Ronan Farrow, Mia Farrow tweet about Woody Allen’s Golden Globe tribute


Back in October of last year, Mia Farrow opened up the box full of family secrets when she gave a lengthy and extremely personal interview to Vanity Fair. The big headline that came out of the VF piece was that Mia’s son Ronan Farrow is possibly/probably Frank Sinatra’s son rather than Woody Allen’s son – Ronan had grown up thinking he was Woody’s son, but now Mia is saying that she was totally banging Frank around that time too. The VF article also rehashed – with some new interviews – Mia’s old charges that Woody had molested her daughter Dylan when Dylan was 7 years old. Woody (through his rep) continues to deny those accusations, but Mia, Ronan and all of Dylan’s siblings (except for Soon-Yi, obviously) have come out in support of Dylan.

Why the recap? Because at the Golden Globes, Woody Allen received the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement. Woody did not go to the Globes to pick up his award – it was presented by Emma Stone and accepted by Woody’s ex-girlfriend and former muse (and friend) Diane Keaton (who is totally looney-birds). Woody never comes to these events and he really doesn’t seem to give a sh-t about the awards, so the whole thing would have been a non-story (except for Diane Keaton being nutty). Except that Ronan and Mia decided to pitch a fit about it on Twitter. Ronan got the ball rolling by tweeting this:

ronan tweet

The easy answer is no, the Cecil B. DeMille package did not include accusations from Ronan’s sister. Mia retweeted Ronan’s tweet and then added some more, including this: “A woman has publicly detailed Woody Allen’s molestation of her at age 7. GoldenGlobe tribute showed contempt for her & all abuse survivors.”

mia tweet

Yeah. Okay. I have mixed feelings about this. On one side, I think it’s great that Mia and Ronan are so publicly supportive of Dylan. If they want to bash Woody, go ahead. He can handle it and then some. But I hate this idea that if you’re a casual watcher of the Golden Globes, you’re somehow complicit in child molestation because you watched Diane Keaton act a bit nutty.



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  1. original kay says:

    I didn’t take her tweet to mean the casual observer, but rather the tribute itself.
    Under rug swept is not something I prescribe to, so I applaud their actions, particularly Ronan’s.

    • blue marie says:

      That’s how I read it as well, although my personal opinion was that the tweet would have been more effective without the back and forth commentary, but good on them for supporting their family.

      • original kay says:

        Yes, I agree with that.

        I think if Ronan tweeted and Mia did not, it would have had more of an impact.
        She did the same after his Father’s Day slam tweet- retweeted it.

      • Juliette says:

        Agreed – although Twitter is all about the back and forth. By far the worst tweet I saw in response to Mia’s was from LARS VON TRIER saying “And that’s why you’re single” after Mia said time to get some ice cream and switch to Girls. It was petty, disgusting, below the belt, and an absolutely unwarranted attack on Mia’s personal life. As if being single is the ultimate insult to a woman.

        I’d rather be single than be Soon-Yi.

      • K says:

        I don’t think Lars Von Trier being a nasty individual is news, really. Vile man. I remember when I first saw Breaking the Waves and was just – seriously? This is supposed to be “moving and powerful” as opposed to a misogynists’s wet dream? And none of the stories that have emerged in the 20 odd years since have done anything to make me reassess.

      • Lulu says:

        Just a quick clarification. The Lars von Trier twitter account replying to Mia Farrows tweet is not von Triers official account, but a spoof I guess. This is his real account

    • IzzyB says:

      That’s the impression I got too.
      I agree that I don’t think there should have been a celebration of Woody Allen.
      I know he has a lot of defenders but his behaviour to those children and his highly inappropriate relationship with Soon Yi speak volumes.

      • J.Mo says:

        I can understand acknowledging his films but Diane Keaton made it about his character so fair game, take everything into account.

    • LAK says:

      Pity that she publicly supports Roman Polanski.

      Her own brother was accused or convicted of child abuses and she’s not out there banging the drum for his victims……

      If Dylan wants to roast Woody Allen, which the article made very clear she’d rather not give him the time or head space, that’s up to her.

      I find Mia selective and opportunistic.

      • original kay says:

        Yes, I wished she had let his tweet stand alone.

        I find him most credible, her not so much.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Wow, really?! That makes me look at her differently. There is absolutely no grey area with Polanski–so barring a person who didn’t know the whole story (like when I heard it, I heard that he had consensual sex with a 15 year old girl–didn’t hear anything about her being drugged up, being 13, or being anally raped, etc) i.e. Emma Thompson, I don’t understand how anyone can support him. I mean, do all these Hollywood people know something that we don’t? I don’t understand why Polanski is still a huge deal, to be honest–not currently. And he looks like a creep and I can’t understand how any woman married him after that–especially since he’s an old, abusive jerkoff too.

      • K says:

        I didn’t know either fact – how massively disappointing.

      • Really says:

        The only information I found regarding Mia defending Roman Polanski was an appearance in court for a libel case, where she said that soon after his wife’s murder they met for dinner and she did not see him behave inappropriately or use the murder as an excuse to seduce anyone. I don’t know how British courts work but she could have been subpoenaed or whatever, we don’t know the details about it. It had nothing to do with his charges and rape of that young girl and I couldn’t find anything else about her defending him, especially when all of the other stars were sadly coming out in his defense. I’m not saying I agree with it, I’m just saying it seems like a red herring.
        As for her brother being a child abuser, that’s not her fault. I don’t know if it would be her place (especially with her lack of credibility) to tell the world their stories, especially if they haven’t themselves. She made no show of support for her brother and still doesn’t. I mean, his victims were heard in a court of law and were helped towards closure by a conviction, whereas Mia’s family has not. I can’t even imagine the storm of emotions that brings up. Having been the subject of eye rolls and sighs myself when bringing up something distasteful, I support their keeping attention on it. Since court can’t hurt him, maybe less dollars from the box office might
        It seems like sometimes people are so worried they won’t be believed or understood that they go overboard trying to make you see it from their side and it only ends up hurting their cause. Child abuse is horrific, so who wants to hear about it all the time? If there is an easier way, for our conscience or convenience, to doubt claims without showing open support for the predator then most will take it. And what better way to move from a cause then it being heralded by a whacka-doo?

      • original kay says:

        @ Really- Thank you for posting that

        I went back and read a link someone provided here, and what she testified happened a long time before he was charged.

        There is such a thing as being compelled to testify- a subpoena, I believe :)

        I could not find where she signed this “petition”, not anything of that nature.

      • I Choose Me says:

        What?! She’s a Polanski supporter? But . . . how could. . .? That doesn’t make any sense. O_O

        @Really. Thanks for the clarification. My brain was seriously short-circuiting there for a mo.

      • Shadesofgrey says:

        Mia Farrow was a active supporter of Roman Polanski. During a libel case fir defamation of character. Roman Polanski who drugged and anally raped a 13 kid had a reputation to protect and Mai was there to support him. Her quote I find most disturbing was
        “Told that Polanski had admitted resuming casual sex within four weeks of his wife’s murder, Farrow said: “I feel there’s a big distinction – for men maybe – between relationships and having sex. I don’t see that as disrespect of Sharon … I would swear that on a stack of Bibles.”
        Her advocacy for abused victims seems self serving at worst and inconsistent at best
        See link

    • Audrey says:

      Exactly. This is about Hollywood continuing to celebrate abusers abd child molestors. Roman Polanski. Woody Allen. Chris Brown. R Kelly. Continue working and getting awards despite being known abusers

      • JM says:

        And yet Winona Ryder was blacklisted for shoplifting. Glaring double standards! I applaud Ronin and Mia for keeping the truth from being buried under all that Hollyweird BS.

