Brittany Murphy was due to testify against gov’t, friend wonders who poisoned her

We recently heard the shocking news that actress Brittany Murphy had abnormally high levels of ten heavy metals in her system at the time of her death in 2009. This was determined in private lab tests ordered by her father, on hair samples he obtained. The lab stated that “If we were to eliminate the possibility of a simultaneous accidental heavy metals exposure to the sample donor then the only logical explanation would be an exposure to these metals (toxins) administered by a third party perpetrator with likely criminal intent.”

A lot of people were pointing fingers at Brittany’s mom, who lived with both Brittany and her husband, Simon Monjack, slept with Simon after Brittany’s death (by her own admission) and was fighting with Simon over Brittany’s estate. Now another bizarre theory has come to light. Brittany was due to testify in a whistleblower case her friend, a former employee of the Department of Homeland Security, filed against the government. Brittany’s friend, who is also an actress and producer, has given interviews in which she implies, but does not state directly, that the government was complicit in Brittany’s death. Here’s more:

“We’ve submitted formal demands to reopen the case of Brittany Murphy‘s death,” Julia Davis told exclusively on Nov. 18. Julia and Brittany’s father, Angelo Bertolotti worked together to get new blood, hair and tissue sample tests done after being suspicious of her death. The results showed heavy metals in her system, raising a surprising claim that she had been poisoned.

“We believe that she was poisoned by somebody,” Julia told us. “We’re not pointing figures at who but we would like investigators to look into. We’ve submitted formal demands to reopen the case. Hopefully the LAPD will — they had previously closed it within one hour, so clearly didn’t investigate enough. Hopefully now, they’ll do that promptly.”

Julia, an an investigative reporter/National Security expert, was an employee for Homeland Security when she met Brittany.

“After blowing a whistle on Homeland Security, they targeted me on a number, 54 actually, investigations,” she explained. “In one of them they used Brittany’s name in claims that she had told them I was working on a movie when I was supposed to be at work. It was bogus, so Brittany came to my defense and we got her attorneys into it as well. From that point on, she was targeted by Homeland Security as was her husband, Simon [Monjack]. They were both placed under constant surveillance.”

Brittany and Simon were both aware of the surveillance, Julia said, and actually admitted in one of their last interviews. “Of course, the press thought they were crazy and on drugs.”

So, after both she and her husband died five months apart from “natural causes”, both Julia and Angelo realized that the situation didn’t add up However, because she was a young star, the allegations about her death blew up.

“She had no illicit drugs in her system whatsoever, and for prescription drugs — the medications she was taking didn’t contribute to her death,” she explained. “Even the coroner stated that her weight was perfect for her height, so there goes the anorexia claims. Other claims said there were mold in the house. That was completely investigated and it wasn’t true.”

So Julia and Angelo are just trying to clear the air and remember Brittany as the young woman she was. That is why they conducted the new tests, which did show a large amount of heavy metals in her system — which could be the result of rat poisoning. They will do whatever they can to reopen the case and find out the truth.

“We would like to set the record straight because there has been so many false reports,” Julia added. “Brittany wasn’t a junkie, she wasn’t a party girl. She was a sweet, innocent young woman. Her dad and myself want to set the record truth. She didn’t deserve to die at such a young age.”

[From Hollywood Life]

Radar has video of Simon showing off his extensive home security system following Brittany’s death. You can watch it there. He also used scramblers for their phones.

This is some complicated conspiracy theory stuff. Of course it’s possible that there were nefarious agents at work, but why would a government agency kill both Brittany and then her husband? Julia Davis, the whistleblower, is still alive and she prevailed in her case against the Department of Homeland Security. (You can read more about her case here, she went to the FBI to report a way that terrorists could enter the country when her own superiors didn’t act.) It doesn’t make sense to kill the celebrity, and her husband, who had no real platform after his wife’s death. Plus wouldn’t the government have more sophisticated means to kill people than rat poison? (Not that they do that, but you know what I mean!) You can easily detect that. Maybe I’ve seen too much CSI but there are better ways to kill people that are harder to autopsy.

