Jennifer Aniston jealous of her BFF hair guy Chris McMillan’s work with Miley Cyrus


Maybe I knew this at one point and simply forgot it, but I really didn’t know/remember that Jennifer Aniston’s main hair dude Chris McMillan was the architect of Miley Cyrus’s hairstyles as well. As in, Aniston and Miley share the same guy. Would you have guessed that? I would not. I would think that Miley would try to get Pink’s hair person before Jennifer’s. Anyway, Radar is trying to make something of it. They’re trying to claim that Jennifer is pissed at Chris because he’s been spending too much time with Miley and that Miley’s hair has been pulling focus from The Only Hair That Matters In America.

Jennifer Aniston wants her longtime “mane” man, hairstylist Chris McMillan, to focus on HER look — instead of that of his new superstar client, Miley Cyrus, has learned.

The sexy 2013 success of twerk queen Cyrus, 21, has been partly attributed to her blonde pixie cut created by McMillan, famed for giving Aniston “The Rachel” hairdo for her Friends character in the 1990s.

“Miley has radically remade her look with the help of handpicked hairdresser Chris, but the successful creative collaboration between the pair is headed for splitsville because of Jen,” a source told Radar.

“Jen has gotten very impatient with Chris’ constant attention to Miley — as well as the fact that Miley’s hair is getting so many headlines.”

According to the source, Aniston isn’t planning a Cyrus-style blonde crew cut of her own, but “she does want Chris to refocus on her image in the coming year, as she has three movies in the pipeline with big potential in 2014.”

As Radar has previously reported, Aniston has been planning a new bad ass makeover, recently trying out a shorter haircut (which McMillan called “a chewed up bob”) and getting clothes advice from style guru Kate Young.

Meanwhile, last August, McMillan spoke out about working with Cyrus, saying about her hair: “We’re growing it out. Up and over is the new direction. We’re keeping it short on the sides and back until the top gets longer.”

McMillan was also photographed with Cyrus for Cosmopolitan. And all his attention to Miley has left Jen, 44, apparently fuming, the source said. The source said: “Jen wants Chris to lay off Miley for a while. It’s become an ultimatum. She has been dissatisfied with the situation for a long time, and things seem to have reached a breaking point.”

[From Radar]

“A breaking point…” Just like Aniston’s hair reached its breaking point when she and Chris decided to do a formaldehyde treatment which burned off America’s Favorite Hair. Chris did his best to save what he could, but I think that was probably a bigger “breaking point” in their collaboration, even if the treatment was Jennifer’s idea in the first place (and I have no idea if it was). That being said, Jennifer and Chris are business partners in Living Proof, the haircare line which they both claim can tame Jennifer’s wild Greek hair (you know, except for the fact that she feels the need to burn that sh-t with formaldehyde). Money will keep Aniston and Chris together. As for Miley’s hair… I don’t think Chris has anything to be proud of there, but whatever.




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  1. Jessica says:

    In the pic where Jen has glasses on her head, she looks at lot like Chelsea Handler–like I almost thought it was Handler for a moment.

  2. Moiselle says:

    As if Jennifer Aniston would have a hair style other than the one she’s been sporting for 10+ years.
    As if Jennifer Ansiton would trying a more daring, short style.

    • Gee says:

      Right?! When you’re a hairstylist you want to actually style someone. I’d jump at the chance to give someone a daring cut, well if I had sort of skill at that thing.

      • tk says:

        I agree A stylist wants to do more than chop 2-3 inches of a clients hair for their entire career. I think 1 time she / he went hog wild and chopped 5 inches off but he had to put extensions in the next week.

      • Bitca says:

        Actually, I think Miley’s cut itself was & is lovely as well as daring. It’s what SHE seems to do to her hair that is dreadful—cannot believe this guy is taking credit for the nasty antler-stub pig-tails. Sans the horn-stubs, the short hair really does bring out her best facial features.

        What was the last Pathetically Superficial Hair-dresser Fight? Guy who styled Jessica Simpson “cheated” on her; right? But cannot recall with whom. Hope this one won’t waste so much server space…

  3. doutzen says:

    Nobody is jealous of Miley. Nobody.

  4. blue marie says:

    Meh, that is something out of nothing, the story sounds completely ridiculous.

  5. Ag says:

    The dude’s creations are nothing to write home about.

  6. Luca26 says:

    Wouldn’t it be a trip if the real reason behind her selfies and ear piercing escapades wasn’t trouble with Justin but some odd competition with Miley?

    • Sullivan says:

      Funny. Now that would be good gossip. Aniston is competing with a woman half her age for the undivided attention of her hair guy. I like it. Her hair will not share.

      • Luca26 says:

        Yeah it would be juicy, and funny , and totally different from the same old lovelorn baby deprived Jen stories. So I’m going to amuse myself by believing it despite the probability that it’s B.S.

