Johnny Depp doesn’t want to ‘turn off’ Amber Heard by asking for a prenup

Johnny Depp

One week has passed since the engagement heard ’round the world between Johnny Depp, 50, and Amber Heard, 27. I know a lot of people make a huge deal about their age difference, and I agree it’s kinda skeevy. At the same time, I look back fondly on age 27 and envy Amber for being there right now. I just don’t understand why such a “free spirit” would want to chain herself to the next coming of Keith Richards. I probably shouldn’t say that — it sounds terrible. Of course Johnny is still good looking and a charmer, but he and Keith are so much alike. There’s a reason Keith played Jack Sparrow’s dad in those silly Pirates movies. Speaking of which, I hope Amber doesn’t mind pirate teeth because Johnny’s preparing to suit up once gain.

There’s a wee little story about Johnny and Amber’s engagement in this week’s issue of Star. Their take isn’t really that notable except for the final two sentences:

His ex-girlfriend Vanessa Paradis recently debuted a drastic makeover, but all eyes are currently on the hand of Johnny Depp’s current squeeze, Amber Heard. The 27-year-old beauty tried to hide a giant sparkler on That finger while grabbing dinner at L.A.’s Ago restaurant on Jan. 13, and it’s because Johnny popped the question over the holidays! While some friends of the Transcendence actor, 50, remain wary of Amber’s intentions, he refuses to be anything but devoted. “She’s always wanted to be rich and famous,” spills the source. “And she left a four-year relationship with a woman for him. But Johnny doesn’t want to do anything that may turn her off, such as asking her to sign a prenup. He’s crazy about her and has chased her for a long time.”

[From Star, print edition, February 3, 2014]

Bad move, Johnny. I am not even questioning Amber’s motives with this potential marriage here! You never know what’s going to happen a decade or two down the line. Johnny should protect his fortune for his children’s sake. If Amber is the type of person to be scared off by a prenup, then obviously she’s not the person Johnny should marry. Oh well. He’s completely smitten with her and is probably only thinking with his wang.

As a side note, Amber’s first agent has talked to People about his former client. Jeff Nightbyrd says, “Very early Amber understood beauty only opens the door of opportunity. She wanted the ability to grab the opportunity by the throat and prove she had the substance to back up her looks. I would argue Amber Heard is a Katharine Hepburn in a different kind of body.” Austin Film Society must agree. They’re bestowing Amber with the 2014 “Rising Star” award. Even though she’s been kicking around in Hollywood for over a decade.

Amber Heard

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  1. jinni says:

    It Star so I doubt this story.

    • Zimmer says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true, seems like a lot of older men make similar mistakes with young women.

      Amber looks stunning with her hair back. She’s one of those few women who I believe look more beautiful with an updo. Now, I realize why all the pictures I’ve seen of her lately haven’t given me that wow factor.

  2. Kiddo says:

    Hmm. Not seeing the Hepburn part other than that she was with an older man, Tracy. Those are pretty big shoes to fill.

  3. Melody says:

    If divorces only consider the amount of income made during the marriage as “marital assets” – and Johnny’s major money-making years are behind him, it might not be the end of the world to go without the pre-nup. Depends on which state governs the divorce, I guess – and if she has kids.

  4. QQ says:

    Bwahahahahhahahahahahhaha PLEASE Brah make my Life by not asking for a prenup and then letting Walmart Johansen over here clean your clock out in two years!! Plleeeaassee

  5. TheOriginalKitten says:

    If she can marry a man who wears lady scarves, fedoras and hipster glasses then I doubt anything will turn her off.

    • At least he doesn’t wear skinny jeans


      And I liked his Golden Globes look–except for that raggedy hat. THAT’S the Johnny that we need, one that doesn’t wear a million different accessories. I like his rings though–just not the scarves and the two shirts, etc…

    • Tazina says:

      He can do what he wants if he doesn’t want a prenup. That’s his problem. I just hadn’t realized he was that dumb. He’s reached his stale by date certainly.

    • Tahoe says:

      Guarantee he will get his teeth fixed with veneers!

  6. sullivan says:

    HA! Practicality is rarely romantic.

  7. Eleonor says:

    While Johnny is a decent guy and a solid actor to me in no way he can be “the second coming of Keith Richards”. Keith Richards is a living legend, he has written pages and pages of r’n’r history, I guess they are good friend but I don’t think the’re “alike”.
    If I remember well Johnny took inspiration for Jack Sparrow from Keith Richards, and Keith was flattered and amused, end of it.
    BTW what I find interesting is that the plan B of the “artsy and free spirit” Amber is “marrying an A-list actor”. How old school.

