Brittany Murphy’s father: lab tests prove she ‘was poisoned with criminal intent’

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Brittany Murphy died in late 2009 at just 32 years old. Her cause of death was determined to be pneumonia, anemia and “multiple drug intoxication”. Just five months later, Brittany’s 40 year-old widower, Simon Monjack, also passed away. Simon died in the same house as Brittany and of the same cause, pneumonia and anemia. There was speculation that something in the house caused their deaths, particularly toxic mold, which was reportedly found there. Also living in that same residence: Brittany Murphy’s mom, Sharon, who denied that there was any mold in the home, and called those reports “absurd.”

Sharon told police after Simon died that she had been sleeping in the same bed as Simon, where her late daughter used to sleep. Sharon was also allegedly fighting with Simon over her late daughter’s estate, although they denied it and claimed to get along fine. (Which made sense since they were sleeping in the same bed.)

A few months after Simon’s death, Brittany’s manager accused the late Simon, who had inherited her estate, of draining Brittany’s bank accounts. Simon’s mother and Brittany’s mother were then said to be feuding over the leftover money, with People Magazine reporting that Simon’s mother tried to kick Sharon out of the house.

All of that is preface to a new story about the supposed cause of Brittany’s death. There’s evidence that Brittany’s death may not have been accidental. Brittany’s father ordered a lab test of her hair, which was found to contain high levels of toxic metals including Barium, an ingredient in rat poison:

A new toxicology report ordered by the family of “Clueless” actress Brittany Murphy says rat poison may have been the cause of her death.

Murphy’s mother found her dead at home on December 20, 20009 and the Los Angeles Coroner ruled her death was due to pneumonia and anemia. Strangely, Brittany’s husband Simon Monjack died from the same causes a five months later.
But an independent report ordered by her father Angelo Bertolotti found that the actress did not die of natural causes, according to The Examiner. The report even suggests that Brittany and Simon could have been murdered by a third party.

Following years of litigation Bertolotti was able to obtain samples of her hair, blood and tissue for testing. The Examiner reports that “based on the symptoms” exhibited by Brittany and Simon before their deaths, he ordered testing for heavy metals and toxins. According to the report the Los Angeles Coroner did not test for heavy metals.

The web site quotes the lab report, “Ten (10) of the heavy metals evaluated were detected at levels higher that the WHO [The World Health Organization] high levels … If we were to eliminate the possibility of a simultaneous accidental heavy metals exposure to the sample donor then the only logical explanation would be an exposure to these metals (toxins) administered by a third party perpetrator with likely criminal intent.”

Heavy metals are found in many rat poisons and insecticides. At the time of her death, Brittany displayed the symptoms of heavy metal poisoning including: headaches, dizziness, abdominal cramps, coughing, sweating, disorientation, wheezing, congestion and pneumonia.

[From Page Six]

The NY Daily News has more on this story, including the detail that Brittany’s father fought in court to have access to Brittany’s hair samples, but was unsuccessful. His case requesting access to coroner samples was dismissed in May. So it’s unknown how he got the hair he used for the private test, and it’s possible this evidence won’t be admissible in a future case, if there is one.

Brittany’s dad told the Daily News that he hopes a criminal case is opened. “The lab has shown that she was poisoned with criminal intent. We would like the investigation opened again to discover who did it. So as not to jeopardize the new investigation, I can’t say who I suspect as of yet.”

The question is whether Simon Monjack also had those same heavy metals in his system. Maybe Simon’s mom can advocate for her son and request access to samples. It seems more than suspicious that these two died of the same cause within a few months of each other.





Brittany is shown in 2005 (header photo), 2006 (blonde hair), in 2007 with Simon, and in 2009 (black dress, dark hair). Credit: Other photos of Simon Monjack and Sharon Murphy are from an appearance on The Today Show in January, 2010.

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  1. Gine says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if it turns out that her mother poisoned them both, sadly.

    • blue marie says:

      + 1.. I always thought it was odd.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:


      Always liked her because she was a Clueless alum and she was my age.
      Very sad story.

      • Erinn says:

        I really liked the girl, but wasn’t she a big drug abuser? These findings aren’t too odd for someone who heavily used drugs. I’m no expert on that front though, so I could be wrong.

