Kaley Cuoco ‘killed it’ during her first Christmas with fiancé Ryan Sweeting


Ah, what a year Kaley Cuoco has had. One year ago, I probably wouldn’t have been able to pick her out a line-up. Then she started banging Henry Cavill, then Henry dumped her in less than a month, and then just weeks later, she was with Ryan Sweeting, a barely “professional” tennis player. Just a few months into the relationship with Ryan, they got engaged. The tabloids keep saying the wedding will happen at any moment. I’m sure we’ll hear about it when it does. For now, Ryan and Kaley spent their first Christmas together and she documented it on Instagram – plus, the paps magically found her on December 26th too.

Cheers to that! Kaley Cuoco and her fiance Ryan Sweeting made it through the holiday season just fine — with a glass of wine in hand! The couple celebrated their very first Christmas together this year, and shared their excitement via Instagram on Wednesday, Dec. 25.

“1st Christmas together! Killed it!” the 28-year-old Big Bang Theory actress wrote. Alongside the caption, Cuoco shared a picture of the engaged couple celebrating in the kitchen while holding up wine glasses.

One day earlier, the stunning blonde shared two pictures of her beau on Christmas Eve. “1st Christmas together @ryansweething :),” she wrote, with a picture of the two embracing in front of a Christmas tree. She also posted a snapshot of the two posing with her younger sister Briana Cuoco, 25, who appeared as a contestant on this year’s The Voice.

“Merry Christmas everyone! Santa visited us last night at dinner. It was awesome,” the actress wrote. The photograph showed Sweeting, 26, sitting in the middle of the two sisters as Saint Nick snuck up behind him.

Us Weekly exclusively broke news in September that Cuoco and Sweeting got engaged after three months of dating. In November, Us exclusively revealed that the couple have plans to say “I do” on New Year’s Eve. Cuoco and the tennis player plan to tie the knot on Dec. 31 in Southern California in a fire-and-ice-themed holiday party.

[From Us Weekly]

Will it last? Eh. I’ve actually come around on them a little bit. I thought the loved-up relationship and the engagement were all part of Kaley’s “Screw you, Superman, YOU ARE THE ONE WITH THE PROBLEM” PR campaign. And maybe that’s the way it started out, but I’ve got to sort of admire the fact that Kaley and Ryan seem well-suited for each other. He seems like an easy-going K-Fed type, she seems a bit neurotic and ambitious – as long as they play those parts, who knows? They could last forever.

Also, I did want to tell you one nice thing about Kaley: she surprised her mom just before Christmas with a fancy Lexus SUV (with a giant red bow!). I know this because the paps documented the whole thing.




Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, Kaley’s Instagram.

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  1. lisa2 says:

    Wow really interesting how she has become a big news item over that Henry Caville guy. I can’t recall when he has been talked about.

    and he is Superman. Just funny how things go..

    • Spooks says:

      How do we know he dumped her? I still like her. She’s a bit famewhory, but I like her.

      • lisa2 says:

        I didn’t say anything about him dumping her. I have nothing against her. I just made a point that he is not in the news, and she is.

      • Spooks says:

        Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean you. It said in the article, so I just asked.

      • lisa2 says:

        Sorry too.. I came back because I figured you were talking about the article..

      • Kate says:

        I like her and think she’s pretty. Seems like a cool person to hang out with. How can you dump someone when it’s a PR showmance?

    • m says:

      That’s probably because he’s pretty low maintenance. The last time he was formally papped was when he was working in Italy a few months ago and that’s because the paps knew where to find him. I don’t think he is into the whole celebrity thing as where Kayley is a d lister who is desperate to stay relevant as the ground shrinks beneath her feet.

      • JessicaC says:

        She’s on one of the most popular tv shows, I wouldn’t call her a d-lister. B-list, sure, but not d-list. That’s reserved for people like the Jersey Shore idiots.

      • Lex says:

        No, hard D for her!
        She would have nearly zero face or name recognition outside viewers of the show. She is not famous outside of one of the world’s worst television shows.

        I only realised her name was KALEY after she started popping up on this site.. I thought she was Katey.

