Ali Lohan has been skipping school


No one in the Lohan family is known for their brains. Or their academic commitment. What they are known for is their incessant attention whoring. So it should come as no surprise that young Ali Lohan has decided she prefers hanging out with older sister Lindsay in L.A. to going to classes at her school in Long Island. According to her friends, Ali has skipped so much school that her teachers are wondering if she’s ever coming back.

If Ali Lohan has her way, school would be out – forever! While she’s been spotted parading around L.A. with her famous big sis, a friend tells Start that Our Lady of Mercy Academy in Syosset, N.Y., has been wondering if she plans to walk their halls. But the 15-year-old, who recently enrolled in the private all-girls institution, loves the lure of fame out west so much, she wants to play hooky indefinitely! Unfortunately, the law may have something to say – she’s required to attend classes full-time until she turns 16.

[From Star, February 2, 2009, print ed.]

Yes, Ali can’t drop out until she’s 16, but she could get a tutor. There are plenty of kids who don’t attend traditional schools – many of them in California. If she likes it there so much, it seems to make more sense that she and Dina move. Missing a ton of school to hang out with partying Lindsay doesn’t seem like the best solution. Perhaps living in L.A. full-time and going to school full-time would be better. Then Ali could still be corrupted by Lindsay after 3 o’clock every day.

Worst case scenario, Ali should have a tutor traveling with her if she’s absent from school for long periods of time. Obviously hanging out with Lindsay is a terrible reason not to be in class, but she’s Ali’s sister – there’s no way to keep Lohan from morally bankrupting the girl. With that family, it’s just bound to happen. The best you can hope for is to make the young ones follow the rules for as long as possible, just in case they surprise us and end up doing something useful.

Here’s Ali going shopping with Lindsay and their mom Dina on January 23rd. Images thanks to Bauer-Griffin.


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  1. Annie says:

    Great. Just what we need, more uneducated Lohans in the world.


  2. Enonymous says:

    At least Lindsay had already couple of movies under her belt when she was Ali’s age, what has Ali done to become famous and secure a career in showbiz.

  3. vdantev says:

    I did the same growing up, but you grow out of it. But that’s one unhappy kid, I tell you.

  4. OXA says:

    Never mind school,at 15 I would never have worn anything as low cut as her top.

  5. 99 says:

    Exploited, trashy and illiterate is no way to live your life, girl.

  6. Mairead says:

    How many of the ladies here would have gone out with that much cleavage and their mother in tow at 15? Again, she’s being encouraged to portray a sexuality that looks like it’s being marketed towards older men.

    But why are these girls being made to be the workhorses of the family whilst the boys are left to basically get on with school and “normality”? We forget there are two (?) boys in that family – their father never bothers his arse to mention them and their mother obviously can’t live vicariously through them. Or do the lads just have more f****ng cop-on?

  7. photo jojo says:

    My daughter is 15 today. Her goals? A masters in linguistics at 27 and a job with a multinational corporation, after a stint in the Peace Corp. 🙂

  8. What says:

    As much as I dislike Ali, 15 year olds do dress like that now days. Anyone that has walked down a hallway in a public high school knows that thats how girls dress now days.

  9. Sandra says:

    Does anyone else think that Ali looks like Ashlee Dupree?

  10. voodoobetty says:

    For god sakes, whats a 45 yr old woman doing in school anyway?

  11. doodahs says:

    I doubt Ali is going to have much of any career. This makes me sad because she really does model herself after her sister but isn’t mature enough to understand the down side of Lilo’s ‘fame’. The parents are shockingly irresponsible and although Ali might someday see the light, I think she is blinded by living La Lohan. I hope the emptiness doesn’t swallow her up when she is old enough to see through it.

  12. pfft says:

    Woo! Good choice for a role model, Ali! It must be awful having a has-been, vapid, useless, laughing stock for a sister. Oh wait, Ali doesn’t seem to have noticed. Hmm…..who is the stupidest Lohan? That’s a toughie. I mean, there are so many promising candidates vying for the honor.

  13. Bodhi says:

    Shock me, shock me, shock me. Dina Lohan has set her child up for failure in hopes of boosting the family name.

