Kris Jenner’s on Khloe’s divorce: ‘I never dreamed that she had this kind of strength’

Ever one to make lemonade out of lemons (her words), and never one to shy away from airing her family’s personal business, Kris Jenner gave an extensive interview to People about her daughter Khloe’s divorce. Of course Kris had something to promote, so all the better. Khloe Kardashian officially filed for divorce from her husband of four years, Lamar Odom, last week. It’s thought that she’s dating hot baseball pro Matt Kemp, and there are rumors that Khloe has been dating Matt for months. Well, Khloe has known about Lamar’s blatant cheating for over a year now, she’s even caught him with at least two women. It’s not like she was being unfaithful to a devoted, loving husband. The guy wasn’t even living with her and his various hookups were blabbing about him to the tabloids. If Lamar is at all jealous or upset that Khloe has been seeing someone else he should just take a seat.

Kris Jenner assures her adoring public that Matt Kemp is just a dear friend of the family, and she went on at length at how strong Khloe has been, and how this will be a learning experience for her. I’m sure Khloe and kompany are used to this by now, but how annoying would it if be your mother was blabbing to everyone about how strong you were in your divorce? I’m not even talking about the press, I’m talking about your mother gossiping about you. It would be so embarrassing to me. Kris does far worse things to her offspring on a daily basis, so what’s another interview? Here’s what she said:

“What Khloe is going through is definitely challenging, I’m not going to lie,” her mom, Kris Jenner, told PEOPLE at her #cirocthenewyear pledge party at L.A.’s Mixology 101 on Tuesday.

“It’s also a very interesting time for her because it’s very cleansing,” she continued. “She’s also showed this side of her that I didn’t know she had. I always knew Khloé was strong, but I never dreamed that she had this kind of strength.”

Despite the difficult time, Jenner says her daughter is determined to learn from the experience.

“It’s definitely life lessons that she will be able to apply and use later in her life,” she said. “She’s learned a lot from this situation.”

The couple were married for four years and Odom became a member of the close-knit clan, so it’s no surprise that Jenner still thinks highly of the NBA star.

“I still love Lamar and I love Khloé, and I hate, hate they’re going through this. But if it’s something that Khloé feels she needs to do, then I’m 150 percent behind her. We all lean on each other, we have to.”

Further setting the record straight on reports that Khloé has moved on with L.A. Dodger Matt Kemp, Jenner said he’s simply a longtime friend.

“He’s a family friend. We all live in the same neighborhood and we all hang out,” she explained. “He’s a great guy who we adore, but he’s just a friend. That’s it.”

[From People]

I’m cringing on Khloe’s behalf but I know she probably doesn’t care. Her life is an open book. She even tweeted about how tough everything is for her. She wrote:


My answer to Khloe on this would be: get your family to shut up about it then, tell your mom to stop leaking stories about you to Radar and TMZ and just spend some time far away on vacation for a while – without paparazzi. You know that’s not going to happen, the Kardashian machine must move ahead and Khloe is a valuable cog. She’s not as important as Kim and Yeezington, although of course PMK is going to squeeze as much out of this divorce story as she can.

Meanwhile it’s thought that Khloe’s divorce payout will be around $7 million, counting all the gifts and property she has with Lamar and considering the stipulations in her prenup. She’ll get about $2 million cash along with their $4 million dollar mansion, and her 12.5 carat diamond engagement ring, which is worth a million. That’s pretty awesome for four years, but given how this has all played out I think that Khloe would much rather have Lamar than his money. She loved him a lot and she really got burned.




Kris and Khloe are shown on 12-11-13. Lamar is shown on 11-27-13. Credit: and FameFlynet

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  1. MelissaMelissa says:

    It’s sad for me to see how marriage has become so transactional; everything is in numbers and contracts.

    I hate to say it but it’s hard for me to feel bad for someone who will probably 1) get immense publicity for a reality TV show out of the dissolution of her marriage, even use it as a storyline in future seasons for ratings and 2) will most certainly get reward heftily for it.

    • swack says:

      It has already been reported that the divorce will play a major part in the next season of KUWTK. I think that is one reason she took longer than necessary to file. To me this should have all been kept private and I have no sympathy for her because if she was truly a strong woman she would have told her mother to keep her mouth quiet.

  2. Jules says:

    Give it a rest PMK, strength? My 85 year old mother who is a 25 year cancer survivor who still lives on her own, drives and still cleans her own gutters is strength.

