Jessica Simpson gained weight

Jessica Simpson performed at a Chili Cook Off in Pembroke Pines, Florida on Sunday. The 28 year-old country singer has put on some weight, and she’s making a non issue much worse with her terrible outfit. She donned a pair of very unflattering high-waisted jeans, similar to the infamous diaper jeans she wore in 2007, along with a bizarre stacked leopard print belt and a black tank top. Expect to see some of these photos of Simpson on the covers of the tabloids next week, although she’ll probably just be one of the stories off to the side column as her profile isn’t as high as it once was.

Many of us face the same issues as Jessica Simpson, we just don’t do it in the public eye. She’s not my favorite person and I still think she’s an idiot, but it’s not hard to anticipate the way that she’ll get torn apart in the press for gaining weight. Maybe if she picked a better outfit it wouldn’t be as obvious.

The National Enquirer reports this week that Jessica’s boyfriend, Tony Romo, is waiting to propose because he’s not happy with the way that she’s going out partying in LA and drinking too much. That could definitely be taking a toll on her figure, too. I doubt she’s pregnant as has been rumored, especially if she’s drinking to excess like that.

Thanks to Splash News for these photos

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  1. snowflake9540 says:

    I love how with all the world issues going on right now, including America’s vastly declining economy we can rest assured that an idiot with an opinion on someone’s weight gain can still get hired. People gain weight and lose weight every day, can you imagine if we had a photographer catching a glimpse of every pound the average Joe gained or loss………….purely ridiculous!

  2. Jj says:

    I can’t imagine how awful it would be to have people tracking my every pound! Glad to be a peon…lol. :)

  3. Tia says:

    OMG !!!!!!!!! WTF????????? She sure did. Oh noooooooooooooooooo she used to have such a cute figure. Must be all that ‘meat’ she is eating, since she thinks real girls eat meat, yeah and gain 50 pounds.. wierdo

    btw, I bet snowflake95 gained a little weight recently too.. she sure took it personally… holy COW

  4. Ophelia says:

    Maybe I’m alone in this, but I’m kinda disappointed. I didn’t think this site would sink to this level. Snarkiness and bitchiness go great with the humor and wit of the writers, but this just isn’t a story I expected to find on here. I don’t really have an opinion on her, but I don’t think her weight is worth blogging about, only adding more attention that must be insanely hard to handle. Even if you are saying it should be a “non-issue”, you’re making it more of one by publicizing further.
    Just an opinion. I like almost everything else.

    Also, Tia, there is no reason to believe snowflake95 has gained weight because they’re sympathetic. That’s really rude to say!

  5. Ash says:

    WOW, I saw these pictures on another site earlier this morning, and I hope that it’s just a bad outfit choice. If a large weight gain is the case, I hope she works it out! She’s too darn cute, even though she isn’t the brightest in the bunch.

  6. I can’t believe I’m defending this dummy, but . . .

    I think it’s fairly typical for couples (women especially) to gain a little chub while they’re co-habitating. Strictly from a caloric intake standpoint, you make a nice meal together, you put as much on your plate as he does . . . etc . . . Then there’s that annoying evolutionary business of hormones and neurotransmitters tripping off your elated “honeymoon phase” – telling your body to keep your lipids high for potential baby-making . . .

    It’s definitely not uncommon to gain weight while “nesting”. The problem is when you’re known only for your looks and your voice, and your voice isn’t selling very many records . . .

  7. Abby says:

    she seems like she goes up and down a lot, probably much more noticeably because she’s so short and small-boned.

  8. Anni says:

    i don´t care for her weight gain as i gained a lot recently myself, but those clothes…YUCK!

  9. Kris says:

    Aw, bad outfit but she is by no means looking fat. She’s got a couple extra pounds on her but still looks adorable.

    People are so crappy about women and their weight. To me, it signifies that she’s in a happy relationship, relaxed, and having fun. She looks NORMAL. And pretty (except for the outfit).

  10. luckystar says:

    She’s much fatter than she used to be but it’s probably not enough to jeopardize her overall health, which is the biggest concern. She picked a HORRIBLE outfit. High-waisted jeans are cra* on anyone, sorry. If she is going out drinking a lot, that is not great for your mental or physical well-being, so I would hope that is not the case. I have to say, if you are in the public eye, you’re setting yourself up for scrutiny if you gain weight. That’s just reality.

