Jared Leto on Michael Fassbender’s Oscar shade: ‘It’s kind of ridiculous to complain’


Many of you have not been paying close enough attention to just how wonderful Jared Leto’s Oscar campaign has been thus far. I really do think he’s the front-runner right now for his dedicated and Method portrayal of a transgender character with AIDS in Dallas Buyers Club. His big competition for the award would probably be Michael Fassbender in 12 Years a Slave, but Fassy has pretty much abandoned any potential Oscar campaign (and no, not just because Fassy is working half-way around the world right now – Fassy could be doing interviews and press for the film, but he doesn’t give a sh-t.). Well, things have just gotten more interesting. We’ve got a “SHOTS FIRED” moment now. Jared Leto sat down for an interview with HuffPo and he’s basically like, “Hey, Fassbender, hey Joaquin Phoenix – you bitches should stop complaining about the Oscar campaigns!”

Thanks to nominations from the Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globes as well as numerous critics’ groups awards, Jared Leto is well on his way to earning an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

“You never know, but it’s nice to hear you say,” Leto told Ricky Camilleri when the HuffPost Live host broached Leto’s possible future designation as an Academy Award nominee. Should things work out as expected, Leto will score his first Oscar nomination for his performance in “Dallas Buyers Club,” where he plays a transgender woman suffering from AIDS. The prospect of playing such a large role during awards season has Leto excited, unlike actors such as Michael Fassbender and Joaquin Phoenix, both of whom have slammed the notion of campaigning for Oscars in interviews over the last year.

“They had done it before, so I guess they have every right to complain about it, but I think it’s kind of ridiculous to complain about celebrating art and creativity and your peers,” Leto said after Camilleri brought up the opinions of Fassbender and Phoenix. “It’s certainly better than not celebrating each other. I’ve been a part of a lot of films where we all had high hopes and things just didn’t turn out the way you had expected or dreamed that they would. When they do turn out in a way that works, and people celebrate, I think it’s a wonderful thing to acknowledge that. This hasn’t been anything but a joy so far.”

After Camilleri joked that Leto should attack the Oscar institution as a whole, Leto said that he didn’t “understand people that thumb their nose at that sh-t.”

“It’s your peers,” the 41-year-old star continued. “If you don’t want to be a part of it, just shut up and go away and don’t be a part of it, I suppose. No one is forcing you to show up at the awards ceremony. Just don’t go.”

For his part, Fassbender, an awards contender for his “12 Years A Slave” performance, never criticized the Oscar ceremony itself, but the dog-and-pony show that precedes the event.

“[Campaigning is] just not going to happen, because I’ll be in New Zealand. I’ll be on the other side of the world,” Fassbender told GQ in November about his year ahead. “You know, I get it. Everybody’s got to do their job. So you try and help and facilitate as best you can. But I won’t put myself through that kind of situation again.”

Fassbender was expected to earn Oscar recognition in 2011 for his performance in Steve McQueen’s “Shame,” but the actor was snubbed by the Academy Awards, one of the most high-profile exclusions in recent memory.

“At the beginning people [say], ‘You’re going to be going to the Oscars,’ and you’re like, ‘Whatever, doesn’t matter, don’t think so,'” Fassbender told GQ in June of 2012. “But after a while it does penetrate. After a while you’re like, ‘Anyway, so I’m going to the Oscars.’ And you start to believe it. And I did. I thought I was going. And then I found out I wasn’t and I was upset. I was very upset by it. The first reaction was ‘What the f–k…?’”

[From HuffPo]

For those of you who will want to nit-pick and claim that Jared is not explicitly calling out Fassbender and Phoenix, I completely disagree. His comments come during a discussion specifically about how Fassbender and Phoenix have complained about the Oscar campaigns and such. And for what it’s worth, I think Jared is right. I think he’s been through some situations where he thought one of his films would get more attention and acclaim, and it hurt when the films were ignored. So, he’s enjoying his position now and he’s grateful. Gratitude is rewarded more often than not.



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  1. starrywonder says:

    I think Fassbender sounded like a whiny baby and Leto is right about what he said. I remember being so turned off by Fassy saying he wasn’t campaigning and would be in Australia anyway. I think he has sour grapes because he thought he win for Shame and didn’t though he was the frontrunner going into the Oscars. Why can’t he be happy he did a great movie? It’s like freaking Jonah Hill pouting because he didn’t win (and please Gossip Genie never let that happen!).
    Actors = highly functioning narcissists to the 10th power.

    • Ice Maiden says:

      ”I think he has sour grapes because he thought he win for Shame and didn’t though he was the frontrunner going into the Oscars. ”

      He wasn’t even nominated for ‘Shame’, and anyone who is in any way familiar with the way the Academy works must have known he wouldn’t be. However great his performance might have been, the (mostly) old men of the Academy are NOT going to like a film which starts with a man full-frontal taking a wee, and features several scenes of explicit, very un-Hollywoodish sex. Female nudity is fine, but male? No way. The Oscars are not, and never have been, about choosing the ‘best’ performances, but about rewarding those films and performances which fit the Academy’s world view. Fassbender should have known that, so his behaviour last year does indeed smack of childish petulance.

      • starrywonder says:

        Sorry I should have clarified he was a frontrunner going into the Oscars and you are right was not even nominated which some people thought was a slap in the face since up until then he had been nominated at every awards ceremony to date until Oscar nominations were announced.

