Kim Kardashian shows off her Christmas present from Kanye: an obscene Birkin bag


Here are some new photos of Kim Kardashian and Yeezington out and about yesterday in LA. Apparently, they were shopping at a “sporting goods store”. Look at how many bags Kanye is carrying. Was he just lured in by some post-Christmas discounts? Or did Kanye not get what he wanted for Christmas so he made Kim go out shopping with him the next morning? Anyway, pay close attention to what Kim is wearing and what she’s carrying. First of all… I love that coat. Say what you will about Kanye forcing Kim to wear Riccardo Tisci’s passive-aggressive designs, but Kanye has greatly improved Kim’s coat game. Next, take a gander at Kim’s Birkin bag. Can you see it? I’ll give you a better look:

hermes birkin

Kim posted this Instagram photo with these hashtags: #HandPaintedGeorgeCondo #HermesBirkin #OneofOne #ChristmasPresentFromYeezy. So, Yeezington gave her an obscene, not-pretty, hand-painted hellscape Birkin bag for Christmas. And Kim was so pleased that she just had to carry it on their first post-Christmas outing. Which is what I would do too, just use it on December 26th, then find some excuse to not carry it ever again. “Oh, baby, the brown Birkin doesn’t go with my all-black outfit!” Or: “Riccardo made me a really cute Givenchy purse, I think I’ll carry that instead.” And on and on. The real question is… does George Condo (who has worked with Kanye many times before) kind of passively-aggressively hate Kim too? Also: Yeezington should have just gotten her a cute piece of jewelry. Like, a bracelet or a necklace or something. She would have loved a fancy charm bracelet, I’m sure.




Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Kim’s Instagram.

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  1. NYC_girl says:

    That is the most revolting thing I’ve ever seen. The bag is hideous too. 😉

    • TheEntrepreneursWife says:

      This bag confirms for me that Kanye is trolling her. Hard. Now I kind of love him.

      • QQ says:

        Yup I agree Kanye and Ricardo and Karl and Anna are just pulling a LONG EXTENDED CON on this chick

      • bettyrose says:

        That’s the only plausible explanation at this point.

      • Skizz says:

        I know some people think he is just trolling society, and now you think he is trolling her, but I have to disagree. I think Kanye West believes in the Illuminati. Whether he’s talking about knowing Jews and oil men to get things done, or how he is the next Steve jobs, he thinks he deserves a place at that table. He considers Kim and himself to be American royalty.

        It would also explain why he’s so hard into fashion. These people think that fashion is how the great ones communicate with each other, warn us of their plans (so the magic will work), and degrade our society. It even explains that creepy ass Christmas card, with all its occult imagery. 2 All seeing eyes, mind control references, fame and idolatry, pretty much everything. His videos are even more heavy handed. Even the bag is off putting. What is that, a demon with some naked and disfigured women?

        I honestly think this poor fool saw Warren Buffet throw up a diamond sign at a party with jay Z last year, thought it was an eye in a triangle, and had an Ahh haa moment. It’s kinda sad really. Not so much that he believes they exist, apparently a lot of people do, but that he thinks these people would and should accept him, and this is how to go about it.

      • Dawn says:

        I agree with Skizz, no one is trolling anyone here, they really do think that this is cool and puts them into a higher realm then the rest of us. They are sooo wrong. They are such foolish people.

      • MavenTheFirst says:

        Interesting theory! And really, really, really creepy.

      • The Original G says:

        So…..I’m going to say that this IS an art piece. I’m going to say that there is some sort of cultural, sociological, political, artistic statement being made with this. I’m also going to speculate that there’s some idea here about how ugly and over-valued the commodification of sexuality, fame and status has become.

        But if you get this bag and you don’t get that the act of carrying it makes you a prime example of the ugliness of the aforementioned and an example of a rapacious and idiotic consumerism………well, THAT is really really funny. Hats off to you George Condo.

        Also, it’s just in bad taste to lay this on innocent bystanders and their kids and grandmas and people who are eating at the table next to you.

      • Dommy Dearest says:

        A few friends of mine went to the Kanye/Jay-Z tour here in Seattle about two years ago. She isn’t even a person that believes in the Illuminati information however she swore up and down that they (Kanye and Jay-Z) were apart of it. She mentioned how it seemed like a cult with hoods and certain images known for it. So you’re not far off there.

      • emmie_a says:

        Absolutely. I’ve thought that he hates her bc of the way he dresses her – and this bag convinces me that he’s laughing at her with the rest of us.

      • Kat says:

        I get a passive-aggressive vibe from this too. If I indulge myself, I’d say that Kanye and George Condo hit two birds with one stone — they’ve trolled both Kim AND Hermes!

        “Hey, hey, check this out. We’ll buy an overpriced handbag from the notoriously snooty ‘apex’ luxury brand, paint something hideous on it, and then give it to Kim who will HAVE to be photographed with it! It’s win-win!”

        “Man, that’s genius *high-five*! You just keep the LOLs coming!”

