Simon Cowell wants a DNA test to prove that Lauren Silverman’s kid is really his

Lauren Silverman and Andrew Silverman are pretty much divorced (I think there is only some paperwork left). Simon Cowell is done with his Mediterranean vacation with his harem. And so is the controversy over? Not really. There are still so many questions and scandals and controversies. Shockingly, one of those questions seems to be “Is Simon still going to be BFFs with Andrew after Simon banged Andrew’s wife for years and knocked her up?” And even more shockingly, the answer seems to be YES.

Simon Cowell’s secret meeting with Lauren Silverman’s cuckolded husband was to clear the air and make sure Andrew Silverman doesn’t publicly criticize him for impregnating his wife. The “X Factor” mogul had the secret summit with Andrew at Westhampton airport a few weeks ago, before Andrew and Lauren signed divorce papers to end their marriage last week. The Silvermans have a 7-year-old son, Adam.

Yesterday Lauren, who is said to be 12 weeks pregnant but appears to be further along, landed in the South of France, along with a lot of baggage, to join Cowell on his yacht.

A source told us, “Cowell and his legal team wanted his name removed from the divorce papers so this does not tarnish him. Cowell wanted a face-to-face meeting to clear the air and make sure Andrew wouldn’t speak out about him. No money changed hands, but Simon made Andrew feel good, said he feels bad about the situation, he will take care of everything and he hoped they will remain friends. Andrew really wants to keep his friendship with Cowell. The meeting ended with them shaking hands and an agreement their discussion would remain confidential.”

Andrew and Cowell had been close friends for years after meeting in Barbados, and took regular trips on the mogul’s yacht along with Lauren and the rest of Cowell’s harem of ladies. Andrew was initially so infuriated at the discovery of Cowell’s affair with his wife that he took the step of naming him as a co-respondent in divorce papers, citing “adultery.” But now that the divorce is settled, Andrew is content to quietly move on.

Other sources say Andrew was happy to get out of the marriage with Lauren, who is “quite a handful, and now Simon has to deal with that. She’s his problem.”

Andrew and Cowell are so set on keeping their agreement under wraps, their reps took the unusual step of issuing a joint statement, saying: “This is a completely untrue, fabricated account from an uninformed person trying to advance their own desperate agenda.”

[From Page Six]

Ha! That story is gold. And I totally believe it too, although I do wonder why Andrew even wants to remain friends with Simon. Still, that’s better than holding a grudge and making everything into some long, drawn out drama. Is Andrew really mature and decent? Or is Lauren really that much of a “handful”? Also interesting: Star Mag says that Simon isn’t even convinced that the kid is his:

“Simon has no intention of giving up his lifestyle for Lauren,” says a source close to the situation. And he may not be too keen on giving up his money for her either. Simon recently told Lauren that he’s not even thinking about child support – until the newly single socialite submits to a DNA test!

“Simon is no fool, and he’s not going to pay a cent for this child until he’s 100% sure he’s the father. He needs scientific proof.”

Simon is determined to get Lauren to take a DNA test while pregnant, although he does view Lauren as a “close friend” and he “doesn’t think she is a golddigger,” he’s also not willing to take her word that the baby is his.

“If she thinks she has him locked down just because she’s pregnant, she’s in for a very rude awakening. Simon was with Lauren a lot of the time but not all of the time, the baby could be Andrew’s.”

According to the source, Simon’s attitude is a real eye opener for Lauren, who has told friends she thinks of Simon as her “soulmate” and had assumed that her pregnancy would tame his womanizing ways.

“Lauren is completely baffled by his behavior. She thought everything would be very straightforward – she would leave her husband and then move in with Simon and raise the baby together. But instead, Simon is acting like there’s nothing between them… When she brought up marriage, Simon said she was getting ahead of herself and perhaps they should take things one day at a time.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Again, I believe the part about Lauren thinking Simon is her soulmate. I also believe she’s a world-class golddigger and Golddigger Rule #1 is “Always get pregnant by the right millionaire.” I have no doubt that the kid is Simon’s because if it’s Andrew’s, well, that’s just a rookie mistake not worthy of Lauren’s game. Anyway… Simon isn’t going to marry. Ever. But he’ll take care of her financially.

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  1. Aud says:

    I disagree. Gold diggers don’t have soul mates.
    They”re not capable of it, not with their love of money.

  2. Steph says:

    Uh, yeah.

  3. Jag says:

    I think he’s smart in wanting a DNA test, but have to ask if there’s a way to test the baby’s DNA without amniocentesis? That’s a risk that shouldn’t be taken just for a DNA test, especially with her history of miscarriage, imo. Why can’t he wait until the baby is born? They can test before she writes down the father’s name on the birth certificate, right?

