Jennifer Aniston annoyed by baby questions, ‘My friends & my partner are truly my family’

Yesterday, Jennifer Aniston did a 4-minute long interview on Good Morning America. It was 4 minutes of DRAMA! Except not really. I made Bedhead and CB watch it because Aniston actually referenced our (incorrect) story about Aniston’s possible wedding in Virginia. We just got a bad tip on that one. But after I sent the video to CB, she reminded me of her theory that Aniston is on some kind of medication and that’s why her speech patterns seem kind of loopy at times. See? That’s why CB is nicer than me. She watches an Aniston interview and she thinks Aniston is being “medicated” and I watch the interview and think “Lord, is she hammered and/or stoned in the middle of the morning?”

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Jennifer says she wants to travel the world, which is what she always says in interviews, forever and ever. She’s also asked what her biggest interview peeve is, and she says: “Something about family and trying to relate it to the movie with, ‘Oh, if I was to have a child how many kids do I want?’ And ‘do I want a boy or a girl?’ I didn’t realize you could place orders, I honestly didn’t realize it was like a drive-through, that you could talk to a little electronic voice.” Um. You get asked about babies in every interview because you’ve made promises to your fanbase over and over to have babies.

When asked about family and her family specifically, Jennifer says: “Well, what family means to me is the family I’ve chosen … and my friends and my partner are truly my family… I surround myself with my amazing work, my amazing friends, my amazing partner, my beautiful dogs … and I tune that noise out. I mean, I think it’s very sweet that people want everything for me.” She realizes that much of the “noise” is her self-perpetuating talking points, right?

When I was looking around to see if Aniston had said or done anything of note this week, I came across this fascinating review/career takedown of We’re the Millers and Jennifer’s career. You can read the whole piece here – there is quite a lot of shade and quite a lot of truth in that piece, at least as far I’m concerned. The Daily Beast’s hypothesis is basically that Jennifer made another terrible comedy and her attempt at being “raunchy” and edgy is cringe-inducing. Some highlights include “She’s a movie star with no star power” and “The film is not good. And neither, really, is Aniston.” And “She’s failed as the next rom-com queen. She’s flailing in her attempt at becoming a lascivious leading lady.” The whole piece is like that, efficiently pulling apart the theory that Jennifer is now or has ever been a lead actress in successful films. They do give her some credit for being a “brilliant character actress” though. Which might be the greatest insult of all!

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  1. Jules says:

    She’s forever Rachel. Just with saggier nipples now.

    • Lauren says:

      Those nipples have carried her career. Jen’s business savvy is impressive to me. I would love to have her income and freedom.

  2. Shade says:

    Ugh. She should just admit she doesn’t want kids. I’d actually respect her more.

    • Stef Leppard says:

      It’s sad that she can’t just say “I don’t want kids” without offending her fan base. It’s pretty obvious, though. I mean, she got divorced because she didn’t want kids.

    • stylish one says:

      This is the truth. She wants to focus on her work (even though it’s terrible), but she’s afraid of saying that she much prefers (terrible) acting gigs to having a child. Some in her fanbase so want her to get pregnant so that she…sticks it to Brad? I dunno.

    • julyol1972 says:

      Please, this trick knows what she’s doing with this “baby bump/wedding” rotation in the media when ever she has a movie to promote. Her body is tight the entire year, but every time it’s movie promotion time, a mysterious bump appears. Then the camera-ready door-knocker version of engagement ring is dusted off, and the “tour” begins. She makes me tired, and I wish she and her boo would jet off to an island far, far away. Ugh!

      • John Wayne Lives says:

        Truth! And we’re all annoyed by her famewhoring, babybump, will she/won’t she, screaming at the ocean, pity party, uncool, “I’ve finally found love” game. I could add more lol but its just too rediculous at this point. She’s Leanne Rimes with a good publicist instead of twitter.

  3. La jolie says:

    1. The reviews were pretty bad… She was really slammed!
    2. People are no longer deceived by her sweet girl next door neighbour act. It has become So obvious even sites where she is worshipped she is been slammed now So badly
    3. People are shadding Huvane like never before even Nikki on deadline went hard on him
    4. She reads this site! That’s how I see it. People on other sites too said it. They all said it was only CB who reported the supposed wedding.. How comes she knows about it? It only means she and her people really do read gossip blogs!
    After all these years of her pity party wronged gal syndrome the real Aniston is coming out!
    And finally pls just say u don’t want kids! People will love you more.. There is no shame in not wanting kids. Stop it already!!!

    • MonkeyTowz says:

      Everything you said! Never been a fan but never disliked her either until the Chelsea Handler crap & her using the paps when she needs to promote another crap movie. Please just go away for a while! She’s starting to annoy me on a GOOP level of arrogance. And I’m 40, very happily child free along with most of my friends.
      What’s a Jennifer Aniston? An over paid mediocre “actress” with an insecurity issue. Reality check much? Blech!

      • La jolie says:

        Hahaha spot on dear!

      • Kitten Mittens says:

        100% agree. So when will Hollywood stop paying her so much money when her films really rely on other stars with in in supporting roles to break even? This schtick she has is is old an tired. This wanting children/produceronged woman line is beating a dead horse.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      If she reads this site, wow. I think the rule of being a celebrity is to never read about yourself. That being said, if she takes anything away from this site it’s this- DUMP CHELSEA!

      Seriously. Because I was beyond disgusted when Chelsea started in on the JP kids. It doesn’t look good for Jennifer (in my eyes) to be associated publically and privately with someone who says things like that about CHILDREN.

      • La jolie says:

        So true! Its a pity no one calls her out on that! And yet she talks about beautiful women being bullied smh

      • julyol1972 says:

        Cosign!!! Chelsea’s toxicity is rubbing off on JA. My mother always said, “You’re known by who you associate with”. Ms. Aniston needs to pay attention to her “friends”.

    • Nikita says:

      can you post the link where nikki slams Huvane? cant find it ;-)

  4. Breeeeeeee says:

    I specifically remember her in an interview before the divorce saying she would have two kids, a boy and a girl…..which sure sounds specific and an order to me!

    She contradicts herself in so many interviews.

    And there is nothing in the world stopping her from traveling to Africa, India……she just is so boring she goes to Cabo every single time.

    • YuYa says:

      God forbid a woman change her mind. I might have maybe wanted kids when I was younger, it wasn’t something I had to have and knew I wanted. Just something I would think about.

      Now, being older and not having had any, I am actually glad I never did. My life is perfect the way it turned out. Jennifer is allowed to change her mind as well.

      • Holt says:

        Absolutely! But if she DID have a child, what in the world would all these “Bitter Betty’s” have to talk about?

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        Isn’t it becoming painfully obvious to her die-heart fan base that Jennifer Aniston has ‘never’ wanted kids? That means she lied to Brad, who surely talked with her about the ‘kid’ thing prior to offering her a ring, about wanting kids, doesn’t it.

    • epiphany says:

      “Bitter Bettys” – why Jennifer Aniston, is that you? I’d recognize that rapier-like wit anywhere!

    • Janet says:

      She’s a creature of habit. She never goes anywhere but Cabo. She’s been wearing the same hairstyle for fifteen years. And she’s been eating chicken salad every day for lunch for the past fifteen years.