      • Brittney says:

        I might be biased because I was a HUGE fan (she was the first celebrity whose career/life I followed intently), but I don’t think she necessarily had a drug addiction. Everyone assumed that was the cause after her death, especially because of some of her more erratic behaviors, but I think her relationship with Simon was what caused her career decline and her increasingly bizarre behavior. He very well may have been giving her drugs/keeping her sedated — he was VERY controlling and there are all kinds of nasty rumors about his effect on her — but with the exception of a possible amphetamine/cocaine-fueled period of extreme weight loss, she was never an out-of-control addict.

        She was incredibly passionate and overzealous and enjoyed life very much (until he came around, that is), so there were definitely drug-addict rumors long before it was a legitimate possibility.

      • Erinn says:

        Thanks for the info, Brittney! I really liked her too, and I was never sure about the rumours.

    • gg says:

      I remember something else about Simon Montjack that was weird – after her death, out of the blue, he decided to take photos of her bathroom and publish them. The photos showed a hoarder. There were so many hair and other beauty products all crammed into this small bathroom that it showed there were other problems. This may mean nothing pertinent to the investigation, but why he would publish this knowing people would think she was a slob or hoarder, or obsessive-compulsive, is anybody’s guess. Was he trying to make her look bad for some reason?

    • Nicolette says:

      ITA. Hate to say it, but it always seemed like one hell of a coincidence that they both died the same way, in the same house and her mother was there both times.

  2. marina says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised. Seems like everyone around her was trying to muscle in on her money, including her gross husband.

    • TQB says:

      I always suspected he had something to do with it. Now I’m wondering if he killed her, then killed himself over the guilt.

  3. tifzlan says:

    She was beautiful.

  4. Gossy says:

    People are always eager to go “ridiculous conspiracy theory” but then for like 0.01% of them it turns out to be absolutely, completely true down to even the smallest detail…so who knows about this.

  5. eliza says:

    That mother is as shady as a Live Oak. I have no idea if that strange man she was married to contributed to his wife’s death but that mother sure as heck did something to one if not both Murphy and her husband.

    Too bad we will never know. Lifetime should be making a movie.

  6. bella says:

    So…is Brittany’s mom the suspect?
    It was so odd that they died months apart of the same cause…then the mom was sleeping in Simon’s bed???

  7. Dorothy#1 says:

    Sounds like maybe the mother did it? Very suspicious.

  8. MrsB says:

    Wow. I hope this is investigated further. The whole situation always
    seemed a little off to me with them both dying so close to each other and of the same cause.

    • Green Girl says:

      Same here. Her story is just so sad to me, too.

    • mayamae says:

      Just saw a couple of minutes of Inside Edition (on accident – I swear!) He’s claiming she died of rat poison. He didn’t say who he thought did it. He’s 87 years and was a little fragile.

  9. Patricia says:

    She was amazing, I loved her in every role. So much heart. Even in the movie Spun where she played a speed freak, she had so much heart and was funny. I think she deserves for her death to be fully investigated and she deserves for the truth to be known.

    • doofus says:

      she was really good in “Girl, Interrupted”, too.

      I think her performance got overshadowed by Jolie’s (which was also amazing).

      • Apsutter says:

        She was great as Daisy!! I don’t know why but I adore that movie(probably because of the fourfecta of awesome known as Wino, Angie, Britt, and Whoopi) and watch it often and she is pitch perfect as Daisy. It makes me so sad everytime they discover her body in the bathroom.

    • Alba DeTamble says:

      I lived in London for a brief time in 2005. One day, I was out shopping on King’s Road with some friends when we noticed that the sidewalk ahead had been closed for some reason and that there were tons of photographers on the other side of the street. I lived in Chelsea, which is a pretty celebrity-dense part of London, so we figured the commotion was because of someone famous. As we walked closer to the crowd, we saw Brittany Murphy filming a scene for her movie “Love and Other Disasters.” I’d always loved her, so we stopped to watch for a moment. In between takes, my friends and I were talking amongst one another, and she overheard us. “You’re American!” she said. “I am so homesick, and I’m so glad to hear some familiar accents!” She actually told us to stay put in between takes and she came over to talk to us several times when she wasn’t filming. She was incredibly, incredibly sweet, and I am still so sad over her death.

      • lavinia says:

        What a nice story. She always seemed so sweet and down to earth. She was probably too sweet and vulnerable for all the Hollywood bullsh-t and pit of vipers.

      • Stormsmama says:

        I worked with her on the unfortunately-titled film The Dead Girl. She was incredibly sweet and treated everyone around her like a friend. At the wrap party she stepped away from the carpet to take “selfies” with me. It was so genuine. She really was one of the nicest actors I’ve ever met. Such a sad loss 🙁

    • littlestar says:

      I loved her too and always thought she never got the praise she deserved. She was truly a fantastic actress, great comedic timing. Still very sad over her passing :(.