    • Lucrezia says:

      You can do a paternity test using a blood sample from the mother – a tiny amount of baby DNA will be present in her blood.

      However, it’s very new tech, so I don’t think it’s accepted in court yet (might depend on your area).

    • fabgrrl says:

      Well, given that Lauren is over 35 she may be getting the amnio done anyway.

    • Florc says:

      Fabgrrl is correct. Her risk of miscarriage is high as well as possible developmental issues. They will likely test for all of these and can get a DNA test all in 1 shot.
      I don’t blame Simon for wanting to know now either. If it isn’t his he can walk away and avoid embarrassment. He’s said to have said privately he hates this negative publicity and if possible wants to just cut all ties with her now.
      If it is his child he will likely pay for everything medical and put her up in a nice apartment while paying all her bills.

      All I have to say now is Atta boy Simon!

      • Amanda says:

        Yeah. She’s probably going to get amnio anyway and besides, isn’t the risk of miscarriage really low like one in 400 or something?

      • Ag says:

        @Amanda. The risk is even lower, one in like 500-something, if I recall. Also, I think the recommendation to get amino really varies from doc to doc. I got blood tests done and the possibility of birth defects was so slim that we decided not to do amino because the risks it carries. (I was 36.) it all depends on your comfort level. Thankfully, our son is totally fine. 🙂

      • KM says:

        You don’t get an amnio these days unless the Harmony blood test (99% accuracy on odds of a problem) plus nuchal fold test come back with odds worse than say 1 in 200. It’s not offered to all older mothers anymore as standard, just to high risk ones.

    • gogoGorilla says:

      Putative fathers have no rights before a baby is born, so he can’t force her to do the amnio now. I guess he can make it uncomfortable for her (financially, or pressure her, or whatever), but legally he has no rights until the child is born and has been DNA-certified as his own.

      And the mother can’t just write the father’s name on the BC to establish paternity, if they aren’t married. He can sign a waiver that says he accepts the child as his own, but I’m sure he’ll require the DNA test.

      I wonder what she’ll do? I can’t see her agreeing to do the amnio with her risk of miscarriage.

      • Layale says:

        What I wonder is, if they do an amino anyway (say to check for baby’s health issues, etc because of her age) and they do find something wrong with the child, what then, I wonder, will she do?

  4. gogoGorilla says:

    Of course he’s getting a DNA test. Even normal people do that before signing on for child support.

    I guess the ladies like his money and lifestyle but ICK. He skeeves me out.

  5. dorothy says:

    Slimy people, both of them.

  6. David99 says:

    Can’t blame him.

  7. Tapioca says:

    “When she brought up marriage, Simon said she was getting ahead of herself…p*ssed himself laughing.”

    Fixed that quote for you!

  8. PHD Gossip says:

    Simon is focused on the PR fallout of this fiasco.

  9. Barrett says:

    What a ridiculous story…

  10. LAK says:

    Of course he should get a DNA test. He’d be an idjit not to.

    Didn’t Janice Dickinson insist she’d been impregnated by Stallone only for the DNA test to prove otherwise?

    Rich, old, foolish men should always get a DNA test on an ATM baby.

    As for intentions, it’s seriously entertaining how many statements her side keeps putting out saying they are in love, soulmates, about to set up house meanwhile his side is off vacationing with the harem and releasing statements that say he’ll not change his lifestyle and she’ll receive a house and money but he is thrilled about the baby- essentially saying she’s a womb for hire!

    • PHD Gossip says:

      And what about the $$$$ payout to Andrew Silverman to go away quietly?

      • LAK says:

        I read that in a blind, and given how Simon deals with the exes, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be true.

        It would also explain how the divorce went from angry, emotive high drama to amicable in a few weeks.

        So in this divorce, assuming Blind is true, Andrew wins. He is PAID to divorce the gold digger rather than having to pay her, his net worth increases unexpectedly meanwhile gold digger is left with half of what she thought she could get from Andrew in her waiting strategy plus Simon will pay her what he feels like paying her which will turn her into a dependent like his exes as opposed to a happy go lucky digger….

        Honestly, in the gold digger review, she fails.

  11. Jennifer12 says:

    Simon, a vasectomy would’ve been in order. Lauren, you’re just disgusting.

    • Cerulean Skygirl says:

      I can’t believe he hasn’t gotten a vasectomy, either! For someone who claimed that he never wanted children, and who seems intent on screwing as many women as he can, it would seem like an obvious solution.

    • Trashaddict says:

      Yo Simon. One word. CONDOM. No DNA test required. Stupid Git.

