Jon Cryer’s ex wife wants $89k a month so their kid can keep up at private school

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I remember reading last year that people who lived in wealthy neighborhoods who made less than their neighbors were more likely to commit suicide than people earning the same amount in a less wealthy area. The suicide rate increase was said to be around 4.5%, which isn’t a huge amount, but it still points to a much bigger problem of feeling “less than” and the stress that can go along with that.

That came to mind when I saw this story on TMZ. Apparently Jon Cryer’s ex wife, Sarah Trigger, and their 13 year-old son, are feeling “less than” in their very wealthy neighborhood in LA. Sarah gets $8,000 a month in child support, which is $96,000 a year and sounds pretty sweet to me. Where they live, that’s chump change. Their son, Charlie, feels poor in comparison to his classmates at his exclusive prep school. Sarah is requesting an eleven fold increase in her child support, to $89,000 a month. Jon is said to make $2 million a month and to be able to afford it. Here’s more:

Jon Cryer’s ex wife claims their 13-year-old son is becoming the object of scorn and ridicule at his exclusive private school because the other kids have a caviar lifestyle and she’s forced to live in the world of spam … and that’s why she’s asking a judge to squeeze $88k a month from Jon in child support.

Get ready to throw something at the computer, ’cause this is gonna piss you off.

Sarah Trigger has been getting a measly $8,000 a month in child support since 2010. It galls her that Jon is making a fortune on “Two and a Half Men” — she claims $2 mil a month!

Sarah says life is awful. She says her son Charlie can’t afford the ritzy summer camps his friends attend. She says Charlie’s friends go on “exotic vacations in the summer and winter like Europe and Thailand.” He can’t go.

It gets worse. Sarah says Charlie’s friends at The Buckley School have “huge birthday parties at expensive places like Sky High Sports and they invite the entire grade.” And worst of all … the Bar Mitzvahs. Sarah says, “Last year there were multiple Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs all with custom invitations, a dress code and huge private receptions afterward.”

Sarah says Charlie is feeling the pain, and so is she. Sarah says when she got child support back in 2010, she only had custody 4% of the time … and that’s why she only got $8,000 a month. Now she has custody 50% of the time, so she wants a cool $88,969 a month.

[From TMZ]

That’s a million dollars a year in child support alone. That amount seems insane to me, but I can’t relate to that level of wealth at all. Jon was married to Sarah for just five years, from 1999 to 2004. (He remarried in 2007 and adopted a child with his new wife in 2009.) I understand that she may feel her child support should be increased, particularly given Jon’s massive income, but $89k a month? Has it occurred to her to move to a less wealthy area and to put her kid in a less expensive school? Maybe there’s some kind of compromise that can be made here, because the way TMZ frames it, it’s all about keeping up with the Joneses.



Header image is from 2003. Credit: Scott Alan / PR Photos. Jon Cryer is shown with his new wife, Lisa Joyner, daughter and son in July, 2013. He’s also shown at an event with his new wife in August, 2013. Credit:

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  1. Jen says:

    Why shouldn’t their son get that much when Jon Cryer makes like tens of millions of dollars each year for being on his HORRIBLE TERRIBLE tv show?

    Anyway, I always thought he was gay.

    • strickchic says:

      This woman has been deemed an unfit parent in the past and now only has 50% custody. It’s not like she’s mother of the year and never has been apparently. I am sure all of his wants are met by his dad all the time. This is about a greedy, selfish woman.

      • LadySlippers says:

        Let’s not jump to conclusions. I agree — something’s off but we don’t know what.

      • emmie_a says:

        Wasn’t the ex-wife arrested for child abuse at some point? I agree that she’s being greedy. If the kid is with his father 50% of the time, I am almost positive that he’s getting all the trips to camp and trips to Europe that he wants. This is about the mom wanting a better life. It’s not like Jon is going to keep his kid in the lap of luxury for the 50% of time he has him… then let him go live in squalor for the other half.

        edit: I just looked it up and she was arrested for child abuse but the abuse charge wasn’t about her son w/Jon Cryer. She was arrested in 2009 for abuse of her 2 year old son with her new husband… not that it necessarily matters that it wasn’t Cryer’s son but just thought I’d mention that it wasn’t.