      • snakecharmer says:

        and audrey & jm, the point about winona getting blacklisted is so spot on. its misogynistic. bottom line.

    • TSwise says:

      Ditto. I think she is obviously referring to Hollywood people who laud him, not the folks watching at home.

    • Stef Leppard says:

      +1 O.Kay
      It’s not the observer who’s at fault but rather the HFP for giving him the award.

  2. T.fanty says:

    While I find the public tweeting about it a little tasteless, I switched off at the Woody Allen tribute. I found it deeply inappropriate to laud such a man and I will not participate.

    • Maria says:


      I got up and made a drink then took a shot. Yes, there’s no proof and the courts decided the findings were inconclusive BUT given who his wife is, that he raised her for nine years, and then married her. ..


      Also, given my history as a survivor, I just can’t with it.

      I do hope Dylan is okay with what was said.

      • HerecomestheBoom says:

        Allen estimated that, despite the scandal’s damage to his reputation, Farrow’s discovery of Allen’s attraction to Soon-Yi Previn by finding nude photographs of her was “just one of the fortuitous events, one of the great pieces of luck in my life. . . It was a turning point for the better.” Of his relationship with Farrow, he said, “I’m sure there are things that I might have done differently. . . Probably in retrospect I should have bowed out of that relationship much earlier than I did.

        This is just messed up, he was taking naked pics of her while he was considered her step dad.

        Though Allen never married Mia Farrow[112][122] and was not Previn’s legal stepfather, the relationship between Allen and Previn has often been referred to as a stepfather involved romantically with his stepdaughter[123] because she was adopted and legally Farrow’s daughter and Allen’s son’s sister.

      • Decloo says:

        To be clear, Allen did not “Raise” Soon-Yi. She was the adopted daughter of Mia Farrow and Andre Previn. Allen and Farrow were never married nor did they ever share the same household. They lived in separate apartments in New York throughout their relationship. Obviously Allen spent time with Soon Yi and the other children but he was not with them on a day-to-day basis. I’m not trying to excuse his behavior but it’s important that the facts are straight.

      • Pandy says:

        Maria, sending you a hug.

    • Lindy79 says:

      I did also. I felt it was wrong so switched off (even though I was watching it the day after).
      I also hadn’t read/seen the Vanity Fair article so am going to read that now.

      It kind of leans back to the separating the art from the artist discussion we were having here which an article I found online goes into.

      “Can you love a piece of art, knowing the artist who created it is an imperfect, perhaps even evil person? What about Roald Dahl, a public anti-semite? Or Walt Disney, whose own questionable past was called into question just last week?”

    • Tessa says:

      I changed channels at that moment and never switched back. I can’t stand Hollywood sometimes. The moral standard is below ground at this point.

    • Nicolette says:

      Hollywood honoring a pedophile creep is one of the reasons I wont even waste my time watching these award shows. Love to look at the gowns the next day, and that’s about it.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I didn’t watch it, either. Woody Allen turns my stomach. Good for everyone who changed the channel or left during his “tribute.”

      • Delorb says:

        I watched the opening with Tina and Amy. That’s usually the best parts of it. And if I miss it, no big loss, as they’ll replay all the good parts the next day.

        Ronan looks like Frank Sinatra. So much like Frank.

    • nicegirl says:

      Me as well. Changed the channel. Not into supporting pedophiles, as a rule.

    • snakecharmer says:

      t fanty i hear you. i feel kind of gross reading his shouts and murmers and other pieces in the new yorker. i know that there are two sides to every story, but he has a pattern of subjugating women, that much we know as a fact. it hurts my heart for the people on the receiving end of this like mia and her family.

  3. Marigold says:

    He definitely looks like his mother but my god, those eyes. Half his looks can be attributed to his mother but the other half can’t possibly come from Woody Allen.

    As for what Woody did or didn’t do, I just don’t know anymore. I’ve read some compelling information from both sides. The last thing I would ever want to do is call a victim a liar but I also don’t know if I trust Mia completely to have not manipulated the situation given other circumstances with her relationship with Woody.

    But the Soon-Yi part still revolts me. I would never be able to get past that.

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      Rumor is that Mia had an affair with Frank Sinatra about 9 months before Ronan was born.

      Now go back and look at those eyes and mouth again and tell me who you see. Woody or Frank…


      • Ok says:

        Squirrel: I don’t know about it being so obvious that Ronan is an offspring of Sinatra.
        Frank was pale and pasty. Mia is pale and pasty. Woody is pale and pasty.

        To me, Ronan looks like Mia.

        And, at the time when Ronan would have been conceived, Mia already had many if not most of her other 14 children living with her.

        I always got the impression that Mia was completely d**kmatized by her adoration of Woody. She really worshipped him to the point of putting up with all his ridiculous eccentricities.

        I can’t see Mia actually stepping out on Woody.

      • stinky says:

        i so agree w you…
        and yet my peers dont seem to see it at all.

      • Mairead says:

        Ronan has Mia’s mouth, and does look a lot like her. But more and more I do see the Sinatras about him.

      • Delorb says:

        However, in a 2013 interview with Vanity Fair, Farrow stated that Ronan could “possibly” be the biological child of her first husband Frank Sinatra, with whom she claims to have “never really split up.”

        From Wikipedia.

    • Lark says:

      The judge basically accused the therapists of being under the influence of Woody. It’s all in the Vanity Fair article and another article…there are records. When the judge was calling Woody a nasty piece of work and basically saying the only reason it was dropped because Dylan wasn’t going to testify, that’s major. The fact that every single one of Mia’s kids (some who were old enough to understand what was going on when this happened) support Mia and that he also took up with his de-facto step-daughter when she was very likely underage (and also dated a 17 year old when he was twice her age…that was the inspiration beyond Annie Hall) is enough to make me believe that he’s a disgusting human being.

      I can understand separating the art from the artist. What I can not understand is feting this man with a lifetime achievement award and for women to agree to present such an honor to him.

      • Marigold says:

        Yes, I find all of that compelling but then I also read that part of the evidence against him came from a babysitter that later admitted to feeling pressured by Mia to embellish her testimony. So, like I said, I don’t know. Dylan says it happened, which to me, is obviously important. At the same time, memories can be manipulated. Especially those of a child. I truly don’t know what to think. Either way, I will never like Woody Allen.

      • Azurea says:

        I believe the movie that would have been inspired by his dating a 17-yr-old is Manhattan, in which he plays a 40-something man dating a teenager, playrd by Mariel Hemingway. And wouldn’t you know, Mariel was sitting, stonefaced, at the Woody Allen muses’ table. Seriously, every time the camera went to that table, she looked as if she’d rather be anywhere else but there.

      • Pamela says:

        “I can understand separating the art from the artist. What I can not understand is feting this man with a lifetime achievement award and for women to agree to present such an honor to him. ”

        THIS! One of my favorite film’s of all time is Rosemary’s Baby. I did not know about Polanski when I saw it, maybe I would have felt differently if I did?

        I think that the idea of a “lifetime achievement”award being given to someone with so much questionable (at the least) behaviour? I think that is where I have to draw the line. The author of this post also pointed out that he never goes to these affairs and most likely doesn’t even care about the awards—so reallly couldn’t the academy give the award to someone that will pick it up, appreciate it AND hasn’t been accused of being a predator? Are we really so hard up for artists to admire that we have to give HIM a huge honor?

    • Mina says:

      Those are contact lenses on Ronan. Solotica Hidrocor Ice, to be specific.

      • Florc says:

        I couldn’t the proof anywhere tht says Ronan wears contacts. I did google pictures of him at a much younger age and his eyes are blue in all. Some pics look different, but that’s a color quality issue in the photo that can be seen throughout the whole photo.