      • kris926 says:

        @The Original (not sure the letter,the formatting on my comp overlaps the date and name, my apologies)….I feel comfortable asking you this as you are a stranger and not my snobby cousin who is some “thing” in the art world that can’t understand why I don’t find a blank canvas fascinating. I understand art is subjective and, according to cousin is more about who the artist is than the actual piece, but aside from the artist here, I’m having a very hard time understanding your take on this as a piece of art. Please understand I mean NO respect, its just genuine curiosity. Is it more that the selection of the bag being “defiled” by the painting is what makes it an actual piece of art and not something to be used in a literal sense? I thought a lot about your comment, and if I’m understanding you correctly it actually does make more sense….and is quite horrifying (and pretty funny) its being used in this matter. Thank you for any input!

      • The Original G says:

        @kris926. I think you understand perfectly what I meant. This isn’t decorative art, right. It’s not meant to be pretty or lovely. Modern art is often about the concept or the idea behind the object.

        The Birkin itself is an iconic statement of wealth. The painting seems like nightmarish mockery of Kim and by extension her fame and wealth. It’s making fun of her AND the supposed high status of the bag. It a conceptual piece and I think quite an effective one.

        Getting Kanye to buy it for Kim and Kim to carry it like it’s just a high status bag takes it another level. It’s freakin’ performance art. KK’s are so anxious for status and displays of wealth that they don’t get the joke is on them.

        I don’t know any art that’s improved by snobbery, BTW.

      • BooBooLaRue says:

        Snort! Too funny – this bag is hideous! But the coat, I need that coat!

    • JudyK says:

      Ditto to each and every comment on here, but NYC_girl’s was my favorite!

    • Alix says:

      It’s a desecration of a Birkin bag.

      • I Want To Live In New York says:

        She’s been doing that for a while. Remember when she used one as a gym bag?
        I love handbags and did want a Birkin, but not anymore.

      • Narak says:

        Maybe that’s the idea. I like it. It’s like Paul Gauguin and Goya got together with Jean Michelle Basquiet.

    • Nicolette says:

      Nice job of throwing shade! And I totally agree.

    • Stef Leppard says:

      It doesn’t even look like a “handbag.” It looks like she’s carting around luggage (maybe for a quick getaway?). And…is that supposed to be her painted on the side? She’s carrying a bag with her naked image on the side. Between this and Bound 2 I think I have finally realized why Ye likes her. She lets him exploit her as much as he wants. How did no other famewhore dudes until Ye see her potential after all the exploiting PMK did?

      • yuck says:

        She had her pimp-momager exploiting her before Ye-man. It’s just a change in ownership. I’d love to see the contract that has probably been negotiated between Kris and Kanye!

    • Bgirl81 says:

      Well, now my day is made hahahaha!! Expert Shade right there, girl!!

      Btw, I’m pretty sure that is the art from “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”, aka “The Last Time Homeboy Was Any Good”. All. Class.

    • Amanduh says:

      Ohh…shoulda gotten Kimye some sunscreen for that epic BUUURNN!!!!!! lol

    • The Original G says:

      Wrong spot. Sorry.

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      Yup NYC-Girl, I was thinking the same thing!

      Trashy, tasteless, revolting, stupid and a completely disgraceful thing to see out on the streets where there are children…

      And the bag is all of those things too!

      • Best Jess says:

        It’s hideous but gives a flying if kids see it? Children generally spend the first year of their lives attached to a breast. Seeing a painting of one won’t harm them at all.

    • Brittaki says:


      I saw a picture of the bag on Dlisted last night and before I read the article, I legitimately, honest-to-god thought that it was some kind of jokey, tongue in cheek portrait of the Kardashians. And when I found out it actually belonged to Kim, that she sincerely posted a picture of it on IG as though it was something to be proud of and it wasn’t actually a hysterically funny representation of Kim and her sisters…well, I laughed and laughed and laughed for a good twenty minutes straight.

      Tell me you guys don’t honestly see a likeness.

    • I Want To Live In New York says:

      I always thought that they were smaller than this ugly thing. North’s first art project or maybe it was Kort’s kids?
      Does anyone know if Hermes has said anything?

      • The Original G says:

        It’s note a Birkin, it’s an Hermes HAC or Haut a Courrois. It’s meant for travel, though, the proportions seem very off. It’s got to be very hard to carry, with all that weight on short handles?

      • bettyrose says:

        Deargawd – if that was a young child’s first art project, I’d be hiring the best child psychiatrist on the planet to intervene.

      • Maria says:

        Bags like those, especially once they’ve been packed with all those ‘necessities’ women feel they can’t do without, can actually do some damage to your arms over time. Even if I had the money for an overrated leather bag like that one, I’d still stick to a shoulder/messenger type bag to carry my stuff, which in my case would include something to read, something to write in, and something to draw in. You know, an actual, useful bag, not a vanity arm ornament that will kill my tendons.

    • gefeylich says:


      And – of COURSE Kanye and Riccardo are pranking Kartrashian constantly. I knew it the second they trundled her out in that sofa cover at the Met Ball.

      They obviously find it hilarious that she’s such a dupe and probably giggle together like schoolgirls at each new atrocity they present to her. I’m surprised that PMK hasn’t intervened yet, but maybe she’s too focused on turning Kendall into her next meal ticket to bother.

  2. rosemary says:

    She used to be beautiful, what happened to her face? I honestly don’t like the blonde hair

    • Jules says:

      What happened to her face? He personality has settled on it. Her face is as vacant and superficial as she is.