Both Brittany and her husband died of the same official cause, and since Brittany had abnormally high levels of heavy metals in her system, it’s probable that Simon did too. (We don’t have confirmation for that.) Heavy metal poisoning can cause people to go insane, remember the Mad Hatter? Both of these people were probably being slowly poisoned and were likely suffering from paranoid delusions. So it’s hard to tell whether the surveillance they suspected was real or imagined. (We know the government loves their surveillance though, and they’re said to have used it for this specific case.) Whether these two were being monitored or not, I doubt the government poisoned them, that sounds far fetched and unlikely. My thoughts lean toward someone who had the most to benefit from their deaths, and who had access to them daily.

I wonder, though, if these two could have succumbed to environmental toxins in their home, like if their water was somehow tainted or the home was made with materials that leeched out and poisoned them. Maybe they bought dishes overseas or were drinking rare tea or something. (They always look for things that on House) Radar reports that an investigation may possibly be opened into Brittany’s death. If that happens, I would be interested whether investigators take samples from the home and look for possible toxins there.

Update: Slate reports that heavy metals found in Brittany’s hair may be possibly explained by hair dye. What’s more is that there are questions about the lab, about how the samples were obtained (since Brittany’s father’s court petition for coroner samples was denied) and about the accreditation and professionalism of the lab. Apparently it’s highly unusual for a lab to speculate about causation, they’re just supposed to report findings.

Also, I would like to clarify why I keep emphasizing that the husband may have died the same way. Both Brittany and Simon died, at young ages, of “pneumonia and anemia,” within months of each other and while living in the same home. It’s incredibly sad and I understand why her father wants to find out if someone is responsible.

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  1. eliza says:

    Lol. I think this is a bit of a stretch. Seems to me the government would have thousands of ppl to “off” before Murphy would be of interest.

    Poor girl. She can’t rest in peace. We will never know what happened. End of story.

    • teehee says:

      The ‘government’ does off people— this oen just happened to be known by more individuals outside of her close cirlce of family and friends. People disappear and die of unknown causes all the time, and at opportune moments…. I would definitely NOT write this off. And I’m sure if someone I knew were ‘offed’, I would not want them written off as ‘not important enough’ because each human life is valuable. Wrong is wrong, and whoever/whatever did this, should be found out

      • eliza says:

        This to me does not seem to be someone high on a government hit list.

        The logical explaination is her mother poisoned her along with that con man she was married to. The con man probably was a threat to the mother and he was offed by her as well.

      • Irishserra says:

        What better way to send a warning to Julia Davis? The government does things like this all the time; they always have.

      • Nina W says:

        It’s horses or zebras, you hear the hooves, what’s more likely? Horses, therefore if this poor girl was murdered there is no need to look for elaborate government conspiracy theories that make no sense. Homeland security gets nothing out of snuffing some poor actress; it’s illogical and there would need to be a lot more evidence to lend that theory any credibility. Her husband may have poisoned her and himself or they may both have been poisoned by someone they knew. Either scenario is far more likely than government involvement IMO.

    • hadleyb says:

      Just like no one believed the govt was reading our emails and listening to phone convos 10 years ago right? Everyone was crazy who believed it and now look.

      • AnonDC says:

        ^ Touché. I however believe it had everything to do with her bizarro mother, who in addition to sharing a bed with Simon also had prescriptions under the name ‘Sharon Monjack.’

      • Jessiebes says:

        It’s horrible to think that the US government has listened in to people’s conversations all over the world. But to think that they off people, well I do believe that, but not in this case. She and her husband hardly knew or did much for that to happen.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Hadleyb, who wrote: “Just like no one believed the govt was reading our emails and listening to phone convos 10 years ago right? Everyone was crazy who believed it and now look. ”

        One of our saddest truths is that the average American citizen has a memory/attention span of mere months.

        Of ‘course’ the Government was reading our emails and listening to our phone conversations 10 years ago (2003), because President George Bush got Congressional Approval to do so. Don’t you guys remember what the climate was like in America after 9/11?? Doesn’t anyone remember all of our ‘Rights’ we willingly gave up so the Government would have a greater chance of catching Al Qaeda and other ‘foreign’ terrorist groups in American in order to prevent another attack like 9/11?

        There is absolutely ‘no’ excuse for any American citizen born after 1985 not to be aware of this. The Laws that gave the President the power to order (via Homeland Security and other Government agencies) and the Federal Government the RIGHT to infringe upon our Civil Rights was voted on and passed by Congress after 9/11 … is was called the US PATRIOT ACT.

