Gwyneth Paltrow freaked out when Chris Martin took their kids to McDonald’s

Do you think Gwyneth Paltrow ever lets her kids have a French fry? She changes her mind about her diet and her kids’ diets all the time, and it’s difficult to get a straight answer out of her either way. Sometimes she says she lets the kids eat Oreos and have one soda a week (or something), other times she’s talking about how she put them on a no-carbohydrates diet. I do have to wonder where Chris Martin is in all of this – does he ever wish that his wife would stop pushing her food issues on their children? Does he ever let them have one French fry each on the down-low? Well, according to The Enquirer, it might have happened:

While Gwyneth Paltrow went off to do a bookstore gig promoting her ‘It’s All Good’ cookbook in New York’s chi-chi Hamptons, hubby Chris Martin whisked their kids Apple and Moses to a local McDonalds – even though health-nut Mommy had told him to feed them a healthy, nutritious meal because they’d be on the run all day.

When the family reunited later, sharp-eyed Gwyneth spotted a McDonald’s wrapper on the floor of the car – and exploded!

“I thought I asked you to take them for a healthy lunch,” she snapped at Chris, then launched into a yada-yada rant about how she :”can’t understand why he never follows her directions”.

Chris quickly defended himself, saying he’d carefully picked “healthy choices from the fast food menu – and the kids instantly chimed in that they love eating out with Daddy because “he takes us to fun places!” Defeated and outnumbered, Mommy rolled her eyes and groaned: “I give up!”

[From Mike Walker’s column, The Enquirer, print edition]

Yeah, McDonald’s has salads now. And healthy-ish wraps and stuff like that. Do you think Chris follows Gwyneth’s rules all the time though? Or did Gwyneth find a wrapper for a Big Mac? HOW GAUCHE.

Speaking of gauche, have you read Gwyneth’s insane Goop-letter this week? The theme is “Back to School” and you can read the epic mess here. It includes “healthy” recipes, of course, and an essay from a lady who hates summer. But my favorite part is the “Back to Office – supplies” part. Gwyneth shills for all of these smaller boutique companies who do fancy, elite, specialty products like… paper clips. And scissors. And a fancy tape dispenser. What kills me is not the price on these items – although the prices are absolutely insane for anyone other the 0.1% of crazy rich people who think that it’s perfectly reasonable to spend $8 on 88 elite paper clips – no, what really kills me is that Gwyneth is too f—king lazy to add hyperlinks to the actual products she’s shilling. The hyperlinks included in the Goop-letter are just to the main pages of the online stores, you have to actually exert time and effort hunting for what Gwyneth has “recommended”.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. It'sJustBlanche says:

    Wow. That bottom picture.

  2. Jules says:

    It wasn’t about what they ate, it’s where they ate. How dare Martin take their children around the unwashed masses?

  3. Mels says:

    Can’t stand this European wannabe woman.

    • Flora Kitty says:

      I doubt most Europeans can stand her either.

    • JJ says:

      I doubt most Europeans hate her since she makes an effort to speak some of their languages.

    • Bunni says:

      McDonalds is HORRIBLE!! I used to eat the crap all the time. It’s been over 5 years and all of a sudden this past weekend I got a crazy craving for it… Not for the actual food, but the Mac Sauce. I don’t know why, but I love the Mac sauce. So my husband and my little dog went on a 12 midnight run to get me my fixings! Ended up with 2 large fried, 1 big mac and 2 chicken burgers. Well I ate hald of the fries and about 4 bites of the big mac before I started getting mad cramps… I had to stop and go lay down. Within 30 mins, I was throwing it all up. It’s Sunday and I am STILL THROWING UP!! I just had another horrible puke session… sorry for the details!

      So if that’s not enough to tell you how horrible that McCrap is for you, I don’t know what is! I promised myself I will NEVER EAT IT AGAIN! Not worth it, even if it a random craving every few years! :p

      Stick to all natural kobe beef burgers at my up scale restaurant that I have once a week for my cheat meal and I NEVER get sick from it! And there is a huge difference in the quality of the beef. McCrap is not even real meat! Never eat that crap! Better to spend your money on the good stuff and be healthy!!

