Eric Bana goes shirtless during a family beach vacation: would you shag it?


Good lord. Just what I needed at the start of 2014: some Eric Bana shirtless and damp. I could ride these photos for a whole year! These are pics of Bana, his wife Rebecca Gleeson and their two kids Sophia and Klaus all hanging out on the beach in Melbourne, Australia. Eric seemed to devote a lot of time to paddleboarding with his daughter, which is kind of cute because she didn’t look into it at all. “Gawd, my dad is so embarrassing!! UGH!” That’s what her face says to me.

Anyway, I’m into his body. His arms are gorgeous, and he looks like he’s in good shape but he’s not a gym rat. Like, he runs AND he eats pasta. He lifts weights AND he loves ice cream. Which is hot. Mmm… yes, these photos are working for me. I like his man-fur too. UNF.

I’m kind of surprised how Eric’s career has turned out these days – I had him pegged for massive movie star success around 2005-6, but his movie star trajectory sort of petered out. Maybe that’s what he wanted – he seems to enjoy living in Australia with his family more than he would ever enjoy living the LA life. If you get a chance to see Lone Survivor in theatres now (or soon, I think it’s in limited release), Eric does have a supporting part in that film.




Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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56 Responses to “Eric Bana goes shirtless during a family beach vacation: would you shag it?”

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  1. hadleyb says:

    I’d hit it if he covered his face.

    • Secret Squirrel says:


      Why?? Why would you cover those chocolate brown eyes and that gorgeous dark hair??

    • mia girl says:

      This statement does not compute…

    • V4real says:

      Cover his face say you, you be tripping.
      Eric is the total package.

    • NYC_girl says:

      Oh no no… he has beautiful dark eyes. They look almost black. Loved him in “Munich.” And he is so sexy – I like men with some meat on them. I don’t understand the current aversion to chest hair. Love man fur. Every ad I see has hairless men – it’s so unappealing (to me, at least).

      • zinjojo says:

        Yes, beautiful dark eyes that smolder and love the man fur too! He is so sexy!

        I loved him in Munich too and also Hanna. Would love to see him in a really good role sometime soon!

  2. Amelia says:

    No question – YES.
    Like a house on fire.
    It’s the voice and the eyes that do it for me.

    • Victoria1 says:

      Stole the words outta my mouth… For those who say he’s not sexy go watch a movie and listen to that voice…

  3. Spooks says:

    It’s all Croatian genes, I tell you. Croatian genes :D

    • Ice Maiden says:

      Lol! I SO agree. Not just Croatians, but the whole of the former Yugoslavia is home to a ridiculous number of heart-stoppingly hot men.

      I remember going to Croatia on holiday with a friend some years ago. Just before we were about to leave, she said wistfully that men whose molten hotness would be making her walk into a lamppost anywhere else, were simply passing by on the street without so much as a second glance from her. In just about any other country on earth, they’d be show stoppers. But in Croatia they were only average.


      • Spooks says:

        Aaaaaw, I’m really proud now. Thank you so much ( I know this sound like bragging, but we’re such a small country and no one ever heard of us, so it feels so great when you can saythat someon famous is “ours”).

        Also, did you know that the peoplein the Dinaric Alps ( parts of Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina) are the tallest in the world?

        I’m done now, I promise :D

      • Ice Maiden says:

        You are right to be proud! Do you live in Croatia? Must be like an embarrassment of riches with all those smouldering men on your doorstep!

        Having said that, I haven’t seen too many men in their 40s as gorgeous as Eric. My experience of the men in the fmr Yugoslavia is that they’re meltingly hot in their 20s, but don’t retain the hotness much longer. At 45, Eric is a beautiful exception.

        Yes, I had heard that fmr Yugoslavia is home to some of the world’s tallest people. Apparently, Belgrade is the ‘tallest’ city in the world. Though I think on average, the Dutch are the tallest people in Europe if not the world, and it’s quite noticeable when you go there. I’m 1m62, which is about average in most of Europe, but I felt tiny on my first visit to Holland!

