Did One Direction get booed by the audience when they won their VMA?!

Here are some of the “Hot Guys” of the VMAs. I have to say… while the VMAs were loaded with debate-worthy performances, they really didn’t invite many big names to present or anything. So most of our “hot guys” are basically the dudes of One Direction. Apparently, not everybody was happy that 1D won “Song of the Summer” – there were boos when the boys came on stage, and MTV cut-away to Taylor Swift who seemed to be directing “Shut the f—k up” at them (or Harry specifically). Here’s the thing, though – I watched it live and I’ve watched the GIF of Swifty, and I don’t think she was saying “STFU”. I really don’t. It’s great gossip, of course, but I just don’t think she said it.

Also, if you’re hellbent on thinking that Swifty was trying to start some drama with Harry Styles because they dated for a second last year, you have to admit that Harry didn’t seem to care less, which is probably the best way to react to Swifty’s girl dramz. When Tay-Tay was on stage, MTV cut to Harry and the look on his face was all “Who cares?”

Gaga defended 1D though – she went backstage and talked to them, telling them: “I want to leave right now, . . . I don’t want to stay anymore because I don’t want to be in a room where people are booing. I just want to tell you that you deserve every bit of success that you have.” That was nice of her.

And can I just say something else? I didn’t include Bruno Mars in the recap post, but I do LOVE Bruno Mars. He’s so talented, he sings live, he writes hits and his performances are always sexy and entertaining.

Other photos… Drake is so handsome, but I tuned out for his performance. Probably because I hated “Started From the Bottom”. It sucks as a song. Also: Joseph Gordon Levitt looked cute and Jared Leto (and 30 Seconds From Mars) did not look cute.

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  1. Dee says:

    They did get booed, which was a bit shitty but they shouldnt have won that award. Everywhere you go you hear daft punks get lucky or thickes’ blurred lines. Those are the songs of the summer. But 1D have a rabid tweenie fanbase who all probably voted for them 100 times, but it really isnt the song of the summer by any stretch.

    • V4Real says:

      No way ID should have won a VMA for song of the summer. But I was under the impression that the VMA’s were more about the video and not the song. Harry Styles should have been booed for those tight ass pants he was wearing. We criticize females celebs when they wear something that’s too tight so as a male, Harry is fair game.

      Drake is handsome but he does try to play that hardcore street cred a bit too much for me. Started from the bottom my ass. Dude you grew up in a middle class neighborhood in Canada and started on Degrassi High. But I do like the song; especially the part that says f_ck a fake friend where your real friends at. There are plenty of fake friends in Hollywood.

    • Nerd Alert says:

      I agree, Get Lucky and Blurred Lines are the songs of the summer. I never heard 1D’s song until last night. I don’t have anything against 1D, but on a national level, those two songs have taken over the radio for 3 months.

    • Jen says:

      The British have a tendacy to wear tight clothes, sometimes looking too small for them. Harry has gotten more buff and probably didn’t want to buy another pair. They tend to be stingy also but I think it is rude of an audience to boo someone winning an award whether their song deserved it or not but the guys seemed okay.

  2. blue marie says:

    why were they booed? what song was it? other than on here I have no idea who these guys are (this makes me feel really old)

    I love JGL, that’s all I got.

    • TG says:

      You are not alone I too have no idea who One Direction is and I have no interest I getting to know them. I heard their song on the radio and turned it off after 5 seconds. Blurred Lines is the song of the summer not these squirrely looking kids, though to be fair the sight if them does not offend me like Beiber does or seeing that oily faced Miley Cyrus.

    • Florc says:

      I’ve heard no song from these guys until a few days ago. It wasn’t great. Maybe Taylor Swift was the best thing to happen to these boys…

      With the booing. I think it was a case of pack mentality. Like it’s cool to hate Bieber now so he was booed even though that audience was filled with musicians and people who want to be near those people or just near celebs. Pretty sure anyways.

  3. LadyMTL says:

    At first I thought that TayTay did say STFU but now that I’ve watched it again, I’m not sure. She’s definitely saying ST…but I don’t think the rest of it is FU, lol. I can’t figure out what it could be.

    As for 1D, meh. I’m not a fan and never will be but I do think booing them is kind of rude. It’s not like they’re self-absorbed brats à la Bieber.

    • mom2two says:

      I am counting down to the time when 1D’s 15 minutes are up, but booing them for their win was pretty classless.
      I can say I’ve never heard a line of Blurred Lines, I’ve read more about Blurred Lines. I know I can’t escape Get Lucky on the radio, so I can see why people were surprised either one of those songs didn’t win. But 1D has a huge tween fanbase, so they probably voted in droves.

    • Spooks says:

      I like 1D. I don’t listen to any of the music that was honored here, but they are nice guys with catchy songs. Manufactured? Yes, but pretty much all of the people at the VMAs are. Why didn’t Selena get booed? Did she write her song? She can’t even sing it properly?
      They are nice and seem grateful for their success.