  12. lucy2 says:

    No, no, no, his WALLET is her soul mate.

    DNA test is a good idea.

  13. Anon33 says:

    “She thought the pregnancy would tame him”????????
    How is anyone that dumb???!?!?

    • Christin says:

      The vastly different statements from each side suggested that she was living in a fantasy land. It may not be just the money, but the fame she wants by being on his arm (which probably isn’t going to happen).

  14. MademoiselleRose says:

    He’d be a total idiot not to get a DNA test considering how much he’ll have to fork out for her. I reckon he wants it now because if it isn’t his he doesn’t want this hanging over his head for the next six months or so.

    Seems the hubby was glad to be rid of her and got out of his divorce lightly so that’s probably why he’s still happy to be friends with Cowell.

    I would laugh so hard if it turns out to be the hubby’s baby. Cowell will dump her like a hot potato and then she’ll have nothing. That would be perfect karma for her.

    What a bunch of horrors these people are. Poor, poor baby.

    • briargal says:

      Totally agree. Simon was stupid enough to bang a married woman, stupid enough to not use a condom, but smart enough to want a DNA test. Guess that makes him somewhat smart. Hopefully in the future he will get even more smart and learn from this nasty lesson.

      And maybe Andrew is getting the better of the deal. Except for the situation concerning his son, it sounds like he is getting rid of a golddigging tramp! Good for him!

  15. Mar says:

    This really is a messy story-and that woman looks like trouble.

  16. aquarius64 says:

    Lauren’s life looks like an episode from the Jerry Springer show and her tony crowd must look at her like she’s utter trash. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s ostracized. Selling to the tabs that she and Simon are in love and will marry in the future is a desperate attempt to save face. It also pressures Simon into a shotgun wedding, or so she hopes.

    Simon wants this to go away because it’s damaging his reputation. He wouldn’t have this problem if he kept his hands off his friend’s wife. He better get a DNA test; it wouldn’t be the first time a woman try to trap a guy with another man’s seed. I’m calling BS about Andrew the Cuckold wanting to be friends. Money had to change hands to make sure this will not be a protracted mess. I feel sorry for the children here.

  17. bettyrose says:

    LOL. Wishful thinking on his part but he has every right to ask.

  18. blannie says:

    The hubby probably wants to stay close to Simon so he can laugh at and listen to Simon put up with his delusional ex-wife. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Hahahahahahaha! Simon has been hoist by his own petard.

  19. Leah says:

    of course he should get a dna test, the woman was married to someone else when she got pregnant.

  20. Diana says:

    Is she borderline?

  21. janie says:

    Happily ever after? Her mom states he should do the right thing, when she was helping her cheat on her husband? What planet do these people live on? When Andrew’s own parents refused to go to the wedding, says a lot. I bet he had a Dna on their son. I’ll say he will never marry this chick, but we all said the same about Kanye. He’s on PMK’s show today… Are pigs flying? Lol!

    • Mirna says:

      +1000. These Hollyweird people live in a land all their own. Kanye is not only actually on the show, but he’s sniveling about how much he loves the industry mattress and she’s “worth” all the aggravation. Dude, Ray J (RAY J!) called you out about sleeping with your woman first! No self-respecting man would have had a kid with that woman. So I guess we’ll never know what will happen with Simon and Lauren.

  22. Jacqueline says:

    Didn’t he meet with the husband and hammer out some deal where the husband paid out next-to-nothing from the prenup and signed all sorts of non-disclosures? Shouldn’t Simon have done a DNA test before taking her as his financial ward?

  23. Mayda says:

    okay I know people think he’s skeezy but I see the way he mentors people on x-factor and I actually think he’s gonna be an excellent father.

  24. Feebee says:

    In the slew of names he’s been called I don’t think I’ve heard ‘dumb’. So it figures he’d ask for a paternity test.

    As for Andrew wanting to stay friends with him, you know the joke… My wife left me for my best friend and I really miss him.

  25. Asdfg says:

    It takes two to tango. He’s a smart guy so I figured he’d get a DNA test.

  26. Cheryl says:

    Am I the only one who thinks she is waiting for her new contract? Don’t think she is looking for marriage or love here…what is else is she going to say? I think she is trying to scare the hell out of SC and this ups the ante a bit?

  27. Mirna says:

    Didn’t she just join him in France? What about her kid?? Frankly, all of them disgust me. From the sniveling husband, to the gold digger to Simon the homewrecker (he doesn’t get away with it just cause he’s a man).

  28. Vl says:

    If I was a gold digger finding out that I’d “only” get 18 years of financial support and not marriage like planned, I’d cry that I thought he was my soulmate and we’d be together forever as that would would be more forgivable in the eyes of my next target/husband whom I’d need to snare in the next 5 years since 18 years from now I wouldn’t have the looks.

