LeAnn Rimes’ invasion of privacy lawsuit against the Smileys was dismissed


About 14 months ago, LeAnn Rimes filed an invasion of privacy lawsuit against Kim Smiley and her daughter Alexis. Kim Smiley had been following LeAnn on Twitter, and Smiley basically made the mistake of disliking LeAnn and tweeting about her dislike. So LeAnn called Smiley up one day and Smiley recorded the phone conversation and then published the audio online. This was the invasion of privacy. This was the crux of the lawsuit. I’ll admit that I didn’t want to wade too deeply into the legal drama because LeAnn had cited Celebitchy in her lawsuit (as an example of the bad press she got following the audio publication). The Smileys set up a legal fund to help pay for their legal defense, and reportedly, LeAnn was trying to draw out the legal proceedings, refusing to sit down for a deposition, etc.

Well, on Monday the lawsuit was thrown out of court in LA. The judge dismissed the suit, in which LeAnn had asked for $25,000 in damages. Now that the judge has dismissed the suit, LeAnn cannot re-file a claim. The Smileys’ lawyer says that the situation has been “resolved” which I guess means that someone got paid (but who?). I don’t know what to say… it was a stupid lawsuit, it’s dumb to sue someone who is talking trash about you on Twitter, blah, blah, etc. Ilana Angel at The Jewish Journal had a good piece about it too.

In other LeAnn news, I got around to reading the full Star Mag cover story. I covered most of the good parts yesterday, but there were a few new pieces of info I thought you might enjoy:

“LeAnn’s been driving Eddie to distraction with her psycho behavior almost from the moment they first hooked up. It’s been getting continuously worse since they made it official, and Eddie can’t take it anymore. This past year in particular has been a nightmare. He wants out.”

Insiders say Eddie Cibrian’s stress levels are through the roof: “Eddie says LeAnn is so much crazier than people can see. For every one bizarre thing the public knows about, there are 10 they don’t.”

“Although Eddie was initially against doing the VH1 reality show, he soon realized that it would be the perfect opportunity for the public to see LeAnn’s out-of-control behavior, the private side that has been driving Eddie up the wall. Eddie’s completely out of patience, and as soon as he’s done with his obligations on the show, he’ll be ready to get out of the marriage.”

LeAnn is reportedly worth $38 million, and she’s been trying to “buy” Eddie’s continued love and loyalty during their marriage with wild shopping sprees and expensive gifts, including a $150,000 Porsche. And although Eddie’s modest acting career has netted him an estimated $12 million, an insider claims he wouldn’t hesitate to ask for a chunk of LeAnn’s fortune in court – they don’t have a prenup – for the torment he’s been through.

“If LeAnn makes things ugly for him, he’d take her for every penny he could. Eddie’s attitude is: if he gets any money from LeAnn, he’s more than earned it. The way he sees it, no one would have put up with what he’s had to deal with. He wouldn’t walk away from this relationship without getting something for the hell he’s been through.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Is Eddie really worth $12 million? I doubt that. I don’t think he came into the marriage with much money at all, and he’s barely worked at all since attaching himself to the (Crazy) Money Train. And while LeAnn might have been worth $38 million at some point, I think her wealth has taken a hit in the past four years too. Eddie’s a very expensive kept man and if she wants him to keep paying attention to her, she has to keep buying him presents. And then she has to buy herself presents which she then pretends Eddie gave her. And then she has to stalk Brandi and find out what Brandi is wearing so LeAnn can buy all of it too. It’s expensive!

leann star


Photos courtesy of Twitter, WENN.

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  1. Elisabeth says:

    there is a tsunami of crazy coming our way

    • brin says:

      Grab a pink wig and stay tuned!

    • MrsB says:

      Yep. Usually I get no pleasure out of seeing people in pain, even people I dislike. But damn if she doesn’t deserve it. Karma. Not that Eddie deserves anything good. I’d like to see them both go down in flames tbh.

      • Kate says:

        me too

        another lawsuit lost; she either sued her father or her record company to get out of her contract and lost

  2. littlestar says:

    Awesome news!! I wonder what’s happening with the lawsuit against her dentist??

    • Wrachul says:

      Why did she sue her dentist? I don’t remember if I heard about that lawsuit.

