Stephenie Meyer is sick of ‘Twilight’: ‘I am so over it. It’s not a happy place to be’

Stephenie Meyer

Here’s some photos of Stephenie Meyer at the Los Angeles premiere of Austenland last weekend. This is Meyer’s first producing effort outside of books that she’s actually written herself. Like, she produced the last several (I’m so over it I can’t even count them) Twilight movies that all made a zillion dollars. I don’t think she produced The Host, which didn’t do so well at all, but I can see why people wouldn’t want to watch a movie of poor Saorise Ronan talking to herself.

Anyway, Meyer is back with the first official effort of her production company, Fickle Fish. Austenland stars Keri Russell “as a die-hard Jane Austen fan who plans a vacation at a country house steeped in the world of the 19th century British romance writer.” Well, I love some deceptively lighthearted Austen as much any other English major, but I don’t think this movie will be a smash hit like Twilight. And Meyer sounds fine with that in this interview with Variety:

Stephenie Meyer

Why she called her production company “Fickle Fish”: Stephenie Meyer: (Laughs) Meghan (Hibbett) and I settled on it because we could not find a name that wasn’t already taken. We’d be eating grilled cheese sandwiches and try ‘grilled cheese,’ and find that someone else already had it. We picked Fickle Fish because we kind of feel like fish out of water.”

Producing Austenland vs. Twilight: “There was zero pressure, since this was not my novel. It’s a comedy first and foremost, so there was a lot of laughter. Keri was five months pregnant and the least pregnant woman I’ve ever seen.”

Will she return to Twilight?: “I get further away every day. I am so over it. For me, it’s not a happy place to be.”

Is the door closed on the Cullens? “Not completely. What I would probably do is three paragraphs on my blog saying which of the characters died. I’m interested in spending time in other worlds, like Middle-Earth.”

Has her daily life changed much since fame? “I’m spending 75% being a mom and a human being. I have a great son who’s a junior in high school, who makes me feel like I’m 112 years old. My other boys are in the sixth grade and the eighth grade.”

Does she find writing difficult? “That would be editing. For me, there’s a real joy in writing because the world is what you want it to be. With a book, when you’re done reading it, the characters go away once you’re done. When you’re writing, the characters can last much longer.”

[From Variety]

I wonder what Stephenie means about Twilight not being “a happy place” for her. On one level, I think she might have just grown sick of her own characters (and all the criticism of the borderline-abusive Bella and Edward relationship) after several years of writing them and seeing them turned into movie incarnations. On the other hand, I wonder if all the tabloid hoopla between Sparkles and KStew might have soured her on the experience as well. Who knows. She doesn’t seem ungrateful though, which (in my mind) is important.

I do wish Stephenie Meyer good luck in her future endeavors, but she doesn’t really need luck because she’s made enough money from The Twilight Saga to support her children and husband for the rest of eternity. Or at least until the Voltari come and start a non-fight.

Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer

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  1. GMarchetti says:

    Yeah, keep it up with “The Host” franchise, it will reach even farther than Twilight did. Look how much money the movie made…

  2. Pandy says:

    Why does every pic feature her in upholstery fabric?

  3. Jane says:

    Glad I am not the only one over Twilight.

  4. BreeinSEA says:

    Join the club you built! FYI: would George Lucas ever be sick of Star Wars? Or should I say Disney? $….

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Star Wars is amazing, though! I love the clothes and art in the films. Twilight is a piece of garbage.

      My mom always laughs at how prolific and popular Star Wars is though. She’s says this exactly “They play that shit like it’s new!”…which they do!

      • Opa221 says:

        Don’t you dare lump Star Wars w/ this!

      • janie says:

        “My mom always laughs at how prolific and popular Star Wars is though. She’s says this exactly “They play that shit like it’s new!”…which they do!”

        Ha, I totally agree with this, but my husband would think it’s sacrilege to mention Star Wars anywhere near Twilight!

      • BreeinSEA says:

        I’m only comparing that she she probably thought it was as inventive and full of heart as SW. Which its not even close. And opa lol! My apologies!

  5. Chelsey says:

    She looks so sour. Even when she smiles it looks forced. Either she is very unhappy, or she has an unfortunate case of “Resting B*tch Face.”

    • Hakura says:

      @Chelsey – She looks (to me) like she’s uncomfortable w/being the ‘center of attention’ all the time, having her pics taken, being famous enough to have paps screaming questions at her.

      Just comes off stage-shy, preferring her works be the ones stage instead, letting her do her thing in the background.

      • BestJess says:

        I agree, as someone with a raging case of RBF I think she just looks a bit shy and awkward, not bitchy or miserable.

