Kelly Clarkson wore Temperley London for her Southern wedding: gorgeous?


Kelly Clarkson married her dude on Sunday! A lot of media outlets were predicting last Friday that Kelly and Brandon Blackstock would finally get hitched this weekend, so I’m glad they went through with it. Even better than just announcing their marriage, Kelly tweeted three beautiful photos from her Tennessee wedding, complete with some great angles on her lovely Temperley wedding gown. I approve! Seriously. I love when brides are like “here are some free photos of my wedding dress, go ahead and talk about how great I looked.” And Kelly did look really good, right? I love Temperley wedding gowns. There’s feminine, sweet, romantic and yet they are very rarely cloying or cutesy. Alice Temperley is really good at finding that balance. Here’s more about the wedding:

She’s married, y’all! Kelly Clarkson has finally tied the knot with her fiance Brandon Blackstock. The “Catch My Breath” singer said “I do” in Tennessee on Sunday, Oct. 20.

“I’m officially Mrs. Blackstock,” Clarkson, 31, tweeted Monday, Oct. 21 with three gorgeous photos from the wedding. “We got married yesterday at Blackberry Farms in TN, the most beautiful place ever!”

The blushing bride wore a Temperly London wedding gown for her special day. She shared one sweet photo of her groom giving her a kiss on the cheek while standing on a bridge. In another shot, the newlyweds share a passionate kiss while posing in a stunning field. “Thnx Temperley 4 my beautiful dress!” Clarkson also captioned a third photo of her gown. “And thank you to my friend @JimVerraros & Maria Elena 4 the beautiful headpiece!”

Clarkson is currently getting her pilot’s license; she actually flew the couple in for the ceremony and talent manager Blackstock, 36, was going to fly them back out, a source told Us Weekly.

“We have to fit our romantic life into our schedule,” Clarkson exclusively told Us about the upcoming nuptials at the Green Mountain Coffee “Great Coffee, Good Vibes, Choose fair Trade” campaign concert in NYC on Oct. 10. “It’ll be both a wedding and an elopement. I like it! We are just doing a small, little wedding — me and Brandon and the kids. That is it. All we have time for! But we’re happy with that.” She continued: “We just wanted to make it about us.”

Clarkson is set to film a Christmas special at the end of the month, and wanted to wed before then. “We are trying to squeeze in the wedding before that. Like I said, just running off and doing it,” she explained to Us.

The newlyweds first revealed they were engaged in December 2012. “I’m engaged!” the Season 1 American Idol winner wrote via Twitter. “I wanted y’all to know! Happiest night of my life last night! I am so lucky and am with the greatest man ever.” Alongside the comment, the rocker also showed off her stunning yellow canary Johnathon Arndt diamond ring.

Clarkson’s small ceremony is no surprise, as the “Stronger” singer revealed in August that the couple were thinking of eloping in lieu of an extravagant wedding. At the time, the decision to marry quick led to some speculation that she was pregnant. “FYI…Brandon & I are getting married & no I am not pregnant,” the Grammy winner replied back via Twitter.

She added: “We are eloping for one reason only. We both want an intimate ceremony.”

This is the first marriage for Clarkson. Blackstock, who is the stepson of country singer Reba McEntire, has two children from a previous marriage — daughter Savannah, 12, and son Seth, 6. The couple and his two children already live under the same roof, but the “People Like Us” singer is hoping to expand. She laughed, “I want two kids. Two more, that is. I’ve already got two!”

[From Us Weekly]

I don’t think she’s pregnant. Yet. I bet she gets knocked up quickly though. Ten bucks says Kelly gets knocked up before Blake Lively. Any takers on that wager? And holy $^*#, her 36-year-old husband already has a tween daughter and a 6-year-old son? Wow. Well, I hope everything works out. Happy thoughts for Kelly and Brandon, and congrats to them on their lovely wedding.



Photos courtesy of Kelly Clarkson’s Twitter.

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  1. brin says:

    She looked radiant, her dress and hair looked lovely and suited her.
    Blackberry Farms is a beautiful setting. Kelly had her perfect wedding.

    • Andrew1 says:

      She looks great, and her dress is beautiful and. Like how it’s modest. As a side note, I see nothing wrong with a 36 yo having a 12 yo…an I missing something?

      • Delta Juliet says:

        No…I mean, I’m always surprised when people my age (39 ugh) have kids in high school, but it’s not unusual. I’m on the late end of things. So a 12 year old at 36 is not that weird.