  11. Anna says:

    I’m not a Jessica fan at all but I like her new figure. She looks great with those extra pounds! It’s just sad that she felt the need to wrap them up in that horrid, white trash, skanky matron outfit. YUCK!

  12. Cletus says:

    I had this one boyfriend who used to eat every 4 hours, like an infant. I’m not skinny by any stretch on my skinniest day (my admirers say I’m “thick”) but I got all Fatty McFatass fucking FAY-AT when I was with him. So.. yeah- it happens. I lost it all in like a month after I broke up with up… which wasn’t the reason I broke up with him, it was a bonus. I can’t afford to be buyin new clothes all the time, especially with Douchebag EATING ALL MY FOOD.

    I dunno, I think she looks fine except for that awful outfit she be wearin’. Of course, she’s still vapid and horrid… I just think she doesn’t LOOK terrible. You know.. for HER.

  13. geronimo says:

    Wow, she looks so Rubenesque! She’d made a fabulous artist’s model. There’s a career for you, Jessica, become someone’s muse. Seriously, I think she looks beautiful!

  14. boomchakaboom says:

    Yowza. I guess she did gain a bit of weight. And couldn’t wait to show off every single bit of it. While I hate the clothes, I like her looks more with the extra weight for some reason. She sure makes some stupid ass faces, though, and she still has no talent. If only she would finally fufill her destiny to be somebody’s trophy wife she could shut the hell up and be normal.

  15. Sunnyjyl says:

    She looks cute.

  16. I see your point, Ophelia. But at the same time, Jessica Simpson is/was a pop-star. She’s made her money based on superficiality; the combination of a pretty face, a mediocre voice, the right agent, and the willingness to shake her thang in front of a live audience.

    I agree that ripping apart someone for how they look or how much they weigh is the *lowest* form of gossip. But it is still noteworthy to mention that a woman who was an archetype of beauty in the 90′s, just doesn’t give a damn.

    That said, I think she looks better now. She seems sincerely happy, and I think her weight reflects that (thus, the “nesting” comment). But that outfit – ew. Even if she was 20lbs skinnier, those pants are still atrocious.

  17. saintdevil says:

    That outfit really makes the worst of her figure – she looks old and frumpy, not youthfully chubby.

    Doesn’t she have anyone around her who’d stand up to her and tell her: Honey, I’m sorry but wearing this is really a very BAD idea?

  18. Celebitchy says:

    Maybe if people would read the whole article, or even part of it, they wouldn’t say we’re sinking to some level or somehow being snarky. It’s very sympathetically written.

  19. J-Lin says:

    Jessica is the one who decided she wanted to be a sex symbol (remember that silly video she did for Duke of Hazzard) and she sure is hell not sexy in those pictures. She looks a hot mess in those pictures, but I guess perfect for someone to perform at a freaking chili cook-off. Jess is really starting to show her hillbilly roots.

  20. vdantev says:

    Could I get some pineapple with that cottage cheese ? Wow, she’s either preggers or she’s eating to compensate for her unhappiness. Sorry ladies those ‘mom’ jeans simply are NOT complementary.

  21. WTF?!? says:

    I think she looks beautiful, but can understand the surprise to fans and detractors at such noticeable weight gain.
    She’s morphing into Anna Nicole Smith.

  22. Eileen Yover says:

    She’s gained some pounds, but that angle is no friend either.
    I can’t get past the outfit-it would be unflattering on anyone. The first photo at the top for some reason reminds me of a blonde Wynonna Judd.

  23. guest says:

    this is shocking only because she was so tiny before. it’s really not flattering when u r short & gain weight, there’s no where for the weight to go. just speaking from experience.

  24. brianne says:

    She’s definitely gained a little bit of weight, nothing earth shattering, I think it’s mostly the outfit though. I just think she’s dressing with the mindset that she’s still superthin rather than playing up attributes and camouflaging flaws.

  25. Rose says:

    It’s a terrible outfit, but as to her weight gain, really, so what? I think her face actually looks better with a bit of extra weight.

  26. Christina says:

    i think women look cute with a little pudge… men seem to dig it…

  27. Ohlala says:

    She’s gaining weight because shes in love. Get over it people.

  28. gg says:

    Meanwhile, the Country Music world still does not recognize her as a “Country Music star”…

  29. FF says:

    So what? Seriously.

    Maybe this would be news if she were about to host the Oscars or something.