      • Amber says:

        It always has been. I’m so tired of people saying “She looks so sad and dead eyed now.” I, thanks to Joel McHale and the writers of The Soup, have been calling her Dead-Eyes ‘Dashian for years. There’s never been anything going on upstairs with this woman. The fillers, botox and whatever else she’s done, have only made that more obvious.

      • gefeylich says:

        You said it, Amber. Kartrashian has ALWAYS been vacant and completely dull (before AND after her major plastic surgery). The only reason she was so “pretty” before she had work done is because she troweled on the makeup.

        All this crap about “she used to be so beautiful!” says a lot about the standards of female beauty in this country. Fake, overly made up and totally without taste is considered “beautiful” now. I blame every reality show there is for this.

  3. Dap says:

    It’s so ugly it’s funny. The face of the models look like something a child would do – and not a very gifted child.

  4. Hannah says:


  5. bammer says:

    I realize it cost more than most make in a year but it’s really really ugly.

  6. Tiffw28 says:

    That bag Just goes to show how something so beautiful can be made so ugly by tweeking it and adding things that don’t belong – just like her. But of course kayne and Kim think they are high art and high fashion

  7. Flora Kitty says:

    UGLY (no alibi for that bag)

  8. megs283 says:

    OMG. No one told me I was supposed to tweet and hashtag the Christmas presents from my husband….how did I miss that memo!?! how embarrassing…

  9. lisa2 says:

    I know that ART is subjective but that painting is not good. I can’t tell if it is suppose to be the Kardashians or something else. Is that Kris, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney.. One looks like a monster, other evil, another 2 faced and then Kim..

    I feel the same about there Christmas Card.. the guy was not being flattering. Not sure what the artist’s point of view was, but it looks like a dig to the other Kardashian women.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I thought the Kristmas Kard was a dig at the family by the photographer too. “We embody shallow consumerism that will be the destruction of man-kind” was the message I got from it.

    • Nina W says:

      There is a tremendous difference between actual art and crap produced for rapacious consumers of Kim and Kanye’s ilk. The only thing artistic thing I see here is a hefty price tag.

  10. Tracy says:

    Keep it away from Noth. That bag would scare the crap out of any child.

  11. Mylene - Montreal says:

    LOL .. It’s just more and more ridiculous … I have no word

  12. Petee says:

    I love everyones post’s.I have to agree.That is one ugly bag.Just because it is expensive doesn’t make it nice.

  13. Tapioca says:

    Poor Kimmie! I’ve received hideous clothes as gifts from relatives at Christmas that you feel compelled to wear in their presence, so I completely sympathise…

  14. Birdie says:

    Okay, I liked the blonde hair for a while, but now it really washes her out, especially combined with the all light colours she wears now.
    The bag is simply ugly. The “art” is just scary, is this supposed to be the Kardashians?

  15. Dawn says:

    JHC that is the ugliest bag I’ve ever seen! These two are so boring, it’s all about what they can buy and how many times a day they can have their pictures taken. They are indeed the perfect couple of narcissistic immature slobs. All the plastic surgery in the world can’t remove the ugly off of them. Although I did hear that Kanyeeee has declared that he will no longer go on negative rants! Yeah right. The guy can’t keep his mouth shut, but I wonder who made him promise that, PMK or Kimmode?

  16. Francesca says:

    Did he even take art class in high school?? Much less study design? That bag is hideous. He and his cronies are making asses of themselves.

    • Kate says:

      Francesca they’re also making an ass out of her for carrying his creation. I like the photo of Kanye alone laughing…caption “I got this dumb trick to carry this bag and she’s miserable LOL”

      side note: I love her coat

  17. Kb says:

    Ok seriously, now they’re just f@&&ing with us. It’s staring to seem a little borat-ish.

    • We Are All Made of Stars says:

      Heh heh heh, you are so right. Except that Kim is too much of a dumb bunny (nice, mostly, but dumb) to realize that she’s going along for the ride.

      • Nina W says:

        She’s not nice, she’s fake nice on camera to protect her image but she is completely self-centered and self-interested and doesn’t give a crap about anything but making money.

    • Decloo says:

      Agree. This just can’t get any weirder.

    • Suze says:

      That’s what I thought: can this be real? Did they give it to one of Kourtney’s kids and say, here you go – paint away on Auntie Kim’s bag? Did Kanye himself do it in the middle of a night fugue?

      Ima wanna know.

  18. TheOriginalKitten says:

    That bag is so incredibly ugly.

    George Condo’s paintings are pretty terrifying though, so no surprise there.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Since Condo did Kanye’s covers for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, not only did Kanye know his style…The gift is still all about Kanye. It seems like a continuation of his album cover(s).

      • Brittaki says:

        You are so right! Kim, honey, it’s time to pull your head out of your bum and see your “relationship” for what it is: it’s Kanye’s creation, meant to benefit, promote, and glorify Kanye. Kanye, not you.

    • emmie_a says:

      Yes, some of his paintings are terrifying! I’m clueless when it comes to art so I did some George Condo research & my conclusion was I’m glad I don’t live inside his mind. But, some of his paintings are cool and I like how he uses shapes and color — so he could’ve used better images on this bag and it could’ve actually been really cool and unique. He obviously didn’t go that route though!

