Christina Hendricks in a bold print for charity benefit: unflattering or stunning?

Here are some new photos of Christina Hendricks at a private fundraiser for The Rape Foundation. It was the ‘Annual Brunch To Benefit The Rape Treatment Center & Stuart House’. For this outing, Christina wore this floral dress which… I mean… ugh. I love her, I really do. I want her to look amazing every time I see her. I want to know it’s possible for a curvy lady with enormous boobs to look good in quality clothes. But I really worry that Christina doesn’t know how to dress for her figure. A bold print like this works on slender women, but on Christina… she looks like a mural. She looks like a couch.

I decided to talk about Christina because we still haven’t discussed the fact that AMC and Matthew Weiner have decided to split up the last season of Mad Men. SO MUCH MEGAN. You know it will be even more Megan Draper, spread out across a year a half. And I’m not sure I can do it. Basically, the seventh and final season is going to be split into two halves, the first half airing next year and the last half airing in 2015. They’re also adding one or two episodes to the final season. Weiner said: “We plan to take advantage of this chance to have a more elaborate story told in two parts, which can resonate a little bit longer in the minds of our audience.”

This move actually makes me dislike Weiner and Mad Men even more – you know how much I hated the last two seasons of The Megan Show or Don Draper Slips Into Alcoholic Oblivion. Slate had a good piece on why the split season makes good financial sense, but it reminds me of what they did to The Closer’s final season, which was incidentally THE WORST season. TV creators try to jam in all of this crazy sh-t into the final season and it’s a money grab, and the result is that the last season of a beloved show is rather aimless and stupid. I’m assuming that’s what will happen here.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Brooke says:

    Grandma called, she wants her drapes back.

    • Rosemary says:

      But seriously, what do you do with boobs and hips on a day-to-day basis?
      Unless you want a bondage look, you just have to dress them demurely…and they will dictate how the public perceives you and your body.

  2. Zoid says:

    Wow, I was expecting to hate it like I do most of her clothing, but I don’t. The print looks like my Grandmas winter curtains but she pulls it off better than others would have.

    • Aiobhan says:

      I agree. It fits well on her body. The shoes are awful, but overall she looks really good.

    • Stef Leppard says:

      Yeah, I don’t hate it. The cut is flattering and the pattern looks good with her hair. Her husband looks like a mad scientist or something. Hilarious!

  3. misstressofsylar says:

    re:season split, i’m thinking one of the reasons they did it is to give thw Hamm a better shot at finally winning Best Actor since Bryan Cranston will only be qualified until 2014.

    • Katie says:

      This was my first thought as well. No more Breaking Bad.

    • emmie_a says:

      That was my thought but – They’re splitting it for Jon and for the show to have a chance at awards. And hey, they split the last season of Breaking Bad and it worked out for them.

      p.s. Love Christina’s dress. I like how she mixes things up and takes risks w/different styles. Sofia Vergara should try a shape like this sometime (I don’t think the print would work for Sofia though!)

  4. Tanguerita says:

    I actually would have liked this dress on her if it was in a solid colour. Loathe the decision to split up the last season – either man up and make two seasons or just get through with it. This way it’s neither here nor there. As for Megan – let’s hope she f… off to Hollywood and we never hear from her again.

  5. Christin says:

    The dress pattern is different, yet I’m not sure she looks like a couch. Her figure is bust and hips, but relatively small otherwise. As for the show, Megan is my least favorite character.

  6. grabbyhands says:

    I don’t hate the dress, but I feel like her girls are so huge that she needs an open neckline rather than a dress that covers them up. It’s like the coverage turns them into one giant super boob. I think if the dress were a sleeveless v neckline, it might be more flattering.

    • BW says:

      I don’t hate the dress. I hate the sleeves. The width of the sleeves is adding width to her overall shape, which she doesn’t need. If the sleeves were close fitting or cap sleeves or sleeveless, then I think it would look better.

      • grabbyhands says:

        HAHAHA!! I was just coming back to edit my comment that maybe it isn’t the neckline, but the sleeves! I think we’re on to something. 🙂

  7. brin says:

    Love her hair and make-up but not the dress.

  8. MsLib says:

    I love her, love her husband…Hate the dress!

  9. Nicolette says:

    Love her curvy figure, but this look does nothing for her.

  10. hadleyb says:

    I love the dress if only she would take those huge ass implants out, she would look a million times better.

    Those boobs make her look overweight, they are just too damn big.