        Would that make me a bit bitter about the Academy sure, but not enough to thumb my nose at them. That is just the way to make sure you are not getting nominated for an Oscar in the future. And no matter what Actor/Actress out there says about loving to act and they do it for the art they all want to win. It is about being in an exclusive little club which means you can ask for more money and be able to get some of your vanity projects out of storage.

        You know who has more of a right to be mad at the Academy, Gary freaking Oldman He is awesome in everything (no matter if the movie is bad he is always the bright spot) and it’s insane the man doesn’t have an Oscar.

    • MisJes says:

      +1. Fassbender sounds bitter and pathetic in his statement about Oscar campaigning – he definitely thought he had a nomination in the bag, and is still sour about it. And you’re also right about Jonah Hill, he completely bought into his own ego and hype when he was nominated, and acted like a sore loser when it didn’t pan out.

      I think Jared is right, you should also be grateful if you’re fortunate enough to receive acknowledgment for your work. Plenty of other deserving actors never will. I’m glad he’s excited for the season, I hope it goes well for him.

    • MarilynGray says:

      To Starrywonder, first off – he’s in New Zealand. Not Australia. Kiwis (like me) really hate it when people mix that up.
      Secondly, I’ve never felt like he was whining about it. He made an honest remark about how the hype screwed with him last time, and that he’d rather remove himself from that and let the work speak for itself.
      Personally I found that very refreshing from the over eager campaigns we saw the last few years.
      I’m not shading Leto though, his campaign thus far hasn’t been needy and he makes alot of good comments about the life of transgendered people.
      Neither DBC or 12YAS have been released here yet so I can’t say which one I think should win.

      • starrywonder says:

        Well it was reported by him he was going to be in Australia so I get on Fassy about that not me (see Lainey Gossip) 🙂 Though you are right the article that Celebitchy linked to was that he was going to be in NZ so sorry about that.

        Eh we can agree to disagree I am sorry he wasn’t nominated for Shame and he lost out at the Globes to Clooney but yeah he has been reported as saying he is not campaigning this year for the Counselor (which I thought was awful) though many thought he should. It still just sounds like sour grapes to me.

    • JGL says:

      Yeah Fassbender comes off as really whiny but Joaquin is a different story. Fassbender seems to not be campaigning out of spite whereas Joaquin genuinely thinks it’s bullshit.
      And the Oscars are bullshit. They’re not awarding the best PERFORMANCE, they’re awarding the best CAMPAIGN.
      Jared Leto is a talented guy though, he was great in Requiem for a Dream and I’m glad that he’s getting attention for his performance.

      • starrywonder says:

        LOL yeah I love Joaquin since yes he thinks that the Oscars and all awards are BS if Fassbender came out like that I be all for him instead of him just saying well I didn’t win last year so I am going to just stay over here and have nothing to do with it.

    • Will Fraser says:

      Fassbender refuses to campaign and people shit on him, and I’m very disappointed to hear Jared Leto has become quite pretentious after all this hype. Fassbender NEVER complained. He said, I’m too busy because I’ll be in New Zealand filming a movie. Perhaps you didn’t look more into it? He admitted that he got caught in his own hype, and after campaigning for months he didn’t get an Oscar. I’d be pissed also. And not to mention, campaigning and award shows aren’t about ‘celebrating arts and your peers’, it’s about winning trophies and gaining victory over others who play make believe for a living. Michael Fassbender and Joaquin Phoenix are actors, not politicians. Jared Leto is finally getting all the love and attention, and he hates it when people let him know the truth that awards are just pointless trophies awarded to upper class snobs who think actors are more important than doctors, or firemen, or cops .

  2. Abby says:

    Hey pretty boy Jared…just be happy that for once in your life you acted and got acclaim. Don’t you dare agitate my darling Fassy …as he will chew you off with his talent and shark teeth.

    He is so pathetic and ready to do anything for that Oscar. I respect Joaquin and Fassy much more for not campaigning.

    • MsCatra says:

      I’d respect more if they didn’t campaign AND didn’t whine. If you don’t want to campaign, then don’t. Making a big deal of not campaigning makes Fassbender look whiny and bitter to me.

      • Abby says:

        I don’t see that as whining. Interviewer asked him are you gonna campaign? He said No as I’ll be in NZ shooting and I don’t want to go through that again. There’s nothing wrong or egoistical in being honest about you opinions

        I prefer actors like Fassy and Cumby who speak their mind and don’t sugar coat every shit just to get in the good books of others. It proves they have balls to put forth their viewpoints. Now one wants to agree with them or not is a personal choice.

    • Evi says:

      Ultimately studios hire actors for more than their acting job. They are usually contracted to promote and, yes, campaign. So if actors like Fassbender aren’t into that, then that’s okay as well. Studios can certainly find more actors who are prepared to do that part of the job. As the saying goes: no one is indispensable.
      Actors have been promoting and campaigning for films way before the likes of Phoenix and Fassbender spat out their pacifiers. I don’t see why it’s a huge deal for them. In most professions, to rise higher you have to schmooze a little. No individual is an island or expect to reap high rewards by being a complete hermit.
      Leto isn’t pathetic. He has worked longer than Fassbender and he is prepared to go the extra mile to be in films he believes in, not just to gain a huge paycheck [like Fassbender did for the crappiest film of 2012, Prometheus, for example]. It is his prerogative to campaign. He isn’t campaigning for himself, he is also campaigning for the film maker, who probably didn’t have a big ass budget to rely on [Leto’s film had a 5 million dollar budget]. This is a big deal because there are residuals in DVD releases as well you know, which would enable the film maker to continue in their career.
      There is more to campaigning than meets the eye and it’s not just for the actor. When actors like Fassbender and Phoenix bitch and whine about campaigning, it is like they’re saying they couldn’t give a crap about the film makers/producers as long after they receive their pay. At the end of the day they are employees. It’s disrespectful and, in my view, pathetic, petulant and counterintuitive.