  19. anoneemouse says:

    She’s done it again! An obscenely ugly fugly overpriced purse. Lately, she makes everything look ugly. Stop having your baby-daddy dress you!

  20. OhMyMy says:

    The only thing to do with that thing would be to “accidentally” spill nail polish or nail polish remover all over it. Too bad Nori is too young to blame for it.


  21. Kiddo says:

    I actually don’t hate the painting. At the same time, I think it belongs on canvas, on a wall, and not on a bag. The bag does nothing for the art, the art nothing for the bag. But you know, people who want to live their lives privately, ahem, who don’t care one F* what anyone thinks, ahem, can’t help but display everything to the public.

    • sputnik says:

      i agree. i think it would be an impressive painting, but it just doesn’t work on a bag at all. it’s such a jarring combination.

    • gogoGorilla says:

      Agreed, except the style seems like a complete Dali/Picasso ripoff. But still interesting if you like that style of art.

      But it doesn’t belong on that stupid bag. They should have at least picked a black or white bag. I mean, it’s just a dumb idea altogether, but at least it would have blended more.

    • Nina W says:

      It’s not art to me. Condo may be an artist but that thing needs to be buried in a closet not hung up in a museum.

  22. lucy2 says:

    That is hilariously hideous. Can you imagine her face when she opened it, the immediate horror and then trying to pretend she liked it? Oh wait, her face doesn’t move and she’s dead behind the eyes, so never mind.

    • Diane says:

      She knows full well that bag is EXPENSIVE!!!! That’s all she cares about…flaunting her good fortune. So what if its ugly. It says I’m rich. She and Kanye deserve each other. Shallow jerks.

  23. NewWester says:

    Micheal K on D-listed said that the character on the far left is a good likeness of PMK. I tend to agree!

    • la chica says:

      I agree. To me it looks like PMK, Khloe, Kim with the breasts exposed, and the Dull One on the right. PMK is portrayed as the Devil, and the two greedy sisters are scheming behind Kim’s back. The artist and Kanye are passive-aggressively throwing shade at the family and Kim is either too stupid to see it, or too desperate to hold on to Kanye.

  24. MonicaQ says:

    I am not a fan of George Condo. It just rubs me the wrong way. Yes, I know art is subjective but even as a graphic designer, I’ve never been like, “I want THAT in my house.”

  25. Diane says:

    I’m guessing $50-60,000 price range for that garbage. The two of them are all about showing off their wealth and rubbing it in the noses of the less fortunate. They are both pigs.

  26. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I’m speechless. It’s obscene, alright. Obscenely expensive, obscenely ugly.

  27. Shauna says:

    A merkin on a Birkin. 🙂

  28. Nina says:

    she changed so much since shes with him, she looks tired and i think she got her entire face reconstructed. im just amazed by how kim would really wear anything that kanye tells her to. thats all.

  29. quinn says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!! I think Kanye needs his dosage doubled.

    On a more serious note…these people disgust me to the core. Wasn’t Kim just “seen” in a children’s hospital??? Perhaps the $$ spent on a (poorly) painted Birkin could have been donated instead? How many of the parents there are worried about paying medical bills??

    There is not a charitable or decent bone in these people’s plastic bodies.

    With this, the Kasdashians go the way of Lilo for me…no more posts, as of today. I can’t stand the way I feel reading about this trash. I’m out.

  30. Maureen says:

    “Hellscape” = PERFECT. This bag screams “I hate you”. It really does feel like she’s being trolled by Kanye’s high fashion friends. Maybe they’re trolling Kanye as well, knowing he’s too dumb to be able to tell real art from garbage.

  31. Hubbahun says:

    Oh dear god. Oh dear GOD. OH DEAR GOD. Kill it! Kill it with fire!!!

  32. Tiffany says:

    Well…when the money runs out, Kim is out. She is not going to support his moccasins habit now is she. PMK will cut that off quick, fast, and in a hurry.

    • Amy says:

      It will be interesting to see how much the bag fetches on e-bay when that happens. I’d recommend starting the auction at .99 with a “buy it now” price of .50.

  33. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Also, wasn’t it like 85 degrees in LA the past the couple of days?
    Why is she wearing a huge winter coat?

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      Lol, I was just going to say that. Spent Christmas sweating in shorts and a tank. It is hot here, how on earth are they wearing those coats? I don’t even love hr coat because the fit is so off. How can they be so rich and not have stuff tailored? Her arms need to be five inches longer for that coat.

      I have no words for either that bag or her face.

    • Becks says:

      It was 80+ degrees yesterday here in L.A. Ridiculous! That bag is hideous and that coat makes her look even bigger!

      • Lady D says:

        I have 3 feet of snow in my yard, and cold? Crap it’s cold. However, I am on the warm side of Canada, so it could be worse. I feel for the people in Ontario and points east, who are still without power after 3 days. Thousands of Christmas dinners didn’t get cooked, no lights, no heat. Brrr.

    • pamspam says:

      Yes – that’s precisely what I came here to say. 80s where I am (about 20 min north of downtown). In Calabasas, where I think they live, it would be a few degrees warmer.

