LeAnn Rimes goes on a Twitter & booze bender to celebrate her BFF’s b-day

Just thought you guys would enjoy some old-school LeAnn Rimes bikini photos. LeAnn is currently in Cabo San Lucas with some of her “gal pals”. One of the gal-pals is Lizzy, and apparently the trip is for Lizzy’s 40th birthday. While I don’t know as much as the LeAnn and Brandi-loonies, I believe there are a number of conspiracy theories revolving around Lizzy and her relationships with Brandi, LeAnn and Eddie. I also think Lizzy (the redhead in the middle) looks really, really plastic. Which we know is Eddie’s type. Cough.

LeAnn has been tweeting about drinking a lot too – she’s actually been on something of a Twitter & Vine bender, probably going alongside her booze bender. She’s tweeted stuff like: “My BFF will be 40 tmrw! I’m having soooo much fun giving her crap, wiping her tears and helping her celebrate. Gotta love a 30 y.o. BFF lol” and “The spray tan fairy came by, all my bikinis are packed 15 to be exact LOL & my mind is already on vacation! #cabo #checkingout #margaritas”. From all the tweeting about girlfriends, I’m assuming Eddie was not along for the trip? Huh. I wonder what (or who) he is doing in LA. Cough.

As for those Vine videos… OMG. I actually like the surging popularity of Vine videos – they’re short and fun and some people are really great at making cute Vine clips. LeAnn is not one of those people. All of her Vine videos are like outtakes from The Ring. The first video features LeAnn singing… something… in a bikini. She looks drunk.

And this one features a pissed-off looking Lizzy. Huh.

UPDATE: After I published this story, LeAnn posted another photo – Eddie is on the trip too. Just Eddie and three ladies? Somebody is going to get pregnant.

Some pics of LeAnn in April:

Photos courtesy of LeAnn’s Twitter and Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Zoid says:

    Wow love how she’s rubbing in her own, much younger age at the same time. Nothing better than that friend who ‘jokingly’ points out how much younger, thinner, smarter, prettier, whatever they are.

    • Teeny says:

      That kind of behavior is so obnoxious. She doesn’t appear to have real friends, just people she can belittle on twitter to make her feel better about herself.

      • Jennifer says:

        Leann can’t even get friends of her own, she has to get them from Brandi too. Wasn’t Liz friends with Brandi first?

      • Lady D says:

        I’m guessing one of the benefits of buying friendships is you can say whatever you want to them. They don’t toe the line, they’re fired.

    • Macey says:

      I picked up on that too. I have a feeling she lets out a lot of passive-aggressive insults to any female around her. I couldnt imagine having to spend time with this thing.
      One of my besties is 9 yrs younger than me and she would never say anything like that to me but then she doesnt have LR’s NPD either.

      • Funcakes says:

        The reason for the passive aggressive remarks are because of all the compliments on lizzy’s twerking video. At least the men found her sexy and miss leann is suppose to be the only pretty girl in the room.

        Anybody noticed LeLe is wearing the same bikini as Brandi. Only Brandi’s a different color.

    • Dinah says:

      Frenemy 101 tactics.

    • MissWilso says:

      She definitely disrespected her own friend on twitter just to passive-aggressively remind Brandi that she’s 10 years younger. That tweet was for Brandi to read FOR SURE

      • Grace says:

        Totally agree but Brandi can have the last laugh. She maybe older but she’s still better looking and just generally a better person.

    • Samtha says:

      That actually made me do a double-take, because I’d assumed Leann was around 40 too. She’s busted for a 30-year-old.

  2. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Not to be rude or stereotypical, but the girl in the middle of the first pic looks like a former stripper/call girl. Those lips!

    Oh and we all know that Eddie will be having a lot more fun with her gone. He’s probably been scoping out his latest kill for weeks in anticipation of this trip.

    • blue marie says:

      those lips are all kinds of wrong

    • Kelis says:

      You know Brandi said on Howaed Sterns show that she would organise threesomes with a,female friend for Eddie. She said Eddie was there to watch but wasnt allowed to touch the third party.

      Made me think Lizzie was that third party. Eithrr way you can bet Leann is doing the group sex thing with Eddie. Gotta,keep him happy.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        I don’t get why either Leann or Brandi tried to keep Eddie happy. I can’t stand Leann, but I don’t get why either wife knocked themselves out trying to keep a selfish tool happy and sexually pleased. I really believe that Brandi is happy she is rid of this piece of crap and just wishes she didn’t have to deal with co-parenting with him.

      • qtpi says:

        Makes me wonder if that is a competition with Brandi as well. She found out where Brandi had boundaries and Leann lets him go further to keep him happy. If that is the case then he is probably very happy in this marriage.

      • Sanaga says:

        Lizzy was Brandi friend of 15 year…they were bridesmaid at each other wedding..and yes she had her first treesome with lizzy….

      • Jayna says:

        Brandi said she’s the one that brought it up, threesomes, to spice up the sex. So it wasn’t all for Eddie. She appeared to want it the way she bragged to Howard. I don’t doubt LeAnn has done the same. She does everything Brandi did/does.

    • J says:

      Those lips make her look like a stripper? Huh, I didn’t even notice those – too busy looking at the hooker swimsuit…

    • DCJ says:

      It’s awful. The first thing I thought was, “those are some skanky looking friends”. I know that’s not nice but lordy!

    • Denise says:

      She is just awful. And looks way older than 40. I would actually prefer to look like LeAnn than her and that is saying A LOT! (Thank god I do not have to make that decision.)

      • LeAnn Stinks says:

        I agree, but LeAnn also looks like she is 40, and let’s face it, the bar is set pretty low here.

    • Tara says:

      And the lingerie style bathing suit… Withe lace and string outlining her boobs.

    • Patricia C says:

      Eddie has known Lizzie longer than Leann. Lizzie was Brandi’s best friend. Then Leann came along and started taking her shopping, spending money on her. Taking her on vacations paid for. All of a sudden, no time for Brandi. Yeah, true friend. Huh huh. You can’t tell me Eddie hasn’t had some of that.

  3. Manchurian Global says:

    Whatever is going on with the girl in the middle’s “bikini” top, I don’t even want to know. For a second I thought it was a tattoo.

  4. H. Scott says:

    Lizzy’s bikini is weird and horrible. I feel sorry for the poor band, I hope they were paid well.

