“Eminem acted sort of weird, uncomfortable during an interview” links

Eminem acted really weird during a TV interview. Hm. [Dlisted]
Beyonce made a special football something video. [Buzzfeed]
LOL at “anti-equestrian propaganda”. [Pajiba]
Brad Pitt & Michael Fassbender have an intense bromance. [LaineyGossip]
Michael Douglas moved some crap out of the home he shares with Zeta. [CDAN]
Chrissy Teigen’s got a great makeup artist. [Celebslam]
Will Smith needs money, I guess? [The Blemish]
Natasha Henstridge, what are you wearing?! [Go Fug Yourself]
Miranda Kerr pretty much showed her nips for NYFW. [IDLYITW]
Jesse James’ new wife thinks their marriage is perfect. Cough. [Bitten & Bound]
The trailer for Jesse Eisenberg’s new film, The Double. [Moe Jackson]
Bill Nye is going to dance his way into your heart. [A Socialite Life]
Kate Beckinsale, out and about in a flirty dress. [Popoholic]
Naomi Watts goes for a bike ride with her boys. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Bruno Mars will be the Super Bowl halftime act. [ICYDK]
The apocalypse is nigh. [Gawker]

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  1. blue marie says:

    it was awkward but harmless. he looks uncomfortable, but he always does in interviews. plus, man come on, it was with Musburger-did anyone expect it to be a real great interview?

    I never realized how tiny Bruno is until he was standing next to Menefee, Bradshaw and Strahan..

    • annabelle says:

      I don’t see what most folks are seeing. It was awkward, but he didn’t seem trashed or anything. I was under the impression he takes his struggle with sobriety very seriously. I think folks are just looking to talk smack about him.

      • Minty says:

        When I heard about this video, I clicked play with trembling hands… then, “Whew” The awkwardness seemed due to being in the presence of someone he admired and the headset. I’m going with “He’s Fine… and I do mean that in every sense of the word! whuh!”

  2. Miss M says:

    I think he was starstruck… 🙂

  3. QQ says:

    I hope he is not on pills again

  4. Cirque28 says:

    Eminem was joking.

  5. Kim1 says:

    I just watched season premier of The View with Jenny McCarthy her boyfriend Donnie Wahlberg was first guest.Well I gave it a chance.I will stick with Hoda and Kathie Lee.

  6. tmbg says:

    Nah, it looked like he was having trouble hearing and was just uncomfortable. I think he really got his life back on track for his daughter’s sake.

  7. Hillshmill says:

    I saw the Eminem thing live. He was joking around. I’m really surprised that people are making this into a thing. The two sports announces (especially the old dude) clearly had no idea what to talk to Eminem about and Em’s not exactly the small talk type.

  8. Argirl says:

    Doesn’t look that bad to me. He’s joking and trying to make the best of it.

  9. Mia 4S says:

    It’s Eminem, who knows?

    So did you hear who’s hosting the season premiere of Saturday Night Live? Not Lindsay Lohan. Shocker right? Amazingly they went with Tina Fey instead. 😉 Hanna Montana and her tongue host in October; that should be good for a cringe or two.

  10. Macey says:

    OMG, he was joking around. and no, he’s not back on drugs. he was mocking his own facial expression in the clip of video that they showed before the interview. It was a preview for the Bezerk video.
    this is all just hype to promote the new single and upcoming CD (which I cant wait for!).
    I thought he was did fine. he was just being em and then they talked football. He was never comfortable during interviews but he seemed to relax once they started talking football. I thought it was cute but then Im like a Stan for him..lol

  11. JH says:

    Uh, Eminem didn’t seem weird at all to me. More like charming and stoked to be there.

  12. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Even though I fight it every time, he still gives me biscuit-tingles.

  13. Jen says:

    I love Bruno Mars, I’m glad he’s getting such a huge opportunity.

  14. Mauibound says:

    Boy is Jesse James’ wife in the land of denial! I’m feeling sorry for her in advance.

    I’m not into DWWS but Go Bill Nye!

  15. Ok says:

    For the article on Jesse James wedding. I actually forgot he got married. I remember he was engaged.

    Well if he blows this marriage than he really is a moron. That girl is a BILLIONAIRE trust fund baby. He can be set for life if he can quelch the stupidity that will inevitably bubble up from within him.