  6. icravefreshbrains says:

    I call bull*. This woman inflicts on the literary world such poison that it makes “KStew” a thing, and she just gets to be over it? Her writing made me hate vammpires. And women named Kristen. And books. And words. All this hate has made me tired.

    • Tara says:

      I laughed way out loud!
      + a whole bunch

    • Stubbylove says:

      Ha! Couldn’t agree more. She and E.L. James are lucky the masses accept crap writing. Though I’m sure she is over it, I think it’s shows poor character to discuss it negatively in public. Twilight is the reason anyone cares about her and it is giving her the opportunities she is able to have now. Therefore, bitch about it privately, but always show gratefulness and appreciation in public.

      • Jany says:

        I agree, like anyone would care about her otherwise! She does sound ungrateful to me. J.K. Rowling >>>>>>>>>>> Meyer.

      • MaiGirl says:

        I agree with everything you just said. Meyer is really bad, but E.L. James is f***ing illiterate! I tried to give her writing a chance, I really did, but her utter lack of basic grammar made me so angry that I couldn’t even grapple with the idiotic, Harlequin BDSM-lite plot!

      • Kat says:

        I thought that the international success of S.Meyer & E.L. James would be appreciated by more people. Remember ladies, if their poorly written books (which couldn’t even be saved with the help of a ghost writer) and flat characters can make millions, then so can our crappy stories.

        Seriously, we should be thanking these women for reminding us that you can print your own money in spite of your lazy writing skills. Hooray 😀

      • gefeylich says:

        Meyer knows what utter crap the Twilight series (books and films) are and she’s now ashamed of them. She’s the Dan Brown of YA fiction – made a ton of money with terrible books, but now wants people to take her “seriously.”

        And as she’s probably toting the Mormon party line on certain issues, just like her fellow “fine author” Orson Scott Card, I can’t wait to see the back of her (if only also to be spared the sight of her butt-ugly clothes). She should just go away permanently and deprive us her “genious.”

    • Julie says:

      icrave, you just made me howl out loud! HILARIOUS!

  7. Megan says:

    Yes, I bet she’s over it. With 50 Shades now all over the place, I bet she doesn’t like it and Kristen’s antics too.

  8. MeowuiRose says:

    Bahaha! You don’t hear JK Rowling saying that….maybe because her characters and story have depth and meaning.

  9. Alexandria says:

    Ah the original Mary Sue of the Sues who ever did Sue doesn’t get off on her little wet dream anymore. Oh well, she’s got piles of cold, hard, sparkly cash to keep her fingers busy.

    • Amelia says:

      Love it.
      My friend is doing a post-graduate English degree and she’s got a dartboard in her room with various pictures of fictitious Mary-Sues on it.
      Bella Swan, ‘Clary’ in the damn awful Mortal Instruments, Robert Langdon (alright, Marty Stu).
      She also has a bit of an irrational hatred for Lizzie Bennett.

      • Alexandria says:

        I pray she aims well with those darts.

      • MonicaQ says:

        I did that in my Young Adult Contemporary Lit class. My professor had such a love hate relationship with Twilight. She loved to hate it. A lot.

      • Nerd Alert says:

        Amelia. Nice.

        I love completely rational hate-ons.

      • Mairead says:

        Ugh Robert Langdon – a Mary-Stu is right!

      • Mairead says:

        *I meant to clarify, that whilst I dislike Twilight, and only engage with the satirical elements (Rifftrax etc).

        But Dan Brown and his Stu, Robert Langdon, I detest at a visceral level. 👿

      • Janet says:

        Not to belabor the obvious, but Elizabeth Bennet was no Bella Sue. She told Mr. Darcy to take his pretentious ass and get ta steppin’. She was sharp as a tack and could hold her own anywhere. Bella, OTOH, was a leecher-on with no goals, no dreams, no plans, and no ambition but to make out with Edward morning, noon and night, Elizabeth Bennet is a role model. Bella Swan is a drip.

  10. Maya says:

    You and me both, Stephanie.

    On a more positive note, I love her dress in the last picture. She looks so pretty.

  11. atlantapug says:

    Does this mean she’ll never finish Midnight Sun??? I’m not a Twihard, but I really wanted to read it.
    The Host was a good book, but the internal dialogue translated very poorly to the movie screen.

  12. Original A says:

    While twilight is crap, I thought it was crazy how over the top the criticism was towards her so I get her being over it.

  13. blue marie says:

    this is nit-picky but aren’t sixth and eight grade middle school (junior high) as well? it was for me, but I know others that had sixth in elementary. meh, whatever.

    I would move far, far away from Twilight if I were her too, it stinks. I might watch Austenland though, Keri Russell is great and it seems like my type of movie.

