Is Cressida Bonas quitting dance so she can become more princessy for Harry?


One of the best parts about Cressida Bonas is that it’s always felt like she didn’t have anything to prove. She’s aristocratic, she’s old money, she’s bohemian, she’s good friends with the York princesses and she was studying to be a professional dancer. Sources claim that Harry loves Cressy for who she is and how little she needs him in the Uptradey Department. Cressy is not hunting for a title, nor did it really seem like she was husband-hunting either. One of the York princesses set Cressida up with Harry, and since then, it seems like he’s more into her than she is with him. But now… it looks like Cressida is making some moves. She’s starting to rearrange her life for Harry. She’s quitting dance and leaving herself wide open for a proposal. Ah… The Waityzation of Cressida Bonas.

Prince Harry’s girlfriend Cressida Bonas has walked away from her dream career as a dancer to take a job working as a PA at a high-flying firm in London’s West End. It is another sign of the seriousness of their relationship.

Friends say she made the decision as it would be almost impossible to dance in stage shows without attracting attention for being Harry’s girlfriend. It has also been hinted that Royal courtiers did not think the title ‘dancer’ sits easily on the CV of a possible future princess.

‘Cressida is working as a PA in a West End office for the time being,’ a friend said. ‘She doesn’t want to do anything that will embarrass Prince Harry, I think she felt uncomfortable about photographs being seen of her dancing earlier this year.’

The 24-year-old blonde, right, has spent the past four years studying dance, first at Leeds University and then at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in Greenwich, South-East London.

It is understood her new job means that she can work around Harry. Another source said: ‘Cressida has done a U-turn – she has fallen head-over-heels for Harry and he comes first now. She isn’t afraid of the Royal circus anymore.’

The couple have become increasingly serious and have recently spent several weekends at country house shooting parties.

[From The Mail]

No matter what, Cressida won’t have to Waity as long The Original Waity. Harry is going to propose, I’d say, within the next year. The UK gossips claim it’s going to happen very soon, but I think Harry is really trying to ease her into things and he might wait until next summer or something. So, what are the thoughts on Cressida giving up her dancing dreams for Harry? While I think it’s a bad move to give up on something you’ve studied for so many years, I do wonder if there’s another element to this too – she’s 24 years old, after all. How many years would she really have had as a “professional dancer” anyway? So maybe she had a separate “come to Jesus” moment about dancing and decided to get serious about her life. Wait… isn’t this the plot of The Goodbye Girl? Harry = Richard Dreyfess?

Also, I have to applaud Cressy for getting a real job as opposed to… you know, “working” for one’s parents, which allows for a dozen vacations a year.



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  1. Talie says:

    Let’s not give her too much credit on the job front — the firm is probably owned by some family friend who agreed to some major flexibility.

    • danielle says:

      Yup! How does being a dance major qualify her for this job? Connections.

      • LAK says:

        She’s been hired to be a PA!!!!

      • Carolin says:

        Probably. As a PA you would still need some secretarial knowledge and skills, I imagine – basic bookkeeping, scheduling appointments, answering the phone, keeping your boss updated on everything that’s going on in the company and in the trade…it’s not something you pull from a hat overnight!

    • L says:

      Exactly. How is this different than Kate’s ‘job’ at jigsaw? The article itself talks about how the schedule will be designed around Harry’ schedule.

      Should have stuck with Chelsy Davy.

      • Florc says:

        A big reason why everyone loved Chelsy was because she was a strong, career driven woman. To want her and Harry together would be reconstructing Chelsy into a new woman.

        Kate’s job at Jigsaw was tailor made for her. She was a personal shopper that came into work for only a few hours 2 or 3 days of the weekm but not every week. She’d leave at a moments notice for William and vacations that lasted weeks in some cases. She took several vacations during her employment there and ultimately quit because she needed more time off. So, she barely did anything at all.
        A PA is guaranteed to be busier. The work may not be difficult, but it’s likely Cressida won’t be able to drop her note pad at a moments notice and leave for a few weeks without being fired.

      • L says:

        Yea, being with Harry would have destroyed Chelsy. He just seemed happier with her.

        And really, you don’t think a Personal Assistant can leave at a moment’s notice? Esp if the job was designed for her to ‘work around Harry’ and was gotten through family connection? It’s not related to her work background and to me its the same thing as kate’s position at jigsaw and party pieces. I’m not saying its a bad thing, just that folks shouldn’t crow about her having a ‘real’ job.