        He is utterly gorgeous and so smart. Sadly, I fear I’d have the same reaction meeting him as I do in these posts. He’d be telling me something very interesting and i’d just be gazing into his eyes, all slack jawed.

    • TSwise says:

      It’s not just his eye color, it’s their shape and his nose and the dimples/cheek bones, and his mouth and mannerisms/facial expressions too. It’s incredible to watch clips of Frank when he was in his 20s-30s, and then watch clips of Ronan now. It’s not something you can fake.

      Plus, you hear of that a lot with adult children of adoption who meet their birth families for the first time many years later: the birth family will immediately notice mannerisms and facial expressions that the adopted child/adult has that someone in the birth family has, and they had never even laid eyes on that person before.

    • Anonny says:

      After Farrow made that comment, I can’t “unsee” Frank Sinatra whenever I look at a picture of Ronan.

    • J.Mo says:

      There are other credible people who observed Woody’s disturbing obsession w the child & were aware he was not allowed to be alone w her because of how smothering & overwhelming he was following her about & ignoring all others. A teen nanny who has never spoken to the press reported to investigators that she walked into a room & he was knelt in front of the child w head in her lap area around the time he kept trying to be alone with her & eventually took her into the attic where she returned w/o underwear.

    • xoxokaligrl says:

      The more I see Ronan, the more I can see a bit of Frankie in his face.
      I do not know, if he is, or is not Woody Allen’s biological son but thank gosh he looks more like Mia if he is.

  4. Barrett says:

    I also felt hypocritical to applaud Woody Allen and turned the channel. Does he have some great films? Yes. Does Hollywood have some strange tendencies to sweep things under the rug? Yes. He doesn’t seem into awards, why make a public display of giving it to him?

    • Esmom says:

      That was my thought — if he doesn’t care about awards, why bother to give him one at all? Is there a shortage of candidates?

      Admittedly, I loved his movies and have seen all of them up until around the Soon Yi thing, and I haven’t seen once since except Match Point. Also, why are all these A listers still making films with him? Apparently he’s still got a lot of clout.

  5. DanaG says:

    Same here I will not watch any of movies and he has never answered for these charges. I don’t believe he should off gotten the award or fussed over as some great genius etc. He has been accused of committing one of the worst types of crimes on a child there is nothing genius about that, I actually think he is so overrated it isn’t funny. I’m glad that Ronan (who really, really looks like Sinatra) and Mia tweeted it to remind people what he has been accused off. People forget these things in Hollywood.

  6. elo says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Ronan does look like Sinatra? As for Woody Allen, the whole thing is disturbing. I think that Hollywood in general is a pedo paradise, anyone remember what Corey Feldman said about producers and such.

    • PunkyMomma says:

      Nope. I don’t see one ounce of Woody Allen in Ronan Farrow. As for the award to Woody, it’s the Hollywood Foreign Press that awards the Golden Globes. They adore Roman Polanski.

    • Lucky says:

      I think he looks like Frank in these pictures. When it first came out I thought people were reaching because he looks so much like his mom. But in these pictures I really see a Sinatra resemblance.

  7. don't kill me i'm french says:

    At the time of the divorce,the judge said the sex molest charges are inconclusives and asked Woody and Mia react like adults

    And i remember Mia defended Roman Polanski in 2005
    She stays close to Sinatra (a mega douche with the women) and she cheated Allen with him

    • Aussie girl says:

      You do have some good points.

    • Tapioca says:

      Let us not forget that the compromising pictures of Soon-Yi were discovered by Mia during the filming of Woody’s film Hannah and her Sisters and Mia was so disgusted and distraught she continued working with Allen on the film! Does that seem like the actions of someone who truly suspected their partner of child molestation?

      It’s also very odd that a paedophile should (allegedly) sexually abuse both a 7-year old prepubescent white girl and an Asian adolescent, when child molesters are supposed to have a “type” they rigidly stick to.

      Something just doesn’t seem to quite fit here.

      • msw says:

        I don’t think it’s true that they stick to a certain “type.” usually, creeps are opportunistic.

      • nicegirl says:

        Not so sure about your info re: child sex predators typing. Sometimes crimes of opportunity just ARE.

      • eliza says:

        I think you are very incorrect about the part where pedophiles have a type they prey on. The only type they have is young and innocent.

      • K says:

        Agreed with the others – paedophiles do have a type, but that type is an age range.

      • Alita says:

        Maybe the confusion was with serial killers – they tend to stick within an ethnic group (typically their own), and may use other similarities including appearance, age, style.

      • Shadesofgrey says:

        Did not know this. It would have been more prudent for Mia to stop filming and really damage his reputation rather contributing to his body of work.
        Allen was already in therapy for “inappropriate behavior” with Dylan before the revelation of the affair. Yet she still allow him to visit the kids and did not start legal proceedings until the separation.

        P.s I believe something unsavoury happening between Dylan & Woody Allen ( trying to protect the sit and myself legally) the judge refused to allow Woody access to Dylan.

    • original kay says:

      I read your link, thank you for providing it.

      Correct me if I am wrong, but Mia testified about event that happened BEFORE he was charged ad convicted. Even though she testified in 2005 (about) it was about events what occurred before he raped a child.
      Can someone not be compelled to testify? I believe it’s called a subpoena?

      Did she sign the infamous petition, like so many other stars did?

      • J.Mo says:

        I don’t believe she signed the petition. She testified about details of a specific meeting w Roman, not about his character. I doubt she had a choice.

  8. smee says:

    It must be frustrating to see someone you “know” has wronged you being publicly honored. WA has managed to make them seem like obsessed nut jobs. I’m certain he didn’t attend the GGs bc he was afraid of an incident of some kind.

    This reminds me of Roman Polanski – it can be difficult to separate the artist from crime. While I find WA’s (alleged) actions despicable, I did pay money to see Blue Jasmine and enjoyed it.

    • Ice Maiden says:

      He was being honoured for his work, not his character (even if Diane Keaton’s speech was a bit embarrassing at times). Most people in Hollywood are no angels – I’m sure Michael Douglas’ ex-wife might not enjoy seeing him being fawned over either, to give but one example. And Allen has never, afaik, attended an award ceremony in his life, so this was no exception.

      And speaking of Polanski, didn’t Mia defend him?

  9. Jegede says:

    Sad to say but Woody is winning.
    He has such a hold on Mia that is bordering on unhealthy obsession after all these years
    He’s a contemptous toad but IMO its unhealthy this almost pathalogical need that Mia has to get one over on him.
    Its even worse because Mia does not appear to feature on Woody’s radar.For instance when appearing on British talk show a while back Michael Parkinson, he was asked about her he was dismissive. I wish she would let him go rather than make it clear he still dominates her

    And Mia Farrow is not an innocent in the case of controversial love either she was nailing Andre Pervin when he was very much married
    And she got with Sinatra when she was a Soon-Yi esque 20-21?? (Not even sure why she lionisies her association with Frank when it was known in Vegas how he would publicly mock her, beat on her and cheat on her).
    I love that they called out the HFPA for supporting Allen’s kind but didn’t Mia travel to London to testify in the defence of Roman Polanski??

    And pls with the Frank Sinatra is his father. We live in such a paternalistic society that people can’t compute that shock horror ‘boys can resemble their mothers’.
    Ronan could be cast in Rosemary’s Baby remake that’s how much he looks like Mia.
    Frank Sinatra Jr looks more organically like Frank and he don’t resemble Ronan

    Does anyone actually believe that if Mia had an ounce of inkling that Sinatra was the young man’s dad she would not have done DNA/blood tests e.t.c a long time ago to cleanse Woody of any association entirely?
    I mean they’ve change the names (Ronan used to be Satchel) why not go the whole hog?
    At the height of their warfare it was so damn dirty Mia would absolutely not have held back if she believed/believes Frank was the father.