    She be back down – and back then up – and I’m sure this is going to happen a lot in her future.

  30. Syko says:

    The clothes are fug but she looks fine. Gained a few pounds, but still quite shapely. Not everyone is a size 0. She looks healthy.

  31. Anoneemouse says:

    I just get the feeling that this is not a happy girl. She’s too competitive with her sister and seems so desperate for attention all the time.

  32. McKenna says:

    I agree with Ophelia. I’m sorry…I did read the entire article and you guys are sinking too low. Your headline says “Jessica Simpson Gained Weight”…how is that sympathetic? I think it’s awful and you can’t just absolve yourself of guilt by saying well I’m not saying it…I’m just quoting other publications…for me it’s a non-issue. Please.

  33. Annie says:

    Oh sure, we can comment about Jessica Simpson’s weight gain and I can’t think Raven’s fat?

  34. Amy says:

    Unflattering outfit + a little winter weight = Tabloid Mayhem!

    Don’t worry, people, she will be back to a starved, unhealthy size 0 after reading all these horrible comments. Well done.

    Oh, and I just *love* the obligatory “you must be fat if you think she looks good” comments from petty children on these sites. Seriously, Tia, it’s called empathy. (You’ll probably need to Google that word.) ;)

  35. McKenna says:

    And if you really thought it was a non-issue…you would report it the way Lainey did. She just mentioned how ugly the outfit was and commented on how Jessica has a lovely figure but her clothes don’t flatter her figure. There was not a word on weight gain. I’m sorry but we tear these women down and then wonder why Lindsay Lohan looks so skeletal now? If I was a pop star and saw a site that said “So and SO gains weight” I would develope an eating disorder too.

  36. cara says:

    I think she looks good.

  37. J-Lin says:

    Now we judgding the contest? Were these pictures taken after her 30th bowl? Could this be because of gas?

  38. Ling says:

    I think her face is much lovelier when she’s full of figure. I also think your header image was the most unflattering in the bunch. Her outfit was unfortunate. Her rack is fantastic. I think she looks great. (Not biased, don’t have an anti-eating-disorder agenda.)

  39. NotBlonde says:

    Jessica Simpson did gain weight. Um…how can one be sympathetic to a fact? Sorry you gained weight?

    I would think if the headline was “Jessica Simpson Got Fat” then it would be unsympathetic, but pointing out a fact? Not so much.

    That outfit is hideous though. WTF was she thinking? Mom jeans looks good on no one. Not a single person. Ever. I don’t care how skinny your butt is. Don’t do it.

    And can we get over the cliched “not everyone is a size zero” thing? Clearly we aren’t and I know it’s becoming an expression now, but holy crap we all know. Especially since about 60% of us are overweight in this country.

  40. Cinderella says:

    I never thought in a million years that I’d be thinner than Jessica Simpson.

    Either way, she’s looking like a sexy Texan. And I will never have her boobs, so I’m still jealous.

  41. Cinderella says:

    Oh, and by the way, Lindsay Lohan is skeletal because she is most likely a drug addict.

  42. HotMess says:

    she’s pregnant

  43. morgs says:

    Her outfit is horrible and not doing her any favors, but she looks very Renaissance-ish/Boticelli.

    Just wear some different clothes.

  44. HotMess says:

    She looks like Beth Chapman from “Dog the Bounty Hunter”

  45. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    I’m REALLY no fan of Jessica Simpson. I think she’s a dumbass opportunist and I’d rather eat monkey eyeballs than have to spend any amount of time around her or listening to her.

    But she really doesn’t look bad with an extra few pounds. In fact, can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think it’s actually improved her appearance.

    (Now off to take a Clorox bath for saying anything nice about this twit.)

  46. Aspen says:

    She does NOT look Rubenesque. I’m not being nasty…honestly…but have you ever actually SEEN a Ruben? Ew. Ruben’s women were morbidly obese.

    No, dear Miss Simpson is not yet Rubenesque.

  47. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Oh and I agree with a few of the comments above: the way she thinks about her clothing choices hasn’t seem to have caught up with her weight. That’s not to say you have to wear tents, but the same stuff that’s flattering before is not flattering after weight gain and vice versa. She needs a stylist consultation in the worst way, especially for her new figure. But again, I don’t think she looks bad with this weight.

  48. Aspen says:

    The only comment I have about Simpson’s looks here is that, “Wow, it’s unfortunate she didn’t get that memo about how ugly mom jeans are in 1990.” What an unfortunate wardrobe choice.