      • southernbell317 says:

        LR claims he ruined her career because he’s a bad dentist! Everything is ALWAYS everyone else fault in her mind… it’s not possibly the fact that she’s a home wrecking piece of trash that ruined a family and brags about it everyday that her career is over… no, NO! It’s her dentist fault, lol!

  3. tiddlywinks says:

    The word “home” is missing from that truck.

    • Lauren says:

      Indeed. Eddie must have been very desperate to acquire a sugar mama capable of funding a luxurious lifestyle to endure LeAnn’s deranged behavior. Eddie is the ultimate manwhore gold digger.

      • Michele says:

        She’ll run out of it. In order to spend spend spend you have to earn earn earn … her label supposedly dropped her and she can’t sell that album or tickets to her “concerts.” Allegedly.

  4. aims says:

    Eddie will stay on the gravy train for as long as he can stand it. Leann has lost the public with her behavior, and the lawsuit against that women really didn’t help her.

    I didn’t know she put our humble website in her lawsuit.

  5. Talie says:

    Eddie has no money, according to Brandi. And I believe it. Im guessing his worth, minus LeAnn’s money, is around a mil.

  6. Celeste says:

    I got 99 problems, but being envious of Leann Rimes ain’t one of them. :)

  7. Jayna says:

    I don’t believe for a second Eddie did the reality show because the public would see the real crazy he deals with. Spare me. The public would never see what really goes on behind the scenes. It’s not real reality. If anything, all she wants to show is her in bikinis and acting cutsy and hanging on her beloved hubby to show the world their amazing love and how fun they are, yada, yada, and boring the F out of the viewers . Plus even before it now being a reality or scriptality as she says, it was going to be a total scripted show when he signed on to do it. That fell apart .

    Eddie has zero money. He isn’ t leaving that marriage any time soon. It doesn’t matter about no pre-nup. Her money was made before Eddie. He won’t get that. What has she made while with him that he would get half of besides putting a big chunk down on the home and now the home is half his.

    • Deanne says:

      Ripping up the prenup has about as much impact as ripping up your driver’s license would. It still exists legally. Unless she had her BFF, the lawyer cancel it, Ed’s out of luck, because as you said, her money was made long before Eduardo came on the scene. I’m sure Eddie will ride the money train as long as he can. It’s not like she’ll kick him out.

    • LAK says:

      The statement about the reality show reminds me of how Kelsey Grammer exited his marriage. He arranged for Camille to be on RHOBH, or at the very least actively encouraged her participation on the grounds that ‘he wanted to give her something for her which showed the world who she was’ meanwhile he was in NYC setting home with her replacement.

      Lo and behold, unfiltered Camille was a total B on the show. Very hard to sympathise with her when the divorce became public. A newly hired publicist later, whose advise she listened to rehabilitated her completely putting the focus back on Kelsey and his antics.

      Perhaps Eddiot is following the same formula.

      And the other example i think he may be following is Jackie O during her marriage to Onassis where she bought couture and expensive gifts on his dime then took it back to the shop in exchange for the cash.

    • someone says:

      I suspect they put the minimum down on the house that they could, so there probably is no equity to share there if they sell it. If they split what they made while married there won’t be much there either. I agree with you that Eddie didn’t do the show to set her up.

  8. dorothy says:

    I guess when your reduced to playing at the opening of Mall’s your only form of income is through lawsuits.

  9. Kiddo says:

    Are Ellen and Portia really breaking up?

    • L.S. says:

      I was wondering this, too. :(

    • Florc says:

      That would be unexpected. LR and EC were living on borrowed time. He was always going to bail when either the money ran out or there wasn’t enough money to compensate for the crazy he had to endure. Guess we’ll see.

  10. TheOriginalKitten says:

    She’s worth $38M?!?! Wow..I had no idea.

    • Erinn says:

      There’s no waaaaay she still is worth that. She throws money around way too much. Unless someone was really smart and made her invest in great things, I think it’s closer to half that amount. Didn’t she have to pay to get her album out which then flopped?

      Celebrity networth is also saying Eddie is worth 12m; which doesn’t really add up either.

    • brin says:

      I think that’s an old # that was on the Celebrity Net Worth site (which I guess never gets updated). I’m sure it’s much lower now with all her income going out and not much coming in.

    • claire says:

      That quoted amount has been around, unchanged, for years now. I doubt that is the updated real amount that she’s worth. She seems to be losing money more than making it this last few years.