    • Anon says:

      Even though Miley’s behavior is over the top to most (to say the least), the girl sells a lot of records and gets the magazine covers. No wonder the stylist and Jen are name-dropping. ..what was Jen saying about wanting to be “bad-ass”?

      • doutzen says:

        People already seem to be losing interest in Miley. Miley has relied on scandal rather than talent to get fans ( mostly teens). Now her attempts to be shocking have met with a lot of eye rolls.
        Think what you want about Jen but to those attracted to her ‘good girl’ image aren’t going to get bored. They like that she is the same. My sister loves her and bought her living proof products as soon as they became available.

  7. Kim1 says:

    As usual BS story from Radaronline

  8. Nicolette says:

    It wouldn’t matter so much if there was something more to her than her hair.

    • Size Does Matter says:

      Totally agree! When was the last Aniston headline that wasn’t about her hair, her uterus, or her love life?

  9. mkyarwood says:

    So, he’s going for a Bladerunner head for Miley? Isn’t that a decade backwards from the 90′s wannabe vibe she throws?

  10. paola says:

    I can never understand the drama behind a haircut. It’s just hair!!!
    I truly don’t get it. Ok maybe Miley went a bit hardcore with her haircut but Jennifer Aniston has had the same haircut since she first appeared in tv. The only different thing is just the lenght of the bob.

    • don't kill me i'm french says:

      the hair is important if not why some religions want to hide it

      • Cecilia says:

        Your comment is brilliant. I never thought of it like that.

      • Maya says:

        Not only for religion but we as humans also gets upset seeing grey hair or losing hair. It affects the way we feel about ourselves and the confidence we have in our appearances.

      • Sal says:

        Some religions also want to hide a woman’s ankles and wrists. That doesn’t make them important. Its the head, neck and part of the face they are hiding, not the actual hair.

      • ennie says:

        Do not kill me, but I understand that it is the actual hair, the “glory” of the woman”, something that only the husband should see. For Catholics, it has not been an “obligation” to wear head coverings to church since the 60s, as I understand. I recall my mom wearing one, but we 70′s and 60′s children on never ever have, and as we live in a hot place, we can go even wearing shorts or berudas to church, even tho in important churches or more conservative places they do demand to be better dressed.
        I cannot fathom the idea of women covering their hair, or face, I just cannot understand , that and some other things would stop me from visiting Islamic countries, as beautiful as they are. A friend of mine visited Egypt in a group and somehow she became stranded of her group and she had a hard time talking to people at customs, who were demanding to talk to “her man” WTF!!!!!!!
        Sorry for the out of place rant. I feel that we women are second class citizens in some places.

  11. bluhare says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me. She’s in her mid forties. I hope to whatever diety you worship that there’s more to her thinking than her hair.

    • June says:

      It does not seem like it through. Her hair is the main thing she ever talks about, along with her body and baby plans. Hair , Mexico, Friends, Hair again, tanning sum up her life.

      And all people ever talk about in regards to her is her hair and body because she really has nothing else going for her.

    • P.J. says:

      THIS @Bluhare

  12. Soulsister says:

    Oh wow. Another article about Jennifer Aniston’s hair. It’s really pathetic that her achievements are so lacking, that her hair is all written publications can find to talk about when they want to write stories about her.

    • Sal says:

      Agreed, Soulsister.

    • Cecilia says:

      Looks like Jen/Justin & friends were all invited to George Clooney’s NY’s Eve party. Prior to that, Clooney hosted an intimate dinner for close family and friends a few days after Christmas which Jen & Justin attended as well. Howard & Beth were invited too. Howard said that they hired people to hose down the paps that were off-shore trying to get pics.
      Jen is connected with many friends — you gotta give her that. People obviously like her & want to be around her. So yes, she must be more than hair.

      • Sal says:

        Oh please, her only friends are those she had when married to Pitt (Clooney) or Friends, or CAA clients. Apart from that, her friends are the calibre of Handler and Richardson – hardly people you’d want to be known for. Being ‘connected with many friends’ don’t count for a hill of beans when those friends are perverts almost pedophilic in nature, scummy and agent friends. If that is her type of ‘connection’ then I feel so SO incredibly sorry for her.

      • Maya says:

        Like I have said many times – Jennifer doesn’t have any friends outside CAA and Hollywood. Jennifer only has showbusiness friends whom she uses for her own gain and she always releases pictures of any parties she holds or going to parties or statements that she went to this famous person’s party.

        Many celebs in the world goes to their friends parties but do they release pictures or statements publishing that like Jennifer Aniston – the Queen of fake showbiz friendships and pr manipulations?

      • Soulsister says:

        Jen is connected with many friends — you gotta give her that? um why

        Really can’t say much for the quality of her friends though. Considering that Stern and Handler regularly used her for the butt of their jokes for years (Stern saying that he could understand why Brad dumped her), I would say that it’s kinda pathetic that she went out of her way to befriend these people. Kinda reeks of the need for approval and to be validated to me rather than the healthy basis for a friendship.