    • Nerd Alert says:

      That was my question! If your eighth and sixth graders AREN’T in middle school, where the hell are they? And how old is the other one? Is junior high only seventh grade where she lives? Stephenie Meyer finally blew my mind.

    • Caren says:

      It says her son is a Junior in High School, not IN Junior High School. So her son is in 11th grade.

      I felt bad for the other sons though just added as an afterthought. I have a GREAT son, and then two others. She probably didn’t mean it that way I suppose.

    • Another Ann says:

      She said the first son is a junior IN high school (i.e. 11th grade) – not in junior high school. Big difference.

      • Lucky says:

        I have to laugh at this in light of all the vitriol aimed at her writing ;). I don’t disagree but let’s not preten we re all so above “the masses” people!

  14. Quinn says:


    I love to read and have enjoyed lots of YA fiction. Her’s is not well written and gave me a case of the ZZZZZ’s. Bella was such a boring character that ONLY K. Stewart could have captured it so perfectly. And no, that’s not a compliment to Stewart.

  15. Ok says:

    All that money and she chooses THOSE DRESSES. WTF. ?????

    • Another Ann says:

      Yeah, if she’s going to continue in the public eye, it’s time to use some of that cash and hire a stylist. Maybe she uses the same designer as Kim K had at the Met Gala. They seem to share a fondness for drapery fabric.

  16. Emily C. says:

    Jane Austen was not a romance writer. JANE AUSTEN WAS NOT A ROMANCE WRITER. Meyer was completely stupid about the other works she mentioned within Twilight — I expect she’ll be just as stupid outside of Twilight.

    Meyer’s voice sounds exactly like Bella’s “voice”. That is not a compliment. A writer’s voice should not be the same as their character’s, and no one’s voice should be like Bella’s because Bella is insufferable.

    I’m most surprised by the implication that she edits. She can’t keep continuity going for two pages and her grammar is bad, and then there are all the stylistic issues. If Twilight is what we got post-editing, I’d hate to see what it was pre-editing.

    • embertine says:

      Thank Eru, Emily C, someone else understands this. The only novel of JA’s that is remotely a romance novel is Persuasion. She is a satirist.

      If SM thinks the relationships depicted in JA’s novels are romances, it’s no wonder all the relationships she vomits up for her devoted readership are abusive ones.

      • littlestar says:

        Ahhhhh just had to stop in here and say that Persuasion is my favourite Austen book, by far. So different than her other novels.

    • Nerd Alert says:


      At least I can always count on you, Emily C., to be witty and concise when pointing out things that annoy me. Especially when I’m too groggy to make the words go.

    • Mairead says:

      I actually didn’t know that since I’ve never read any of her books, so assumed that it was Regency romantic twaddle based on how she was always described. But if her stuff is satire I think I will.

      Being dumped by Leffroy really did a number on her then?

      • Emily C. says:

        …no. Women write plenty of kinds of books besides romance, and that has nothing to do with their romantic history.

      • Mairead says:

        Where did you get the misogynistic “women only write fluffy romances” idea from what I said? I never read Austen because it had been presented as romance, which I am not interested in as a genre.

        And I mentioned Leffroy because I knew that her death affected him quite a lot.

  17. Nerd Alert says:

    Wow, the outfit from the Austenland premiere really does her no favors, at all.

    I think she knows we’re ALL sick of Twilight. You, me, her, and the world.

    I still wonder if she knew about the borderline-abusive characteristics of her characters when writing them. Like, it’s all so glorified in the writing, you feel like she wishes she was Bella. It creeped me out and it was why I stopped reading the books after the first 2.5.

    • Lauren Carter says:

      She does. Bella was her avatar. You should visit das_mervins twilight sporkings. Insightful and awesome.

      • Nerd Alert says:

        Okay, so I Googled and clicked on it, but that site is a mess! So random, so scattered. I’m going to try back in a few hours when I’m not so tired and can focus on WTH das mervin is trying to tell me.

      • Alexandria says:

        Haha yea it seems as if something’s wrong with their pictures right now. If you can get past the looks of the site it is a gem worth reading. Just click on Main Sporkings and scroll until you see Twilight. They’ve sporked all the books in the series, they’ve also done 50SoG and Mortal Intsruments.

      • Nerd Alert says:

        Okay, it’s offish. I’m obsessed with das sporkings now. Thanks Lauren and Alexandria!

    • Emily C. says:

      She told her husband that if Edward or Jacob showed up at her door, she’d leave him for them. Yep. And she’s made clear in multiple interviews that she thinks Edward is perfect in every way.

      (I wouldn’t call them borderline-abusive; they’re blatantly and extremely abusive. Btw, I think you’ll appreciate this link, if you haven’t seen it before:

      • Alexandria says:

        @Nerd Alert

        Yikes, that is confusing. Try this direct link.