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      IF you are worth $38 mill, you don’t make a music video on an I Phone. #justsaying

    • Zombie Shortcake says:

      Eddie having $12 million from his career shocks me.

      • Michele says:

        There’s no freaking way! Neither has don’t anything career wise in recent years that pays that kind of money. Impossible. And Ediot was in debt in his marriage to poor Brandi, they had no money at all.

  11. Arock says:

    I love always love that first pic, she looks like she’s wearing a maternity tank as a dress and did her wig in the car. Dumb trick.

    Anywho- good for the smileys, it was such frivolous suit. There is no way (NO WAY) they collectively have 50$ million, including assets. shes been in limbo professionally for years. Cancelled shows, dropped contracts, paying everything including touring, out if pocket. And poor, dumb Eddie came with zero cash and probably pretty stiff debt.
    Maybe one day I’ll drive by an underpass and see them arguing like Mortimer and Randolph in the boxes that she paid for.
    *crosses fingers*

    • SummersReign says:

      That picture of her looks like Heath Ledger’s character in that batman movie! (sorry, couldnt resist saying that)

  12. Emily C. says:

    The Star article is bad fanfic yet again, but I am getting pretty tired of the “poor Eddie” tone some sites are starting to take. The dude’s a serial cheater. When his wife threw him out, he found another woman to use, because he can’t stand not being married while his dong wanders the earth. Oh, the only woman who would take this scumbag in is a mess herself? What a surprise. I call it karma. It’s just too bad his kids are stuck in the middle.

    • littlestar says:

      So agree with you. Eddiot should NEVER get a pass. I don’t care how much of a lunatic Leann is, he started an affair with her, willingly hurt Brandi (by leaving her with nothing and cheating on her with multiple women), and stuck around while Leann continued to taunt Brandi. If Leann’s behaviour is driving in nuts, then good, he deserves ALL OF IT.

    • shady says:

      The article is pro Eddie, because it’s coming from Eddie’s camp. If LeAnn were smart, she would have her people release some details about him whoring around and infecting half of hollywood with HPV, and mentally torturing her, but she’s not smart. He knows what he’s doing, and he will come out of this looking better than her.

  13. briargal says:

    Considering LR’s batting average for all her lawsuits (has she won even one?) you would think it would finally get through her thick skull that she is wasting time and especially money she can’t afford to waste!! The only one happy about the lawsuits are her lawyers.

  14. lavinia says:

    Why does she look like a raving lunatic in every picture??

  15. Patricia says:

    If this is true then he has been taking advantage of a mentally ill person until there is nothing left to gain, then will leave her. That’s sick.

    • bettyrose says:

      And that surprises you about this guy?

    • Emily C. says:

      Sounds about right. Then he’ll get a pass because he has a dick and because the mentally ill are not treated well by our society, to put it mildly. There’s a lot of ableism in the coverage of this, along with the sexism.

      • bettyrose says:

        Where the H are her parents in all this? I’m not giving him a pass but to me he’s a one dimensional cartoon villain who will eventually get his due. I truly don’t get how this girl has no family to smack some sense into her.

      • littlestar says:

        +1 again Emily.

      • Yep says:

        Its been going around he “gaslights” her. So, shes crazy, and he makes it worse.

    • Dia says:

      It doesn’t surprise me. He’s a douche. He tried to do the same to Brandi, trying to make her into the crazy ex. Leann shouldn’t be surprised that he would do the same to her when he was done. Ediot is the lowest of the low. Unfortunately, for Leann, he used her as his attack dog against Brandi, which ruined her career. I still don’t feel sorry for her though, she deserves all that she has coming to her and more. I just hope we get to see his downfall as well.

  16. Deanne says:

    One thing that I do believe true, is that for every one crazy thing LeAnn does in public view, there are 10 more going on in private. She comes across as being completely unhinged most of the time. She must be a nightmare to deal with behind closed doors. Not that I feel sorry for Eddie, but kids are involved, as is the ex and they don’t deserve to suffer because he decided to marry someone as deranged as LeAnn. The lawsuit being dismissed is great news. LeAnn wouldn’t and couldn’t have sat for the required deposition. She just wanted to drag this BS on as long as she could, to financially and emotionally punish the two women who exposed her unbelievably inappropriate behaviour and the fact that she lied about making the phone call in the first place. Thank goodness it wasn’t allowed to drag on until the trial date in June. She must be so disappointed that her bully with money tactics were thwarted.

