Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Vogue pictorial with Kate Moss: amazing & sexy?


Here are some photos from a newly released Vogue pictorial featuring Kate Moss and Chiwetel Ejiofor. I kind of like them together, right? They look good together. The shoot is by Mario Testino, and the location is Istanbul. You can see the Vogue slideshow here. I like that Vogue has been recruiting more leading men to do fashion pictorials, and I think this is one of the better pictorials I’ve seen. Remember Tom Hiddleston’s? It was awful!

Anyway, I’m writing about Chiwetel for several reasons. First off, CB is now in love with him. She really wants him to win the Best Actor Oscar for 12 Years a Slave, and Chiwetel is basically her Fassbender/Cumberbatch/Hiddleston right now. I like him a lot too, of course, and I feel like we should be supporting Chiwetel more these days. He’s not a self-promoter and I worry that his Oscar campaign is going to be a snooze and the award will end up going to someone flashier. Did you know he’s only 36? I thought he was older. I also didn’t know he’s Nigerian-British. Here are some newish quotes from Chiwetel about 12 Years:

On getting the script: “You wait all your life for great scripts, you are reading everything, hassling people, your agent, you are trying to get a great part. Then this script comes through the door, and you read it and it is a great script and a great part and you think ‘Can I do this? Am I ready to do this? Is it for me?'”

Plantations: “The plantations are beautiful, amazing places. And Louisiana is extraordinary, it’s alive, and the bayou and the swamps and the plantations and the trees. And within all that, there is this other world – this deep darkness in the way we’re treating each other. The place was very informative. It helped me understand the world that he was going into.”

He treated the story like a “fairy tale”: “Alice in Wonderland,” Ejiofor said. “You go down the rabbit hole and you are in this other world.”

Steve McQueen on Chiwetel’s eyes: “We talked a lot about silent movie stars, we talked about Valentino and Buster Keaton and the face because he has to communicate a lot without any words. Basically it was all about his eyes.” And in those eyes, McQueen said, “the audience is seeing a mirror.”

[Via The Christian Science Monitor]

Okay, I like him more for talking about how he was unsure of whether he was right for the role (although I think he was SO RIGHT for the role). He’s humble, he’s quiet, he shows respect for the story and the film and the history. Is that enough to win him the Oscar? The LAT currently has him in the lead for the Best Actor race, so maybe it’s good enough. Still, I would like to see him loosen up and show some personality here and there. Please?




Photos courtesy of VOGUE/Mario Testino.

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  1. Maria says:

    Jesus take the wheel………..

    Him in the white jacket is everything <3

  2. Monkey Towz says:

    So much beautiful, I can’t look away!

  3. feebee says:

    He sounds respectful.

    Those pictures are great, they make a gorgeous and believable couple.

    • Rachel says:

      Exactly. He’s a lovely man who possesses a kind of quiet dignity. That *is* his personality. And I adore him for it.

      Kaiser, he doesn’t have to play “the game.” He’s going to be everywhere this awards season, and I don’t think he needs to pretend to be something he’s not win the Oscar. People will be won over by his simple elegance. Especially after last year’s “LOOK AT ME I SHAVED MY HEAD” campaigns.

      • lunchcoma says:

        I agree that he doesn’t need to show more personality – he has plenty of it already. I think he just needs to find the right kinds of promotion to put himself out there in a way that suits him. I think this pictorial is a good start.

    • Kate says:

      yes they do; very classy

  4. Abby says:

    I always thought he looked cute only but damn son where were you hiding this sexiness lol.

  5. aims says:

    he’s hot.

  6. Dimebox says:

    Yes! Amazing and sexy indeed! Chiwetel improves everything. Yikes, what a gorgeous man.

    • kri says:

      I didn’t even notice Kate Moss. I thought Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy had made my heart their bitch, but this man..!

      • Monkey Towz says:

        I’m a HUGE Kate fan & I didn’t notice her either! He was on the Daily Show a few
        weeks ago & he was beautiful. His voice, mannerisms etc. I look forward to seeing more of him very soon.

