Gwyneth Paltrow on GOOP: F’ck the haters

Gwyneth Paltrow wraps up against the cold as she leaves Madonna'
In an interview with Elle UK, Gwyneth Paltrow revealed that she was personally hurt by online criticism of her lifestyle website, GOOP. She expressed a lack of understanding that anyone could dislike anything she tried to do, and claimed that she’s “a good person.” She also swore in the interview, claimed she liked to drink, and added that she would smoke if it wasn’t so bad for her. See, Gwyneth is just a normal person with expensive taste we should admire!

“F**k the haters! I saw this blog of people writing horrible things about me and, for a second, your ego is so wounded,” Paltrow, 36, says in the March issue of Elle UK. “How could people hate me, my intentions or what I’m trying to do? I’m a good person and I’m trying to put good things into the world.”

Paltrow may be obsessed with ‘nourishing the inner aspect,’ and it’s a reputation she’s known for touting. But if you think she’s a prude, think again.

“I’m probably less square than people think,” she insists. “I never get drunk to the point of throwing up. But I get very talkative.”

She also tells the mag she misses her days as a smoker. “Man, I wish smoking didn’t kill you,” she reveals. “I’d be smoking right now. I miss it.”

[From Elle via OK! Magazine]

Macleans has a great take on Gwyneth’s foray into lifestyle advice. They say that it’s telling the Gwyneth thinks she’s helping the masses with her enlightened recommendations while other celebrities actually do give back with concerted charity efforts and volunteering. Maybe Gwyneth should take comfort in her recipes, reading list, and expensive baubles and quit worrying that other people think she’s a pompous ass for trying to thrill us with the details of her fabulous life, restrictive diet, and dimestore spirituatlity. She’ll soon be partners with a known con artist, her scamming trainer Tracy Anderson, and she’ll have a lot more to worry about than some negative reactions to her newsletter.

Gwyneth Paltrow is shown leaving Madonna’s house in NY on 1/16/09. Credit: Splash News

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29 Responses to “Gwyneth Paltrow on GOOP: F’ck the haters”

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  1. Jessica says:

    Didnt she used to smoke the w33d with Brad Pitt??

  2. Anastasia Beaverhausen says:

    Yep. A kick in the Hot Pocket it just what she needs.

  3. vdantev says:

    I was thinking kick in the throat, Anastasia.

  4. KDRockstar says:

    Aim higher with those kicks, please.

    And wow, is she raw. Ciggie smoking and saying the f word? Whew. Go calm yourself with some macrobiotic cookie dough.

  5. DD says:

    “and, for a second, your ego is so wounded” …
    So I grew a third layer of skin to act as a barrier between the real world and my inflated ego.

  6. Kim says:

    Don’t nobody care about her. I wish they would drop her from the movie Ironman because I can’t stand her in it.

  7. Kaiser says:

    I find it hilarious that this whole GOOP nonsense is the most press she’s gotten in *years*.

  8. Rebecca says:

    Hm. How about this. If you don’t like her website, don’t read it.

  9. anna says:

    Kick her in the head!!!!

  10. jim says:

    she should not be let outside without make-up. if she is 36 then they were 36 hard years.

  11. Somerset says:

    “I’m probably less square than people think,” she insists. “I never get drunk to the point of throwing up. But I get very talkative.”

    hmm… isn’t her incessant gabbing and telling everyone else how to live their lives what makes her a square in the first place?

    “square”…. she’s so hip and trendy with the vocab words. She should make a section of GOOP for outdated slang phrases! That should wow the little people she looks down on!

  12. james says:

    I saw her recently on a PBS (?) food show with Mario Batali touring Spain and she was exactly what the title of this site says(CB)–She thinks she is so perfect but it is refreshing that she has been taken down a few notches.

  13. Codzilla says:

    The Public on Gwyneth: F*ck You.

  14. saffron says:

    I’ve always liked her, but I do think if her intention is to enlighten the masses, she has missed the mark.

    Her Spanish food tour is okay, but she always seems to inject the high life where it doesn’t belong, which would not be a problem if she didn’t purport to be so down to earth. She simply isn’t down to earth. During one episode, for example, Mario is talking about espadrilles and asking her if she liked them. She says that yeah, what the heck, she likes them and that Christian Laboutin came out with espadrilles a season or two earlier.

    Um, okay. Why would anyone buy Laboutin espadrilles for god knows how much money? Mario’s point was that the shoe was a shoe of the people and a Mediterranean norm.

    I kinda didn’t like her so much after that comment.