  49. lola says:

    oh come sicko’s she is just ok! what a subject! people are having wars and are hungry!! And here people have to talk about her body! hello she is just normal what the f*ck!

    Start thinking about real problems….

  50. DD says:

    It`s okay to gain a bit of weight, but at least try to where clothes that`s gonna somewhat flatter your figure please!

  51. DD says:

    I meant `wear` :)

  52. czarina says:

    I agree with many posters–it’s not the weight that is unattractive, it’s the wardrobe.

    One of the problems with women who are quite thin and then put on some weight is that they don’t make any wardrobe changes…they continue to dress as if they were two or three sizes less than they are now.

    The “Mom” jeans are hideous, but I have to say, for me, it’s the belt that wins the ugly contest!

  53. Bodhi says:

    I gained 10lbs when my (now) husband & I first moved in together & I noticed every mother plucking ounce of it. But thats what happens when you are happy.

    That outfit is horribly unflattering to her figure, but other than that, I think she looks a-ok

  54. ChristinaX says:

    Tia, I know plenty of fat vegetarians. Let’s not push it with the meat card, huh?

    She doesn’t carry the weight well, but she’s also not curvy. That’s why it annoys me when people criticize a girl for being too thin and say she needs to eat more, and that real women have curves, blah blah blah.

    Weight doesn’t always distribute that way. I think this should be a reality check to people who think that all women are hips and ass when they gain weight.

    I think that she’ll be able to lose it, though.

  55. Ticia says:

    wow! Finally a star that looks “normal”, like the rest of us!! Who cares about her’s HER body, if thats what you people judge as bad, you need to look at yourself before judging. Thats sad that thats all you care about.

  56. Ana says:

    I didn’t read all the comments but I think people are missing the real problem here.
    She preformed at A CHILI COOKOFF???

  57. comment says:

    well i agree with amy, she will read this and starve back down to a small size.
    if she is happy good for her.

    but honestly i feel for her if she goes to that fat drunk’s site. the skinny website. i feel for any of them on that site although the skinny ones are likely fueled by it.

  58. Mandy says:

    I can sympathize with Jessica, because I have the same body type, and it’s always glaringly obvious when I gain even a single pound, and when I lose weight, it’s like my boobs are planning a hostile takeover. Still, it’s a healthy figure, and attractive if you know how to dress. I’d tell Jess to ditch the “mom jeans” (I don’t think my mom would ever wear those things…), and get a better-fitting top and/or a push-up bra, because in these pics, her boobs look like she’s had a few kids. And I can’t even begin to address the problems with that belt…

    BTW, does anyone else think that she kinda looks like Miss Piggy here? It has nothing to do with her weight, she just has the same hairstyle and facial expressions, and would still remind me of Miss Piggy even if she was Lindsay Lohan’s size.

  59. ChristinaX says:

    I’m sort of built the same way as Jessica, so I feel your frustration, Mandy.

  60. Kylie says:

    She looks normal size to me!
    Come on CB don’t just follow along with all the other crap gossips sites.
    Show some class PLEASE!

  61. Keekee says:

    Jessica looks like her dad Joe with a bad wig and RuPaul makeup. ‘Nuff said.

  62. RAN says:

    I hate to discuss this because I think she’s basically harmless – dumb, but harmless.

    Two things though… (1) this is a gossip website. For those of you criticizing the authors for posting this type of article, you’re the same people who read the article. Again, the whole purpose is gossip, not Celekindly.

    (2) This is an enormous amount of weight for Jessica. The weight and the chili cookoff appearance are definitely worth mentioning on this site. Quite frankly, I’d rather see more of this type of thread than another ‘Brad and Angie file each other’s fingernails’ or ‘the triangle resurrected’.

    Whoever said it… I also see the resemblance to Miss Piggy. Time to cut back on the fried foods Jess – you’re not getting any younger.

  63. RAN says:

    And that’s the most gawdawful outfit I’ve seen in a long time!

  64. boomchakaboom says:

    Ana, you’re SO right…the real story is the chili cookoff! LOL!

  65. sissoucat says:

    She’s gained some weight and looks prettier, less dumb (a dumb blonde is size 0 by definition), & still has a terrific body.

    In fact, she looks like pre-starvation era beauties. See for yourself :

    @vdantev : I’d thought men would prefer chair (with cottage cheese) over poking bones ?