  5. lem says:

    the bikini that the redhead is wearing has got to be the trashiest suit on the planet.

  6. SW says:

    She has friends? Seriously?

    • emmie_a says:

      …more like paid assistants. I think Lizzy was originally Brandi’s friend but came with the Eddie package??

    • Debra says:

      both these chicks (Lizzie and Elisa) were friends of Brandi (Elisa, over 20 years) and jumped ship after the affair because their men are friends (and affair enablers) of Eddie… they should really be referred to as BBFF (BOUGHT best friends forever) … and OMG the lips! muppet Lizzie really needs to stop

      • claire says:

        If I was Leann, I wouldn’t feel too confident about these girls being my BFFs. They clearly are just doing their duty to be nice to whomever Eddie is married to. If/When Leann and Eddie split, these girls will be done with Leann.

        Sure, they’ll probably suck a few more shopping trips and lunches out of her under the guise of some here, cry-on-my-shoulder moments, but Leann will get the fade soon enough.

    • Bubbaang says:

      Maybe the one on the right is going to “play” Brandi (if they dye her hair) in LR & EC’s “reality” show.

  7. gg says:

    eek, Lizzy looks like a 70s porno Tiffany wearing a nursing bra for hookers.

  8. emmie_a says:

    Lizzy does look super plastic – Fake lips, cheek implants, nose job. I almost want to take off her features and rearrange them like a Mr Potato Head.
    I’m guessing/hoping this is how LeAnn will look by 40?!

  9. loie says:

    Is Leanne only 30??? If so, wow. Forty is not going to look good on her!

  10. Kiddo says:

    Can’t really add much to your opinions. That bathing suit top on the second person is the fug.

    Does anyone else think that the woman on the far right resembles Brandi?
    (stirring the pot and leaving)

  11. brin says:

    All that plastic is going to melt (cough).

  12. D says:

    Isn’t that the same bikini that Brandi wore in one of her staged photos on the beach? Only Brandi’s was pink not white.

  13. Marisa says:

    At first I thought that LeAnn was crying in this photo.
    Her bestie has had waaaaaaaaay too much work done.

  14. HappyMom says:

    Wow-what a classy group of women.

  15. Ho hum says:

    Her voice sounds horrible.

  16. Arock says:

    Those vine videos are creepy as hell. If you panned back at any time there would be an old dude in a wheel chair with $20′s trying to entice the girls to dance with each other to the mariachi band. Very budget Requiem for a Dream in Mexico.
    And seriously, the red head? What a mess.

  17. Lisa says:

    Ugh…they just seem desperate for attention, it is quite pathetic.

    • LeAnn Stinks says:

      LeAnn is always desperate for attention, approval and envy.

      That is why she tweets every detail of her life. If her day-to-day existence was really so great, she wouldn’t have the time, nor the inclination, to tweet about it. She is fooling no one.

  18. Carol says:

    I have to say that LR shoulders are so wide looking and that big gap between her boobs does not look right. I feel bad for her she really really tries to be sexy but she is not.

    • janie says:

      If Leann stopped trying to be a plastic Barbie blonde and just rolled with what she was born with, she would be a lot sexier.

  19. Stacey says:

    Leann is wearing the same bikini as Brandi’s (worn awhile ago) but in white. Stalker! She has no shame.

  20. Rose petal says:

    Omg!! Nothing appealing with these chicks. So trashy and that Liz looks tranny.

  21. lem says:

    i SWEAR she has to read this website. not 30 minutes after the article goes up, she tweets a photo of EC with her and the other women…as if he’s not sneaking into the closet with the other ladies on the trip.

    • Ho hum says:

      Yeah the brunette is awful cozy with Eddie. Maybe Leanne’s gave in the befriending the mistresses.

      • Green Eyes says:

        Lol that was funny!:)

      • Otravez says:

        Broad on the right has her lips a bit too close to Eddie’s neck. Since when is that appropriate? There’s no way in hell I’d allow someone to feel comfortable enough to do that to my husband.

    • Sugar mama train says:

      If Lemann took away the lavish trips, expensive gifts and Ed’s unlimited allowance , Ed would be long gone and moved on to a young pretty thing. So keep supporting your cheating unemployed 40 yr old husband!!! He is doing nothing for you!

    • qtpi says:

      Yes, I was almost certain he was along. 1) He always loves a vacation. 2) There is no way she is paying for this whole group to party outside the country without bringing her gigolo along.

      I find it hysterical that she thinks we are all jealous of that walking STD husband of hers.

    • Stacey says:

      All of the women look like it hurts to smile with their botox faces.

    • briargal says:

      I can just imagine homewrecker and her sleazey frinnds saying “Let’s see what all the jealous people are saying at Celebitchy. Ooh, they don’t think Eddie is with us. EDDIE, come here and let us take a pic of all your girls together so they know you ARE here!” And drunk Eddie complies. Hahaha what a silly bunch of lowlifers!

    • SouthernGal says:

      According to her, she’s been up since 5a because she can’t sleep. So the first thing you do is start Tweeting and not roll over to that Bought Hubby you brag so much about. Either he was passed out drunk or in Elisa/Lizzy’s bed. Why would a grown ass man want to tagalong on a girls trip (funded by LeAnn of course)? I just recently went on a 5 day trip to New Orleans…no men and we had a blast.

      Gotta keep that Edog on a leash at all times. Seems like a secure/happy marriage (sarcasm).

    • Funcakes says:

      The is the first photo where Ed actually looks happy. When he usually takes a picture with Leann he either looks drunk or pissed.

    • janie says:

      I’m sure she has a Google Alert set up for her name

  22. Relli says:

    Hey its the Lip!

    I love how on her bff’s birthday its still about her!

  23. dorothy says:

    So Leann has hookers and strippers for friends?

    • Green Eyes says:

      No Eddie does.. They came w/ Eddie guess package deal.

      • briargal says:

        Are all the guys with the other women as sleazey as the women? We have only seen Lizzie’s whatever during the makeout session between her and LR.

  24. Holden says:


  25. Ginger says:

    All fake boobs and oompa loompa orange…and that “bikini” looks like lingerie…yuck!

  26. jasperkitty says:

    Y’all didn’t think she would leave poor Eddie outta all that fun did ya?


  27. Alexandra says:

    Ugh — can’t even come up with anything pithy to say as it is just so gross…..Slores Gone Wild! Ughhhh…

  28. Macey says:

    I swear I have never in my life known anyone or known of anyone that takes and posts so many pics of themselves, especially the up close ones. They are down right creepy.