        Hopefully it posts, if not, click second search result.

      • Nerd Alert says:

        @Emily C.,
        That part about leaving her husband is effed up. This is exactly why I asked…because it truly does change my opinion of her as a person if she is supposed to “be” Bella. I already knew she was a crap writer.

        Fair enough re: blatantly abusive. I haven’t read it in at least 6 years and my memory isn’t good. The overarching themes I felt were “creepy” and “stalkers love you” but I scarcely remember the details because it’s one of those books you don’t need to think much about.

        Anyhow, thank you BOTH Emily and Alexandria for the links! I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions that I’m an aspiring novelist myself and one of my guilty pleasures is when things like Twilight get ripped apart. I’m about to spend way too much time on these two pages.

        I think it was Stephen King who said (paraphrasing): “Don’t try and recreate writing you like. Instead, when you find something you DON’T like, remember it and avoid recreating it.”

        Because of this, I have learned so much from Twilight, Sookie novels, and The Hunger Games in that way. To be fair, though, the Sookie novels and The Hunger Games at least had some redeeming qualities.

      • Alexandria says:

        @Nerd Alert
        You will learn so much as a reader and a writer by reading these sporkings. You’ll learn what to look out for and how NOT to write. They have a super snarky sense of humor and really shred these “authors” in a very thorough and systematic way. It’s a pure delight to read their posts every week. Enjoy my friend 😊

  18. lenje says:

    I knew you can mix different patterns given the right choice, but I never thought about combining stripes and flowers. They work for her, IMO. I’m now inspired 🙂

  19. Samtha says:

    She’s faced years of criticism and scorn because of Twilight, and also had to deal with the opposite problem–hardcore crazy-assed Twihards. I can see why she’s ready to move on.

    • Tapioca says:

      Yes, but she unleashed Twilight (and the Twihards and Kristen Stewart) upon us. A hundred millenia in the seventh circle of Hell and she still wouldn’t have suffered enough!

  20. henderswife says:

    Bitch, please! Twilight is what made you a millionaire and gave you some fame. She seems like such a snob to me. I love Twilight but damn, woman, show some appreciation and be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Your book changed people’s lives. I know that sounds stupid but trust me, they did. Her attitude blows!

  21. Nicolette says:

    I bet she’s in a happy place when she’s still raking in the dough because of Twilight. A twelve disc set called ‘Twilight Forever’ is being released in November at $65 a pop. How over it will she be when she’s cashing those checks?

    • mia girl says:


      I can see her being “over it”, I really can… but for goodness sake woman, you would be on the other side of the red carpet rope if it wasn’t for Twilight and its fans. There would be no Austenland interview with Variety without that sparkly vampire and his dull child bride.

      Choose your words wisely. “I’m so over it” is not the best way to express that you have moved forward. You sound like a selfish-brat.

      Edit yourself, play the press better and don’t say things like that world is not a happy place to be anymore on the very day your former studio is asking the fans to go back and re-live the experience by forking over $65 in November (of which you will undoubtedly get a cut of).

      So daft!

      • Emily C. says:

        It’s no wonder KStew played her, I mean Bella, in those movies.

        +1, would lol again.

      • mia girl says:

        @Emily C.
        I ended up editing that part out of my comment – just didn’t want to risk getting flack from KStew fans. Not in the mood today. You caught it before I revised.

        But it is interesting that KStew and Meyer are similar in that they both need to have better public/press filters on what they say.

  22. embertine says:

    Bitch better not get her talentless hack hands on Middle Earth. Seriously, don’t make me come over there.

    I will personally contribute towards Christopher Tolkien suing her so hard her internal organs fall out.

  23. Birdie says:

    I think she’s ungrateful. I am not a fan of Twilight (ugh), but can you imagine J. K. Rowling saying that? Never. Twilight changed her whole life and she has fans all over the world and now she’s over it? Well, I hope the fans are over her.

    • Chinoiserie says:

      I think she is sick of everybody constantly making fun of her. She has spoken about her insecurities before, and while I am not a fan of her work it is really overblown how much criticism she gets. There are many worse things in the world than being a bad writer and she is hardly the only one. And I do not think its ungrateful to honestly speak of your feelings, people really expect successful people be happy all the time it seems.

      • Hakura says:

        @ChinoiserieFinally!! I was just about to make this comment (in it’s entirety) myself, before reading yours. I’ll preface this w/the fact that I never watched or read Twilight, but have seen & heard more than enough of it.

        She shouldn’t be ‘disqualified’ from criticizing her own work. This does NOT mean she’s ungrateful for the success it brought her, or the fans who made that happen. She’s just had to deal w/the many negatives that came w/becoming a pop culture mega-fad.