      • Hannah says:

        OK,I agree McDonald’s is crap, but that is just a silly anecdote. People eat there all the time and don’t vomit… Myself included. I have gotten sick eating salad, it just didn’t sit well, it doesn’t prove salad is bad. It’s garbage food, but cmon.

      • GByeGirl says:

        bahaha this is satire, right?

        Generally unhealthy food doesn’t just make you vomit.

        Also, unless you are in Japan–you ain’t eatin’ Kobe, honey!

  4. NerdMomma says:

    So, who is the source for the story? Either Chris called the Enquirer, or it’s made up. Maybe Apple is reporting on the sly.

    • T.Fanty says:

      I kind of love the idea that Chris Martin takes all of GOOP’s crap to her face, then skulks off to the shed at the bottom of the garden and starts calling the Enquirer. While eating bags of monster munch and drinking Mountain Dew.

    • Liv says:

      Haha, what I thought. I mean there were just Mr and Mrs Martin and their two children in the car – who sold them out? ;-)

      • Kiddo says:

        Meh. She could have been bitching about it to a girlfriend and she told a friend, then that friend told a friend, who told the Enquirer, and it was probably like a game of telephone where little pieces or the tone of the story changed along the way.

        It’s a non-story story, at any rate.

    • Esmom says:

      The story reads like complete BS. (“Defeated and outnumbered, Mommy rolled her eyes and groaned: ‘I give up!’” Please.) Slow news day at the tabs, I’d guess.

    • loie says:

      Exactly! Or perhaps their car is bugged.

  5. brin says:

    Quick…colonics for everyone!

  6. Zimmer says:

    What the hell? Those paper clips are as original as the Wal-Mart variety. I thought they’d be round or have some interesting patterns on them. Ugh!

  7. lucy2 says:

    Whatever the truth of this story, she definitely has major food issues, and most likely is passing that onto her kids.

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      I gotta wonder if when her kids are old enough they’re going to rebel and eat Krispy Kreme and McDonalds every day and be physically the opposite of her willo the wisp figure.

    • Stef Leppard says:

      I read (on here) that her son has a gluten allergy, which can cause a terribly painful rash on the bum. If your child has such an allergy, the whole family usually has to go gluten free to avoid the child having breakouts of the rash due to cross-contamination. Anyway, she’s nuts, but I do defend her for that (if it’s true).

      • Amelia says:

        Just because one family member has a gluten allergy or sensitivity doesn’t mean the rest of the family has to be gluten-free. I know several families that have a member that have gluten issues and they accommodate the gluten issues just fine without the whole family going gluten-free. I think Goop just has food issues.

  8. the_porscha says:

    It’s not laziness that she didn’t hyperlink directly to the product. She thinks it’s business savvy – i.e. if I send you to the general website, you may find multiple products you want to purchase, not just the one I recommended. Also, the traffic numbers spike because you have to at least do a search to find the item, meaning you’ve spent time on the front page and the search and the item itself, all of which is good for the website. For $8 on 88 paperclips, I can’t even afford to browse, but that’s no surprise there when it’s GOOP-related.

    • FALINA_C says:

      Thought she started all the macrobiotic crap when her father was dying of cancer??? Still cannot stand her! (And her kids probably can’t either/)

    • Jaime says:

      That – and believe it or not, hyperlinking is a form of copyright infringement. (You aren’t supposed to link to a specific page on any website without the express permission of the rights’ holder)

      This is definitely a very outdated law, but the idea behind it is that hyperlinks are shortcuts that bypass the main page. The website owner will miss out on the ad revenue they would get if people access the main page first. I’m not saying this is why she did it – I’m just mentioning the possibility.

  9. Fabgrrl says:

    I’m all for feeding kids healthy, nutritious food MOST of the time. But I really hope That every once I a while Chris Martin gets them a big, greasy pizza and a 2 liter bottle of soda, and lets them stay up too late watching dumb movies!

    • Sixer says:

      Seconded. I keep barely anything in the way of sweets, fizzy drinks, crisps (chips) and other rubbish in the house. But if we go out (cinema, bowling, zoo, wherever) then they get what they ask for, junk included.