  17. Kristin says:


    poor wittle Leann, she thought she was so impordanth.

  18. Christin says:

    Glad you’re covering this instead of their pathetic attempt to portray Kenny and Dolly for Halloween. Now, if that dentist can have a similar outcome.

  19. Relli says:

    AHA when there was very little coverage on most sites about the lawsuit while it was going on I figured CruelAnn had named almost everyone in the blogosphere she could to find. My guess is from reading all the different coverage is that the case was dismissed by the court and she was ordered to pay damages including but not limited to attorney’s fees. She possibly could to have agreed to give more money if they said nothing and let her go to ROL (which lets be real they need a non-Kardashian story at t this point) and let her say that she did this out of the two goody gumdrops rubbing together in her heart. The problem is that it is much too late and even the casual gossip follower knows too much about her.

    WHAT WILL BE interesting if at some point this is used in the future as case law in invasion of privacy lawsuits. While I know not the many other “celebrity’s” take the time and energy to make sure everyone loves them the way LeAnn does it could be used to set precedence, which is not going to make her very many new famous friends.

  20. Bread and Circuses says:

    I always wonder where they come up with those numbers for how much a celebrity is worth.

    Like, did he get paid $12 million over the course of his entire acting career but they didn’t consider the fact he’s been living (it up) on that money? Or paying taxes?

    Because yeah, I’ve been paid a lot of money over the course of my working life too, but that doesn’t mean it’s all sitting untouched in the bank while I live out of a box and sustain myself by licking the undersides of bridges.

    • Christin says:

      Well stated, and that’s exactly what I suspect (it is a running total of lifetime gross earnings for movies, records, etc.). They would have no idea how well someone invested or how much they spent each year.

      One thing I’ve learned over the years is that you cannot judge a book by the cover. Some people just have the “appearance of money”. They seem to spend in every category that will quickly siphon money over time (expensive clothes, homes, cars, vacations, entertainment, booze, ongoing attorney and staff fees, etc.).

  21. Rita says:

    Judging from the lack of Halloween photos in LeAnn’s tweets, I dare say the one wheel left on the crazy train may be about to fall off. The only picture I saw was one of LeAnn standing next to one of the guys from ZZ Tops who she wants us to believe was Eddie. Her Halloween party was suppose to be a big bash but it looked like nothing but a few posed pictures.

    Eddie is broker than broke. He was forced to sell his last two houses he had with Brandi at a loss because he couldn’t afford the payments.

    This is the last time I’m going to say LeAnn’s current net worth is down to something like $5 to $7 million. The $38 million is her gross earnings of which her record company kept more than she did as did her father. Now factor in taxes, $4 million dollar loss on her new Nashville home that she never lived in, divorce settlement with Dean, money lost on her last two albums, taking care of “Bio-mom” Belinda, smashed up luxury cars she bought boy friends, high life living with Eddie, paying for production costs for CMT movie and reality show, ….not to mention the hush money she paid to Eddie “What Are These Cold Sores On My Peen” Cibrian’s latest mistress. She bought the cheapest house in Callabassas and if she paid cash, then she’s down to her last couple of million.

    btw- This business of trying to financially ruin a special ed teacher with 6 children is the personification of this evil witch.

    • Tracy says:

      Do really think it was not Eddie in the pic? I thought it was because even with the sunglasses and beard I could detect that “I effing hate you” expression on his face.

      As far as her big party… where were all the people? This girl is unreal.

      • bettyrose says:

        I slogged over to Twitter and had a look. There’s definitely room for doubt. Say what you will about Ediot but he has a toned bod, which I’m not seeing there. But it could just be a good costume.

    • Apsutter says:

      Someone get Rita a cookie, you nailed it girl!

  22. janie says:

    Karma isn’t nice?? Boo hoo LeAnn!

  23. NerdMomma says:

    The parts about Eddie wanting the world to see how crazy she is are total garbage. Why would a man use a reality show to expose his wife’s crazy over, say, leaving her? If he didn’t LOVE this circus, he wouldn’t be in it. Marriage vows mean nothing at all to him, as we all know.

    Second, LeAnn Rimes should sue herself for ruining her reputation. No one did it but you, LeAnn. And what really, truly ruined your rep in this whole Smiley situation was the lawsuit. We’d have forgotten that phone call after 2 days.