      • V4Real says:

        @Emma who said “The Laws that gave the President the power to order (via Homeland Security and other Government agencies) and the Federal Government the RIGHT to infringe upon our Civil Rights was voted on and passed by Congress after 9/11 … is was called the US PATRIOT ACT. ”

        That still doesn’t give the government the right to abuse that act and use it for their own personal gain. One government official was even using that act to spy on his girlfriend. Also just because congress passed a bill, doesn’t justify it. Just like the mayor of NY has the stop and frisk put into place; doesn’t make it right. Cops are allowed to use their own discretion and they usually stop Hispanics and Blacks.

      • Maria says:

        @Emma I lost all hope regarding the U.S. politics (ESPECIALLY foreign policy).
        I believed in Obama during his candidature and stuck with him through the financial problems only to be disappointed in the end because IMO he turned out to be a puppet like many did before him. Granted I’ve never been a fan of patriotism (in any country really) and the U.S. electoral system but the sheer audacity it takes to spy on people all over the world is just mind-boggling. As a European I certainly didn’t vote for the PATRIOT ACT and find it hilarious that “The leader of the free world” condones this. If any other country would have pulled this stunt e.g. …Belgium (???) there’d be a massive shit storm. I think this is a mayor reason why the world doesn’t respect the United States as it used to. At least I see it this way.
        I don’t want to offend any one by this. I KNOW the people count and not politicians. Just wish the U.S. would finally find a way to represent itself in a better, not holier-than-thou (political) manner when it’s all just bullshit.

      • Sloane W!yatt says:

        Teehee, Irishserra, hadleyb, Emma – the JP Lover, V4Real, and Maria – Thank you for remembering.

        As others have mentioned, post 911 was a thinly veiled excuse to ram through the Patriot Act, and the beginning of the end of our civil liberties. After the March 20th 2003 unprecedentedly massive and unprovoked “shock and awe” assault on Iraq, I closed my business down for the day on March 21st, 2003, spent a couple hours making homemade signs, and took to the streets with a dozen or so denizens of my tiny little cowtown.

        In the days that followed our attack on Iraq, it was a field day for the heat. Nationwide, huge protests were broken up, the Media clamped down on any coverage of them, and the drumbeats of military propaganda beat ever louder, lulling the populace into the idea we were striking back at The Terrorists.

        Just like no one believed our government would make up ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’, and most everybody thought the Iraq War protestors were unpatriotic looney tunes, it’s not so farfetched that our covert shadow government could off an innocent girl to send a chilling message to whistle-blowers. Real patriots are being vilified right now, for cripes sake. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”, so we better keep the flame of truth burning.

      • Nina W says:

        Not true, many of us yelled about it but nobody paid attention. Just like we yelled about not going to war in Iraq. And we screamed about the “Patriot Act” but no body gave a damn then and now all of a sudden, big shocking news, right, just bury your head in the sand and it’s all a big surprise.

  2. Zigggy says:

    Very weird. I’m still looking at mom.

  3. Becky says:

    There was an article on Slate that suggested the high levels of metal might have been due to hair dye:

    • Celebitchy says:

      Thanks Becky I will add that, and the article also reminded me that there’s a question as to how the dad obtained the hair sample, because his court petition for it was denied. But from what I understand, her father does have the right to request an exhumation without a court order, but that’s not how he got that sample.

    • jessiebes says:

      Very interesting article. Definatly sheds a new light on things.

    • V4Real says:

      I see what the article is suggesting but then for the husband to die in almost the same exact matter months later. I guess he was using her hair dye as well. Why haven’t we heard many reports of other women dying from this hair dye; was it made only for Brittny. Also if the gov’t was behind this how easy would it be for them to get someone to plant articles saying it’s due to the metal in hair dye.

      • MollyB says:

        The article does not state that anyone died from using the hair dye. Hair dye does not kill people but it does leave traces of heavy metal in the hair shaft itself. So if the hair is tested for heavy metals, hair dye will make those tests appear to be positive. There are many other physical signs of heavy metal poisoning (the so-called “Mees lines” visible on the fingernails, for example). Neither spouse had any other visible physical signs of heavy metal poisoning, which makes it an unlikely cause of death.

      • Kiddo says:

        To add to your comment, men also do use hair dye.

      • Jessiebes says:

        Agreeing with MollyB, people don’t die from hair dye. In this case the hair dye caused a high metal content in the hair samples they used.

