Lauren Silverman’s divorce finalized, she probably walks away with half her prenup

Lauren Silverman may be divorced! Already. Maybe? That’s what People Magazine and The Daily Mail are claiming. Ever since Lauren leaked the news of her pregnancy (by Simon Cowell) to Us Weekly two weeks ago, Lauren seems to have been hunkered down in negotiations with her estranged husband, Andrew. Lauren had signed a prenup when they married, but some say that Lauren waited out her marriage until her 10th anniversary so that she could get a bigger payout. Here’s what People Mag has:

It appears Simon Cowell could be reunited with Lauren Silverman sooner than he may have originally anticipated. Just two days after a source told PEOPLE that The X Factor judge, 53, “won’t see Lauren in person until things calm down” with her and estranged husband Andrew Silverman, a different insider says the exes reached an “amicable” divorce settlement in New York on Wednesday.

“As I’ve said all along, my priority was resolving this quickly for the sake of our son,” Silverman tells PEOPLE in a statement. “Lauren and I both love him very much and I’m looking forward to starting a new chapter in our lives. Hopefully people will respect our family’s privacy.”

The split is expected to be finalized in the coming days, a different source tells PEOPLE.

Cowell is expecting a child with Lauren, 36, who wasn’t separated at the time the baby was conceived.

The music connoisseur recently distanced himself from the drama and went on vacation, where he was “happy,” according to the first source, who also said Simon cares about Lauren “and has been checking in on her and the baby.”

[From People]

The Mail has some additional details – their sources claim Lauren walks away with $2 million, half of what she was supposed to get with her prenup. They also say that Lauren and Andrew have worked out the custodial arrangement for their son, but I seriously doubt it was that easy and I imagine there will be more haggling to come.

A source also told The Mail: “Lauren and Simon are together and this means they can properly be a couple now, they can do whatever they want. No-one wanted this hanging over them – and Andrew wants to get his life back. Lauren is all Simon’s now.” Oh, honey. Good luck with that. Sources claim that Simon Cowell is already working on renting Lauren a $20,000-a-month apartment in New York, and that he doesn’t want her to move to LA, but she couldn’t anyway because of the custody agreement with Andrew.

Oh, and here’s just another wrinkle of sketchiness for this whole sordid affair: at the same time Simon was banging Lauren on the side, he was also “hot and heavy” with Carmen Electra for about six months. Carmen and Simon ended their relationship, sources claim, when Carmen found out about Lauren. Carmen was said to be “shocked and livid…Carmen was at Simon’s house in L.A. when she literally busted him with Lauren… Simon called her a friend, but there was nothing platonic about what was going on, if you know what I mean.” Surely neither Carmen nor Lauren think that Simon was ONLY banging the two of them at the same time, right? He was probably banging at least three other women at any given time.

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  1. DailyNightly says:

    So, will Simon now become a “one woman man” with Lauren? I doubt it.

  2. It'sJustBlanche says:

    Ewww. I bet he smells like a dream in the morning.

  3. LahdidahBaby says:

    Oh, ew. Just ew.

  4. emmie_a says:

    There’s a blind item saying that Simon paid Lauren’s husband around $20 million hush money. I sort of hope it’s true.

    And why does the source keep saying that Lauren & Simon are ‘together’?? He’s on a cruise with how many other chicks? They are not together and they will never be an exclusive couple. Lauren totally misjudged what having Simon’s baby would mean to her status with him.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      I read the same thing somewhere except it was not “blind” and the amount was less. But still – Simon paid off his “friend”. Basically he paid the guy for his wife. Kindof like giving him a dozen cows with some sheep thrown in for the baby.

      • Montréalise says:

        Simon paid the guy for his silence, not his wife – he doesn’t want the wife. He’s now going to tell Lauren, “here’s you NYC apartment, here’s your child support, good-bye”.

  5. Joiq says:

    Am I wrong thinking that if this was a famous woman who got pregnant and the tables were turned, this story would’ve been blown up more than what it has?

    • lisa says:

      maybe because anyone could be the sperm donor at this point, no point getting excited about it yet

  6. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    She only got two million? She’s not a very good golddigger. She’s supposed to have this down. Maybe she was also configuring child support from the husband and from Simon….plus maybe some “I won’t star in a reality show if you give me a seven or eight figure check” money from Simon as well.

    I think it’s rather telling that his parents wouldn’t go to their wedding. I think generally parents try to support their kids, but to not go means that there is something seriously wrong.

    This reminds me of my cousin’s pregnant girlfriend who goes on facebook talking shit about my aunt, because my aunt won’t let her live with her while my cousin joins the military.

    • Tapioca says:

      Usher’s mum didn’t go to his wedding and we all know how that ended up.

      Providing you haven’t been saddled with Dina Lohan it’s probably fair to say that mum knows best!

    • aquarius64 says:

      $2 million = quit while you’re still ahead. I’m guessing if this went to court and all the real dirty laundry is aired she would get nothing, if such terms are in the prenup.

      The “Lauren and Simon are still together” story is PR fueled on delusion. Lauren doesn’t want to look like a jump off, but in truth she is. If she’s betting on marriage so her unborn child doesn’t have the “stigma” of illegitimacy, she loses that bet. Simon is only obligated to financially support the child for at least 18 years, not put a ring on Lauren’s finger.