    • Steph says:

      I agree. I’m a bit of a health food nut. Vegetarian at that. But, I’m not gonna lie and pretend that I never eat anything “bad”. We have an 80/20 rule in our house. 80% of what you eat should be whole, healthy foods and 20% is a free for all. If that means french fries and a Dr. Pepper, so be it!

      • nicegirl says:

        Cool eating “rule”! Am gonna try it! thanks Steph

      • Dorothy says:

        Yay, that is exactly what I do and works for my whole friends and family! Thanks for the common sense – again been applying it for years – and makes for a happy healthy non-neurotic life for all!

    • Trashaddict says:

      I hope he did it just to piss her off. Spouses issuing edicts: lesson number 1 in how to kill a marriage.

    • IzzyB says:

      Agreed. I eat healthy most of the time but having a junk food day (like today) is good fun and I’m pretty sure won’t be the death of me.

  10. Eleonor says:

    You know when you enter in your teen years, and you start doing things to piss your parents (cigarettes, alchool etc.etc.) Apple and Moses instead of getting drunk will go to McDonalds.

  11. Mar says:

    Ill be honest- I don’t let my kid eat that either- but her grandparents buy it for her and don’t tell me ( I find out).

  12. aims says:

    it’s all about balance, something she knows nothing about.

    • Meredith says:

      My only concern would be that if her kids don’t ever eat McDonald’s food, the high fat content in the food might may them feel sick afterwards. I love the fries and consider them an occasional guilty pleasure but a whole meal (fish fillet?) can make me feel a bit queazy after the fact.

      No one wants little kids to be sick.

      • aims says:

        I agree. If your body isn’t used to that type of food, it can shock the system. I think there needs to be a happy medium here. Eat healthy, promote a healthy lifestyle in your home. But go out for ice cream once in a while. I think when there’s an a extreme on either side, it doesn’t promote healthy behavior with food.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Maybe I’m just used to eating fried foods (like fish, chicken, pork chops), but I can go long periods without eating McDonalds and then just eat it again and not feel sick.

        I won’t say I have the healthiest diet, but the only thing that comes out of a can that my mom cooks is tomato based products (like tomato sauce/paste–she adds stuff to it to make spaghetti). Other than that it’s all frozen or fresh.

        And we don’t really have a lot of junk food–although we do drink a lot of soda-not me, as I’m trying to quit it.

        So do you think it’s just that I’m used to eating crap like that, or is it because I’m older????

  13. Liberty says:

    Well, it may be a leash to publicity for this as she now attempts to tread behind Victoria Beckham:

    from this story:

    “Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney have finally teamed up.

    “Their partnership comes in the form of a capsule collection for Paltrow’s lifestyle site GOOP, reports WWD. Officially called McCartney x Goop, the line will launch on September 12th and will include such staples as a black blazer, black jeans, and McCartney’s recently created Beckett handbag, with prices starting around $800.

    “The pieces echo Paltrow’s style, “timeless and effortless pieces,” intended to be wardrobe staples. As Paltrow put it: “These designs are not going to blow anyone away.”"

    Pieces starting at $800, so of course the Goop kids can’t be seen slumming at McD’s! I hope CM hustles them off to a Taco Bell next while Queen Goop “curates” her three pieces of boring clothing, produced for low expectations and sold for way too much.

  14. Hillshmill says:

    I feel for those kids. When I was training for a half marathon last spring, I tried really hard to eat well. Lots of lean protein, veggies, low simple carbs. But one day, all I wanted was a damn southern style chicken sandwich, large fries, and a Coke from McDs. Since I’d been training so much I thought, hell! Go get that fast food! So I did and my body rejected it almost immediately. I only got to enjoy that McDs binge for a few minutes :( So joke’s on Chris for having to deal with sick kids haha

    • Violet says:

      The same thing happened to me! I wasn’t in training but I’d been eating really well — whole foods, lots of fruits and veggies, no added sugars, etc. — for a few weeks when I decided to “treat” myself to a Big Mac meal. Luckily, I got it to go so I threw up in the comfort of my own home but ugh.