      Did I mention this woman is BORING?!!?

      • Martin says:

        You are spot on. I’ve been saying this to friends for years, she has all the money in the world but no intellectual or cultural curiosity. Salad at the Ivy for lunch, then a vacation in Cabo. If she does go somewhere, it’s because she’s hanging on to the arm of a man and she seems scared to be there. That said, it’s none of my business or anyone else’s and she could do what she wants and doesn’t have to offer any explanation for how she chooses to live her life. I’m just frustrated, I want her money and to do the things that she doesn’t.

      • julyol1972 says:

        Lawn grass has more personality!!!

      • MegG says:

        Totally agree!

    • DiamondGirl says:

      I’m pretty sure they went all over Europe not too long ago. That’s not Mexico.

      • Jospehina says:

        Uh-hunh. She took Squiggy and the three paps on a world tour– it was basically the SAME trip she took with Brad years before.

        Yup. She really IS a creature of habit.

  5. Liv says:

    Travel the world…to Mexico and back.

  6. Kiddo says:

    There’s nothing wrong with being a brilliant character actress/actor.

    • Mia 4S says:

      Nothing at all!…unless your publicist has pushed you for years as the sexy leading superstar!

      Character actor can be a lucrative, admired, and very long lasting (longer than “star”) career. More interesting than most stars too. Sadly someone behind the scenes, or Aniston herself, decided that was never going to work for her. The leading lady push didn’t expand her work and now she’s stuck doing crap.

      • Kiddo says:

        Perhaps she will head in a different direction or maybe there are no fks to give and she is just taking the paychecks while they last, knowing what the deal is?

      • epiphany says:

        There’s nothing wrong with being a sexy superstar, or a great character actress – except Aniston is neither of those things.#sticktorealestate

      • Kiddo says:

        @epiphany, Say what you will, and I agree that she doesn’t take big enough risks in acting roles, yet her character of Rachel was adorable and lovable. But she needs to move beyond it. Aside from that, at least on promos, she is affable and does her duty for a film, flop or not. Bruce Willis has been playing the same action schtick for years, and he is a douche about it, but you don’t hear the same level of criticism about his acting chops.

      • epiphany says:

        @kiddo – Aniston must agree with you that the Rachel character was adorable and lovable, because she plays it in every movie.

      • kiddo says:

        @epiphany, Can’t really argue with you there. Although I thought she was kindda funny in that office flick.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        …Aniston, Hudson, J Lo, and every actress that does formulaic rom coms.

        Of course it’s the same shtick every time—-the stereotype of the female-desperate-for-love doesn’t really require range.

        Diaz is the only one who has been able (or willing) to break out of that nonsense and switch it up a bit.

      • epiphany says:

        @kiddo – not arguing with you at all, hon! Love the fact that we can respectfully disagree, but we save the snark for the celebrities (who deserve it!)

  7. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Oh, damn. I read the article. That was the bitchiest piece I’ve read in a long time-specifically about an actress.

    I figured ‘We’re The Miller’s’ wouldn’t do well critically, although I’m sure it’ll make money-has it come out yet? The only person that was funny in the trailer was the guy who played as the son. I don’t think Jason Sudeikis is all that funny. To be honest, this film looks like it’s one of those movies that I watch when I’m bored, and forget it as soon as I’m done watching it.

    I haven’t seen (or wanted) to see Jennifer act since I tried to watch ‘The Bounty Hunter’, but she needs to either pick some more films like ‘The Good Girl’-a film that actually forces her to do more than wider her eyes in a ‘surprised’ face (which is sooo annoying) or start producing and directing some good projects. She’s got the money for it; I don’t get why she doesn’t do it now. I’m sure there are thousands of amazing scripts about strong women, that don’t get made because holllywood is run by old, straight, white men.

    Break the mold, Jennifer-if you do I won’t side eye you so much.

    • Miss M says:

      I liked her in “The good girl” and “Derailed” as well. She needs to stop doing bad romcoms!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        She was solid in The Good Girl and likable in Office Space and Marley & Me.

        She’s not the worst actress I’ve ever seen, she just needs to branch out. Or not, you know. Maybe she just wants to be part of the brainless junk that is the rom com genre.

    • Karen says:

      We’re the Millers actually has done pretty awesome at the box office, although I admit due to lack of competition (Percy Jackson lol).

      Anyway I will admit Jennifer has not much box office draw, but she IS NOT BOX OFFICE POISON. Box office poison implies that a movie would have been a hit without her in it.

      She’s had hits, although with help from bigger co-stars/famous books.

      Anyways she’s a sweet, next door girl who people love to hate on, although I admit even though Jolie did her wrong, Jennifer did not handle things as “classy” as other fans believe and some flack Jennifer is getting is deserved.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I don’t think that she’s box office poison…if she didn’t make studios money, they wouldn’t hire her. I just have never, ever been impressed with her acting….in fact I’ve been bored with it. And this was waaay before I started reading gossip….so that didn’t influence my opinion.

        And if we’re going to start naming names and blaming, then say that Brad did her wrong. Not Angelina. He was the one that was married; he chose to walk away.

      • atorontogal says:

        Jolie did not do her wrong, her husband left her plain and simple. And Brad and Angie have been together longer than Jenn and Brad were so let’s move on.
        She is no “girl next door” she is a 40 something year old WOMAN. Honestly, I liked Friends but she is stuck in the Rachel persona and is the same character in every single movie she makes.

      • Ducky la Rue says:

        @Karen – I thought We’re The Millers opens today. It may do well enough financially (if not critically), but so far there’s no box office receipts listed on

        I presume you’re thinking of a different film? (Or, if you’ve got better sources, point me in that direction.) :-)

      • emmie_a says:

        Karen: We’re the Millers made 1.7 million on it’s opening day, Tuesday. The reviews said it had a ‘modest’ opening or a ‘respectable’ opening… but it was far from a pretty awesome opening.

    • Kate says:

      I actually think Jennifer is pretty self aware. She was never one of those clueless actresses who talked endlessly about wanting an Oscar one day, and she never went for the big award worthy roles (and believe it or not she did have a shot at that sort of work in the 90′s). She’s a decent enough actress, but not a great actress, and she knows it. Why would she overstretch herself and risk humiliation for scale when people are willing to regularly pay her 10 million to stay well within her comfort zone?

      • emmie_a says:

        Kate: After all this time and all the money she has made from movies, she’s no longer getting a pass for being just a ‘decent enough’ actress.

      • Tasha says:

        Not true if she really was self aware she would be on TV which is were she should be she good as a TV actress but instead she wants to be this movie star.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        She has said that would like to win an Oscar, though. It was a loooong time ago, I think seven or eight years ago….it was covered by this site.

      • Ennie says:

        +1, especially when she accepts that going without mascara is a big stretch for her in acting and changing it up for the cameras. What can I recall? Mmmm , I have not seen all her filmography (much less paid for watching it), but I would dare to say that 9 out of ten movies of hers she looks exactly the same, and probably in 8 out of ten she dresses “cute”,Rachel style.
        Other modest actresses dare to have more range, like JLo, Cameron,Salma, even the queen of cute rom coms, Meg Ryan had a lot more range.