      • T.C. says:


        Did you feel that way last year when AnnE Hathaway was getting trashed right here on Celebitchy for doing her campaigning job? Or Ben Affleck? We pick and choose which actors we want to campaign and which ones we don’t.

      • Evi says:

        Why shouldn’t they campaign? In my opinion actors are supporting their film [and all the cast and crew] when they campaign. The same would go for Hathaway and Affleck. Their films last year weren’t terrible films. I thought Affleck was unwisely excluded when he clearly directed a great film. Les Miserables was a good film [with the exception of Russell Crowe’s appearance] and Hathaway portrayed her role well. So why not?
        I’ll put it to you another way. Let’s say you were working in a company and you decided that you didn’t give a rat’s about a product your company made and you publicly trashed it and expressed a view that you didn’t care? Would that make you a great employee? I don’t think it would. Would you be considered an asset in the long term? Maybe not. In fact, most likely not. There are so many actors out there…Fassbender and Phoenix aren’t the be all and end all.
        Let’s get back to Fassbender…
        His previous effort Prometheus was rubbish and got rubbish reviews as a film. Then his most recent effort, The Counsellor, got mixed reviews, but a few more negative than good reviews. My point is that his ego is expanding and for all the wrong reasons.
        Okay, you may hate campaigning, but it’s wise to keep your trap shut and not say anything if you haven’t got anything nice to say. That’s something that Mickey Rourke had to learn the hard way and he had even more potential than Fassbender when he first began acting [way before the boxing and bad surgery]. But what happened? A few too many negative statements and he was black balled.

      • Ice Maiden says:

        @Evi I agree completely. If an actor is nominated for a major award, it’s part of his/her job to campaign. They don’t have to go full Affleck/Hathaway mode, but they do have to do the talk shows and the inane red carpet interviews. Big deal. That goes with the territory when one has the onerous task of starring in a big-budget Hollywood film. If it’s all too much for Fassbender, he can go back to doing obscure indie films or theatre work, where he can concentrate on his ‘art’ and not be bothered by sordid promotional duties.

    • Megan says:

      You must not be familiar with Jared’s acting career. He has no Oscars, but to say he is not an “acclaimed” actor is ridiculous. It’s well known that he is a fantastic actor. But I’ll let you get back to being a Fassbender Stan lol

      • magpie says:

        +1 Leto has been in the buiness A LOT longer than Fassy (Jordan Catalano, hello!) and has been awesome in so many roles. I think it’s because he’s been working so long and not an actor that shot straight to the A list that he is grateful for the acclaim.

      • Josephine says:

        Another + 1. I like both actors, but Jared definitely has both acclaim and a long career.

        And can we permanently retire “shade”? So overused.

  3. Lori says:

    I don’t get the impression that Leto is Campaigning hard, but that he is humbled and grateful that people are noticing his work finally and he really appreciates that. He’s been working for a very long time.

    • JALorden says:

      He was homeless when he first moved to LA, he lived in a shelter. I think he’s a sassy guy, but humble when it comes down to it. I hope.. anyway.

  4. Aims says:

    If I were them I’d just be happy to be invited to the dance. It’s political and all that, but I have yet to come across anyone who wouldn’t want an Oscar.

  5. Bubulle says:

    Team Joaquin/Fassy oscars should be all about the performance and nothing else, not how many butts you are willing to kiss.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:


      I love both Leto and Fassy but the Oscars have always been total bullshit.

    • Deb says:

      +3 He throw serious shade and them when he could have been classy. He took the bait. Even if Pheonix has issues with the Academy, Leto could have taken the high road. Fassbender campaigned for the movie. What’s the proper amount of time?! Now he’s working. He wasn’t complaining. He would be happy to accept an Oscar but doesn’t like the campaigning. All awards should be about the WORK. Some actors want to did it but don’t sht on others if they don’t want to.
      When he was campaigning, the reporters would ask him a lot of question and totally ignore Ejiofor and Nyong’o. Fassbender even had to say something to a few of them. He’s damned if he do and damned if he don’t. Some of you guy will find any reason to sht on him. He’s done nothing wrong.

      I really think Leto did a great job in Dallas Buyer’s Club and I was actually glad for his success. If you’re on top, why stoop so low? Now he sound’s like a thirsty wh*re. Give him his award. This years Clooney/Hathaway award goes to…Leto.

  6. Lydia says:

    I came in here ready to dog Jared Leto because I thought he was a bit of a sh*t actor that I only knew from that crapfest Urban Legend — and he’ll probably get an Oscar this year. However, I think I like him after his remarks. People like Joaquin Phoenix, who act like they don’t care about the awards (but still attend the ceremony and look like effing grumps every time the camera is on them) piss me off, too.

  7. Ice Maiden says:

    Don’t actors have contracts which state quite specifically how much they are expected to campaign for awards, right down to individual events which they are contractually obliged to attend? In other words, I don’t think they have much choice in the matter. Even ‘recluses’ such as Daniel Day Lewis ‘campaign’ for Oscars. So I’m guessing Fassbender didn’t have such a clause written into his contract, but we’ll likely have a better idea if and when he gets nominated for an Oscar.