      That was months ago and I still can’t imagine wanting to go back. If this story is true — I have my doubts, because I think Goop would file for divorce if Chris ever pulled a stunt like this — those kids probably did get sick afterwards :-(

  15. hannah says:

    How does Goop (the website, not the unbearable actress) actually make money?

    • Harriet says:

      I wonder the same but clearly it’s a success as it’s still around. :-/ maybe it’s because she can advertise- if you like or hate her, even when you go on that site to sneer it’s a web hit.

    • lucy2 says:

      Companies probably pay her to promote their overpriced stuff. Whatever $300 white t-shirt company offers the most, she’ll declare she’s in love with it.

  16. janie says:

    I think I just figured out why he stays with her.. so his kids have “junk” food on occasion! My goodness she’s insane! She’s attractive enough, but the crap that flows out of her mouth.. just makes her ugly!

  17. Harriet says:

    “What kills me is not the price on these items – although the prices are absolutely insane for anyone other the 0.1% of crazy rich people who think that it’s perfectly reasonable to spend $8 on 88 elite paper clips”

    Kaiser, I’m not crazy rich but I like to buy things like that and I have a collection of novelty paper clips. Although I am not a Gwyneth fan, when I read bits like this I feel I’m the one being judged by people who call her judgy.

    • Veeeeery Veerytas says:

      Do you also mail out your pencils to be sharpened? Yes, there is a service for that.

      • Harriet says:

        No but I have a big freaking electronic sharpener I asked my friends from the states to bring over. It’s banned as its deemed dangerous in England! :) so I guess you can say its imported.

      • Harriet says:

        Oh! I didn’t hit the link – I assumed they were novelty shaped ones. Erm apologies all round- plain and simple ones for $88 is not what I meant. Unless they were platinum plated or something…

      • Shoe_Lover says:

        please please tell me you are joking! that service cant possibly exist!!

  18. WendyNerd says:

    I know this isn’t true, but I’m going to pretend it is because you know SOMETHING like this has happened at some point.

    My mom always had us eat our peas and carrots, but we’d go to McDonald’s after swim practice once a week. I was a pretty active kid— Swimming, basketball, soccer, Ballet, tap and jazz, was constantly climbing trees and riding my bike. Make sure they also get their veggies and keep them moving and there’s nothing wrong with a little Mickey D’s. And I was the kid who used to go to other kids house for their good junk food (my Mom never bought the sugary cereals, fruit roll ups, potato chips and stuff you see in a lot of homes). I mean, McDonald’s is junk, but if you lead an otherwise healthy lifestyle, it won’t kill you.

  19. Dawn says:

    Poor Gwennie. Really she is just a product of where she grew up and how her parents raised her. I doubt very much that her children don’t eat fast food as much as they can when their mommy is away and for the life of me I can’t see why Chris Martin stays with her. She is talented and very pretty but she would be a very tiresome person to have as a friend I would think. I am sure she is just stumped to why more people don’t follow her elitist advice.

    • Dorothy says:

      She grew up in my neighborhood and you can’t blame her parents. Her Mom was a little aloof but kind, and her Dad who is always accused of spoiling her, was always trying to bring her back down to earth. She has been a user for decades, but her total snobbishness turned into some kind of controlling narcissism according to all sources for decades, has just become more apparent in the last few years. She has always used her connections, befriended and ran over any who can help her,etc. Her parents gave her that which she is still using but they DID not intend to raise her to become the cruel ruthless witch she is today as I know from many who still have to suffer dealing with her.

  20. Elle says:

    JFC. If eating “healthy” result in her horrible skin, I’d rather feast on Big Mac and Deep fried Mars Bars for the rest of my life. At least my corpse will have great skin.

  21. Lisa says:

    Dude, stories about her are boring as hell.

  22. Sunny :) says:

    Have your kids checked, Goopy. You never know if they caught something from one of those uncouth, double-cheeseburger munching plebs at the joint.

  23. ALG says:

    The new salads at McD’s are almost as unhealthy as the burger menu. It’s all disgusting.

