Is the latest Brad and Angelina adoption story untrue?

Brad and Angelina may not be adopting another child from Vietnam, as was rumored recently. They did visit a Vietnamese orphanage back in November, but have not filed the paperwork to adopt another child from that specific orphange, a spokesperson says:

Contrary to other, recent reports that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were planning on adopting a Vietnamese child from the Tam Binh orphanage in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City, a spokesman for the orphanage tells Star, “Brad and Angelina have not been back to our orphanage since their visit in November. I’d only wish that they were adopting from us! There are many orphanages in Vietnam that they could adopt from, but it certainly is not us.”

If that’s the case then it’s probably just another fake adoption rumor. It could be true that they’re looking into an adoption with another orphanage in Vietnam, but I doubt it.

It looks like they have their hands full with the three they have. Maddox seems to be in Kindergarten during the day as he just turned five last August, and Brad and Angelina have been spotted out several times in the past few days with their two little ones, Shiloh, 9 months, and Zahara, almost 26 months.

This latest pictures of Brad, Angelina and the babies is quite cute and I love how Brad has Shiloh in the front carrier. Brad and Angelina seem to be getting out a lot in their new hometown of New Orleans. Angelina and Brad have been photographed enjoying the atmosphere of the French quarter from their porch. There is some concern for their safety as a neighbor was murdered earlier this year in a robbery, but they probably to have plenty of security.

Angelina is currently near Dafur on a UN peacekeeping mission, which is said to have kept her away from The Oscars.

Thanks to SimplyBrad, Celebrity Baby Blog and Oh No They Didn’t for these images. Isn’t that picture of Shiloh checking out Zahara’s cracker adorable? These two were said to be out with their grandmother, Brad’s mom, that day.

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  1. Harriet F. Pucker says:

    I think that Angelina and Brad are the ones who threw this alleged “rumour” out there to keep their celbretardom out there…they wanted more attention to fill their holes with.

  2. Miss Mara says:

    “Isn’t that picture of Shiloh checking out Zahara’s cracker adorable?”

    - Yes it is, and doesn’t Shiloh look a lot like her daddy in that pic? She’s one cool baby!

  3. miss luigi says:

    Shiloh is such an adorable baby.

    I’m not surprised if the Vietnamese baby rumour is untrue after all. Three young kids are more than a handful to care for, and I was suprised when I heard they might have been getting another one so soon.

  4. solange says:

    Zarah is adept at the skeptical pap stare. She’s twigged that they’re annoying it looks like.

  5. kikistar says:

    OMG those babies are CUTENESS personnified!!!How cute!!
    LMAO how Shiloh is staring at Zahara’s cracker!!

  6. MARY MACK says:

    That baby looks like Jon Voigt.

  7. Mr. T says:

    eh, I am not impressed with them. Celebrity couples parading their children around? Who cares? Go stand in line at the grocery store like everyone else. That would impress me. Think they do that? Not really. I feel the love btw.

  8. JAKE says:

    All these pictures are deliberately orchestrated. I mean come on where were they where a pap could get such a good view. And only one pap?

    Shiloh looks sweet. Not beautiful, but Sweet. Of course she is no Suri.

  9. kailie2 says:

    Shiloh looks like a 9 month-old-baby, Suri looks like a 13 month-old child–there is no way she is the age they claim she is.
    That photo of Shiloh staring at Z’s cracker is so cute. I wonder if she got that scratch on her nose while trying to get a toy back from Z. Z looks like a tough cookie. Shiloh, btw, looks like Brad, 100%. Grandma Pitt must be over the moon.

  10. Action says:

    They are both completely adorable. And yes, she does look like Brad and yes, Grandma Pitt must be really happy!