  8. Meh says:

    Oh! If “Star” tell this, then it must be true…LOL! LOL! LOL!
    Only like a week ago, People Mag get to open the closed circle around them, to do an article that’s very generic (the same than US Weekly, even if we know their sources) and we have to believe that this tabloid trash of “Star Magazine” knows about Johnny’s legal issues? LOL

    I don’t know why this magazines want to demonize a woman that it’s almost an unknown. And she could be pretty nice and truly love him, etc, etc

    The american tabloids are so misogynist. Enjoy satanizing and bullying women out of nowhere

  9. Kelly says:


  10. Shelby says:

    She looks so frumpy in that white outfit

  11. L says:

    If that’s the case, he’s a idiot. And the people around him are idiots.

  12. lucy2 says:

    I don’t know that I’ve ever even seen her in a movie. I’m guessing she’s a rising star because of her relationship with him?
    I doubt they will actually get married, but if they do, I’m sure there will be a pre-nup. He’s odd, but not stupid.

    • FLORC says:

      You’ve said it all lucy2!
      Not only has Amber been around for a long time, but the roles she’s landed both pre johnny and currently have proven to many she’s just not a great actress. This award is only because of her fiance.

      And IF they get married it’s a ways down the road. He loves being engaged and I think it’s likely he’ll drown himself in work to avoid setting an actual date.

      • Meredith says:

        ITA. In his youthful years (’20’s), he was engaged many times to many different actresses. So we’ll see if a wedding actually happens. But he is older now and maybe the mortality thing is starting to cross his mind (i.e. get a beautiful woman while he still can), so he might actually marry this time. Stranger things have happened!

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        I believe Amber’s camp is putting out these pitiful news scraps. No prenup = “Amber is the only woman alive beautiful/artistic/intellectual/deep enough to make this triple A-lister finally put a ring on it with no prenup. Pffffft! So her camp must truly be insecure about some other factors to be doing this. Methinks Miss Heard doesnt quite have this all locked down yet. But they probably will marry. But that has way more to do with where Johnny is in his life right now than the irrisistable allure of this one. She must know that on some level and so for her to barrel down the aisle anyway speaks to her motives and doesnt bode well, imo.

      • FLORC says:

        If s is her PR it’s awful. I’ve never liked her though so i’m admittedly bias. Her lipstick lesbian hot girl that loves muscle cars routine always seemed rather disingenuous and more of a platform to get attention than anything else.
        If it’s a natural fit for you you don’t go around telling everyone more than actually doing what you claim. JMO.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        She doesnt want people to figure out that she is just so much meh. And I remember a ridiculous interview she gave wherein she claimed that being a *cough* intellectual, atheist, bisexual ingénue in a small Texas town in the Bible belt was killing her. Wha? Austin was and is a bustling, free-spirited, energetic city with not only and open-minded culture of tolerance but a thriving, active GLBT Community as well. Puh-lease, and yes, she did milk the trysexual angle for all it was worth.

    • jaye says:

      You are absolutely right, lucy2. Her stock has risen since she’s hooked up w/Depp. That’s the ONLY reason she’s now a “rising star”. I mean…is she even IN anything now? Hollywood is SO predictable.

    • ncmagnolia says:

      So, so true. He’s been engaged a million times already. I just don’t get what happens to ordinarily brilliant men, when they hit their 50’s and some young chica with big hooters comes around. Please don’t tell me male menopause isn’t a legitimate disorder.

  13. bns says:

    LOL at that quote from her agent.

    Katharine Hepburn? Hahahahahaha!

  14. BooBooLaRue says:

    Meow Meow Whip Whip

  15. lunchcoma says:


    The only way they’re not negotiating a prenup is if they’re not actually contemplating getting married any time soon – something I wouldn’t have any problems believing, given his track record with engagements.

    He’s managed to do very well for himself financially, so he almost certainly has competent people taking care of his finances and legal issues. A multi-millionaire who has children from a previous relationship needs a prenup. Frankly, so does a starlet marrying an older, richer man – if Depp has a couple of down years financially and then gets tired of marriage, she’s going to want to make sure she gets something. And there’s nothing wrong with any of this, besides the ick feeling that people get from this relationship generally. For people in certain situations – and especially for parents – getting a prenup isn’t unromantic. It’s smart.