      • StormsMama says:

        Gah! THIS!
        Thank you!!!

      • Most realistic comment says:

        You hit the nail on the head. I, too, think she is very self aware of what she is and is not. She accentuates all of her best parts… like her eyes, her hair, her body, her bubbly personality and her comedic timing. She knows what they are! So, the unobservant would not notice her jaw, her nose, her lack of acting range. I think she’s brilliant in how she has executed her career!

      • Jospehina says:


        Correction: She DID say that she wanted an Oscar.

        Also, she admitted in interview that she has tried out for many roles and has been turned down for most of the roles that SHE desired to have. That is not self-awareness.

      • Alita says:

        Josephine, I don’t know how you take an open admission that she tried for, and lost, parts that she desired into a lack of self-awareness. Presumably this was said in some interview, so she knew that she was putting herself out there. If anything I call it self-effacing, humble, honest. I did not know this about her, since I’m not a fan, but that makes her come across as frank and open, likeable, to me.

      • Jospehina says:

        @ Alita-

        Too many posters have already discussed that what Aniston says often does not match what she does. I have always concurred that Aniston has unwittingly not been able to back up what she says regarding children, marriage, engagement and career. Her actions speak louder than her words, Alita.

        Self-awareness does have something to do with knowing (NOT guessing or wishing) what your likes/interests and skill sets are, then potentially matching them with like-minded future endeavors, such as a career.

        When she was on TV as part of an ensemble, she was on the right track. Since she has moved full time as a movie actress (again, a reminder of when she said she would devote time to creating a family with Brad), the results are nothing anyone would rave about other than cashing a check. (Making $4-6 Million per movie is NOT baller status. The roles she plays are not enviable roles.) She is still kissing frogs 20 years later. Ergo the harsh criticism and lack of awards/nominations from her peers and film critics.

      • Alita says:

        @Josephina, we shall have to agree to disagree. I think that people should strive to stretch themselves, and in her chosen career Aniston said (according to that earlier comment) that she’d tried for some roles, jobs, that she really wanted and didn’t get. I still consider that to be honest, open, and personally revealing. I don’t understand why you put that as so appropriate a comment to stand as a centrepiece of self-deception. However I also can’t pillory someone for saying something a decade ago about an Oscar, when they haven’t managed to achieve one yet. I suspect that I should have really considered whether engaging someone on a JA thread was a good idea, given the absolutist opinions that abound, sorry! Non sequiturs aren’t my thing.

  8. abbie246 says:

    I hate the silly faces Jennifer makes. She thinks she looks cute and funny but it comes off as pathetic to me. She hates pregnancy/kids questions yet always wears outfit that makes her look pregnant. But I am baffled why the media keeps saying that at 44 Jennifer is desperate for a child. The reason people think Jennifer is a huge movie star is because of the tabloid coverage and every so often gets the girlfriend part opposite a big star in larger budget films.

    • KC says:

      All of those faces she was making in the video… to me, it looks like her face is morphing into Renee Zellweger’s face.

      And that is Not Good.

  9. Rhea says:

    She gets annoyed by all the baby talk..Now imagine how we all feel reading about it!

  10. kibbles says:

    No way is she ever going to have kids. She is too obsessed with maintaining her slim figure and it’s obvious she enjoys her lifestyle and isn’t about to give up her non-stop vacations and house flipping to stay in one place and take care of a baby. That’s her choice, but the jig is up. We all know she doesn’t want to have kids and at her age it’s unlikely she’ll have any. Why continue the charade?

    Her body is really all she’s got now in order to continue to land stupid romcom roles and how long is that going to last? Another 5 years tops?

    She should just feel extremely fortunate that she landed the part of Rachael and continues to make millions of dollars each year for reprising that character in every role she is in whether on television or in the movies. She’s a bad actress. Glad that more people are finally starting to realize that. Aniston probably wishes she had Sandra Bullock’s career, but Sandra’s persona whether real or fake is much more down-to-earth and funnier even if she’s a mediocre actress at best.

    • notpretentious says:

      Enough said kibbles! I have to agree with you, but I still like her.

    • JL says:

      Why continue the charade?

      because society wails on childless women and it makes no difference if it’s by choice, chance or totally out of their control.

      She may not want to hear the accusations of selfish, hates kids, shallow wanting to retain her body, uncaring etc etc.

      I agree if she doesn’t want them just say so.

      If she does want kids and can’t conceive then everyone should STFU and leave her alone.

      • kibbles says:

        Actually, if she couldn’t have children due to health reasons, it would be a great PR move for her to admit the truth. People would probably have a lot of sympathy for her. That being said, she could still adopt, but I can’t ever see her with kids, period.

        I don’t think anyone would care or be all that surprised if she came out and just said kids aren’t for her. Helen Mirren has basically said that she has no maternal instincts and never wanted children and everyone still loves her. People become annoyed when someone like Aniston uses the will or won’t she card when it comes to marriage and babies. This is her PR shtick and it is what keeps her in the tabloids.

      • Sanaa says:

        Both Hellen Mirren and Oprah declared their disinterest in having kids after their fertility years though.

        I would be interested to hear about a romcom actress who has made that statement during her childbearing years. Just because romcom actresses rely on relatability.

      • MonkeyTowz says:

        @ JL, thanks for saying that. I’m 9 years older than my only sibling & have known since then I would be a terrible mum, yet all my life I’ve heard “oh, you’ll change your mind!” No hell I won’t/haven’t! I feel horrible for people who can’t have kids, but at the same time people should respect the choices of others. Plus, my family is crazy as hell so I feel i’m doing a good deed for humanity.

      • LAK says:

        Sanaa – Cameron Diaz has always said she doesn’t want kids. Straight out. No ifs or buts.

        She’s been saying it since she burst on the scene at early 20s. She’s also pretty upfront about her party lifestyle and how much she likes sex.

      • UsedToBeLulu says:


      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @JL, who wrote: “Why continue the charade? … because society wails on childless women and it makes no difference if it’s by choice, chance or totally out of their control … She may not want to hear the accusations of selfish, hates kids, shallow wanting to retain her body, uncaring etc etc … I agree if she doesn’t want them just say so … If she does want kids and can’t conceive then everyone should STFU and leave her alone.”

        What about Cameron Diaz or Lucy Liu? Neither one of them have children and “society hasn’t wailed” on them. Jen is probably more afraid of her fan base than society.

        If Jennifer Aniston was unable to bear children she SO would have said say in 2005 after her break up (can you just imagine the extra ‘victim’ points she would have gotten?) instead of saying she ‘did’ want, ‘does’ want, and ‘will’ have children.

    • La jolie says:

      well said

      • JanieBronfm1 says:

        Her movies keep making money, she’s bankable so we will see her for a long time and her magazine covers are usually the top sellers for the year on any women’s magazine list. Lady Anniston makes money for studios and news corporations, which may be one reason celebitchy likes her too, perhaps?