    • idk says:

      She’s wearing the coat because she wants to get a few more wears out of it before she puts it on Ebay lol.

    • Amber says:

      I had the same thought. She was under-dressed wearing a similar “look” in freezing NYC the last time she was there. This is obviously the go-to walking around look he wants her in. It’s literally like her outfits are all selected and laid out for her and she’s not to veer from that no matter what. If it’s cold, why is she wearing those shoes, ripped jeans, and a thin shirt with the buttons down to her ribs? If it’s hot, why is she wearing THAT coat? It wasn’t until reading these comments that I noticed what Kanye’s wearing too, in comparison to the pap and the woman in shorts and a tank behind him. They look f’ing ridiculous. Especially her with that luggage-sized, hideous bag.

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      Hi there! So I know this is off subject but about the one thread with the Duck dude, I went back after actually reading what he said and I wanted to let you know (In case you didn’t see) that everything I had said I take back. I hadn’t done any reading into what he actually said that was racist and hate speech towards the GLAAD community. It’s been bothering me so I felt that I needed to comment on a more current thread to you, TheOriginalKitten, as you and I went back and forth a bit in replies. So I apologize for my ignorance on the subject when I should have read what was actually said versus seeing all that crap in my news feed on facebook that was one-sided in defending him. No where in my feed did it quote the awful things he said. So I just wanted to clarify that [:

  34. locheed says:

    What is that, Satan’s carry-on?

  35. AlexandraJane says:

    How much stuff do two people need? they shop almost constantly!

    • Tiffany says:

      Well Yeesus tour is not going well and Kim is just Kim. There has to be some justification to be seen out. If Kim had her way she would just catwalk up and down the block daily and call it another day at the office.

  36. swack says:

    I have no idea who George Condo is, so don’t know if this is how he typically expresses himself. Why (other than to show off or to please Kanye by using the bag) does she need to carry such a large bag? I used to carry a diaper bag instead of a purse when I had little ones, but I don’t see anyone (just not Kim) putting, bottles, diapers, change of clothing, toys, etc into this bag.

  37. Sam H x says:

    Ruined a perfectly nice Birkin handbag with a hideous painting. I would get some nail varnish remover remove that shiz pronto. Kanye fulfills Kim’s materialistic and superficial needs, that’s why she’s hanging on to him and won’t be dumping him anytime soon, Kanye is also her doorway to the upper echelons of the fashion world.

    • idk says:

      What is Kanye getting out of this relationship? A daughter I suppose, which is great, but what else? He could have a child with any woman, why Kim? Maybe because she is super submissive and will do whatever he says? She probably strokes his ego…or maybe it has to do with his pr0n fetish? Or he likes being with a big family?

      • Nina W says:

        You must have missed his news flash, he’s with her because she’s NOT a gold digger. Yes, that is how he thinks of her, he thinks she has her own money and fame so she’s not after his. He is a sad deluded little man.

  38. Dana m says:

    The art looks so scary! I’d have nightmares carrying that thing around.

  39. Palermo says:

    Do they truly not see that they are both ridiculous fools?

    • zut alors! says:

      Self awareness is not what they asked for from the wizard.

      • Bernice says:

        Well said zut. Do they ever think about how they are going to have to explain their life choices the next time they see the wizard? That might be a scary life review……

  40. Ruyana says:

    Yeah, nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a suitcase-sized bag of ugly.

  41. meryl says:

    she looks soooo unhappy since the baby. i’m worried that she silently suffers from pp depression. can anybody please help her. please help her, she needs medication and therapy.

    • swack says:

      I’m sorry, I really don’t think she suffers from pp depression. I think all the travelling she has done and being out and about makes her tired. Remember she said she needs 10 hours of sleep every day. Being tired can give you that zombied look. Also don’t think being a mother is everything she thought it would be (many women think life is going to be wonderful after baby). She did not enjoy her pregnancy (and please don’t give the old “difficult pregnancy” excuse as she made herself miserable) and even made the comment about “after popping it out” she wanted to do Playboy (most people don’t refer to a baby in utero as an “it”).

    • Nina W says:

      Save your sympathy for women who really need it. Kim has all the resources in the world at her fingertips to deal with PP depression if she has it. And I don’t know that she is that different now anyway, her face is different but she seems like the same miserable person she has always been. She never has looked happy.

  42. Ag says:

    Whoa! That thing is beyond hideous. It’s like the worst “folk art” you find at some garage sale. Good lord.

  43. Nicolette says:

    It pains me to say this, but I like the coat.

  44. Liberty says:

    I keep feeling we’re watching KW ‘s months-long attempt at “How to Lose A Kardashian in 10 Days” — but somehow Kim is not getting the message, or Kris is firmly focussed on the wedding profits.

    Yet, I also imagine Riccy and KW buying it off eBay because it was cheap because it had a scratch because pre-owned, so they plotted to cover it with this sort of Illuminati Holiday Painting to “How To” the Ks even more.

    If this was actually a serious real gift, he should have read this first:

  45. Londerland says:

    I just love the symbolism of this gift. “I saw it and I thought of you. Crude pornography, overworked leather, tan, expensive, and empty. Voila!”