      • Hannah says:

        If you are from the uk you’d know they are extremely manufactured. They are the brainchild of Simon cowell. They don’t writetheir own songs and none of them can really sing. Are the rest of the acts manufactured? Some for sure. But Bruno mars is a genuine talent. Lady gaga can sing and write. As much as I don’t like Taylor she writes her own songs. One direction is on the level where everything about them is manufactured. Down to minute detail. Cowell personally selected Harry as the hearthtrob of the group to be pushed ahead of the others and so on and so forth.

      • Spooks says:

        I’m not from the UK, but I know they’re manufactured. What I am saying is that a lot of others are too. Bieber, Selena, Miley, pretty much all ex Disney stars, Rihanna, Britney, etc. Miley and Bieber get booed because they’re obnoxious, but the rest of them get a pass. And I don’t get why.
        I don’t listen to any of these people, but my sister made me watch some interviews of 1D and they seem nice. I don’t get all the hate, that’s all I’m saying. I’ve compared them to Selena, who’s pretty much the same thing ( I do find her annoying, though) and she didn’t get booed. Why? And that “Come and get it” song is quite anti-feminist and ignorant towards Indian culture.

      • jamie says:

        @Hannah; I have to disagree, three of them are very talented and the other two are decent. All their studio songs are autotuned to sh*t though.
        (I only knoe this because my daughter’s obsessed with them.)

      • Laura says:

        I agree with jamie, Zayn and Liam have good voices, and Harry has an interesting voice with a bit of rasp to it, that has really nice potential. Louis and Niall are serviceable singers. I think that they do have some talent and I supose as they get older they’ll get music with more range perhaps?

  4. MonicaQ says:

    Blurred Lines should’ve won. Good lord that song has been everywhere.

    Jared. Jared why do you look homeless?

    Jared. Please stop. Also, that last album was such a disappointment–it didn’t even sound like you guys.

  5. emmie_a says:

    Drake handsome? No way. He looks like the rap version of a Muppet. Muppets are cute but not handsome.

    I LOVE Harry!!!

  6. freya says:

    I’m just gonna say it: I LOVE Jared Leto’s look. It might not be cute, but the guy is just so hot! (although I have to block out his friendship with creepy Terry Richardson, when I think of that, not so hot…)

  7. Tish says:

    Maybe she was trying to say STFU at the audience because they’re booing. Hahaha!

  8. Nev says:

    Harry SWOON
    Jared YUM
    Drake LIPS

  9. MissBB says:

    That Harry from 1D is rather onfortunate looking. His big, overstyled hair is also a big turn off,

    • V4Real says:

      Thank you I don’t get Harry’s appeal either. There are about three other boys in the group that are much more attractive than Harry.

  10. A says:

    Jared leto is so hot but he’s in a shitty band.
    And I do think Taylor said “STFU” to the people screaming so loud you couldn’t hear what they were saying from the audience (I saw the live backstage and the sound wasn’t as good). She has that passive aggressive annoyed look, you can tell she was angry and annoyed.

  11. kayla says:

    Does Jared Leto have a weave?? Lol

  12. Laura says:

    I dont’t think it’s fair they got booed, I’m sure they didn’t vote for their song 8+million times. But they seemed to take it all in stride, to be honest I didn’t hear the boos, maybe because I was to focused on their pretty, pretty teenaged faces. Oh and Harry’s reaction to Tay Tay’s ‘dig’ was perfect. He clearly didn’t have two *ucks to give. And his little smirk!!! Oh and I felt that Rihanna was throwing some subtle shade Tay’s way, there’s pics of taylor walking past her and one direction and rihanna’s body language was very telling imo.

  13. Adrien says:

    Ah, Bruno Mars. Best performance of the night.

  14. Opa221 says:

    Bruno Mars KILLED IT. That song is SEXY!

    • SleepyJane says:

      Yes. It was my favorite performance of the night.

      • Venus says:

        I love Bruno Mars, but that song is ridiculous! Did you listen to the lyrics?

        “You and me baby, making love like gorillas” — wtf?

    • Laura says:

      I LOVE the song too, I’m now proper obsessed with it, it super sexy!

      • Petee says:

        I am sorry.The show sucked!Big time.All the new talent is horrible.Just horrible.This generation has the worst taste in music ever.I am glad I grew up in the late sixties and early seventies.At least there was real music and real talent and not all this garbage.

  15. bammer says:

    Tay Tay said STFU when One Direction was presenting an award that Selena eventually won. I loved Harry’s expressions throughout the night. Gum chewing, orange eating lil cutie pie. And what was with Tay’s angry acceptance speech. Honey, its a stupid award.

  16. MisJes says:

    I think Robin Thicke should have won, but it was shitty they were booed. To their credit though – they handled it extremely well, and with absolute class. Good on them!