  66. mel says:

    I dont think she’s fat but she can afford to hire a trainer and workout and with her boyfriend being an athlete I’m surprised she’s gained that much weight. But my theory is whatever floats your boat, if she’s happy than so be it!

  67. Jessica says:

    God forbid someone look NORMAL, huh???

  68. neelyo says:

    Thank you Ana. I was laughing too hard about the chili cook off to even care about the weight. But she doesn’t look good or healthy, especially considering that most of this weight has come on in the past couple of months, not years. How happy can she really be reduced to performing at chili cook offs?

  69. Dingles says:

    Give the girl a decent outfit and she’d be gorgeous. Most chicks gain weight when they’re in serious relationships anyway.

  70. KAYLA says:


  71. ChristinaX says:

    I know I’ve said something similar in the Raven Symone thread, but the biggest concern, in my opinion, is people more worried about what healthy looks than it actually is.

    A girl gains weight in her stomach, arms, and thighs, she’s on the verge of not being able to get out of her home.

    A girl gains weight in her hips and ass, and she’s healthy and a good role model for body image?

    I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen across entertainment forums I’ve seen people defending Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansen, or Kate Winslet throwing around their “real women have curves!” spiel, and then turning around and be the first one to comment on Britney Spears’, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s, or Kelly Osbourne’s weight gain criticizing them for being “elephants”.

    I’m not singling anyone out, because honestly, there would be too many of you I’ve seen doing it, but if you’re going to be a body image fascist, at least be consistent.

  72. Annie says:

    Yikes. Someone needs to take her capslock down a notch….k? Thanks.

  73. KAYLA says:


  74. Diva says:

    It’s not just Annie, Kayla. When you all caps it’s net speak for yelling and none of us like to be yelled at. It would just be cool if you’d not use the cap locks, that’s all. {=0)

  75. Kayla says:

    Jessica is a petite girl; that being said even if she gained five pounds it could appear more drastic. I do think that this it is a very unflattering outfit choice. However, since these are the only photos I have seen surfacing of this “weight gain” so who really even knows for sure.

  76. Sarah says:

    I think she looks great. Maybe the clothes aren’t the best, but she probably wears a size 6 and I think she looks like a normal person now. Too many women worry about being thin, and it causes unbelievable distress and low self-esteem. Can’t we just accept people for who they are? Why do we always have to be judging people? Especially when there are much more important issues for us to worry about and spend brain cells on.

  77. lola lola says:

    Holy smoke, she looks fat! So much so, in fact, that I find it hard to believe that these photos are real. Her body looks like Anna Nicole Smith in her medium obese state.

  78. ChristinaX says:

    Okay, okay.

    She definitely doesn’t look thin, but obese? Give me a damn break.

    I’m sick of the dichotymy between fat and thin that the public abuses. Just because you aren’t thin doesn’t mean you’re obese.

    Why does it always have to be an extreme if people notice a girl has gained or lost weight? I’m sure a lot of girls have a tendency to fluctuate between body sizes, but obviously the girls who don’t are the ones running their mouths.

    She’s what? Visibly maybe 15-20 lbs overweight at the most? If she really “let herself go” she could’ve gained a lot more weight if she wanted to.

    As someone who has had to watch her weight all her life, the last 10, 15, 20 pounds were the most difficult to lose because it isn’t water weight.

    Some people have an empathy chip missing. Good god. I don’t even like Jessica Simpson, but enough is enough.

  79. Maura says:

    she probably weighs less than the average still… the only thing that looks bad are THOSE jeans! what was she thinking,they are bad fashion. she is still beautiful.

  80. MT says:

    Her body is more than fine.

    The problem is the cloths.

    especially the high rise of the pants.

    oh, and the belt.

    She is a beautiful women, and it’s better to see a women looking like a women than all the skeletons walking around H-wood.

  81. kathryne says:

    someone said she looks like a size 6, LOL ya right! shes more like a 10 or 12! shes totally fat!

  82. CiCi says:

    my goodness, she DID gain weight, and i don’t think it looks particularly good on her either.

    i also think it’s crap when people say you gain weight “because you’re happy in your relationship.” that’s garbage. so only unhappy people take care of themselves and care about their appearance? sigh. that’s just a lame excuse for women to feel better about themselves, sorry.

    jess NEVER looked like a lollipop stick figure (i.e. Angie Jo) – she should go back to how she was before – curvy and attractive, not overweight. Sorry but i’m so sick of people using the ‘national average size’ as an excuse to be overweight.

    i realize women are not all the same and no you don’t have to look like jess alba to have a ‘good healthy body’ – but we know this is big time overweight for jessica simpson.