      • Guest says:

        lol aniston is only “bankable because she latches on to her male co-stars for success and makes cheap movies.. Has Aniston ever headlined a movie with her name alone ala Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie,Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon. Until she actually opens a movie with her name alone then we can talk. Could also be why she only gets paid $6mil . And Kim Kardashian and Lauren Conrad also sell mags well

    • Janet says:

      Aniston set a trap for herself in that stupid VF interview where she insisted she wanted children, so she can’t do a one-eighty now and say she never wanted them. The minute she said that, everybody would say Brad Pitt was right to dump her, and she can’t have that. She has to maintain her victim stance because that’s what’s driving everything else in here life (Jen finds love in spite of Brad! Jen is happy ten years after Brad! and around and around it goes), and once her victimhood is gone nobody is going to be interested in her any more.

    • Nikita says:

      True, i assume she wishes that she also had gone the same classy way Bullock did after her nasty divorce. But she didnt, now she has to deal with it, unfortunately forever. Now she is annoyed by the backlash that her fans still, after almost 10 years, think that she is not happy which is totaly crazy and ridiculous.

  11. Leah says:

    what amazing work?

    • Ennie says:

      She probably refersnto house remodelinh, because amazing is not a word fit to describe her acting abilities or films like “rumor has it” . Ew.

  12. Humane says:

    She reads celebitchy lol. Hi Jennifer *waves*

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Best gossip site in town, right?

      Seriously though, I hate the format in all the other sites that I’ve tried to read. I don’t like Lainey-because you can’t comment and that’s half the allure of celebitchy. I don’t like E! because their stupid website is too much. I don’t want to spend ten minutes trying to navigate through the site, and click on a bunch of pictures. JustJared is funny though…I don’t like the comment section because half of them are trolling.

      So CB wins! Plus I would say, for the most part, we try to be fair and balanced, right?

      • epiphany says:

        CB wins hands down! I do find Just Jared amusing, though, because the articles are so kiss-ass and celeb-friendly – but the comments are so b*tchy and snarky!

      • La jolie says:

        I have been a reader of this site since 2009 but didn’t start commenting until last month! I visit this site daily. Its like an addiction now. CB beats the rest flat out JJ consists of mean commenters So does Dlisted and So many others! But CB is balanced..

      • Karen says:

        Just Jared thinks Angelina Jolie is a goddess, gimme a break and they always criticize Jen. That said, I was super impressed how they all congratulated her (Jen) on her engagement thread.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        @La Jolie
        Oh, it’s definitely an addiction. Reading celebitchy is probably the one regular thing in my schedule, that I make sure that I do EVERY SINGLE DAY. I get twitchy if I miss a day or two, because I’m sure I’ve missed something juicy.

        That actually did happen. It was last summer, during the Kristen Stewart-Rupert Sanders scandal, for a week I was in New York, and my aunt didn’t have internet. So I went down to my uncle’s in Texas, and the very first thing I see titled is “The Great Twihard Meltdown of 2012″. Epic. Just epic. I laughed and giggled and reread those articles for a week.

      • Tasha says:


        Site like Popsugar and E! think Jen a goddess and are criticize AJ so what’s your point.

        Why do you keep bring up AJ when this post has nothing to do with her.

      • La jolie says:

        @karen on the same jj there are people who hate jolie and brad and which she will just dump him. Also say horrible tinz about them So I don’t get your point.!
        @Tasha true just as there are pro jolie sites there are pro aniston site. But honestly there are not So many blogs who are pro jolie
        @Virgilia coriolanus am happy am not the only one! Was beginning to think it wasn’t normal for Me to be hung on the site.

      • Janet says:

        Some of those people posting on JJ are flat-out psycho. They will lurk on this site to see what people are saying about celebs they idolize, and then run back to JJ and blab about what you said here. Believe me, I know from experience.

        As for dlisted, Michael K is hilarious but I just can’t with most of the people posting on his site. Most of the comments are just plain nasty.

        And don’t even get me started on Female First.

      • brumhildawayne says:

        So true. I recently swapped Lainey out for Celebitchy. The writers here are funnier and Lainey was getting too snobby for my taste.

  13. toto says:

    She simply would never say she does not want kids, if she does say so that will give Brad a solid reason to out himself from the relation although it might be not the real reason.
    why lose victim card and shade herself as selfish for not giving her husband children!! why even give brad any reason to be excused?that would not benefit her at all.

    • kibbles says:

      I agree that a good reason why Aniston might not come right out and say children are not for her is the Brad factor. Considering he now has 6 children with Jolie, it’s clear that he’s a family man and would not have stayed with a woman who didn’t want to take that path. I’m sure if Aniston was still married to Pitt, she’d probably be more comfortable telling the media that they as a couple agreed not to have children. If she ever marries Theroux, there will eventually be a time when they both come out and say that they choose to be childless. However, as long as she is unmarried and knowing that being portrayed as a victim and playing out this fake love triangle with the Pitt-Jolies in the media is her main source of publicity, she’s not about to give the public a good reason for why her marriage to Pitt didn’t work out. I think most people would assume that babies had something to do with it and most people would find it understandable for someone to leave their spouse if they disagreed on whether or not to have children.

  14. Melibea4ever says:

    In this interview she comes across as a cold and self absorbed woman, she doesn’t want babies and nothing to do with her family just the people she has chosen to be on her side,don’t like her at all

    • nicole says:

      Not wanting babies doesn’t automatically make a woman cold and self absorbed. People can make different choices for different reasons. This argument, not about Aniston but about women in general, is infuriating.

    • Sanaa says:

      The planet is filled with cold and self-absorbed mothers.

      Chosing not to have kids does not make one cold or self-absorbed.

      Comeon ladies, we fought too hard for anybody to still be reasoning like this, let alone fellow women.

      I have no issue with you thinking that Jen is cold but can you please delink that from the baby issue.

      • nicole says:

        Perfectly said!

      • Kiddo says:

        Yes, it can be argued that with some people, having children may be more narcissistic in that they are perpetuating their own genes for ego, likeness, and in the case of some, having the ability to relive their lives through their spawn.

        I’m not saying ALL, but clearly, this occurs in some cases.

      • Nerd Alert says:

        Well said. The worst mothers are often those that never wanted to become one.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Thank you, Sanaa!!!

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Sanaa, just wanted to ask you, is that your real name? It’s really pretty.

    • Nerd Alert says:

      Pot, meet kettle. Kettle’s cold.

  15. Jen says:

    Isn’t this the same conversation that is had whenever she has a film to promote. What she does is her business–children, no children, marriage or no marriage, travel the world or stay in Cabo-and good luck.

    But maybe she should not do interviews where she goes on and on about what a great father her fiancé (or partner as she puts it, which is fine) would be, which makes it sound like a family is planned, then complain when asked about it. She is just so inconsistent. I won’t mention the bad clothing choices, but…

    (I think her publicist does troll the gossip blogs though as he got upset with one of them and sent a letter or something asking them to lighten up.)

    • La jolie says:

      He does that a lot! People have been calling him out on that lately! There was a time he wrote to perez hilton and he pasted it on his blog.

    • La jolie says:

      He does that a lot! People have been calling him out on that lately! There was a time he wrote to perez hilton and he pasted it on his blog. Even Nikki on deadline called him out

  16. Guest says:

    Jennifer reads CB as she said in the interview she heard she got married in Virgina. CB was the only site to report the wedding and no other outlet even jumped on it. Hi Jennifer!

