Gwyneth Paltrow & Stella McCartney want to sell you a frumpy $1240 onesie

Continuing Gwyneth Paltrow’s life mission to tell other rich white women what they should buy, what they should never eat, how to hold in their perfect farts and how they should all be more like her, this week’s Goop-letter is a doozy. You know how Gwyneth is really close to Stella McCartney, right? It’s not for any real affection for Stella’s designs, although Gwyneth occasionally deigns to wear something Stella made. No, I really think Gwyneth and Stella are cut from the same cloth and they recognize that in each other. Both are second-generation celebrities, born into exclusivity and elitism and a wealth of family connections. Both have severe critics who they barely acknowledge with an eye-roll. Neither woman is as talented as they think they are. And so… for more than a decade, a friendship has been nurtured. And now they are joined as one. Stella has “designed” a capsule collection for Goop. Gwyneth announced it in this week’s Goop-letter:

Sometimes in life you get a girlfriend who becomes like a sister. Someone who really sees you. Who is as honest with you as they are loving. Who shares a similar world view, who has similar values. Who is a bit of a life raft when you live in a country that you lovingly adopt, but is not your own. Who also happens to be hilarious and a bit naughty and is constantly trying to get the balance of everything right, just like you are. Who is also one of your favorite designers ever, who has a ruthless eye and makes perfect, perfect things. Stella is that girl and so much more. I convinced her to do a collaboration, a very mini capsule collection of some beautiful, covetable things.

Here it is: Stella x goop.

Love, gp

[From Goop]

“Who shares a similar world view, who has similar values.” As I was saying, elite white women born into privilege flock together. You can see the capsule collection here – the purses are okay, but as I’m writing this, the $770 clutch (IT’S NOT EVEN LEATHA!) and the $1230 shoulder bag are both sold out. Yes, those are the correct prices. There’s also a $1240 onesie with unfortunate bulges (ha), black pants (which you could easily find at The Limited) for $835, and a $1895 black blazer. FOR REAL. This is some racket for Goop.

Here’s the video of the Goop-Stella capsule collection launch “English Garden Party” thing. Cameron Diaz was there. Rachel Zoe was there (awkward – because Cameron fired Rachel Zoe last year, I believe). Various models were there. Chris Martin was there. Sarah Jessica Parker was there. Paul McCartney and Blythe Danner were there. No fatties were allowed there. No adult under 5’8” was allowed in. All of the children had to be blonde-ish too. Do you smell that? That’s the smell of trust funds.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Pastyousayyouneverknew says:

    Stella McCartney – a designer whose clothes I abhor
    Gwyneth Paltrow – a human being I despise

    Nope, not even gonna pinterest that shit.

  2. carol says:

    why is stella McCartney so annoying?

    • Daphne says:

      Born on third base and thought she hit a triple.

    • whatsyourname says:

      I don’t know what’s her problem but in all honestly I always thought her mother to be anoying to, I know I know but please that’s just the way I feel about it. And I don’t understand what PAuls problem is selling out to goop? I fit was his daughter fine go ahead byt Gwyneth? Whatever…

    • Florc says:

      Stella has an elitist attitude and her clothes for the most part blow. She gets her celeb friends to wear them and it’s unfortunate looking. If her father was not a Beatle she’d have not made it in fashion. Anyone else notice her collections seem to be budget rip offs of collections from fashion houses averaging 3 years ago?

      • gayle says:

        Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! Well said and absolutely bang-on. If it wasn’t for her dad (Paul Mac)and the celeb following she has on account of her name, she wouldn’t be where she is – no question. I’m not saying her stuff is hideous – for the most part, it’s mediocre, mid-market and extremely over-priced. Nothing special or distinctive about it.

    • gefeylich says:

      For the same reason Paltrow is so annoying: they’re both entitled, marginally talented celebrity spawn who honestly believe they’re true “artistes” and are committed to hitting everyone else over the head with it at every turn.