    But I do like that she’s trying to share her knowledge and experiences with those of us who may not have had access to such privilege. Without irony, I do. It’s… benevolent. But I’d like her more if she came down to earth.

  15. Granger says:

    I’m sure Gwyneth really is “a good person.” And I’m sure those of us who can’t stand GOOP are just the tiniest bit jealous that somebody whose whole life has been handed to her on a silver platter would presume to tell us how to live well. But she still chaps my ass. She just comes across as so smug and self-righteous, and completely spoiled.

  16. geronimo says:

    Granger – Jealousy?! Well I for one can say, hand on heart, that I am not now nor have I ever been even the tiniest bit jealous of Paltrow. I just can’t stand her pretentious stupidity and find her and her equally dull, pretentious husband good for nothing but an eye-rolling laugh. No jealousy here!

  17. lara says:

    Well, the only thing I envy her a bit is all the money she has. Sure, money doesn’t make you happy but at least her bank account pays all the bills and then some more. As for the rest of her life, there’s just nothing to be jealous about. Her career has gone down the toilet, her husband looks like a tool and, worse, he makes elevator music. Instead of really being above all things, as she’s trying to make us believe, she cares very much what all the “haters” think of her, otherwise she wouldn’t address this in interviews. As Kaiser said it, Goop is the only thing that keeps her in the public eye and she desperately tries to cling to any level of fame she once had. *shrug* and sigh, I cannot hate on her, back in he day she was a promising young actress, but now she’s fooling herself with her webpage and deep down she probably knows it.

  18. luckystar says:

    I have no hate for Gwyneth and keep up the GOOP work! I envy everything about her and her life as should you — very good actress, poise and beauty, great kids, great hubby. So she is putting out a Web site. So frikking what. What are you doing with your extra time, haters, but throwing up your negative energy? It’s called free speech as you know and G is working it.

  19. lara says:

    You know, I was wondering who on earth is subscribing to her newsletters, since, it seems, she’s posting them anyway on her website. Well, of the many questions I have at least this one has been answered ;-).

  20. John Jorsett says:

    How much of a loser do you have to be to get worked up about what any celebrity says or does? More power to Paltrow. I won’t be reading GOOP, but good for her if she wants to blog.

  21. daisy424 says:

    Take enlightened recommendations from a girl who reads about herself on blogs?
    I’ll pass, thank you.

    I bet she Googles herself also.

  22. Madelyn Rose says:

    I really like Goop too and I like Gwyneth! There is nothing wrong with having good taste and being well put-together. She does come from a upper class background, so why expect her to pretend to be something she isn’t? I have repsect for her bc she is who she is, she doesn’t pretend to be “just like us.” Keep it up, Gwyneth!

    People just love to tear others down. That is culture America has turned into, unfortunately. But you now what – it only makes you feel worse after saying something bad about someone else — not better.

    I love Spain…On the Road Again. I didn’t see the espadrille comment, but I would have taken the Louboutin thing tongue in cheek. Hell, it sounds like something I would say! Not because I have a closet full of them, but because I definitely do read Vogue and keep up with collections, etc. Anyway…I thought the show portrayed her as being fun, knowledgeable about food/wine but not snobby about it, and really interested in travel and other cultures.

  23. inat says:

    Is it just me or is her torso like 5 feet long from neck to crotch in this picture?

  24. Cha Cha says:

    LOL I think it’s hilarious that she started off saying, “F@*k the haters!” That is something that a lot of celebrity blog commenters would say on here and other sites. I wonder if she goes on these sites and disguises her name taking up for herself and cussing people out! Well Ms. Full of Herself has a bit of a confidence problem after all.

    I have a thread of sympathy for Fish sticks after all.

  25. Anastasia Beaverhausen says:

    Then it’s decided. I’ll kick her in the hot pocket, someone else kick her in the throat and someone else kick her in the head.


    Lather, rinse, repeat. GO AWAY GWYNYTH.

  26. drm says:

    @lara “her husband looks like a tool and worse he makes elevator music…”

    VFF…and so true…

  27. barneslr says:

    What a self absorbed idiot. She actually, honestly believes that the world is just waiting anxiously to hear hear pearls of wisdom, and is shocked to learn that it isn’t? What a letdown for someone with such a monumentally gargantuan ego.

  28. kate says:

    hmmmm…..sounds like someone needs to get over herself.

  29. jsan says:

    GOOP looks and reads like a blog and she should keep it that way. Leave it to her friends and people who like her to read. Who cares what anyone else thinks? That may be the lesson, if she was hoping to “enlighten” others.