    • Holt says:

      Do you really think she takes time to get on the Internet and surf the web? Please! I am absolutely positive someone saw what was said about the secret wedding, told someone, who told another person, who told someone, and that person told her PR person…. That is how she heard!

      • Amory says:

        Yeah, I think she reads the gossip sites. I think she probably can’t help it — it would be awfully tempting. And really, she’s not a deep or intellectual person, and these sites are kinda fun and snarky, and I can see her liking that.

      • emmie_a says:

        Ok what else is she doing that is sooo important and time consuming that she can’t surf the Internet? When she’s not boozing or getting injections or sunbathing, she is doing the same exact things that everyone else does.

      • Ennie says:

        She has been caught on pictures reading tabloids while on vacation, and it is not like she is never on vacation…

      • Sal says:

        She has said before that she often reads tabloids and has gone on the net reading stuff about herself, that its a temptation. Besides, she is so self-absorbed and self-centred I wouldn’t put anything past her. She is incredibly manipulative.

    • Mimi says:

      It’s possible, however Jezebel or Gawker also reported it (sourced from here)

  17. halgeir says:

    Some women don’t want kids, the press should drop it, If she wants a child she will have one when she is ready, if she doesn’t she won’t. I have a theory almost half of these celebs now popping out kids, will be unattentive parents, with nannies doing all the work and the sad thing is some of the young everyday viewing public are copying these celebs, thinking their life will somehow be similar.
    Probably a lot of these rich celebs aren’t doing the hands on work that it takes to raise their children. If Jen doesn’t want kids it’s her business, if she wants kids it’s her business.
    I doubt Jen will marry this guy too.

  18. Maya says:

    Frankly this is karma for Jennifer for the way she has been attacking Angeline these past 8 years or so. Angelina, Brad, Jennifer and her 3 BFFs all confirmed that Brad never cheated and that he told Jennifer the second he started to develop feelings for Angelina. There were no cheating at all.

    It is only months later that Jennifer saw how much publicity and popularity Angelina and Brad were getting as a couple that she started this whole pity party thing with giving interviews after interviews contracting herself. She even said in that infamous Vanity Fair Article in 2005 that she told Brad to go have an affair and then come back but that Brad respected her and Angie to much to ever do that. He just broke up cleanly with her and waited 3 months before chasing Angie to Africa.

    Jennifer also said that she has always wanted children and she even said after her divorce she would have a child within the next 5 years one way or another. Now she says she doesnt want any (I personally thing she never wanted children and she is scared shitless of what the public will do if she admitted it).

    It was also confirmed that Jennifer cheated with Justin for months before his then girlfriend of 14 years found out by seeing pictures of Jen and Justin being together in the magazines (pictures Jennifer herself published before Heidi broke up with him). All of this was confirmed by Heidi and her mother.

    Lastly people have started to realise all of this plus the fact that she is BFF with a vile, disgusting, disgrace to womenkind aka Chelsea Handler. Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. Jennifer is BFF with racist and child attacker Chelsea, pedophile Terry Richardson, women beater Joe Francis. All of this shows you the real Jennifer and the world has caught up on her now. The magazines who were bought by Jennifer and her agent are now all turning against them as well and the secrets are all coming out slowly.

    Jennifer will never be truly happy if she doesnt confess to how she deliberately turned the world against an innocent woman and man and how she has been enjoying reading about people attacking and cursing the Jolie-Pitts and even their children.

    I actually predict that some day soon Jennifer will be caught on tape maybe DUI or something showing her true nature and the world will turn fully against her just like Reese W. Karma is a bitch and it is catching up on Jennifer.

    • dailia says:

      Oh please, EVERYTHING is not always about Angie.

    • La jolie says:

      ——Maya So True… I hope she sees this since she visits this blog!

    • Nerd Alert says:

      Well, I don’t believe in Karma but I do think that the thing she is most angry about nowadays is that he never actually cheated on her. If he had, she wouldn’t need to play up the victim schtick so much.

    • Violet says:

      So true!

      What made me really dislike her was when BFF Chelsea Handler started making racist jokes about the Brangelina kids. Talk about a new low.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        That’s what made me start believing there was a grain of truth in the whole “Jen’s not over Brad”-I don’t think that she loves him anymore, I think it’s purely she won’t ever be over that ego was damaged in the divorce. When your BFF starts saying stuff like “Brad belongs to Jen, he needs to go back where he belongs; Brad’s only with Angelina because of the kids”-then you or your friend have issues. If you do not drop that “friend”, nor tell that “friend” to quit talking about your ex and his woman, then guess what? I’m going to be inclined to believe that you agree with her. Especially since it’s all been said on a VERY public forum.

        Oh, funny thing. I watched some youtube video that had to do with Brad/Angelina as the ‘sexiest celebrities’ or something like that-they were ranked at 1 and 2…..Chelsea Handler was DROOLING over Brad.

    • Bird says:

      You sound straight up crazy.

  19. Lark says:

    Am I the only one who thinks if she went more natural (no fake tan, natural hair color) that she would look much younger? Truth is she is a decent character actress, but she and Huvane are determined for her to be a mainstream movie star. As someone pointed out above, even Nikke Finke is now shading Huvane which is kind of funny.

    • Amory says:

      I agree that she would look better without all of the fake extras (but there goes the hair if you take out her extensions), but I have to disagree that she’s a decent character actor. She’s cute in a way that Meg Ryan was cute, but with way less spunk and energy. She seems best known for her hair, then Friends, then being the ex of Brad who everyone dumps, and then being friends with the raunchy Chelsea. Her movies are low on the list.

  20. epiphany says:

    We finally have confirmation that she – or at least her people – read the blogs!
    I don’t think she’s on anything, I think she’s had so much work done she can’t articulate words anymore. She looks VERY different than she did in the last season of ‘Friends’ – except for the stringy blond hair, of course, which is exactly the same.

  21. dailia says:

    A lot of women don’t have kids, it doesn’t mean they are worried about their figures, some women just DON’T want kids, most of my friends don’t have kids, never wanted them and are quite honest about it. If she doesn’t want kids that’s her business.
    Besides she has enough money to have work done, after a child if her figure was the issue. She can do as she pleases, everyone is not cut out for children and some women truly don’t want any. It’s not a crime if she doesn’t have a child.

    • nicole says:

      Well said. These posts about Aniston seem to bring out the worst judgments on women’s choices.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        The only reason that people/the media bring up her having kids is because she’s said that she wants to have kids. And has not retracted that statement. In fact, she’s reiterated it over the years. I don’t care if she has a kid or not. But don’t keep saying that you want one, when all evidence points to you enjoying your childfree life.

        The majority of the men she’s dated, and the fact that she’s no spring chicken i.e. it’s going to be harder for her to get pregnant at her age w/her first-all point to her not wanting kids very badly.

        But, whatever. It doesn’t really matter. I just wish she would say-Yes, I want a kid, then have one. Or-No, I don’t want a kid, then don’t have one. Or-As the years have gone by, I’ve been more and more satisfied with life as is. I am not sure if I want a child or not.

  22. Paloma says:

    People are interested in her having a child because they feel like her “revenge” against Brad would be complete….IMHO.