      This is one shady story. Her relationship with her mother always seemed so off (for lack of a better word) and she seemed to bounce from one relationship with a man to the next. I think Brittany Murphy was a very fragile woman with a bit of a lost soul, who was easily manipulated by those she loved. She really took a turn for the worse when she married that creep Monjack. What a sad story all around.

      • HRHLadyJ says:

        I agree, the whole BM story is a sad one! I believe she had a deep need for love and acceptance, and never quite felt she deserved praise or a healthy relationship. Ashton messed her up big time, and started her down the unhealthy weight road… After there break-up she got engaged really quickly to 3 different men, and married prob. the sketchiest of the bunch.

        I remember reading that Simon owed a lot of people money, and some of those people were less then reputable… I also think she (BM) had an unhealthy relationship with her mother, and (IIRC) was estranged from her father.

        When I heard about her death, I immediately believed there was some foul play, and this story still has ALOT of lose ends. I do hope we will all get some more info into what really happened, before and after her death. She certainly seemed to be talented, but her later movies were pretty bad, as if she had lost that sparkle.. Such a sad story all around!

  10. aims says:

    This whole story doesn’t jive with me. I think it’s creepy that Simon and his mil were sleeping in the same bed. I always felt like there was so much more to this then we knew. I’m not going speculate foul play. It just seems so unlikely that two people die within months of each other, who didn’t have major healthy problems and them dying of the same vague thing . This smells bad, and it’s shady as Hell.

  11. truthful says:

    I never trusted her husband

    RIP Brittany

  12. Sisi says:

    This whole stort seems odd to me, so they insinuate that the mother might have something to do with it? Then why would she say that they did not die from mold? Seems like the mold theory could be an easy escape if in fact something else did happen and she had something more to do with it.

    • Gine says:

      It could be because she kept living at the house, with no ill effects, after they both died. And if she claimed there was mold, the health department or someone would probably have to come and inspect the house, especially since she eventually put it up for sale (I think she took it off the market and is still living there now, though). If they came and found that there wasn’t any, that would look pretty suspicious.

      …I have to stop thinking about this. I’m getting all conspiracy theorist.

      • Liberty says:

        as a Navy Seal once told me, “the word conspiracy exists for a reason — they sometimes do happen.”

  13. Christin says:

    Such a sad ending for a beautiful young woman. The whole situation seemed very odd.

  14. Bodhi says:

    There is something super fishy about this whole thing. The husband was a known con man & he & the mom were engaged in some pretty shady things after Brittany died. I think he & the mom were in on it & then she offed him.

    • doofus says:

      “I think he & the mom were in on it & then she offed him. ”


      the fact that (as so many have said) that the two of them died from the same thing, so close in time, is sketchy. add to that the mother sleeping in the same bed as the creepy husband but SHE didn’t have any health issues from “toxic mold”?…

      it’s all really, really strange.

    • Holl says:

      Exactly! I went back and read the links in the story. He called the mom ‘baby’. Her prescriptions were in the name Sharon Monjack. Love triangle gone wrong?

      • Liberty says:

        —- could be. When you look at it……..could be. Two users off the money source to be together, then the more evil one offs the only other one who knows the truth.

    • Ok says:

      Bodhi — what I don’t understand, if it was the mother doing something to her child then her …..ummmmm son in law and then lover ???)………. What I don’t understand is everybody was living off Brittany’s income.

      She was working regularly as an actress.

      Why would she kill off her source of income??

      Even if there was a life insurance policy against her, she would have out-earned the policy in a few years of working.

      Now what income is mommy living off of??

      • Liberty says:

        Maybe Brittany was getting wise to what was going on, and fed up.

      • Bodhi says:

        Maybe mom & SIL fell in love & killed Brittany so they could be together & then SIL/lover threatened to tell? I have no idea. I didn’t say that it made a whole lot of sense 😉

    • lucy2 says:

      Sadly this was my first thought too. The relationship between the husband and mother is just too odd. I think there was something going on there, and then something happened later after Brittany’s death and the mother took him out also.

    • Isabelle says:

      Think its a possibility. However, Simon was supposedly having seizures and had similar symptoms around the same time as Brittany. Don’t think he would have poisoned himself?