      • atrain says:

        She was deemed an unfit parent, and she was arrested for trying to hire a hit man to kill Jon. This isn’t the first time she’s tried to get an increase, either. She’s wacko.

      • Little Darling says:

        Courts in California ALWAYS give 50/50 unless something is seriously, SERIOUSLY off.

        Trust. She is a greedy woman.

      • bluhare says:

        So this woman who wanted to hire a hit man to kill him now wants a million a year. You can hire a really good hit man for that.

      • booboochile says:

        Michael K, says she was given 4% custody for choking out her son in a rage.

      • jaye says:

        Was she the one who tried to hire someone to kill him? Nevermind, someone answered my question upthread.

    • EmmaV1 says:

      The woman admits at one point their son spent most of his time with Jon and now it’s 50/50, so they’re both pulling equal weight. I’m pretty sure if the son asks Jon to cover expenses the dad will oblige since this doesn’t seem to be a case of the guy pawning the kid off onto the ex wife.

      You said why shouldn’t the “son” get the money? It’s more that the mom is asking for HERSELF and not for the son.

      • LadySlippers says:

        In court, it’s the mom that has to ask and can’t be the child. But my ex never pays more than what is court ordered so it could be the same for Jon. Who knows?

    • Kcaia says:

      I agree, the child should live the same lifestyle as the father. It doesn’t matter if the mother “doesn’t deserve it” or is a bad mom or a gold digger. If she’s not spending the money on her son, or is misusing it, he can go back to court to have it lowered later. It’s expensive and time-consuming, but that’s having kids, and he can afford it. The child is most important, although it seems like a lot to us, it’s what their world is and

      • emmie_a says:

        Kcaia: How do you know the kid isn’t living the same lifestyle as his dad?? He spent most of his life living w/his dad so I’m sure he is living the life of a millionaire.

      • Kcaia says:

        If he is supporting his son than I don’t know, 96k still isn’t much forwhere they live, but idk what other income she gets or anything else really about her, but I’m not going to judge her for her past if he trusts her with.his kid half the time.

    • Ok says:

      He has his son over 50% of the time. His DAD can afford to send him to all the nice places.

      Jon Cryers x- wife missed out on the gravy train by divorcing him. She wants the affluent lifestyle that her ex husband has.

      It does not work that way.

      I am sure that the son lives in ritziness when he is with his father. It is interesting that she was given only 4% visitation at the beginning. Wonder what was up with that

    • Decloo says:

      I’m pretty sure the mpther doesn’t have to pay tuition expenses. The kid probably goes on expensive vacations with his father. I’m sure his father would foot the bill for an expensive birthday party if he were throwing it and not the mother. The $8K she gets a month surely does not allow her to do all this luxurious fun stuff with the son while the father can. That not really a financial issue; it’s more of an emotionally bereft issue. Why would the kid want to do ANYTHING with his mom when stuff with his dad is so much more fun? It’s hard to compete with an ex-spouse that can offer the kid so much more materially because, let’s face it, that’s what kids this age really want. I would have more sympathy for her, though, if she had been a better parent from day one.

    • Murz says:

      ??? …. Why was she getting child support to begin with, when she only had him 4% of the time….
      It was always my understanding the primary caregiver was entitled to support, she was nothing but a babysitter at that point, and getting $8k a month! And the nerve to ask for that much, when she only has him 50% now…
      I have a 13 year old (girl) 100% of the time, and I get squat!… an my state won’t bother to try, because he is considered a dead beat dad and therefore not worth the effort to try.

    • Yeah Jen says:

      A classic tale of American standards. Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life… Or in this case, a HORRIBLE TERRIBLE AWFUL television program.

      Greed all around!

    • Delorb says:

      Shouldn’t she just say THAT? The reason given is lame, IMO. Just say you want more money, because he’s making more money. Is that so hard? I guess it is, because we’re given this crap excuse that its about the child not having THINGS! Jeez. Why can’t people just be honest. It would probably get her the money faster than this reason. BTW, not screaming at you.

  2. strickchic says:

    I can’t with this woman. I am a single mother and I want to projectile vomit on this despicable “mother”. ughhh

  3. blue marie says:

    I dunno what to think about this.. Aren’t school expenses separate from child support anyway? Also, if the kid wanted to go on a trip with his friends why couldn’t he just ask his dad for the money?