      Please. Paltrow’s father bought her that Oscar and McCartney’s dad is the power behind her “fashion house.”

  3. lenje says:

    Oh well, say what you wanna say about Stella McCartney. I’m still coveting the Falabella bag *sigh*

    • Diane says:

      I too love the look of this bag but it’s not real leather (her choice to go Vegan) but the price is for leather…$1200-1600. I’m sorry. If I ever pay that much for a fake leather bag, I hope someone puts me in a padded cell.

      • emmie_a says:

        Yeah, it’s nice that she sticks to her vegan beliefs and doesn’t use leather — but I’m not sure how she can justify those prices. If the materials are less expensive then the prices should be too… I’ve never bought a purse or shoes that aren’t leather — I wonder how the alternative stuff holds up??

        btw, when you mentioned a padded cell, my mind went to the quilted dress Victoria Beckham wore the other day!

      • bluhare says:

        I have a Stella non-leather bag and it has held up great. I didn’t pay anywhere near those prices for it though. Got it on sale somewhere.

        I don’t particularly care for her aesthetic either, but I will give her kudos for sticking to her beliefs.

      • emmie_a says:

        bluhare: Thanks for the info! …Now I just have to find a 90% off sale to be able to afford one of her bags!

      • bluhare says:

        emmie, that’s petty much what I did. I think it was Neiman Marcus actually.

  4. Aussie girl says:

    Wasn’t Stella madonnas buddy? As was Tracey.

    • lucy2 says:

      Maybe Goop is SWF’ing Madonna? Stealing all her friends, trying to have a music career, being obsessed with working out…
      In a few years we’ll see her with chicken cutlet cheeks. Organic, free range, plucked by mute nuns chicken cutlets, of course.

    • La la says:

      GOOP made it a point to tell Vogue in 2008 that it was she who introduced Tracy to Madonna, and that “Madonna steals all my people.”

  5. LadyMTL says:

    A black blazer for almost 2K? Jeebus, that’s the biggest rip off of them all! It’s not like black blazers are hard to find, even designer ones.

    *Eyerolls and headshakes*

  6. LAK says:

    In black and white, you can really see how bad GOOP’s skin is.

  7. mrspatrickbateman says:

    Where did the name ‘Goop’ or ‘Goopy’ come from? I thought it was a joke name for her but I see she embraces it. It’s not a very cute nickname but more a name for the stuff on the bottom of my shoe, why is she ok with it?

  8. Hannah says:

    Those models are painfully thin!

    • whatsyourname says:

      They must suffer for art(and maybe die God forbid.
      Gwyneth PAltrows and Stella McCartneys art..

      • Sophie says:

        That was the first thing I thought when I saw the website! Is it because they had to find models who were thinner than goop?

    • gg says:

      They’re all suffering from delusion from lack of nutrition so they buy plastic purses/suitcases for $1200 and think it makes them look smart. hahaha, joke’s on them.

  9. Ellie66 says:

    The first picture looks like its from the 90s pointy shoes and chokers? I wouldn’t pay 1800$ for any piece of clothing, I could buy a winter wardrobe for that and a few sweaters for my slightly overweight Pug, Bruno. ;)

  10. Skyblue says:

    That little garden party video is painfully pretentious and self absorbed.

    • HappyMom says:

      I was neutral on Goop until that video. But now-ick.

    • Zimmer says:

      I love the finger-sized ice cream cones offered to the children. Wouldn’t want them to gain more than an ounce now, would we?

    • MistyNinja says:

      It looked so fing boring too. If I went to that party I would have done one or more of these things.

      1. I would get buzzed from lack of food and only drinks, say this is boring really loud, cackle and snort, and leave while grabbing a palette of ice cone bites. 2. Order pizza and wings. 3. Call the red cross and alert them to a famine at Goop’s house. 4. Cry with rage-I thought this was a party. 5. Say really loud someone forgot the food. Leave. Go to the store get ground beef, ground turkey, and veggie burgers. Get riot gear and start grilling up real food.