  8. neelyo says:

    Oooh, taking a stand against the Oscars, how gangsta of Fassbender and Phoenix. I got news for them, they’re not Brando or George C. Scott.

    I think Leto sounds very sweet and I don’t give a shit about the Oscars but I hope he wins.

    • Elodie says:

      Yes to Scott, but Brando didn’t refuse because he thought the Oscars are BS; he was protesting the depiction of Native Americans in Hollywood. After all, he did attend and accept his first win.

  9. Elodie says:

    LOL! Whatevs. So because Leto says it’s all about celebrating art (which is BS since the Oscars are about politics) oh wow he should be praised for that statement? If anything as much as it may seem genuine, it’s totally naive, nothing is ever black & white…

    Plus, no need to be a Fassbender/Leto fan to acknowledge the most important thing over whatever people think/nitpick or else : MEANWHILE, Fassbender is still gathering them major awards nods so far, from Critics Choices to Golden Globes to SAG, all of this DESPITE not campaigning. Thus his work speaks for itself.

    • T.C. says:


      WTH has the Oscars ever been about just art . Leto’s just happy cause he keeps winning then campaigns more. Have no beef with campaigning but don’t claim it’s about the art. It’s about winning a trophy son.

    • Violeta says:

      Exactly! People are nitpicking and calling Fassbender whiny etc. He’s collecting the nominations, his performance in TYAS is doing the campaigning for him, and that’s the concrete thing happening right now.

    • EddyKat says:

      It’s not for his ‘celebrating art’ statement, it’s because he feels grateful about being aknowledged for his talent. While Fassy seems ungrateful, just collecting his check and forgetting about the rest of the cast and crew who worked for that movie.

      • Elodie says:

        LOL! Fassbender specifically explained WHY he didn’t want to campaign, he didn’t spit on the Oscars, he acknowledged it’d be an honour if an Oscar nod happened, there is another interview where he says that, people seem to only focus on the GQ one and not even comprehend what he said in there by twisting it all over the place except for what it is.

        And please if he was campaigning, the focus would be on him solely and people would complain about how Chiwetel and Lupita are being ignored, call him selfish, stealing the spotlight from other co-stars etc. Now really if anything, not only he’s working in NZ right now but he totally left the spotlight to the MAIN actor/character of the movie : Chiwetel Ejiofor. But you didn’t see that either did you?

    • Deb says:

      “Thus his work speaks for itself.” Exactly.

      Let these thirsty__ claw their way to the a statue and embarrass themselves. Let his work speak for itself…whether you like him or not!

      Brilliant actor! Stay classy Fassy!

  10. OriginallyBlue says:

    I’m confused. Are they supposed to be happy about having to kiss ass and beg for an award they probably deserve? Aren’t these things supposed to be based on actual talent, not how much brown nosing you do? So is he saying that they should just do it or quit the business, regardless of how it makes them feel? That seems stupid. I don’t watch any award shows so I have no idea what the issue is here.

  11. Penny says:

    Fassbender really comes across as ridiculous when he talks about the Oscars. He stupidly bought into the bullshit and now he’s throwing a hissy fit because he didn’t appreciate the reality check.

    I hate the campaigning, but Leto’s right, if you don’t like it just don’t be a part of it. It’s really easy to just take yourself right out of the race. So many actors want to have their cake and eat it to. They want to seem like they’re above it all, but they also want the recognition and the acclaim. Leto admitting the obvious, that it’s nice to be appreciated and recognized, is refreshing.

    • Lydia says:

      Yeah, all this actually helps me understand Anne Hathaway more, when she was begging for an award last year.

  12. AG-UK says:

    Let the man be happy to be praised he was brilliant and he is a good looking man 🙂 Yes it’s all politics and you just hope you don’t end up with the Oscar one year and have the curse the next year as a few have done. Plus he isn’t that actor that will do a lot of films he hasn’t done one in 5 years. It’s boring and too long I might be able to stay up to see Supporting Actor in my time zone but will have to wait until breakfast to see results.

  13. DesertReal says:

    Okay. Firstly, have any of you ever gotten your hopes up and believed something and hoped and then- nothing? That has to be what oscar campaigning has to feel like.
    Secondly, I am a black chick that has dated every color of the rainbow but is primarily attracted to latino/gringo dudes.
    That’s just how I roll.
    However, if I was in a movie that portrayed the character I was emulating vilifying/ beating/ raping someone that looks like my husband….I’d probably duck and dodge interviews about it too.
    I’d do it because I wouldn’t care to justify, break down, or by any means explain any sort of correlation between my personal life and my professional one.
    I’m not saying that’s Fassbender’s logic behind taking a back seat so to speak…but…simmer down ladies. For real.

    • Side-Eye says:

      I think the interviews he’s done on the movie have been very good–watching them and then seeing the movie was especially enjoyable.

  14. Side-Eye says:

    Like Steve McQueen said–Michael’s Oscar campaign is *his performance* in 12 Years A Slave. And that’s exactly how it should be if we’re going off of talent. I don’t get this flip flopping with you guys on this issue–you whine about Affleck and whoever over-compensating in their campaigns, but then you moan about the fact that people like Phoenix and Fassbender don’t care that much? Pick or choose what you want, good lord.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      ” I don’t get this flip flopping with you guys on this issue–you whine about Affleck and whoever over-compensating in their campaigns, but then you moan about the fact that people like Phoenix and Fassbender don’t care that much?”

