Lena Dunham & Rihanna are feuding, Rih wants to ‘go off on her in person’


I wanted to talk about these photos from Rihanna’s Instagram account. She’s on vacation in Brazil and looks to be having an excellent time. Or at least she’s spending most of her time posing for photos. I included a picture above and there are more, which show more skin, on her Instagram. One photo has her posing seductively while picking her own wedgie. Good thing she had the ocean to wash her hands off. I worry about these things.

This week’s issue of Star discusses a “nasty feud” brewing between RiRi and Lena Dunham. I guess Lena talked a little bit of smack about Rihanna last year on Alec Baldwin’s podcast, and Rihanna’s still holding a grudge. Maybe:

Lena Dunham may be fashion’s new It Girl but to Rihanna, she’s public enemy No. 1! Lena landed herself on Rihanna’s hit list when she publically blasted the pop star for reuniting with her violent ex. “She’s had this amazing career,” said Lena in an interview. “And then she gets back together with Chris Brown and posts a million pictures of them smoking marijuana together on a bed. And it cracks my heart in half.”

But Rihanna is ready to crack open something else! “She doesn’t think Lena had any right to talk about someone she doesn’t know” explains the spy. “So when Girls producers wanted to use her song ‘Talk That Talk’ in a scene, it was with great pleasure that she turned Lena down.”

But RiRi isn’t done exacting her revenge. “Rihanna is vindictive, and so stirred up by Lena that she’s told her team she wants to be at the next event Lena goes to so she can go off on her in person!”

[From Star, print edition, February 3, 2014]

I don’t know if I believe all of this story. Lena did talk smack about Rihanna and Chris Brown on a prior occasion via Twitter:

Lena did have a point, and she invokes Gloria Steinem to get there. I always wondered why so-called feminists like Camille Paglia held up Rihanna as an example of erotic feminism because of the Chris Brown association. Then again — Lena’s own feminism has been rightfully picked apart for her Terry Richardson connection. As far as I’m concerned, Lena and Rihanna are pretty close in that regard. One took back an abuser, and the other one publicly supported a documented sexual predator.

What gives me pause on this story is not knowing whether Rihanna even gives Lena a second thought. I feel like Rih would rather light up a doobie than plot revenge on the critical darling of Girls fame.

Lena Dunham

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, WENN & Rihanna on Instagram

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  1. snakecharmer says:

    lena needs some teeth bleaching trays StAT

    • MrsB says:

      YES. A million times yes.

    • Sarah says:

      a post about feminism and the first comment points out what one of the young women “needs” to do to her appearance.

      • sputnik says:

        it’s depressing.

      • malina says:

        It’s the same every time 🙁

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Predictable but still disheartening.

      • MrsB says:

        I do not care if you’re a man or a woman, yellow teeth are just gross, and makes it look like you don’t take care of yourself. Has nothing to do with feminism. It’s akin to commenting on somebody’s greasy hair, or commenting on the way it looks like K. Stew needs to take a shower.

      • Sam says:

        MrsB: Actually, no. Humans do not have bright white teeth naturally. They yellow naturally over the years. It’s true that it’s happening more quickly now due to consumption of soda, tea and coffee, smoking and other things, but those bright white Chiclets that most people have today are totally unnatural. Bleaching is also established as being really bad for you. It wears away the enamel, weakens the teeth and irritates the gums. There is no medical reason to whiten your teeth. And comparing it to poor hygiene is just dumb. An unwashed person smells, can attract diseases and other ailments, etc. A person’s yellow teeth do not affect you in any meaningful way. So one has to wonder exactly why you care in the first place.

      • Peppa says:

        I’m not the biggest Lena fan, but I often avoid stories about her for that very reason. People find her annoying and, in turn, attack her looks and appearance. I have seen her called a cow and disgusting several times.

      • Seen says:

        You get this site right ? Celebitchy? Not us news and world report.