    • Amory says:

      How is having a kid revenge? It’s not like she is going to rival the big family that he wanted and got, and it’s not like he’s going to say, “oh darn, I should have waited for her” just because she squeezes out one baby :)

    • Blood&Sand says:

      I could see it Paloma. Aniston’s hen brigade would probably rationalize said child as Brad’s lost opportunity to ever get back with her since she’d have a baby daddy and all. They also ‘think’ she’s the bigger star, the better actor, earns more money, etc., etc. in the alleged triangle. I think its called fanfiction.

  23. joline says:

    Getting revenge against Brad is not why she should life her own life and I don’t see her doing that at all. That is for the tabloids, this so called revenge fantasy.

    • Spring Season says:

      I agree. Also, as some others have said she won’t admit not wanting children because she know that will validate the speculation as to one of the big reasons as to why Brad left. She has to keep the wronged image going. Of course, for me based on how their lives have been since the divorce, it was confirmed to me personally as to why they divorced. Others who can’t see just don’t want to see it.

  24. Spring Season says:

    So everyone can agree that the next time Aniston says “oh I don’t read that stuff, it’s bad and I don’t have time blah, blah” we all know now that she is lying. Hell she was snapped a while ago with a gossip magazine with her mug on the cover. As someone on JJ says about Aniston “if her mouth is moving, she is lying.” Jennifer Aniston probably don’t even know who she is because of her lies to maintain relevancy and her idea of perfection. Which is sad at 44 years old, it means she hasn’t grown as a person and woman.

    Last week when she spouted all the recent People covers in order it confirmed she was full of ****. It’s time for her to take a long break and give us all a break of hearing her lies and bs of how she’s so annoyed and bothered. Hell we annoyed and bothered by your very presence and you can do us all a favor and go away.

    • Karen says:

      Most celebs are aware what’s going on, what makes Jennifer special to attack?

      On femalefirst there’s a picture of Jolie flipping through a US Weekly gossip rag about her and Billy Bob’s weird relationship back in 2002/2003

      • Sandy says:

        Anyone that follows FF is just weird and crazy.

      • UsedToBeLulu says:

        @Karen, that’s funny!

      • Janet says:

        What Sandy said.

      • Tasha says:

        Once again bring up Jolie who has nothing to do with this post.

        To bring up something that took place 10/11 years ago is just SAD. Lol

        The fact that you visit FF explains it all.

      • Kim1 says:

        2002 Jolie was 25 not a mother of six,not a UN special envoy ,not a director…Aniston is almost 45 adressing BS from tabloids and gossip sites.Quote one interview where Jolie brings up tabloid BS in the last ten years or whines about gossip

      • Ennie says:

        On ff? They are the extreme of hateful. For you to find a single pic in that sea of hate means that you have visited regularly. Big no-no. Total negativity. Chelsea Handler would read it, that I would believe.
        Kim +1. People are supposed to grow and get better, but John Mayer said it best when he described her.

      • UsedToBeLulu says:

        Wow. Out of all the replies to Karen, there is only ONE that has anything to do with what she posted? All the rest are attempts to discredit by character assassination?


      • Sandy says:


        If a person hangs at Female First, their character is already discredited. The people at FF are sick and insane women that have followed Brad Pitt and Angelina every move for 8 years. They have made up crazy stories about voodoo and BrAd Pitt bio kids not being his but her ex. They pick on their children. It’s really bad. If anyone hangs there, it says a lot about them as a person and it is not good, they need help.

      • UsedToBeLulu says:

        So Sandy, are you saying that the picture of AJ reading the article about herself isn’t real? Because that was the whole point of the post. You get that, right?

      • Katherine says:

        What Karen was attempting to do was compare Jennifer’s ongoing seeming obsession with what others say and gossip about her and a one time example a dozen years ago of Angelina reading a tab article about the husband she was then in the process of divorcing.

        Karen’s attempt to equate the two is typical of the craziness and dishonesty that FF specializes in.

        You get that, right?

      • Sandy says:

        The whole point is why is she bringing up Jolie? Also,using FF as a source is laughable.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Yeah, I didn’t get why she was dissing People and also the media by assuming that there were issues with her wedding planning. She was on one People cover to say she was getting married in the spring, then when the spring came and went, she was on another cover saying that she was putting her wedding off because she was busy.

      You can’t do all that and not expect there to be questions, and people concluding that something’s gone wrong-there may not be something wrong, she might just want to wait-but don’t act surprised when you’re questioned over it. You started the whole narrative.

      THIS and her Katie Couric shade….what’s going on with her?

  25. Guest says:

    so I guess you don’t know that she cornered Perez Hilton at a parking garage and asked him why he was making fun of her, and years before this incident her publicist wrote Perez a letter telling him to be nice to Jen. Trust me, she cares.
    ETA: That comment was directed at Holt

    • Spring Season says:

      How about the one where she read Kim Stewart called her ugly and it made her cry.

    • Maya says:

      Or when she saw how Chelsea verbally abused her on the show and made her agent set up a meeting with her. Jennifer became friends with Chelsea to stop making her bash her on the show – their friendship is fake and for publicity and when they “break up” I cannot wait to see how Chelsea tells all the secrets about Jennifer. Chelsea is one woman who fights really dirty so Jennifer better watch out..

      • MonkeyTowz says:

        I thought the same thing. Once C.H. is done with her, the middle school mean girl shit will be epic. Good lord I need to stop commenting on this woman (I’m a hypocrite, yes). Been sick all week. Must go rewatch Stephen Colbert boogie with Brian Cranston and go back to bed. I will do a dong dance with S.C. (in my dreams) and anxiously await the return of Breaking Bad Sunday night. Then I will get a life.

    • HN says:

      I agree 100%. Everyone’s catching up to her lies.

  26. janie says:

    Once again… go away! She can’t act her way out of a paper bag. She lucked into the “Friends” role, and that’s it. That’s the range of her acting, Rachel Green!! She isn’t the darling of TV, Big Screen, Dvd or any other form of entertainment. She doesn’t want kids or a husband, because the one she wants is still Brad Pitt. Period.

    • Nerd Alert says:

      I can’t remember exactly how she got the Rachel part and I can’t find it online, but it was fishy, right? Like, Courteney Cox was slated for it and then they added the Monica character, which she did much better. Someone knew JA’s mom or aunt or something and they only auditioned her for the role, but they told her to get a (second) nose job and lose 15 lbs and the curly hair. Something like that.

      • UsedToBeLulu says:

        I’ve never heard anything ‘fishy’ about how she got the part of Rachel. They wanted her for the Monica part, but she convinced them she would be better as Rachel. Not sure what is suspect about that.

      • Nerd Alert says:

        Well, the fishy part is what I said. Only one person auditioned for the role and was told to change her appearance for it. And it was not that they wanted her for Monica, it was definitely that Cox DIDN’T want to play Rachel, and she had to convince them. Originally, Monica was a sarcastic, Jeneane Garafolo persona but Cox made her anxious and shrill instead.

