Gordon Ramsay and “Iron Chef” Mario Batali feuding

Mario Batali
Gordon Ramsay, of “Hell’s Kitchen,” and Mario Batali from “The Iron Chef” have had it out for each other for quite a while now, and Batali just gave an interview complaining about Ramsay. His biggest complaint? That Ramsay calls him “Fanta Pants” in public in reference to his penchant for orange shorts. Batali also says that Ramsay calls his restaurants trying to book tables, but that he’s banned him for the foreseeable future:

The beefy “Iron Chef” has prohibited the star of Fox’s “Hell’s Kitchen,” who runs a fancy place at the London NYC Hotel, from entering any of Batali’s dining spots, including the Spotted Pig and Babbo, after Ramsay began calling him “Fanta Pants” to make fun of the orange shorts Batali sometimes wears. The effeminate moniker is a nod to the popular brand of orange soda.

“I’ve banned him from my restaurants,” Batali sniffed to London’s Guardian. “Ramsay’s people call, trying to book tables, and I say no. I won’t have him in there.”

The feud goes back 18 months to when loudmouth Batali labeled rival Ramsay’s culinary fare dull and outdated and said he didn’t get New York. Batali says Ramsay retaliated by making up the nickname, which he sneakily spread behind his back.

“Gordon bugs me . . . Now he goes about town calling me Fanta Pants,” Batali fumed. He notes the ban could be lifted, “If [Gordon] called me himself and said, ‘Let’s sit down for a drink.’ I’m sure it would be fine. We’d be cool. But right now it’s not cool.”

Ramsay’s rep tried to make light of the simmering dispute, telling Page Six the two egomaniacal chefs will “get together someday and have a good laugh about it all.”

[from NY Post]

How does Batali know that it’s Ramsay trying to book tables? The way he says it makes it sound as if it’s happened multiple times. If Ramsay were really trying to sabotage Batali’s business, you’d think he’d find a better way to do so. Or at least have his assistant book it under another name. “Hello, can I have a reservation at eight for a Mr. Fanta Pants?”

You can’t expect much less from these two. The best chefs are known for their personalities, and they’re both television stars, which only adds to the egotism. Though I must admit, “Fanta Pants” is pretty clever. Somehow I doubt that the nicknames Batali calls Ramsay in private are quite so witty.

Picture note by Celebitchy: I found pictures of Batali in different orange clogs, some crocks, dating back to the fall of 2004. Credit: WENN

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14 Responses to “Gordon Ramsay and “Iron Chef” Mario Batali feuding”

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  1. Grandizer says:

    Ha, I know Gordon, never heard of the other guy…

    But if GR is trying to hurt his business, that is wrong.
    But you need to prove it though.

  2. stellapurdy says:

    They’re both A-holes but boy, how I would love to see them go head to head on Iron Chef.

  3. Ash says:

    HA. All this over ‘fanta pants’. is that really even an insult to call something fanta? which has an orange flavor? I mean, his pants are orange.

    i guess i don’t see the huge deal. Mario shouldn’t have started it if he didn’t want to hear anything back.

    I’m sure they will work it out one day. Love both of em.

  4. geronimo says:

    Agree, stellapurdy, they need to take their schoolgirl name-calling to the kitchen. Although Fanta Pants is funny!

  5. Feebee says:

    This is hilarious! Fanta pants?! Of all the names Ramsey is known for calling people this is one of the more amusing and harmless and Batali obviously has no sense of humour or sense of style, what with ginger hair and orange crocs he wears orange shorts too?

  6. sucks says:

    Ramsey is a vicious pathetic asshole.

  7. LondonParis says:

    When I look at Mario Batali, I dry heave (sometimes wet heave- LITERALLY throw up a little in my mouth).
    I have never known exactly what it was about, but I do know that I couldn’t eat food he had prepared.
    So, Fanta-Pants, gotta take Ramsey’s side on this one. Be happy he’s not calling you “fuck-face” around town- don’t think anybody would be surprised if he were, after all. The media would have never know about it if you hadn’t told them.

  8. Jamie says:

    ‘Fanta Pants’ is a term used as both and insult and a joking term of endearment where I live. And it has nothing to do with the colour of this blokes shorts… it has to do with the colour of the hair on his head and the colour of the hair in his shorts.

  9. orion70 says:

    Ba-hahah-hahaha…”fanta pants”..I lol’d.

    Any man who wears Crocs outside the kitchen probably has it coming. Those things are hateful.

    I agree with LondonParis…MB skeeves me out too.

  10. Lori says:

    Ramsay kicks ass! Love him.

  11. JB says:

    Ramsay has a history of poking fun @ celeb chefs back home. It’s part of who he is. I love them both; but you have to admit Ramsay is funny — right Fanta Pants?

  12. reptar says:

    Gotta love the petty banter but he (Gordon) shouldnt throw too many stones. He admits on his cookalong series to Mary Portas of having a “ginger ballock” also…and shows her too!

  13. Amber says:

    Fanta pants is actually a reference to Batali having red hair.It is a common expression in Scotland, where Ramsey is from.