    The “I lost my ways because of LOVE, HE promised me, HE lied, Poor ME” defense looks way better than golddigging adulterer.

    Girl got to plan ahead.

    Poor kids.

  29. Jayna says:

    The husband is probably a star-f—er, just not literally. Those ultra-wealthy types live by a different set of standards in their marriages oftentimes compared to us peasants. He obviously wasn’t madly in love with his wife anymore if he is homicidal over his friend screwing his wife.

  30. Green Eyes says:

    Don’t blame him, good idea!

  31. Nicolette says:

    He would be an idiot not to demand a test.

  32. Melissa says:

    The ONLY person who is the winner (if there’s one) in this story is Andrew Silverman. He seems to be one classy due. For better or for worse, he has a child with Lauren and it is in this child’s best interest to keep the boat floating smoothly.

  33. taxi says:

    Simon had female companions with him in France before LS arrived. There were pics online.

    Yes, get a dna test. According to some gossip sites, Simon might not have been her only extra-curricular action.

  34. newtsgal says:

    If it’s true….that might be the smartest thing to come out of his mouth…ever!

  35. anne_000 says:

    Has SC learned anything yet from this? Freeze some sperm for later use if needed. Get a vasectomy. Use a condom.

  36. Nina W says:

    I hate to be a troll and bring up KStew but where is the outrage over infidelity and vitriol that we all read over the mini-coopering? There’s an actual pregnancy in this situation and yet Simon is not feeling the heat. For the first time, I feel for the lip-biter. Simon is the bigger douche even if everybody is being all cosmopolitan about it.

    • phillykatt says:

      He is also hideous. I cant imagine being intimate with him. Can you imagine those hairy man boobs pressing against yours? Ewwwww.

  37. lisa says:

    i wouldnt be surprised if he gets 2 tests from different labs, just to be sure

    i still think it was not really a secret between her and her husband, something is hinkier than a straight up affair

    and i will PML forever if that baby isnt his. and then isnt the husbands.

  38. jamina says:

    I hope someone gets pregnat with leo’s child,these kind of men deserve gold diggers because they treat women like napkins(i dont know???)so yeah,i just dont feel bad enough for simon to feel that he deserves a gold digger.

  39. Canitbe says:

    Anyone else think that Simon may have just helped out a real long term friend &/or business associate? I dont think people are giving Simon credit due here. Difficult to believe any man in his position,business and his personal lifestyle,like George Clooney,would not take advantage of freezing his sperm,having that vaseectomy and is just sitting back waiting for the right time should it be necessary to release this personal information.Thinking when the real story comes out regarding Simon and Lauren she has a shocking surprise coming.

  40. aemish says:

    mmmm…. not quiiiite….

  41. canitbe says:

    Ooooh, thank you Aemish, stupid me! I would think he would know enough to have all new ‘friends’ greeted by Atty’s get that paperwork out of the way prior to ‘friendship bonding’. Lifestyle caught up with him,secrets are out and who really cares anyway? Was just a interesting story that is becoming more sickening to follow. Looks like Lauren & Andrew both won this round. See how much Lauren makes.Pretty sure Im not filled with envy.

  42. Canitbe says:

    Aemish Im a new reader at these types of sites but home now,have time,especially in the evenings and enjoy Celeb the most. You ladies (& gentlemen) make such interesting comments. Sitting here alone & some so witty,funny Im laughing out loud.Really nice & helpful to others too,esp ref to other sites,pictures & addressing concerns, questions for young girls. Some truly acts of random kindness here (funny bickering too). So just wanted to say thank you esp to the regulars,intellect to silly things,nice ‘mind break’. Back to Simon,whats with the grins? Just giving Lauren what she wants for the time being. Allowing her published pics,hand holding all the PDA until he gets his contract signed or helping his public image? That 12 week “baby bump” looks like it shot to 4 or 5 mos overnight! Hard to believe smart man,stupid actions & one would think he had the DNA test long before this went public. Thats almost a non-issue in the realm of things going on here.. Must say though thats a different world then we live in more rare to have (teach their children) moral structure. That just doesnot apply to some so called A listers. Too much excess and no happier for it. This is looking more like blackmail. & when one gets away with it others srart. Pretty much it will all be out here in the end now just possibly not in a court of law. If that is any sincere joy going on with Simon over this baby issue he certainly must know what a low life Lauren is by now.Hate that disrespectful term “baby mama” but quite deserving if any of this is true.Looking very likely & gave him more credit then deserved just based on the incredible talent he does have. Kind of like a book now,cant put in down until the end.