  27. Nina says:

    It’s entirely possible that she wanted kids, didn’t have them with brad because their marriage wasn’t stable, didn’t meet the right guy, and now is trying with Justin but is finding it difficult due to age. I was somewhat indifferent to having kids, but then as I neared the end of my reproductive years, I really wanted them but too late. What you see as hypocrisy could simply be her saying what she’d like, but life throwing different events in her path. When you’re young, you think you can simply get what you want It really isn’t as easy as saying yes, please give me two kids, healthy, blond and cute. And some people don’t want to adopt. Judge her for her acting but come on, let’s quit the judgment of her empty womb.

    • floretta50 says:

      Aniston is not blonde, and blue eyed,chances of her having a baby with Justin who have her natural traits are difficult, maybe with Brad Pitt who is naturally blonde and blue-eyed, even you have fallen into an illusion of Hollywood, not reality. Originally she was born with brown curly wavy hair, and brown eyes not blue. Realistically Aniston today does not look like the Aniston on Friends she has had so many things done to her face. She is not the only one, this is most Hollywood actresses today, but to think she is really blonde and blue eyed is ridiculous.

    • siobhan says:

      I agee with Nina. It’s entirely possible Jen wanted kids but hasn’t been in a stable relationship where she would want to have kids. Yeah she could have adopted on her own but maybe tthat’s not what she wanted. The criticism she receives because she hasn’t had kids is overly harsh.

      • Tasha says:

        What criticism?

        This subject about her not wanting kids has came up many times on this site and fan and non fan alike were all very supportive.

        Just like how they were supportive of Chelsea Handler and Cameron Diaz who also don’t want kids.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        “It’s entirely possible Jen wanted kids but hasn’t been in a stable relationship where she would want to have kids.

        Yes, but look at the men she was in these relationships with. They were not the type of guy you choose if you know you want to settle down and have children. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

        I know several women who are happily child-free (and a mom or two who wish they were). There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but for a person to publicly state they want kids in one breath, then in the next complain that people are always asking “when” is a little ridiculous.

      • Nina says:

        I’m not even a fan of JA, or of JA either actually but the vitriol on these threads is amusing. It’s true that maybe she hasn’t picked the most stable guys for boyfriends but are really judging women for bad choices in dating? Btw if thenext statement is that when you get to be in ur forties, u should know better, guess what– sometimes u just don’t. The judgyness is interesting given that I’m sure some of us have made mistakes in our love lives.

  28. Axis2ClusterB says:

    Pajiba did a really cool review of the Millers movie, saying that Aniston is at her best in an ensemble. I agree with that, and I still like her. I just don’t think she deserves all the flak she gets. She seems like your fun, boozy aunt to me.

  29. Emma - the JP Lover says:

    I can’t believe people give her a pass on the “My real family isn’t my family, my friends my man my dogs are my family” crap.

    She made her mother out as a villain, but was every other family member a villain as well??

    There is something seriously wrong with Jen, and the older she gets the more it comes out.

  30. K-Rock says:

    Wow she was even slurring in the movie clip! @1:30 Wowzer!

  31. Bernice says:

    People can shade her all day long, but she still has her mega millions in the bank. I liked her up until she started associating with Chelsea Handler. Around that time her whole ” drinking” persona started to e publicized. Before Chlsea and the drinking she seemed like the fun, friendly, Gil next door that you want to go have Mani/pedis with. Now she seems like a snarky alcoholic type who just boozes, smokes and lays in the sun. Kind of like an upscale tanning mom. Ugh.

    • Tasha says:

      ( People can shade her all day long, but she still has her mega millions in the bank )

      Lets face it you can say that about any celebrity.

      • K-Rock says:

        @ Tasha so true! Just because they have loads of bank doesn’t make their actions/behavior acceptable. We aren’t here talking about her salary.

        If that’s the case then Justin Beiber can do and act however he wants because he has “millions in the bank”. Pffft!

  32. Nicolette says:

    Liked her the first two seasons of ‘Friends’, then she started getting on my nerves. If I’ve liked one of her movies, it’s been because of the other actors cast in it that were funny and not because of her one dimensional acting. How she keeps pumping these movies out is beyond me. Perhaps she’s sleeping with someone powerful, or has some dirt on someone powerful and that keeps getting her the roles. IDK, just sayin’. Either way she’s making money hand over fist and cackling all the way to the bank.

  33. The Original Mia says:

    Travel the world? When? Give me a break. She goes where she’s comfortable & that’s Mexico. She doesn’t even film movies outside the US. And people would stop asking about kids if she stopped giving them the impression she actually wants one.

  34. emmie_a says:

    I know she’s not close to her mother — but I wonder what her dad and her brother and her nieces and/or nephews (if any) think of her saying that her partner and her friends are her family? She doesn’t even try to mention her actual blood family.

    I know your blood relatives don’t have to be your only ‘family’ but she seems to not want anything to do with her relatives??

    And I do think she’s on something in that video…

    • Ennie says:

      She has a father who she is supposedly close to, and half silings on both sides, probably has cousins too, and relatives. How sad it is that she dismisses it that easily.
      Seeing that, she probably tried to erase whatever was not working for her with her family, choosing to start over with friends and godesses at her side but, contradicts herself with the years long pity party about her failed marriage to an A-lister. One more reason to think that the victim card is pure publicity.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        I don’t think she was particularly close with Brad’s family, either. He attended his parents anniversay party alone because she didn’t want to go. Maybe because Brad is close to his family and she would rather not be was part of the reason she didn’t want kids with him.

      • Ennie says:

        You are right. The youger Pitts seem close to their little cousins, there has been some information and pics here and there from holidays together. Must be nice to be in a large family. I used to long for that, but I ended up not having children, and my brothers live too far. That makes me understand the sense of family more, and at the same time, the importance for friends.

  35. Mandy says:

    I’ve never really liked her in movies. But she was so great in Friends. She’ll always be Rachel to me!

    • Janet says:

      The problem is she’ll always be Rachel to her, too. She plays Rachel in every movie she’s in.

  36. Daria says:

    I love her, I think she seems like a cool down to earth woman. Saw The Millers, and me & my friends thought it was funny & great. Maybe she wanted kids at one point, and decided later on not to do so, whats wrong with that? Maybe she goes back & forth with the idea of kids. So what? So many pressures for women to get married & have kids, not everyone wants that. I don’t want kids either, and just happy with my family, friends, and partner, traveling around experiencing life. So many women hate & mean girl her, and I just don’t get it. She will always be cool to me, and I like her movies.

    • Jayna says:

      Or maybe they are trying, and it’s nobody’s business. Asking a 44-year-old woman ad nauseum questions about having a baby is silly and kind of rude. Maybe she doesn’t want any now at this age. That time has passed. Maybe they are trying and it’s not happening yet. Maybe she’s doing in vitro. But she’s not in her 30s. She’s in her mid 40s. So kind of a delicate question to ask her at her age.

      I am looking forward to the movie, also.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      “When the Millers are about to be machine-gunned to death by Mexican drug dealers Aniston saves the day by distracting the big honcho with a Flashdance-y striptease number. Except…how is this helping them avoid getting shot? The druglord could just watch and and enjoy the show and have them killed anyway. There isn’t a sliver of logic in this scene, and if you ask me it was dreamt up so that Aniston, 44, can show the world (and more precisely the entertainment industry) that she’s just as hot-boddy as ever and yowsah yowsah oh my my. And yet this is undermined by the fact that Aniston wears a ton of makeup in the film — pounds of base, boxes of mascara — which was applied, one presumes, because it would otherwise be obvious that she’s in her mid 40s and just a hop, skip and a jump away from being 50.”