  15. Michele says:

    Britney’s mother and Simon both seemed as shady as hell. Very controlling, and both wayyyyy too dependent on Britney’s finances.
    What if the two of them slowly poisoned Britney, and then Sharon decided to do the same to Simon so that she could inherit everything? Wonder if there were life insurance policies out on Brit and Simon?
    Man, I’ve got to stop watching Law and Order and Lifetime movies lol

    • Rhea says:

      IKR? The whole situation is just plain odd and fishy. I agree that both of them depending too much from Britney financially. And sleeping in the same bed? Yikes!
      Hope they would find out the truth.

    • locheed says:

      I can understand the theories, but what doesn’t make sense to me is why they would kill her if she was the one making the money. Why kill the goose that laid the golden egg? Were they afraid she would fade away, use up her money, and never land another role?

      • doofus says:

        probably more likely that she was “on to them” and was going to cut them off financially.

      • Montréalise says:

        At the time of her death, her career wasn’t going anywhere (it stalled at about the time she married Monjack). She was actually fired from her last role and although she claimed it was due to “creative differences”, the director said it was because she was impossible to work with. Heavens only knows what was going on in her life. Comparing the photographs above, you can see that in the one taken in 2009 (the year of her death) she looked ill, too thin and unwell, in marked contrast to the pictures taken in 2005 and 2006. I always thought there was something really strange about her death; most people who die of pneumonia are very elderly, not someone in her early thirties.

      • Liberty says:

        I agree with @doofus. It’s simple and it’s logical.

    • Isabelle says:

      Think Brittany’s estate went completely to the mom?

  16. Evi says:

    Her autopsy is available online and it’s quite extensive and no, there was no poisoning found, so I’m wondering if this is yet another way for someone to use a dead person to make money.

    • emmie_a says:

      Did the autopsy analyzed a hair sample? I think there are certain poisons that need a hair sample for detection? And there are certain poisons that you have to specifically test for or they don’t show up in a normal test.

      And it’s not an automatic conclusion that they were being poisoned. You can have toxic levels of toxic substances in your body by accident (supplements, drugs, living environment, etc) — But their deaths do seem suspicious.

  17. Ari says:

    love her so much, everytime i watch ramen girl i tear up :L also i see those manips going around with her and heath ledger and her being harley quinn and its like a sobfest!

  18. kibbles says:

    I’m surprised there weren’t more people asking these questions soon after her death and especially after the death of her husband only five months later. She seemed very frail towards the end of her life and many people probably blamed her death on drugs and unhealthy living, but to me, she appeared to be fairly healthy and was still quite young. I definitely found it weird when her husband died of the exactly same causes of pneumonia and anemia. Huh? How do two relatively young people with no known health problems die suddenly of pneumonia and anemia? Either that house was toxic as all heck and needs to be torn down or their deaths are extremely suspicious and were probably not mere coincidence.

    It’s hard to believe that Brittany’s mom would want to kill her own daughter who was the breadwinner in the family, but her mom always seemed strange to me. Perhaps Brittany’s mom had a sexual relationship with Simon and they devised a way to kill her and inherit all her money. Then her mom decided to get rid of Simon for whatever reason. Or Simon contributed to Brittany’s death, the mom figured it out, and killed him using the same means. Who knows. This is very weird and I think this warrants the police to reopen this case. I’m pretty sure Brittany’s mom knows more than what she has told the police and the public.

  19. Yelly says:

    What a weird story, I’m so into it…

  20. dcypher1 says:

    With this story the rabbit hole goes deeper than that. What know one knows is that Brittany was involved in a case of Julia Davis vs. The DHS she was a witness. Four witnesses that where set to testify for Julia against her case with the DHS mysteriously died. Brittany was asked to lie in her testimony and say she worked on a movie with her when in fact she never meet her. Because of her refusal to lie in court she was targeted and followed by thosein power who saw her as a liability. If u want to know more please watch the documentary called top priority: terror within it explains everything.

    • kibbles says:

      I read that Brittany’s father said he thinks his daughter was poisoned and her death covered up by the government. Goodness, I’m not a conspiracy theorist by any means,but after finding out so much that the government has tried to cover up in recent years, nothing would surprise me anymore. I hope we hear more theories. Forget Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana. I think Brittany Murphy’s death has left a lot more questions than other mysterious celebrity deaths.

      • mommak918 says:

        Yea I looked up the link with Brittany Murphy and the DHS….very very weird.

        And yes, I’m an educated, worldy woman…but sometimes things dont add up. And the conspiracy drama comes out.