    Maybe not, actually. “First Easter as a wife” still pops into my brain whenever I start to feel sorry for this girl. I’ll never forget that heartless dig at her first husband, who did nothing to hurt her after she cheated on him publicly.

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      Because right now, the people who do not read Twitter or the gossip blogs don’t see her crazy. They will start seeing her crazy now in the supermarket Tabloid covers & possibly television if the show ever makes it to air, which i doubt it will. This way, she can’t play the “poor me” and paint herself as the victim of the evil Eddie in the public when he leaves her. He is setting the stage right now to get public sympathy and his career back once he walks.

      • prayforthewild says:

        ^This, so much this. I read that article as a warning, from EC to LR, of what he is capable and willing to do to her. This is the first I’ve ever seen of a full article calling her crazy, and the masses will read it, even if it’s just Star mag; it’s at every checkout stand. Up until now only people who follow gossip knew most of the stuff LR pulls on the daily. I wouldn’t say EC is all that smart, but he’s definitely cunning.

    • Isa says:

      Eddie wanting people to see how crazy LeAnn is makes sense, if it is an exit strategy. Show people how crazy she is to live with, and garner sympathy and perhaps more in the financial settlement for emotional distress. I’m not saying he deserves it, but it would not be the first time someone chooses to make a spouse look bad to get an advantage when they’re planning a divorce.

      That said, I’m not convinced Eddie is resolved to leave LeAnn. I mean, he is living off her, and probably would not be able to get as much financially from her in the aftermath of a divorce since her financial prospects have actually declined since their marriage. He doesn’t have much of a career, or at least I don’t think he can earn enough on his own to support the lifestyle that he has. His prospects as a kept man for another woman isn’t that great IMO. In Hollywood, there are probably much younger and prettier boys who wouldn’t be half as demanding as he is.

      At least financially, I think LeAnn is as good as it will get for him. He probably knows it too, since that’s the whole reason he married her in the 1st place. Well, that’s my read on it anyway, I don’t buy the whole great big epic love story that LeAnn tries so hard to push.

      If he doesn’t plan to leave LeAnn, then I think this story is bogus and the show will be a saccharine whitewash. The reason LeAnn’s projects have tanked so hard is because of her image. They need to rehab her image to make more money in the future. As much as Eddie is a douche, I think he’s shrewd enough to realise that.

    • LAK says:

      What Truthhurts said. see Kelsey Grammer for this exit strategy. As Brandi said in RHOBH, they’ve been playing out the d-list version of Camille’s divorce though at the time she was talking about her and Eddiot. Who would have thought he would use Kelsey’s own exit strategy to leave leAnn – though i’m probably giving him too much credit.

    • Michelle says:

      You are so right. I am learning more negative stuff about her each day. I never knew she schemed to get rid of Eddie’s other side pieces and I never knew she tweeted “First Easter as a wife.” She made herself look sooooo much worse by filing the lawsuit because it has exposed her antics to more people who don’t follow her daily escapades.

    • tricklady says:

      told ya

  24. Rita says:

    If only half of Just Say Jenn’s latest blind, Tit for Tat, is correct, this marriage will go nuclear within the next few weeks.

  25. brin says:

    Yikes! New blind on JSJ is saying wewe isn’t going down without a fight. She has potentially damaging stuff of Ediot on video (with her also). This is going to be nasty. *cackling with glee*

    • Christin says:

      Part of me wants karma to arrive quickly, yet another part wants to watch a slow implosion (as long as innocent parties are left out of it, which is probably next to impossible).

  26. Jessiebes says:

    Leann and Eddie have so much crazy, it almost hurts my brain. At the same time I just can’t stop watching!

    The Smileys raised a lot of money with “go fund me” from very kind and generous people. It must have helped the Smileys get a little peace of mind in all of this.

  27. Zooyork says:

    hahaha LeMann fails again.
    Post some articles about sexy Dean!

  28. Rita says:

    One more observation about LeAnn’s Halloween that she spent so much time and effort promoting on twitter: As best as I can tell, for the first time in 4 years she didn’t send one picture to the usual gossip sites…….this is serious.

  29. moo says:

    I love, LOVE that STAR (edited) cover. But he deserves it… people who mess around get what’s coming to them…….. all people do. It’s called KARMA! It can be Good, or it can be a BITCH. Up to you.
    SO this is what you get Eddie…. now eat it, lay in it, whatever.

  30. SummersReign says:

    What happened to Jezi? Eileen? Miss the commentary from you guys!