    Is Cryer the cheap douche that this is implying? It reads as if he never sees his kid. And it doesn’t really matter if his ex-wife feels less than as long as his son doesn’t, that’s who the child support is for anyway, right?

    • Stef Leppard says:

      It seems more about the mom than the child here.

    • Scarlet Vixen says:

      It says she has custody 50% of the time. I assume Cryer then has their son the other 50%.

      As a divorced mum myself I understand wanting a reasonable amount of child support. We all want to make sure our kids are healthy, fed, clothed & safe. But, her motivation of just wanting to keep up with the snobs her son goes to school with disgusts me. Teach your kid to be grateful for what he has (because it’s a hell of alot more than most kids) and help him figure out real friends don’t judge you by where you go for vacation. Cryer may make 2 mil a month NOW, but he has plenty of expenses too. And that show isn’t going to be on forever, and he’s not the kind of actor who will find another show that pays like this one. What happens when the income dries up?

      • blue marie says:

        Ahh, I missed that part, thank you for pointing it out. I’m guessing if his money dried up the ex wouldn’t care and tell him to find another job?

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        @Scarlet Vixen
        I agree. This would be a perfect teaching opportunity about being yourself and not having “friends” who make fun of you for having less than they do, but no, let’s by all means make sure this child understands that money is the only thing that matters in life and he’s entitled to it because of who he is, not because of anything he has done.

      • Wrachul says:

        @Scarlet Vixen

        Totally agree. My son is 6 and understands when we can’t afford something and is appreciate of what he does receive. Of course these people live in a totally different world, I can’t relate at all.

      • Cheryl says:

        My son faced similar circumstances. He is not easily fooled into valuing consumerism for consumerism’s sake. He applies effort to meet life’s challenges, not cash.

      • Kcaia says:

        Yes true, but in that environment the lesson is hard to teach. Especially if the father lives that way. They’d probably have to move out of LA to teach a non materialistic life to a teen boy, and that would put distance between him and his father.

      • VioletCrumble says:

        That’s just what I was thinking. Surely that inane, awful show is not going to last forever? I’d wager that when it finally ends, Mr Cryer will be so seriously typecast that he’ll find it difficult to secure another highly-paid, ongoing series. Then what? Perhaps moving the boy to a less-exclusive, less expensive school is inevitable.

    • Tammy says:

      At one point he had full custody & she was only allowed to see him 4% of the time because she choked her son when he was just 9 years old. I doubt John Cryer is a douche at all, he didn’t fight his ex when she requested more visitation time after she got her shit together & went for help for her anger problems. She’s a gold digger.

    • lucy2 says:

      That’s what I was thinking – Jon is probably paying all of the kid’s expenses, and the child support just goes to the mom to help cover her living expenses so she has a good place for him when he spends time with her.

      It’s a desperate money grab, and it’s gross. If Jon were only paying $8K a month and nothing else, I’d say it should be increased based on his salary, but I’d bet he’s paying WAY more than that.

  4. Post-Its says:

    Give me a #$&^ing break. You’re getting 8k A MONTH. She’ll get more in three month than what many families make in a year. Instead of asking for money to spoil your kid, maybe you can teach him about how lucky he really is.

    • MacScore says:

      You said it.

    • mickey says:

      I get about $3000 a month and my ex makes A FRACTION of Jon Cryer. My son goes to public school (in a town whose schoools are good- the reason why we live here.) In MA anyway, either spouse can go to court for an adjustment on child support depending on circumstances. She is not unreasonable asking for more but $89k seems ridiculous, knowing nothing about their financial situation.

      • LadySlippers says:

        I agree.

      • judysee says:

        |Here in Cali, $8000 a month IS chump change. My husband and I are regular people and we make twice that and then some. We live in Bay Area and it is pricey, believe me. Preschool was $1000 a month. My kids now go to public school because private is upwards of $16,000 a year each. Water and PG &E for our modest 5 bedroom is $500/ monthly. Groceries at least $1400 monthly. Southern Cali, esp. Santa Barbara, where my husband is from is much more.
        Also: An arrest is not a conviction. As far as I know she was not convicted of the hit man nonsense. I work with families and charges of child abuse are sometimes unfounded. Many people are accused by family members, exes and others with an axe to grind. Don’t judge lest ye be judged.

