Bar Refaeli might be new hostess of ‘House of Style’

Israeli model Bar Refaeli has gotten two big gigs within days. The first job is as the exclusive model for Marks & Spencer’s Valentine’s Day lingerie line. The second job, not yet confirmed by someone major at MTV, is to take over as hostess of “House of Style“, that great MTV show about models, fashion and everything in between. “House of Style”, back in it’s hey-day, was hosted by Cindy Crawford, and had guest appearances by people like Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum.

Israeli model Bar Refaeli has been unveiled as the ‘body’ for a range of Valentine’s Day undies in M&S new lingerie campaign.

Twenty-three-year-old Bar is reported to have a signed a deal worth six figures to promote the High Street chain’s underwear, which retails for between £11 and £22.

The blue-eyed beauty, who began modelling when she was only eight months old, will also appear in ads for the firm’s swimwear in the summer.

Famously tight-lipped about her private life, Bar has recently been travelling the world with her actor boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio on the promotional trail for his new flick Revolutionary Road.

From Hello Magazine

The lingerie line is a little “meh” in my opinion, but I’m sure guys will love it. Back to “House of Style”. I wonder what “House of Style” would even be like after all of these years. The great thing about the old show was that every model was a famous “supermodel”, and everyone knew their names. Usually by the first name alone. Christy. Iman. Cindy. Naomi. Heidi. Who are the major models now, besides Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex-lovers and current lovers?

Leonardo DiCaprio’s model girlfriend Bar Refaeli has been tipped to front a revival of the U.S. TV series HOUSE OF STYLE. The popular show, which ran from 1989 to 2000, focused on fashion and design and was originally hosted by supermodel Cindy Crawford.

Now MTV is planning to bring the show back to the small screen – and producers hope to land the Titanic star’s lover or catwalk stunner Chanel Iman to take over presenting duties, according to New York gossip column PageSix.

Neither of the beauties has officially signed on to the project.


The “House of Style” rumor could be just that, but I still think it’s a good idea to bring back the show. I’d even love to watch it if they brought back Cindy Crawford as hostess!

Bar Refaeli is shown in lingerie ads for Marks and Spencer, via Splash News


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  1. geronimo says:

    Bit surprised she’s doing a M&S underwear campaign. Their underwear is kind of on the dull, uninspiring side. But I guess if the money’s right….

  2. who am i says:

    Well, she is not the greatest model out there…she is pretty dull and uninspiring herself….pretty good match, I guess!

  3. Because I Say So says:

    Does anyone else find her below “meh”? Going from Gisele to Bar is a downgrade, IMHO.

  4. deka says:

    1- didnt know that show was still on
    2- didnt know she could speak

  5. Ned says:

    A total uprade from masculine Gisele, that doesn’t even have a pretty face.

    However, trading one gold and fame digger who is trying to leverage a relationship with a movie star into medeling contracts, with another- is a bit odd for a guy in his 30s.

    I thought Leo is a bit deeper than that.

    Nevertheless, if the category is shallow gold-digging models- than Leo indeed got himself an upgrade.

    Anyhoo, I don’t think there are anymore supermodels like they used to be in the 90s.
    Now they are just models.

  6. Cha Cha says:

    I never heard of her until Leo was dating her. Famewhore much?

    And between the two, I disagree. Gisele is better looking, though they are not what I consider beautiful. To each his own.

  7. geronimo says:

    @who am I – yeah, fair comment!

    And I agree Gisele is much more attractive – stunning body and much more presence than Bar Refaeli.

  8. Kaiser says:

    Gisele plucks my nerves, but she does have an incredible figure. I think Bar has a prettier face.

  9. MT says:

    I wonder if Leonardo ever feels exploited by these models.

    It’s obvious they are using HIS fame and HIS success and are after his money.

    I do agree that she is better looking than Gisele.

  10. Lulu says:

    Gisele is a topmodel she is wonderful and she has a great body , bar is nothing she has an ugly face and an ugly body with false boobs
    and Leo doesn’t like her (it’s a fake couple)

  11. lordgdoub says:

    well if its isnt the baby snatter herself, should of gave me the revolutionary detour trip, snitch Ill let that go because youmarried you cousin…frak…ahhhhhh im drowning….and my OTHER Angel is going just fine wating the scean STUNT….viva la revo!!

  12. crazykid says:

    she is average in looks and modeling talent. Gisele could have made this lingerie look like it were for some couture brand because A she can model. B she has expressions. C she has bone structure and high cheekbones that catch the light, perfect for photography. Bar is a big blah blob to me. You see who has the career and who doesnt. No comparison other than Leo. Quit comparing! I guess if you prefer commercial looking boring models in Sears catalogs you’d prefer Bar. If you like expensive,classy,regal rich looking models you’d go for Gisele.