    I really think she must have some kind of disorder. whatever the opposite of Body Dimorphic Disorder is that would cause such an unfortunate looking person to take so many pics and vids of themselves and post them as if people actually want to see it when the only one who enjoys it is her. Its almost like the Evil Stepmother in Cinderella when she looks in the mirror she she’s a princess when she’s really a big, bitter ugly witch and they show her true image away from the mirror…eeek!
    They srsly disturb me. I have to adblock everything b/c of those Medusa eyes.

    I wonder if Ediot is actually there or if she’s using an older vine? I have a feeling Lizzy Lips only puts up with LR for the sake of Ediot, I know they go way back and Im sure have had an intimate relationship at some point. He’s prolly texting his side pieces while she sets up these photo ops. I think all of their trip main activity is filming themselves.

    • NerdMomma says:

      It’s all so very sad… but I always think to myself, if LR were the kind of girl famous for donating millions to children’s hospitals or using her star power to do good in some way, I would find her beautiful. If only she cared about others, others would care about her.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I feel the same way. Whenever I start commenting on celebrities or even just regular peoples’ looks (other than to compliment them for whatever reason), then there’s an issue. Because I thought that Leann was so unconventionally/1950ish pretty. Like she would looks sooo good in the older styles. But now she is just so ugly to me–because of her behaviour.

      • janie says:

        @Virgilia — totally. I can see her rocking a ’40s or ’50s look.

    • eva says:

      @Macey. I agree the volume of photos she takes and posts of herself is borderline delusional.

      She on the road to becoming Norma Desmond

      “Alright, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my closeup”

      creepy, creepy, creepy

  29. Rita says:

    I think this bikini posing and prancing will cover episodes one through six of the VH1 show where Eddie is no where to be found.

    btw- I assume since VH1 is a music station, the mariachi band will be included. Excitement to the max!!!!!

  30. truthful says:

    Leann is drunk and bragging about the great sex she has with Eddie..

    too bad they both probably already know

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Seriously? Do you have a screenshot? I peeked, but I don’t see it. I’m not on Twitter, though, so maybe that’s why.

    • Funcakes says:

      Yeah, the great sex he’s having with her and everybody else! BOOOOYAAAA!

    • qtpi says:

      Don’t see how Lele can be considered A list though. Not even B at this point.

      • Erinn says:

        A list in name recognition though

      • LeAnn Stinks says:

        I agree with you.

        That blind item sounds spot on with the exception of the A List status. That is the one clue, that is throwing me off.

        LeAnn is lucky if she is considered D list at this point. A Listers do not perform at Zoos and racetracks. Interesting that she keeps singing at places that houses animals and horses ; )

    • Cindy says:

      ITA with this, it makes sense why Eddie always takes his friends with them on vacations. That way he and Liz can play while Leann is busy taking her vine vids and tweeting.

  31. Jennifer12 says:

    You don’t think Eddie would give up yet another free vacation, do you? I actually can deal with these photos because they don’t exploit the boys, for once. Brandi has a lot of self control not to keep casually putting side by side photos of all the style stalking with dates on them, because that’s what I would do. No words, just pictures and dates, repeatedly. Liz looks like a paraffin witch, to quote the Harriet the Spy author. I think she will put up with anything as long as she gets free vacations. If Leann keeps on paying for all these vacations and all these “friends” to come, she really will bleed money. I did see her comment about 30 year old BFFs… she’s actually 31 at the end of the month, but you can tell she also loves being the young one, or what she thinks of as the young one. I wonder what she’s going to do when she’s facing 40, because she hinges a lot on being young and she’s already in her 30s.

    • briargal says:

      Good name for Lizzie–paraffin witch! LOL!

      • Jennifer12 says:

        LOL- I didn’t make it up. I was a big fan of the Harriet the Spy series and in one of the books, they call a rich lady with lots of plastic surgery a paraffin witch. :)

    • Funcakes says:

      I never see a picture of Leann and Eddie alone without it turning into a photo op.

  32. Christin says:

    Guess hubby left his anti-balding medicine at home. Well, he probably hasn’t told his wife that, though…

  33. bettyrose says:

    WTH? Why is Eddie there?

  34. Jane says:

    Sweet Jesus…I oversleep and wake up to this. Leann is seriously pulling out all the stops for this fiasco.
    To those wondering what in the h*** Lizzy is wearing:

    Please do not ask me how I know this other than I am an expert at research.

    Of course the 40th birthday trip has nothing to do with Lizzy. It is 100% staged photo op to prepare us for the VH1 Leann and Eddie fame whore show.

    Leann of course is plastered out of her gourd trying to come off as utterly cool. In her mind she is thinking, “The world wishes they were me soaking up the sun with my 15 bikinis I’ve packed.”

    Sorry Leann, the rest of the world or at least most of us go to actual 9 to 5 jobs and WORK. We don’t have time for Cabo. I am also not jealous of you being wasted and hanging around with two women who look as if they work the pole nightly.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Funny how utterly different Chrissy Teigen makes the bikini look. On her, it’s sexy; on Lizzy, it looks like she’s doffed her clothing and is anticipating the dollar bills. Or quarters. Whichever.

      • gogoGorilla says:


        Dead. Lolol

      • snakecharmer says:

        these freakin’ floozies are all over the streets of LA. it really goes to show how ppl get stuck in their “glory days” era which for these specimens was clearly the 1980s…they were prolly Winger & Skid Row groupies back in the day … :)

    • RN says:

      Holy cow, that fug bikini is $260!!! $130 for the top alone!! Listen, I can go to Joann’s Fabrics and whip up that same top for under $20. There truly is a sucker born every minute.

      • Jane says:

        I know, right? I can’t believe that wisp of fabric than can fit in a legal sized envelope can cost that much and look that cheap.

    • Karma says:

      Great job finding it! And I agree, it looks completely different on Chrissy.

      You probably already noticed but that site has Brandi’s bikini too.


      And LeAnn’s SWF version…..lol

  35. The Original Mia says:

    Lawd have mercy! What is that chick wearing? And all the bolt-ons. Goodness, this is a hot mess of epic proportions.

  36. Sway says:

    She’s so convinced Eddie’s gonna cheat the second she lets him out of her sight, that she drags him with her even on girl trips, girls nights, whatever. Oh, WeWe. Pathetic.