      • Dommy Dearest says:

        Oh god, every week someone feels the absolute need to identify what this site is. Seen, I’ll say it for you. ‘None of you can voice an opinion, it has to be all bad things and never anything that can identify a problem with the world because this is a gossip site. Because we all live in la-la land! Your opinions on feminisim or sticking up for a celebrity (unless it’s Beyonce!) has no power here! Be off with you to Perez Hilton!’

        You’re welcome. Oh and by the way, the door- rather the ‘x’- is right up there. Please, feel free to leave. Since you obviously feel the need to be on a celebrity site in which the commenters can’t have an opinion that isn’t as brain dead as the celebrities they cover. Gasp.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ Dommy +1,000,000

      • Maria says:

        @ Sam +10000000

      • impychan says:

        you win the Internet <3 @DommyDearest BLESS YOUR HEART @Sam YES! @MrsB Please stop you’re making yourself look…unhygienic.

      • Denise says:

        She’s not reading, she’s not thinking. Not sure what she’s doing on this site.

    • enya. says:

      This is what I scrolled down to the comments to say. Who’s advising this chick? Where are her friends, her family? Someone buy her some whitestrips, NOW. –enya.

      • mj says:

        Um her teeth look fine. What is it with the glossy blinding teeth thing. Ugh.

      • Dommy Dearest says:

        Don’t worry MJ, most people that comment want the image of the perfect human so when someone comes on with a flaw that separates them and should remind us all that they are people (not someone that needs to be worshiped) there is always a negative. Always.

      • blue marie says:

        It’s her lipstick, some shades depending on your coloring will do that, like red for me.

      • ncmagnolia says:

        Sorry if this is unpopular, but the yellow teefs and tattoos gag me every time I see her.

    • Kay V says:

      Lol… First thing I noticed too!

    • Hiddles forever says:

      My teeth are always clean, brush them one million times a day.. Still ivory, never been white! Shut your gob woman!

      • Sacred And Profane says:

        I’m the same, Hiddles. No amount of bleaching or ultra-whitening toothpastes are going to give me the super-white pearlies that have seemingly become compulsory. My dentist tells me my teeth are beautiful – healthy and completely straight, and that these bleaching agents are totally unnecessary , a waste of money and can be dangerous. . I cannot wear red or orange- toned lipsticks, either. They make my ivory teeth look really yellow and my skin super sallow. Leave this woman’s teeth, and everything else, alone. People should just let others be how they are, especially since there’s nothing she can do about the colour of her teeth, unless she wants to go down the veneer road, like so many others.

      • impychan says:

        BLESS YOU, that comment is rockin

  2. Aura says:

    How good a vacation can you be having if you have to stop to take a selfie every give seconds?

    • Kali says:

      Because you need to be SEEN to be having an amazing holiday. You can’t just, you know, actually ENJOY your holiday. /sarcasm 😛

    • Shannon1972 says:

      To show the rest of us how good she has it, of course! 😉

    • M.A.F. says:

      The same people/generation who enjoy a live show through their screen on their phone.

    • Aras says:

      Let’s be fair: Long before the advent of Instagram or Facebook or smart phones, for that matter, people were always taking pictures while on vacation. And some of those people came back to create a freaking slide show that family members who weren’t on the trip had to sit through and watch. They weren’t called “selfies” then, but the concept was the same: “Here I am in front of the pyramids of Chichen Itza.”; “That’s me on a camel in Morocco.”; “Here I am on the ferry with the Manhattan skyline is behind me.”

      Yes, I’m still remembering my childhood in the ’80s with an uncle who loved creating home movies and slideshows that we always got roped into watching when we visited.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        HAHA!! I remember the dreaded vacation slide show! This is an excellent point.

      • Peppa says:

        I’m the total weirdo who loves people’s vacation pictures!

      • Seen says:

        Rihanna’s selfies are a tad bit different than the old “this is me in front of the Eiffel Tower” pics -you have to admit.