      • Florc says:

        I think the PA job is real, but i’m doubtful of it being tailored for her to be there for Harry Like Kate’s Jigsaw was for her and William. I think this job is real, but the reasons stated in this article are fabricated. And lots of PAs are worked to the bone. Many PAs make peace with the fact that they’re giving up a personal life for a great salary and benefits.
        And this sounds like an entry level job. It’s still a “real job”. We all had to start somewhere. Is it a demanding job or a career? No. Until she quits a gives the reason she needed more time off i’m giving her some slack here.

      • fairy godmother says:

        1st_- Waity Katie served tea & such at Jigsaw. She was never a personal shopper that is something said by PR. Ask the owners of Jigsaw- got it straight from the horses mouth so to speak. Cress is pulling a Waity on steroids. She is doing all Waity & her scheming Ma did, but in record time. She has a job now that has nothing to do w her “love’ of dance. All scheduled like Kate to suit her prince’s needs & demands. Sad. Waste of an education, but only talented dancers get work. They practice daily w no time for parties, holidays, drinking. It is demanding & is not something she wants to give all her time to. She wants a life of lux via a prince who is easily manipulated by her & her family. Much like Kate she leaks to media except she hired a PR agency to help her & get mag covers. She plays innocent victim afraid of attention, photos, etc. to prince, yet is all too happy to post all her private photos on social media sites for all to see. She has her family invested in her motives by surrounding him w her “warm, loving” family just as Middletons did w his brother. The writing is on the wall. Too many similarities. Such a shame Harry does not recognize he has his very own limpet in tow. Wait for his South Pole trek she & her PR, family will be all over about them getting married just like she did to attract attention when he was in Australia for the Queen. Some love match when she stayed w him after he did all the things he did in Vegas. No self-respecting girl would keep a new relationship w someone like that.

      • Florc says:

        1.Please post the link where Kate’s old Jigsaw boss is stating she only served tea there. I got my info from an interview with her Jigsaw boss. I’ll try to dig up the link, but if you hate waiting it’s been posted numerous times on these threads.
        2. Why write “love of dance” as if Cressida spent years only pretending to love dance? Explain the use of quotations please.
        3. What proof is there of Cressida pulling the long con of landing a prince so she never has to work? Your whole post seems extremely far- fetched and you’re only stating opinion, not facts.
        If you can support these claims i’d love to learn more since i’ve never heard this side of things:)

      • HH says:

        @fairygodmother – “Served tea and such.” Wow. Just wow. I think a more appropriate title would have been “intern” (at best).

      • fairy godmother says:

        Not sure how long this will need to be to satisfy someone so I will be as brief as possible. They may have given her a job title as “accessory buyer, but most reports state Kate served tea (& “fetched”).
        Scroll down to December 1st, 2006 entry.
        I am not going to continue supplying links because there are far too many. Jigsaw owner’s wife is the one who said this- might even be in the most recent book, but it was stated in an interview. Love of dance refers to what is obvious- no one attends a university to study dance & Laban without having a love for dance. Shame she did not use her knowledge to help teach disadvantaged youth instead of doing a Kate. I really do not care if one thinks my comment is an opinion- but I will say is based on facts that I have seen. It is easy to check out on your own. She wants to be a dancer, oh wait, no a model, oh no- really a singer, oh no she really wants to be an actress. LOL! Reminds me of what a 4 year old would say when asked what they want to be when they grow up! Surprising nothing too taxing like President of the World was not one of her choices. <Now this is a comment/opinion. I forget what else was requested, but everything is out in the open- Waity 2.0 I believe is what comes to mind. If one knows the history & what Kate did (stalk) Will it is fairly easy to see many similarities.

      • Miss M says:

        @Florc: “A big reason why everyone loved Chelsy was because she was a strong, career driven woman. ” Yes!

      • JulieM says:

        Fairy godmother: I, for one, agree with you. Cressida is just a little bit more interesting Waity Katie. I find it interesting how some posters slagged on Waity but are giving Cressie a “wait and see” . Same thing, wealthy girl living off her parents, dancing for her own enjoyment (which is fine, by the way), rearranging her life to set herself up for a prince. Let’s just see how long this PA job lasts.

        There is absolutely no chemistry between these two. When Harry was with Chelsy, you could tell they were just coming from bed or just going to bed. Harry and Cressie, not so much.

