The Olsen twins’ star gets vandalized due to wearing fur


In a renewed effort to get some attention for their cause, it looks like anti-fur activists are resorting to vandalism to get their point across. The Hollywood Walk of Fame has recently had two stars defaced, including the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen star and the Sharon Stone star.

We all know that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are fond of a mink or two.

But there’s a price to pay in Hollywood if you’re a fur-loving celeb.

And it ain’t pretty folks…

The twins have been targeted by anti-fur campaigners in a major way, with their star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame being vandalised.

…The girls’ star has been defaced with the scathing words “Fur Hags”.

And it seems that MK and Ash aren’t the only ones copping some flack.

Sharon Stone’s star was also attacked with the words “Old Fur Hag”.

We wonder if Sharon was more offended by the word hag or the word old?

[From Showbiz Spy]

Wow, how old are these anti-fur crusaders — eight? Maybe next they will release a “slam book” to the public, where they write all kind of mean things about celebrities who wear fur. Because they are at about that same maturity level right now. Are they really expecting to win over any converts with this behavior?
I think it may be time for PETA and the rest of the crew to hire a new PR firm, because their recent antics make them look even worse than the people who are buying and wearing fur. I also read that the Hollywood Walk of Fame Committee has installed surveillance cameras recently to monitor any kind of vandalism of the stars – so watch out, boneheads!

Mary-Kate Olsen is shown out in a big blanket-looking jacket in LA, yes LA, on 12/20/08. She’s also shown in NY on 1/20/08. Ashley Olsen is shown with an orange bag shopping on 11/24/08. Credit: Splash News.

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29 Responses to “The Olsen twins’ star gets vandalized due to wearing fur”

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  1. I don’t know what’s more disgusting – killing animals for the sake of fashion, or PETA’s childish actions. Double fail!

  2. Ash says:

    yeah really. That’s real lame. I don’t really like how the 2 wear them so much, but really PETA? REALLY?

  3. Ash says:

    …and I just realized how many times I said the word really. damn.

  4. Cletus says:


  5. HEB says:

    Wearing fur is legal.
    Vandalism is not.

  6. CC says:

    HEB- AMEN to that.

    Peta is so childish and stupid, what happened to peaceful demonstrations. Some poor city employee will now have to scrape the paint off of the sidewalk. I think PETA should be fined, the entire organization.

  7. Musey says:

    The more I read about them, the more I become convinced that PETA is really just an incredibly elaborate prank organization, and we’re all getting punk’d.

    I mean, come ON. How can they expect ANYONE to take them seriously? I mean, the “sea kitten’ fiasco was really kind of the last straw.

  8. Yeah, I’m a longtime vegetarian with strong animal-rights sympathies, and I still don’t identify with PETA. At all.

    I get the point that “any publicity is good publicity”, but they are compromising the integrity of their argument by resorting to such flamboyant actions for media attention.

    You know, with significant overpopulation and dwindling resources, each and everyone of us is going to have to scrutinize our diet/lifestyle and make some compromises. But bullying people to get the point across? How do you expect anything but juvenile responses to such juvenile behavior?

  9. Bobby the K says:

    They’ll give those dog gone stars to anyone these days!

  10. boomchakaboom says:

    Well damn. What a quandry. On the one hand, it’s the Olsens and Sharon Stone, on the other hand it’s PETA. Hmmm. Can’t stand the Olsens, Sharon’s such a nutjob she’s delightful, and while poor little furbearing critters don’t deserve their fate, PETA is a bit wacky. What’s a conscientious soul to think here? Gah. I hate it when this happens.

  11. manda says:

    Peta is awful, they would just as soon have us all die than use animals to find cures for cancer and AIDS. But, I mean, come on. Anyone who drops the kind of money required to purchase a fur coat or wrap or whatever, does not give a damn about what those stinky hippies think about people that wear fur. I wish those people would start focusing on puppy mills or something a little more encompassing.

  12. Bobby the K says:


    Freida Pinto is easily as attractive if not more so than Angelina Jolie.

    I’ll never understand what the big deal about AJ is. But I don’t get the Russell Crowe, SJP etc. thing either.