      The riot gear is to protect me from the starving people. I had an eating disorder. I could control not eating unless someone made mouthwatering food around me. Then my reptilian brain would take over and kill anything that got in my way of food.

    • Teel says:

      That ‘Garden Party’ is beyond eye-rolling belief. A giant pimp PR for Stella McCartney’s crap. Display for handbags at a garden party? Really? You know what the handbags would look like at one of my garden parties? (i.e. backyard BBQ drinkfest). 2 plastic liquor store bags; 7 local grocery store green bags; 2 backpacks; 2 giant tote bags with extra shoes inside; 4 giant baby things, where you bring everything for the baby including future high school text books (weirdly, these girlfriends don’t have kids, they just like the giant totes). Nothing over about $30. And we probably have more fun, cuz no freaking PR shots expected.

  11. Evelyn Apricots says:

    I read that is was a family name. But joke is on her because one of definitions of goop is a rude or ill-mannered person, so i guess it’s an appropriate name for her.

  12. teehee says:

    So elitist and obliviously so.

  13. mia girl says:

    What in the he** is Goop wearing in the first pic?!
    Is that a slip from Sears?

  14. eliza says:

    This is strictly my opinion, so please no one take it wrong.

    McCartney is a terrible designer who only has gotten to where she is by virtue of being Sir Paul McCartney’s daughter and friend to many top tier celebrities through being brought up privileged. I love fashion and worked in the industry at one time for a major fashion publication in France until I moved back to the US. I have never understood the frenzy over her designs or her personally. She has SOME talent but certainly not anything that is terribly extraordinary or speacial.

    This Paltrow collaboration says all you need to know.

    Excuse typos. I am on my phone.

    • Amory says:

      I’ve always wondered about that. I personally find her stuff unflattering and dull, but she does seem to have people willing to wear her stuff on the red carpet. But there are other who bought their way in (Katie Holmes, I’m looking at you). For as ridiculous as she seems at times, Victoria Beckham at least designs nice pieces.

    • K says:

      Your opinion is fact, eliza.

      • Dorothy says:

        I don’t get it are you being supportive or a mean girl to Eliza? And for Happy Mom’s “huh” to me…huh? Not being mean just don’t get huh? Oh well, have a good weekend everybody.

  15. Sparkly says:

    Wow, except for the purse, I don’t even think I’d buy any of that at Goodwill. I guess if you’re rich, all you need is to slap “exclusive” on something and some schmuck will pay thousands for it.

  16. IceQueen says:

    How many of those people pretend that they like/want to be there…The pretentiousness is so obvious that it’s even funny to watch.

  17. Gayle says:

    Stella doesn’t use leather bc she’s a vegan

    • LeLe25 says:

      Yes. I do not care if people are not fans of her designs, I respect that she is providing clothing that is forward thinking in regards to sustainability and animal cruelty.

      “It’s not even LEATHER!” As if flesh from cows is somehow better quality…

      • drdoolittling says:

        It IS better quality fabric. That’s a fact. It’s great that she wants to go vegan and not use animal products but the truth is, she’s charging prices that are found with leather. No man-made fabric will hold up as well as leather.

      • LeLe25 says:

        Leather is not a fabric, it is a skin. Skins crack, get worn out, and tear. Many sustainable materials and fabrics have come a long way and have great staying power.

        Should she charge such prices? Debatable. In my opinion it makes sense to pay more for clothes that are responsibly made then some high-end lines that do nothing in the way of human/ animals rights or sustainability, and are made with harsh, gross chemicals.

        That is just my opinion though :/

      • bluhare says:

        drdoolittle, I have a Stella bag and it’s held up as well as any leather bag I have.

      • bobbiesue says:

        Do you know the chemicals used to make that plastic material? The factory churning that stuff out…The cost to the environment? The pollutants? The half-life decomposition alone on the bags…it’s great she’s saving cows..she’s still HURTING the environment.

      • LeLe25 says:

        I don’t want to misunderstand your point, so I’ll address it from both ends.