      • Florc says:

        Sorry for a late and probably unread responce. but better late than never.
        So, Kate was an “buyer” and not a “shopper” who also served tea, but that was not her job. Haven’t we all started the coffee pot at work at some point?
        Kate was hired and given a title. Even if that’s all it was.

        I’m giving Cressida the wait and see just as I (and others here) did Kate. Should this PA job show Cressida to have used family connections to get a quick job that she rarely showed up to I might be more critical. She is still young and hasn’t shown herself to be chasing a ring and title as obviously as Kate and her whole family were.
        Regarding chemistry… Harry was younger with Chelsy and they were both into a big party scene. The chemistry oozed. Harry is older now and that nges a person. He’s also been caught with her very rarely. At the train station ost wedding for instance. They were together, but walked further away once a camera was seen. Not to mention it’s always the couples you don’t expect that have the craziest bedroom lives..

        I think it says a lot how they’re still linked together.

    • Liv says:

      Didn’t the queen want Kate to have a proper job so that the press couldn’t mock her when she would become a princess or whatever? Didn’t work out though ;-)

      • Florc says:

        I think the Queen asked “what does she do?” and then Kate got a photography credit in the Party Pieces business. Allegedly she also started her secret charity work then to impress the Queen, but to not be showy about it… With the way people love to tell the press how meeting Kate or having Kate shop in their stores goes I wonder why none of these secret charities ever spoke up.

  2. Syko says:

    If she is quitting dance because (1) it’s hard to make a success of that, and (2) she’s a little long in the tooth to be getting her first break, then she needs to make that very clear to herself. Because if she deludes herself into thinking she did it for him, then she’ll never let him forget it and it will be brought up in every quarrel they ever have.

  3. YummyMummy says:

    What kind of dancer? Ballet? Anyone have a link to pics?

  4. Lizzie says:

    Love Harry etc. etc. but DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS, GIRL!
    She will regret it in 10 years time. She is only 24 years old!

    • NYC_girl says:

      I don’t know much about dancing as a profession but I’m thinking she might be too old to not be established at this point, i.e. in a dance company? I thought working full time starts in the late teens.

      • Birdix says:

        Less so for contemporary dance, where many go through university programs.

      • Lizzie says:

        I actually haven’t a clue about dance so 24 could be “past it”? Tough gig isn’t it?
        Well maybe she has realised she might not make it and is “re-adjusting”.
        Still….she should re-adjust for herself and not for a man. Don’t think that’s what happening though.

      • LAK says:

        Contemporary dancers tend to start their careers much later than Ballerinas. Many Ballerinas switch to Contemporary after their Ballet careers or if they aren’t progressing in those careers. Contemporary dancers also go the distance as far as age is concerned unlike their Ballet counterparts eg One of the best Contemporary dancers in the world, Sylvie Guillem, is 48yrs old!

      • Emily C. says:

        What LAK says. There is not a time limit on contemporary dancers, it is not a profession solely for the very young in any way.

  5. Barrett says:

    With her mothers multiple marriages, Charles and Camilla’s affair, add in her age of 24 this one has Divorce written all over it.

    • Leah says:

      Meh, you never know? Maybe they’ve learned from those experiences?

      The other, more cynical side says: Bring it on!! Wills and Kate are boring- bring on Harry and his (ex?)dancer!

    • Florc says:

      Divorce is not hereditary. Nor can you catch it like a cold from others. Some studies do claim those who have friends that divorce make it more likely you will divorce too, but the data is sketchy on those.
      I’d say it’s more likely the heir will have a sloppy marriage rather than the spare. William has shown he has a bad temperment and is resistant to his future responsibilities. That can cause extreme tension in a marriage. Harry has always shown he’s the better of the 2 with regards to temperment, work ethic, and social responsibility. Harry can balance life and love in a way William could never and that could make for a more successful marriage.

      • Linda says:

        Ha ha, FLORC you are such a trip.

      • rtms says:

        You just can’t know, I mean look at the Queens family. She and Philip have been “together” for ever and yet 3 out of her 4 kids have divorced. Of course on the other hand Philip is a known cheater and wanderer even going after the Queens cousin Princess Alexandra. While it’s nice to think that they won’t have problems, they have no really good models to base their behavior on. They could start from scratch but if Harry decides he wants a military life, Cressida seems like the woman who is going to get bored with that life fast.