      • Sloane W!yatt says:

        Riiight, it was the hair dye responsible for the heavy metal lab results, just like ‘weather balloons’ were always responsible for UFOs.

      • HRHLadyJ says:

        The issue I have with “hair dye” theory is that I doubt, (even if present) It would be way past the “harmful level” that WHO lays out. It may leave some, but not this amount…

    • yep says:

      That is interesting! Im wondering how many people were charged with poisoning/murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and it was hair dye after all.. not heavy metal poisoning.

  4. mayamae says:

    Brittany’s father was on TV last night postulating that she died of rat poisoning. He’s 87 years old, and looks pretty frail. Other than that comment, the rest of the story was pretty vague. No speculation of who poisoned her, or if her husband was also poisoned.

  5. Kiddo says:

    How were the samples obtained and was there any chain of custody? The answer to this seems elusive. Wasn’t Brittany estranged from her father at some point? Were the two taking supplements that may have been contaminated? So many questions, but I agree that the government would have been more apt to kill the whistle blower, if anyone.

  6. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Wow…this is just insane and really tragic.

    “Brittany wasn’t a junkie, she wasn’t a party girl. She was a sweet, innocent young woman. Her dad and myself want to set the record truth. She didn’t deserve to die at such a young age.”

    I’m not sure I buy the conspiracy stuff but I want to believe this, just because I always liked her.

    • Bodhi says:

      Except that she was a pretty serious cokehead for several years. I read that she’d cleaned up & was getting her life back on track when she died

    • blue marie says:

      I liked her too but I don’t think her drug problem was well hidden

    • V4Real says:

      Yes she used coke but that didn’t make her a bad person. A lot of celebs use drugs we just don’t know who they are until they get caught. There is something to her death be it death by mom or the gov’t. The gov’t is pretty damn powerful and big brother is always watching. I wasn’t surprised to find out that they had been monitoring our emails and phone conversatins. I know some people are asking why kill Brit and her husband and not her friend. Well it would have been a little to obvious to kill off the person who brought the case against you. But we will kill your close friend as a warning or scare tactic.

      Her funeral was heartbreaking. Out of all the people in the business she worked with and dated such as Ashton and Eminem, only one of her show business friends Eric Balfour showed up.

      • lavinia says:

        Wow that is really sad 🙁 . I think she was too sweet for Hollywood. That is terrible that out of all the celebrity people she knew only one showed up.

      • lucy2 says:

        I vaguely remember there was talk that her husband had really isolated her from others, so I would bet a lot of people didn’t feel comfortable going because of him.

      • Nina W says:

        Sorry but that seems like very thin motivation to target this girl and allegedly murder her. If you want to stop a whistleblower murdering her friend seems about the stupidest way to go. Isn’t it likely she will “whistleblow” on the murder? She is of course trying to do that but I’m very skeptical. Too often when murder happens the culprit is not some anonymous stranger.

  7. Bodhi says:

    Prolonged exposure to heavy metals can cause paranoia & other nutty behavior. It can occur naturally, which might be the case with Brittany & her husband.

    BUT, since the mom lived in the house with them & after their deaths & never reported any symptoms, I still totally think the mom did it.

    • Kiddo says:

      Money is often a motive, but who knows whether it was even a homicide? I just think it is absolutely bizarre that the mother slept in the same bed as the husband, but I suppose grief can make odd behavior.

    • Nicolette says:

      Agree. I’m just sorry she’s gone, and way too soon. She seemed so bubbly and adorable. I also think Mom had a role in this somehow.

  8. Renee says:

    You know, I was never really invested in her career or anything but it really upset me when she died. She seemed so sweet and like it was hard for her to make a go of it as an actress. Hollywood seems like it is such a hard and unhealthy place for people to be…

  9. klue says:

    Wait…her mum admitted to effing her son-in-law? Khrist

    • gg says:

      No, she did not.

      But there is a hell of a lot of bad stories that have revolved around Simon Monjack for years. he was a bit of a loser and owed lots of money to people and was being sued. Don’t have the time at the moment to search for links but they are easy enough to google.

    • Nina W says:

      No, she hotly denied any sexual involvement with him. There was a tabloid report that apparently misconstrued one of the documents related to the case and suggested something salacious, no doubt to fuel the gossip beast.

  10. Abby says:

    If there were environmental toxins, why is the mom ok? I think she’s involved somehow.

