Vince Vaughn on “Oprah”: Jen’s “one of my favorite people” (update: video)

In an appearance on today’s “Oprah,” Vince Vaughn sort of acknowledged his relationship with co-star Jennifer Aniston when questioned directly, but he gave the old “Jen’s my friend” response earlier in the interview:

Vince speaks highly of his Break-Up co-star, whom he is also dating. “Jennifer’s great. She’s one of my favorite people,” says Vince. “She’s just really smart and funny and easy to be with—very considerate. She’s great.”

Even though they’re hounded by the press and there’s a lot of controversy over Pitt leaving Aniston for Angelina Jolie, you think Vaughn could come up with a better way to handle it than to act like he’s just buddies with his live-in girlfriend. He told David Letterman about a week ago that “I’m not saying we are or aren’t a couple. I think she’s great, but I just don’t discuss whether we are.”

That’s weird and most celebrities at least acknowledge their significant other without getting into too much detail. It’s strange that Vaughn is referring to Aniston like a friend’s sister or someone he just happens to know, and it doesn’t make their relationship seem too secure.

When Oprah asked Vince if he considered having children with Aniston, he didn’t jump back into his “just friends” mantra and seemed to acknowledge that he’s with her. He said there’s no way he’s having kids with her, though:

Does Vince want to have kids? “At some point I would,” says Vince. “I’ve always liked kids a lot—but no plans for the future. First we have to have the $8 million wedding!”

Has Vince discussed having kids with Jennifer? “No, I have not talked about having kids with Jennifer,” he says. “I think [having children] takes a lot of focus, takes a lot of attention. I think it would be nice at some point to have a different priority in something else as you’ve sort of done stuff and challenged yourself, I think that time would come. But not any time in the near future for me, I don’t think.”

It doesn’t sound like VInce wants to stay in his relationship. Any guy his age who wants kids but doesn’t want them with their girlfriend – just doesn’t want to be with their girlfriend.

Aniston is said to have asked Vince to give up a role that would have required him to film abroad for three months, suggesting that she’s just as clingy and whiny as everyone thinks she is.

Aniston is also said to be devastated by the artsy pictures of Brad and Angelina on the beach in Namibia that came out a couple weeks ago. She was nearly in tears and said that Brad never looked that happy with her. It’s just a matter of time before Vince wises up, too.

Here is Vince on Oprah. Thanks to marthaz on the JJB board for pointing these out.

Update: Video segment of Vince on Oprah:

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  1. millie says:

    Ouch! All I can say after reading Vince’s words is that he’s “not that into her” .. poor Jennifer. He could have been a little more effusive about her though.. I think they’re going to stick together for their movie but that’s it. When I guy tells you “I see kids in a distant future, sure, but NOT with you” there isn’t really much else to say, right? IMO, if a guy is really crazy about you, he wants to seal it with kids too, just like Brad with Angelina. He probably did’t take his paws off until she got pregnant.

  2. millie says:

    I’m reading it again.. did he really say “ONE of my favorite people”??? Oh, that’s cold!

  3. celebitchy says:

    He did say “one of my favorite people,” I got that from the Oprah website. That is cold, isn’t it? Maybe you’re right that they won’t last after the movie premieres. If I liked Jen I might feel sorry for her.

  4. Kia says:

    “ONE of my favourite people”!!! Come on, he could do better than that.. he might as well have said “I like hanging out with her” please… if that wasn’t clear rejection i don’t know what is! Jen deserves more!

  5. celebitchy says:

    It’s really cold, isn’t it? Jen needs to work on her self esteem too, though, because based on the things she’s saying she doesn’t think she deserves more. Her boyfriend should at least be willing to admit in public that they’re together.

  6. carmen says:

    i hope he doesnt stick around her too much longer~he needs someone a bit more youthful with a mischeviousness about them – like me. :0) hes hot man,…i love his crazy man laugh.