    • eliza says:

      I personally believe Mia knows through DNA testing that Frank is Ronan’s father, hence Ronan’s closeness with the Sinatra family. I think perhaps the reason behind not publicly confirming those results is because of Frank’s ailing window. Pure speculation on my part.

      I think Ronan is a perfect clone of both Frank and Mia. There is not one ounce of Allen in that young man. There are features of both Frank and Mia very evident in Ronan.

      • Kellykat says:

        Exactly. And Ronan may have asked her to keep his DNA testing results private.

      • TSwise says:

        Ronan has made statements basically confirming this, and going on to say that he feels it’s not fair to his siblings with Mia’s family for him to be singled out as more legitimate/famous/special/etc. because of who his father is.

        I personally would cut the ties completely publicly, but I have a f’ed up family too and some of us just find it easier to be estranged or to disown family than others, so I do not judge those who find it harder than I do because I do think I’m in the minority.

        But Ronan has made subsequent statements that Frank’s involvement, so to speak, in his paternity has been known within his family “for a long time”. So I do think the relevant parties are aware. I doubt any of them had told Barbara Marx Sinatra because all of Frank’s kids hate her and vice versa. She took advantage of him quite a lot as got older and his health declined per Tina and Nancy Jr.

    • dagdag says:

      What does Farrow`s behaviour has to do with Allen marrying his step daughter? I can not even imagine the damage he did to the other children having to live with the fact that their stepfather/father married one of their sisters. This is so sick.

      • lili says:

        mia and woody were never married.
        in fact, they very famously did not even live together. but had apartments where they could wave to one another.
        soon-yi was adopted by mia, not by her boyfriend (woody).

      • Ice Maiden says:

        It’s a bit of an exaggeration to say that Soon-Yi was Allen’s stepdaughter. As Lili said, he was never married to Mia, and they never lived together – he allegedly never stayed a single night in Mia’s apartment, in all the years they were together. Yes, the relationship with Soon-Yi was highly inappropriate, given that she was a sister to his son, but he was not her stepfather.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Yeah that’s what I read on one of the earlier threads–maybe about a year ago. The poster found it ironic that Mia was telling the judge (when they figuring out custody) that Woody never lived with them, was never *their* father i.e. she should get full custody, but was saying that he was a disgusting pedophile/pervert, by sleeping with his ‘daughter’, Soon Yi.

      • dagdag says:

        Well, the kids thought of Allen as another dad.

    • Marigold says:

      Our paternalistic society has nothing to do with my feelings regarding Ronan looking like Sinatra. It has everything to do with my working eyes. Yes, he looks quite like his mother but the cut of his nose, his jaw and the shape of his eyes say Sinatra to me.

      FWIW, you can make your point without insulting people that feel differently than you.

    • J.Mo says:

      People: don’t let yourselves get distracted by Mia. Yes, she was a man eater but it doesn’t mean she is a liar.

    • Liza Jane says:

      I do not care for or against Woody Allen but Mia Farrow , though admitting to cheating with and being obsessed with Frank, was seemingly so ‘distraught ‘ over Woody’s attraction to Soon Yi that,having seen her very strange attitudes and behaviour over the years,seems to have gone on a rampage over the years to discredit, vilify and indeed try to discredit his life and career! I think there is much thought that she is rather deranged and that is why she is shunned and people are dismissive. Given that she carried on consorting with Polanski, that it seems never to have been suggested that her own brother was investigated about molesting her children, and that in a court of law Woody Allen was not charged, due to inconclusive evidence, there is to me a huge question as to why this is being so pursued so many years on by her and her son! Unless this ‘woman’ who we assume is Dylan, comes forward to conclusively say this happened and he is guilty, it is conjecture.

  10. lili says:

    he looks exactly like Sinatra.

    mia is nuttier than diane. like, way, way way nuttier. i’ve read the books, and i wouldn’t be surprised if the childrens’ memories were compromised by mia’s insanity.

    ….also interesting, i believe mia’s brother was actually convicted of child molestation… think about that.

    • Ice Maiden says:

      I agree. I’m NO fan of Woody Allen (either the man or his work) but Mia needs to move on. What Woody did with Soon-Yi was reprehensible, but it happened over 2 decades ago, and Mia is still obsessing over it in public. Let it go.

      • lili says:

        mia is also a total hypocrite. believe she was like 19 when she broke up the marriage of a much older man. that didn’t last long. woody and soon-ui have been together over 20 years now! i saw them together once in a candid moment, hiding under an awning from the rain, they were like teenagers in love.

        seriously, must wonder if it was mia’s brother up in the attic …

      • Ice Maiden says:

        There’s also the fact that, if the Sinatra story is true (which I doubt) Mia is saying that she had an affair with a married septuagenarian, and when she became pregnant, pretended – for years – that the child was her long-term lover’s.


      • Zwella Ingrid says:

        I don’t know that she is obsessing about it, but for Hollywood to glorify this POS would definitely bring it to the forefront of your mind!

    • Gossipfun says:

      Mia might be nutty but had sex with underage daughter of your girlfriend is immoral.

      • Ice Maiden says:

        I don’t think Soon-Yi was underage, was she?

        Don’t get me wrong, starting a ‘relationship’ with your lover’s daughter is despicable, but in the scheme of things, it’s nowhere near as bad as the behaviour of Roman Polanski, whom Farrow has defended in a court of law.

      • Leigh says:

        Ice Maiden.
        Woody Allen took naked photos of Soon Yi when she was 12.
        That’s pretty underage.

    • J.Mo says:

      Others observed Woody’s obsession w the child. It’s not about Mia & Soon Yi, it’s about the daughter he molested. Woody’s supporters want to distract from the credible witnesses who allege he, not Mia, damaged the little girl. The family only commented on the daughter he molested, not Soon Yi. Mia has never defended the crimes of her brother or Polanski. She had to testify about the details of a dinner she had w RP after his wife was murdered. She might be slutty but that’s unrelated.

  11. eliza says:

    To be honest, it saddens me that two, seemingly intelligent people like Ronan and Mia take to Twitter to air their grievances like petulant teenagers. I hate Twitter. That said, I agree with them on Allen. He is a disgusting man who like Polanski, Hollywood slobbers over because they have “talent”, overlooking the crimes these men have committed and make no mistake, if Allen is capable of sleeping with a girl he raised as his daughter, he is more than capable of molesting another child who is his daughter. I just think there are better ways than Twitter to express outrage over the GG tribute.

    • Leah says:

      But there lies the rub, Mia supported Polanski… So how is one supposed to read that?

      • eliza says:

        I am not a huge Mia fan either. I am just posting my opinion regarding Allen and Polanski.

        Sure, in my opinion, Farrow’s support of Polanski greatly waters down her argument and outrage over Dylan. I feel for Dylan and the children affected by Allen’s behaviors. I feel no sympathy for Farrow. She stayed in that relationship knowing what she knew to finish a film.

      • J.Mo says:

        She didn’t support Polanski, she had to testify about details of a dinner she had w him after his wife’s death. Unrelated.

  12. Leah says:

    The fact that Mia Farrow publicly supported Roman Polanski makes it difficult for me to have a clear opinion on this, and her.

    • nicegirl says:

      Yes it is also hard for me to have a clear opinion about Mia Farrow. I am disgusted with Roman Polanski and the love some (including MF) have shown for him is incomprehensible to me. I personally know a mother whose child was molested from within the family, and although it was discovered by the mom over 20 years ago, she is still reeling from the repercussions felt by and dealt to everyone in the family. I am not sure there is a real and full recovery for a mom who feels she allowed a predator into her home and into the lives of her children. So I guess I am saying I can maybe understand where/how Mia can be fully messed up, AND have zero love for WA. Even IF Dylan’s memories were completely engineered (which I do not believe) there is so much weirdo on WA. I was a kid when he took up with Soon Yi, and I was disgusted. Still am.