  5. MacScore says:

    (chokes in outrage).

    And, actually, it is possible to go on a pretty cheap vacation to Thailand… but that is surely NOT the point here. What has happened to the values embraced by these “celebrities”?? – when the economy is going down the toilet, millions of people are out of work (on many continents), “we” are ruining the environment while most politicians look the other way – and this b***h wants 89K A MONTH so her poor little boy won’t feel left out? Gag me. Seriously. I am so disgusted I can’t think straight.

  6. eliza says:


  7. Stef Leppard says:

    Who would ever have thought that Duckie would end up making $2 million a month.

    • Monkey Towz says:

      @ Steph, no sh*t! I was tween when Pretty in Pink came out & must admit I had a bit of a Duckie crush, but holy hell if I ever thought that guy would do anything else. I thought Molly Ringwald & Andrew McCarthy would be the next Liz & Dick, lol!

      • Stef Leppard says:

        I always liked Steff, for obvious reasons! Even tho he was a d-bag, haha!

      • Monkey Towz says:

        PIP was on tv recently & I had forgotten how HOT James Spader was! My 12 yr old brain obviously didn’t comprehend that at the time.
        Sorry I misspelled your name above. It’s early & I’ve been on Celebitchy all morning w/o the benefits of caffeine.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        James Spader may have gotten fat (but as time goes on in “The Blacklist” he looks like he’s losing weight) and is balding–but man, he’s still sexy. I love him. “Secretary” was my first r rated movie (for sexual content)–ironically enough, I only looked at it because that was when Maggie G. was playing as Rachel–so I looked her up on wiki, and found the movie.

      • Monkey Towz says:

        Yep, “Secretary” was the movie that made me really take notice of him. (& omg Maggie!). You’re right that he’s still sexy. It’s the voice & confidence that do it for me.

  8. Tapioca says:

    I think in this case the amount of child support is largely irrelevant next to the fact that she has 50% custody at all.

    She lost custody of their son when their marriage ended as she was deemed unfit to look after him, and was subsequently arrested in 2009 for allegedly trying to strangle the boy with a cord after bruises were found around his neck!

    Oh, and the set of Two and a Half Men was closed to audiences in early 2010 after Crazy Eyes up there reportedly tried to hire a hitman to dispose of JC.

    When you’re deemed to be more of a threat than Charlie Sheen, that’s when you know you’re truly nuts…

  9. TG says:

    Yeah we need more information before we can decide who is greedy and who is a jerk or both. Is he not paying other things as well? Is the house paid off? Because I would be surprised that she could even live and afford a private school in such an exclusive neighborhood on only $100k a year. That is next to nothing for that area. Who is paying the child’s tuition and other costs like clothes, and vacations? I don’t know I don’t like greedy parents but then again I don’t like a selfish parent either who doesn’t care about their child.

    • Tammy says:

      You need to google this crazy broad & then tell me who’s greedy and selfish.

    • Kcaia says:

      +1. And we don’t know if Jon does these things for his son anyways, or himself, or if the mom just wants the money in her account or if she just wants her son to have what his peers have.

  10. Jayna says:

    In all fairness, if she has the kid now 50 percent of the time, she deserves more than 8K a month. I don’t think she deserves even close to what she’s asking for, but he makes a fortune so the monthly amount, which was what she got when she had the kid way less before, should be upped. What she’s asking for is insane, though. Legally, I’m sure she will prevail in court and be able to modify it because of his income and because she has the kid fifty percent of the time now. She seems like a piece of work, though. The boy will probably go and live with dad when he’s older anyway.

  11. teehee says:

    I never like spouses trying to get excessive money. BUT— think of it so: if they were married, the child would be under both parents’ financial provisions. So the 2 million per month could be available for the son, in theory, were they still married.
    Does that mean she is entitled to it? No; does that mean the child needs it? No… its just a case of “shoulda woulda coulda”. They arent together anymore, so that means the money is split too. A child in the middle changes things, but no child costs that much even in a year; and if she doesnt like the change of lifestyle, well tough crackers.

    She was probably advised to ask for that knowing she wouldnt get it, but some reduced amount in the middle which is still way more than enough.

    And how abotu she teach her child some values, like, money isnt everything??? Hello!