  13. MC says:

    Okay, before I read the article, I kind of thought MK was vandalized for wearing that outfit…and for a milli-second, I was okay with that…

  14. deka says:

    there is so much fake fur, there is no need to wear the real stuff.
    and i’m surprised celebrities still wear fur risking their public image

  15. Sauronsarmy says:

    God I can’t stand PETA but, I also can’t stand the olsens. Team nobody?

  16. John says:

    Why is everyone blaming PETA for doing this? There’s no proof it was one of their members. PETA would never condone this!

  17. buenavissta says:

    they have stars? what for?

    MC, i was with you on that one.

  18. meow mix says:

    I know…I was way more shocked that the Olsens had Stars.

    Are they for sale somewhere?

  19. Sauronsarmy says:

    I’m pretty sure that either the “celebrity” themselves pay for it or the studios do.

  20. Maritza says:

    Celebrities need to stop wearing fur there isn’t plenty of fake fur that looks just as good.

  21. xiaoecho says:

    What in Christendom is MK wearing in the header? The thought that it probably cost thousands is mind blowing – and not in a good way

  22. Keekee says:

    Those Olsen twins are mini-bag ladies with too much money and not enough to do. Someone put ’em in a soup kitchen! Yeah, I know they look like they should be lining up FOR the soup but no…put them to work. They’re both creepy. Ugh.

  23. Renee says:

    You are right sauronsarmy. It’s something like $15,000 that celebs have to pay to get their stars (which is pocket change to them, so not really a problem), and they are required to attend the ceremony to reveal the star.

  24. barneslr says:

    Okay! That means I’m eating a steak tonight! Thanks, PETA!

  25. Dizzybenny says:

    WOW!PETA took on 3 tuff about taking on the guys?why always women?heck even Kid Rock called them out to attack him and they did not do sh*t!Yeah PETA i’m reeeeeallly impressed!

  26. John says:

    Hey Dizzybenny: 1) There’s nothing to say PETA was responsible for this. 2) Whoever it was didn’t take on “3 tuff ladies”, they took on a filthy sidewalk. 3) That bozo Kid Rock (what a ridiculous stage name!) doesn’t even have a star on said filthy sidewalk. 4) Protestors are a constant at all of Kid Rock’s public appearances.

  27. Dizzybenny says:

    alright John let me rephrase my comment then.i want to see anti-fur people attacking the Hell Angels for wearing leather jackets not for skinny actresses that fly away when a breeze come on.lets see one of them throwing red paint on one of the bikers.NOW that would impress me!!!

  28. Jean Houston says:

    Look this is about the killing of innocent animals(many while they are still alive because they can rip their skin (fur) off easier if the body is warm. You want to know why people are angry? Well take a look. No really do it.Get the real story.Look on utube. The killing,drowning,beating,electrocution, stomping on their heads. The olsen twin are part of the fur trade. They use it in their clothing line. Your telling me that defacting a slab of concrete is more inportant than the olsens condoning the killing of cats,dogs, racoons,and many others? Think about this.These 2 act like they are roll models. Yes Roll models for the killing of INNOCENT animals!Stop and think about what you are saying.Got a cat or a dog?, well the olsen twins would greatly appreciate if you would skin your pet for their new fashion line. Please do it while they are alive because they would like a seamless design.

  29. Jean Houston says:

    Wow Dizzybenny,If you do your research on the Hells angels are not all outlaws.As a matter of fact there is a group of Hells angels that call themselves the 1 percenters. That means that the 1 percent are crimals while the rest (99%) being law abiding responsible citizens.They do alot of fundraising for children as well as animal right and veterans.Do I believe that these individual are unapproachable? are heathens?.No they are hard working individuals just like you and I. Fact is if you do your research there are Vegetarian Hells Angels.You are not giving this group of people enough credit.Bikers? I know some Bikers.They are no different than you and I.Being a Biker doesn’t mean they are meat loving,animal torturers heathens. They make personal decisions on this matter.So when does a persons mode or transportation determine their personal feeling on the senseless killing of animals? The olsen twins are not helpless. They are directly responsible for the killing of innocent animals in China.