  6. nico says:

    Team Chelsy Davy

    • Allie says:

      Agreed! I do not find Cressida attractive in the slightest. Sounds like another socialite, blah.

      • TG says:

        I agree too Cressida looks like a frail old lady. I give here zero credit for her new job as a PA. Didn’t the article state that it was understood by all that Cressida’s social life comes first? Sounds just like Waity’s fake job she had at Jigsaw. I can’t believe Harry is falling for this girl. I think she wants to be a princess and all this other stuff is just lies to make her sound like a hard catch.

      • Melody says:

        Chelsey kinda looks like someone used her to clean the bathroom floor. I’m surprised she hasn’t been in rehab yet.

      • lisa says:

        @ tg – whenever i see her i always think that poor cressida needs some b12 shots

    • Liberty says:

      + 1 — Team Chelsy. I’m sure Cressida is probably a sweet girl but Chelsy got a more serious degree for a world position (in a modern world) and….and CD and Ginger Prince clearly “got” each other as friends…and so it seems likely she could be more an equal partner, especially in such a high profile role.

    • Suze says:

      Chelsy is too much of a dynamo to fit into the royal lifestyle. She is much better off in her wealthy private existence. Harry needs someone who is more malleable, and frankly, someone who is into the whole royal thing.

      I think Cressida checks off those boxes.

    • Liv says:

      Me too! I want her to come back! ;-) They were so perfect for each other!

    • Jaded says:

      Chelsy dropped Harry, not vice versa – she couldn’t deal with the constant intrusion and badgering of the press in her life, and wanted to get on with her career. And Melody, Chelsy doesn’t look like someone ‘used her to clean the bathroom floor’, she just doesn’t give a f&ck about being a Barbie Doll dress-up queen. She’s apparently very bright and personable and is getting on well with her law career. It’s a given that any woman who marries Harry will have to be a bit less “career-oriented” to deal with the amount of charity and public service work that comes with the territory. (Waity overdid it on the “less career-oriented” bit and still seems to think she can lark around at the occasional black-tie event and call it a job well done.)

  7. Suze says:

    Waitytezation! Kaiser cracks me up.

    I think she is positioning herself to be more palatable to the masses as a princess. Or someone is nudging her to position herself. Whatever, I’m sure that job is not going to be too onerous, and she’ll have plenty of time off to do whatever it is these aristocrats in waiting for a title do.

    Actually, my take is if they really want to be married, they should just cut the nonsense and get married. All the waitying in the world doesn’t prepare a princess, as we have seen.

  8. PoliteTeaSipper says:

    As a dancer, she’s fast approaching her expiration date. The dance college at my university just flat out told their students “prepare to teach if you want to stay involved in dance”. The chances of dancing in a major company are so small they are almost nonexistent.

    • Torisan says:

      She is not too old. She has been studying dance for many years already, and she is 24. Many professional dancers are in their 20s and 30s, some even beyond that!

    • Emily C. says:

      Nope. My aunt is a professional dancer and is 46 years old, and shows no signs of slowing down. You don’t have to dance in a “major company” to succeed, any more than you have to work for Gordon Ramsay to have a career as a chef.

  9. Florc says:

    This article seems like some BS. Yes, Cressida probably stopped dance in a professional setting for other goals, but she’s already accomplished quite a lot in dance and is growing up. This seems like a natural progression. Is she planning her life to revolve around Harry now when she’s shown herself to be independent of him? Seems like they’ve taken a few truths and gave it the old blind item razzle dazzle or taking truths and potential outcomes to create gossip.

  10. bowers says:

    She’s a blueblood and can do anything she wants actually. It’s Kate who can’t.

    • Florc says:

      Despite the “commoner marries Prince” stories that followed Kate she was far from a commoner. Money and privivlege is something both Cressida and Kate have in common. Kate had a degree from a great University, Parents that covered all her expenses so she could have focused on anything without worrying about finding a job that paid the best. She could have found a career. We all know how that played out. Kate did nothing with her life in terms of career because she chose to. Not because it was her only option.

      • Maggie says:

        Did they write her exams too?

      • Florc says:

        You know as well as I Kate had tutors. It was said by people close to the Middletons Kate had a hard time learning and had to work very hard to retain knowledge. No shame in that. But why work so hard for a degree and never use to pursue a career in?