  16. Dawn says:

    Yeah this has been everywhere this last weekend with his new CD coming out and all. The truth was he was uncomfortable but got better as he went along. It was live television and not his thing. I am not at all worried and can’t wait to hear his new CD and hopefully it will be amazing as his work normally is.

  17. Sabrine says:

    Slim Shady is the one and only rapper on this planet whose music I enjoy. Looking forward to his new CD.

  18. InVain says:

    Em is so fine. Surprised he went back to the bleached look, but I’d hit it so hard…mmmmmm. Thought the interview was pretty funny.

    I’ll be rooting for Bill Nye – we share a birthday! I hope he’s not awful.

  19. byandby says:

    Hey all! Digging this site for a while and felt the need to post because based on some of the comments I expected to see someone shaking, sweating, and eyeing the bathroom door. What I saw was incredibly sweet!

    A bit of a delay/sound problem I think, but to say, “Much like people have their fantasy football team, you are on my fantasy announcer team,” is respectful and beyond charming.

    I think we’ve become so used to seeing people being schlocky and over-rehearsed that to see someone just be natural seems “off.”

    • jes says:

      thank you for this comment! when he mentioned the fantasy announcer league, I cheered inside. classy, sweet and respectful.

  20. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    After hearing that Eminem adopted his niece AND his ex wife’s daughter with another dude (I think???Not quite so sure on whose kid was whose), I will be a fan for LIFE. He already was one of the few newer rappers that I liked, but knowing that just cemented it.

    He’s done some really shitty things in the past, but THAT^^^^ is a true indication of his character. I have so many relatives who are always trying to paw their kids off to whoever will watch them, so they can go out and party and do whatever it is that they want–instead of raising their kids. And the majority of these family members are women!

    So I applaud any guy that steps up and does what a real man is supposed to do–without asking for any special treatment/hoopla. I don’t think Eminem’s ever said to people who criticized his work that “I’m a good guy, because I did this….”.

    My mom and I actually talked about this a few days ago–taking in/raisng relative’s kids for an indefinite time because of something that came up, and I told her that the only way I would ever agree to take one of my cousin’s kids is if I got some paperwork that made me the mama. Because I’m not going to let someone who can’t take care of themselves come in and just take the kid that they can’t/won’t raise whenever they feel like I–saw this happen a few times too.

    They would leave their kid for part of the year–by the time the kid was settled and behaving, they’d come back and take him and he’d be back to square one with his behavior—not good. Or just generally try and go out and club as much as possible, whilst having 5 or 6 kids…

    Sorry for the rant….

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      I’m a fan of his for sure. All of that you mentioned is why and also because he has raw talent. People may not rap but I say he’s at the top of the rap game. He outdoes Jay Z and Kayne easily. His lyrics actually mean things and he’s just brilliant how he sets up his punchlines and songs. I’m beyond happy he got his life straightened out- I remember when ‘Hi, my name is’ first came out when I was a young girl. I listen to it now and I get a lot of what he lyrics actually mean and can appreciate it much more now.


  21. DD says:

    He was having feed trouble.

  22. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Oh Lord, I want whatever that heiress who married Jesse James, is smoking. I mean does she honestly think that this will work out? He JUST ended his engagement to Kat when she found out that he was screwing around on her—that was sometime last year!

    And there are kids in this mess! She’s got a kid; he’s got three. Unless she’s fine with him screwing around, I don’t see this lasting more than a few years (for the kids)—I hope she made him sign a prenup.

  23. Aloha says:

    And isn’t that just what Kat said about him? “We just have so much in common…” Maybe he is a bit of a chameleon…

  24. trudy221 says:

    Seems like he was having trouble hearing through the headphones and was TOTALLY starstruck to be in the presence of sports announcing LEGEND Brent Musburger. Nope, just see someone being respectful and awed by an idol and having trouble hearing. . . and of course, just the Eminem personality. Thumbs up.

  25. Adrien says:

    The only thing bothersome about the video was his botoxed face.

  26. justme says:

    I’ve been an Eminem fan for 12 years and this is how he’s always acted in interviews. Hes always seems slightly uncomfortable and tries to lighten the mood with saracastic humor. That’s just how he is, nothing to see here.