      EXACTLY! Thank you!!!!!!!!

      • Elise says:

        OMFG, thank you. I think it’s understandable for Fassbender to be upset – anyone would be after a performance like in “Shame.” But I think it’s hypocritical of some of these commentators to complain that he should be campaigning for an Oscar nom/award, then complain when other actors who do campaign seem desperate. Wtf.

    • Violeta says:

      LOL right? The whole 180° at one’s convenience is bafflingly funny.

    • ab says:

      right? damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    • Asiyah says:

      Side-Eye FTW.

  15. Renee says:

    Sorry Leto. I love you but you’re campaigning hard this season. And let’s be honest awards stopped being about celebrating art and your peers years ago. Now it’s all about who goes to the most parties and kisses the most asses. I respect Phoenix and Fassbender for not getting involved. Both are still collecting awards without participating.

  16. GeeMoney says:

    Well, I think Jared Leto is grateful because with all of this attention, he might ACTUALLY get better roles and be taken a little bit more seriously now.

    Fassbender and Phoenix get offered better roles and projects and are considered higher up on the totem pole in Hollywood, so I’m thinking that they can get away with complaning a bit.

    Besides, who wants to ass kiss for an award that has no bearing on how successful you are in H-town after you’ve won it?

  17. Cora says:

    I bet Jared was thinking of “Requiem for a Dream” when he mentions projects that didn’t get the recognition they deserved. Ellen Burstyn was robbed of a well-earned Oscar when it went to Julia Roberts instead.

  18. Han says:

    Jared hasn’t been in a movie for 7 years. He also never been close to the big awards so for him its a novel thing to finally be in the big boys league. Of course he is happy, its gonna elevate his career to a whole other level. For actors like Phoneix and Fassbender who work all the time and are nominated for stuff all the time. They are probably more likely to find the whole press campaign thing more ridiculous and annoying. Each to their own, people do have different personalities. I don’t agree with Jared that Oscars are celebrating art, its commerce and politic just as much. I think he is pandering to the academy with this comment.

    • JALorden says:

      Jared is a very ‘arty’ guy. Just watch some of his videos or short films he’s produced/directed. I believe he believes in the art.

  19. Nan St. George says:

    I cannot believe that Jared Leto is 41! He will always be that gorgeous guy leaning on the lockers that Angela Chase (and I) swooned over. On another note, Brad Pitt turned 50 today!!! Why do I not see a post on Brad Pitt on Celebitchy today?? Am I missing something?

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      He looks like he’s 30 years-old, max. It’s unbelievable. I love him but I can’t help but wonder if he’s gotten subtle tweeking…it just seems impossible to have such an unlined face, flawless skin at his age.

      • Nan St. George says:

        @TOK- Exactly! He looks closer to 30 than 40. It is amazing how much he still looks as if he were back in his Jordan Catalano days.

      • Observer says:

        I feel like his round eyes certainly help to make him look younger. Round eyes look like baby eyes so they just make you look more youthful I think.

      • LadySlippers says:

        Hey I’m 41 and still get carded. Most people think I look late 20’s or very early 30’s and I’ve had zero work done. So it IS possible to look younger without help. 🙂

      • Ag-UK says:

        No alcohol no smoking vegetarian and yoga and good genes . Damn hate him

    • Ag-UK says:

      Jared is Dorian Gray he will be 42 soon and could easily pass for 25/26

  20. marina says:

    Wow, that’s the first time in a long time Jared Leto didn’t sound like a complete d-bag. Jordan Catalano forever.

  21. Evi says:

    If people/actors don’t truly care, then why go on about it?
    As for campaigning by Leto. Then why not? It’s obvious that he goes that extra mile to perform, so why shouldn’t he campaign? Believe it or not, when actors work for as long as Leto has, the paycheck ceases to be an adequate form of reinforcement. When you last as long as Leto, then your career is for intrinsic reasons, not extrinsic reasons and part of that includes a need for achievement/recognition. For some actors a nomination or Oscar provides more satisfaction than a paycheck – something they can get on any film, even if its a crap film….like Prometheus, for example. Yeah I know it’s a low blow, but hey Fassbender didn’t mind that paycheck did he?

  22. lunchcoma says:

    It’s interesting. Leto and Fassbender aren’t that far apart in age, but they’ve had very different careers. Leto was famous young, but as he said, he’s had his share of projects that were expected to succeed and did not. Fassbender did the actor/bartender thing for a very long time, but once he got his break, almost everything he touched turned out as expected. I think The Counselor might be his first real critical disappointment. Given their histories, I can understand each man’s feelings a little. Leto probably understands better how harsh things can be when you’re not a critical darling, and Fassbender’s probably far more inclined to want to get back to work.

    I lean toward Leto’s stance a bit. Yes, Oscars campaigning can be a bit ridiculous. However, it crosses over with simply promoting your movie, especially if it has a fall release. Leto has used some of his time to talk about transgender issues and bring attention to them, not just to suck up to the Academy. I think that Fassbender could have done the same with 12 Years a Slave if he’d been so inclined, rather than leaving the promotional work to his costars.

    • LadySlippers says:

      LunchComa, I like how you point out both can be valid and honest in their comments, by contrasting their artistic & employment backgrounds, without either statement contradicting each other.