      • Pandora says:

        I’d love to see her actual vacation photos, but I don’t think you’re allowed to wear only a thong in front of the great pyramids and I suspect she’d get arrested smoking a scoob and swilling wine wearing only gold joo-ree and some baby oil at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    • impychan says:

      she’s confident and not in a relationship NOT TO MENTION she isn’t even taking her own photos, she has no children to worry about, what could possibly be wrong with TAKING PHOTOS while ON VACATION? Is that not what even us ‘normal’ people do??

      @Pandora “gold joo-ree”? Really? She has plenty of real vacation photos, and so far, unlike Bey, she hasn’t been kicked out of the Great Pyramids of Giza.

  3. Elisabeth says:

    What is Rhianna 14? Is she gonna meet Lena by the bike racks after school?

    • gg says:

      A good analogy of her mental age, I’d say.

      • impychan says:

        Why? Because she doesn’t have to worry about typical responsibilities and can do what she wants at a young age? I say it’s better she get the partying out of her system now instead of keeping it all in and then becoming a freaking Cougar-esque chick.

    • Mika says:

      Meh. I don’t think Rihanna would give a single fuck. She doesn’t seem to care about people who ‘talk smack about her’ unless that person left rude comments on her pics on Instagram or talked shit about her with her tag in it on Twitter. She had called out so many people on Twitter and the funniest thing about it is that those people would always say “oh sorry, i never knew you would notice. I’m sorry that I said that, I’ve always been a big fan of yours”. Lena might think she’s daring to tweet about Rihanna but if she really wanted Rihanna’s attention, she would have tweeted it to Rihanna instead.

  4. Shannon1972 says:

    I seriously doubt that Rihanna gives Lena Dunham a second thought. Plenty of people commented on Rih and Chris Brown reuniting – why single out the star of a cable TV show with a niche audience?
    Typical Star Magazine…take a small fact and build a whole story around it. I believe Rih rejected them using her song. But the rest – they should just file that magazine under “fiction” and be done with it.

    • T.fanty says:

      I believe it. Rihanna seems that petty and unpleasant as to pick fights over absolutely nothing.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        I agree with your assessment of Rihanna’s character, Fanty, but a feud with Lena Dunham? Why? They are in completely separate worlds. I don’t see it.

      • gg says:

        Rihanna seems to live in a fight culture, thinking nothing of issuing threats and herself getting pummeled. It is very sad. And I mean that in a nice way not a critical one.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        Hmmmm….from that perspective, I can see it, gg. To me, Rihanna is a huge international star. Lena Dunham is a cable star with a very specific fandom. I didn’t see why a superstar would bother with her, but if that’s Rihanna’s culture/experience, to lash out at anyone and everyone, well, it makes sense. Thanks.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        ITA, GG. I could see it..

      • Relli says:

        ALSO she come off as a huge control freak.

      • Dommy Dearest says:

        I can also see Princess Forehead wanting to go off on Lena due to her appearance. In school I would see a lot of the ‘pretty’ girls go after the ‘ugly’ girls because they felt it was easier to say what they want because the ‘ugly’ ones wouldn’t stand up for themselves. I know nothing about Lena, I don’t even know what show she’s on, but I’d rather see Lena trash RiRi if it actually comes to it. She needs to be knocked down a few pegs as far as I’m concerned. I just can’t stand looking at people that feel they deserve everything when they’ve done nothing for it (IE, all celebrities).

    • Alexis says:

      Rihanna probably barely knows who Lena is. Planted by Lena’s team to get sympathy and remind us that she’s oh so feminist. Blah.

    • Delorb says:

      She took a lot of negative feedback over going back to Chris. She shouldn’t have been surprised when someone threw her some shade. And while Lena may not have been on her radar at the time, I’m pretty sure someone hipped her to who she is.

  5. Bree bree says:

    On a superficial level, Lena’s picture next to gorgeous Rihanna made me laugh. Not that I’m a fan of either of them.