      • J.Mo says:

        She didn’t support Polanski. She had to testify in an unrelated case where she detailed a dinner she had w him after his wife’s death.

      • Leah says:

        She didn’t HAVE to. The case was here in England and she was not forced to come do it.
        Also when you say unrelated. Golden Globes honoured Allen for his work it was unrelated to his private life. So there you go, double standard on farrows part.

  13. Kiddo says:

    I don’t love Woody Allen’s character, but jeez, this makes Ronan and Mia look ugly too. Dianne went completely overboard, but then doesn’t she basically owe her career to Woody?

  14. Mrs. Darcy says:

    So regardless of whether the Dylan accusations are true (and I am undecided as I don’t feel compelling evidence has been presented, having read Mia’s book and Woody bios)…what most troubles me today is that fact that a mother and son of a daughter/sister feel compelled to use and promote her reputed abuse on twitter for slander, why? Well Ronan is young and maybe thinks it’s his duty being brought up to do nothing but resent his father. Mia I am undecided on as I genuinely think she is bonkers though full of all kinds of (understandable) motive to slander Woody regardless of Dylan. Even if Dylan says its ok, I just find it horrible. If I had been abused, and had real recollections of it, I cannot imagine my mother would ever think it appropriate to act in this way. It has to create feelings of pain and confusion in the survivor, which to me is just pointless. People have made up their minds as much as they are going to at this point – they are just not doing anyone any good by behaving in this way. Of course I believe in always giving a voice to the abused, the trouble is the case is just so murky and Mia has come across and rabid and not always having the best interest of her child. On what planet she can support a convicted child rapist like Polanski and expect people to believe her own claims is simply mind boggling. I do feel sorry for Dylan as regardless of the truth her mother has succeeded in making her life continue to be about this well into adulthood, and I don’t think that is loving parenting.

    • Kiddo says:

      Well done. Completely agree. Also didn’t Dylan change her name to escape this past?

    • db says:

      Well I think there’s a lot to unpack in this situation. I was still in the business when this broke, had somewhat of an acquaintance will Allen, and let me tell you, the vituperation directed toward Farrow for even objecting to his relationship with Soon Yi was mind boggling. It was similar to seething hate you can find on the internet, no restraint whatsoever. As well, there was a disguised anti-Catholicism that took the form of calling her adoptions bizarre, that she was crazy, and so on.

      My point is that within the context of the business, Woody Allen matters, Mia Farrow does not. So the establishment was firmly on his side, regardless of evidence, morals, facts or insinuations.

      And if you look at the breadth of sexual misconduct in entertainment, it is easy, predictable even, to see that support almost always goes to the stronger player in the business. So Ronan and Mia tweeting about this, I read it as a way to speak truth to power.

      Finally you mention Farrow’s appearance as a witness on behalf of Polanski. I just want to point out that this was in connection with another matter, and completely unrelated to Polanski’s sexual assault of a young girl.

      • Ice Maiden says:

        ”Finally you mention Farrow’s appearance as a witness on behalf of Polanski. I just want to point out that this was in connection with another matter, and completely unrelated to Polanski’s sexual assault of a young girl. ”

        But that’s not really relevant. Mia is complaining that Hollywood honoured Allen for his decades of work, yet she herself had no problem flying across an ocean to defend a convicted (not alleged) sex offender, albeit on an unrelated matter?

        Whatever way you look at it, that’s hypocrisy.

      • db says:

        @Ice Maiden I think it is relevant to the extent some comments seem to be conflating the two issues, since they both involve child sex. That is why I believe it’s helpful to bear in mind that her testimony in Polanski’s instance was relevant to that case, which was completely unrelated. And she did not appear as a character witness.

        In any case, her being guilty of hypocrisy in the Polanski matter doesn’t mean that Allen is innocent of abusing Dylan.

      • Ice Maiden says:

        Well, Mia is castigating people for celebrating Allen as an artist, yet she herself was more than happy to legally defend someone actually convicted (not just accused) of sexual abuse with a minor. So nobody is allowed to celebrate Woody as one of the most important directors in Hollywood history, yet it’s quite OK for her to fly to London to defend Polanski in a law court?

        So her hypocrisy is glaring, and makes it hard for me to take her seriously, even though I’m NOT a fan of Allen in any respect. And let’s not forget that he has never been found guilty in a court of law. Mia’s friend Polanski has.

      • Kiddo says:

        I just found this, so you are right, she didn’t defend against the rape allegation and conviction, but she did put herself in defense of his character following his wife’s death:

        Mia Farrow has defended film director Roman Polanski in his libel trial, denying a claim by Vanity Fair magazine that he tried to seduce a woman days after his wife’s brutal murder.

      • K says:

        DB I don’t disagree on how horrendously Allen behaved, but as Ice Maiden says, you can’t on the one hand say that celebrating the work of one movie director accused of abuse is an insult to all survivors, and on the other fly across oceans to defend a convicted child rapist. It’s rather beyond mere hypocrisy, in my view. What Allen was accused of was horrible, but Polanski was convicted of no lesser crimes. Why isn’t supporting him not a slap in the face to all survivors, too?

      • Lucrezia says:

        @ everyone thinking Mia is a hypocrite for testifying on Polanski’s behalf during the libel trial – I understand the reaction but a subpoena isn’t a polite invitation, it’s an order.

        She wasn’t a “character witness”, she was his dinner date on the night he allegedly harassed this woman … she was there in the restaurant, so she’s a witness. Both sides would’ve wanted a statement.

        Is there anything else she’s said/done that’s supported Polanski? If so, snark away on that particular subject. (Heck, I even give her a bit of shade for remaining silent on the topic while being so vocal about Woody.) But you can’t blame her for obeying a court summons. That’s not fair.

      • db says:

        @Ice Maiden @K @Kiddo All your points are well considered, and I wish Mia had kept quiet and allowed Ronan to do the talking (or tweeting), because it IS vital that abuse not be ignored because of the abuser’s social/professional status.

      • Ice Maiden says:


        Was Farrow, a US citizen and resident, legally obliged to fly across an ocean to testify in a libel case in another jurisdiction (the UK?) Polanski himself certainly wasn’t thus obliged – he gave evidence by satellite link-up, not in person. Can the British courts legally compel foreign citizens to fly to their country to give evidence, particularly in a libel case?

      • Kiddo says:

        @Ice Maiden, I don’t think so. Also, twittering away about another’s suffering for a pound of flesh just isn’t hitting me right. Maybe they are doing so with Dylan’s blessings, if so, then if that makes her feel better, fine. But call it the cynic in me, because they also started this entire Frank Sinatra as father PR to push along Ronan’s career and I can’t help but wonder if this is another stunt. Tweeting isn’t going to bring any form of justice for Dylan, it’s not going to spur an arrest for Woody Allen. It just seems like something that would keep a gaping wound open and fresh for the daughter.

      • Ice Maiden says:


        I also find it unlikely that an American citizen could be compelled to give evidence in a UK court, particularly on a mere libel charge. The UK court might request her presence, but there is no way they could force her to do so. If that were the case, why is Polanski still a free man?

        And yes, Mia and Ronan need to put a lid on it. I also share your cynicism about the timing. We didn’t hear much out of Mia on this issue for years, now she and Ronan are tweeting about it on a regular basis? I used to be entirely on Mia’s side in this case, and I still do think Woody’s behaviour with Soon-Yi was highly inappropriate, at the very least, but Mia’s own behaviour has also been extremely questionable, and makes me wonder if she has the best interest of her children at heart.