  12. Aussie girl says:

    She really does have crazy eyes!!

    • Tara says:

      Yeah, I rarely get the crazy eyes thing, but she looks like the dictionary definition of crazy eyes.

  13. Kate says:

    They have joint custody, it’s not like she’s the sole parent, so if his son needs something surely Jon can just buy it/pay for it directly? Or she could just send him the bills as they come rather than asking for a set amount?

    It sounds like SHE needs more money for her living expenses, and is trying to get that via child support. No one needs $89,000 a month in child support if their intention is actually to use the money to support their child.

  14. Timber says:

    Then she should move.

  15. swack says:

    First of all it’s her claiming he makes $2 million a month. No one reading this knows if he really makes that much. I’m sure if he was such a douche it would be all over these websites. What does she do other than stay at home. The $8000 is for him NOT her.

    • lucy2 says:

      At the moment he’s making $620,000/episode, and they probably do 22-24 a year. Take out taxes, agent/manager/publicist, etc, add residuals from syndication, it’s probably half that take home.

  16. Crabcake says:

    I thought he was gay.

  17. Algernon says:

    This report is so one-sided. We don’t know what expenses Cryer covers separate from the child support. Aren’t things like school tuition and medical costs are usually separated from child support, which is like ad hoc spending for the sundries the custody agreement doesn’t cover? He could be paying tuition, all medical expenses, a budget for clothing/travel, *and then* $8K a month on top of all that for stuff as needs arise. Not to mention whatever this lady got in a divorce settlement plus alimony. That’s what bothers me when these kinds of situations get reported. Child support is only one part of the financial consideration in a custody case, and too often, the custodial parent (almost always a woman, which just perpetuates the gold digger stereotype) skews the data to make their situation look desperate to help garner sympathy for their court case.

    I defended Linda Evangelista when she went after Salma Hayek’s husband for money because she made it clear she is caring for her son by herself, and that all she wanted was for her son to get the exact same trust consideration as his half-sister. It was a lot of money, yes, and she’s rich, too, yes, but given their circumstances, I didn’t think it was unreasonable to say, “His daughter has X trust. Why doesn’t my son have X trust, too?” Especially since that’s the kind of blatant favoritism that can wreck families for generations. (I would be so curious to check in on the Evangelista kid and Valentina Pinault when they’re teenagers and see what kind of relationship they have.) And reportedly Evangelista tried to resolve it with Pinault behind closed doors and he refused. I always got the impression he acts like Valentina is his “official” kid and screw the little urchin produced during an affair that didn’t last. It was so much money and everyone involved was so rich that it prejudiced everyone against the entire case, I think, but I always saw Evangelista as pursuing equality for her son, that if Pinault was going to acknowledge him (which he didn’t for years, because he’s a sh-tty person) and be involved in his upbringing, then he was going to provide for her son the way he did his daughter. Which is not unreasonable.

    This lady, though, I don’t know. If keeping up at Buckley is such a burden, there are other alternatives. And what does she do to contribute to the household? Does she have any kind of independent income? Could she maybe pay for a vacation herself? It doesn’t seem like it’s about equality so much as she isn’t living the lifestyle she wants.

    End long rant.

    • Claudia says:

      Well said. I agree completely with all of your points. It was a similar situation with my parents when they divorced; there were numerous other expenses my father paid for outside of direct child support, and I suspect it is the same with Cryer.

  18. eva says:

    This is a case of the crazy parent getting an undeserved speaking platform.

    I just feel for that kid. The mother is unstable and Jon seems to try to be a good guy to let her into the kids life when she has improved.

    I can imagine that Jon has always been making sure the kid has clothes and money for events. His dad is the main one in his life.

    I bet both Jon and the son are super embarrassed by the mother grubbing for money via the press…and I’m guessing she is starting an off with one of her down periods…and 100% custody will revert to Jon. a parent with mental illness just sucks for the kid.

    if kids are shunning the poor boy, its probably more to do with the unstable mom, than the money.

  19. Claudia says:

    Ugh. She disgusts me. It burns her that her ex makes so much? Really? Then get a job! I highly doubt this is really about her son’s interests, she sounds incredibly greedy and superficial. By all accounts Cryer has been a good, responsible dad. When my parents divorced my mom either had 50/50 or full custody of us kids; my dad gave her child support but also paid for various expenses outside of that, and paid for our vacations. I don’t doubt Cryer does the same, what’s really chapping his ex is that she’s limited as to what goes directly to her.

