Justin Timberlake flips out when questioned about stalker Britney

Supposedly someone on the street asked Justin Timberlake why he didn’t help out his ex girlfriend, messed up pop star and mother to two Britney Spears. He got all pissed and yelled at the person:

SexyBack’s totally fed up with people begging him to help ex-squeeze BRITNEY SPEARS get her sanity back – which is why JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE totally exploded when a woman approached him as he exited his agent’s office and scolded: “Why won’t you help her out? I’ve read she’s still in love with you. Can’t you just try?” Furious, Justin lashed back: “Why does everyone keep telling me I have to take care of Britney?… Britney, Britney, Britney!…She’s an EX girlfriend! Doesn’t anyone get it? We’re NOT together anymore. I am soooo totally over her!” And off he stormed. Totally!

There’s a story in OK! Magazine that says that Justin still loves Britney and all, of course, but that the woman was calling him 10 to 12 times a day last year and he had to change his cellphone number and tell all his friends not to let her know how to get in touch with him. She probaby bugged the shit out of him, and they’re just putting a positive spin on Britney’s stalking:

As her world began to unravel in 2006, she needed him more than ever and tried hard to reconnect. “She would sometimes call him 10 or 12 times in a row before he’d finally give in and take her call,” a friend of Britney tells OK!. “She was almost stalking him for a while…”

Justin has changed his cell phone number and has even gone so far as to ask friends not to help Britney reach him if she contacted them, the friend says. “He can’t and won’t have anything to do with Britney now despite his feelings for her. He wants only the best for her and hopes she can clean up. He truly believes her life depends on it, sand so does their friendship. If she makes it through rehab and is serious about getting her life back on track, he’ll be the first on in line to give her a welcome-back hug.”

[From OK! magazine, print edition, March 12, 2007]

That whole “tough love” angle sounds like bullshit to me, and I bet Justin just didn’t want to deal with Britney’s drama.

I read this book The Gift of Fear a while ago, which basically tells you to trust your instincts and if you get a bad vibe about someone or a situation to just do anything to get out of there quickly. There was a whole section on stalking and you’re just never supposed to take the person’s call, respond to their e-mail or have any contact with them. They live for some kind of response from you and are trying to rile you up. Even if you had a relationship with them at some point, if you are afraid of them or have a bad feeling, you should not talk to them.

In Britney’s case she was probably just really needy and annoying. This new rocker guy is not going to last for her. She needs to have a relationship with herself first.

Here’s JT on The Tonight Show with Sarah Silverman back on January 3rd. He’s not a bad looking guy, he just seems like a mild jerk to me. Pictures from World of Justin and TimberlakeNow.net.

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  1. Sorceressss says:

    Brit is NOT Justin’s responsibility! She went and got married not once, but twice. Plus she’s had two kids in the process, she obviously moved on from him so it’s unfair to paint him in a bad light.
    Plus, he is pretty hot. ;)

  2. AC says:

    I think people have a romantasized ideal about them. As though through it all they still love eachother etc. I don’t buy it. Im sure he’s hurt by what she’s going throught but Im sure he doesn’t want to deal with all of that and his career and his persona as a respectable artist took OFF after they broke up… i think it’d be bad for his image if they got back together. Not that I personally care I’d like him either way but I think some people would think less of him.

  3. Karen says:

    Justin’s spent the last 4 years trying to destroy Britney, why the hell would he want to help her! He’s probably very proud of his handywork. May he rot.

  4. Jojo says:

    He is hilarious! Why do people think he’s still into her? Because he continues to write songs about her that say just that! Not just on his first album, but on his just released second album, too! Then his partner Timberlake comes out and says he wants to help Brit. Then Justin can’t figure out why people are confused? Jackass!

  5. Queen Elizabeth says:

    I totally agree with him. The issue is she needs to row up and stand on her own two feet. If he doesn’t want to be in touch with her, there is no need for him to be. She is a big girl now and he is not her father. I wouldn’t go help one of my old boyfriends either.