  24. Katia says:

    Macdonalds grosses me out. I would rather feed my kids fries from a nicer fast food or independent restaurant. I just don’t trust them at all and even Their fries have a ton of ingredients not just potatoes salt and oil. Also, being there is not very pleasant right?! And the play area must be filthy. I think she was objecting to something other than the far content. I loved macdonalds in France when I was there there was a $2 delicious salad in a cup (shake it up with the dressing) and apparently it’s even better now serving green tea macaroons. And being there didnt gross me out….Maybe the British one is nice too?

    • Vl says:

      I have never been to a French McDonalds but UK’s McDonalds is far worse than US, it’s filthy.

      The public schools feed mush covered in fat pretty much, a lot of the kids, especially pre- and primary school get fed at McDonalds after school.

      But considering that the Health Visitors, who’s to educate parents on how to feed their child thinks that Baked beans and Mashed potatoes are a good nutritious meal for a toddler…

    • Claire says:

      Yes! French Mcdonald’s is the best of them. Not endorsing eating it all the time but if I had to eat Mcdonalds anywhere it would be there or the Ebi burger in Japanese McDonalds.

  25. raindrop says:

    What truly slays me is the “Reviews” tab on the paperclip page. Let’s all go leave detailed rave reviews about those super-chic, bespoke paperclips…

  26. judyjudyjudy says:

    advertising for Goop again? :-)
    and linking to it? How nice of you!

  27. Madriani's Girl says:

    I actually like Mike Walker because of his awesome coverage of the OJ trial but really, Mike? And just who witnessed this conversation and reported it to you?

  28. Ginger says:

    Wow! Her skin looks kind of bad in these last shots. Hard to belie e she’s younger than I am.

  29. Vl says:

    In my opinion feeding your child McDonalds is bad parenting.

    As for Gwyneth Paltrow freaking out on her husband about taking their children there: it’s well documented that she has some very strong feelings and opinions about what her children should be eating, (I believe her outlook on diet is distorted).
    However, if the public is so aware of her views, surely her husband is even more so?
    By taking their children to McDonalds he is disrespecting his wife, which to me is a very valid reason to freak the fuck out.

    • JJJ says:

      I agree. McDonald’s food is poison. The fries alone have 17 chemicals in them. It may have been that the food was decent at one time, but that has not been the case for many years. And it is true that because those chldren never eat that way, their system would have been affected immediately when it went through them. He is using his children to disrespect his wife

      • Poison? Bad parent? Really? Lighten up, if you don’t like it, don’t eat it. Why the need to bash people who take their kids there on occasion? It’s not that serious, it’s fast food…

      • Vl says:

        I stated my opinion about a choice you make as a parent.
        You’re of a different opinion and that is fine.
        But since my opinion is Beneficial to the child and yours isn’t, I would hope that those who have not yet made up their opinion about what to feed their child does consider it.

      • JJJ says:

        “It’s not that serious, it’s fast food…”

        Actually its very serious. Fast food is one of the main contributing factors to the obesity epidemic for adults and children alike in this country. Its one thing if you only eat it once or twice a month, but if its a daily diet, it will affect your health. I did not use the term “bad parent” although I agreed with the previous post. Perhaps overwhelmed parent or uninformed parent would be a better term. Since you have mommy in your name, I assume you have kids; and you are probably a wonderful parent. I didn’t mean to offend parents. I don’t eat McDonald’s ever; I quit years ago and rarely ever eat fast food, and it has made a big difference in my health and weight. But I totally understand busy parents buying it; its just easier. But in this case where Gwyneth is against her children eating like this, he should not have taken them there. It is true their system would have been affected immediately by it, and they would have stomach cramps, etc. just because they don’t eat it ever. If the story is true, that is.

      • UsedToBeLulu says:

        Eating more than you burn is what causes obesity, not McDonald’s.

      • lisa says:

        ita, it’s just not a hamburger and fries. i think people who say “everything in moderation” dont really know what goes into mcdonald’s “food” or dont care. if you want a hamburger and fries, by all means go get one. but do yourself a favor and get it someplace else

        i despise having to say this and agree w goop, but i’d be pissed if someone took my kid to mcdonald’s too

  30. Bread and Circuses says:

    So…who reported this? I.e. Which paparazzo or tabloid reporter was in the car with the family and taking dictation when all this happened?