        She’s received opinions in extremes, either loving it to the point of mania, or hating it to the point of mania. Trying to build her up or completely tear her down at every opportunity. There never seems to be a middle ground, & being under so much pressure to ‘perform’ & give people what they want after her success started had to be totally exhausting.

        WE are sick of Twilight, why can’t SHE be? It took over her (& her family’s) entire LIFE for several years. Give her a fucking break, guys.

      • Lucrezia says:


        I don’t understand expecting her to be grateful. It’s not like the fans did Meyer some kind of altruistic favour. They liked the book, and bought it. It’s a commercial transaction. If people randomly handed me money I’d be grateful, but if they buy something I’m selling … meh? Maybe at first I’d feel something like gratitude, but if the sales came with massive criticism and invasion of privacy, then I’d rapidly get over it too.

    • Emily C. says:

      I thought of JKR too. While she’s moving on in her writing to other things, I can’t imagine her saying something so negative about the Harry Potter series. And the way Meyer phrased it sounds exactly like how Bella would phrase it: completely immature.

    • Katija says:

      JK Rowling would never be over it because JK Rowling is never spoken ill of. She’s utterly revered. Stephanie Meyer has never once been called a genius by someone who wasn’t wearing braces or a training bra.

      • hazeldazel says:

        uh… JK Rowling is a crap writer also, although not anywhere bad as Meyer. The Harry Potter series was FILLED with plot holes, reliance on deus ex machina, etc. Oh yes, we have a time travelling device but let’s use it to save Buckbeak, so sorry about your parents, Harry. I know it was written for children, but geez.

      • Regarded says:


        This is totally unrelated but I think it would have been way too complicated to save Harry’s parents with a time turner especially at that point in time.
        Part of the reason why it worked out that Harry defeated Voldemort is bc Voldemort made him his equal and (inadvertently) a Horcrux. Unfortunately, the deaths of James and Lily were unavoidable under these circumstances.
        For Buckbeak’s death, Harry and Hermione only had to travel back 3 hours. Whereas to save his parents, they’d have to go back years.
        And as for why they didn’t use them later in the series, the Ministry’s stock of them was destroyed in Book 5, I think.
        Sorry, just wanted to give my two cents!

      • Lucrezia says:

        Huh? Buckbeak never died. He appeared to die, but had always been rescued.

        You don’t change history with a time-turner, whatever happens always happened, it’s just that you can be in two places at once. It’s a simple closed-loop/non-paradoxical version of time travel. (I read a lot of sci-fi/fantasy, this is a very common variant.) Harry can’t go back and recue his parents because he never did.

  24. Slap Dash says:

    go away you ungrateful talentless housefrau. your books and those movies suck harder than that vacuum your daddy jeans hubby bought you for your birthday.

  25. Chia says:

    As a lover of the Austenland book, I’m so upset about this movie. It looks like they’ve changed everything that was charming about the original :-/

    • Liberty says:

      Have you ever seen “Lost in Austen” — a “modern London Austen fan girl ends up in the Pride and Prejudice novel/time”….you can watch the whole thing (I think it was originally a 4-part series from the BBC) on youtube. I loved it. A great Darcy.

  26. stevie says:

    I may not be popular for this opinion but I kind of can see how she feels. She’s gotten a ton of backlash for being sexist, which the books definitely are. Yet, I feel that she didn’t intend it, she just didn’t have the common sense to figure out how it would be taken. I also feel that when she wrote the books they were meant to be kitschy and badly written but everyone kind of interpreted them as genuine. Maybe I am giving her to much credit, I don’t know.

  27. Tara says:

    Her dumbassery is especially hard for me to swallow because i know there are so many good writers out there who may never get an agent or publisher to give them a chance.this woman needs to volunteer to dig wells in Africa or something, anything to make up for what she has inflicted on the world.ugh,

  28. Jany says:

    P.S. It’s the Volturi, not the Voltari…

  29. Shannon says:

    Is she sick of the paycheck?? She’s made A LOT OF MONEY. So zip it, woman.

    • Katija says:

      The whole package will continue to make her money for the rest of her life, even if she never writes another word. The books won’t stop selling, the movies won’t stop selling… hell, the movies are just beginning their life on cable. First runs on FX, then they’ll move to the lower channels… she gets a tiny bit every time they air, and they have a LOT of life left.

      • Shannon says:

        She’s as rich as J. K. Rowling I would imagine. If she’s sick of Twilight I can understand, but don’t SAY it to the public. It makes her look unappreciative.

  30. RHONYC says:

    she’s very pretty. 🙂

  31. Naomi says:

    I find Stephanies comments offensive on several levels. Your poorly written series based on prepubescent fantasies of what life and love involve received wide spread acclaim. You have received monies and opportunities most people dream about and now you are over it all.