        How about Jen hangs out with her family once in a while. And while she is at it, tries to accomplish something more meaningful that constantly talking about her hair, going to Cabo every year and making mediocre movies.

      • ANDREA1 says:

        I just feel like giving you a hug now for this comment… This is the best comment I have read So far in 2014.. You said it all truthfully and totally hit the nail on the head. ;) you rock :)

      • The Original G says:

        Why is it so important to keep insisting that Jen not only has important hair, she has important friends too? And who does that besides a PR shill?

  13. Maya says:

    Another news is that Howard Stern is sucking up to Jennifer and Justin right after their little paid holiday together. We all predicted this will happen and viola here it is. Now we will just wait for then he will start attacking Jen’s exes and their partners and children.

    • Cecilia says:

      Come on…you can make up better stuff than this.

      • Maya says:

        Sorry babe – unlike you Jennifer fans who make up stuff to validate your points – I only deal with facts and always has valid evidence to support my claim.

        Howard gave an interview to yahoo and was praising Jennifer and her gigolo – go see it there.

    • Just Passing Through says:

      What I’d like to know, though, is how credible is this “viola”? ;)

  14. Josephine says:

    My take away is that Jen is doing too many selfies for someone on the A-list. Please, for the love of all things holy, grown women need to stop with the selfies. So immature and dlist, especially when duck lips are involved.

  15. Ruyana says:

    I don’t believe for one minute that Anniston is jealous of Chris doing Miley’s hair. Why would she be? He butchered Miley’s hair and made her look like an a$$.

    • Sullivan says:

      Oh, Ruyana, it wasn’t Chris’s hairstyling that made an ass of Miley. I think this post is saying Aniston is jealous of the time Chris is spending with Miley’s hair.

      • Ruyana says:

        Yup, I think the hair is awful. The twerking, showing off lady bits and hanging with Uncle Terry just amplify it all.

  16. The Original G says:

    People do talk about Miley, and she inspite of the adult handwringing is is very popular among the young. You know, the young? The people who actually buy music and movie tickets and hair products?

    BTW, Miley’s cut HAS been widely copied.

  17. P.J. says:

    “Jen has gotten very impatient with Chris’ constant attention to Miley — as well as the fact that Miley’s hair is getting so many headlines.”

    Oh for f**k’s sake! I love makeup, clothes, shoes and beauty products as much as anyone, but is this a very successful, 40-something year old career woman in 2013 that we’re talking about here?! She’s jealous of the attention another (over 20 years younger) woman’s HAIR is getting?? Sigh.

    The saddest part? I actually believe it.

    • Cecilia says:

      The saddest part? I actually believe it.

      I’ve got a nice bridge for sale that you might be interested in.

      • P.J. says:

        What @Cecilia? You’re of the belief that all of the countless stories about Jen’s notorious fear of aging and insecurities are false? Ok. To each their own.

        Thanks for the offer btw. I was just saying to a friend that I’m in the market for a new bridge!!

      • Cecilia says:

        Yes, to each their own.

        You want a bridge. I have a bridge. Perfect!! Lol !!

      • Sal says:

        Is that the same bridge that you bought where you thought Aniston is ‘well-connected’ lol, still pmsl at that.

      • Holly says:

        Sal, I really worry about your incontinence problem.

      • meh says:

        ” I really worry about your incontinence problem. ”
        Okay, this made me laugh.

  18. Bea says:

    Could have timed this one with an egg timer. An Aniston article about her hair. Groundbreaking.

    So let’s just get the Aniston headlines out of the way for 2014 now, shall we?

    Jen: Pregnant at Last!
    Jen: Pregnant and alone!
    Jen: My hair grew an inch!
    Jen: My wedding details!
    Jen: We feel married, we don’t know when the day will be!
    Jen: I thought he loved me like Brad didn’t, I was wrong!
    Jen: My miracle baby!
    Jen: My hair grew another 1/2 inch when I drank Smartwater!
    Jen: The wedding date is set!
    Jen: No wedding, no man, no baby – but hair!
    Jen: My baby has hair!

  19. Tippy says:

    It was widely reported that McMillan jumped ship last year to focus on Kim Kardashian’s hair.

    Both stories sound like BS, but it’s more about the relationship(s) and less about the hair.

  20. lisa2 says:

    Aniston and that Chris guy look like Brother and Sister.

  21. ann h says:

    Being Jen’s hairstylist would be like eating the same salad everyday for 20 years.

  22. Pies says:

    Wild Greek hair…? Sorry if the lady doth protest too much but most Greek women have straight or wavy and thin (in a bad way) hair – mine as well – so I don’t think this generalization according to ethnicity is accurate… Not offended (of course), just sayin’