        If Brittany just died and not her husband as well then maybe it wouldnt be so odd. But the fact he died a short 5months later by the same cause is wild.

        Also, as someone who watches a bit too much Investigation Discovery….I know people are awful. People kill for much, much less than you realize..

      • mayamae says:

        It seems that if they were willing to kill people, they would have taken care of Brittany’s father before he went public. It just seems a stretch that she would have become privy to something important enough to be killed for.

      • Isabelle says:

        Simon Monjack told people they were followed and complained he was abused by DHS when he was detained for an expired visa. Both believed their phones were tapped. Complained about surveyed by helicopters.
        However, it could have also been a manipulation tactic on Simon’s or her mom’s part. Trying to make Brittany more paranoid so she would solely rely & trust them. Paranoia isolates people from others, so makes sense if Brittany was murdered by someone close to her they would mentally break her down through conspiracy theories and paranoia. It would also explain her erratic behavior on set.
        Whatever, whoever is behind it, there is something very, very strange with the whole situation.

  21. Dani2 says:

    This is so sad, poor Brittani. That mum of hers has always been sketchy as hell in my opinion..

  22. Chicagogurl says:

    I’m going with the mom theory. I bet she was poisoning them both but because Brittany was so tiny it took 5 months less time. Munchausen by proxy syndrome.

    • Stormsmama says:

      Ugh that is so awful 🙁 but sounds so plausible 🙁

    • jaye says:

      Isn’t Munchausen usually perpetrated by parents with small children?

    • mayamae says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Usually it is perpetuated on younger children, but Brittany seemed overly attached to (or controlled by) her mother. MBP is purely an attention getter by the mother, and her mother certainly got a lot of attention – out of both deaths. I buy this much more than assassination by the government. And I do like my conspiracy theories. I would be curious to know if Brittany was a “sickly” child. The mothers who suffer from MBP are often viewed as wonderful devoted mothers by outsiders.

  23. Helene says:

    I remember thinking: What happened to her face a few months before she died. At the time I just thought it was because of plastic surgery and heavy drug use, but if she was poisoned that may be the reason to her appearance changing so drastically. Always thought the whole case was odd..

  24. kpist says:

    Makes me think of munchausen by proxy

  25. endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

    What’ s this about a court case against DHS???

  26. teehee says:

    I think people were asking these questions, but it took forever to push the system and cut through the red tape.
    Anyway, it just totally rings of Madame Bovary to me— she was terribly pale and anemic due to ingesting rat poison, sweating, shaking, weak, couldn’t breathe… rat poison should have been obvious sooner if thats what really happened…

  27. Dawn says:

    I really liked her as well. I wish her father good luck with his investigation and I hope he can find the truth. That mother is just too weird for words and she makes me wonder what actually happened in that house and who did what to whom.

  28. serena says:

    It’s suspicious as hell… who knows what the heck happened to them.. or who did it..

  29. Caron says:

    Which branch of law enforcement in LA would have been responsible for investigating her death? Totally plausible that someone in authority was ‘encouraged’ or bribed to look the other way.
    Nothing surprises me any more regarding ‘justice’ in California.

  30. Jayna says:

    I always loved her and hated to see how her life went with this user. She was in a music video of my favorite band on earth when they made a comeback album in 2004. It wasn’t seen by that many because the album wasn’t a huge seller but she had her hair back brown and curly and she had the most expressive eyes.

    Oddly enough, the song was called Closest Thing To Heaven and she’s up in the sky close to heaven in the video.

  31. Kelly says:

    OMG this whole story

  32. Apsutter says:

    Since the day she died I thought there was foul play. The whole thing was just so odd and then once her husband passed away months later of the same exact thing I was convinced someone killed them

    • Ok says:

      I did not think there was anything odd about it when only she died.

      It is actually quite easy to die of pneumonia
      Even when you start out reasonably young and healthy. You just allow yourself to get run down and you are focused on other things. Before you know it, your health is in a free fall.

      It turned weird when the hubby died.

      • Apsutter says:

        Yes but don’t you remember the crazy drama that was surrounding her at the time? I can’t remember all the specifics but she married that guy who everyone thought the worst of, her mom was living with them, her career was going nowhere, and it just seemed like she was being manipulated and headed for disaster. Either way, so so sad that she died so young. She had comedic talent and I bet she could have has a better career if it weren’t for the drama surrounding her.