  16. Johnny, is you stupid?

    And seriously, why would it be insulting to be asked to sign a prenup? I don’t know–I’d be glad that I was marrying someone who could make that much $$$$$$$ (especially since I would expect to be treated like Elizabeth Taylor–diamonds are a girl’s best friend!), but it ain’t MY money. I wouldn’t want to take the dude’s money (unless it was in the form of child support).

    These stories are so dumb–why do they assume that every woman wants the money?

    • RobN says:

      Why? Because you can count the number of 20 somethings that marry rich older men, and don’t want the money, the fame or the access to both, on one hand.

    • Happyhat says:

      Yeah, I dunno… I’d be insulted if I were asked to sign a prenup just because I’d be getting married with the idea of NOT getting divorced. However, I’m not a Hollywood anything – I don’t know if it’s just different over there. Even if you marry for love, you’d sign a prenup anyway? Like a prenup was the same as signing a marriage certificate/papers – all legal stuffs. I dunno…

      But they do normally assume that the poorer of the two (and let’s face it, it’s normally a woman in these cases. Or it’s JLo/Madonna) is only doing it for the money.

      I guess Hollywood is far more inclined towards ‘business’ marriages.

  17. No says:

    Oh please, a week ago none of these tabloids knew (or invent) that they were engaged, and now they even know if it’s gonna be a prenup or not. CUUUEK

  18. FLORC says:

    RE: Prenup
    It’s not in the moment romantic, but absolutely practical. My husband and I married in our early 20’s. We aren’t insanely wealthy, but come from comfortable families. We both signed our prenup without a fuss. It doesn’t change our love for eachother at all. If anything i’ve always given the side eye to those who are resistent to a prenup. If the love is real and it’s not about the money it shouldn’t be a deal breaker. And I hate that argument that a prenup is already assuming the relationship will end. No one can predict the future, but if the prenup is fair then it will make what might be a sad time in your lives a little easier to sort out and move on from it.

    • lunchcoma says:

      Exactly. And let’s be honest here…there aren’t a whole lot of in the moment romantic marriages these days. Most couples I know who marry have known each other for years, and may already have lived together or had a child together. People who want to have large weddings are going to spend at least 6 months planning them. There should be plenty of time for an engaged couple to talk about practical matters, including prenups if necessary. Not everyone needs one, but it’s not as if love is suddenly dead if a couple feels they do.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Man, are people still clinging to the antiquated view that prenups are taboo?
      I see absolutely nothing wrong with a prenup–seems like a smart move to me.

      It’s not about assuming the relationship will end, it’s about making a practical and intelligent decision when entering into a legally binding agreement with someone. I think it’s sweet to romanticize marriage (it IS romantic in a lot of ways) but it’s also smart to be realistic about the legal implications.
      If the two people truly love one another, then no one should be offended.

      • FLORC says:

        They are still taboo, shockingly. You’re stating reason and logic TOK, but many take great offense when asked to sign one.

      • jenna says:

        Hey , “kitten”.i take offence to your post – that not wanting to sign a pre-nup is an “antiquated view.” SOME of us ladies, are deeply spiritual, and pre-nups don’t have a place in that paradigm. so go on, keep calling people stupid names, who arent into it. whatever happened to diversity acceptance on this site. im beginning to get turned OFF by the HYPOCRISY here. one story posted is all supportive of a woman’s right to do what feels right for HER, and then ones like this, slag off those who choose different than the majority. ive read all the comments on this post. and being one who does NOT believe in pre-nups, wanna say THANK ALL, for being so F*ucking insulting. gross.

      • jjva says:

        @jenna, wow, Kitten’s opinion that being against a prenup is an “antiquated view” somehow equates to calling people “stupid names” in your mind? It’s her opinion, you’ve got yours, she didn’t insult you.

      • Tulip says:

        @ Jenna. Please don’t take offense. In all seriousness, spirituality is not often thought of on a gossip site, because it normally is that shallow.

      • Lunchcoma says:

        I think it can be true that both the idea that prenups are taboo is antiquated and that prenups aren’t something everyone will want. After all, the fact that something is no longer taboo doesn’t mean it’s now mandatory. Skinny jeans aren’t taboo anymore. Doesn’t mean I’m running out to buy a pair. Just means I’m not going to freak out if someone else wears them.