  6. KamikazeKitty says:

    Excuse me Karen (above) but Justin didn’t need to destroy Britney. Britney did a helluva job destroying herself with cancelling her tour on a bogus excuse of a bum knee (she was spotting CRABWALKING on a beach in Hawaii a week after this) so she could run around with K-Fed, two failed marriages, stealing a pregnant woman’s man, flashing her cooch, partying every night when she should’ve been with her babies, shaving her head bald, attacking camermen with an umbrella, etc. Justin just told the truth about how she cheated on him. If you ask me, if she’d had the decency to NOT cheat and stop being so damn self-absorbed none of this would’ve happened. She thinks just because she’s Britney Spears she can do anything she wants. She’s learning otherwise now. SHE IS NOT JUSTIN’S RESPONSIBLITY!!! People have to stop telling him he has to save her. He doesn’t. She messed up. She’s an adult now. Let her save herself and stop acting like an insanely spoiled rotten brat.

  7. Toubrouk says:

    I think I would be pissed-off too if I was constantly asked by reporters about my ex-girlfriend…

  8. Zappers says:

    You go Justin!

  9. manabanana says:

    Justin’s spent the last 4 years trying to destroy Britney, why the hell would he want to help her! He’s probably very proud of his handywork. May he rot.
    Karen | 03.14.07 – 8:53 am | #

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL – are you Britney’s dealer? Crackheads rule! WOW. I hope you don’t have an important job where lives may be at stake.

    By your logic I am now responsible for the douches I dated 10 years ago back in high school. Britney has been through more men since Justin than you + me + every woman we both know = added up together. Oh but I’m sure it’s Justin that screwed her up. They were practically just kids when they dated, I bet they didn’t even have pubes yet. Justin dated Cameron, a grown mature woman for years and lived a pretty normal life for a celebrity. While Britney has a huge penchant for wiggers (not a good sign for her maturity level – kno wut I’m sayin yo?) And what does Justin have to do with her liking out of work scumbags? or how she treats her kids, or her lack of self respect. She could have had the cream of the crop in this world and she picks up backup dancers with no job, pregnant girlfiend and already a father. She’s a prime – grade A – douchebag if you ask me. And quit acting like she’s a child everyone, bitch is 25 and seen more of the world than you can imagine. No reason for her not to get a clue, or buy one for that matter.

    What kind of woman are you to think a man can have that kind of power over you to RUIN your WHOLE life? Get empowered already or get back in the kitchen and shutup.

  10. MIMI says:


  11. liar says:

    Unlike Britney Beers, he has an actual (gasp) career, you know, the kind where he tries to actually sing songs and act in actual movies. he’s riding high right now, why would he degrade himself by getting himself re-involved with that mess? He had her when she was hot, that’s all that matters. He’s moved on, much like Britney’s ever dwindling fan base will after they grow out of her passe brand of toy music.

  12. Miller says:

    Justin has always struck me as a dumb ass: stupid and arrogant. I don’t care what the world say, the boy cannot sing and his lyrics are awful (either way too sacharine or desperate to sound “bad,” like a 13 year-old boy trying to prove he’s seen “lady parts”).

  13. Tim says:

    That’s screwed-up to say that he owes her anything at all. I would’ve exploded at some random woman on the street, but I wouldn’t ahve been nearly as nice to her. They ended years ago, he doesn’t owe her anything, he’s not a jerk just cause he blows up at some woman who’s diggin into his personal business and is patently wrong in the viewpoint that she’s taking toward him. Give the guy a break.

  14. Rachel says:

    People are fucking pathetic. Did it occur to anyone that Britney has more important issues to think about other than Timberflake? Do you people think? If you’re trying to get back with somebody, you don’t go and get married and have two kids with somebody ELSE! It was JUSTIN the one that said in many interviews they might one day get back together, NOT Britney! It was Justin the one that was left alone waiting with a birthday cake for Britney at a club back in ’02. Britney left him like an idiot waiting, and never showed up. It never ceases to amaze me how BIASED people are, like whoever wrote this article. They are quick to believe anything that makes Britney look bad, but won’t believe anything that makes her look good. It looks like jealousy to me. Get over yourselves!

    PS: I too can make something like this up. I too can very easily say Justin told me he still cares a great deal about Britney, and wishes her well. It’s not that hard to make shit up, and have people believe it. So I call bullshit on this story.