  11. Anon33 says:

    I was under the impression that AMC was more behind the move than Weiner & co because they saw how it increased viewership and anticipation for Breaking Bad.
    As for the dress, it would have been much better with a fitted three quarter length sleeve. She should not ever wear a bell sleeve.

    • Lauren says:

      Yes, it was AMC’s decision. That’s where Weiner’s quote about it being an opportunity comes from – it wasn’t his idea but he’s going to make it work.

      Come on guys, get the facts before reporting!

  12. DGO says:

    The colors are great on her.

    • Shaz says:

      This – I don’t usually like floral prints, but this one is oddly appealing, and the colors are perfect for her.

  13. Bananapants says:

    I have a hard time with all the Christina hype, because those are not her real boobs, therefore all this talk of her curves is sort of false. I’m sorry to be a jerk, I really like her and I really love her on the show, but I’ve seen pictures of her from the 90’s and she did not have the cantaloupes back then. It’s fine, I just wish she would acknowledge it. Or the press. Anyone.

  14. blue marie says:

    the dress makes her look like she has a uni-boob. I dunno, I don’t like it

  15. megs283 says:

    I would love the dress with a different neckline, but I’m really just commenting to add my voice to the chorus of “WTF” in regard to the season split.

    What.the.heck. I enjoy Mad Men, but let’s not drag things out. Not to take it personally, but it’s insulting to the audience. Just have a regular season and be done with it. Adding an extra episode doesn’t make up for stretching a show 365 days beyond its expiration date.

  16. IrishEyes says:

    I don’t mind the dress, but it needs a belt.

  17. Chinoiserie says:

    I always love print, maybe because unlike many here it seems both of my grandmothers have very simple 50s decor. She looks great and this is the the right use of green for a redhead in my opinion, just the right amount to flatter her.

  18. Feebee says:

    I like the print but it’s the neckline and sleeves that screw the look for her. I think more v in the neck and fit in the sleeves.

  19. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    No on the dress.

    Totally agree with Kaiser on the last season of The Closer. What a disappointment.

  20. Madriani's Girl says:

    Eric McCormack is so damn hot. Much hotter than when he was on Will and Grace. Maturity only made him sexier.

  21. HK9 says:

    A V neck or low(ish) square neckline with sleeves that are tighter would have been better. It’s not horrible, but it’s not great either.

  22. Enn says:

    Those sleeves are taking her right into South Florida retiree territory.

    Re: the boobs – let’s say they’re real. I know more than a few women who have very, very large chests and would like to have a reduction. They get backaches, they struggle to find clothes, they pay a fortune for good bras. Their insurance won’t cover reduction and they don’t have the money to pay out of pocket. So why is CH still strolling around with these melons? I can’t imagine that they don’t cause her some pain, and she’s shown that she doesn’t know how to dress them. She can certainly afford a reduction that would take her down to a DD.

    I don’t get it.

  23. Shelly says:

    I don’t mind the dress. She looks nice. I don’t like the pumps with it, though.

  24. Maggie says:

    Grandma’s cutains, Grandma’s body too!

  25. bettyrose says:

    Aiyah! Who would that look good on??

  26. nicegirl says:

    OK, I do NOT hate this dress at all on this gorgeous gal, I just think it may have been closer to a hit for her figure with a wide-ish black belt and some open toed cute as heck black shoes. Anyone?

    Love the colors on her for sure. What a beautiful lady and such a darling hubby.

  27. joan says:

    Her husband always looks like he’s standing on a chair by her, he doesn’t look like he could be taller than she when he looks so childlike and she so adult.

  28. Mel says:

    OK, I think finally I may be getting the point of her ludicrous sense of “fashion”… She is going for an non-plus-ultra-hyper-extremely-oldfashioned look, because she senses THAT’s her ticket to the future (in movieland and, especially, in her fandom). Not only does that set her apart from all others, but it “excuses”, in a way, her overabundance of “curves”, making her something of an “iconic” figure, even.
    (Please, excuse the overbaundance of quote marks.)

    It’s a smart strategy, and it is clearly working.
    (But the dress still looks like something a batty old aunt would fashion out of hideous curtains in times of war).

  29. lisa2 says:

    I actually like the dress. I don’t like the neckline. But I have to say it would probably look better on a skinny person. I’m not calling her big.. but I think the fit and hang of the dress would be very beautiful on a smaller frame.

    oh and with better shoes.

  30. vv says:

    She looks terrible in everything she wears outside of Mad Men. Maybe she should take a tip from the costume department and just OWN her wrack and do her hair up.

    I think she’d look better if she actually did put her hair up. Maybe seeing her neck fully would help elongate her a little. Her legs in that dress look really stumpy.