  37. Just Me says:

    Becareful, LR has had all her minions all over the Daily Mail comments today turning any negative posts about her into negative rated posts. They’ll be here next!

    Either way, she’s an ugly specimin inside and out.

    • Jane says:

      Just for yucks I checked it out and the red arrow business is totally out of control. Her Lawn Chair Minions are taking over like the plague there, and DM needs to disable rating and comments .

  38. drdoolittling says:

    Leann said on twitter that the boys would be in the show. Really?????? But they can’t be I the housewives? I hate hypocrites and this bish makes hypocrites blush and step away.

  39. Vanessa says:

    What a sad miserable life Leann lives everyone in her life is a pay friend or left over friends for Brandi former life with Eddie . She doesn’t get how her life looks for the outside she had to stalked her prey Eddie for months before Brandi finally kick him he only went with because he had no other mistress willing to take him in. Everyone knows that Eddie is sleazy cheater and he only with Leann for her money and there equal hate for Brandi if wasnt for those two reason Eddie would leave her . I don’t understand how anyone can stand to be friends with Leann she so passive aggressive even against people she calls her best friends I guess some of her friends can deal with all of her backhanded comments just along as the free trips and booze are flowing .

    • D says:

      I agree..And it is just pathetic that at 30 going on 31 yrs old your only “friends” are you husband’s friend’s wives. So, when he finally leaves her, her BFFs leave too…like I said pathetic.

      • claire says:

        The state of her friendships is very very telling.
        But I’ve always wondered…who were her friends before these girls came along with Eddie/his friends? She’s got as “friends” the paid makeup artist, the paid producer, the paid assistant/BFF, and that girl whose mother is her own mother’s BFF and they grew up together. She’s lived in LA for 14 years – but she still seems like an outsider in the celeb world there. She doesn’t seem to ever get together with other celebs at all, not counting the two recent PR-stunt relationships with KK and Giuliana. Was the childhood friend her only real friend? She never mentions anyone else at all.

  40. SouthernGal says:

    And the STALKER strikes again. Her stupid a** wears the exact same bikini (just different color) as Brandi. Chick really doesn’t have an original thought in her pathetic being. Someone asked her on Twitter yesterday if she was right or left handed. She replied “right”. His response was “Creative people are usually lefties”… LMAO and TRUE!

  41. briargal says:

    Read a tweeter ti LR saying her voice gave him chill bumps and she was born to sing. She thanked him and then he replied that he missed hearing her on the radio. Just toooo funny!

  42. Apsutter says:

    Oh yes, her “bff.” Most best friends arent bought and paid for. This Lizzie woman is the type of “friend” that i wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. They look like a group of the fakest and most vapid women that you see in cheap places like Cabo or Vegas. In other words, my worst nightmare…bleck

    • snakecharmer says:

      these chick are cAll girls guaranteed. they remind me of a diabolical phoebe price and the poor mans stepanie seymore/helana christensen.

  43. Deanne says:

    Both of those women were fair weather friends to Brandi and they are the same for LeAnn. She funds multiple vacations for these people every year. Skiing, Cabo, Utah, just this year. Lots of dinners and shopping trips. It’s all on her dime. It’s actually sad that she’s calling this Lizzy her BFF. This woman kicked Brandi when she was down and moved on to greener wallets, aka LeAnn. She’s bragging about having sloppy seconds for a husband and friends. It says so much about her lack of self awareness. Her money and fame, due to her former successful career, are the only things binding her husband and the posse he brought with him to her. If she ever lost her money, they’d be gone in a heartbeat, Lizzy doesn’t look like the type who could cover the check at Nobu if LeAnn’s credit card was rejected. Off topic but Lizzy’s bathing suit is the sluttiest, trashiest thing I’ve ever seen. It makes stripper clothes look modest and elegant in comparison.

    • eileen says:

      Yes! on everything you just said! lol

      And Liz looks like she needs some Preparation-H for those lips…they look painful.

      • brin says:

        Missed you…glad you’re back!

      • Rita says:

        Great to hear from you Eileen. I was following twitter the night of the blow up and really felt bad for all involved. That mess should have been kept private. I hope you are well and happy. LOL= Lots of Love.

      • eileen says:

        Hey Brin! Happy to be here. :)

      • Lady D says:

        Hi eileen, long time no read. Things are good, yes?

      • eileen says:

        Hey Rita! Yes-it was kept private (on my end) until I was threatened…then I had had enough. I go easy unless I’m constantly provoked…then sh!t blows up like the Godfather. ;)
        Lady D-Hey girl! -yep! All is good with me! I have been super busy! I’m a Reiki practitioner now and doing tarot and shaman wisdom in my spare time so I’m hardly on here anymore! But I’m loving helping people the way I know how.
        But I HAVE to get my Celebitchy in! lol

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Wonderful to see you posting again, Eileen! You’ve been missed here.

      • Deanne says:

        Lizzy looks like she had better think twice before standing next to an open flame. Freakish lips aside, she looks like she’s put together with plastic parts, hair included. I’m getting the vibe that she’s perpetually rocking a low grade fever, due to some sort of “infection” and she would benefit from a course of antibiotics, but what do I know ?

    • Melissa says:

      I totally agree about that bathing suit…bikinis are already a little uncomfortable for me to wear, and that’s with all the cloth on your boob !

      Did those girls really leave Brandi behind for LeAnn? LOL. In what world would you trust a bunch of walkin Valtex commercials, that already proved their shitty friend status, around your walking dong of a hubby????? Especially if they came with him when the marriage broke up ?

      LOL, I’d go get that itch checked LeAnn..its not that Brazilian grownin’ in!

      • Jennifer says:

        “Did those girls really leave Brandi behind for LeAnn? LOL. In what world would you trust a bunch of walkin Valtex commercials, that already proved their shitty friend status, around your walking dong of a hubby????? Especially if they came with him when the marriage broke up ?”

        Leann and her entourage are a fake and vapid group.

  44. Spanks says:

    Yeah..you can bet your sweet ass I wouldn’t bring my cheating hubby on a trip with me and my stripper friends.. oh wait, I don’t have any. Sorry, but I’d bet money both those broads have tasted the D.

