Jamie Dornan, the new Christian Grey, got pap’d with his pregnant wife Amelia Warner


One of the reasons I wasn’t all about Jamie Dornan for Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey was that Jamie Dornan has rarely been pap’d at all. He rarely walks a red carpet, he rarely gets photographed in London, New York or LA, and he doesn’t get that much magazine work. There are his Calvin Klein ads, of course, and I keep reusing the same bulgy ads and the handful of recent photos we have of Jamie. But! Now that Jamie is officially Christian Grey, the paps are looking for him. Thus, these photos of Jamie and his pregnant wife in London on Friday.

Do you recognize his wife? That’s Amelia Warner. She was once sort of married to Colin Farrell, way back in 2001. At the time, Colin called her his wife and to this day, she’s referred to as the “ex-wife of Colin Farrell.” Amelia has always claimed that the marriage was never legal – she was 19 years old and they took part in some kind of ceremony in Tahati but she insists they knew it wasn’t a legal marriage at the time. She was also an actress and now she’s a singer. And she’s also expecting her first baby – and it’s Jamie’s first baby too.

So, I guess we should get comfortable with the idea of seeing more of Jamie Dornan these days. Not just on screen as Christian Grey – I’m guessing he’s going to get a lot of attention from the paparazzi for a while. We’ll see how he handles it. And we’ll see how the 50 Shades fan-girls handle it.






Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. blue marie says:

    And so it begins..

  2. Sixer says:

    Why is everyone always carrying coffee in pap photos? Does nobody sit down any more?

  3. carol says:

    she’s pretty

  4. It'sJustBlanche says:

    I only got through about 100 pages of the book (and that was trapped on a cross country flight) but he actually looks more like what I imagine the character looks like than the other guy. Having said that its career death.

  5. Kit says:

    He really does look a lot like Cavill, and apparently they’ve got some similar personality traits too… both low key and a bit shy. (Incidentally they’re also both Taurus, as is Pattinson)

    I especially like the last two photos.

    • Holly says:

      I’ve never so much as glanced at 5 Shades but Jamie impressed the hell out of me in The Fall and it sure seems like the creepy/sexy/killer vibe he was working there should work for this project.

      They’re a fine-looking couple for sure. I’m surprised at some of the negative comments I’ve heard about Dornan playing this part. The only bad I can see with the Christian role is that it pays a lousy $125,000; I mean, that is barely TV money let alone movie money. Hope he gets part of the total box office take or something!

      oops, seems I replied incorrectly with the new setup, sorry Kit!

    • mia girl says:

      Somehow, I still can not believe that Hunan was going to be paid $125,000 for the film, even if you factor in some kind of a back-end (no pun intended) deal. I still maintain that is some kind of misinformation because it just seems crazy otherwise.

      P.S. Dornan in very good-looking.

  6. Nanz says:

    They look thrilled.

  7. MrsBPitt says:

    I could not finish that book, and have no interest in seeing the movie, but I have been curious to see who would be selected to play the two main roles. I don’t really know anything about this guy, but looking at these photos, he is not Christian Grey material to me…I think Scott Eastwood would have been a better choice. And, Dakota Johnson…uh, not in million years is she right for Anna…and so, in my humble opinion, like Twilight before it, another miscast movie! Oh well, its gonna suck no matter who is cast…

  8. Gwen says:

    Very pretty couple. I hope the people behind the movie will actually help him go through this, and aren’t supporting the fangirl craze. Yeah, right..

  9. Jessiebes says:

    Never read the book, nor do I plan to.

    Seems like a step down for a serious actor to go to soft-porn.

  10. GeeMoney says:

    I’m surprised that he would do this role, given the fact that he’s married. What kind of wife is ok with her husband doing S&M scenes with some actress on screen?

    I mean, I know it’s “acting” and all… but damn.

    • judyjudy says:

      AND he’ll be doing all those crazy S&M scenes while she’s home with a new baby. I’m not judging that he’s doing it, I’m just thinking about when I was home with a new baby feeling weepy and tired and frumpy. If my husband had been out doing soft-core porn with some pretty actress while I was at home in my yoga pants with spit up in my hair feeling as unsexy as ever…well…I’m pretty certain that would have put me over the edge.

  11. Belle Epoch says:

    Oh, poor her. Can you imagine being home with a newborn while your partner is out shooting fifty million sex scenes? I know actors don’t take that stuff seriously, but at the same time, how many of them have hooked up while working together?

  12. Alina says:

    Uh oh… He does not look pleased

  13. Gine says:

    He was papped quite a bit when he was with Keira Knightley, but that was years ago.

  14. No hate says:

    He could pass for a twin/elder brother of Penn Badgley

  15. grabbyhands says:

    I hope he’s not scowling because someone is taking a picture of him, because it’s only going to get worse from here on out. I hope he and his wife are ready for the Fifty Shades freaks to start mailing him their underwear and hiding out across from their house. I hope he will still think the exposure was worth it once this all is over.

  16. Kolby says:

    He did a photo shoot with Rosie Huntington-Whitely a few years back that’s worth a look see. Possibly NSFW, though, so use caution.

  17. magz says:

    Love his stern face here, mmmmh eyebrows hehe

  18. nj says:

    So how does it work for him? He is going to be naked doing kinky sex scene with Dakota and then go back to wife and kid!

  19. Lindy says:

    He needs some training on how to handle paps. You know, lovingly hold hands with wife, look vaguely content, look off into the distance, etc.

    He should also make some deals to prominently wear or carry luxury products, sort of personal product placement. That will help with that $125,000 salary.

  20. miriam says:

    Have no intention of reading the book or seeing the film, however Dornan was fantastic in Once Upon a Time and I feel sorry for him being involved in this. They are a gorgeous couple.

  21. Jordan says:

    Charlie was the only reason I was going to see it, but glad he stepped away from it. That said, I wish this guy luck and hope it doesn’t kill his career.

  22. St says:

    For me he will always be Hot Sheriff from Once Upon A Time. That’s how I call him every time I see him. And it’s still amazing to me how he looks completely different without beard. And what will it be for Fifty Shades? Will he shave it off? Because Christian will suppose to be clean shaved or what? But Hot Sheriff looks way better with beard.

    I also wonder how their relationship with wife will survive his Christian Grey fame.

  23. Kimlyn says:

    Its amazing how much Colin Farrell’s girlfriends look alike. He’s such a strange guy. Glad she got away from him.

  24. Andrea says:

    Does anyone remember her from Lorna Doone? I love that miniseries and own it! ha He was awesome in Once Upon A Time. I heard he used to be with Kiera Knightley.

    • amilu says:

      I own it, too, (in my A&E Romance Classics boxed set) and watched it again a month or so ago! She’s SO pretty, and I loved her in that movie. She’s always been a down-to-earth, approachable kind of beautiful.

      I finished watching The Fall last week. I wasn’t blown away by Dornan’s acting, but I also want better things for him than 50 Shades of Gray. Hmph.

    • ichsi says:

      Oh God yes! I suffered through this atrocity for James McAvoy and Aidan Gillen. She was beautiful in it though…