    • JudyK says:

      I could have said the same thing about my own 88-year-old mother who died one year ago and who was also a 25-year cancer survivor, lived alone, still taught Sunday School, still drove, and was always the strength of our family.

      Shut your shallow self up, Kris. I can’t stand to even look at you.

    • Julia says:


    • PinkyTuscadero says:

      can’t you guys pool together fi’tty to pay the neighborhood kid to clean those gutters? poor old lady

      • DTX says:

        LOL! I was thinking the same thing. I don’t know the situations of these ladies but damn…you kinda have to be strong when your relatives apparently do sh*t for you.

      • JudyK says:

        Hey, I think you people are totally MISreading this…I think Jules’ mother cleaned gutters because she WANTED to, because she was still capable of doing it and because she wasn’t about to pay someone else to do it…in other words, she was the epitome of the meaning of the word “Strength”…it’s obvious Jules is a loving person, not a neglectful child. She was paying homage to her mother for TRUE STRENGTH (just as I was)…Kris Jenner wouldn’t know Strength OR Class if they both slapped her in the face.

  3. Buckwild says:

    I think Khloe did really love Lamar. If Kris had any thought for her daughters she wouldn’t be shooting off in the press but of course she has no shame

    • Josephine says:

      If she really did love him, she wouldn’t use him as a story line, and for constant Twitter fodder. Sorry, but loving people don’t try to use people and their relationships for publicity and money. That’s something else altogether.

  4. Delta Juliet says:

    It’s too bad she had to learn all this stuff AFTER marrying him instantly. This is why dating is a good thing for most people (yes, yes, I know there are exceptions). Most couples would still be dating or engaged at 4 years and the drug use and infidelity would have come out BEFORE the stupid publicity wedding.

    Of course, Kim is headed towards #3 in her early 30’s so clearly no one in that family learns anything.

    • LadyMTL says:

      That’s sort of along the lines of what I was thinking. I liked them as a couple but seriously, you can’t know someone (truly know them) after only 3 months.

  5. blue marie says:

    Two wrongs don’t make a right, get divorced before you start dating. Plus if she’s been dating Matt for months then she wasn’t really working on her marriage as TMZ (PMK) would have us believe.

    I know I’d love it if my mom went to national publications to air all my dirty laundry, PMK is disgusting. And if she doesn’t lay off the surgery she’ll soon be sportin’ her vagina for a face.

  6. dorothy says:

    Marriage and divorce is a private affair. The fact that they played out the entire situation in the press is tacky, classless and cheap. It should be a red flag that living your life out in the camera has not boded well for the entire family. Bruce is gone, Lamar’s gone, Kim’s gone through a divorce and now has a child with a clearly unstable man. God only knows what’s going to happen to the younger girls.

  7. Jenna says:

    While I don’t have a mom hungry for the camera, I can feel for Khloe. In my case, instead of TMZ and People its her church and the churches of my uncles. I’m constantly in a state of high flux between being prayed FOR and prayed AGAINST – from haircolor to health issues, and any perceived marital or life “problems” (I don’t apparently ‘submit’ properly to my husband, and that was a thing for a while, until I made the mistake of making the joke “what can I say, my collar and gag are at the laundramatt”, not knowing a cousin was taping the call and would play it on high repeat for weeks at their church for proof of my wicked wicked ways) are blasted across 4 states and about 10,000 parishiners. So should the lone seemingly human Kardashian ever want to mom vent over wine and cake she should call me. Maybe we could swap for a day – likely ending in ‘throw momma from the train’ moment, but heck. Could be fun.

    • John Wayne Lives says:

      Wow. Christians are awesome.

      • Jenna says:

        Too be fair to the many actual good Christians I know, this part of my family belongs firmly to the freakshow that brought the world things like Westborough and are of the snake-handling, tongue speaking, one step away from sister-wife, going straight to hell for wearing pants if a girl or have hair past your collar if a boy sort. Which thankfully are the vast minority amongst all the various ‘flavors’ of Christian there are. That being said, let’s just say I am very glad I reached 6’2 before I was 14 and had adopted family that taught me how to protect myself and that one of the huge blessings of being an adult is I can now never again be forced to spend time with these morons.