    Basically you wrote shit and people paid you boatloads and now you are pissing on them.

    I am a voracious reader and I reflect on the characters long after I have finished reading their stories. I enjoy being engaged and challenged by them and select my books accordingly. When I write I expect to be engaged with my characters long after I have ‘finished’ writing their stories because I have spent considerable time giving them depth and a life so readers will engage with them. Sometimes I am able to make this happen.

    The Twilight series I could not stand because I find it to be poorly written and could not get past the first few pages. To this day I cannot understand how anyone who is not 12 to invest any time on reading these books. I can’t read your books because the characters do not engage me and I am uninterested in what they have to say. Why would I read a book that I forget once I have finished reading?

    I have not seen the films but for what ever reason Robert and Kristin click and got in a time warp for several years playing to other people’s fantasies.

    Lady you are very lucky. You have managed to insult readers and writers and YOUR consumers all at once.

    Of course if I followed your approach to reading I would have read all your books, forgotten I had done as none of it would have stayed with me once I had finished and so would have been unable to comment. Which you also might have preferred. But then I would have been fine had Twilight not seen the light of day so we’ll just call it even.

    • MSMLNP says:

      Agree 100%. What is extra infuriating is that there are so many worthy authors who have been struggling for years to make a living and this “author” drops her drivel on the masses, proceeds to make millions, and complain about it. *giving her the middle finger now*

  32. Mew says:

    Hell, even Robert Pattison hates Twiligh to the soul and heart, he really hates it and says that it makes no sense. A teenage series that promotes “it’s ok for dudes to stalk you” etc…. I can fully understand if it’s not a good place for anyone really to be.

  33. msw says:

    I loathe the series, especially because they built a franchise on an abusive relationship and people ate that s*** with a spoon. But, i would like to point out that people are capable of feeling more than one thing at a time. It is possible to be grateful for what Twilight did for her and still be over it.

    Urgh, i hate to see her anywhere near my beloved Jane Austen.

  34. mimi says:

    Is she upset with the Twihards for not supporting The Host? I think she put too much faith in the Twilight fans in assuming they would support The Host with same intensity as Twilight. That didn’t happen, obviously.

  35. Ok says:

    Stephanie is sick of Twilight. I am sure however that she is NOT sick of the Twilight money. :).

    Tell Steph she can go cry into a bag of money

  36. Katija says:

    Twilight means something to me because the movies used to be this whole excuse for a girls’ night. We used to go to the midnight showings and do a little shopping and then a very booze-y dinner beforehand.

    For other people, however, I know it meant a *lot* more. Like, my love of it was ironic and quite tongue-in-cheek, but I know for some people it meant something to them on a really deep level.

    My point is – I think her speaking this way is just really disrespectful. I’m in advertising and have created campaigns that I *knew* were ludicrously cheesy and totally cash-grabby, but the idea of not taking pride in my work is horrifying. Why else are you living, lady?

    If I were her, I would suck it up and live and breathe Twilight. I would own it, because I’d know that it meant a lot to millions of people, and I would be respectful of that obligation. I’d write more books. When I was sick of it, I’d use my billions of dollars to take a nice long vacation and decompress.

    I think she *does* sound ungrateful. And her inability to suck it up and just give her LEGIONS of screaming fans what they want is so rude. She reminds me of the big dude who looks like a human rendering of the Simpsons sea captain who won’t finish the Game of Thrones source material. Dude. Honor your obligation.

    The work ethic and whiny-ness of a lot of famous people really irritates me. A lot of authors seem to be the worst of the worst when it comes to that. Do you people realize that the average person has to suck it up and do a lot of crap they would rather not do for their job?

    /rant over

  37. Seattlemomma says:

    I think she looks amazing. That is all.

  38. Tig says:

    I don’t see the “over it” comment as necessarily being ungrateful/disrespectful. Granted, it could have been phrased a bit more tactfully.

    However, I am intrigued by “Twi” not being a “happy place” anymore? I am sure it’s happy memory whenever a royalty check is deposited! So, wonder if this means that Lionsgate gets to tinker with the source material for the inevitable re-boot?

    • PunkyMomma says:

      Tig – you hit the nail on head. Someone is absolutely going to try to reboot this franchise. The interesting question to me is whether Meyer retains control of her material, in which case it would be a PG 13 and utterly a waste of time. Also interesting in the Variety interview are her comments about the (and here I paraphrase) possibility that she may, in the future, write a three paragraph epilogue detailing which characters are killed. Meyer is dumb enough (and a bit vindictive, in my opinion) to kill off Edward/Bella, thereby squashing not only the possibility of a reboot, but doing some serious pissing off in fandom. Imagine the tears over at fan fiction.

