Paris Hilton took 30 swag bags from one suite at Sundance

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Most of us don’t need more reasons to hate Paris Hilton. Couldn’t we come up with at least 800 just sitting around, not really trying? But in case you were stuck at a mere 799 reasons to hate on the heiress, here’s another: according to the very reputable Reuters, Hilton took home thirty free bags of swag from one gift suite at Sundance. Not that we’d ever expect Paris to be anything but the tackiest of skanks, but still. Thirty is just beyond the pale.

Did that burglar get a lot more than we thought? Or, was just greed? Or, is she just a swag hag? We’ll let you be the judge. Word comes to us late on a Sunday night at the Sundance Film Festival that Paris Hilton left the Hollywood Life House gifting suite with 30 bags — 30 bags — stuffed full of free merchandise from Whiting & Davis, which makes metal mesh material and accessories.

Even the publicity people representing the Hollywood Life House seemed aghast, noting in a press release that the Hilton hotel heiress did it, “without shame.” And we’re wondering why she’s even here. It’s not like she’s in a movie at the festival. It was only about 18 months ago, after getting out of jail, that Paris said she was a changed person. She wanted to travel to Rwanda to do good. She told Newsweek magazine, “Before, my life was about having fun, going to parties — it was a fantasy. But when I had time to reflect, I felt empty inside. I want to leave a mark on the world.”

But here she is, at Sundance, with her hand — oh c’mon, her two hands and 14 other assistant’s pairs of hands — in the celebrity swag bag. In the middle of a global financial crisis with people losing their savings, losing their jobs, losing their homes, Paris Hilton – worth tens of millions, at the least — walks off with 30 bags of free merchandise. It is, at the least, shameful. Right?

[From Reuters]

I searched Hollywood Life’s website and found all sorts of gossip about Paris and her tacky behavior. And they didn’t spare her at all – clearly they were totally aghast that she’d behave like that – though not surprised.

Paris Hilton visited our Hollywood Life House Suite in Sundance today, and I witnessed it. The Hello Kitty ski cap? Present. The dainty photo-shoot saunter? Present. Over $6,000 worth of swag, including 30 Whiting & Davis handbags, designer boots, and Fake Bake bronzer? Very, very absent. Because Paris took them from us, of course.

I brandished an iced tea in the hallway and spied obviously as she strolled to the goody rooms. Paris’ recently anointed “BFF” Brittany Flickinger also accompanied her, and they threw on their not-really-a-coquette eyes for every camera in the house. I can’t deduce what one person does with 30 designer chain-mesh bags besides re-gift them, but I was in no mood for psychoanalysis or even connected thoughts after my full day of complimentary popcorn.

Yep, she’s pretty in person. No, I didn’t talk to her. What do you say to Paris Hilton? What must you ask? The point of Paris Hilton is reacting to her, and I adhered to that thesis. I will say, one of our marketing girls convulsed (in a concerning malaria way) when Paris left the room with the coo, “Bye, sexy bitches!” Judging by my associate’s sudden-onset seizure disorder, when Paris calls you a sexy bitch, you rise to an infallibility level just under Paris and well over Jesus. For real, Paris’ BFF canonized one of our photogs on the way out. To be fair, he’s attractive.

In the meantime, I’m still mortal. If I see Paris again, I hope she exceeds my expectations with a stunning patchwork gown made of 30 mesh bags. That would clarify her swag sweep for me. That I could ask some questions about.

–Louis Virtel

[From Hollywood Life]

Well I wish I could say I’m surprised but I’m not. Lots of classier celebs refuse the swag suites or are at least dignified enough to just take one or two things. I can’t blame people for wanting to go crazy, but come on – you’re adults, this isn’t time to go the whole “kid in a candy store” route.

Paris, however, will always only be interested in Paris. It doesn’t matter if something makes her look tacky – if it makes her happy in the moment, that’s what she’s going to do. And we’re going to keep making fun of her for being a tacky skank, because it makes us happy too. So really, we all win. Except for anyone else who wanted something from that swag suite.

Here’s Paris and her wonderboobs in Park City with supposed BFF Brittany Flickinger for Sundance on Sunday. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. RReedy says:

    Maybe she is so stupid she doesn’t realize that these freebies are reportable to the IRS.

  2. Sauronsarmy says:

    I feel bad for Robert Paris Hilton, the Hogans, and even Joe francis (sp?) are there. Sundance has become all about the celebs not the movies.

  3. Anna says:

    What on earth has happened to Sundance?

    This is the second year in a row that I am rolling my eyes, shaking my head and wondering what the hell is going on with that film festival.

    Why is Paris Hilton there?? My movie critic heart bleeds at horrors like these. Man, the world sure is a-changin’!

  4. kate says:

    come one now- i’m sure paris gave those swag bags to a homeless shelter.

  5. california angel says:

    It’s held in Utah and everyone expects it to be tackless and classy? Ha!

    I couldn’t get out of that state fast enough when I lived there.

  6. california angel says:

    Um, lol to myself, tactless

  7. Judy says:

    What is weird is in all the photos you never see her carrying these bags?? Why dont we see her with the stuff she allegedly took?? 30 bags is hard to hidr.

  8. CB Rawks says:

    They sound like those metal Glo-mesh bags from the seventies. Are those coming back around? Surely not! I should have kept the one I had when I was eight. It would be a fancy-ass vintage item now.

  9. Jaclyn says:

    Ugh, Brittany is so ugly, can’t wait until Paris kicks her off to the side.

  10. Syko says:

    Greedy bitch.

  11. deka says:

    rich and greedy
    great combo!!

  12. ChristinaX says:

    I thought the Sundance Film Festival featured thought-provoking films. There is nothing thought-provoking about Hilton.

    I take that back, actually. Maybe her purpose in society is an enigma. That’s all I can think of. Profound? Profoundly braindead maybe.

    I never got into that Sundance thing, but it seems that over the past year the Sundance Film Festival has become just another opportunity for celebrities to get their pictures taken in “outrageous getups”.

    Also, is her outfit made of garbage bags?

  13. Cougar says:

    Not being a celebrity, I’m curious how these things work. Could no one from Hollywood Life stop her? Is it unreasonable for someone working there to say “No ma’am . . one per customer. . . put those bags back skank”. It’s like they were helpless in watching her pick them clean. I don’t get it.

  14. BamaGuy says:

    The original concept Redford had of Sundance is now officially dead. Paris Hilton is utterly disgusting, and the fact that her activities are reported at all speaks volumes about what is wrong with America. We elevate this filthy rich slut to icon stature and report her every appearance, as if she is a role model for having really, really ‘made it’. It is sad.

  15. J.D.M.J. says:

    “…I want to leave a mark on the world.”
    She’s left a mark alright — a giant, smelly skid mark. Can we get one of her paid BFFs to clean up this festering mess?

  16. Tia says:

    LOL @ california angel: Yeah isn’t Utah home of the religious freaks, the Mormons.. hilarious.. I bet you couldnt get out of there fast enough.. LOLLLLL

  17. chi says:

    What an ugly, ugly person inside and out. And WHAT is that horrible ‘outfit’ she has on? Ugh.

  18. rosetta says:

    well you look good my friend i would like 2 see a naked pic of you bitch ass hoe sexy mama…got more later my sexy bitch.

  19. yasar acar says:

    Thanks for post, i understand that exactly. =)