        If your point is these materials are not great for the environment… I will agree with you there.

        If your point is they are worse than most newly made leather products, I disagree. Stella’s bags are made of polyurethane; so yes fossil fuels are involved. But toxicity in production and wearer is lower than leather. Furthermore she employs people in Italy at fair wages and her purses feature handcrafted details along with eco glues and dyes.

        Leather production causes more CO2 to be realeased on average due to cow byproduct and production of the skins. They are also extremely toxic to the wearer and community they are made in due to chromium pollution. Oh yeah, and many cows are killed which bums me out. Plus the food they consume puts pressure on our soils that is causing nutrient depletion. Many high end designers and no name designers alike do not release their process for clothing creation, so we have no way of knowing if they are as conscious as Stella in their production of clothing/ handbags.

        Everyone has their own idea of what environmental impact is worse; in my opinion leather production as it is now (for the majority of creators) is far more polluting.

      • bobbiesue says:

        My point is that the plastics are bad for the environment. Period. And her belief system about animals, and from that, the assumption about care for their environment and the world at large would have been better served by a different career other than manufacturing goods. Especially since many see her lacking in talent, perhaps she could have worked for Greenpeace or at Unicef.

        The Native Indians have been tanning hides for centuries without chemicals. Here’s an idea…take the skin of one of the millions of cows already slaughtered for hamburger consumption and create a capsule collection of 100 unique, hand-produced chemical-free bags using the old methods and sell for an exorbitant amount to 100 of your closest celebrifaux-friends at a garden party. Then the plebes won’t also be carrying it, a la the pleather python Falabella.

      • bobbiesue says:

        Btw, it seems from two different posts that you’re arguing that polyurethane is a “sustainable” material. It’s not. Sustainable materials would be if she, say, made a bag out of decompositional corn. You’re not going to take the Falabella to a recycling center when you’re done with it after a year and its not going to break down in your compost pile.

      • Shoe_Lover says:

        I think Kaiser was referring to the cost with the “its not even leather” comment

  18. mouse says:

    And…as LaineyGossip pointed out….play the “spot the person of colour” game with that video.

    You’ll lose.

    • Eleonor says:

      The same thing I’ve noticed. I’ve spotted an asian girl (probably), but nothing more.
      I suppose that’s her target: white blonde superthin and superich women…

  19. GiGi says:

    Wow. Gwyneth’s look from the neck up is just a solid 1996 reference.

    I often wonder about these people – does it not occur to them, or bother them at all that their world is so, so homogenous? I mean, I guess Goop is tight with the Carters… but there seems to be absolutely no diversity in their circle otherwise.

    And what’s Chris Martin’s background? I always guessed him to be solidly middle class. If I were him I’d be avoiding all this Goop stuff like the plague.

  20. Easi says:

    I love the video has Cameron Diaz with shots. She looks fun.

  21. Susan says:

    Why is there no piano key neck-tie in this collection?

  22. j.eyre says:

    200 points to Kaiser for the Working Girl reference.

  23. marina says:

    Wow, I thought Miley’s videos were painful to watch. Talk about detached from reality. Who are the people they are trying to appeal to? I am solidly upper middle class and I find both to be so off putting and obnoxious.

  24. Mandy says:

    For the love, Goop!!
    Both the blazer and pants are the equivalent of nearly three months of mortgage payments for me….

  25. Mabs says:

    OMG, wtf was that vid I just watched? The oddest most bizarre montage I’ve ever seen…absolutely nothing but six-month-old toasted white bread.

  26. gloaming says:

    They disabled comments on the video. Obviously.

  27. Sammi says:

    What do these two insufferable twits have against wearing a bra?

  28. ‘That’s the smell of trust funds’ haha

  29. Amy says:

    I guess black and Hispanic people aren’t allowed at English garden parties? Unless, of course, they’re serving.

  30. Amy says:

    Also, how painful did that performance by the kids look? Can you imagine a fresher hell than having to watch Apple et al pretend to be rock stars.