    Good thing we have Rita to fill the void!

    • Rita says:

      Jezi gave birth to her second beautiful boy the day before yesterday. I guess she thinks THAT’s more important than spending time with us here on these world changing events….go figure.

      Eileen’s still around but there was a big brewhaha on twitter one day so I think the wind went out of her sails for a while but she’s a strong gal and will no doubt resurface.

      The fact is most of the original BB’s who have posted here in the past are sick of LeAnn and spend their time rejoicing and supporting B’s success. They have all been working hard to raise money for the Smiley’s and many others made donations anonymously.

      • SummersReign says:

        Awwwww, congrats to Jezi and her new bundle of joy! I hope Eileen will resurface soon, I know she is a tough cookie…after all, she is a BB.

        Im sure there will be even bigger things in store to rejoice for because Falcor will surely get what’s coming to her, and it is going to be EPIC!

  31. SummersReign says:

    And Kaiser, I saw what you did there with the two bottom pics! LOL

  32. GIRLFACE says:

    Bring on the crazy!

    • Jane says:

      She’s already started. That crazy woman is wearing a unicorn horn on her head in a Twitter pix. Dear Lord I am having multiple WTF moments here.

  33. Leslie says:

    Gotta say their Halloween costumes looked NOTHING like Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. I hear she’s arguing with people on Twitter about it, saying they looked like them “in the 70s” which is super funny. Dolly and Kenny didn’t team up till 1982 or 1983 when they sang Islands in the Stream for the first time. Guess that girl just can’t get Google to work for her.

    • Christin says:

      I showed my spouse the photo and asked him to guess who they were trying to look like. He had no idea. When I told him Kenny and Dolly, he said, “No way!” He immediately noted how Kenny dresses up, keeps a neat beard and has been gray / white haired since the 1970s.

      Later he said they looked like more the Brawny towel guy (with a shortened Duck Dynasty beard) and “maybe” Tammy Wynette (1970s look). These two are good for a laugh, that’s for sure.

  34. Lucy2 says:

    Very glad for the Smiley family.

    No way L&E’s net worths are correct. He barely works and she hasn’t had a hit or successful tour in ages.

  35. Snowpea says:

    You know what always strikes me about these fools? Parties at their house look duller than dull.

    I mean, imagine the guest list…that poor excuse for a human, Darrell Brown; Rimes’s mum, Belinda; Eddie Cibrian, pissed as a fart and bored out of his brain, wondering when can he sneak away to Scheana’s; that awful, plastic, pumped up redhead, Liz twerking on the lawn in a trashy bikini and her douchelord husband; the Brazilian assistant Kiki and the hairstylist, Mateo.

    Wow, what a bunch of raconteurs, intellects and charismatic people! *sarcasm* What on earth DO they talk about? They are all such a bunch of losers and shysters, the lot of ‘em.

    And to think, back in the day, Rimes’ was a genuine Grammy award winning talent with a beautiful voice and a devoted, loyal husband who adored her. And she threw it all away for this.

    Rimes doesn’t deserve our sympathy because is she such an impossibly dislikable prat who has bulldozed innocent people’s lives for her own gratification…but it is such an incredibly tragic, absorbing story that is really about the basest of human vices and flaws and if Shakespeare was alive today he would be penning the tragedy “Eduardo + Brandina” as we speak ;)

  36. Jennifer12 says:

    I just want to see Mason, Jake and Brandi free of this demented witch already.

  37. Bridget says:

    For some reason my earlier comment disappeared.

    Apparently In Touch doesn’t understand the difference between gross and net worth, because it’ll be a cold day in hell before Eddie’s worth $12 million dollars. He may have grossed that much over his entire actng career, but right off the bat he’d have to pay percentages to managers and agents, pay a third to half in taxes alone – amd Brandi has talked about how those two lived way, way beyond their means when they were married and went through all of their money. He is BROKE. No assets of his own, few acting jobs, and now just whatever he gets from LeAnn, who has burned through her own money. Everyone at this point knows that LeAnn is a bag full of crazy, but he’s such a slime as well Ihave no pity for him. Those two deserve eaxh other, and deserve whatever destruction they’ll reign on each other.