  46. Shannon1972 says:

    Obscenely ugly painting + obscenely expensive handbag = obscenely epic bad taste

  47. OriginallyBlue says:

    That is terrible. Smh.

  48. eliza says:

    I have to laugh at this celebrity love for the over exposed Birkin bag. Jane Birkin barely used hers and she was the inspiration for the purse.

    Two purses I hate are the Birkin and quilted Chanel purse, as every celebrity asshole has one and has ruined the prestige and exclusivity of having one.

  49. Snappyfish says:

    I love when everyone thinks they 1. Are a fashion icon, 2. Has style & 3. Has taste… when truth be told none are true. Frankly I’m shocked Hermes would have released such a monstrosity

  50. Silver says:

    WOW!! It’s true what someone said before, it’s the Kartrashian clan on that bag!! Look closely at how Kim seems to be groomed and prepared for some kind of sacrifice by the monsters while under the observing eye of the demon. Brilliant. This is art. Ha!

  51. umyeah says:

    I honestly think the message being sent here is, look at us. We are so rich and fashionable, that we can take a birkin bag (which Kim has a collection of), and have this shit painted onto it. Must people would have to save up for a lifetime to buy one, but here we are, just getting one painted on. High art. They are so despicable.

  52. Loren says:

    The coat wouldn’t be a problem, if it wasn’t 80 degrees outside!!!

  53. Skye says:

    “A fool and his money are soon parted.” Nuff said.

  54. Ginger says:

    1. Kanye is actually smiling! 2. That bag is so big you would have to check it when flying (WTH?) What a waste of a Birkin.

  55. Skye says:

    Additional note: if I ever have enough money for a Birkin bag and I spend it on a Birkin bag, I pray now that someone who loves me will kick my butt.

  56. LahdidahBaby says:

    Wow, Kim clearly has no sense of herself anymore, and no idea what does NOT work with her physical attributes & limitations–something most of us learn at an early age. Even aside from what a monstrosity that ham-handed George Condo art has made of the Birkin, it’s WAAAAAY too large for such a short woman as Kim!

    Carried by her, that big-ass Birkin looks like luggage and she looks like an immigrant hobbit just off the boat from Middle-Earth.

    It’s kind of sad, their folie-a-deux, because he’s talented and she is beautiful (though she was far more beautiful before she began messing with her face and hair). It boggles the mind how two such self-involved people can be so completely devoid of any objective sense of self. It’s kinda like “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” but with actual clothing.

  57. Helvetica says:

    That is the ugliest bag ever.
    And she is so tacky.

  58. MavenTheFirst says:

    Kanye clearly hates women.

  59. idk says:

    and she’ll put that bag on Ebay in 3..2..1…

  60. Suze says:

    That handbag is the most hysterical thing I’ve ever seen.

  61. Lynne says:

    Love the coat but it was 75 yesterday. Look at the 3rd pic, the woman walking behind is in shorts.

  62. strah says:

    You guys, I think that the central non-disfigured female in the painting is supposed to be Kim. That makes the whole monstrosity even weirder to me.

    • idk says:

      Yeah I think that’s supposed to be Kim in the middle. I think it’s supposed to symbolize how Kim is “the most beautiful woman of all time” and how the rest of us are just jealous ugly monsters lmao.

  63. Prim says:

    A skin on skin bag. Wow that is so deep. I wonder if the artist used egg tempera paint. Then it would be a skin on a skin on a skin bag which would be even deeper.

  64. gogoGorilla says:

    I will say that I do kind of like Kanye’s coat. I usually hate everything he wears, but it’s a nice piece.

  65. Giselle says:

    I guess I was foolish to think that the purse would be kept in their home as a piece of art? Maybe under a plexiglass box or something? On a pedastal? Anything, really. Ugh. Well, I hope she doesn’t use it again after this.

    Okay, I’ve seen her coats in this yellow and pink and I need it in my life. Who makes this???? Where can I get a cheap imitation?!

  66. nicegirl says:

    I wonder if that is ALL he got her? And how hard do you think it would be to fake some happiness for receiving that crap, (if you are one of the folks who believe Christmas is all about getting)?

    It’s the thought that counts, right?

  67. Maum says:

    What happens when it rains?????

  68. tessy says:

    That bag isn’t just ugly, its seriously disturbing. It reminds me of the murals at the Denver airport.

    There is something very wrong with those people.

    • Honebee Blues says:

      The murals at DIA! Yes! I have to look down when I’m there. That bag is just Birkin abuse of the worst sort. I wouldn’t blame France if they turned this into an international Birkin Incident, with sanctions imposed on all of them.

      • portlandjan says:

        Kimye is overlooking an additional revenue stream here: get Hermes to pay them to 1. Not display that bag in public, 2. Not attribute it to Hermes and 3. Never buy any of their products again. In fact, they could collect separate payoffs for each of the three provisions.

      • Liberty says:

        Portlandjan — yes yes yes. This makes Birkins look like craft show trash.

  69. lucy says:

    Love is blind, apparently!

    The bag is grotesque, and the painted Birkin ain’t no prize either! 😉

    He should have given her pants that aren’t torn, a supportive bra, and the bunion surgery she’s going to need if she keeps walking on her metatarsals like that.