  6. Baskingshark says:

    This is quite a fair match since they are both equally self-involved, entitled and annoying. How about we lock them in a room together and see who’s still standing after 24 hours? Then leave her in there.

  7. Mata says:

    Plenty of celebs have criticized Ri for taking CB back. If she and Lena found themselves trapped on an elevator together, I could see a heated exchange occurring, but otherwise I doubt Rihanna pays any attention to Lena.

  8. blue marie says:

    What gives me pause is, when did Lena become a fashion “IT Girl”? One is almost as bad as the other, but it’s Star so… whatever.

  9. Al says:

    I remember Gloria Steinem swatting Lena’s remarks away. She used that whole kerfuffle to promote understanding for abused women and the difficulty of getting out of an abusive relationship and figuring out what to do next. Feminism is about supporting women. Gloria Steinem is a boss!

    • LB says:

      I remember that and I loved that. I don’t really comment on the Rihanna and Chris Brown situation because it is a dynamic I don’t quite understand but seems to be common – returning to the abuser. I was disappointed about their reunion but Gloria Steinem was right – judging her for that doesn’t help. It could make it worse (us against the world mentality).

      • ycnan says:

        Yes agree with that too. It’s classic behavior for a lot of abused women. RiRi was no different. I don’t understand personally but I get that it happens and we need to support and not shame these women.

        On another note I love Rihanna music so much, so many great songs and a very distinctive voice. But OMG I really dislike her personality. Someone said 14 yr old, I think that’s about right!

    • Seen says:

      Support them, absolutely, but don’t tacitly endorse them. There’s a big difference. People should speak out.

  10. teri says:

    Most of the world was like ???WTF????? when she hooked back up with Chris B. Can’t believe Rihanna would get upset with Lena.

  11. Anna says:

    I can’t stand Lena everything she does is so offensive.
    I can believe this story though, from what I’ve read on urban gossip sites Rihanna can hold a grudge and remembers things years later. It seems to happen a lot with celebs who “cross” Rihanna.

  12. Leah says:

    To be fair, Lena is not the only one who has let Terry take their pic. The list of famous people that worked with Terry is very long and most of them unlike Lena haven’t issued a statement to say they regret it.
    I think Lena is well meaning with re to feminism but the Terry thing weakened her legitimacy.

    • Dingo says:

      Jep all of these people:
      Barack Obama
      Christian Bale
      James Franco
      Tobey Maguire
      Aaron Paul
      Kate Upton
      Lady Gaga
      Penelope Cruz
      Christina Hendricks
      Anna Paquin
      Lea Michele
      Evan Rachel Wood
      Dianna Agron
      Amber Heard
      Gwen Stefani
      Miranda Kerr
      Gwyneth Paltrow
      Maggie Gyllenhaal
      Kim Kardashian
      Keyne West
      Kate Moss
      Jessica Alba
      Blake Lively
      Leighton Meester
      January Jones
      Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen
      Lana Del Rey
      Cameron Diaz
      Mila Kunis
      Megan Fox
      And the list goes on and on…..

  13. lucy2 says:

    I doubt Rihanna cares much about anything besides partying and vanity, so I doubt she cares about Lena.

  14. ToodySezHey says:

    I call bs on this story too. That said, team Rhi all the way. I cannot stand Lena. Honestly though, Rhi has her give a fugg meter constantly calibrated to zero so….doubt she has any fuggs to spare for someone she has probably never heard of.

  15. Rose says:

    I loled at “Lena Dunham may be fashion’s new it girl”. They’re kidding right? Every time she’s on a red carpet I feel like she’s making fun of fashion.

  16. Mimz says:

    No ii dont believe it..
    Rihanna is a virtual/online bully. But she never shows up for the actual physical altercation.

    She’s a mean girl online but not face to face.

    And Lena is not the first or 10th person saying the same thing about riri and chris. Nope dont believe it.

  17. smee says:

    This is rich coming from someone who doesn’t want to be judged, but here she is, being Judge Judy.