    • Jane says:

      Agreed. I’m just surprised that the crazy lifestyle both of them lead has lasted this long. I know Leann made money, but she must be hemorrhaging money as if there is no tomorrow. She spends a load on frivolous things and legal issues (thinking of the Cabo vacations and paying off people and lawyer’s fees). I simply have no sympathy for either of them. I have more respect for an amoeba than these two entities. If she ends up bankrupt, I wont be sending money to her cash fund to save her. I think it is time she knows how the other half lives. She needs to lose everything before anything good can come out good from this situation. No money, a second divorce and loss of friends plus no work might (and there is a slim chance of that) might start humbling her. It is a total long shot, though.

  38. Leslie says:

    Those pix on JJ of LeAnn and Ediot shopping…does anyone think that is going to part of their reality show? Is she paying someone to follow them around and take pix and they’re going to use this as “We can’t go anywhere without the paps getting us” because we’re so famous?

    • Rita says:

      After the tab gossip the past few days, Eddie was rewarded with a shopping spree for having his picture taken on Halloween and the day after. I expected the picture of LeAnn standing at the check out counter to show her handing her credit card to the cashier.

      Whenever there’s a blowup with these two, LeAnn takes Eddie shopping or buys him a room full of exercise equipment.

  39. briargal says:

    Yeah, loved those pics of them shopping! DM said they were “holding hands”. If you look at the pics you will notice SHE is holding his hand. His fingers are straight and it looks like he is trying to shake her hand off. Hehehe!

    Seriously if the blind on JSJ is true, this could be a nasty divorce. She is threatening with tapes and he has a lot of dirt on her, I’m sure. IF LR was smart, if being the questionable word, she would just give it up and get on with the divorce. She has so much more to lose than he does! She could just go back to her music and put this whole sordid episode behind her. But she would not only have to give up the marriage but to win back any fans, she would have to leave Brandi totally alone–no more SWFing, no more snarking etc. Just turn her back on anything relating to the past 5 years and look to the future. If she wants to have any type of career in the future, she has to do that. It’s way too late for me to ever like her or even listen to her music. I can’t overlook what a vile, vicious, obnoxious person she is. But I am sure she would be able to revive her career with the right advisers helping her out of this quagmire. To fight a divorce will only put the final nail in the career coffin! It’s time to realize that it’s over, LeAnn, and time to think about the future. If you want a career bad enough, you will grow up and make music.

    • dlo says:

      You said that soo very well, it is just a shame that Leann won’t listen to any reason. You are correct, the right people could help her get some part of her life back. I think she is enjoying this (shaking my head)

  40. MegG says:

    How would she still have this amount of $ left?! Who will she sue next I wonder?

  41. Christin says:

    The predictable cycle continues. The blissfully happy duo were papped buying clothes (for him) and having lunch. He gets upset, so she buys him things and he keeps playing along.

    My guess is that his Christmas gifts are starting now, and there is little to any chance of him going away until next year at the earliest. Think about how much they have earned since they married versus how much they’ve spent. What is there to split other than leased vehicles and any equity on the casa?

  42. Jane says:

    Just curious…have the Smiley’s issued a statement about the settlement or are they remaining mum about it? I have tried to search on -line with no luck with the details.

    • nana55 says:

      No Kim, Lexi and Skunt ( Leann) have an agreement, settlement stays between them, courts and their lawyers. They all have perm tape on their mouths. I would love to know as does everyone else, however I’m just glad this nightmare is over for Kim & Lexi, and their family.

      • Jane says:

        Thanks nana55. It does make sense that everyone needs to be quiet on this one, but a part of me is dying to know exactly what went on in court and how the judge treated the situation.

    • LAK says:

      Someone said that the lawsuit was dismissed ‘with prejudice’. LeAnn can spin her version of events, however that ‘with prejudice’ is definitely legal shade from a judge that criticises LeAnn’s conduct in bringing the suit as well as during the suit. It also prevents her from filing again. This means that though the suit was dismissed, the Smileys won.

  43. Regina says:

    I thought they were dressed up as Gloria and MeatHead from “All in the Family.”

    Why doesn’t she wear her wedding ring anymore? She could have had it resized by now.

    • Jane says:

      OMG—you hit it right on the head with the comparison! About that ring…rumor has it she supposedly broke it when she also supposedly punched a wall during some drunken rage and her hand was messed up, hence the infamous “broken” hand debacle. Not sure about any of this, though.