  7. LadySlippers says:

    OMG he’s hot in these shots!


  8. Jaded says:

    He’s….just…..*sound of heavy breathing*

  9. mia girl says:

    I think the photos needed more Ejiforo, less Moss. 🙂

  10. Celebitchy says:

    These pictures give me butterflies, thanks!

  11. blue marie says:

    Man, he is working those suits, love them all.. so hot
    Is it wrong that I’d prefer him as the next Bond?

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Oooh….I like it. He’s beautiful.

    • V4Real says:

      There’s no wrong it that. He would be great.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      He’d be an incredibly sexy Bond.

      …and he’s outshining Moss in spades in these pics.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Great suggestion!
      He looks amazing in these shots. He has a laser-like focus with his eyes. In that first shot, the intesity that he is looking at her with makes me look at him. He really has presence. Gawd, he is so manly it is overwhelming! Perfect for Bond!

  12. lower-case deb says:

    Chiwetel is… no words man. no words.

    also, I think is a great photomodel to shoot with. she knows how to work angles, act for the camera, and it also helps that the camera love her.

    they look good together, and not just in the two-good-looking-people-being-photographed-together either.

  13. Harriet says:

    Sooooo pretty. Everything about the shots! And Mossy looks great compare to her playboy pics….

  14. Christina says:

    He is a beautiful man. He even makes Crack Moss look good. Well…I will admit, she cleans up well..LOL. He is really something though..damn.

  15. Melissa says:

    Apart from being beautiful, the man is super talented and critics love him. He has been getting nominations for many prestigious awards since 2002. I’m just so happy he’s getting movie-star recognition now and will probably be an A-lister from now. He deserves it.

  16. Nev says:

    Kate in the blue dresses. HAPPENING.

  17. tila says:

    Love this shoot. Love Kates dress in the first picture. WANT.

  18. Cecilia says:

    Incredibly beautiful people — both of them.

  19. Brittney says:

    I walked out of the theater last week with 100% certainty that he will get the Oscar, and so will Brad. I’m usually not very invested in the outcome of awards ceremonies (especially since Oscars are superficial/political/arbitrary)… but I will definitely be upset if Chiwetel doesn’t win. His performance was the best I’ve seen in YEARS… not just this year.

  20. Janeite says:

    So much respect and admiration for that man. Wonderful photoshoot although I wish he weren’t in sunglasses in a couple of those pics. He has marvelous eyes and I like to look at them.

  21. Ice Maiden says:

    Beautiful people, beautiful clothes, beautiful locations.

    THIS is what high fashion photography should be all about. Not Kate Upton with her boobs hanging out. You can see why Moss is still in demand, even pushing 40 — old age pensioner by fashion standards. More of this, please, ‘Vogue’, and less of trying to make overhyped budget catalogue models ‘happen’.

  22. j.eyre says:

    I am here to fully support the promotion of Chiwetel. I think he is a talent everyone should know.

    I love this photo shoot, pretty much everything about it. He’s a good model.

    I know he dislikes the name Chewy and I mean no disrespect, but the fan base could conceivably be called the Chewy Treats.

    • icerose says:

      If you want a treat listen to the audio CD of Othello with Chiwetel, Tom Hiddleston and Ewan McGregor with his Scottish vowels. It is pure voice porn. But there has to be something better than Chewy. It’s a tough one.

  23. Violeta says:


    …and I need to get myself that type of summer/beach dress in the 1st pic

  24. T.Fanty says:

    Wow. It took a lot of willpower to stop looking, scroll down and post. Wow, he looks good.

  25. Jh says:

    Holy mother of…that is a gorgeous shoot. Perfection.

  26. SouthernGal says:

    The white suit did it for me. Good Gawd!!!

  27. Hubbahun says:

    HE is gorgeous. SHE is a skank and I will never, ever understand the appeal.