      • Spooks says:

        Yeah, the Dutch are the tallest as a whole, but the region of the Dinaric Alps has really tall people. The people on the coast are taller than people who live in the continental part ( there is also a noticable difference in colouring, people from the coast are much darker). My dad is from that region, he’s 1,80 and the shortest in his family. My uncle and all cousins are above 1,90. I’m 1,72 myself and was in the middle of my class when it comes to height, there were quite a few girls taller than me.

        And Eric is an actor, he can’t really let himself go, can he? Unfortunatelly, most men here do, when they hit a certain age, the food is too good!

      • BooBooLaRue says:

        LOL am booking my next trip back to Croatia as soon as I can. Bana for-evah!

      • Ice Maiden says:

        Excellent idea!

        But don’t blame us if it makes you lose some of your appreciation for Bana! You might just come back saying ”Eric Bana? Meh. The guy who served my breakfast borek in Split was hotter than Eric Bana!”

    • Becks says:

      Haha Spooks. Yes. There are alot of very good looking men in Croatia!

      • sapphire says:

        Hit it? Repeatedly and frequently! Don’t forget the Montenegrin men: extremely tall and if you prefer a rather macho approach…

    • MsT_Shady says:

      Also, can we talk about how good Croatian wine is?! And the food??! Nommm….
      I spent three weeks travelling around Croatia this summer: beautiful, just beautiful.

    • Aussie says:

      I love my fellow Aussie, always and forever. Eric’s my only celebrity crush.
      He is the complete package indeed. Great personality, fantastic sense of humour, beautiful body/face, talented actor and a lovely family man. He’s PERFECT. In every way.

      I want Poiter back!!! :D

      • CleverScreenName says:

        Ha! I was about to say the same, Aussie! POIDER, POIDER, POIDER!!! He is, indeed, everything you described. Sigh…

  4. FreeBunny says:

    Nope, he’s an handsome man but to see him with his family kills everything for me.
    And he’s not a good actor, that should explain his lack of work.

    • Ice Maiden says:

      I agree that Eric isn’t much of an actor, but the same can be said for many big Hollywood stars.

      I think the reason he hasn’t become a huge star is because he has said that his priority is to spend time with his family in Australia. I think he also said that he only accepts two films a year so he doesn’t have to be away with them for too long. Who can blame him? Even if he turns down work, he’s still got way more money than he can ever spend, and not have to deal with the stress and superficiality of LA.

    • PoliteTia says:

      Nice to read a post from someone with morals. I am surprised you read this site.
      Eric Bana ‘killed’ in the flick ‘Hanna’ His love for his (adopted) daughter did shine through.
      The scene where he disrobed and swam across andocean to be with his beloved daughter is forever burned in my mind and heart. He totally rocked that gray suite he while his kicked foreign agents butts

    • Evi says:

      You’re quite naive to associate acting quality with work frequency.
      Mel Gibson is a good actor, one of the best, but he doesn’t get frequent work either.
      Daniel Day Lewis only accepts one role every two years. So your point or argument is quite flawed indeed.
      Getting work in Hollywood depends on bankability. If you’re good box office, then you get work – regardless of whether your’e good or not. If you read the memoir by Chris Snyder, you’ll find that an actor like Joaquin Phoenix turned down the role that went to Wahlberg, for Boogie Nights. The film went on to be a box office hit, Wahlberg got most of the roles and/or offers/scripts after that [ahead of Phoenix], while Phoenix struggled. Now if you ask me, Wahlberg is quite a crap actor, and yet there you have it.
      Eric Bana is not a bad actor. The fact he doesn’t appear in every film is because he hasn’t chosen to sell his soul to parasitic agents and executives and isn’t motivated by greed and narcissism. Bana was quite successful in Australia for many years before he acted in films.

    • Ely says:

      lol he pretty much gave up Hollywood for a life in aus with his family.

  5. Jennifer12 says:

    I like that he wants to be a working actor, but doesn’t care if he’s A list. And his body is sexy and doesn’t feel like a steroid taker’s dream. #hititforsure

  6. blue marie says:

    Umm yeah, why is this even a question?