  20. cel says:

    Is it me or does his ex-wife look like post-nose job Jennifer Grey?

  21. lenje says:

    O yea, I just realize there’s a “like” icon now. Me LIKE!

  22. jane16 says:

    She may be a disgusting woman but when a rich person marries a non rich person and and has a kid with them, they better expect to pay the big bucks til the kid has graduated college. Its just the way it is. He is rolling in money and 8 grand a month is nothing here in the L.A. area.

  23. anne_000 says:

    I noticed that the only reasons she gives for wanting more money is for partying and vacationing.

  24. evyn says:

    I think SHE is the one feeling inadequate,and wants to show off her “wealth.”

  25. dorothy says:

    She’s always seemed very seedy to me. She tried to have her ex killed at one point, then there was the choking claim with her son. Money seems to be the very least of her problem. Hope she’s getting some counseling for her obvious problems.

  26. Ctkat1 says:

    Well, Jon had full custody and 94% visitation of the kid for years, as the mother was deemed unfit. He paid her $8k per month during that time, and she exhibited the behavior others discussed above. She’s apparently now worked her way back to 50% visitation, so if the child is in her home half time and she is asked to cover half of his expenses (school, medical, food, clothing, etc) then child support should be increased substantially, as she wouldn’t be able to provide an equal share of those things on her current child support. However, if Jon is covering all of those expenses (tuition, insurance, vacations, birthday parties, clothes, etc.) and the $8k is to ensure that the kid has a safe home and food on the table when he’s at his mom’s, then I can’t see the need for a huge increase- a small increase is likely, but what she’s asking for seems insane.

  27. Meanchick says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that kid is too damn big for a stroller?

  28. madchen says:

    I hope she doesn’t get away with this if only because her rationale re: the school is so twisted. While some of the kids at his school do come from considerable wealth, the wide majority are comfortably middle class. There’s also a significant percentage of kids who get varying degrees of financial aid. He’s not remotely out of place. Most of the kids do not go on several exotic vacations a year and while the bar/bat mitzvahs are probably a little higher end than usual,children aren’t expected to give ridiculous gifts.

  29. Lauren says:

    As others have pointed out, it’s very likely that in ADDITION to child support, Cryer pays for tuition/school trips/medical bills/clothing/etc, in part or in whole. I’d be surprised if he didn’t pick up the tab for tuition in full. Not to mention the possibility of alimony (unless that has discontinued at this point). I’m sure if the kid “needed” an extravagant birthday party or whatever, he’d be happy to pay for it. He doesn’t seem like an asshole, and this woman is known to be 100% bat-shit.

    Anyway, she’ll probably get a little more, but the figure she came up with is absurd.

  30. Karen81 says:

    You should hook up with me when you had the chance Ducky. I would have gladly taken the $96,000 in child support. 🙂

  31. courtney says:

    Technically it’s closer to 2,000,000 a year John makes nearly 20 million for two and a half men and the parent paying child support is supposed to pay 10% of their salary towards child support.

  32. Quinn says:

    So, after attempting to hire a hit on Cryer and then choking her son with a cord, she’s allowed unsupervised time with him???

    I just cannot figure out why this woman isn’t in jail…and have NO CLUE why she would be allowed around her child if any of the allegations about her are true. The mind boggles.

  33. Tessa says:

    Oh, please. Like Jon doesn’t foot the bill for everything in this kid’s life. I don’t buy it. He doesn’t get to go on elaborate trips and camps when he’s with HER. He’s with his dad the other 50% of the time, and I’m sure he pays for the child’s schooling. This is BS.

  34. Vera says:

    Why isn’t she in jail for trying to get him killed?

  35. KellyinSeattle says:

    I’m still pissed he won an Emmy – he’s so terribly wimpy, not a good actor, AND incredibly annoying. No sex appeal but acts like he’s a complete stud. That’s all

  36. Caroline says:

    It is absolutely INSANE that his SON only receives $8900 per month when Jon Cryer make millions per annum!!
    Where does his money go? Does he spend it on himself and his current lady instead of his child??