        On another note, whose family supports an engagement after knowing someone that short a time? Do some people have no one watching their back?

      • Spooks says:

        I know much more people who know her than who know him. And at least she has a bit of charisma.

      • SamiHami says:

        Hmmm…okay, if you define d lister as the highest paid woman on TV and the female lead on the #1 sitcom on TV. Not to mention all those lucrative ads she’s been doing.

        I wish I could be a d lister like her.

      • Connie says:

        Granted, calling her d-list is extreme but Lex makes a good point in that, if you don’t watch the Big Bang Theory you probably won’t know who she is. Maybe you would recognize her face from somewhere but not necessarily know her name. I think some people mistake being famous for star power. Reality show TV personalities can be famous but they certainly don’t have star power (I know this comparison is a bit extreme). Kaley is famous to people who watch the show but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she has star power or that “it” factor that intrigues people who don’t watch the show.

        Also, Jon Cryer makes millions from Two and a Half Men but he isn’t necessarily a megastar. He’s known for that awful show and for playing Duckie.

      • Nina W says:

        You need to review your grading system if you think she’s D-list. I’ll grant you that her fame is in the realm of TV and for one successful show but that is all it takes. On top of which, boys think she’s hot, she’s considered a geek goddess, and she’s in national commercials with Shatner. Her show is also now in relentless syndication. She may not be your cup of tea and you may not know her name but that doesn’t make her D-list.

      • neha says:

        Agree with those saying that she’s definitely NOT D-List. She’s on the 3rd highest watched TV last season (after only NCIS and Sunday Football), she’s hosted the PCA, receives decent coverage on all the tabloids, and she’s dated an A-lister. She pretty much defines B-list. Sure, there aren’t people who know who she is, but there are many more people that probably don’t know who Bennedict Cumberbatch or Kerry Washington are, but that doesn’t take away from their B-list status.

    • Delorb says:

      I like her, but she seems a bit desperate to get married. Even if it involves a closeted gay guy (that Henry guy). I hope its true love and not her desperation for a ring.

  2. Stef Leppard says:

    Are those their three big dogs?

    • Shantal says:

      They belong to her, and they are all rescues. She’s a pit bull advocate.

      • Stef Leppard says:

        Thanks! I didnt know that. Wow, I like that about her. I’m also an advocate of animal adoption. There are so many wonderful pets sitting in shelters or being euthanized. And pits get a bad rap. They make great pets. I’ve known three pits, two of which were rescues, and they were all little love bugs.

      • Samtha says:

        I didn’t know she was a pb advocate. That makes me like her a lot more.

      • Mauibound says:

        I’ve always liked Kaley, now that I know she is a pittie bull advocate, love her!

  3. hadleyb says:

    ALL celebs call the paps, the queen of pap calling the Kardashians do it on the daily, several times a day.

    AT this least this girl has a real job unlike any of the K’s, and is easy on the eyes and no boobs are pushed into my face.

    God who cares if she calls them? WE KNOW. They ALL do.

    Non story.

    • Spooks says:

      She seem really nice and funny. I like her a lot, Probably because I still love TBBT.

      • Kas says:

        I do not get the snark/hate directed at this woman because she dated Superman for 5 minutes.
        But that’s it. Apparently, she must be eternally shamed.

      • Amanduh says:

        Me too…she seems cute and would be fun to hang out with. Plus, she loves animals… How can anyone hate that??!

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I have heard that she is a really big sweetheart from several people. I feel bad for the anger directed at her.

      • Andrea says:

        I like her ten times more than Gina “monotone” Carano. She seems sweet and has a brain.

        Frankly I think it’s stupid to assume he dumped her. She could have dumped him and I believe she did. I don’t get the hate for her at all.

  4. CeCe says:

    Those dogs are gorgeous…

  5. Funtimes18 says:

    Not to be mean….but did she wrote that copy herself???? The “stunning blonde” ……

    • Erandyn says:

      Hahahaha! My thoughts exactly 😀

    • QQ says:

      Basically!… She is exhausting… Who is making her happen??? (besides herself)

    • emmie_a says:

      Ha! She’s cute at best. …I used to like her before her PR disaster/*relationship* w/Henry C. After that epic failure she should have disappeared for awhile but she just kept at it and now she seems part desperate, part annoying.