  33. Pandora says:

    Gawker had an interesting thing on this same story, and it talked a lot about abnormal levels of multiple heavy metals, could this perhaps be a toxic house type situation that hasn’t been fully explored? It’s easy to draw sinister conclusions, but sometimes truth is more “random” than fiction. Reminded me of a case in Brisbane Australia where 3 perhaps more women who sat close to each other during the working day were all diagnosed with breast cancer within a 2 or 3 year period. They examined it from many different perspectives such as radiation and or microwave exposure (it was a television studio that televised live), chemical, bacterial,might shift work etc etc, but in the end it was inconclusive. The building they worked in was demolished a few years later, on the basis of better safe than sorry.
    It’s just very sad.

  34. Rainy says:

    It truly is an odd story. I hope the truth comes out.

  35. Ok says:

    Well the father must know something about the character and habits and personality of the mother.

    I wonder what hair samples were used for heavy metal testing if he did not have access to the hair preserved at autopsy.

    • Pandora says:

      He would have had a chance to view his daughter most probably, and cutting a lock of a loved ones hair is still a very common practice today.

  36. Ginger says:

    This sounds like something straight off the ID channel! Maybe both moms are suspect?

  37. Lisa says:

    Brittany was estranged from her father for many years prior to her death. He talked to the press nonstop after she died. Also, he did not attend her funeral.

  38. Egla says:

    Well you know pneumonia and anemia might be the symptoms and not the causes of death …AIDS anybody. That causes a lot of health issues and not a lot of people are willing to say it in public. Maybe they didn’t want to tell that in public for her good names sakes but who knows…..Anyway i think the police have done what had to be done. If not….well sorry for the girl…

  39. madchen says:

    The whole story is weird. I’ve got to say this, though: “If we were to eliminate the possibility,” “the only logical explanation,” and “administered by a third party perpetrator” were said by no lab ever. On a test like this you’d see a number and the reference range. I hope the mystery is solved one day. She was a good actress and she died so young.

  40. Nicolette says:

    I had never heard about the case against the DHS. We are living in a time where some really crazy stuff is going on. Is it all just conspiracy theories created by over active imaginations? Don’t think so. I believe that the things that are hidden in plain sight as well as the more far fetched the scenario, is exactly what they bank on as an excuse to dismiss everything.

  41. shellybean says:

    I absolutely loved Brittany in Girl, Interrupted and in Riding In Cars With Boys!

    I always thought there was way more to her death than just “pneumonia and anemia”. And then when her husband died 5 months later of the exact same thing, well, that was definitely weird. I don’t believe in coincidences. There is way way way more to this story. The rat poison totally makes sense, given the state they were both in when they died. I always thought her mother seemed super shady. I don’t know much about her association with the DHS case, but anything is possible. All I know is that a coincidence like this (her and her husband) cannot be a coincidence.

  42. cruiz2 says:

    Fishy! LOOK at the red bruised knuckle in last pic.

    • HRHLadyJ says:

      Actually, I noticed that, but think its lipstick, same color she’s wearing. It’s also on Simons lips in that photo, showing that they had kissed. But, the lipstick being on that finger, makes me think she was using it to throw up with…. Bulimic’s usually have scars on that finger from constantly using it to purge. Either that or kissing a boo boo, idk..

  43. Debbie says:

    Wow. I’m the first person to make a Flowers in the Attic reference? Eh, I get it. It’s too trashy to admit reading. And it’s not much timely. But Brittany’s mom is the right age to know it!

    Anyway, the reference: The mom in Flowers in the Attic tried to kill her kids (and succeeded with one) with rat poison mixed with powdered sugar to disguise the taste, then sprinkled over doughnuts as a treat. The arsenic in the rat poison, ingested in small amounts every day for many weeks, led to anemia, which led to pneumonia, which led to death. Theoretically, since the kids were already weak and sick, the authorities wouldn’t question the death from pneumonia (though this turned out to be a whole ‘nother issue in the sequel).

    Sound FAMILIAR? Dun dun dunnnnn!

  44. MegG says:

    If it was the mum, how did she get away with murder? I have to read more

  45. Immy says:

    I really hope Brittany wasn’t poisoned by her mother. Wrong on so many levels, and so incredibly sad if that’s the case.

  46. Julie says:

    I definitely think mom is the common denominator in both deaths. As for Simon being in on it with mom, wouldn’t he have recognized his symptoms to be the same as Brittany’s ? Brittany’s mom is the only star in that movie….no investigation in cause of deaths…really Los Angeles? Who’s the idiot running that show?