Various female celebrities caught getting high: Drew, Cameron, Mischa, Paris

Mischa Barton was recently pictured enjoying a suspicious smoke in her car. She seemed to savor the hand-rolled, uh, cigarette, although she must resist the munchies considering how thin she remains. Given her long term relationship with scrappy big-balled Cisco Adler, it’s not surprising that she enjoys the herb. She was seen out with a different unknown unkempt guy, and it’s uncertain if he’s a new romantic interest.

Paris Hilton was also caught by paparazzi smoking the wacky weed in her car. People are tired of Paris after all her scandals and over-exposure, and haven’t paid much attention to her lately. We’ve all seen firsthand evidence that she’s racist, uses drugs, and sleeps around, so what’s the big deal if she’s photographed smoking up?

And Drew Barrymoore and Cameron Diaz were seen sharing a non-commercial cigarette while on vacation in Hawaii for Drew’s birthday. Splash News, the paparazzi photo agency that has the picture, notes that they’ve been in Hawaii for a week and are probably not going to make it to the Oscars tonight.

I got high a few times in college, and didn’t enjoy it. It made me have all these pseudo-revelatory thoughts that I realized afterwards were pointless.

I do think marijuana should be at least decriminalized though, and in Switzerland where I live now the kids smoke it out in the open.

Technically it’s illegal to possess and smoke marijuana in Switzerland, but the law is rarely enfornced. The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health put out a memo about recreational pot smoking in 1999, basically saying it’s not a big deal:

“Altered habits of consumption have turned [cannabis] into a recreational drug enjoyed by a large percentage of the population, unaccompanied by any feelings of wrong doing and a world away from the consumption of ‘hard’ drugs,” the article stated.

Thanks to FlyNetOnline and Egotastic for these pictures.

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12 Responses to “Various female celebrities caught getting high: Drew, Cameron, Mischa, Paris”

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  1. Franklie Spaeking says:

    It’s more than a modicum less impairing than alcohol.

  2. Franklie Spaeking says:

    I think maybe being a smokehead is less dangerous than being an alcoholic.

  3. whitedaisy says:

    I think that they are all pretty stupid.
    They have fans and young women looking up to them…….
    And wtf with Cameron Diaz–all my friends outgrew smoking pot in college–what is she, 35 years old?
    And wtf with Drew; she has had her share of substance abuse, already. I would think that Pot would be off limits.
    Mischa has a little sister at the tender age of 19 in rehab; way to support her.
    And Paris…..well……she…….well…Paris is an idiot all around.
    They are alienating their fan base.

  4. Maritime says:

    I don’t think it’s an actors responsibility to be a good roll model for young fans. I don’t get big deal about Harry Potter naked. I over heard a lady the other day saying Britney was a bad role model. Really, she a former pop princess and divorced mother of two. Does she still have young fans?

  5. miss luigi says:

    Marijuana is probably less harmful than alcohol, but drunk people are less annoying.

    Also Maritime, you do have a point about celebrities expected to act as role-models for kids, and I think it depends on who they’re aiming their entertainment towards. I do think people who work in children’s programming do have a responsibility not to act up in public because kids look up to them, but probably less so with Mischa Barton because she was in a show about teens behaving badly anyway (actually I’ve never seen a single ep of the OC but teen dramas are all the same). Also, teenagers are supposed to know better from their parents/teachers or from their own developed common sense. With the Harry Potter thing, I think nudity’s not a big deal in general and it is in a work-related context. It’s not like kids can see it anyway.

  6. lexi says:

    i knew the swiss were more relaxed, but i didn’t realize how much so.. i live in france, and undercover cops will follow any (arab) person around in hopes that they’ll try to sell/buy weed. i guess we’re not as open minded here as our swiss neighbors

  7. Franklie Spaeking says:

    “Marijuana is probably less harmful than alcohol, but drunk people are less annoying.”

    I’ll sell you some land in the everglades … you can’t be serious!

  8. Marry says:

    I agree

  9. Girlygrrl says:

    Geez, you think someone in Hollywood would posess the capability of rolling a decent looking joint ;)

  10. neelyo says:

    Little girl lost, indeed. Drew is ‘Hollywood sober’, meaning she stays away from cocaine and heroin.

  11. Cupcake says:

    As someone who’s straight edge, these losers and their herbal crutches disgust me… Not to mention how smoking anything is bad for the appearance, but I suppose that not a big concern for these a ha ha ha “lovely” ladies.

  12. Voqar says:

    Weed is harmless and if it were legal and taxed the country would be better for it.

    Drunk drivers kill people daily. You never hear about people high only on pot killing anyone with their cars. It’s pretty near impossible since if you smoked enough weed to not be able to drive you’d either passed out or too unmotivated to ever drive anywhere.

    Anyways – if you choose to indulge (I don’t) then moderation is the key. Anything can be harmful in excess.

    Even people who don’t smoke or drink can be incredibly annoying and obnoxious without moderation (and tolerance).