      • amilu says:

        I was going to comment just for that statement. That (24 when his first was born) seems like a reasonable age for someone to start a family. I’m a 35-year-old Tennessean with zero kids, but many of my peers have children in middle school. I don’t understand how that warrants a “holy $^*#” at all.

    • mari says:

      Yes. Even the photos are perfect since the happy couple got photoshopped and lost their excess weight. Just like the K-klan is yesterday’s post.

      She would have been beatiful as her real self too.

      • whatsyourbeef says:

        THIS. I was watching E Talk last night which had an interview with Kelly held about a week ago, then the wedding pictures were shown and it was like ‘erm, why is she three sizes smaller in the pictures?!’. Kinda took the sheen off a little.

  2. T. Fanty Fan says:

    She looks beautiful! I wish them nothing but happiness!

  3. Zbornak Syndrome says:

    YEEEESSS! Long sleeve gowns are making a comeback! Finally. I literally could not find ONE gown with any kind of sleeve when I got married 2 years ago. I opted for vintage. She looks lovely.

    • CaribbeanLaura says:

      I know right??? My mother got married in a long lacy sleeved dress and since I saw her wedding pictures I always wanted a dress like that!! Kell’s dress is beautiful.

    • L says:

      This. I was “ZOMG sleeves!” I’m not normally a huge fan of lace, but this Temperly dress is STUNNING. That designed knocked it out of the park. It’s beautiful, and she looks beautiful in it. Hair and radiant face are perfect to.

      I had to fight so hard for straps on my wedding dress. Shops kept telling me they could add them for a extra fee-but they all looked tacked on. Straps and sleeves are making a comeback though-the fall 2014 bridal collections were about 50/50 strapless vs. non.

    • Babette says:

      Amen! I hope & pray that wedding dresses with sleeves do ‘come back’…seems like all I’ve seen are strapless styles, and there’s just a ‘same old, same old’ vibe to them. And honestly, they don’t always look great on, so having more choice in styles will be a boon to new brides. Kelly looks lovely in this dress, and the styling is spot on.

    • j.eyre says:

      I had to have sleeves put on my gown 10 years ago. Back then, it was hard to even find a dress with straps.

      • itstrue says:

        I wanted sleeves too, a few years back (six) and couldn’t find a single dress. I had to have something added. I wish there had been more things like this available. I don’t like my armpits and I don’t think it’s fair to make brides have them hangin’ out. I guess this is why people renew vows. haha.

    • lisa says:

      the sleeves are the first thing i noticed

      i get a bad vibe from him, i sincerely hope to be very wrong

    • LAR says:

      Absolutely! When I got married a few years ago,I ended up with a strapless dress, which is NOT what I wanted. I’m really busty and didn’t want to have to deal with the whole strapless bra thing.

    • Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

      I am sick as heck of strapless/bustier gowns. Just….snore….

      I like the lac e on her dress.

  4. Sabrina says:

    I really like the dress and think she looks great.

    I wish that she would go back to a darker hair colour though.

    • Mauibound says:

      That she would look better with darker hair was my first thought too. She looks lovely though and the dress is beautiful too

  5. Marigold says:

    She looks lovely. Congratulations to them.

    Oh, and a 12 year old at 36 puts him at 24 when he had her. It’s young but it’s not like he was 16. Plus, he’s Southern. I don’t think it’s unusual to see younger first time parents in the south.

  6. Dani2 says:

    She looks gorgeous and so happy, congrats to them! 🙂

  7. Dana M says:

    So lovely!

  8. Nadeni says:

    Gorgeous! And love tha Reba is her mother-in-law! Or step. However, that works.

  9. blue marie says:

    I really like her dress, she looks beautiful. Love her bridal bouquet.

    • j.eyre says:

      I was just coming to comment on the bouquet – I love it.

    • mia girl says:

      Agree. I love everything about her choices. So amazingly beautiful and they seem to really fit her personality. She looks stunning.

      Congrats to the happy couple.

  10. amanda says:

    Stunning dress. I like her. Wish her the best.

    • Pandy says:

      Her dress is beautiful and she looks radiant and very happy. Congratulations to the happy couple!!

    • ParisPucker says:

      yes~! She looks so happy:) Having also lost some weight… I really like her, so wishing her the best:) They seem really into each other and in love…

  11. lenje says:

    Very, very pretty gown, and it looks so fitting with the background. I love the hair too. Congrats to her and the husband!

  12. Andrea says:

    Wow she looks absolutely stunning. Congrats to the happy couple. Those are amazing pictures.