  31. Suckmyfarts says:

    Has nobody seen the study where someone left a happy meal out for like 60 days & it looked the exact same. No mold, no fungus, nothing. It shriveled up a little but that’s it. REAL meat would decay!
    Who wants to find a growing child that?
    If you want a burger & fries that’s one thing. Eat the real thing! McDonalds is 20% real meat, 80% filler. It’s a fact!
    I can’t believe I’m even going to defend her madness but I think years of mourning her fathers death has made her this way. She has done so much research on cancer prevention that its made her a little unrealistic.
    But there is nothing wrong w/ not wanting your children to eat fast food! It’s not even real food. Anyone who says otherwise needs to get their head out of the sand.

    • It’s not real food? Come one, exaggerate much?

      • Suckmyfarts says:

        No really, it’s not! Real food molds!

      • Kate says:

        It really isn’t. The bun bears little resemblance to actual bread, the meat contains very little of anything that could actually be classified as meat, the condiments are just chemical sludge, the fries may as well be cardboard and the cheese may as well be plastic. The meals have nothing going for them nutritionally. Even the ‘healthy’ stuff has a very, very low nutritional value because of the way McDonalds buys and stores and prepares their food. A McDonalds garden salad is nutritionally nothing like a garden salad you make yourself.

        I could eat Play-Doh with a side of paper, doesn’t make it food.

    • UsedToBeLulu says:


  32. Kate says:

    Chris was a vegan and very into healthy food before he even met Gwyneth. He’s actually less strict about his diet since being with her.

    I doubt this story is true (who exactly leaked it?), but even if it is it’s hardly an usual thing to fight about. I see parents having this fight all the time.

    BTW, when did not giving your kids junk food become a bad thing? A Big Mac won’t kill them, but if you have a healthier option why wouldn’t you choose that? I don’t understand the thinking behind ‘kids who don’t get to eat lot’s of empty calories and instead have to eat yucky vegies are being deprived’.

    • Trashaddict says:

      If you freak out around your kids about certain foods being bad, they will definitely want to experiment with them just to see if they can press your buttons. Rebellion is how they figure out who they are. Whereas if you don’t freak out about things so much, they will not be inclined to push your buttons to get attention.
      Unfortunately there are neighborhoods where McDonalds is a cheaper option. So there’s no point in Gwyneth acting holier-than-thou about people’s choices until more people actually have options.
      Also, her kids are of an age where I’m sure nobody forced the food down their throats.

  33. London lady says:

    Her kids were at the last book signing with her. How many cook book fans are there in the hamptons exactly..

  34. Marybel says:

    She is so crunchy granola unhealthy looking like all those over the top health nuts. Colorless, starved, pinched. Enjoy your tight-ass life, Fishstick.

  35. Bella Bella says:

    She doesn’t have links to products because you are suppose to have your assistant buy them. You would never click a link and shop online yourself. That kind of thing is for The Poors.

  36. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    I believe this story.

    First, unlike some tabloids, the Enquirer is fairly reliable. They’ve been sued for defamation & libel often so they try to be accurate. I know many serious journalists who routinely check out its contents. They get scoop like John Edwards & put it out there where the serious media fear to tread.

    Second, the absolute transcript like reporting, which is unusual. I’m thinking someone switched on the voice recorder on their phone. It could have been a hired driver or someone who worked for the publisher. They could have been just about to get in the car when she saw the wrapper and sidewalk bystanders overheard.

    Also, there have been reports of the kids being allowed to have pizza & occasional junk food, she’s said so herself. We cannot assume the kids were made ill by it.

    My teenagers and their friends never go to McDs–Chipotle is the FF of choice.

  37. Dorothy says:

    Don’t know about this incident but it IS TOTALLY correct in a typical day in their family. Gwyneth is controlling, Chris accommodates her then resents her and acts out, children are already doing the same. It is extreme behavior and known by everyone in their circle. This is exactly the way is goes and has always gone. That it is a fact. Will spare dirty details…but this example is totally indicative of their warped family…and it all because of Gwynnie. Truly sad.