    Rihanna was in it deep with CB and it wasn’t clear if she would ever get away from him, but she appears to have put that behind her. Maybe it took too long or she didn’t do it the “right” way for Lena , but she should def stfu about it.

    • claire says:

      Yeah, she should stfu.
      I gotta say…I’m appalled that so many people are offended by and obsessing over the skinny fat comments on the Lindsay Vonn article, yet here’s an article about someone shaming a DV victim and the response is “meh.”

      • jenna says:

        i agree totally, and responded with similar comments. thank u claire

      • ToodySezHey says:

        “”eah, she should stfu.
        I gotta say…I’m appalled that so many people are offended by and obsessing over the skinny fat comments on the Lindsay Vonn article, yet here’s an article about someone shaming a DV victim and the response is “meh.” “”””

        And thats what gets me about Celebitchy, Claire…

        Bytches wanna be up in arms in one thing, but can let that same shyt slide depending on the celebrity involved, context, etc.

        Chile please!

  18. Scarlettmoon says:

    I actually love the show Girls….I think it’s fresh, funny and I love how complex and real the characters are…that being said, Lena Dunham herself is starting to irritate the snot out of me for some as yet unknown reason….

  19. WendyNerd says:

    Rihanna would not actually try to beat Lena’s ass. She’d have her entourage do it for her. Rihanna at most weighs about a buck ten.

    • wtf says:

      It’s not the size of the girl in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the girl. In an imaginary match up between them, I would put my money on RiRi. Just like in a fight between Lorde and Taylor Swift, I would put my money on Lorde. They’ve got a lot of self righteous fury in those tiny frames.

  20. ycnan says:

    “I always wondered why so-called feminists like Camille Paglia held up Rihanna as an example of erotic feminism because of the Chris Brown association. Then again — Lena’s own feminism has been rightfully picked apart for her Terry Richardson connection. As far as I’m concerned, Lena and Rihanna are pretty close in that regard. ”

    In no way are these two examples even remotely similar.

    • anon33 says:

      Also, there has been debate for years about Paglia’s contribution to feminism. Some people (like my women’s studies professor and college mentor) do not consider her a feminist in the scholarly sense of the word.

      • wtf says:

        Me either! I have always found her to be an ignorant pain in the whoo-haa. She makes inflammatory arguments just to get press. I don’t think even Rihanna sees going back to Chris as a form of empowerment. People forget that in the real world of domestic violence, it takes a woman on average 8 times to leave her abuser. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got back together briefly in the future. The emotions are so intense in an abusive relationship, it’s like a vortex. I just hope for the best for her, like any survivor.

  21. Dani says:

    Whoever declared Lena as Fashions next It Girl deserves a good beating from Anna Wintour.

  22. Desert Rose says:

    While Ri does seem like the vindictive type I don’t think this story is true. Rhi’s reaction more likely would be to fat shame Lena or something similarly idiotic

  23. Evi says:

    It seems like every female celebrity feels like an authority on speaking out for Rihanna, but I don’t see Rihanna speaking about other female celebrities – correct me if I’m wrong, but I have never come across any interview or anything similar with Rihanna going on about other celebrities. She may be a doper, but she keeps to herself. At the end of the day she is just a singer – not some type of politician or similar role model – and it’s her life.

  24. Eleonor says:

    Rhianna’s body is insane. I’m truly envious of her booty.

  25. Izzy says:

    Episodes of “Girls” make me want to go hide under my own bed for 72 hours.

    Except it’s a platform bed, so that would be kind of tough. Crap. Where’s the pantry, is there room in there for a bit?

    • Relli says:

      I always wondered what the buzz was all about so I watched it one day. Its basically a show about my life prior to me getting married and having a kid. I don’t think I am far enough removed from that life to glamorize it or wax on poetically about it yet.