    Excellent point, Mairead. Maybe the boys put their feet down (man, that’s a weird thing to type) & refused to go into the biz. I hate to say it, but maybe girls are more susceptible to the bright lights & fame brouhaha.

  14. Codzilla says:

    99: Damn straight.

  15. Aubrey says:

    Everyone skips school as a kid. Leave her alone.

  16. xiaoecho says:

    Poor Ali. She’s a child who’s done nothing to anyone yet rarely does anyone have anything good to say about her

  17. Because I Say So says:

    Aubrey- but when you skipped school, it wasn’t to hang out with your mom, was it? I think the point is that her mother encourages her to break rules only in the hopes of increasing her other child’s “fame”. This isn’t just some simple teen skipping class, but being on the other side of the country to live it up with the hot mess known as her sister. I think that’s what people are reacting to, the fact she apparently has her mother’s permission

  18. Jill says:

    This is fake. She was in LA for a week at the most. She was home schooled in the past so it’s very unlikely she would quit school.

    People really do believe everything they read.

  19. Bodhi says:

    Actually, I never skipped school. But it was nearly impossible to get away with, so no one really bothered.

    And Jill, a whole week away from school ( especially elementary, middle, & high school) IS a big deal. That is a ton of work to learn & make-up. And, given that Dina is clearly oblivious to a child’s educational needs, this story seems totally plausible.

  20. Wacky says:

    Horrible implants for a 15 year old. I guess that’s more important than school. She really needs to finish her education because beauty is not on her side.

  21. doodahs says:

    She is 15, I think people need to ease off on her. She is not making these choices – her mother is. Who at 15 really knows what’s right for them and who at 15, if encouraged by their parents, wouldn’t want to be a friggin’ rock star or movie star? Teenagers thrive under guidance and boundaries… Seems like these girls have had none. Bad choices made now are down to the parents, once she’s 18, then let the lashings begin… jeez.

  22. Ally says:

    Being uneducated and empty-brained sets you up for unhappiness and chemical abuse. Exhibit One: la Lohan Sr. & Britney.

  23. ChristinaX says:

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    And no, not all kids skip school, Aubrey. Maybe you did, but most people including myself didn’t.

    About Allie Lohan’s cleavage situation, I have seen 15 year olds wearing worse than that, especially what with that emo fad or whatever where all the girls wear shorts that are so short you can see their asscracks.

  24. evilive says:

    some other website brought up the fact that dakota fanning has a 2 month age difference from ali lohan and seems to be doing well…
    i mean fanning prolly had to do a script reading for push,war of the worlds and charlotte’s web and ali lohan did a script reading for an ex-porn director…

  25. DLR in Canada says:

    Maybe Ali is home-schooled or takes her classes by distance education and that’s why she doesn’t need to go to school? Just a thought.

  26. Whitey Fisk says:

    Amen, 99.

    Please note that “Ali Lohan has been skipping school” is right above an article titled: “Lindsay Lohan throws a fit on airplane, drinking again, fighting w/Sam”…

    Moral of the story: stay in school, kids. And try to be born to someone not named Dina Lohan.

  27. Sally says:

    Why does Lindsay always wear that disgusting pink lipstick? She looks like such a chav!

  28. Scooter says:

    My mom would never have let me leave the house dressed like Ali. Then again, I’m a successful, grounded college-educated adult nowadays…I’m sure my parents rules and guidance had something to do with that.

  29. Terri says:

    Way to go Dina! You’re creating yet another spawn who, once used up and tossed to the curb due to her lack of talent, will neither have a skill set with which to support herself, nor enough education to even join the Army. Keep up the great work, Mom!!

  30. Exploited, trashy and illiterate is no way to live your life, girl.

  31. Uzay says:

    Great post..Thank you for sharing..

  32. erin says:

    ok. for those of you who say she only ditched school for a week, i went to school with her… and she was NEVER there. not to mention she couldnt survive without boys and could not stand the academic pressure of such a prestigious school. if she is going to try school, maybe one that is less academically intense. even the smartest girls cant stand the pressure at our lady of mercy