  45. Quinn Parker says:

    Wow! So…Eddie hires some escorts and LeAnn calls them friends?? I get it now!!! :)

  46. mrspatrickbateman says:

    Two things,
    Number 1, I’m in a secure, trusting relationship with my guy but there is still no way I would be good with some other chick kissing him. Anywhere. We have a bunch of couple friends we get together with regularly and not one person has ever felt the need to touch or kiss someone else’s spouse. Just ick.
    Number 2, Seeing as how Eddie is jobless, a known cheater, appears to need mistresses on vacations and doesn’t even care enough to really buy his wife presents, why does she keep him? What is so great about him? I mean kicking him to the curb and publicly saying what a loser he is would probably really help her image. I really don’t get it.

    • Shazza says:

      In answer to your questions, I think Wewe is dickmatized. I guess ALL that experience has taught Ediot a few things and secondly, her pride wouldn’t let her leave him. After ALL the publicly about them being a happy, blissful couple? She wouldn’t know how to handle that.

    • Ag says:

      Your commet really cracked me up. Excellent points.

  47. Zombie Shortcake says:

    Yay! Vine Vids! Thanks LeAnn!
    That brunette resembles Brandi.

  48. TheTruthHurts says:

    Ew. Such skanks.

  49. Karen says:

    Thought I was seeing Brandi for a split second. Leanns friend looks spitting image of Brandi. How uncomfortable to have your husband next to a woman who is his type, especially knowing he is the unfaithful type. No surprise he leaning towards her way in the kissy photo. Even pursing his lips in her direction.

  50. LeAnn Stinks says:

    Does anyone else find it odd how LeAnn has copious amounts of time to do nothing important, yet her lawyer told the court she is way too busy to attend the deposition in the Smiley case?

    What a crock! I guess all her performances at the Zoos, beside the monkey cages, must be difficult and very time consuming work.

    I hope the Smiley’s lawyers are keeping tabs on this dimwit’s twitter.

    Also, those pictures are cringe worthy, what a motley looking crew. Blech!

    • brin says:

      Yeah, she’s much too busy squinting for the camera to give a deposition or go to her grandfather’s funeral.

    • SouthernGal says:

      Trust she is being closely watched. How stupid are you to claim you are extremely busy yet almost weekly you are on some vacation? And to top it off you Tweet and make videos. I swear that homeschooling didn’t do her any justice. Chic is dumber than a box of rocks. Bless her!

      • LeAnn Stinks says:

        SouthernGal, I hope you are right.

        On the one hand, I would love for this kook a dook to be forced to give a deposition (cold you imagine the juicy details that would be revealed about Grinchy’s life and her doodylicious behavior?).

        But, on the other hand, and for the sake of the Smiley’s, I would perfer to see the judge throw this case out like a bad pair of stained underwear.

  51. Cirque28 says:

    Meh. It must be unsettling to have your inner circle consist of people who quickly dumped Original Brandi despite decades together.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Knowing Leann, she thinks that all the blame is on Brandi and SHE is a great friend and will know how to keep everyone together. She must love being used…. actually, I’m not sure that she knows she’s being used. She simply thinks she got what she deserved because she wanted it.

      • Cirque28 says:

        No doubt she’s convinced she would never ‘get done’ the way Brandi was. But the way people treat others is the very best predictor of how they will treat you.

      • Jane says:

        True, true. On top of that she insists she is the better friend because she takes them on these so-called great vacations (though I can think of a couple dozen other places better than Cabo–but I digress.) The only reason they stay with Leann is the free publicity, photo-ops and plenty of booze.

        BTW: The couple has made another appearance on Twitter. Bikini #2 and they both are wearing sunglasses with strange expressions. They are probably stoned out of their minds by now. I swear, every time I see her I can only think of Jack Nicolson’s Joker. It is far too creepy for words.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Leann has great confidence in her powers of manipulation and persuasion. It’s creepy to the extreme. These women are what she aspires to be friends with and I think that- with the exception of the boys- Leann feels that she’s successful in pushing Brandi out of her own life. With the boys, she’s had to go more underground with her machinations, but with Eddie and now Brandi’s ex-friends, Leann sees herself as the winner. I saw an article on a powerful judge in West Virginia who fell in love with his secretary and spent months trying to frame her husband with criminal charges to have him out of the way. He and Leann seem like they could be friends.

    • Jayna says:

      When couples divorce, couple friends usually end up going one way or the other. It’s just the way it is. Liz’s husband is Eddie’s longtime friend and so it doesn’t surprise me. Plus Liz is an opportunist, but it’s not uncommon for this to happen.

      • Cirque28 says:

        I thought these ladies were Brandi’s friends from pre-Eddie modeling days. Not sure if that’s true, but if it is and they dumped her… I guess bikini parties are way more fun than being there for an old friend. May the same happen to them.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        I think maybe Liz’s husband is Eddie’s friend, but Elisa is- was- Brandi’s friend.

      • Annie B says:

        From what I can tell, Elisa (the ONLY even close to pretty, tall one, who was a model also) was Brandi’s friend who ended up married to one of Eddie’s friends. They have known each other since their teens, so hey, this is my guy, we are buds, these are his friends, hook ups happen in these scenarios.

        She chose to stand by her hub and not her pal, so Ed got her in the break up/divorce with her hub. So by defeault, that means hanging out with Ed’s insane wife, but hey, it’s free vacays and tons of free shit she buys for them. So…you take the good, you take the bad (Leann)…Facts of Life.

  52. Leslie says:

    That whole motley crew looks dirty nasty gross. And LeAnn thinks all these pix improve her image as the perfect wife and bonus mom? Or what is her agenda with these pix? Oh wait…she’s drunk and doesn’t know what she’s doing.

    • KayLastima says:

      Well she will have these pictures to remember her BFF’s by when Eddie moves on, with them in tow, to a younger threesome.

      You know, having “Hollywood” looks meant that you had poise and beauty. Now it means that you are filled with plastic, look like the lowest tramp, and booze and pop pills until you fall into bed with another man or woman to please your soulless lover.

  53. Jayna says:

    LeAnn and buddy gross lip Liz look like strippers that are in the worst part of town, not the gold standard strip clubs.

    • Stacey says:

      I think she’s trying to be the “hot” chick with the hot girlfriends, that she never was. And also rub the fact she is with Brandi’s two former bffs. she goes on and on about her “bff” lizzy. Her and Lizzy have known each other for barely 5 years. And who is 30 and 40 yrs old and tweets about their bffs? She is like living out her highschool fantasy and sticking it to Brandi. The funny thing is, Brandi didnt have to pay for other womens vacations in order to call them her friends.

