Marc Anthony wants J.Lo to surrender to Scientology, but she’s fighting back

I was certain that J.Lo was the one pressuring her husband Marc Anthony to join Tom Cruise’s Scientology cult, but a recent article in The National Enquirer suggests otherwise. Lopez recently said that she didn’t understand the negative portrayal of the soul-sucking Scientology cult in the media, because it seems benign to her since she’s buddies with so many brainwashed members and given the fact that her dad has been involved with it for 20 years.

It may be the case that if her dad couldn’t convert her that promises of movie roles from Cruise won’t either. The story has it that Lopez and Anthony were arguing at their Miami Superbowl show over whether they would tell an attending Tom Cruise that they were ready to join the cult for real instead of just trying it out and dabbling in the courses. Anthony urged J.Lo to say she was ready, but she told him she wasn’t so sure and that they should wait:

“Marc’s pushed Jennifer to embrace Scientology because he thinks it will boost her career. He also thinks it will benefit him and raise his profile in Hollywood,” revealed a source…

“It’s become a sore point in their marriage. And J.Lo’s unwillingness to accept Marc’s demands led them to fight in Miami, where they argued loudly and she was left in tears…”

“Tom and Katie (Holmes) travelled to Miami to see them perform at a pre-Super Bowl party, and Marc had wanted to tell Tom that night that they were fully committed, but he couldn’t – and that’s what led to the fight.”

[From The National Enquirer print edition, March 12, 2007]

They say that Lopez’s mother Lupe, a devoted Catholic, advised her against joining Scientology and said it could hurt her career. Marc Anthony has been influenced by a Scientology teacher with whom he’s been seen out with lately, and that likely prompted him to pressure his wife into joining.

If this news is true then good for J.Lo, it’s only going to cost her money and common sense if she joins Scientology.

Lopez is set to sing on American Idol on April 11, which is sure to be better for her career than being known as a cult member.

Here are pictures of Lopez and Marc Anthony performing at the Viva Romance concert in Miami on March 3rd. What lovely outfits she’s wearing. Pictures [via]

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  1. JUST ME says:

    What does she have on? What a HAM.

  2. Chris X says:

    I wonder if Ben Affleck ever looks at stuff like this overstyled cheap looking slut and her pet husband and then look at Garner with her pink cheeks and dimpled laughing baby and then go beat himself on the head with a frying pan for being an asshat to even get involved with J-Ho

  3. Other Karen says:

    Decisions about religion really shouldn’t be impacted by what’s good for your career.

    I like J.Lo. She seems happy enough with Marc–I hope that’s actually the case.

  4. Jenna says:

    Yep, because being associated with Scientology does *great* things for ones career….

    On another note, somebody please tell J-Lo to lay off the plastic surgery, she’s almost unreconisable!

  5. Fabiola Thing says:

    What’s with the tights?!?!?!?!!?

  6. Fabiola Thing says:

    BTW, $cientology is not a religion. It’s a commercial enterprise. They were awarded tax exempt status by coersion and blackmail.

    Read and learn.

  7. Fabiola Thing says:

    $cientology is NOT a religion

  8. Randi says:

    Yep, because being associated with Scientology does *great* things for ones career….

    On another note, somebody please tell J-Lo to lay off the plastic surgery, she’s almost unreconisable!
    Jenna | Homepage | 03.05.07 – 6:23 pm | #


    I don’t think that Scientology is popular with the general public, but I have no doubt that they keep each other employed so in that respect it would help her career. I agree completely about the plastic surgery though.

  9. bee bee says:

    no way would the evil, manipulative cult of $cientology help anyone, and in this case Jlo.
    i agree with fabiola thing.

    another site that opens up the cult is the site: and

    when you get down to it, its just pure cruelty and manipulation…celebs in the cult probably are treated well, because it makes the cult look glamorous, but cut behind that and see how it destroys people, their families, and leaves people penniless.

  10. bee bee says:

    the little picture you have up of jlo making that witchy face cracks me up!!!
    yeah, that was in the key of F’ ed up haha

  11. SillyWilly says:

    She kind of looks like Shania Twain now. Maybe they had the same plastic surgeon.

  12. ZOHRE says:

    I think they r so inlove but marc thinks he has own jlo he began 2 control her life n as he saw she doesnt say anything then he continued 2 tell her what 2 do n now :missed up n by the way i even cant imagin jlo with jennifer garner lol its funny cause jlo is WAY WAY WAY better than that stupid gurl why?cause jlo is sexier more beautifull more elegant ,cuter,talented remeber she does lots of jobs 2 geather n JLO IS RICHER THAN THAT BONY GURL!

  13. madeline7 says:

    If her father’s interest in scientology wasn’t enough to inspire her, Tom Cruise certainly isn’t going have any impact. Jennifer’s comments were respectful of her father, and also for a long-standing American ideal: “religious tolerance”. Religious tolerance doesn’t mean that you agree with another religion. If you think that it does, your flight to Iraq awaits.

  14. YTP says:

    Marc Anthony is a PRICK. If she says NO, that means NO. Dumb, dumb, DUMB.