      • Tig says:

        Interesting, isn’t it? I think if Lionsgate can tinker, what diff would it make if SM killed them off? Lionsgate could then “resurrect” them in R rated glory! Hard to imagine that when Lgate bought Summit, this didn’t come into play. I agree, another PG-13 effort wouldn’t bring the bucks.

      • PunkyMomma says:

        Tig, I think if Meyer kills off her characters, it becomes part of the canon of the story. So if the characters were “resurrected”, the movies then diverge from canon. It might be something like “yeah the R rated reboot was hot, but they really die in the end”. A bazillion twihards would go nuts if she killed off the principal characters. But it’s still an intriguing thought.

  39. blaize says:

    The twilight books were ok. The movies were boring/cheesy. I still like the House of Night series better (and I know a lot of people hate that series too, but I’m a big fan of it!) 🙂 50 shades wasn’t nearly as good as I expected it to be either. I especially hated the third book.

  40. Dani says:

    At least she knows how the rest of us feel about Twilight now.

  41. bettyrose says:

    She unleashed that evil on the world and it’s her legacy. May she be haunted by it for all eternity.

    • PunkyMomma says:


    • Bijlee says:

      I’m sure every dollar she spends she’ll shudder and think…”Twilight got me this.”

      If she’s willing to let go of that wealth, she can send it my way. I promise to do good with it.

  42. Mairead says:

    There was also some guff about how she’s not letting “being creative” (HA!) getting in the way of her family “spending 75% of my time just being a mom and a human being”.

    The other 25% is spent on being a colour-blind Mary Sue 🙄 presumably.

  43. lambchops says:

    Cry me a river. She’s made millions on a book that is poorly written tosh. Then millions more on the craptastic films. And she started the never-ending derivatives of vampire and werewolf stories. Get in the happy place about it and thank your lucky stars you got picked from the slush and can now write and do whatever you want with no financial pressure. Look at JK Rowling writing all sorts of good stuff and doing well off the back of Potter. Sorry. Rant over.

  44. Quincy says:

    I like Stephenie, even though I couldn’t care less about Twilight (books, films, Kellan Lutz). She’s from my hometown, so I’ve followed her fame from the beginning and can attest that she’s as surprised about it as we are. She’s endured harsh criticism that seems more about Twihard backlash than her writing ability, which is no worse than any drugstore paperback author.

    Up to this point, she’s been very appreciative of her fans, so I think this was a rare moment to confess that she, like the general (and very vocal) public, is over the phenomenon and ready to move on. Not her finest quote, but not ice queen territory either.

    Bottom line, she got kids excited about reading, which is always a good thing, IMO. She ignited a young adult publishing craze that has made room for some really excellent authors, as well as a lot of werevampire alien crap. But can we really keep blaming someone who wrote a book on a whim with the sole intention of making enough money to pay off her minivan?

  45. Hakura says:

    I never read Twilight, or saw the movies. I tend to do my best to completely avoid things that have already ‘exploded’ into ‘pop culture fads’ before I’ve read/listened to/watched them.

    Ex: I started Harry Potter before it really took off, before the world-wide insanity hit. So I didn’t get involved because of said insanity, & could continue to enjoy it.

    – Butt (heh) Pissbucket Beiber had already become a ‘big thing’ before I ever heard of him, my age not lining up w/his target audience being the reason. To this day? I have somehow managed to avoid ever hearing 1 of his songs. EVER.

    I don’t think Meyers was being ungrateful. I think she has trouble expressing herself properly, which made this come out really ‘crass’ & easily misunderstood. She’s been through so much, as I said above, since it became insanity. It was a period in her life (that ruled her & her family’s lives) where she had to deal w/insane amounts of attention, either really positive, or really God-awful negative (when she doesn’t seem at all comfortable in the spotlight to begin w/). She couldn’t escape from it, not even on her multi-billions, w/o either being a total shut-in, or purchasing & moving to some exotic island (which she could of course afford to do. But not the point).

    I don’t blame her for wanting to move on, just like everyone else. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t appreciate her success from it. It was badly worded, & probably not even remotely considered before she said it. But that’s just my opinion.

  46. Apsutter says:

    I wish this twit and her terrible ass books would disappear forever. Maybe she could take a class and actually learn how to write compelling literature and broaden her vocabulary at some point.

  47. Norman says:

    One thing is for sure: You don’t hear J.K Rowling saying “Thank God Harry Potter is over, I’m so sick of it, and Harry Potter is a lousy place to be”. It is not surprising why Stephenie Meyer says that. Twilight has won tons of criticism for bad acting, cheese, and blandness plus it won tons of Razzies and probably other awards poo related. Look at the “Twihards”, they have more likely or not, not read the books. It is safe to say they came to see Sparkles and the wolf hunk with their shirts off as people where signing Team Edward or Team Jacob.