  54. Stacey says:

    Leann and Lizzy Lips are posing so hard they are curling and flexing their feet up. It looks so weird. Its like the second thing i noticed (after their scary plastic faces and boobs). Fug

    • Jane says:

      So true. The posing is way off kilter. Instead of coming off sexy-they both look silly. Her foot looks like it is suffering from cramps. Perhaps she is so drunk, she has no clue about how absurd she looks.

    • Cirque28 says:

      Hey, you’d have tense feet too if, in the 3 seconds before a photo is taken, you felt the need to… suck in your tummy, flex your abs, hide your thighs, pivot to flatter your waist, thrust out your boobs, toss your hair, lick your lips, flex your calves, flex your delts, flex any part that isn’t yet flexed, think about sex, annnnd SMIZE.

  55. Penguin says:

    She’s a minger but prob has best figure of all 3. The 1 in middle looks like a well preserved grandma & that chick on right has some sort of fupa/gunt? Going on.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      I don’t have a clue as to what a minger, fupa or gunt is, but that well preserved grandma remark has me ROTFL.

      • LAK says:

        Welcome to British insults!

        ‘Minger’ someone who is irredeemably physically ugly, repulsive and every other descriptor for ugly rolled into one!!

        Fupa is an acronym for Fat Upper Pubic Area!!

        GUNT is a cross between a gut and a see you next tuesday!!

        [tried to keep the explanations as polite as possible, but i hope you get the idea]

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Thank you, LAK! I had no idea what any of it meant, but the well preserved grandma remark had me hysterical. I’m stealing some of these insults for future use.

    • Annie B says:

      One on the right is Brandi tall and age (40-ish) and had a baby prob 4-5 months ago. I’d say her figure is fantastic knowing these details.

    • Christin says:

      Looks like they are entering a Gilligan’s Island lookalike stripper contest. The Mrs. Howell, Ginger and Mary Ann contestants have arrived!

      (No offense to the women of Gilligan’s Island, who looked MUCH better.)

  56. Mae says:

    Leann is happy she can watch Eddie and Eddie is excited to slip off with one of the girls when she passes out!!! Keep your friends close and enemies closer!!! Karma karma.. Knock knock!!!

  57. Snowpea says:

    Christ these chicks are so bloody trashy as to be cringeworthy.

    Look at Rimes, poseharding with that awful redhead like she’s the beesknees.

    Imagine being on holiday with these fools? What ON EARTH do they talk about?

    Or do they just snap photos of their plastic bodies to put on Twitter, get on the booze and f*ck each other’s husbands in alcohol fuelled orgies?

    They are just gross the lot of them.

  58. Christin says:

    Even in the hazy filtered photo of the pouty foursome, notice who has the most eye wrinkles. Yep, the oh-so-young one.

  59. Michele says:

    They remind me of the slim picken drunk girls my brother and his buddies would pick up & bring back to the house at then of the night from the club haha. Only the girls my brother met were actually young.

  60. skeptic says:

    Seriously, I wonder if LeAnn looks in the mirror and actually thinks she’s attractive? She truly is not a very nice looking woman; just stating the truth.

    • surfing2day says:

      Seriously, how many pics has LeAnn posted of her looking in the mirror at herself smiling? She’s gotta believe she’s beautiful….right?

      • Jane says:

        I wonder if she goes so far as to do the infamous line from Sleeping Beauty: Mirror, mirror on the wall….
        There was one picture in particular of her wearing a silver top (SWFing Brandi) and over the top Vogue posing , admiring her face in the mirror on her Twitter feed awhile back. I’m sure she does this constantly.

  61. Ming says:

    Manic tweeting. Up at 5 am checking google alerts. A pic of Eddie for proof after his presence was questioned online/celebitchy.
    This is every vacay for leann.
    How is she not utterly bored with her own sad, try hard to get everyone to like me life?

  62. Jayna says:

    I predict after the first show or two her show taking a massive nosedive to embarrassing ratings. People are sick of LeAnn. The filler in her face and whatever she’s done is so odd at times and I’m sure she will have her skanky silicone filled friend with bizarre permanent silicone-filled lips on the show. Who would watch that? Then I see Brandi on Daily Mail in a bunch of bikini poses and her face looks awful, such a plastic look with too much filler again and such. She just looked budget. What is wrong with all these women?

    Then I see on Daily Mail Jennifer Garner in the bright light with her kids at the library and her face looks amazing, no makeup and no massive filler in her cheeks, so natural and pretty.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      I went back and looked to see which shoot it was. I don’t know if it’s just harsh lighting and bad makeup; she’s looked better in more casual, recent photos. That yarn hair has to go, though, and the ill fitting clothing, and she’s much too thin. She isn’t stunningly beautiful, but she’s really pretty and her height would lend itself to some curves and less boniness. It would make the implants balance out, though she was smart enough not to go crazy with them. A really good haircut and less blond- she’d look great with chestnut brown hair, maybe ombre. No more botox/fillers, and makeup that’s more natural. I wish I could style her, but even if she’d let me, she’d probably go back to her old look. And I like Brandi, but the well preserved look (to quote a prior person who posted that here) is not attractive.

      • Christin says:

        They probably pay a lot of money for all ongoing “enhancements” that actually make them have an unnatural, actually older look. It’s not just celebrities, though. I know several women who have spent lots of money on similar enhancements, yet think they can smoke, drink, etc., and somehow look youthful in their 30s/40s. Lifestyle can age a person.

        Brandi looks bony and lacks muscle tone. I wish she would let you style her and would steer away from the trashier looks. She is naturally pretty, and would probably age well if she’d lay off certain things.

      • Jayna says:

        Well, it’s not harsh lighting. It’s natural outdoor lighting in her bikini. People with fillers just don’t look natural in many angles or when showing certain emotion if their face and lips are overfilled. When they try to cry it’s really noticeable. Brandi is very pretty. Unfortunately, she doesn’t accept it, believe it, and in the quest for youth, she has made herself look less natural and less pretty and, most importantly, not as young as she looked before the overfilling and overbotoxing and such.