    • Vl says:

      And You know this how?
      Everyone else with an opinion on those two claim the husband is the controlling one yet You come on a Gossip comments section with vague insinuations.
      If you had actual information you’d have sold it to the papers. Dramaqueen.

      • Dorothy says:

        Hey, actually and I swear this is true, I was recently offered a great deal of money by tabloids as I have been before. I have NEVER taken a dime from them for the record, say what you want, disagree but again that is the truth.

      • Claire says:

        Don’t upset Dorothy! I love her insights!!

    • Bird says:

      Dorothy, thanks for the inside info! I’m all ears for anything else you’d like to share ;-) .

      • Dorothy says:

        Claire and Bird thanks sweeties!!! I hate when everybody picks on each other here, we are just here to gossip about celebs who make a very nice living off it, and those like GP who put it out there are fair game I think, but getting all mean with each other over this little stuff is just goofy so thanks for defending me. And I am nice – Never gossip in real life where it could actually hurt someone NEVER sell anything to the tabs (although there is a lot more truth in most than you would think!) or say the really bad stuff about even Goopers because of the kids. Never say a word about the nice ones or some other not cool ones but Gwynnie is just tooooooo much!. So thanks for defending – I am a dork and it did hurt my feelings so thanks for having my back you two!!! (And Gwynnie is the only celeb I do trash because she consistently hurts my friends and I have known her not well – no thanks – for decades) Again, you guys are sweet thanks. I like this site cause you guys are funny, so would hate to stop enjoying it because of some people that get all huffy with each other and all worked about this stuff :-) Don’t get that…

  38. Amelia says:

    My son thought McDonald’s stores were always closed until he was three years old and went to stay with my parents for a few days when our daughter was born. When he came back home, one of the first things he said was, “Mama, McDonald’s isn’t always closed! Grammy took me!”
    I held out as long as I could.

  39. Carolyn says:

    Silly Chris. If you’re going to give the kids contraband food, get rid of the evidence!!

  40. Beezers says:

    I will never understand how this woman was chosen as Most Beautiful. Of course, People traded the title for exclusive info about Iron Man 3. I guess I do understand how/why she was chosen!

  41. B says:

    He’s actually with her at the book signing.This is just another stupid news for all stupid goop haters. Keep on eating junk foods!

  42. Evelyn Apricots says:

    Joke is on Gwyneth. The Free Dictionary defines goop as a rude or ill-mannered person.

    @Dorothy – would love to hear more of your stories. Esp., do you think the Martin marriage is a happy one?

  43. Green Is Good says:

    Sometimes I just get a craving for a quarter pounder with cheese. Like tonight. And it was GOOD!

    Tomorrow ( or 8 hours from now) back to my normally healthy diet of fruits, veggies and low fat cheese.

  44. Niesje says:

    Personally I think McDonalds is pure poison, I never eat their stuff but it happened once or twice while I was on the road. Dhiarea insured.

    But kids are kids, and believe me these kids will binge on fast food behind mama’s back. Or don’t be surprised if they become junk food fanatics when they grow up.

  45. TherapyCranes says:

    I eat lean proteins, veggies, fruit, whole grains, no sugars or white flour. I run 5 times a week. On the weekend I usually have a splurge day where I eat sushi, pizza or a burger. I don’t see eating FF once in a while as a bad thing. I also don’t agree that its bad parenting to take your kid to mickey d’s once in a blue moon. Some people need to lighten up. Personally I don’t like McDonald’s and prefer Carls Jr but that’s just me. Sweet potato fries :)

  46. lisa says:

    why does no one type out vegetable? it isnt that long of a word

  47. Leek says:

    Who on earth micromanages dad’s time with the kids?!! I’m so happy to get away from them all for a few hours and for him to have to figure it out for himself that they could pretty much watch porn and shoot guns and I wouldn’t complain.

  48. Fake John Locke says:

    Your take down of Goopy has been dragging on for several years now. It’s boring as f-ck.

  49. rudy says:

    Supposedly Goop took the kids to MickyD’s recently and was caught on camera, red-handed, whopper in the mouth. About time the ‘public’ gets to see the real gynnie.