      At the end of the day, we all need to do what’s best for us and not what’s best for everyone else.

      • lunchcoma says:

        This is very true. Actors have different personalities and work requirements as well, and I doubt there’s any way to handle this situation perfectly unless someone is in a position so exalted they’re generally beyond criticism (*cough* Meryl Streep *cough*).

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I agree with basically most of everything you’ve said.

      Eh, with Fassy he’s damned if he does, if he doesn’t. He’s the most famous one (besides Brad) in the entire cast, a great favorite w/the lady/gay fans–so he’d naturally get the most attention. If he capitulated on that–he’d be accused of trying to run over Lupita and Chiwetel. He has campaigned i.e. went to film festivals, did interviews–but he’s just not doing anything now. I don’t know–I think he’s at least showing great tact and consideration for his costars. Because he *knows* that the majority of the media will just focus on him, and his dong. I couldn’t believe it, when I read on MadameNoire, the author said that when Patsy and Epps came into the film, people around her were making jokes about Patsy putting it out for Epps.

      I’m like ‘wtf’? Because when I saw the movie, I was horrified every time they came on screen together. I’m not even exaggerating a little bit–I was wincing and cringing every time he touched Patsy or talked to her–I felt molested and I wasn’t even the victim of it. I felt sick to my stomach every time I looked at Epps (or his wife)–so I just can’t believe that they could say something like that DURING the movie. God.

      And also, about The Counselor, from the reviews I read, it was the script and the direction/editing that made the film a hot mess–not necessarily the acting.

      • lunchcoma says:

        I’ll be honest and say that the “dong” issue had never even occurred to me, Virgilia. Perhaps I was lucky in that the movie wasn’t particularly well-attended where I watched. The theater was only half full, mostly the sort of adults who look like they often attend serious films but also what looked to be a high school or college student group, and everyone was shaken and moved by the film. I’m horrified that people could watch that movie and still be in the frame of mind to make crude rape jokes. If that was a consideration, then I understand the decision even more.

        As for the Counselor, it was not Fassbender’s fault in the slightest (his accent was a little dicey, but that’s a minor thing), nor was it a problem with any of the cast. I would say that 70% of the problem was the screenplay and 30% was the direction. It won’t hurt Fassbender’s reputation in the slightest. I still suspect it must be a bit of a disappointment to sign onto a movie that’s expected to be both critically and commercially successful and have it turn out to be neither through no fault of your own. I think a lot of actors run into that eventually, but Fassbender’s been pretty lucky so far. Aside from that movie, I think his prestige projects have been prestigious, his blockbusters have been popular, and his just-to-pay-the-bills early work came with suitably low expectations.

  23. BooBooLaRue says:

    Sorry but Leto just creeps the bejeezus out of me. Ugh.

    • Bubulle says:

      Yep Leto is a notorious creep and douche but who isn’t in Hollywood. And having an oscar won’t change that. Remember how he used to do Lindsay Lohan.

  24. Happy21 says:

    I’ve now seen both Dallas Buyer’s Club and 12 Years a Slave and while I would have thought that Jared Leto brought it in DBC, I was mesmerized by Fassbender’s performance. He may not need to campaign (do you really need to campaign?) it was THAT good. Guess I should probably see the rest of the movies once the noms are announced in January…

    • toto says:

      IAWY i also have seen both and Jared Leto shall be thankful that fessi did not campaign for Oscar this year.
      Not to take from his talent in DBC movie but IMO Fessi acting was the best in the movie beside the directing and the way he portrayed Epps was phenomenal .
      This come from someone who did not understand why most celebitchy fine ladies were crazy about him but now i ‘ am big fan of his talent and other talents too .lol

  25. Prudence says:

    Leto could easily have deflected that question without explicitly attacking Fassbender and Phoenix, but he chose not to. His “celebration of art and creativity” is the acting equivalent of grade-grubbing, brown-nosing, or whatever you want to call someone who cringes and flatters and attacks the competition. Both Phoenix and Fassbender have tried to explain why they aren’t kissing ass anymore; Fassbender especially was honest about his disappointment at not being nominated. Neither man “shaded” the Oscars; both would like one. But both Fassbender and Phoenix have better things to do for the five months of campaign season than to hang around at parties begging for votes. Like making movies and working at their craft.
    Leto will probably get the Oscar. Phoenix and Fassbender will have to be content with being the best at what they do.

  26. Peach says:

    It’s not like Fassy didn’t do ANY promotion for 12YAS. He did plenty. He was at the film premieres at Telluride, TIFF, NYFF. Did the Q & A’s. Did Letterman, Jon Stewart, & Charlie Rose. Did a big GQ photoshoot/interview and numerous other print interviews. He did his job. But I think he sees his main job as an actor is ACTING, not salesman. He’s doing his job now filming in NZ and I believe he starts Macbeth in January. He wasn’t kidding when he said he’d be halfway across the world during awards season.

    I found his comments about buying into the hype and being disappointed it didn’t pan out honest and refreshing. He admitted he messed up by letting all that get in his head. I’d prefer that over the phony, canned, politician-type answers other actors give. Like someone else said, we razz actors like Affleck and Hathaway who blatantly campaign for awards then turn around and razz the ones who don’t.

    If Leto wins the Oscar, he will deserve it because he gave a fine performance. But we all know the Oscars are not about best performance but rather who’s “in”, who’s liked (who kissed the most butt) or who is closest to Harvey Weinstein.