        I loved her hair more with the soft caramel and blond highlights, more softer looking and more flattering. She told a fan on twitter recently go really blonde to feel younger. I think she’s wrong. That’s not always the case, as with her. Her hair looked horrible on her on Marie Osmond, too bleached and overprocessed compared to when she was on The Talk years prior with her softer hair color. But I get switching it up. I look at certain hair colors and go what was I thinking later on, but I was just bored and wanted change and didn’t see it wasn’t my best look at the time.

        Her clothes half the time are tragic and half the time (her casual clothes) are great. She loves the trashy look in dresses but she really doesn’t get it’s so not flattering most of the time. Sexy and classic would be far prettier on her.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Outdoor light is THE most harsh of all. I think I look okay in the house and then I go out and it’s like…. oh. I do need some makeup. Brandi is so tall and slim and pretty; I would have so many ideas as her stylist (even though I’m not a professional one). She is much too skinny and I am glad she feels sexy, but it’s not a sexy look. She did well not overdoing the implants, but having them burst out of all tops is not a good look. And she should NOT go blonder. Blond is a very harsh look and even women in their 20s can’t always carry it off. I could never figure out why people didn’t like brunette (not black haired) Britney because the blond is a little harsh on her. I would bring Brandi’s hair up to the collarbone, make it a chestnut or honey color and stop all botox or fillers. As much as I hate to quote Jennifer Lopez, you need to do one part demure to one part sexy. When she wore her bustier with jeans, she looked great, but she doesn’t know how to fit her tops correctly. If she wants to show her implants off, she should try tighter tops as opposed to lowcut. And she needs to gain about 10-15 pounds. She’d look great in some of the things Jennifer Aniston wears, like that black dress she wore recently.

  63. Cali says:

    Is E even in cabo, B tweeted that she picked up her kids from dad??

  64. MegG says:

    I’d be surprised if these people didn’t have liver damage, the way they drink

    • Jane says:

      I think more than liver damage has been done. If you have noticed, Eddie has seriously aged since being with Leann. While I think the guy is all sorts of wrong (and I will refrain from calling him the long list of vile names I have for him), he was at one time (younger) actually pretty good looking. Still a douche, though. Now he is aging swiftly, looks wasted most of the time, has put on weight and has more bags under his eyes. I think Leann’s drink of choice is tequila? That stuff can burn a hole through you if you’re not careful. I think Eddie looks like a beer guzzler to me.

  65. briargal says:

    I know we are not supposed to judge people–especially not by looks and pics alone. But do these “friends” of LR realize what people are thinking about them? Do these women have children who will see them in pics and situations with LR and get teased about it? These two women will be judged by the company they keep and that is not good. Sure the trips and money may be nice but I feel your reputation is much more important. Keeping company with LR brings them down to her level. And we know she has the morals of a female dog in heat or an alley cat on the prowl. Do they really want that too? Go on vacay with her but stay out of the pics with that piece of trash. Because believe me, people are judging you to be as comtemptible as LR.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      These are not people with very high morals or ethics; I doubt they’re that different from LR. People are commodities to them. Liz knows, I’m sure, that Leann posts photos absolutely everywhere and makes sure to be perfectly made up and in a bikini that will get a lot of attention.

    • Jayna says:

      Brings them down to LeAnn’s level? LOL Have you taken a look at Liz? The woman is trash and a fame-ho and did I say trash? Those lips are frightening.

    • Ennie says:

      Birds of a feather…
      Leann actively seeked this lifestyle. She encourages it too.
      Even Brandi with all what she has been up to lately (the drunk pics, and having to get photoshoots for pay) seems a nicer person.
      That Leann’s “I am the younger friend” comment is pathetic.

  66. YoJoLo says:

    In the top picture and the first clip, Leann is wearing the same bikini as Brandi wore except in a different color. It’s one with beads up the front of the straps and at the hips. Brandi was wearing the pink bathing suit in the June 20, 2013, Daily Mail and in this trip Leann is wearing the exact same bathing suit as Brandi’s in white.

    Stalk much Leann?

    • Leslie says:

      Crap. I thought that really was a cardboard cutout of Eddie. :)

      I see that exposarazzi site really “loves” LeAnn.

    • briargal says:

      Definitely looks bored and unhappy! Looks kinda flabby and out of shape too. Poor boy…think he might be regretting the sloppy mess he is in and the skanky mess he is with! Hahahaha!

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      Her staged pap photos are always on that same staircase where they stay in Cabo. Eddie is waiting for his “go” and then they pose like they don’t know pap is there. Fing idiots.

  67. flipflop says:

    wow, leeann is not aging well. She’s awfully crinkly around the eyes for a 30 year old. Ahhhhhh! She makes me feel so young.

  68. Appleve says:

    I don’t buy that leann is only 30. I used to liked her and she was about 3 or 4 yrs older than me. I am now 30 and she’s been playing 30 for quite some time already

  69. Cris says:

    As scanky as LeAnn’s two bf’s look, they still look better than her. Cripes, she always does thar Jokeresque to the left head tilt smirk. Someone must have told her right side is her best, so she’s taken it to heart. And you know she foots the entire bill for these outings. Must make her feel so in control of everyone attending on her dime.

    • Jane says:

      Exactly. I don’t see regular people clamoring to go on vacation with her. It’s pretty sad to think she has to bribe people to be her friends. She even went so far to make the world believe that her friend wrote in the sand “I heart L.E” just to make us jealous. What is frightening is this is behavior of junior high-school student, not mature adult woman.

  70. Deanne says:

    Other than the childhood pal whose Mom is friends with LeAnn’s Bio Mom, her employee pals and the special folk she’s cozy with on Twitter, did LeAnn actually have any friends before she hijacked Brandi’s hubby and acquired his posse of leeches that she now calls her BFFs? Wouldn’t most women be suspect of other women who would throw away a 20 year friendship? If she ever experiences cash flow problems and can’t fund the multiple group vacations that she does every year, these people will all disappear from her life?

  71. Trudy says:

    The 40 year old comment was a dig at Brandi.

    • Jayna says:

      I thought so, too.

    • Christin says:

      Growing older is a privilege that some never have. I guess “respect your elders” is a foreign concept to someone who makes ageist remarks / digs.
      I heard her make a comment about Eddie’s age, too, as if 40 is just so ancient.

  72. Leslie says:

    I always thought people on here were exaggerating about LeAnn copying Brandi all the time. No exaggerating. This woman is cray cray.