  70. Faye says:

    I wish there was a “like” button so I could use it for these posts. You guys are epic.

    My first thought on seeing this: “This is what the inside of Kanye’s head looks like, and it ain’t pretty.”

    The second: “Oh gosh, is that supposed to be Kim? Who gives the woman they love a painting of herself looking ravaged, naked, and like a denizen of hell? Especially on a handbag that she’ll carry in public? He really doesn’t have too much respect for her, does he?”

    • Lauren says:

      When you ask if he has respect for her I think it is important to point out that people don’t respect those who can’t even respect themselves. If he is trolling her like people say I do no feel one bit of sympathy for Kim. She thinks she is amazing as much as Kanye thinks he is. They are a match made in narcissistic heaven.

  71. Paloma says:

    Kanye believes he is relevant; he’s nothing but a joke.

  72. Lila says:

    Seems pretty apt when you think about where Kim’s fame came from. Maybe they should paint the demon peeing on her.

  73. Dorothy says:

    Way too big. Looks like a grocery sack.

  74. shellybean says:

    This is the ugliest bag I’ve ever seen. The “art” is hideous. Not to mention the bag is way too big for Kim. It is like twice her size. It looks like an airplane carry-on.

    After watching Kim on tv for years, I can safely say she is not an artsy person. I don’t even understand why he thought this would be a good gift for her. She has always liked girly girl things and things that are pretty. She seems to have become a robot since she’s been with him and it’s like she totally defers to his taste in things and seems to have no opinions of her own anymore.

  75. EscapedConvent says:

    Well, it looks like especially grotesque carry-on luggage to me. This could be a clever way of getting things onto an airplane (Kim’s heavy makeup kits, wigs, Kanye’s sex toys perhaps) without interference, as no one at an airport or on a flight will touch that thing.

  76. MyHiddles says:

    If she ends up unexpectedly spending the night somewhere, that bag is the perfect size to carry a pair of clean panties for her.

  77. OM2 says:

    Oh no, Lila. Cant do that. Ray J hit it first! This is one of a knid.

  78. OM2 says:

    Love Celebitchy! Very interesting. Thank you one & all. Some nights I cant stop laughing (makes my day!). At other times so serious,informative.
    2014 will be certainly interesting too. Cant help but remember ‘husband 72 hours’ last words “I feel sorry for her”. Act of kindness after what she,the K family put him though. I see those dark,blank eyes of Kim’s but on occation,before “18 years,18years”,disrespectful “babymama” call out,indecent,stupid video (taking her right back where she came from) her chasing him across the world & back (him hiding out from her? ok,not available). I cant stand in judgement of want ShelbyTwp deserves but I know she bought it. Sold herself & bought it. I have seen the look of shock and terror in those eyes,however briefly btwn the nothing stare. But….shopping always cheers her up. 2014… Thinking lots of surprises in store.Kaynes “the man”.

  79. rlh says:

    Yeah, I love the coat too, but not on her….she is too short for it and it makes her legs look stubbier than usual. She never really got good at dressing for her proportions. She misses much more than she (or Kanye) hits. Remember the horrors of Paris fashion week? One dress was even ripped. They don’t have a fashion clue between them. That joke of a bag is proof. Hermes should pay them to NOT use their products.

  80. d b says:

    Hilariously unattractive. And the Hermes is butt ugly too.

  81. rep says:

    That bag is scary. Demonstrating their allegiance.

  82. Denise says:

    George Condo, you are no Picasso.

  83. Skye says:

    Two thoughts about the Family Freakshow:

    – I wonder how much of my opinion of Kanye is based – subconsciously – on his face, which had to be rebuilt after an auto accident. Maybe it did this before the re-build, but the way his jaw and lower lip jut out just makes his expression seem so petulant and sulky all the time. Does his face make his personality come on stronger, or does the way he acts affect how we see his face?

    – My favorite thing about this whole K-Trainwreck: how Kylie always looks so damn FIERCE, even when she smiles, compared to the less vampy, more blandly pretty Kendall. I don’t mean fierce as a generic “girl, you look hot” compliment… I mean, she looks like she’d eat your face (and grow stronger!) if you fell asleep. It must drive The Littlest Jenner crazy to watch her sister bask in the “barely legal” spotlight and waste its dark powers.

  84. jwoolman says:

    When I wear ripped jeans, it’s because I have favorite clothes I wear again and again until they disintegrate in the wash but am not very good with a needle and thread. I try, I really do, but it’s so hard to get thread to stick at a certain point in the disintegration process so things start separating again quickly. Of course, I only wear eBay.

  85. qtpi says:

    I wonder how often Reggie Bush wakes up in the morning and thinks to himself – “Boy. I really dodged a bullet didn’t I?”

  86. xxx says:

    Wait, don’t these people have a child together? Guess the kid will be raised by nannies. They have photos constantly childless. Poor kid:(

  87. sal says:

    Figures, a pr0stitue will carry around the most ugliest purse with naked ladies on it. I expect nothing LESS from the h0e!

  88. Noinin says:

    The bag is obscene and hideous. Also, in the last picture, you can see Kim has really visible cheek implants.