  6. MonicaQ says:

    Those dogs are adorable! I just want to play dug of war with em and take em for walks.

  7. Maureen says:

    This woman is really something. Certainly puts Henry Cavill in a different light, doesn’t it? I remember all the backlash was directed at him because “Kaley has never played with the paps! She is so down to earth! She’s more famous than him and doesn’t need to pander to paps!”

    LOL. By the way, it seems that Henry’s back with Gina. There was a sighting in some sports store in Vermont. Staff at the store have a picture with him and said she was definitely there with him helping him shop.

  8. Samtha says:

    I just see the dogs–so gorgeous!

  9. doofus says:

    hahahaha…like everyone else, I’m like “Kaley who?…look at those POOCHIES!”

    crikey, they are gorgeous!

  10. megs283 says:

    Very interesting…compare her constant mugging for the camera with Kellie Pickler, who spent Christmas in Afghanistan with the troups…!

  11. Francesca says:

    Is she in a bunch of commercials, too? Like the Rav 4 genie and the ones with william shatner?

  12. lucy2 says:

    I still can’t get over how she went from quiet life to parading around for the paps and posting everything about her life online 24/7. It’s such a dramatic shift, I don’t get it.

    • Siobhan says:

      Could it be that she isn’t actually doing it, but she gets much more attention now because of Henry?

    • Dani says:

      She’s always been very active on instagram, but the attention she got from Henry just makes everyone follow her more. At least she’s not all secretive and gtfo of my life like most ‘celebs’.

    • Erandyn says:

      I think it’s cos BBT, being on its 7th season, is likely to end soon and she needs to get popular really quick to get new work.

  13. Jacqueline says:

    I don’t know anything about her really, she seems to be loving life this season and she’s a cutie, so I’ve got no problem with that. The pictures of her giving her mom that Lexus were cute.
    I LOVE that black quilted leather jacket.

  14. Santolina says:

    She sure is angling for the spotlight after years of flying under the radar with her dogs and horses (and Johnny Galecki, apparently). The brief publicity circus with Cavill was odd, and now she’s fast-forwarding to marriage with a guy she’s only for known for a few months. I hope she finds happiness.

    • Delorb says:

      I too wish her happiness, but he isn’t her first fiance’ in the last couple of years. She was engaged to another guy soon after she started dating him. That ended quickly. Her ‘hook-up’ with Cavill was all publicity as he’s in the closet. I’m beginning to think that the reason her relationship with Johnny was under the radar was because HE wanted it that way. I’ll bet dollars for donuts that if it were left up to her, it would have been in the papers. Hopefully this guy is the one.

  15. mj says:

    What does it mean that I like KK better than this one. Seriously, judge away cuz I can’t figure out what’s wrong with me this morning.

  16. break says:

    She rescued those 3 pitbull/staff. mixes, and puts sweet videos of them online (and on “ellen”). They hang out in her backyard jacuzzi pool!
    That alone makes me like her enough to just shrug off attention seeking.

  17. Jaded says:

    Love the doggles, couldn’t give a cr*p about Kaley and her betrothed.

  18. nicegirl says:

    CUTE dogs and totally normal looking house and tree in the background of her photos, which is nice.

  19. P.J. says:

    You know, I kind of like Kaley-I have ever since “8 Simple Rules” (RIP Mr. Ritter). She’s a HUGE lover/rescuer/supporter of and philanthropist for animals and like me has been a lifelong horse person 🙂 That said, I found the whole super transparent (no punn intended) Henry Cavill stunt completely inappropriate and confusing. She is a very successful career woman in her own right and though I blame both of their teams equally, the fame-whoring seemed totally out of place considering her rather quiet, under the radar history concerning her dating & personal life.

    I view Kaley the very same way I do Jessica Simpson: cute, silly, fun, funny and entirely harmless. Though she’s already been engaged at least one (or two?) other time(s) that we know about, if she’s finally found real happiness in her own version of Eric Johnson I say more power to them both! 😀

  20. Elodie says:

    Um… receipts that she banged Henry Cavill????