    In a way, you could say Fassy staying out of the fray has given Lupita & Chiwetel the chance to be the face of 12YAS and garner recognition for THEIR fine performances. I know there was concern when it was released the buzz would be all on Fassy, Cumberbatch & Pitt. But Lupita and Chiwetel are out on the forefront getting their deserved recogntion. The day the GG noms were announced, THEY were on hand for live interviews not the “it” boys with fangirls. It seemed appropriate. Michael will get his someday. I have no doubt. But I’m happy to see Lupita and Chiwetel as frontrunners in their categories since they were the heart of the film. And since Leto did give a great performance I’m happy for him as well.

    • Abby says:

      Yes I completely adore Fassy and Cumby…they are my favourites but I loved it that both stayed away from promotions an let the limelight go on Chiewetel, Lupita and Steve.

      Pitt and Cumby stayed away more because they both had smaller roles and know they attract attention more towards themselves rather than the project. So I was really proud that Cumby stayed away apart from the TIFF appearance.

      Love actors who let the real stars of the movie take all the credit unlike JLaw who totally stole Bradley’s thunder when his performance was wayyyy better than hers.

      • Peach says:

        Exactly Abby. If Fassy and Cumby were out in full force campaigning some people would call that selfish, stealing the limelight from others in the film.

      • allheavens says:

        Oscar loves the ingenue but hates what they consider to be the “pretty boy” not that Bradley is all that pretty.

  27. manta says:

    I think it’s kind of ridiculous to complain about celebrating art and creativity and your peers,

    That’s what Oscar campaigning is about?

    Ok, it’s the first time he’s considered for that award, so it’s probably the first time he’s subjected to the dog and pony show. Maybe it’s all so funny when it’s new, but when you’ve been considered several times, as it’s the case for Phoenix, I guess it can lose its charm.
    Didn’t Hepburn win 4 Oscars without campaigning or even dragging her a$$ to the ceremony to pick any of them? And to me she did more to celebrate arts an creativity than heavy campaigners Hathaway or Portman.

  28. Deedee says:

    I think the Oscars are chosen way in advance. I read last year that during an interview after the oscars, JLaw was old in October 2012 she would win for best actress. Whether thats true or not, i dontbknow, but i do rhink they fixed, not to mention, political.

  29. Bubulle says:

    Remember Melissa Leo shamelesss oscar campaign talk about embarassment, is this is how it works I think it’s legitimate to voice your hatred for this kind of thing.

  30. lex says:

    I’m confused….people on here get slammed many a times for campaigning and now that Fassbender isn’t campaigning it’s like ‘how dare he!’

    Plus I don’t know if Fassbender’s comments are all that bad….isn’t he admitting that he got caught up in his own hype and that he shouldn’t have. That basically he isn’t going to let that happen again. At least that’s how I took it but I could be wrong.

    Either way, seems like half the time people seem to be “don’t campaign it’s so annoying.” but yet for other actors, for example if it was Cumberbatch….people would be “campaigning is the best thing EVER!” haha IMO…

    • Peach says:

      “Plus I don’t know if Fassbender’s comments are all that bad….isn’t he admitting that he got caught up in his own hype and that he shouldn’t have. That basically he isn’t going to let that happen again. At least that’s how I took it but I could be wrong.”

      That’s exactly how I took it. That’s why I found it so refreshing. I didn’t see it as whining, rather admitting he was wrong getting caught up in the hype. I’ll take that over phony humbleness anyday.

      • Asiyah says:

        I took it the same way too.

      • pwal says:

        As Bubulle pointed out, Melissa Leo was criticized for campaigning for The Fighter and now, Fassbender is being criticized for not campaigning? It kinda doesn’t make sense.

        Plus, IMO, Fassbender really can’t campaign for an Oscar for Epps. The character was so repellant and deranged, it would feel tacky for Fassbender to be all ‘look at me’ or ‘I’m so proud of what I did in the film’. Him doing anything so blatant as campaigning would feel offensive to me. The performance spoke for itself, much like Sarah Paulson’s.

        JMO, the so-called ‘resentment’ towards Fassbender is just an extension of the resentment associated with 12YAS. Some may feel that this movie should’ve been an American enterprise, complete with a rosy ending and a cast full of big names.

        Just look at the way the entertainment shows are promoting American Hustle. It has names in it and it’s being sold as the movie of the year, despite it being categorized as a comedy, a genre notorious for getting ignored by the Oscars. But I guess it’s a better alternative than showcasing a movie about the brutality and treachery that slavery embodied.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Melissa Leo was criticized more for that ridiculous ‘For your consideration’ ad that she took out, in the paper (I think in NY times, or something), for the Oscars. Which was probably one of the most desperate things I’ve ever seen—not even AnnE sank that low.

  31. magpie says:

    Playing nice could really work to help push his career to a whole other level. Brad/Ben/George/Matt/Mark are getting old and Chris Pine/Ryan R/Ryan Goling/GJL somehow didn’t make that jump. Leto looks really young and is prime leading man age.

  32. St says:

    Well Fassbender and Phoenix are right about showing finger to all that stupid campaigning. You know they should celebrate performance of actor. But lately is not who gives the best performance – it’s the one who will campaign better will get it. And add that fact that so many actors receive backlash after they finally got that Oscar they were begging 5 months for. Portman, Hethaway, Witherspoon even Winslet just vanished after their Oscars from A-list map. People were so tired from their campaign and from seeing them everywhere that they didn’t want them anymore and begin to hate some.