  31. poppy says:

    where would either be if not for nepotism. boring egomaniacal hacks.

    too bad hit counters can’t differentiate between those there to mock and those with genuine interest. or would it be an “any publicity is good publicity” type thing? because of this i will not click -refuse to feed the goop beast.

    wonder if gooper’s scooter gloves were from the goop-mccartney capsule? practically mutilating your daughter on a vespa calls for nothing less than the finest vegan millinery i suppose.

  32. TrustMOnThis says:

    These people will sell you an adorable onesie for about a Benjamin:

  33. Ginger says:

    Honestly, IF I were ever going to spend that kind of money on a bag it would be a Chanel!

  34. Tiffany says:

    So two of the bags have already sold out. They are never going to go away.

  35. HappyMom says:

    Honestly, it’s not like I have the most diverse group of friends either. That said-holy entitlement. From the tiny bits of food, to the dancing around, to the size 2 model types, oh my god-I can’t even put into words how obnoxious that video is.

  36. Amanda says:

    What is the info on that top picture? Usually Goop is so basic and boring to me, but I love her look in that photo! It’s so nice to see her in a look that doesn’t just make me think of flavorless oatmeal

  37. Cora says:

    That is the whitest party I’ve ever seen. Everyone there was white (and undernourished).

  38. Meggin says:

    Stella’s clothes are not at all attractive!

  39. MollyB says:

    1) Who has an outdoor party with no chairs? Seriously. Did everyone stand the whole time?
    2) Gwyneth’s super fake, hilariously bad mouthing “GOOD JOB!” to the kids made my day.
    3) Why were Stella and Goop making out at the end of the video?

  40. Mingy says:

    guess goop didnt invite beyonce and jayz to her english garden party..hhmmmm wonder why.

  41. Madriani's Girl says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Stella McCarthy has absolutely no business designing paper dolls, let alone clothing? Her “designs” are beyond barfugly and unflattering.

  42. Kiddo says:

    They are not trying to sell them to you. You don’t exist in their world.

  43. Grace says:

    comment of the day…MISTYNINJA…
    alert them of a famine…
    “where’s the food”?
    spot on. funny, but spot on. as ALL of the comments are.
    These people are indescribably boorish.

  44. madchen says:

    Her early stuff for Chloe was interesting and had a fresh take on the kind of stale rock chick stuff that was available at the time. Since then there’s been a lot of repetition and little that interests. Also, those black wool pants are really, really ugly.

    • duchessofhazard says:

      Phoebe Philo was McCartney’s second in command at Chloe. So when McCartney left, Chloe realised who did the real designing.

    • Caz says:

      Rumours went round for years that it was Phoebe who really did the designing.

      Stella’s clothes seem to get worse as the years go on. LOL at the people who pay retail for them…they’re being “had”.

  45. Maum says:

    Chris Martin went to Sherborne, a rather posh English boarding school (Tara Palmer-Tomkinson went there) so we can safely say he’s not common.

    Stella MacCartney is a horrible class-ist person. She claims to be ‘working-class’ but resented the fact that her parents didn’t send her to a private school. She said that when attending her school she was a pre-emptive bully to avoid being bullied herself because of who her parents were.

    She also calls her four nannies (one per kid) ‘friends’ because she’s not comfortable with the notion of having staff (her words).

    As for her clothes? Whenever I see some celeb wearing something unflattering 9 times out of 10 it’s a MacCartney- that horrible polka dot asymmetrical sheer panelled dress that everyone wore a couple of years ago being a case in point.

    The saddest thing is that I have never seen Stella wear anything of hers that she looked good in.

    By the way she looks different on these pics. Has she had something done?

    • TG says:

      I will have to say Isabel Marant shoes tie for worst celeberity wear. No one looks good in thos martian shoes that everyone is wearing in Hollywood now. It makes all legs look short and squat. Oh, don’t forget Marchesa. Ha-ha.