  89. BeckyR says:

    This reminds me of an episode of the ” I Love Lucy ” series….they are in Paris and Ricky and Fred have a tailor make up “originals” from feed sacks, champagne buckets and burlap and tell Ethel and Lucy how lucky they are to have the first outfits. Then they tell the girls what they have done and the Lucy and Ethel die of shame! Kim’s original handbag looks like it weighs about 50 pounds and is seriously ugly. Guess the joke is on HER!

  90. Gypsy says:

    I see nothing obscene about it. There are people who go to see Michaelangelo’s David and complain that it’s naked.
    The Sistine chapel and complain to the Vatican that the people are naked.
    Kim’s bag is art and knowing this artist record, it will appreciate in value over time, the only disrespectful thing is that Kim is carrying it around as if it’s some common bag, it needs to be stored in a collector’s showcase waiting for the time it’s worth millions.

  91. Malificent says:

    ‘”Eeew , I see her naked butt!” The words of my 6-year-old, who unfortunately for him was leaning over my computer as I pulled up the handbag.

  92. Abbicci says:

    ” What do you want for Christmas?”

    ” A demon orgy painted purse!” Said no one ever.

  93. AK says:

    Why is this man always demeaning his “Baby MaMa”?
    If its not lyics to his songs “art” its porn videos,torn too tight,too exposed dresses and now their personal sex life in purse “art form”. Notice just a show off walk,for us. Not sure there really is a baby and Skye,right about that Jenner girl. Worst of all what is a Kardashian much less Kim doing in a hospital childrens war
    d? Didnot see any gifts and if they (haha right) made a donation it would be alk over the news & gossip sites. They are counting on another multi-million dollar wedding too keep them relevant. So hope hes just paying her back with this passive aggressive attention for that little “18 years18 years” she took upon herself to trap him.

  94. TOPgirl says:

    As I see them more and more together, they just gross me out! She has changed so much since Kanyet took over her life. She doesn’t even smile anymore. Her face is always frozen. He also looks so controlling of everything. I don’t think their relationship will last past this year.

  95. Miss Meadow says:

    Even Hellen Keller would have known this is absolutely hideous. They are ridiculous.

  96. Jess says:

    I think that the painting is Kanye’s very own concept-Kim and her demon faced mother (all ways has her at arms length), Kanye as the green goblin that has to wear a mask to hide who he really is, and the other man pictud is his designer lover. What a slap in the face that would be if it were true…

  97. Jamjam says:

    Kanye looks like our garbage man

  98. jwoolman says:

    The big problem with the purse isn’t the nudity. It’s the demonic feel to it. The middle figure must represent Kim- big breasts are the focus, the hair is her natural dark color. But she looks surrounded by demons, which is scary.

    The nudity is a problem only because it’s a purse and she’s dragging it around in public. Every society has its own taboos about when nude human bodies are appropriate in art or otherwise, and I don’t really know any in the US that allow for it walking through a grocery store or hailing a cab. Okay in an art gallery or museum etc. So there’s a message that she doesn’t care about anybody around her when she walks around with it displayed like that. I still think the demonic imagery is the worst part of it. Not nice to scare small children and people with weak hearts.

    • Kikio says:

      I do not listen to his music, nor do I watch her show – so when I see these two constantly in the spot light I wonder why?? Just, why? I will never listen to his music, nor will I watch her show based on their public flaunts and crap attitude.

      I don’t understand why people think she’s gorgeous – she altered her face, when ppl do that I automatically think they will never be beautiful, and must hate themselves in order to alter their bodies like that. I feel sorry for her daughter. You may be able to fix that nose, but you pass it on to your children – so vain.

      I cannot even begin to figure out what bothers me the most about him. There’s too much to pick from. The fact I’m even writing this bothers me, cause I prefer not to give him anything – seems his ego grows no matter what kind of attention he gets (although I swear he loves the negative more than the positive).

      The bag – perfect representation of what they are – over priced, ugly, useless.

  99. rudy says:

    I love George Condo’s art. Very arresting, lots of emotion and color.

    That bag however. OMG. It is all tit. That is why Kimye covets the Birken Breast Bag. Go George. You have now become part of the Kartrashian Kulture Klub.

  100. Andrea says:

    This proves one thing, art should not go on a handbag, never ever. Love the coat though.

    I am also glad they are a couple because I think finally, Kim is put in her place.

  101. Hmmm says:

    That painting is clearly Kim being screwed by her crazy mom while her evil father watches and her not-quite-with-it sister records it. It highlights the Kardashians’ only claim to fame being them pimping each other out and all the cosmetic surgery (father’s green face, face of girl in the back being ‘cut and pasted back together’), and it also kinda depicts them as being evil.

  102. LaurieH says:

    Oh gawd, where to start? Let’s start with the size. I do love large bags. I’ve never liked clutches, cross-bodies or other small bags because I just carry around too much shit. That said, there is a world of difference between a large satchel and luggage. Kim’s bag looks like it came from Hermes’ Mary Poppins line.

    Now to do the design on the bag. It looks like a bad attempt at Picasso by Larry Flynt.

  103. CHT says:

    I think the “beautiful” lady in the center is supposed to be Kim and the rest of us are the ugly jealous monsters…