      • MavenTheFirst says:


        I think you are completely on point. I recall when this first came out, about Soon-Yi. Woody viciously painted Mia as a mentally disturbed woman. This is what narcissistic, perverse men do. Saatchi tried it with Nigella. Abusers do it all the time to women. It’s always the woman, the one with less power, who is touted as mentally unstable, is smeared; it’s their default position. And we women largely still buy into it. The only reason it didn’t work with Nigella is that he got caught on film.

        Thanks for teasing out the reality.

      • K says:

        @Lucrezia, I googled to see and it seems the trial was a libel one in the English courts. An English libel trial is a civil and not a criminal matter, and our courts can’t compel a citizen of another nation to attend any trial – civil or criminal – as a mere witness anyway, because we don’t have jurisdiction. There isn’t any extradition process for it and we can’t even chase for contempt of court if they fail to turn up. We don’t have subpoenas for people over here, either: you can have a witness summons in a criminal trial (though courts are wary when it comes to calling “hostile witnesses” because it can do more harm than good to a case) which is a similar concept, but not civil. This was a civil libel case. Plus Polanski was the one bringing suit, and I hardly think he’d have called Farrow as a witness had he doubted her support.

        All in all your defence of her just doesn’t hold water, I’m sorry. There is no way whatsoever in which she was compelled to attend in his support. She chose to.

      • Lucrezia says:

        You guys are right in the sense that they couldn’t have had her arrested and extradited to get a statement. They couldn’t force her to physically attend. But I didn’t say anything about forcing her to physically attend, I said they can order her to testify. (I was using the proper legalese, subpoena is exactly what I meant, not witness summons. Subpoena is a broader word: it can mean “we require you to produce X”, not just “we require you to attend court”. But that obviously didn’t translate very well, so apologies.)

        England and the US are both signatories of something called the Hague Convention on the Taking of Evidence Abroad in Civil or Commercial Matters. What that means is that there’s a fairly simple system whereby a court can ask a foreign court to order one of their nationals to give evidence (hand over files or make a deposition), for civil cases. This is very much standard procedure. It’s not rare or unusual like an extradition, it’s commonplace.

        So, she was going to have to testify. She’d probably could’ve avoided testifying in person. All clear now?

        That sorted … do you think her physically being there makes a big difference? I really don’t. That’s why I wasn’t clearer that I meant testifying via deposition rather than in person. I thought the shade was for testifying at all. It didn’t even occur to me that you were all thinking testifying in person indicates any more support than doing so via deposition. To me, a sworn statement is a sworn statement, regardless of whether it’s made in person, via satellite link, or written down. Perhaps she wanted an all-expenses paid trip to London (his lawyers would’ve had to pay her costs). Perhaps she likes going to court (she testified in person at the blood diamonds trial too).

        To my mind, if flying to England indicates personal support of Polanski, why isn’t she on the list of Hollywood stars petitioning for the extradition order to be dropped? ( You’d think she’d be a signatory, right? Makes me think she attended the trial in person for some other reason.

        However, one thing we all probably agree on: she does deserve shade for not making a nice clear anti-Polanski/anti-rape statement after the trial.

      • Ice Maiden says:


        I still don’t think Mia would have ‘had to testify’. I’m not a legal expert, but I have heard that Amanda Knox has made it clear she will not appear in Italy should her case be re-tried, and there is no way she could be forced to do so unless extradited by the US (which won’t happen). And this is the chief suspect in a murder case, not a mere witness in a civil case. And as K has said, Polanski requested that Mia testify, so must have known she’d speak favourably of him. There is absolutely no evidence that there was any pressure put on her to testify at all – she flew to London to do so because she wanted to. And this does not present her in a good light.

    • Liza Jane says:

      I completely agree! Mia Farrow is coming across as an obsessive woman, who should have done something conclusive years and years ago when Dylan was a child not now when she’s over 30? After her own double standard of adulatory and consorting with much older married men, I find her case very diluted!

    • Kiddo says:

      Has she tweeted about this?

    • Jem says:

      That is one creepy looking dude *chills*

      So Mia Farrow coupled up with at least one pedophile, has pedophiles in her own family, and at least one of her own children was molested. I don’t know what all that means, it’s just alot of “smoke” and I can’t help but wonder about a fire we don’t know about yet.

      Or, most likely, I’m just reading too much into this.

      • J.Mo says:

        I think it has little to do w Mia & her immediate family. She has never defended this brother or even acknowledged him. Perhaps he was dead to her when this came out?

  15. MrsBPitt says:

    I wish someone would put up side by side pics of Ronan, Frank and frank jr. all at about the same ages. I would do it, but I am old and don’t know how too! lol

  16. Sixer says:

    Honestly? Rich + famous = mad + no sense of reality.

    I think they’ve all lost the bloody plot. And not just the people in this story, either. I revel in my peasantry, thankyouverymuch.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Honestly? Rich + famous = mad + no sense of reality.
      I think they’ve all lost the bloody plot.
      Inorite. Sigh. I don’t know what to think or believe anymore.

  17. db says:

    did I miss something? I don’t see where either of them suggested that viewers of the Golden Globes were somehow complicit in child abuse?

  18. Boodiba says:

    I’m totally in love with him. HOTNESS & intelligence.

  19. HerecomestheBoom says:

    It is shocking to me that people are using MF’s behavior as a reason to disregard the allegations against WA. How does the fact that she may have had an affair excuse child abuse?

    They were in a long term relationship, adopted children together and had a biological child as well. No doubt he was considered a step father to the other children that he did not adopt with her. He was considered a father to them yet he had a relationship with his own step daughter. When could this have started, how long before MF found could it have been going on. Could she have been a victim like Dylan?

    I don’t think that them tweeting about it is ugly. They just want to remind people that Hollywood is celebrating a man who has done atrocious things and encourage them to stop allowing such things to be swept under a rug and forgotten. It is tragic what happened to Dylan, and the fact that it happened 20 years ago does not mean that we should forget about WA’s behavior.

    If only Hollywood stopped protecting these people and using the excuse of ” the art”. The art doesn’t outweigh the crime. If he where an ordinary person he would be lambasted as he deserves.

    • Evi says:

      If anyone else did that in any other country it would be straightforward defamation.
      The only person who has been recently charged with sexual abuse of minors and gaoled is Mia Farrow’s brother.
      As for her using Twitter. She is basically exploiting her daughter for her own purposes, to grind that axe. That’s not healthy either.
      Twitter is not the place to discuss sexual abuse in the way that Mia discussed it and such comments are not easily deleted either.

      • fire starter says:

        Please tell me, as i am a survivor of child sexual abuse, where you feel comfortable for people like me and our supporters to discuss our abuse. I certainly wouldn’t want you be offended by our experiences.

        You’re right though – twitter comments aren’t easily deleted. Sadly, neither are our memories. But really we should worry about those twitter comments first, right?

  20. CarnivalBaby says:

    No boy. First of all no one is perfect. Not Woody, not Mia and not Ronan. We prefer if people keep their angst private and therefore Ronan and Mia should leave twitter alone. However, there are some things that are totally reprehensible and pedophila is one them. I say she can hold on to her anger as long as she has to. Ronan should support his Mom and family as much as he wants. Woody can do what he will, but he will always be suspect in my mind. Pedophila, racism and homphobia will not be tolerated by me in the celebs and artists I admire. As far as I am concerned the Hollywood Foreign Press did not give Lupita the award for Best Supporting Actress so everything they do is suspect. I don’t take them seriously.

  21. Zigggy says:

    Awesome. Good for Ronan & Mia for sticking up for their sister/daughter.

    • MavenTheFirst says:

      I think a nice cold splash of reality is always a good thing, especially during a fawnfest.