  83. jess says:

    i dont feel sorry for her.she is by far not “obese”,but the weight gain is HIGHLY accentuated by the unbelievable outfit she is wearing@the,need i repeat again,”chili cookoff”. i myself dont believe in karma,but have lived long enuff to know that you do infact REAP WHAT YOU “SOW.”(no pun intended). shes sold herself as this hot bodied,”fashionista”.so when you drastically change weight and more important fashion or lack thereof,u better believe you’re gonna hear about it!my feeling is that if her weight change were the complete opposite,(i.e.drastic weight LOSS,lookn skeletal)i feel that that the weight loss comboed w/the drastic change in her fashion,that would get an almost identical reaction. so quit makn it about the poor,pitiful chubby women of this world,bcuz its not.and i say that as a healthy,not skeletal size 0,nor as an overweight,but as a confident very middle of the line weight,size 7 woman. no need for pity or “empathy” for jess,its just 2major shocking changes to her appearance.u better believe its gona b talked about….

  84. colby says:

    I could not have said that any better myself,Jess. (referring to the above comment made by ‘jess’ @9am on the 30th)
    I agree COMPLETELY!

  85. Wren says:

    As Colby remarked, the above ‘jess’ has hit the nail on the head. Nothing more to say. You read that comment and she speaks true about it ALL!

  86. t says:

    I agree completely too, Jess 9:16 am!

    Commenting on Jessica Simpson’s weight gain is not a comment on other fuller figured people. It’s a comment on the Simpson’s wanting it both ways.

    The Simpsons sold Jessica’s body to the public a long time ago and asked for her worth to be measured by her appearance. Now that her appearance has changed, they are mad that they are getting exactly what they asked for and want a different measure.

    It’s hard to feel sorry for the Simpsons when they brought this on themselves.

  87. sr says:

    I am not fat, I m a neat size 6 at 5 8-she is not fat, her body fat might be at 25% but that is not fat-women with 4% body fat are gross looking, unless you are professional athlete and even they are only like that at competitions-media should get bent. Just to cover all bases unless you are a 16 year old model in milan-size 0, so not needed!

  88. Jean says:

    According to Weight Watchers, if JS is 5’2″, her ideal weight is 110 to 121 lbs. I was surprised when I saw this photo not because I think she looks fat, but because her weight gain has occured in just the last couple of months. Actually, she looks puffy/bloated more than fat. If she wants to continue wearing tight pants and tank tops to showcase the goods as she approaches age 30, she’s going to have to make some adjustments in her diet (less fat and alcohol). Or she can stay the course and make some adjustments in her wardrobe (no more skin-tight anything). She can’t have it both ways.

  89. A girl who knows when its time to stop!! says:

    honestly shut up… who gave you the right to decide whether she has gained weight or not.. she is a remarkable woman with a beautiful and powerful voice.. our society has placed so much pressure on celebrities its ridiculous and who reflects this pressure and stresses about it? the youth of today. We have gotten so self absorbed and negatively fascinated with body image that we forgot the real and true people and aspects of our lives.. we need to step back and stop judging because in my opinion before you judge someone else look in the mirror… and that mainly applies to the asshole or a commenter who made this accusation! SHUT YOUR MOUTH!! its sad that you make money off of manipulating a gorgeous woman with false words and accusations who unlike you got somewhere in life with her beautiful voice and not a camera and a mouth full of bullshit… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! when are you going to learn that it needs to stop and you need to get a real job!

  90. a says:

    For once she looks real. My only wish was she should’ve looked like that when she did the Dukes of Hazard remake — I couldn’t quite get over the idea of Daisy Duke in baggy shorts. Yuck.

  91. cindy husher says:

    i think she looks great!

  92. bwoz says:

    OK – I have thought this girl/woman was a dope ever since the whole tuna/chicken debacle. However, I think she may have put on a few pounds, but the outfit is what is making the whole image look worse. That being said, I agree the a person’s weight should be a nonstarter…who the heck are we to judge? THAT being said, when all you are known for is your looks and you music, you’d better deliver on them…

  93. deb says:

    I can not believe all the negative comments! I was a size 1 back in the day, life happens you gain weight! You should not judge anyone. People in the public eye are so judged. First they are too thin, then too fat! How sad that we have become this kind of a society, no wonder we have so many eating disorders in this country!!!!