    • Ohmy says:

      Wow…I’m so sorry that happened to you. I don’t know your present situation, but I would get as far away from those people as possible. I understand they are your family, but when they start taping your calls just to shame you, they obviously don’t have your best interests at heart. I have similar family members and I quickly realized that I didn’t need that negativity in my life. I wish you the best Jenna.

      • Jenna says:

        Thanks sweets, and don’t worry. As soon as I graduated highschool and had my driver’s license (pretty nice 16th birthday gifts – freedom in one fell swoop!) I put the kibosh on the previously forced ‘vacations’ with them. 95% of the worst I can go years without speaking directly to – I have one other cousin who ‘escaped’ and he keeps me abreast of what I NEED to know in case things go sideways and my husband and I need to be prepared to repel boarders for the most part. A few I occasionally have a moment of weakness and think I should at least ~try~ to build a connection to or at least be known as a possible ladder to reach for if a cousin or nowadays one of their kids need to get out. The last time I had to deal with any en masse and in person was my wedding when my mom (without my knowledge or consent) invited a herd of them. Thankfully, my friends and those I now consider family kept a constant shield wall between me and the trouble walking, so even then it could have been worse. I’m so sorry you have had similar issues with family – you have my heartfelt hope that your own holiday will be stress (and any problematic relations) free!

  8. Dawn says:

    God these people, every time they talk they lie. I am telling you if a Kardashian tells you the sky is blue you better be checking it out not once but twice. Kl-hoe has been cheating on Lamar with The Game for over a year and most people know this, but the Game is either married or in a long term relationship so he can’t present himself on the show as her new man, enter Matt Kemp who also loves the limelight and will be happy to play the boyfriend part for them. Jesus Magic Johnson please trade Kemp Dodgers before the Kardashian curse hits the whole Dodger organization. Awful people who will do anything to stay in the limelight.

  9. Neffie says:

    I read somewhere about her being the beneficiary for his life insurance $10 million. Does one remain a beneficiary even after divorce??? Does anybody know….

    • swack says:

      Benefactors can be changed. Unless it is part of the divorce settlement that it stays in her name he could make changes.

    • Delta Juliet says:

      You can easily change a beneficiary, so I don’t see that being an issue for him.

  10. umyeah says:

    I honestly don’t know why these people even bother getting married. Is it a publicity thing? Financial transaction? Do they honestly think they are going to last? People divorce so easily, that the institution of marriage is a joke. It’s like a reason to throw a big party, but in the back of their minds, they know they can just get divorced. So lame.

  11. mata says:

    Of course, Matt Kemp is still just a friend. The blood on the contract isn’t dry yet and the smell of sulfer and brimstone hasn’t dissipated.

  12. Anorexicsupermodel says:

    God, I cannot imagine what it’s like to have Kris Jenner for a mom. The ink hasn’t even dried on Khloe ‘s divorce papers and she’s already selling her daughter out to the tabloids. I’m sure PMK( and her Michael Jackson nose) are already auditioning potential boyfriends for khloes next fake reality tv relationship.

    • idk says:

      The E Network must be upset…I mean they keep paying the Kardashians millions of dollars to get married on TV, and then they end up divorced. I don’t feel too bad for Khloe, I mean she is using this as her story line on the show…if she wanted it to be private, then why film it? Plus, I hope the rumors about her dating so soon are wrong. Can’t these Kardashian girls stay single for even a minute?

  13. HappyMom says:

    What will it take to make these tacky, awful people go away?? They are not actors, politicians, business leaders or royalty. They are not famous for anything important or worthy. Ugh.

  14. littlestar says:

    Nope, don’t feel bad for her one bit. Khloe is not any different than the rest of the K Klan. I am not fooled by her any longer. If she really wanted her divorce to remain private, she wouldn’t have sent out that Tweet or allowed PMK to talk to People. And she’s so broken up about her divorce she’s already dating someone new? Puhlease.

    That said, I love that white dress and white shoes outfit. Would totally wear that.

  15. Skye says:

    “… because the sleep of the undead is dreamless.”

  16. Elise says:

    My prediction: one day, years from now, all of the women will be living in a big co-dependent heap with Kris in her Kalabasas kompound: Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall, Kylie, plus Penelope and North. All the men will be driven away. Meanwhile, Laura Wasser will be living very comfortably!

    • DTX says:

      I think you are spot on! I have a feeling that they will outlive them all as well. Kind of like “Death Becomes Her” all made of plastic parts and falling apart but somehow still kicking!