    For example no one really hated Hethaway and Portman before their Oscar campaign began. But they were just simply everywhere, begging for that Oscar. And you know I liked Jared before. But now I begin to not like him slowly.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Eh, what annoys me the most about AnnE is that she is VERY mediocre, but capable of pulling out a few good performances i.e Rachel Getting Married and Les Miserables. Other than that–I’ve never been impressed with her in a single film of hers. I’ve never seen a film of hers where I left it, thinking that I couldn’t see anyone else in the role. Never. Same with Natalie Portman. They’re both decent actresses, but utterly forgettable. The mark of a good actor is to turn a mediocre/predictable script/character and make the audience love/hate you.

      One good example of this, for me, was Angelina Jolie in ‘Alexander’. God. That movie was so BORING, it wasn’t even funny. The only thing I can tell you about Alexander (that I learned from the movie) is that he was bisexual and had a close relationship with his mother, and his father hated him. Other than that, nada. But I can probably quote all of Angelina’s scenes–I loved her in that movie. Despite her wonky accent (I’m not sure what accent she was trying to do), I thought she was amazing as Olympias. I watched the movie FOR HER.

      And also–I guess I don’t mind campaigning, as long you don’t go like AnnE did. She spent the whole awards season, saying that she wouldn’t talk about how she lost the weight, and then BAM! a few weeks before the Golden Globes, she said (to some major magazine) that she ‘just had to stop eating’. Right after saying that she didn’t want to talk about how she lost the weight, because she didn’t want to encourage it in young people, etc. Whatever, AnnE.

  33. Chris says:

    Fassbender’s hardly the only one to complain about the Dog and Pony show, and you know what, I kind of agree with him. If the award is about recognizing a performance, then why the hell do these guys need to press palms and kiss ass like they’re politicians – all that an Academy voter needs to determine who to vote for, is on the screen – the fact that they apparently need their asses kissed to actually gives the lie to the notion that its “recognition from your peers” – its actually just a popularity contest. I can see why someone like Fassbender is over it. Mo’Nique said the same thing a couple of years ago and still won. Could have been more tactful about it, I guess, but ultimately, I don’t disagree with his message.

    Besides, didn’t we just spend the last Oscar season demolishing Hathaway for her blatant (and ultimately successful) campaigning? I recall blog after blog harping on how blatant and shameless she was. Can’t have it both ways people.

  34. allheavens says:

    People are pretty worked up over what is tantamount to a cluster fuck of self-congratulatory narcissism.

    Both Leto and Fassbender are right to a certain degree. Everything in moderation folks, everything.

  35. Cali says:

    ‘just shut up and go away”

    Wondering where does he want Fassbender to go? Away from Hollywood?

    Fassbender, should not reply to this confrontation. Leto seems to want a war of words to start, he is really into this Campaigning. I hate when actors start shadding each other. Speak for your character not against who you think may be your competition. There is no need for it.

  36. d b says:

    Leto’s been around a long time and I’m glad he’s getting recognition. Slagging Fassy is competitive and unattractive though. I don’t recall Fassy trying to push someone down so he can stand a little higher.

    • Deb says:

      “I don’t recall Fassy trying to push someone down so he can stand a little higher.”

      That’s because he doesn’t have to. No one has to lose themselves for this sht. That’s what I like about him.

  37. FoxyKnoxy says:

    Oh please. It is a dog and pony show for sure. Rarely do people watch the Oscars for the talent but rather the fashion choices. I hate to be cynical but its sort of a joke. It’s a popularity contest. I agree wholeheartedly with Fassbender….let it be about the acting alone, there’s no need to promote beforehand which taints the awards. Yes, Fassbender was bummed because he got caught up into the hype like Jared. What is this bs about supporting other actors. Um, okay. How is promoting yourself supporting other actors? Fassbender never said he wouldn’t show up he just said he didn’t want to promote it when he could be acting or spending time with family. Jared is confused. Maybe he’s so jaded that the promoting doesn’t bother him but I can see it bothering other actors that just want to focus on acting alone and the occasional movie promotion afterwards.

  38. Deb says:

    Since when is The Oscars “celebrating art” when you have to campaign (AND shade) for it Leto? All you had to do is continue your campaigning and ride on the back of your GREAT performance. Please sit down!

    Give it to James Gandofini out of spite.

  39. serena says:

    I think Jared is right, those two are just being winy big babies about it. But most importantly… Jared Leto is 41????????? Are you f****ing kidding me? I’m kind of shocked.

  40. JoshK says:

    omg all those Fassy stuns attacking Leto because he dared to say what he thinks and no, he was not attacking them personally, he said that maybe they have their reasons to think that way but he disagreed and he has the right to say it. I don’t see it as being hungry or trying to shade Fassbender but just as him pointing out the POV of someone who is grateful and know that it’s only a matter of what you do with it that makes it all about politics or also about the art.

    The fact that Fassbender , unlike Phoenix, decided to stop campaignin AFTER he was snubbed means that he cared about kissing asses etc as long as it would have made him win a nom and/or the Oscar, and this show that for him campaigning is all about politics and his ego. Jared instead proved with the way he’s using the attention that for him this is a chance to not only promote his performance but the movie as a whole, its message + focusing the attention on the transgender comm = art.

    I didn’t know it was possible but I respect him even more now.