      • bluhare says:

        Florc, in Britain she was a commoner. So’s Cressida actually. I want to say when Diana married Charles, she was called a commoner as well even though she was an Earl’s daughter. Cressida’s the granddaughter of an Earl.

      • Florc says:

        Thanks bluhare
        So I have this right for the future… Commoner = person without title or person without blueblood?
        My main point stands though… Both girls can do whatever they like without a thought to factors that keep others from pursuing dreams or goals. If either girl has done nothing of substance with their life it’s because they got lazy. Not because they didn’t have the luxury to do so.

      • LAK says:

        Bluhare /Florc- A commoner = a person without a peerage title. This means everyone, including the examples you have given ie Diana, Harry and Cressida are all commoners because they didn’t/don’t have peerage titles. Bloodlines are a different discussion, but they aren’t tied into titles except for Royal dukedoms which are tied into order of birth.

      • Florc says:

        Ahhh. Thanks for clarifying LAK. Much appreciated.

  11. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Her chances of becoming a successful professional dancer at her age were more than slim. Maybe she just realized that.

  12. dahlianoir says:

    where’s my Liz 10th ?

  13. Annie says:

    Just imagine the pressure of dating a prince. Is this serious? Is this a fling? Should I prepare to be a princess ~just in case~? Should I give up on things in case we truly end up together? Takes this whole “where is this relationship going” to a whole new level.

    I don’t think I could marry him if I were her. Your life won’t be yours anymore. All eyes on you and that’s just the press. Imagine all the people within your social circles that are going to be insufferable, waiting for you to fail.

  14. JulieM says:

    It’s good she decided to get a real job although I agree there might be some family connection to this PA thing. But- at least it’s something. And I think she knows that if she’s not dancing professionally by now, she probably never will.

    But- there’s still something “cringe de la cringe” about this girl. There just does not seem to be much there there. Then again, we all like Harry, but he’s not exactly a brain surgeon himself. I know she’s an aristo, but I think Kaiser is right; he seems much more in to her than she seems in to him. If he has to convince her to change her life style, it’s just no a good basis to start a life together. I just hope Harry’s not infatuated with the whole married with kids lifestyle that he sees with his brother. Cressida is awfully young .

    • Florc says:

      I bet there’s a lot more to this than we know. We only have what’s released. Harry is beyond amazing when it comes to privacy and dealing with the press.
      Harry is quite intelligent too. He overcame dyslexia while receiving excellent marks in all he’s pursued. We’re sold an image of Harry and the younger brother of the future King. The younger brother will always be a screw up who makes terrible mistakes and is not as smart as his older brother. So, even if we think the future King is a moron we thank our lucky stars he”s not as bad as his younger brother.

      And as a couple.. I bet Harry and Cressida will look very in love and be very happy, but in the press they can never outshine Kate and William. Even if it’s true he heir must not be tarnished.

      • TG says:

        Yeah because isn’t Wills actually the dumb one? I remember when he got engaged and the TV specials all talked about how he was flunking out of university so he switched his degree to art history or something like that. Peoria upthread said Waity wasn’t very art but I always heard it was Wills that wasn’t very smart.

      • JulieM says:

        If Harry is so smart, why did he not go to college? I read he was a so-so student who managed to graduate from Eton. I did not know he was dyslexic, I thought that was Beatrice. That is a disability but it can be overcome; Beatrice managed to graduate from college.

        Also- I think dyslexia would be a serious hindrance for a pilot; especially a military one. My husband is a pilot (private-not commercial or military) and he was grounded for 18 months with a detached retina which can be surgically corrected.

        I’m sounding like I don’t like Harry; I really do. He’s a devilish fellow with buckets of charisma. He completely outshines his brother and yes, I agree, Harry’s been hammered by the press and Willy boy has gotten away with all kinds of s***. He may actually be smarter than William, but I don’t think either of them are all that brilliant.

      • Florc says:

        I thought that story of how Kate got Will to switch majors was just to tell a story of how close they were early on. Not real of course. Their story has varied since.

        Eye sight might hinder a pilot as well, but Will found a loop hole. If you have the money and resources to pour through books for loop holes anything is possible.
        Will is lucky he was 1st born. Even if they’re both not too right Harry has buckets of charisma.

      • LAK says:

        JulieM : Don’t know if you will read this, but i hope you will re-your Harry questions.