  28. hiddlesgirl85 says:

    Yep, Chiwetel is Nigerian. I have followed him for years as he was repping for us Nigerians in the entertainment industry. His family is Igbo. My family is also from the Southeastern region of Nigeria, so I am especially proud. 🙂

    • linda says:

      Yay ””””’ good to see my fellow Nigerian here. Am from the Igbo speaking area of the Niger Delta.

      • hiddlesgirl85 says:

        Hi, linda! It’s great to be connected to another Nigerian! My family is from Rivers State. Are you in the US or UK?

    • icerose says:

      He was born in London to Nigerian parents so he probably has duel nationality. He is amazing. I saw him on stage in the A Day in the Congo with an all black cast and the whole production was up beat and heart breaking at the same time. The ensemble acting was the best I had seen all year and Chiwetel had me in tears. I was one of the first people on my feet clapping and that is unusual for me. He was also in Dancing on the Edge on the BBC as a the leader of a jazz band and was wearing tux through out most of it. Not only was his acting flawless but so was he. He deserves all the attention he gets,

      • hiddlesgirl85 says:

        I am so jealous! I hope to see him onstage too one day. He is a brilliant actor and has amazing, emotive eyes. I first fell in love with him in the film, Serenity, and again in the ridiculous and goofy movie, Four Brothers.

  29. HD says:

    He’s gorgeous. And Kate Moss is botoxed and photoshopped to an amazing degree.

  30. CaribbeanLaura says:

    Good Golly Miss Molly. That is some serious hotness happening there. He has gorgeous eyes!!!!!!

  31. Sunny says:

    I love him and think he is so beautiful and talented. I am really glad he is getting attention all over the place. He was tremendous in 12 Year’s a Slave. I have adored him since Dirty Pretty Things and Kinky Boots.

    He has incredibly range and I hope he really explores that. Seriously, these theatre trained Brit men are killing it of late. I do hope he actually campaigns for Oscar since this year’s competition is so crazy. I can’t remember another recent year where we have seen such amazing male performances and I have yet to see Wolf of Wall Street or American Hustle or Lleywn Davis.

  32. maggie says:

    Wow! Both look great! He’s pretty hot and there’s a reason Kate Moss has lasted this long. Beautiful photos.

  33. maggie says:

    Wow! Both look great! He’s pretty hot and there’s a reason Kate Moss has lasted this long. Beautiful photos.

  34. icerose says:

    Amazing perfection. So glad he is getting the attention he deserves,. He is definitely my next Bond.

  35. Bex says:

    Ahhhh! My brain imploded. LOVE HIM!

  36. Insomniac says:

    CB has seen “Serenity”, yes? He was great in that.

  37. lunchcoma says:

    Everything about this is great. Maybe these pictorials are his wheelhouse? I’ve seen him come across as maybe too subdued on television, but he looks amazing here and I think his quiet, thoughtful personality (and I get the feeling that this IS his personality) comes across well in written interviews.

  38. RHONYC says:

    how i know this mthafkr is SEXY is from my reaction to him in ‘Four Brothers’.

    he was the nemesis and i TRIED not to like him even after his dasterdly deeds, but good coogah-moogah! *PHEW* i couldn’t help but like him.


    hubby don’t know!

    • hiddlesgirl85 says:

      Lol. Yea, he was awesome in Four Brothers. He was pretty funny as well. I loved when he told one of his employees to eat off the floor. Lol. HI-larious!

  39. Han says:

    i met him in a pub in london he is not really that quiet, with his friends he was lively and seemed like fun. In my opinion he doesn’t want the kind of attention that perhaps some of these other men like hiddleston and cumberbatch want. For instance he obviously decided that he would never talk about girlfriends and private life. I know he never talked about his family before either. He is just one of those actors who are gonna live a pretty normal life and hold on to that as opposed to chase after movie stardom. Its nothing to do with his actual personality being more or less fun in real life its more what he chooses to show you ( the media).

  40. Siren6 says:

    I always thought he was tall… but in that shot next to Kate Moss – who is tiny – he doesn’t look that much taller? Confused.