  22. Sam says:

    I may be in the minority, but I feel like this stuff was better left unsaid. The story about abuse isn’t Mia’s or Ronan’s to tell – it’s Dylan’s. Dylan is the only person who has a right to tell her own story. If she doesn’t want to or can’t right now, that should be respected. I think it’s awesome that her family is supporting her and believes her, but I think that support might best be expressed in private. I think the family would best be served by rallying around Dylan and supporting her. I can’t imagine how it must feel to her to see her (alleged) abuser receive such honors and praise. It must really suck – and her family should rally around her. But I’m not sure tweeting is the best way to go about that.

    • MavenTheFirst says:

      Yeah, because it didn’t affect them or the rest of the family, *at all*. You make it sound as if there was only one victim.

      • Sam says:

        The family might have been affected, but Dylan is the actual victim. Other people were not physically violated. The actual victim is Dylan – thus, it is her right alone to tell her story. She is also the only one with legal rights.

        You sound like one of those people who have a tendency to make things about themselves.

    • J.Mo says:

      I live in a community where there were Indian Residential schools and a lot of sexual abuse. The victims are usually the least able to take on the molesters and speak up against them. It’s the rest of us who have a responsibility to not let it be swept under the carpet, red carpet or not.

      • Sam says:

        But when has this been swept under the rug? Anybody can google the allegations Dylan made. They are now a matter of public record – including almost all of the court case. It’s a matter of public knowledge, there allegations. I don’t see how they CAN be swept under the rug now. They’re out there. But despite that, the story and the focus should still be on Dylan. She is the victim. Her family might have suffered for it, but they are not the victims here. She is. I don’t know if Dylan is okay with her brother and mother sharing all this via Twitter. But I think anybody who presumes to speak for an abuse survivor is taking liberties, and that disturbs me.

      • MavenTheFirst says:


        You really don’t know what you’re talking about. Take a look at family systems/secondary trauma if you want to know more.

  23. Alihar999 says:

    If he could be sexually attracted to a child he helped raise then for me it’s very possible he could have molested Dylan.
    It makes me sick how Hollywood supports him. I couldn’t watch the tribute either. As for Ronin….I hope and pray he is Franks son. Better for him!

  24. Murphy says:

    That guy is definitley the offspring of Sinatra. Without a DOUBT.

  25. Mich says:

    Wow. Definitely Ol’ Blue Eyes Jr.

    I was stunned that Woody was given the award. I have refused to see his movies for the last 20 years. Talented artist or not, the man is scum.

    • Sassy says:

      I am thinking that the venom against Woody Allen should be directed to the HFPA. They are the ones who decided/voted to honor him.

      I am not a Woody fan, never have been. He has had a few movies that were really good, however.

      Anyone ever wonder why WA was attracted to strangely dependent women( Diane and Mia) and then a child or two?

  26. Kristen says:

    This has shades of Roman Polanksi all over it.

  27. Kelly says:

    Totally liked the tweets I don’t even like Woody Allen’s movies in the first place. So don’t get all the acclaim.

  28. feebee says:

    While I personally would have trouble separating the work from the person, the award was for Lifetime Achievement (I am presuming “for work produced in the industry”). So no matter how you feel about his behavior and alleged crimes, the award is for his work, no? His work rate is prolific and whilst I don’t like him on screen, his sense of humor or his style of films many do.

    My bigger problem was the tribute performance…. really? Highlighting points about the actresses in his films and finishing with what I subsequently read was a children’s song? Given the shade over his dealings with female children in his personal life that was just f**ked up.

  29. Becca says:

    Umm Woody Allen married a young woman who he raised as his DAUGHTER. I applaud Mia and Ronan for supporting the truth. Woody Allen should be behind bars. Hollywood is all kinds of messed up for the tribute. DISGUSTING!

    • Ice Maiden says:

      As I’ve said several times on this thread, what Allen did was highly inappropriate and sleazy, but it’s just not true that he raised Soon Yi as a daughter. She already had a father, Andre Previn, and Woody was not married to her mother, nor did he ever even spend a single night in the apartment where she and her family lived.

      The facts of the case are bad enough without resorting to exaggerations.

      • tru says:

        Are you kidding me? Some of Soon Yi’s brothers and sisters were the children of Woody Allen and Mia. Even if your Mother is not married to a man, if that man is the Father of your own brother or sister then he becomes a father figure. That is not an exaggeration, that is a logical conclusion. The excuses on this thread for Woody Allen and his misconduct with Soon Yi disgusts me. And those of you that would prefer a Mother like Mia to be silent instead of stand up for her daughter, well there are no words to express the disappointment I feel. Perhaps a little empathy for the victims of child abuse would be useful.

  30. bettyrose says:

    It’s all so disturbing. Can we just talk about Ronan’s beauty instead?

  31. Meg says:

    i agree that acting like the abuse didn’t happen is being silently okay with the the abuse. pretending the big elephant in the room isn’t there because it’s easier, telling the victim to stop talking about it sends the message to them that this happened to you, keep it to yourself, tough shit. I was verbally and mentally abused by my immediate family and they refuse to acknowledge, discuss, or even think about it. if you don’t admit what happened you won’t change, if it’s not broke don’t fix it

    • Kiddo says:

      The victim isn’t talking. If she wanted to, she certainly could. On the other hand, some people handle traumas differently, and don’t want to spend the remainder of their lives dedicated to the contemplation of it; like Polanski’s victim.

      • bluhare says:

        Polanski’s victim wrote a book last year.

      • Kiddo says:

        Yes, but she wrote it, not her brother or mother, and she said she wanted to move past it, as well, didn’t she?

        Don’t get me wrong, I think there is something very wrong with Woody Allen, I think Diane Keaton did an imbecilic tribute for which I noticed the responses of the women at the (Woody) table, and it appeared to fall flat. They looked dumbfounded after the little girl song. But I also read the old articles about the molestation in re Dylan, and it wasn’t clear what actually transpired. I think he’s a pig, but I don’t think Mia and Ronan tweeting provides her (Dylan) with any sense of justice, unless she steps up and says that this was what she wanted.

      • Mari says:

        Excellent points Kiddo.

        I reaf the VF article yesterday. The interview w/ Dylan is very sad. It appears that her husband is a stand up guy, but I continue to have doubts about the tact Mia took by using WA’s alleged abuse to define her daughter’s entire existence.

        Personally when it comes to WA’s guilt, I am still muddled. Though when I read (in VF) that Farrow named one of her spns after the judge, I was totally confused.

        I also don’t think Ronan is attractive. On his Twitter profile it is obvious he’s fame hungery and a blatant name dropper. He creeps me out.

      • original kay says:

        @ Mari

        you should hear him speak. youtube his name and watch one.
        he might creep you out, but there is not denying the man is going places based on his own intelligence, awareness and his commitment to help others.

        it wasn’t famous names that made him go to Bard, to Yale and be a lawyer by the age of 21. Nor any desire for fame that he was a Rhodes Scholar, worked on youth issues with Senator Clinton.
        He has been absent from any limelight until after he finished at Oxford.
        He “could” have not done any of that and still been famous. It did it all anyway.

      • Mari says:

        I’m not denying he’s intelligent. Nor do I believe that intelligence precludes Ronan Farrow from taking gratification by fraternizing with celebrities and courting attention for the sake of vanity. This is how I interpret his behavior on Twitter.

      • original kay says:

        you must be looking at a different twitter.

        most of his tweets and pics are about politics ad his charity work.

        his humour is dry, satirical.

        of all the people who were born to celebs, he is the last one who should be scorned for courting that lifestyle.