  44. Relli says:

    Omg I had to jump over to the DM to see what pics you guys were talking about. I love the photo of Cruds being all “seriously PuT the phone down.” Or even better the one where he is trying to telepathically give the sales girl his number. Also those jeans look painfully tight, not just in back like most people wear them but V-ing oddly in front. I love how she chose to sit at a window seat and yet still looks surprised she is being photographed.

    • Jane says:

      Yeah, no joke. She wants the attention and of course called the paps to have them trailed to all these shops to show how in “love” they are in spite of the Star Magazine story saying otherwise. It’s the never-ending game they play.

  45. Leslie says:

    Since Ediot doesn’t work, there’s no way he could afford one pair of pants at that John Varvatos Clothing Store. I wonder if he’s ever embarrassed at being a kept man. Is he too lazy to work, or just can’t get parts? Or does LeAnn prevent him from getting roles by tagging along and hanging on set when he DOES get a job? She’s so insecure and clingy, I wouldn’t put it past her.

  46. shannon says:

    Really glad to hear this. Ms. Smiley and her family did not deserve this extortion attempt and it’s ridiculous that Leann got her lawyer to drag it out this long. Any lawyer who passed the bar exam would know she had no legal standing to file this case, and only an unethical, greedy lawyer would go ahead with trying for the maximum fees from Leann. Unfortunately Hollywood has plenty of those. I obviously do not pity Leann for trying to use the law to bully a special ed teacher who has multiple children with special needs that she adopted out of the goodness of her heart. I do feel bad for Ms. Smiley who had to go through years of stress and tons of money, not to mention I think she lost her job because of the press? Leann is truly an evil person. She deserves all the karma that is starting to show up. Usually I think celebrity conflicts are totally contrived, but we have seen the real Leeann. Ugly on the inside. Even uglier than her outside, which is not cute either.

  47. shannon says:

    Now cue Leann’s latest attempt to reverse the flood of terrible PR. Every time the media starts to report her awful behavior she gets some mysterious illness or injury or self-esteem problem and has to go to “rehab” followed by an extended vacation to somewhere really far away where she can tweet pics of her revolving wardrobe of triangle bikinis. She will only return when everyone has moved on to more famous celebs’ drama.

    • Jane says:

      You’re right. She of course has been “healthy” for the last couple weeks. Cue mysterious onset illness and she is dying again to gain sympathy. She hurt her foot, broke her hand, had viral infection, terrible cold, lost voice and dental problems so painful they were worse than stage 4 cancer. (Sorry, that last one really bites me because my mother died of cancer and the pain was excruciating. I was there when they had to OD her on morphine to stop the agony and watch her take her last breath, so I have ZERO sympathy for Leann with that comment). So let’s se…heart troubles next or appendix problems perhaps for this nutcase???

  48. kelly mcgill says:

    Is she trying to point out that she’s pregnant (in the first pic?)….anyway, I can’t stand how hot she thinks she is….

  49. Peachy says:

    Sounds like their show belongs on NutfliXXX.

  50. Ming says:


    Enough said.

    It’s coming. Hard.

  51. Michele says:

    She is the most hideous person inside and out.

  52. Sophie says:

    I still think she looked better skinny.

  53. Jane says:

    Twitter feed: She is complaining about a cut lip, cranberry juice and discomfort of some kind. Something tells me she is on some binge at the moment. Something about this does not make sense…but whenever has she made sense?

  54. Leslie says:

    I know LeAnn has sued a lot of people, including her dad, and her dentist. Does anyone know exactly how many people she’s sued since her teens? And what the outcomes were? Has she ever won a lawsuit against anyone?

  55. Katie says:

    I want to know about the secret texts. Noway I am buying this magazine, tho.

  56. Kathy C says:

    Well, what goes around, comes around. And when you marry a cheater, you’ve married a cheater. And so it goes. I hope he takes her for every penny he can. LeAnn is clearly a basket case and always has been (talk to her ex-husband). She’s worried he’s cheating? He probably is. She does everything in her power to put his ex-wife down, calling Eddie’s children “her kids,” just to annoy his ex. Brandi will have the last laugh because Eddie WILL file for divorce. The man’s a gigolo and with no prenup, LeAnn is the one who will get screwed. Literally and figuratively.

  57. Kathy C says:

    And all of LeAnn’s lawsuits?!?! Serial plaintiffs are crazy people when it comes to cases like hers. Between the drinking and out-of-control behavior, she’s playing right into Eddie’s hands. The divorce is going to be a hoot.