    And this whole thing is sad. 🙁

    • Celebitchy says:

      People are affected by toxins differently, or maybe whatever affected them was closer to Brittany and Simon than the mom. As someone else mentioned in this thread, maybe Brittany and Simon were taking the same weird supplement or using tainted dishes. Maybe there was mold in the home and it was concentrated in their bedroom or bathroom. It’s entirely possible that the mom lived there and was able to survive while Brittany and Simon succumbed.

  11. MrsBPitt says:

    The whole thing is strange…but I think the government would have lists of people to “off” before Brittany and her husband…I didn’t know her husband, but I just get a super creepy vibe from him…

  12. Jennifer says:

    WHOA!!! The mom slept with Simon?? Ewwwwwwwww. I never knew that.

    • Celebitchy says:

      The mom told police they slept in the same bed. The sex thing is assumed, it may not be the case I don’t know.

      • Nina W says:

        The mother denied it and when you get to the source it was a tabloid report based on some police document that never named the mother. It’s a super sketchy allegation in my book, seems to be pure gossip fodder.

  13. Kelly says:

    This just gets weirder and weirder. Poor girl, she doesn’t deserve this sh*t. I feel so bad, she had so much potential and seemed sweet and charming in her work.

  14. T.fanty says:

    Bloody hell. This got real crazy, real fast.

  15. Sarah says:

    Has to be something in the water or someone with regular access and something to gain. This has always been weird to me though but certainly not this

  16. Jayna says:

    Oh, please. The government doesn’t take out this woman with all her supposed whistle-blower knowledge but poisons a woman who only was going to testify her friend didn’t do outside work on government time. LOL. All righty then.

    • V4Real says:

      Not saying that I buy into this theory but wouldn’t it have been to obvious to take out the main target who had the case against the gov’t?

      • dcypher1 says:

        If the metals came with the hairdye how do u explain Simon’s death I doubt he dyed his hair blonde too. He was not blonde. Anyways hairdye don’t have egh metals in to kill a person let alone two who didn’t evenuse the stuff. The levels in her system were at toxic levels. And they never investigated the house to determine if there was mold either. The cops didn’t investigate anything they didn’t do anything. They thought it was an obvious case of circumstance so they never did a proper investigation. So that hairdye theory is bs.

    • Brigitte says:

      +1 to Jayna’s comment.

  17. Merritt says:

    This just gets increasingly ridiculous by the day. Clearly something was wrong for both Brittany and her husband to die of the same thing months apart. But if someone was trying to kill her, I think it was closer to home.

    However, the idea that the government would bother to go after her is ridiculous. And if she was supposed to testify, which I rather doubt, I would think that all would have been mentioned around the time of her death. Not nearly 4 years later.

  18. lucy2 says:

    I’m not buying the govt. conspiracy – I do believe that kind of stuff happens, but I doubt her testimony would be that damaging as to cause that sort of reaction. Also, I would think a hit of any kind would be quick – this type of poisoning seems like it happened over some time, especially since her husband died months later. No one would have that type of prolonged access to them, their food, water, etc.

    I still think it’s far more likely that her mother had something to do with it, and possibly her husband too. If it was something environmental, her mother would have been affected as well.

    • msw says:

      That’s what I’m trying to work out, too. I’d love to hear the theory on HOW this alleged poisoning took place. This apparently took months. What were they doing, sneaking into their house to poison dinner and filling their pipes with rat poison? I could get behind the belief that they were being spied on, maybe, but it seems like Murphy was a fairly inconsiquential witness in this case. I expect the government would go for more of a quick fix and probaly attack the person who was actually accusing them.

      Given the new evidence, though, I have no trouble believing the claim that they were murdered. So sad.

      • Nina W says:

        I agree both deaths seemed suspicious at the time and even more so now. I seriously doubt the government conspiracy theory but I will not be surprised if these are murders or perhaps a murder-suicide.

  19. Yelly says:

    That husband of hers always gave off a really creepy vibe.

  20. Dana says:

    I have always thought that Simon offed Brittnay because he was in love with her mom, and the mom offed him because she was using him to get all of Brittnay’s money.

    • Ok says:

      Dana — interesting theory
      And you never really can tell what people might go for.

      But the mother was not really what you would call stunningly beautiful or even well preserved.

      And I can’t see someone like Simon killing his little money-maker.