    • Dorothy says:

      Chris has never been a snob before and his family has real class as in they are disgusted with their daughter in law. Soon as someone figures out what the hell is going on with him (and NO ONE knows) frankly I won’t give a damn anymore. He is the only hope for those kids.

  46. catt says:

    I too want to know the ‘meaning’ behind those two pretentious twits kissing at the end of that video.
    What am I missing that I cannot interpret it?
    Maybe the meaning is too deep for me.

    • ds says:

      That’s because they’re so cool and crazy and laid back… girls having fun… It’s just that they’re not teens on a night out. They try to sell this posh coolness and then that…
      Ufff I never cared much for Goop but the more I see her the more I think of her as some sort of poor woman actually.
      ps I bet they practiced that; like which angle works better…

  47. MAC says:

    Dead over processed hair meets it twin. How do they let that happen? Do proper treatments especially if you have mid length or long hair. I have long hair and it keeps it from looking like I accidentally lit my hair on fire and have left over fringe.

  48. Reece says:

    You know if her kids hadn’t been wearing masks in that video (monstrosity) I wouldn’t have know it was them. Or maybe if ALL the kids had been wearing masks…*eye roll*

  49. Justme says:

    I’m astounding how these richy gals have such awful skin and horrible hair. You would think they would pay for the best for that stuff, but whatever they are using is not working. Their HAIR?!! Dry, damaged, overprocessed, split ends, just icky, maybe GOOP should look into writing about CONDITIONNERS and trying some.

    Was Naomi Watts there? I read no mentino of it, but I thought I saw her?? Hope not, Naomi is classier than this whitebread, elite bunch.

  50. LaurieH says:

    I am not a fan of Stella McCartney’s designs. At all.

  51. bbanorab says:

    White people :/

  52. Dorothy says:

    It is irresponsible to be reporting on this woman at this point until she receives help or at least in prosecuted for child endangerment. I know people she upsets regularly so I listen to them because they are my friends and they are horrified but I am not going to read or comment on her anymore. Just done. Chris, man up for your kids sake and get them away from her fast.

  53. snappyfish says:

    that video was the worst thing ever.

  54. St says:

    I wonder if someone will do parody on this video. It’s hilarious. Specially after Lainey’s: “Spot non-white person there”.

  55. Mina says:

    My peasant ass once made the mistake of stepping into the elevator at bergdorf’s. I was met by the coldest stares by the same biotches that enjoy getting ripped off for a delusional goop lifestyle. Whatever, to each their own. My main dislike w/goop is her disguised eating disorder that she pushes onto her children.

  56. daniel says:

    She has absolutely NO credibility in the fashion arena and has no right being there. It’s all junk.

  57. Jayna says:

    That’s the best Stella has ever looked, hair and facewise. I love the shorter cut with the long choppy layers and the deeper color.

  58. Kelly says:

    That party looks dull as dirt. Also, it doesn’t even look fancy. Maybe these items sold out because their friends bought them? I can’t imagine anyone who was not at that party and encouraged to buy something would want those items.

  59. bobbiesue says:

    That clip is simply painful to watch. Cynthia Rowley is just like “there is one fashion talent at this party.” Even her children are giving the party the side-eye in photos! Hilariously awful.

  60. Trashaddict says:

    OMG I just had a revelation. It’s too bad she’s too old to play it now, but I swear Goop would be a picture-perfect Daisy Buchanan. Just your average whacked out neurotic with delusions of soulfulness wrapped up in an expensive lifestyle.

  61. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Hope those clothes are sweatshop free!

  62. Mario says:

    Gwyneth looks terrible in those photo’s. Stella’s perfume smells wonderful but its unfortunate that she gets pulled into the shallow Hollywood scene too easily.

  63. Suki2 says:

    That was just so…naff. Still cringeing.

  64. Jo Darby says:

    I would hate people to think this is what a party consists of in England!

  65. Nonny says:

    Just watched that vidoe. What a shower of D*ckheads. Yawn…….