      “Aniston is loaded (worth well over $100 million) but her marquee currency is powered by a bankrupt attitude of take the money and run. (And then walk the red carpet and vacation in Mexico and grace the cover of tabloids and lah-lah.) Aniston seems almost as determined as Kate Hudson to costar in nothing but inept comedies and cruddy romcoms. She’s been in exactly four half-decent films — The Good Girl, Bruce Almighty, Friends with Money and The Break-Up. I think she needs to get down on her knees and thank Angelina Jolie each and every day for stealing Brad Pitt away. Aniston’s fame and fortune is completely rooted in her being the woman whose husband cheated on her and left her high and dry — a situation that millions of average women have found kinship with. Without that marital misfortune (which happened eight years ago) Aniston would have fizzled by now.”

      Wow….it’s pretty bad when it comes from a movie critic-that last paragraph.

      I definitely agree with this, from what I’ve seen/heard of the film:
      “We’re the Millers is a vulgar, sloppily written, oppressively unfunny road comedy about a “typical Middle-American family” involved in a Mexican drug-smuggling charade.”

      I do agree with the critic, they should’ve picked someone who actually looked/acted like a drug dealer, so it would be harder for him to try and play the happy, normal father.

  37. Bella says:


  38. Jayna says:

    I just about died the other night. She was on Chelsea Handler’s show. Chelsea was talking about doing a bachelorette’s party when the time comes and Jen says, or we can go to Cabo. LOL Predictable.

    I harp on here all the time about her tanorexia. I know. I’m a broken record. But this week I’ve been watching her in interviews and she is now officially in Snooky territory with her tan. It is a very dark orangish tan. Does she think it hides lines?

    But I’m predicting a huge box office weekend. I will be there. I don’t care wha anybody says. This movie looks funny to me.

  39. paranormalgirl says:

    I saw a preview of “We’re the Millers” and frankly, it wasn’t all that bad. It was pretty freaking hysterical in parts and Jennifer Aniston was fairly decent. I’m not even a big fan of hers and I liked it.

  40. Becky1 says:

    I don’t understand why people get so weird about JA and the whole kid thing. Maybe she wanted them at one point and now she doesn’t, maybe she’s trying to have one right now and can’t, etc. Who cares and why should she or anyone have to make some sort of declaration about what their parenting (or non-parenting plans) plans are? So what if she said she wanted kids several years ago-maybe she has changed her mind. It’s no one’s business but hers.

    • Layla says:

      She’s made is everyone’s business by talking about it in countless interviews, wearing a fake bump in that smartwater commercial, etc. Saying kids are coming etc.

      She would not be asked about it if she had not made it part of her pity party campaign.

    • lisa2 says:

      Whether you are a celebrity or not; we all write the narrative of our lives. We do that by what we say or don’t say.

      She talked about children. She made a big point to let her friends talk about her having children “Jennifer would never put her career before having a family”.

      She is not the only celeb asked about family. The difference is that is all anyone can ask her about. Her exercise routine, diet, hair, what else. If she did anything else then she would be asked about it. Other celebs are asked about being pregnant, when are you getting married, are you having more kids It happens.

      and yes in part this is about Brad/Angie. They have a big family. Something they were both saying they wanted before they ever got together.

      I think the gossip media is just trying to finish the narrative of Jennifer Aniston. She has Justin now. So she is not the lonely loser in love. Now the final chapter is when will she get married and have that family. I honesty think if she had gotten married a year or two after she and BP divorced and had a child there would be no conversation about her at all. None. Her narrative is can she have what he has. Can she finish the fairy tale so everyone can close that book. But the fact that she is not married nor a parent means the story is not over. She in some way gets that and whether her fans believe it or not she plays on that because it is her trump card to still be talked about.

      So she keeps all those doors open. Notice her tabloid narrative; is she getting married or babies. Nothing else. Just that. Like Brad/Angie or not there is just more to talk about regarding them.

      I say all the time I’m not a fan. But I don’t wish her harm. I actually hope she and Justin get married. But I have also said that this won’t keep her fans from hating on BA. Because as I said they are more interesting; and her fans blame then for her not having what the fairy tale they thinks she was meant to live.

      • Rena says:


        Her fans are living in some totally PR created perfect romantic fantasy world that never existed. It is as if they never read interviews she gave that hinted as cracks in the haze of the faux golden couple. She said Brad was “a love” in her life but not “the love” of her life. Now if that is not a clue as to multiple holes in a tabloid coupledom I don’t know what is.

        And I must add my voice to all saying how horrible that FF site is. Wishing death on a woman and her children, reciting and repeating racist crap about kids as if truth, wishing for a happy family to break up all because of some delusion they continue to hold regardless of reality for years and years and years that a man who lives his life with total love for his family will leave that family for a woman who has encouraged hate toward that family, well no one with any minute scintilla of intelligence visits that site peopled with complete psychotics.

        As to Jen’s career, well she is an ensemble TV actress who does her best work bouncing off fellow cast mates. That is her niche, but that is not something she will accept. She is doing like 4-5 films a year as her quote is $2-5/6 mil, not the larger fees she once attracted, she sees scripts after a number of other actresses have been offered them, she refuses to put her money in her production company and take a chance on actually producing a film. She is a mid 40 year old woman who now has a limited time frame to keep putting her partially naked body in her films, no one wants to see a 50 year old male of female on a stripper pole.

        I have no idea if she ever wanted kids but common sense says that if she had she would have had them before reaching middle age. Being honest like Cameron and Lucy stops lots of speculation.

  41. NewWester says:

    Wasn’t there a pic of JA out and about with her mother recently? I thought they were not on speaking terms?

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      In Jennifer’s 2008 Vogue interview, she said that in the aftermath of her divorce with Brad, that she and her mother had reconnected.

    • lisa2 says:

      NO those pictures were not of her and her mother. She has to my knowledge not been photographed with her mother in YEARs..

      her mother as noted here by many is in bad health. I think there were pics of her at a hospital but I don’t think anyone can show a picture of her with her mother for a long time.

  42. bsh says:

    She says she wants to travel the world, but she never goes further than Mexico. Strange.

    • Lauren says:

      Jen was in Italy last summer I recall.. with Justin.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I think we attribute that to Theroux dong haze though. I don’t think she’s ever gone anywhere before then, besides Mexico. If I had her money, I’d be all over the place.

  43. Jennifer12 says:

    If you don’t want kids, then it’s responsible not to have them and I’d give her credit. But she won’t admit it.

  44. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    I just went on rottentomatoes to check this film out, as my friend wants to see it….it’s very meh. The best reviews I read said that the film is forgettable and if you wanted to see it, they wouldn’t block the doorway i.e. stop you from seeing it.

    Here are the reviews:

    Just to add: Susan Granger’s review is particularly bitchy. I like that….

  45. Dommy Dearest says:

    I’d just like to step in and say that she couldn’t have been stoned. Drunk yes, stoned no. You’re still able to speak without falling over your words. Or she just says what she can say in interviews versus what she really wants to say.