      • Switchoff says:

        aquarius64, your comment is so bitter. And “the stigma of illegitimacy”? What century do you live in? Nasty! I feel sorry for this innocent unborn child whomever his/her mother may be.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        Switchoff: I get what you are saying – illegitimate is an old fashioned word and unfair to the baby.
        The thing is, and there is no getting around it, this baby is going to be a famous child born out of wedlock. ( I don’t beleve marriage is a prerequisite for having a loving relationship and children. ) However, the situation surrounding THIS baby’s conception is generating a mountain of sordid fodder for the gossip mill. The “out of wedlock” thing is a fact that most do not approve of, especially since there was blatant adultery, and possible gold digging, involved. There are no innocents here except the baby.
        Poor thing…this story will probably follow their entire life. I think it is unanimous that we all feel nothing but sympathy for the baby.

    • Montréalise says:

      The problem with child support (if that’s what she’s counting on to live the good life) is that it ends in 18 years. Then she’ll be 54 years old, and what is she going to do? If Simon agreed to marry her, that would be different, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

  7. lucy2 says:

    If she thinks Simon is going to treat her as anything more than a business arrangement, she’s in for a surprise. But I bet she doesn’t care, sounds like she is all about the $$$. Gross.

  8. blue marie says:

    I don’t see how any woman could get hot and heavy with Simon, he gives me the hee-bee gee-bees. he’s a freakin eraser head.

  9. Christin says:

    Carmen had a lucky escape. And the husband likely received a big incentive to stay mum.

  10. Sabrine says:

    She can hold her breath while kissing him with his poopy cigarette breath and dream of all that money coming her way.

  11. Jennifer12 says:

    OMG, this idiot woman’s poor son, and this poor, poor baby.

  12. Masque says:

    Is that Lauren’s real nose? It seems thinner than it should be.

  13. mimi says:

    Does this golddigger honestly believe she is going to get a fairy tale “happily ever after” with Simon Cowell just because she’s knocked up with his lovechild? I have no doubt Simon will provide for his child both financially and emotionally but I doubt he will form any romantic bond with this woman that will eventually lead to marriage. Financial support, yes. Emotional support, no.

  14. Tig says:

    She and Andrew still love each other very much??? Suuuure they do-! Poor 7 yr old- I’m sure his time with mom will have to coincide with Simon’s timetable. Can you imagine what his feelings are going to be towards that baby?? Hope she has counsellors on speed dial.

  15. Dani says:

    I can’t believe there’s more than one person who is attracted to Simon. WTF?????

  16. Elizabeth says:

    I’m betting there was an adultery clause in the prenup so that’s why she took what she could get and is running off to Simon for the real cash…….

  17. janie says:

    I’m still laughing at what her mom said? Simon will step up & do the “right thing”? This is not the 70’s.. Her mom was providing her alibi? Who does that? She stayed with the husband with a 10yr deadline for a larger settlement. That says it all! I think she put her eggs in the wrong basket, literally. He’ll provide financially for both, but that’s it.

  18. Mar says:

    2 mill is peanuts to all of the people involved.
    This is a train wreck

  19. Paige says:

    Only $2 million? Damn boo…..

    It’s funny that she thinks Simon is about to wife her. And that they’ll all live happily ever after she over played her hand. I feel sorry for the kids that are in this mess. Poor darlings….

  20. aquarius64 says:

    @switchoff – I put “stigma” in quotes because in general being born out of wedlock is not a knock anymore, except maybe in Lauren’s social circle. That and the sordid circumstances of the child’s conception may have this woman tagged as trailer trash with that crowd.

    “Illegitimate” is an older and legal term for being born out of wedlock. It determines inheritance in some jurisdiction. Back in the day the term was put on birth certificates, depending on the state. Judging from how Lauren’s mom was crying for Simon to “do the right thing” with Lauren I’m taking it as that crowd sees the child as illegitimate. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s referred to as a b@$tard.

  21. Carolyn says:

    Lauren is probably hoping for a big payday too with a mag cover when the baby is born. Sorry dear the big $$$ for “so & so’s baby joy” covers ended with Jessica Simpson’s first child.

    When the baby is born it will be news for 4 mins and then Lauren will be forgotten. Simon won’t want to be PR’d as a doting dad so he won’t prolong the exposure either.

    • Jayna says:

      I actually think they will be offered a lot for a magazine cover for the baby. Simon Cowell, longtime bachelor, playboy, in his fifties, and all of a sudden a father. And he will love the attention, because that’s how Simon rolls.

  22. Cocker says:

    man, it’s good to be a 1%’r ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha fuck all u commoners ha ha ha ha ha

  23. Jayna says:

    LOL Lauren is in love with Simon, wants to marry him. Watch the crazy jealousy come about when Simon is foot loose and fancy free in California when she has the boy on her weeks. Simon is incapable of being faithful and alone.

    Simon did say a several months ago that he would like a girlfriend, really the first time he hasn’t had a longtime girlfriend, and he actually didn’t throw out the possibility of a child if he felt he could be faithful. Little did he know at the time.

  24. Ag says:

    How does Simon get so much a$$? Is it the money?