  17. Dawn says:

    So I just watched a very interesting documentary about the 60’s band The Monkeys who were thrown together for a television show and ended up making millions of dollars for the creators of the show and very little for themselves. I sort of see One Direction following in their footsteps. They didn’t form on their own, too young to understand that they wouldn’t be making the majority of the money (Mickey Dolenz talked about being 20 years old and how much $100.00 a week sounded to him) and so on. I don’t know if they are good or bad but hope they enjoy the fame and save their money. If you get a chance to watch the documentary you should see it. I hope they didn’t get booed because that is just so rude.

  18. Bex says:

    Bruno’s voice is always amazing but I swear they tried to kill the performance and drown him out with those lasers. Gorilla isn’t my favorite song of his but I like how towards the end, I swear he starts channeling Prince. Very few can manage that kind of feat. I hope he sticks around for YEARS.

  19. El says:

    It’s too bad that One Direction were booed at, they’re really sweet guys. I like the song they won the award for! It was nice of Lady Gaga to defend them.

  20. Hannah says:

    Thoughts: Love Joseph!! Jared looks weird. Harry is not even the best looking member of 1d why are you always putting up photos of him. Put up a photo of zayn at least once.Is drake handsome? He is more dorky too me. And Bruno is mad talented and will still be there in a few years when 1d has been replaced by the next boyband du jour.

  21. Toot says:

    Thank you Kaiser for giving Bruno some love. Kiss you if I could.

    As for 1D getting booed. Yes it was messed up, but Blurred Lines was definitely the song of the summer. Robin at least can count all his money from it.

  22. Saffie says:

    These boys are cute but they are completely manufactured and managed from head to toe we all know what happens to boy bands…you have one breakout and the rest retire and become middle aged and pudgy. The song and the video were nothing special. Blurred Lines was probably one of the most heavily rotated songs this summer..they played the sh*t out of that song all summer long.

  23. INeedANap says:

    JGL you were so robbed as Batman. You should head on my way so I can make you feel better…among other things.

  24. Lucy says:

    I don’t think the 1D boys deserved the moonman, but I didn’t like that they got booed at all. It was really sweet of GaGa to give them her support, though! And Bruno killed it, as well. Love 30stm, and at this point I’m more than used to Jared’s style, so whatever. Also, I want a JGL!!

  25. Feebee says:

    I didn’t understand the 1D win. I would have thought there’d be a formula for something like Song of the Summer, like radio plays plus social media mentions plus fan votes. Blurred Lines and Get Lucky were much bigger hits. Total ‘earworms’ (if I’m remembering that word correctly).

    I don’t mind Harry’s pants. He’s the only one of the group who dresses like a grown up, he’s at least wearing a button up shirt.

    Bruno, ahhh, Bruno… yes performance of the night and really the only one with clear vocals. I tried listening for Gaga’s and Timberlake’s voices within the mashup of voices and music and it was really hard to hear their live vocals. Were their mics turned down low? Yeezus was loud enough but that stupid flippin’ autotuney thing he puts his voice through is horrible to listen to.

    • Claudia says:

      I think the votes were completely social-media based, at least for the award they won. And tweens are dominating the social media platforms right now.

  26. claire says:

    It really looked like Taylor was saying something like, “sorry about my arm.”

  27. Claudia says:

    One Direction are completely harmless. The booing was really uncalled for.

    I agree with other posters that the real songs of the summer are Get Lucky and Blurred Lines. But think of it this way– it’s the VMAs. It’s a joke of an awards show.

    Man, I thought I would like ‘Gorilla’ better on second listen… but I’m still not a fan. And I LOVE Bruno Mars, just not feeling this one though.

    Also, I don’t know if anyone mentioned this already (I skipped most of the posts), but the last word Taylor says in the gif look like “arm”. I watched it a few times and it looks like she said, “sorry for my arm”. Anyone else see it?

  28. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Gaga sticking up for 1D=DAMAGE CONTROL.

  29. apsutter says:

    Bruno Mars is the best. Love that adorable little man. OD did get booed but does everyone forget that that happens often? Every year some stupid little boy band or 15 male singer wins audience choice because only 15 girls are voting for that thing anyways.

  30. kiki says:

    Bruno was amazing as always. My husband is very selective of the people he listens too being older and Bruno Mars and Pink make his list and it is a hard list to crack. Gaga was not too bad. Loved the little bit of the video for “Give Yourself to Dance” with Pharrell and Daft Punk. Cyrus was hideous and why she thought any of that was entertaining is beyond me.

  31. Thiajoka says:

    It looked to me like Taylor Swift said “STFU.” Why, I don’t know. But I do think Selena has questionable taste in friends and boyfriends.

  32. Kate says:

    JGL was the hottest guy there! Bruno Mars and JT in second.

  33. Dommy Dearest says:

    I haven’t seen real talent at the VMAs until now and that was in JGL.