  13. snark says:

    Gorgeous!! And great choice of venue- Blackberry Farms is awesome, we do weddings there all the time. Congrats to Kelly!

  14. BeckyR says:

    Blackberry Farm (about 25 miles from me)is just beautiful. Kelly’s dress is fabulous, but her smile says it all. She looks SO HAPPY!

    • PrettyTarheelFan says:

      Crazy gorgeous, isn’t it? It is a client of ours, and one of my employees has been out several times. I used to live in JC-TN, and going to that area was always such a beautiful visit. (Not that we were hanging out there on our off days, LOL).

    • elisa says:

      I love her dress and Blackberry Farms is an ideal wedding location, isn’t it? My sister-in-law was married there this past spring. It seems like the en vogue place for weddings right now in East Tennessee – at least for Knoxvillians (hubby’s family)

    • DreamyK says:

      It’s incredibly gorgeous here this time of year, isn’t it? Love the pics!

    • Kath says:

      I have never been to Tennessee (or anywhere South of Illinois) but have made a mental note to visit! (To be fair, I do live on the other side of the world).

  15. Suze says:

    I surprise myself by just loving this dress. Usually I’m all about the stark and unadorned.

    Congrats to Kelly and hubby. She is looking beautiful and happy, for sure.

  16. Leah says:

    She does look really great.

    She’s been a little fame whore-y throughout this engagement with all the pictures and stories and now immediate wedding pictures but maybe it’s just excitement so I’ll give her a pass I guess.

  17. sarah says:

    She looks amazing!! Way to go Kelly!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Sarah says:

    So beautiful! Congrats to her!

  19. Christin says:

    Glad to see she pulled off her secret wedding. Lovely dress.

  20. eliza says:

    She looked lovely. Best wishes to the newlyweds.

  21. Lucy2 says:

    Wow, she looks great! I love her dress and flowers, and what a beautiful place. Best of luck to them!

  22. flutters says:

    Lovely dress but the airbrushing on the photos is just too much. Kelly Clarkson’s face is borderline unrecognizable. Congrats and best wishes to the newlyweds though. Her engagement’s been about all Kelly’s been able to talk about lately so here’s hoping this all works out for her.

    • Lee says:

      Saw her being interviewed yesterday, and she was very open about the photoshop – saying she wanted it. It was kind of funny, cutting from her in the studio, to the photos, with the obvious difference! The photoshop took off all the weight she might have wanted to lose before the wedding, but without the actual bother, lol. Gorgeous dress, btw.

    • mari says:

      They have shaved off some 30 pouds of her. And her husband is a lot thinner in these official photos too.

      What’s the point of forging i.e. photoshopping yourself to be thin if in reality you’re chubby?

  23. Amy Tennant says:

    Love it, love it, love it!

  24. TG says:

    She looks amazing all around. I want that whole look got myself.

  25. nannan says:

    Too bad she wouldn’t let us see her husband’s face. Guess she wanted to be the center of all the attention.

    • Green Girl says:

      Or maybe he isn’t comfortable being in the spotlight, and is totally fine with her being front and center in the pictures?

    • S says:

      Most marriage announcements in local papers feature only the bride. I’m sure more photos will be released- but what most people want to see straight out of the gate is the bride and the dress.

  26. lulu says:

    Everything looks gorgeous. Good for Kelly! Love love love the dress! Very romantic

  27. Frida_K says:

    OOOH, beautiful dress!! She looks GORGEOUS!


  28. Jayna says:

    I love her wedding dress. The lace is so beautiful. I love lace gowns and also chiffon gowns or a mix with clean lines. I hate frou-frou for me and I wanted a real timeless look, not over-the-top sexy, trendy, that would look dated years later when looking at photos.

    She dressed great for her short height and body style. Long lines to give her length, no belt, nothing choppy that would cut her off. Too many short brides make a lot of mistakes picking the wrong gown for their body type and especially for their height. Her hair looks stunning.

    I wore Manuel Mota (RIP) Pronovias because they had some beautiful, yet simple, classic gowns. Pronovias’ 2014 collection is to die for, classic with great lace backs on many wedding gowns.

  29. Itwillrain says:

    I’m just as glad he didn’t show his face. He’s ugly and an ass. I have totally lost interest in Kelly since she’s gone on this campaign to become a blonde country floozy. And by the way, she’s always calling his kids “my kids” or “our kids” just like Leanne but doesn’t get shade for it.

    • Redheadwriter says:

      That was one of the first things I noticed too. I’m definitely no LeAnn fan, but c’mon. She gets crap all the time for calling the boys her kids but it’s OK for Kelly to do that?