      But it is extremely weird that both were dead within months of eachother

  21. ojulia123 says:

    Dr. Cyril Wecht was interviewed about this case and says that the lab Brittany’s father used is a reputable one, so there’s that. I hope they test the husband’s tissues as well. This is all so strange.

  22. malina says:

    anybody else heard it used to be Britney Spears’ home? That could add to the theory of the home being in some way toxic (hence her mental problems)

  23. Axis2ClusterB says:

    The thing that is MOST confusing to me is – why the hell did Simon stick around if he started to get sick like Brittany? If he also died of heavy metal poisoning, at some point in the process, you would think he would’ve had a WTF moment.

    It makes the most sense that Simon and mom killed Brittany, then mom killed Simon, but again – wouldn’t he have realized what she was up to?

    FWIW, I think they were murdered and that the mom was behind it, but there’s so much weirdness here that it’s currently impossible to sort with any sort of accuracy.

  24. MollyB says:

    Here’s an article from the LA Times from a couple of years ago on the subject of using hair samples to detect metal poisoning. Basically, it is impossible to accurately test for metals using hair samples. The only accurate way is to test blood or urine.

    There is probably a reason why the coroner’s office, which detected no other physical signs of heavy metal poisoning (and there are easily detectable physical signs) and had access to blood samples, did not find any evidence of heavy metal poisoning.

    • Nina W says:

      Did they test for it though? I know they don’t test for everything under the sun. If there was no suggestion of poisoning would the coroner screen the blood for heavy metal poisoning? This is a sincere question, I have no idea what the standard procedure is in an unexplained death.

  25. Shelley says:

    Weren’t they in huge financial distress and the house in foreclosure? Where does the mom live now? She always seemed so creepy. Brittany was one of the very few gifted young actresses of her generation / her death was very sad. Whenever I hear anyone refer to Lowlifehan as having talent, I think of the loss of this young woman, who truly did. Her work in ‘The Dead Girl’ is heartbreaking.

  26. xxx says:

    Pneumonia is common with drug addiction so while I am open to all conspiracy theories I think sadly it was just the cause of them passing away. Repeated drug use just caught up with them and they both probably did the same drugs. Think of Jim Morrison and his girlfriend Pam. She pretty much od’d from depression after his death so it’s not surprising that he passed away after. Just my thoughts. We will see:)

  27. RobN says:

    I’ve got my money on the piles of “natural cures” that Brittany was into. She used to talk about homeopathic and natural methods of treating various ailments. Not all that stuff is crap, but most of it is unregulated and the possibility of it being contaminated, or simply unsafe in the doses they were taking, is what I’m betting on.

    The lab is completely unprofessional and leads me to believe that the results may be suspect to begin with. Labs report findings, they don’t speculate on criminal intent.

    • msw says:

      Rumor has it she was clean, but street drugs have been cut with rat poison before. It’s a possible source.

  28. Katija says:

    *pours a delicious cup of coffee and mocha creamer and waits patiently for the Illuminati/New World Order people to arrive*

  29. Dommy Dearest says:

    Me and my tin foil hat believe it a bit more than we should. It wouldn’t have been the first time our government did something like this.

    Hello JFK, our last real president.

  30. dcypher1 says:

    4 witnesses that were connected to this case mysteriously died. Out of those 4 people it was BM, her husband simon, and Julia Davis’s neighbor. He had footage of the black helicopters swarming Julia’s house. After he shot that footage he was found dead in his home and no he was not an old man. They killed of all the witnesses so the case wouldn’t turn out in their favor. It dosent matter if she still won her case. All those people were a liability and a threat to their system. How can anyone deny that this case is extremely suspicious and everything is pointing at DHS. The reason why the helicopter footage was so dangerous is because those hellicopters were just harrassing the neighborhood and done without proper warrants. After all the shady things the government has done in the past and we all know they will do anything that they think is nessecassy to protect themselves and therir image. Hasent anyone learned anything from the NSA scandal. They will do whatever it takes to cover their assess even brake the law and over look the constitution. So all u who don’t believe are in denial about how our government opperates and ur ignorance is letting them do what they will if no one is there to call them out on their bs. That’s basically letting them get away with murder again and again.

    • Dommy Dearest says:



    • Madriani's Girl says:

      While I don’t deny the government can be evil and shady, I just don’t believe your account here. Are you really believing a bunch of government helicopters swarmed a neighborhood and NO ONE noticed besides the someone who supposedly ended up dead? NO ONE in the media noticed? And killing everyone else but the one person who stood to gain except she WON the case?