    Probably the hard core “Twihards” only regret is that no other movie will be made and that Justin Bieber was not in the movie flashing his pecks and chest with Edward and Jacob, do a soundtrack or both.

    Lastly it is not inconceivable that every last major cast member regrets being on the saga and may say so in the coming days as Meyer has done so today.
    The cast members know that the financial success and equally critical panning of the film has likely typecasted them with the characters that they played, especially Sparkles, Jacob and the ever grumpy K-Stew.

  48. aquarius64 says:

    I think Meyer is over it because she has been criticized for her writing style and the ridiculous messages the series sent: perfect eternal love; guys who are abusive when they fight over you are cool; you can cheat on your fiancé and he’ll forgive you instantly; a guy can fall in love with a baby and no one calls Children’s Services; when a wolf imprints on another female it’s his get-out-of-jail-free card when he dumps his gf at the time for the imprintee. Oh let’s not forget the films left out the more narly subject matters in the books: the Quileute paternity scandal and Edward offering up his wife Bella to Jacob so she can have a baby safely. There’s so much more I can go on. But the romantic love was the selling point. I think Meyer is upset her series met an undignified end thanks to Kristen’s cheating. The Mini-Coopering took a wrecking ball to that unrealistic fantasy and drove home the point that the themes in Meyer’s saga are hogwash.

    • janie says:

      “a guy can fall in love with a baby and no one calls Children’s Services”

      literal LOL! I haven’t read the books … wow.

    • Bijlee says:

      “I think Meyer is upset her series met an undignified end thanks to Kristen’s cheating. The Mini-Coopering took a wrecking ball to that unrealistic fantasy and drove home the point that the themes in Meyer’s saga are hogwash.”

      Omg this may have been her actual thought process!

  49. KierneM says:

    @Janie – Neither has Aquarius 64, so don’t feel bad. Quil and Jacob imprinted on very young children, which is a different relationship than what happens when teens or adults imprint on thier peer group. SM has Jacob and Bella have a two-page convo about this because she’s just as freaked out by this as anyone else would have been.

    • aquarius64 says:

      I did read the book Breaking Dawn where this imprinting took place. That 2-pg convo was Meyer’s attempt to clean that up. It didn’t work. People still were creeped out; Jacob and Lautner were constantly called “pedo-wolf” and were compared to that guy from Penn State. The ick factor is why Lautner won the Razzie for Worst Couple for BD2. Again this is another reason Twilight was slammed.

  50. Dommy Dearest says:

    She probably realized writing a character that was a self insert was a miserable way to go about things. And I’d agree with both the theories written in the article as to why.

  51. Lucy Goosey says:

    I know several young women who are eaten alive with “Twilight”. Both the books and the movies. They are also among the first in line for Pixar films (which many adults love, just not me.)
    Their taste and their approach to films intrigues me. And because I am both a psych major and a movie fan, I got an inspiration for an experiment.
    I am going to sit down several young adults in this demographic and have them watch some of the classics I loved when I was young and then have them review the films.
    My question is would these movies be successful today? I think we would be shocked by the answer. It’s not the quality of films that have changed (at least not all of them.) It’s the audience.

    • Lucrezia says:

      Of course it’s the audience. Not individual people, but the culture they’re in.

      I think it’s impossible for a story to really transcend time. Even something like Shakespeare: everyone agrees he’s a master, but seeing a Shakespearean play now is definitely not the same experience as seeing it in the 17th century.

      I’m a big sci-fi/fantasy fan. I respect Tolkien, but LotR was never going to be my favourite series because I’d read too much similar stuff before I got around to reading LotR. I know that it was new and ground-breaking when it was released, but I can only grasp that in an abstract sense … I can’t feel it. To me it feels derivative. Even though I know it was the original, I can’t stop that reaction.

      I don’t know which classic movies you’re thinking of. But odds are your current audience has either seen something familiar (ruining the “wow” factor), or seen it satirized (ruining the innocence).

  52. Marianne says:

    I think she’s probably sick of all the criticism she took for Twilight and that’s why she’s so over it. She knows Twilight turned into the butt of people’s jokes.

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      I met the guy who played James in the first movie (I live in Washington and not too far from his hometown) and I was for sure cracking jokes such as a trail of glitter being seen following behind him.

      Can tots see it.

  53. Maria says:

    Oh dear! Did she mention Middle Earth? As much as I think it’s cool that she’s into Tolkien these days, I’m worried now that she’s going to write her own sort of Middle Earthian fiction now. If so, she must be stopped!