  94. Cassandra White says:

    She looks just fine. And “mom” jeans (aka jeans that sit at your actual waist) are coming back, thank god. Not all of us can pull off the low rise look and muffin tops are disgusting. Does she have to wear high rise jeans, probably not at her age – but with a different top and sans the atrocious belt, she would have looked just fine.

    Seriously people, if she had crammed herself into some low rise jeans and had any belly fat spilling over the sides, she’d be getting criticized even worse.

  95. Amanda says:

    Hey, now she looks like a real American!

  96. Kristen says:

    I agree the outfit is not the best choice but as for her body I think she looks good and Healthy I am so sick of the size 2 girls making everyone think that is what you need to be to be cute or “HOTT” !!! And what you wrote Ash
    ” I hope she works it out because she is to darn cute” Just because she gained a little weight does not make her not cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. t says:

    The Simpsons have invested a lot of years and effort demanding that people look at Jessica’s body. They brought this attention on themselves and it is hypocritical for them to complain now they are getting exactly what they asked for.

  98. I say…let the girl LIVE. So she gained a couple of pounds i’m pretty sure the world is not coming to an end because of it. I think she still looks amazing and alot of women out there would kill to look like her.

  99. claudia says:

    i think she looks BEAUTIFUL!!!


  100. bonny says:

    Jess, this is the media’s way of stirring their shit up! The person who came up with this stories is probably just jealous that they don’t look as good as you! Hang in there it will blow over and life will go on. As for the person how broke the story! GET A LIFE, YOU MUST BE A ROOKIE!!CAN’T YOU WRITE ARTITCALS WITH SUBSTANCE!!!!!

  101. lpeekay says:

    Considering they say the camera adds weight, I’d say Jessica is still smaller than most american women. And of course there are all the fat slovenly men who think it is their *job* to trash women who don’t meet their expectation of the perfect sex goddess. GEEZ! Get a freakin life.

  102. JJJ says:

    I think she’s still pretty! Not only skinny women are beautiful! Jessica has a really cute face! What matters is to be healthy and happy the way you are and you feel!
    Go Jessica!!!

  103. Amanda says:

    I have struggled through every different kind of diet and weight loss gimmic under the sun. Finally I have found a product that works without causing ANY side effects and let’s me be who I am. I do not advertise for the company but if anyone is interested I would be more than happy to share my story and provide you with information on how to loose weight and keep it off for real. Just email me and I will respond as soon as I can.

  104. Laura says:

    Jessica looks awesome. I have struggled with my weight since I was 13. I am 5’10” 180 lbs. At my lowest I was 127 and had to starve myself to stay thin. I have gained my weight back and am in shape, muscular, and hold some fat but am in no way obese. I think Jessica shows all of us that we are normal and it is okay to not be stick thin. Jessica is not fat, she is gorgeous!

  105. Emeye Soldier says:

    1. Maybe the “pregnant” comment someone made isn’t so far fetched?

    2. Seeing there is “no such thing as bad publicity”, perhaps she did this (nasty outfit + a little weight gain) on purpose knowing she would be catapulted into the spotlight again?”

    3. Her size is fine. But if her stylist chose that outfit he/she should be replaced. Although many people wouldn’t listen to a stylist who chose that crap.


  106. Dishy says:

    She still looks good, but why those awful clothes!?
    She looks like an old trampy country singer. Where’s her stylist?
    High waist jeans and a belt!? Is she trying to hide her weight under those? Not a success. especially cause shes busty.

  107. paige says:

    this picture she was a size 6.
    when photos of her were taken daisy duke, and when she played her airbrushing and getting her all fixed with the right lighting etc were done to make her look more beautiful thinner and more tonned.
    this picture i assume was not, plus her clothes are not flattering, as well this was taken at a very bad angle – to make her look heavier than she actually is
    the biggest size jessica has ever been is a size 6 – which is here. now she is down to a size 4. what a shameful world we live in when women who are a size 6 are being called fat.
    i bet alot of peole on this site, commenting are bigger then a size 6. its disgusting what the world is becoming to.

  108. It will be good if Jessica Simpson has found love this time with Jeremy Renner. She deserves to have a new guy in her life.