    • Faith says:

      Ugh I am with you I tried to watch the first few episodes I couldn’t cope I kept thinking at 24 of course your parents are going to cut you off you whiney bitch! I thought the jessa or jessie whatever her name is could save it because I love romantically tragic characters with life experience but even she just came across vapid. Tina Fey did an excellent skit of girls that sums it up pretty well.

  26. Green Eggs and Ham says:

    Why would Rihanna care about Lena? They are from different worlds and cultures. One is pretty the other not so: why bother?

  27. Penelope says:

    Can’t stand full-of-herself Lena. Rihanna probably barely knows who this poseur even is.

  28. Crack Fox says:

    I’m blown away by side off the comments about Rihanna. Besides being a victim of domestic violence, how does she live in a “fight culture”?

    Also, how is she an online bully. I have never seen Rihanna start nonsense, but I have definitely seen her finish it. People grow a pair when that are behind a computer screen, and try to come for her. She reads those people to filth, as she should. Standing up for yourself is not “fight culture” or “bullying”.

    • ashley says:

      +1000!!! Rih give zero fuggs,she’s not a bully,if u disrespect her she’ll defend herself. How’s that bullying? They were at the ama and rih paid her dust,they’re just butt her because she didn’t let them use her song on lena’s show.

  29. Alexis says:

    Planted by Lena and occurs to me slightly racist. Mean crazy island girl is going to “beat up” the poor sophisticated feminist white girl (because that’s the only way she knows to get her back). Lol. Anyone who folllows Rihanna knows that if there was a feud Rihanna would be all bark and no bite on twitter, etc. #byefelicia

  30. GirlyGirl says:

    This would be a close fight, Lena looks like she could really throw a punch but Rihanna has proven she can take a beating.

  31. Grant says:

    Lol. “Fashion’s new It girl” Lena Dunham? I’m sorry, but are these people blind? We’re talking about a girl with an affinity for crotch-munching, barf-yellow jumpers.

  32. Aly says:

    I’m not a fan of either really, but in this case, team Lena. Hands down.

    Chris brown is a horrible, disgusting person, and Rihanna is a f*cking idiot. I lost all respect the moment she went back to him. Sorry if that’s harsh but you get hit that badly and run back to him you get no sympathy from me the next time around. Especially when you have the money and the means to take care of and protect yourself, which a lot of abused young women don’t have.

    Again, she’s an idiot.

    • Adear says:

      Wow No wonder women have it hard. Everything you just said makes it harder for abuse victims to get help. Look in the mirror your attitude is the reason a woman isn’t coming forward with her abuse not Rihanna.

      • Aly says:

        Actually this is a subject that hits home to me. This is MY opinion on the subject, and if people, men or women, can willingly go back to their abusers, even though they have more than enough means of escape, money, and others to go to, than yea. That’s you’re choice. You can deal with the consequences.

        Yea, I said I’m harsh on the subject, but she didn’t even try to get away from him it seems and then she all but pretty much said we should forgive him? Nope. I’m not here for either of them. I’ve dealt with too much of that BS in my own life.

      • jenna says:

        agree totally, thank you for saying so!!! ALY – that shaming attitude is HORRIFIC to deal with, on top of the abuse a woman is suffering.

      • Adear says:

        I’m sorry what you suffered hardened you that way. For me its just the opposite. My experiences both personally and professionally leaves me unwilling to shame anyone in these circumstances. Someone who is abused like she was by her father is even more likely to end up in an abusive relationship. No amount of wealth changes the mental toll that it takes on you and what you think is acceptable. He curses you well at least he he hasn’t hit you. He hit you at least he said sorry.

  33. bns says:

    Rihanna is everything. So gorgeous and sexy and just perfect.

  34. GreenTurtle says:

    On what planet does being a victim in a cycle of domestic violence mean you deserve criticism for not being a feminist? Christ, if you think that, you’re a simplistic, victim-shaming moron. Chris Brown is a violent, unstable batterer. Abuse, when it happens between different sexes, a completely different issue than sexism or inequality. It’s like saying rape is all about sex and trying to keep women unequal in a society. There’s ignorance and then there’s pathology.