    • Jennifer12 says:

      She actually copied two suits- the white one she’s wearing is an exact copy of Brandi’s pink one. Leann is a total loon. The funny thing is, Brandi’s implants are better, but Leann currently has a better body- more athletic as opposed to skinny, but she just can’t be her own (psycho) person. I really like Brandi, but she is much too thin lately.

    • Jane says:

      I know there has to be a more comprehensive list of side-by-side pictures of Leann copying Brandi, but this one will have to do for now:


      There are dozens of time Leann has copied Brandi including cress, tops, shoes, swimsuits, purses, hair styles etc.

      • Cirque28 says:

        Wow, that makes me realize why LeAnn believes she has put the drama aside. Compared to the horrific ways she used to have her friends harass Brandi, she’s improved a lot.

        They should leave out the copycat claims which aren’t valid. Some shoes and bags are simply the hot, trendy thing, wanted by every woman in Hollywood. Having said that, when you look at the overall picture, including timelines… STALKER.

      • Cindy says:

        This is a partial list, other people on this site know more. After she married Eddie, Leann had the same plastic surgeon, same implant size, same hair stylist and hair style, same gym, same pole dance studio, same favorite restaurants, same doctors, same dentist, same truck (she traded hers in to get Brandi’s model and color), moved into Brandi’s neighborhood for a while, got a whole new wardrobe the exact same outfits as Brandi: shoes, purses, bikinis and jewelry; same ring that Brandi got as a present, Leann got a few weeks later, same vacation spots, same photos on twitter about favorite colors, flowers etc, same comments on twitter (within hours of Brandi taking a pic or commenting on something ie. a tree, sunset, movie) Leann makes a similar comment. Beyond creepy.

    • Cindy says:

      Yep Leann is such a textbook stalker. If you google Leann Rimes stalker or stalking there are blogs with many similar photos of Leann wearing the exact same outfit, shoes, purse, jewelry etc as Brandi. Even being photographed in the same outfit, same pose, same angle and same location. Including tweeting about the same subjects within hours of Brandi tweeting an idea. Leann is a sick sick person. She is in need of psychiatric intervention.

  73. Jane says:

    @Cirque28. I understand that there are certain trends in Hollywood that make everyone copy each other once in a while. I have seen in my rag magazines at the salon the “who wore it best” features on many occasions. However, in Leann’s case, there are repetitive instances of copying Brandi to such an extent that I strongly feel that Leann has psychological issues. I have been slammed in the past for making such claims, but I simply won’t back down on this. I TOTALLY agree with you with the stalker issue along with the elements of the time lines being way too perfectly in line for pure coincidence. Really, I think Brandy needs a restraining order placed on Leann. It is seriously sickening what I am seeing here. What is worse, the poor excuse for a male human being and father, Eddie is simply sitting back and letting it go on. When he married Leann, did he give up his balls as part of his wedding vows?

    • briargal says:

      No, he still has them but LR has a good grip on them and gives them a good squeeze so he will do a pap shoot or twitter shot for and with her. Then he gets his reward of money or time away from her to be with whoever he is wants to be with. Good BOY! (cause he sure isn’t a man!)

    • Cirque28 says:

      No, totally. It was a minor quibble. IMO, aviator sunglasses with fedoras can be chalked up to a popular trend, although no doubt LeAnn caught wind of this trend from observing Brandi. And the Us mag picture: Brandi and LeAnn in quite different bikinis which both happen to be beigey gold. Not a great example.

      The people who compile those lists have so many instances of creepily exact copying of Brandi by LeLe, you’d think they’d leave out the few half-arsed examples which (IMO) dilute the point.

      But anyway. How bizarre to idolize your husband’s ex-wife to the point of trying to become her. Child stardom seems like a curse.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      The worst of it is this crazy, evil woman is allowed to be around Brandi’s sons and take part in their lives and have some say in the matter. I would be out of my mind if I were Brandi.

      • Cindy says:

        Yes, Eddie Cibrian married his wife’s stalker and now enables (and probably encourages) her to stalk and harass his ex-wife and kids. It’s disgusting, I hope no one hires the creep ever again. It’s revenge by proxy, for Brandi daring to kick him out of her life. Leann’s actions are proof Eddie is not over Brandi. IMO.

  74. Snowpea says:

    I live in Australia so maybe I don’t understand the intricacies and nuances of the US press but why the f*ck doesn’t the mainstream media call her out on her creepy stalking of Brandi Glanville?

    I mean it’s not like she’s some powerful star like Beyonce who no doubt has some big names on her side not to mention billions of dollars at her disposal if she wanted to sue the pants off someone.

    I mean, even the Pillowgate scandal was getting peddled by the mainstream media outlets…

    Leann Rimes is a child star whose star has faded. She is married to a Dlist television actor and has no notable friends in the business who might have some sway.

    She is notoriously litigious but so what? If someone wanted to do a full side by side spread on her creepy stalking of BG what’s she gonna do about it? Deny the pictorial evidence and claim we’re all ‘haters’?

    Nup, something doesn’t add up here. I reckon Rimes has some secret hold over someone very powerful because none of this is making ANY sense.

    She is a terrifyingly sick woman who’ll stop at nothing to destroy the very woman whose own life she tore apart, all the while copying every single piece of that very woman’s life…and yet NOBODY in the mainstream US media is saying a thing?

    I smell a fish and it stinks to high heaven.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      I have never been able to figure it out, either and I’m American. All I could figure is that Leann was once a celebrity, and the media is stupid that way. Can you imagine if Brandi had not managed to achieve some level of fame herself? Leann would’ve managed much worse harassment and Lord knows what else. Eddie is evil, too; he just wears a better mask. Remember when Charlie Sheen was a beloved figure, on a huge hit show, from a beloved acting family? People dismissed whatever Denise Richards said and the media ripped her apart. At some point, Leann’s level of crazy will be impossible for everyone to ignore (though she has an investment in manipulation that Charlie doesn’t seem to). Thank all that is good and holy for the support of the BBs.

    • Jane says:

      “Nup, something doesn’t add up here. I reckon Rimes has some secret hold over someone very powerful because none of this is making ANY sense.”

      I’ve had the same feeling for a long time and was told I was nuts for even suggesting it, so I am so very glad I’m not the only one. It just perplexes me that she gets away with such nonsense. Just once, I would love to have someone really lay down the law on her, watch the crocodile tears flow and then just tell her to get over it. I’m thinking Dr. Phil would be a good candidate.