      And yes, I do believe step-children are their kids too. Not in the same way, but they are their family too.

  30. poppy says:

    stunning field? who wrote that?

  31. janie says:

    She looks beautiful! I’m so happy for them both! She wants a baby right away.. I wish them a long, happy marriage!

  32. mrspatrickbateman says:

    I don’t see an issue with him being 36 and having older kids either, I’m 27 and have a 5 and 6 year old and my fiancé is 34 and has a 13 year old and an 8 year old. We both married young the first time and learned from our mistakes. Plus having children has made us both more cautious about being in a relationship. Whereas we both married very quickly before, we have both realized that we don’t want to make that mistake again and took our time dating, we dated almost 2 years before getting engaged, engaged 1 1/2 years and now we’re getting married next Saturday!! So I don’t think his age or his children’s ages say that much about him.

  33. Crabcake says:

    She looks stunning, absolutely stunning.

  34. Amanda says:

    So gorgeous! I love everything about this!

  35. Nicolette says:

    I love it, from the country/autumn feel of her ‘look’, to the setting. Just beautiful! Love the headpiece and the dress, it’s a very romantic style.

  36. HK9 says:


  37. Dawn says:

    She looks stunning and oh so happy! Good for her and I hope this lasts and they have a wonderful life.

  38. Lucybelle says:

    Is it so strange to be 36 and have a 12 year old? I am 32 and most of my high school classmates have kids in the 0-10 range. So his daughter was born when he was 24. It’s not like he is 36 and has a 20 year old. What an odd comment.

    • Green Girl says:

      I don’t think being 24 is too young, either, but maybe it depends on your circle of friends? I have found that I’m seeing more first-time parents who are well into their 30s.

  39. the original original says:

    Brandon Blackstock sounds like somebody out of game of thrones. She looks beautiful.

  40. Grant says:

    What a beautiful dress. She just looked lovely. Love her, so excited for her life with hubby.

  41. shannon says:

    I love Kelly…always have but I’ve thought this relationship was bad news from the beginning. I’m calling divorce in less than 10 years…his decision.

  42. RHONYC says:

    ❣❤ SIMPLY. LOVELY. ❦♥ 🙂

  43. The Original Mia says:

    Gorgeous. Loved everything about the dress. She looks so happy. I’m happy for them.

  44. Green Girl says:

    They are both so happy, and she’s absolutely stunning!

    I also find it refreshing the pictures were released via Twitter, and not in a magazine. I am so over the trend of celebrities getting paid for their wedding or baby’s pictures.

  45. Zombie Shortcake says:

    Love the dress, her hair, and the bouquet.

  46. apsutter says:

    I love that dress and the sleeves! It looks like something that the lovely Stevie Nicks would wear.

  47. Jaxx says:

    She looks gorgeous. Love the dress. Now that’s what a bride looks like. So glad Kate has brought back a modest look in gowns. I couldn’t understand why every bride in the last decade had her whole bust hanging out. I didn’t realize they had no choice, that every single bridal gown available was strapless. Hope that styles dies now.

    • apsutter says:

      Thank the lord for etsy because otherwise you’d never be able to find any variety in dress styles. It’s nothing but princess strapless gowns in stores…so bland

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      A woman I used to go to church with had to go to a Mormon dress shop for her dress–and it was actually really pretty. Very simple, but pretty.

  48. mandygirl says:

    She looks great. I’m 38 and my kids are 14 and 8. I was married at 22 and had my girl (named Savannah as well) at 24. It’s really not that weird.

  49. Twez says:

    Love the dress and the hairstyle. I just wish she’d give up the blonde.

  50. Meggin says:

    I absolutely adore her dress. I much prefer this dress to that awful ‘mermaid’ or sleeveless style everyone seems to pick out these days. Much more flattering. But I do agree the blonde needs to go.. but if she likes it, that’s what matters lol.

  51. umyeah says:

    Kelly is such a breath of fresh air in this world of talentless girls who feel like they have to flash their bits and pieces to get recognized. She manages to succeed on her voice and I wish more talents would follow suit. I hope her new hubbie treats her right. She deserves it!

  52. Jennifer12 says:

    She looks lovely, but the blond hair doesn’t suit her.

  53. Rena says:

    Love how pretty she looks and their happiness is lovely to see. Congrats to them.

  54. A Fan says:

    That is about the worst hair colour for her. Awful, truly awful.

    To answer the question though, it is a gorgeous gown (and very flattering on her).