  35. jaye says:

    I don’t know, Rihanna is good for clapping back at people who take shots at her. If Lena Dunham was on Rihanna’s radar there would have been a sub-tweet or two on the subject.

  36. seriously says:

    @sam about yellow teeth…word. Just like yucky stinky deodorant that becomes rancid by the time you walk outside…is NOT A FORM OF HYGIENE.

    That and can we just all admit that Lena Dunham is nothing really much than a stupid dork already?

    And not even in a cute way either. Thanks.

  37. jenna says:

    i disagree. They are not the same! it’s HARD for women in abusive relationships to permanently escape an abusive partner. sometimes it takes many tries, and those women need a TON of support, and one of the things i learned in a class about it, is that those people in the abused woman’s life, shouldnt “shame” her if she goes back, and leaves again, and goes back, etc. etc. WHATEVER it takes, we are advised to keep being loving and concerned and supportive, but NEVER attack the woman if she tries to leave and fails. Be supportive until she succeeds. sometimes women are threatened in some manner…point is, you dont know from the outside what an abused woman is going through. abusers can be very convincing. im sure chris brown was messing with ri’s mind,,, shes a woman like the rest of us and has feelings,,,maybe shes tough on the outside, but vulnerable within? needy for love or something. whatever the case, i dont think its cool at all to compare the two things. LENA on the other hand, was hardly in the same boat. she a girl who chose to do a shoot with a known predator. its not like she struggled with that choice or suffered any pain. WOW …this article comes across sounding like theres a real need for more sensitivity toward victims. as someone who left my former abusive partner for good after SEVEN tries, im deeply grateful to those that supported me kindly and patiently, even though they felt like dragging me out of there, they knew the choice had to be mine. there were also people who were very mean and judgemental, saying whats wrong with her, calling me stupid, saying i deserve what i get if i go back. needless to say, those people are no longer part of my life. but basically, im disappointed in the way youve come across. on some other articles, you emphasise no judgement toward other women, no shaming, and yet here you are, comparing lena posing for FUN for that filthy pig, terry R, to a woman who is “in the process” (again, this often takes a number of tries – fact!) of trying to escape abuse? i feel thats wrong. all that said, IM A HUGE FAN OF THIS SITE, LOVE THE COMMENTS section, SUCH A SMART FUNNY BUNCH!

    • I Choose Me says:

      Hugs to you Jenna. It could not have been easy. And I’m glad you’re in a better place emotionally.

  38. JFS61 says:

    I’m not a fan of Rihanna, but her hatred of Lena Dunham makes her alright in my book.

  39. KelT says:

    I have nothing against tattoos in general, but she is always wearing sleeveless and it ruins what might be a nice dress on someone else. She might be a very nice person but, to me, always looks unkempt. The yellow teeth don’t help.

  40. Leila in wunderland says:

    I don’t approve of Rihanna’s relationship with Chris Brown either, and I get the criticism for it. But I don’t think abuse victims should be shamed or made to feel like failures. I don’t fully understand why some people who are abused by a spouse/partner- whether they’re male or female- stay in relationships with or return to relationships with their abusers. Maybe the fact that they loved the person before the abuse began makes it harder to say goodbye. Maybe they beleive that the person can change in that area and be forgiven. I’ve heard of rare cases where either one person was abused in a relationship, or their was a domestic violence incident between them where they both abused eachother, but they were able to have a relationship and the abuse stopped. I know I wouldn’t be able to stay in a relationship with someone who abused me, not only because of the physical danger, but also because it would hurt my pride, leave me feeling permanently devalued by that person, and leave me with lingering anger and resentment toward them that I probably wouldn’t be able to let go of.

  41. Keisha says:

    I want Rihanna’s dress. It’s gorgeous. That is all.

  42. hootie says:

    LD is not exactly a good role model so she can myob and shut her yap.