      • Julianna says:

        No one in the media noticed the mass protests on Nov 5th either.

      • Dommy Dearest says:

        Julianna: <3

        The media ignores everything that is negative to the citizens and our rights but when it comes to Kimye, Cyrus or Gaga they are all over it. CISPA, NDAA, Million Mask March, all of the brutality the police enforced against peaceful protestors and the list only goes on. The media didn’t even cover the abortion bill situation in Texas in which the time ran out to vote but they did anyway and passed it, then killed it then passed it again.

    • Nina W says:

      Nice tin foil hat.

  31. nicegirl says:

    Wow, this is very suspicious and scary, whether or not the Gov’t was/is involved.

  32. Madriani's Girl says:

    Even if Homeland Security (big IF) wanted someone dead, they wouldn’t and COULDN’T do it with rat poison, which is essentially arsenic. Arsenic takes time to build up in your body so unless she was dosed with one whopping amount at one time, she would have had to have been dosed over time. The Government is good but even they aren’t THAT good. And as CB pointed out, if the whistle-blower is still alive and well, what possible good would come from killing this girl?

    Having said that, it does sound strange all around. My vote is her mother did both of them.

  33. Becky says:

    They do track people! but her mom is suspicious I think

  34. lisa says:

    1. the hair samples were from many parts of her body, not just the head where she would have been dying it.
    2. one theory : the mom was poisoning Simon and Brittany was accidentally exposed. Purpose: Brittany’s money.

  35. Christin says:

    Her will reportedly left everything to her mother and nothing to the husband. Had Simon lived, would the living arrangement stayed the same indefinitely? Such a sad, strange story.

  36. Original Me says:

    I thought I read that at the time of her death, her nightstand was full of pill bottles. All “legally prescribed” of course, but just a ton of them. Anti seizure meds and all kinds of stuff. I will have to try to find a link. She was super skinny, and I would venture a guess all of the medications, having pneumonia, not eating enough, etc. just broke down her system.
    Found this quote

    Ten pill bottles, some of them empty, were found in the search of the 8 Mile, Sin City and Clueless star’s home in LA.

    They included Topamax, an anti-seizure pill, Methylprednisolone, an anti-inflammatory, and Fluoxetine, used to treat depression. Anti-anxiety drugs Klonopin and Ativan, bi-polar drug Carbamazepine and painkiller Vicoprofen were also found. Detectives also seized bottles of Propranolol, used to prevent heart attacks, antibiotic Biaxin and painkiller Hydrocodone.

    The list of medications was included in a leaked investigators’ report.
    It read: “A check of the nightstands revealed large amounts of prescription medication in the decedent’s name. Also noted were numerous empty prescription medication bottles in the husband’s name, the mother’s name and third party names.”

    • Nina W says:

      Sadly given the number of accidental prescription drug overdoses occurring in this country nowadays I would not be surprised at all if a combination of legal drugs killed her.

      • Jayna says:

        Exactly. And they are saying the metals found in her could be indicative of a heroin abuser or oxycontin abuser, which high metals are left behind. Anybody in the world knows that Brittany was a drug abuser. It was sad to watch her decline that last year or so and to me the reason she was with such a gross loser. She even lost friends because of her relationship with him. He was a fellow addict. He was her enabler and so she needed him. I still remember when she was fired from a movie just weeks before her death because it was clear she was on drugs and unable to even do her scenes. This whole government killed her or her mother killed her is laughable.

  37. Julianna says:

    I don’t think the government did it but I hope everyone else does. That will be the gov’s karma for all the shady crap they ever pulled- a big revolution bc everyone thinks they killed Brittany Murphy. Ha ha.

  38. TG says:

    Why did the father wait 3 years to bother doing anything about this? Seems strange that he is coming out with a documentary at the same time as all of this press. I think he is full of it but I have always suspected Simon or the mom did this.

  39. Sarah says:

    Topomax and Proponolol are also migraine medications. I was on Topomax for a few months – along with a generic for Fluoxetine because it was supposed to help the effectiveness of the Topomax- and now I’m on Proponolol . If you searched my house, you’d find all three drugs in my cabinet and possibly not know they are all related to migraine prevention.

    That list just really jumped out at me. Not saying she didn’t have any drug problems, just it may not be what it seems.