try spitting on her fans, that seems to do the trick to win over loads of girls. Or maybe it works only with Bieber. 42 million followers? 42 million idiots.

  36. kim says:

    Pretty sure most of her followers are fake … like her. Cant wait for her album to bomb. I wouldn’t even download it illegally. Bet she buys tons of downloads so it seems like her music is successful…she seems that sad and needy.

  37. heyheyhey says:

    LOL, Jesus Christ – Miley didn’t invented the word ‘banger’ it just means a dope song. Something she has no clue about. She probably heard the word working with Borgore. Just because you personally didn’t hear of it before doesn’t mean it’s a made up word.