        1. Harry’s dyslexia wasn’t discovered until he was a late teen around 17/18 which would have made it too late to have the considered re-programing such people undergo if it is discovered early. Harry was considered a dunce until his dyslexia was discovered.

        2. Harry was never considered university material precisely because he wasn’t thought intelligent enough which we now know was possibly due to the dyslexia. He never applied. Instead he turned to the military for which he had already been a student cadet during his teen years.

        3. He wasn’t made an apache pilot automatically. He has had to undertake lots of tests and training in his army career which include tests of a range of skills. The Army is quick to say that he is passing these tests at the top of his class. Unlike his high school years, there are no rumours of his cheating at tests in the army. His army promotions always come after such tests as opposed to simply granting the promotion.

        4. As a matter of comparison, William doesn’t pass the ironclad rule of pilots ie 20/20 vision plus his military test results are not good, but he is always promoted to the next thing or level irrespective of his test results and scores.

        5. I am not saying that Harry is super intelligent or that he didn’t receive any special privileges, however, he has earned his current position fair and square. In other words, even if he were parachuted into the position due to his status, he has proved himself. He is frequently sent to train in countries and with people who don’t care about the reality of his status even if they love the gossip possibilities of it eg the months he spent training in America.

        6. i can believe that Harry is a real soldier as opposed to William based upon the support they receive from ordinary soldiers when they have trangressed publicly. After the Vegas debacle, many ordinary soldiers showed public support for Harry. 30K+ serving soldiers signed up to the ‘naked salute to Harry’ in support of him. For William, it’s always crickets. from his military colleagues. If anything, we here more about the complaints.

        7. Finally, Beatrice’s dyslexia was discovered at 10-12yrs old. She immediately signed up to the re-programming and was therefore able to get through school with decent grades and make it through university. She’s a patron of the school that helped her on this matter. Harry was considered a dunce until his dyslexia was discovered, but he was already set on a career in the military.

  15. Roselia says:

    I think that their engagement is all but announced to the public.

  16. TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

    I’m gonna take this from another angle: maybe it’s finally occurred to her that even with her family money (speculation, yall would probably know more than me), she needs something to fall back on. A “real job”, so to speak. Good for her for following her dance dreams for so long, but as every single professor in the arts will tell you, have a back-up plan.*

    *I have a degree in music performance. I’m back in school for something else now. I feel her pain.

    • Meg says:

      Seriously. I was a professional ballet dancer and then a professional contemporary dancer until 24 and at that age I stopped. I just couldn’t deal with the sacrifices anymore. You give up a lot to do this professionally and after 20 years of dancing, I was ready for something else. Maybe that’s where she’s at too. I did teach for awhile afterwards but the performance and classes and full life involvement was done.

  17. janie says:

    I think Harry likes his life.. Why are they hell bent on getting him married? He’s not heir to the throne, leave him alone. This gals mom is quite the character. Good luck Harry.. your going to need it!

  18. HoustonGrl says:

    This just seems like an arranged marriage.

  19. KellyinSeattle says:

    I just like the photo w/ Harry and his tongue out, looking mischevious.

  20. Reece says:

    Or maybe it’s as simple as her parents refuse to give her a free ride (or she doesn’t want one) now that she’s out of college and she needs a job to pay some bills…sometimes having heat and food is a big motivator.

    I still think they could just be good friends. *shrug*

  21. Eleonor says:

    It seems to me that Diana too had “a thing” for dancing.

    • bluhare says:

      She did. She took ballet and quit when she got too tall. Or at least that’s what she said.

      • m says:

        Dianas first job was a ballet instructor but she had to quit after she tore a ligament in her ankle. She was good too, she danced her entire life to relieve stress.

  22. drea says:

    Why does Cressida have to give up anything? Why does Harry have to get married, like, NOW? Why does the press need to push and pull this relationship into something newsworthy? Are Will and Kate really that boring already?

  23. Kate says:

    Proposal within a year, marital breakdown within two, divorce within – what? – five, maybe. Should be fun to watch, because she’s dull as dishwater and that guy’s a POS. And I couldn’t help but chuckle at an article that listed her profession as “studying dance, wants to be an actress.” Oh, if only I had had the option of being unemployed and aspiring to be an “actress” instead of toiling away at law school when I was 25. To be rich and idle …

    • Florc says:

      You sound very bitter. Be proud of your accomplishments. Dance is very technical. To study it and be a professional is far from easy.