    • tru says:

      The victim did talk. She publicly stated that the abuse occurred in a Vanity Fair article in October 2013. Mia tweeted that night the link to article in which Dylan herself confirms the abuse. Mia and Ronan were showing their support for her and making sure to use their voices for ALL victims of abuse. Silence allows the perpetrators to believe they’ve gotten away with their actions. I for one applaud Mia and Ronan for standing up and saying something. It’s what I hope I would do or that someone would do for me.

  32. Cazzee says:

    The older I get, the creepier Hollywood seems.

    It just seems from observation that in the same way a lot of alchoholics become bartenders, a lot of pedos seem to seek out careers in show business….and most people just look the other way because Art or something.


  33. Marianne says:

    On one hand, they were awarding him for his contribution in movies not his personal life. However, I dont see why even bothered giving him an award when he doesn’t care to show up. Its not like he was busy making another movie or something. He was watching a play in NY.

  34. Meggin says:

    I read this article one time about how Frank Sinatra is supposedly Ronan’s biological father.. it was probably total rubbish but looking at this picture of him I kind of saw Frank Sinatra!! A lot more than Woody Allen lol.

  35. lola lola says:

    How Wood Allen could ever think that was his kid just goes to his questionable sanity. Ronin is gorgeous, brilliant, charming and a physical carbon copy of Frank Sinatra. I wish him all the luck in the world after surviving a childhood in the same house with Woody.

  36. joan says:

    I muted the TV for the Woody Allen stuff, and find the tweets really amusing.

    Amusing in the sense that I love them speaking out boldly when he got this stupid award. It does provide balance by reminding us of who he is.

    It reminds me of the ’60s — people don’t have to just be dutiful little consumers of what the establishment dishes out to us. We can say what we think.

  37. Mel says:

    Well, I for one have no mixed feelings about it, especially not about this part:

    “GoldenGlobe tribute showed contempt for her & all abuse survivors.”

    This is just stupid. STUPID.
    I’ve always liked Mia, but this ongoing crusade against Woody isn’t particularly endearing, especially not 20 years after the original scandal. (Because I think all this axe-grinding is still related to that.)

    This tweet, however, is just unbelievably self-absorbed and, yes, stupid.
    Sorry, no other word comes to mind.
    Are the world of cinema and the public in general supposed to forget – or worse, disregard – a person’s professional achievements because of his or her private life?
    Such reasoning might be understandable coming from a hillbilly who has never had a career of their own. But Mia?

    I wish she finally did something about the rage that is obviously consuming her.
    Other than constantly demeaning W.A., I mean. Some serious INNER work might be in order.

    • Trashaddict says:

      Ouch. Would you truly believe anything less than rage as a response if Mia truly believes Dylan?
      Can you imagine the nightmare of kids who really experience this horror, if no one believes them when they divulge it? There are lots of talented people out there. If they do sick shit in their private lives, then they are sick shits and society shouldn’t condone it by honoring them in any way, shape or form. While Woody Allen doesn’t reach the same level, you might as well say Ted Bundy, who raped and murdered at least 10 and probably more women, wasn’t bad because he worked at a suicide hotline.
      Speaking of INNER work, Woody has been seeing analysts for years. At the very least, he must have some really messed up attachment issues.

  38. Ellis Alter says:

    The only person to look more like Frank Sinatra than Ronan Farrow was Frank Sinatra.

  39. Noinin says:

    TBO, i think ronan farrow only looks like Mia. Woody Allen is clearly not his biological father, but it doesn’t mean Frank Sinatra is. And Ronan is wearing contacts, he has dark blue eyes. Also, Woody Allen is disgusting. Even if Soon Yi was not his step daughter, she was still the underage daughter of the woman he was with, it’s wrong. Also, he underwent therapy for inappropriate behavior towards Mia’s kids before the incident with Dylan, so I’m pretty sure she sort of knew what was going on and didn’t run away ASAP as any normal mother would.

  40. SammyJo says:

    Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but I don’t understand how the public can condemn and dredge up new dirt on RKelly for his past, but somehow all is forgiven with ‘cinema virtuoso’ Woody Allen. I could feel my stomach turning while I was watching the montage of actors and actresses, (some of my favorites) who have worked with him and those in the audience who are probably dying to work with him. I was disappointed in all of the actors and actresses in Hollywood who claim stand up for what’s right, yet smiled and clapped and felt like they were basically condoning child molestation. I specifically recall Lena Dunham, who make comments about RKelly, yet has posed for that dbag Terry R who was coincidentally dating her best friend. Also Roman Polanski… Why the double standard. All of these ‘men’ are pigs whether they are artistically genius or not.

  41. Marx says:

    To the commenters who are defending his relationship with Soon-Yi, read the Vanity Fair article! It talks about how Soon-Yi had language development problems, her birth mother neglected and abused her. She was behind in her development and still was unable to grasp subtext in conversation when Allen started sleeping with her. Her language tutor is interviewed and says that the statements Soon-Yi released when she attacked her mom Mia publicly were way beyond her verbal ability. It can be inferred that Allen was supplying her statements to the press defending their relationship (as a writer he could easily try to make it sound like a young woman, “I’m not a delicate little flower!” Which is more how a movie character talks than a real person seeking to establish credibility.) The article also kind of implies that Allen had SoonYi as a girl on the side and encouraged her to date other guys, but when things with Mia broke down irretrievably, he married Soon Yi out of spite and probably to make his affair with her seem more legitimate since it would obviously look really bad as he was a father figure to the family. She may have been 18 when they started sleeping together but she was no doubt emotionally immature due to her developmental problems and childhood traumas. So Allen likes emotionally and physically young girls and incest, and people are trying to say his relationship with Soon Yi was totally legitimate because she was of age and because he was not a father to her (her true age isn’t even known and had to be estimated by bone analysis). He was definitely a fatherly figure in her life, and the father of her siblings and considerably older than her, AND was still trying to sleep with and get back together with her adopted mom, he definitely crossed familial boundaries and it was emotional incest at the least, even if the physical relationship cannot be categorized as incest by definition. Looking back its obvious he used Soon Yi because she was easy to control, and went on to adopt two daughters with her, which is a shame since he has predatory tendencies toward young women that he has a fatherly relationship with. He needs to be called out and those girls need to live somewhere without a child molester having access to them.

    • lili says:

      as mia was the main source of info for the vanity fair article, find it difficult to take it as fact.

      i believeit’s a very real possibility that mia’s brother was the actual molester of dylan.

  42. LaurieH says:

    Hollywood has a LONG history of rewarding bad behavior. It is amazing what they are able to overlook in the name of “talent” (yes, we’re talking to you, Roman Polanski). So in that vein, the tribute to Woody Allen was expected. I am not sure how I feel about Ronan and Mia Farrow’s tweetings (or whatever you call that shit). Part of me says “get over it already” because it’s somewhat unhealthy to keep on about something so long. Mia Farrow is in this business and she knows damn well nothing will be done about it and no one is listening to her. As to Ronan, Mia Farrow once said in an interview that there’s a chance he might actually be Frank Sinatra’s son and I must say, he looks a LOT more like Old Blue Eyes than the craggy-looking Woody Allen. Personally, with the sole exception of Midnight in Paris, I have never been a fan of Woody Allen films. I find his iconic neurosis uttery annoying and indulgent.

  43. GirlyGirl says:

    That is a seriously good looking young man.

    Can’t be related to Woody.

  44. Penny says:

    Well Mia likes to tell people Frank Sinatra was a wonderful man, when really he was a cruel monster who regularly beat the shit out of her and hundreds of other women . He sexually assaulted women, sought out underage women and emotionally and financially abused women, but Mia hero worships him. These days she’s filled with as much love for Frank as she is hate for Woody.

    Woody Allen’s scum, but so was Frank. To publicly praise one monster, not for his work but for his personality, and then attack others for praising the work of a different monster, it’s really the height of hypocrisy.