  7. paola says:

    oh. my. god.

  8. Ciru says:

    Indeed, it would be shagged. Indeed.

  9. jinni says:

    His daughter looks like a cute version of a child between Selena Gomez and Freddie Munster.

  10. CeCe says:

    Super hot…he is so well proportioned…you can tell in his legs. I never realized he had such a great bod. I’m buying my husband those swim trunks…and painting him green.

    • Ice Maiden says:

      ”I never realized he had such a great bod. ”

      Which must mean you’re one of the few women out there who hasn’t seen ‘Troy’! Eric’s perfect nearly naked body was on frequent display in that film. And people wonder why, despite the corny dialogue and cardboard characters, it was so very popular with women of all ages….

  11. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    He doesn’t appeal to me. Much to his relief, I’m sure.

  12. Brickyard Ute says:

    OMG. Not a good actor? He was the ok ly saving grace for Troy. Both acting and looks. I
    Love him and love that he spends time with his family. Great post

  13. mia girl says:

    Hell yes I’d shag him! I’d shag him like a bad 70′s carpet.

  14. Nikole says:

    I would hit it. Like the fist of an angry god, I WOULD HIT IT.

  15. Tig says:

    Yesssss! And I enjoy his work- he was so good in Munich, and that’s saying something as that was such a horribly depressing movie.

  16. mel says:

    Hell yeah I’d hit it.

    He’s getting hotter the older he gets too.


  17. Jayna says:

    Dayum. What a beautiful specimen of a man. He has a really solid physique. I love his arms and great legs for a man. If only it was a nude shot of him on the board and no daughter at his feet., my viewing pleasure would have been complete. LOL

  18. stanhope says:

    He has NO ASS!!! That body is a “C” if that in Hollywood. The face is nice enough but the body is chunky.

  19. Kim1 says:

    I just checked his filmography I haven’t seen Any of his films.So I don’t know if he is a great actor.I would pass on him though.I don’t find him attractive .

  20. Reece says:

    1st thought: HELLS YEAH!
    2nd thought: Ohhh, the kid killed it for me.
    3rd thought: Family time is so nice to see.

  21. Becks says:

    Yes. I would still hit it. Forever!

  22. BluRnnr says:

    YES! I would!! I’ve crushed on Banana since HS. LOL He’s looking good!!

  23. Baskingshark says:

    Eric is a very nice guy but will not take any role that requires him to be away from home in Australia for more than a few weeks, hence the quietening-down of his career of late.

  24. hopperlea says:

    Totally beautiful. *swoon*

  25. Sam H x says:

    Why on earth would you want to cover that gorgeous face?! He is foine as hell, time has been good to Eric.

    I don’t blame him for not wanting to be away from his family too long, his kids are growing up and maybe he doesn’t want to miss that.

    I guess he makes a nice amount of money from doing two movies a year to support his family. Maybe that’s why he’s not so bothered about being a huge movie star and has settled for a steady career without the paparazzi intrusion.

  26. Vodkette says:

    I’ve met Eric….he is very handsome in person, is very normal, and very family oriented. I’m so glad he’s not slipped into the creepy Hollywood life. So if that means he doesn’t have a ton of roles, I am all for it. Happy for his wife and children. Cheers to you, Chopper!

  27. taxi says:

    I think he deserved an Oscar nom for Munich. He showed how doing the “job” assigned by his Prime Minister affected him personally in very subtle & believable ways.

    I’ve read a quote from him that he does 1 movie each year & always takes his family on location with him. His value system doesn’t appear to require much attention or adulation from H’wood. His father-in-law is the Chief Justice of Australia’s Supreme Court, so his wife may not have aspired to life as a tabloid topic either.

  28. jaye says:

    Nah…he doesn’t do it for me. And EVERYONE does it for me. I’m kind of a slut that way.

  29. SF*USA says:

    Absolutely !!! I can’t imagine a sane woman passing him up – too bad you can see how insanely in love he is w his WIFE *sigh*