    • Emily C. says:

      Uh, my aunt was studying dance when she was 25. In grad school. She got a scholarship to do so; our family is not rich at all. Dance is extremely hard, and it’s not like law school is cheap. My aunt works harder than anyone else I know, and I know plenty of lawyers.

    • Miss M says:

      My family was shocked that I chose Science over dancing when was time to enroll in College. It was my biggest passion, but I was able, at a very young age, to know how hard that career path would be. But I have taken all the skills I learned from dancing throughout all my life: focus, motivation, passion, teamwork, determination, hardworking, etc.

  24. Snappyfish says:

    Cheesy is an attorney. I don’t believe she wanted to give up herself. Good for her! With that said I don’t like this Cressida chick.

    • bluhare says:

      LOL Snappyfish. I don’t know why but your post cracked me up. And there’s something about Cressida I don’t like either. Can’t put my finger on it, though.

      Maybe it’s just that nobody’s going to be good enough for Harry. :)

  25. A Fan says:

    *sigh* I miss Chelsy…even if Harry doesn’t.

    [Maybe there's still hope!]

  26. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Meh, Cressy quitting work to be a Princess is the way it’s always been Done in the UK. Same as it ever was! –

  27. Emily C. says:

    My aunt is 46 years old and is still a professional dancer. She leads her own dance troupe, choreographs, and dances on stage in front of paying audiences. She can’t do everything she could twenty years ago physically, but otoh she has the experience and knowledge to be a leader and teacher in her field.

    Cressida is not facing any kind of time limit as to how long she would be able to dance and be a professional, because there is none. Someone who’s 60 is more likely to work behind the scenes than on stage, but they’re still artists in the field of dancing. I hope she doesn’t try to give this up; if she truly has a passion for dance, she will not be able to give it up anyway.

    • Florc says:

      I bet dancing keeps your aunt young and healthy.
      Dancing is something you can stop pursuing professionally, but will be tapping your feet for life. I don’t see why this article is a big deal. Doesn’t strike me as 100% factual. Just 1 of the many, many articles that will stir the pot between kate and cressida.

  28. Snarkweek says:

    I just don’t get it. I do not worship at the altar of lazy Duchess Kate. However it seems that if you are born with a certain amount of blue in your blood and anything that you do is going to be excused. And the same thing goes for this girls mother. How many divorces?? I mean at least Kate’s mother and father are in a loving relationship and they seem to have made a good warm home for their children. Besides what is the title or aristocracy anyway? I mean I believe I read that this aristocratic family but the title because they proved to be very good nannies to one of the monarchs you centuries or so ago. Don’t get me wrong that’s wonderful but is that enough to make you a better person than someone else in 2013?

    I think that Harry is too young to get married and so is this lady/girl. But if they go through with it then of course I do sincerely wish them the best. Young love can be a lasting love if the people involved are willing to work hard at it. Sorry for the typos in a big hurry. That’s all I got.

  29. taxi says:

    The “dancing princess” sounds quite pretty. And she’s studied for a whole 4 years. There isn’t a large theatrical audience for that style. Usually such performances are heavily attended by the dancers’ friends & families.

  30. They will perform at Daytona’s Dancing with the Stars, a gala fundraising set for 5:30 p.m. at the Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort, 100 N. Atlantic Ave. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Daytona Beach Symphony Society’s programs that introduce school children to classical music.

  31. Tish says:

    Please don’t, Cressy.

  32. PinkParasols says:

    The Prince Harry worship and exoneration here is perplexing. How is he *really* that different from William other than having slightly better social graces? Frankly, for all that’s said about Cressida (much of which I would agree with), I think they’re a good match. Young, vapid, rich, royal and lacking any real responsibility. Cressida is no beauty IMO, but Harry is unattractive too. I think people hype his looks up so much because William’s looks were such a huge disappointment and comparatively, Harry IS gorgeous. But only comparatively.

    • bluhare says:

      For me, Harry’s looks are based on his scampy charm, not classical good looks. And he has started his own charity (Sentebale) and participates in the trust with his brother and sister in law. So I’m not going to say he’s totally vapid as he is giving some back.

  33. Weegie Warrior says:

    Gad, I had to laugh….”she doesnt want to do anything to embarrass Harry” … its ok, he can do that himself – just dont play strip poker in Vegas Cressie LOL