        (If your spirituality means that there’s not a place in your paradigm for people who view marriage differently…well, then we part ways.)

    • paranormalgirl says:

      My husband and I have a prenup as well. There are children to consider and the like. It’s just practical. We also keep most of our earnings separate, each depositing the same amount each month into a joint account for shared expenses.

      • FLORC says:

        Though we don’t have children (currently) it is someting taken care of in the prenup. And seperate accounts and a joint one which couple deposit either equal amounts or equal percentages from their salary seems like a smart idea for any couple living together with shared expenses. Money is one of the big reason for divorce so having it not being a strain can make marriage life easier i think.

        I’m agreeing with all of you, but not everyone will. Financial security is often a big motivator for marriage 🙁

    • Happyhat says:

      Interesting – it does make sense if you think of it in terms of the whole ‘legally binding contract’ aspect of marriage. Still not sure if I’d be happy with one…

  19. Renee says:

    She’s really got her hooks into him… deeply.

    • danielle says:

      + 1. I see….a pretty, but not extraordinary girl, who wants to be seen as a wild woman, but is fairly bland and braggy in interviews. Angelina 2.0 she is not. I have not heard that her acting skills are particularly good or bad, more average. What on EARTH is her appeal?!?

  20. Dawn says:

    Oh well he better or she will take everything when she leaves him and she will leave him. I hope he has something that she can’t touch in trusts for his children. I just can’t believe he is falling so hard for her, this is just getting ridiculous. Come on Johnny you are old enough to know better so just stop it.

  21. Christin says:

    I just want to say that I find these posts and many comments highly entertaining. This seems to be such a textbook situation that you can predict the next chapter (at least for now).

    Now that we have the no pre-nup rumor, will there actually be a marriage? If there is no wedding right away, will she have a baby? If she’s truly trying to jump start a lackluster career, then there may not be a baby.

    • Happyhat says:

      There’d totally be a baby, who will be papped to buggery and then given to nannies to look after (c/o pappa Depp). Then she can write a book “Being a wild and funky mother”.

  22. Dommy Dearest says:

    But… she can’t act.

    • Leah says:

      well, she is not getting a rising star award for acting, she is getting it for landing Johnny Depp.

  23. EleanorRigby says:

    Okay, if we’re going to play “Keith Richards Comparisons” Keith and Patti Hansen have been together for 30 years. I give this 10. Max.

  24. Mala says:

    I doubt they haven’t talked about this topic. Amber seems really outspoken and Johnny may be crazy about her, but he isn’t stupid.
    Johnny has lawyers, surely Vanessa should mention something about this on the behalf of their two children. He has many advisors, assistants, friends and his older sister who’s the head of his businesses and is his main counselor (and that older sister is very friendly with Amber Heard according to US MAG. She was dining with Amber when she was seen with the ring, and according to sources they looked like “best friends” inside the restaurant. So the things must be right with them…)

    And isn’t she technically “millionaire” too? the last time I’ve checked her little fortune was around U$ 5 million. Ok that’s anywhere near Johnny’s fortune, but she wasn’t living under a bridge either…

    In summary, I doubt they hadn’t discussed about this.

    • Margot says:

      Best comment. Thank you for talking with common sense.

    • Leah says:

      I doubt she has that kind of fortune. She is not getting payed that much for movie roles. Doesn’t work much and doesn’t have any lucrative endorsement deals. I do agree that i doubt depp is that stupid though.

    • ToodySezHey says:

      Finally, someone who makes sense.

      But we all know why people are so ready to believe the worst about this couple….

  25. RobN says:

    I’ve know several rich men who thought bringing up the idea of a pre-nup would kill the romance. Most of them ended up having to buy their own houses back during the divorce.

    It may be stupid, but there’s plenty of this type of guy around.

    • Kelly says:

      Well if you’re that stupid you deserve what you get I guess.
      Go ladies, milk these dumb old farts dry.

      In the end, he’ll have no one to blame but himself.

  26. Zwella Ingrid says:

    Don’t be stupid Johnny.

  27. lisa2 says:

    I don’t have a problem with them as a couple. They are not that hot together or fascinating to me. I can only obsess over 1 or 2 couples. gets too much.

    I think the way they are presenting themselves is the problem. All of a sudden Amber is everywhere. We are getting quotes from people about how WONDERFUL she is. How talented. But then that has happened with ohter couples too. One gets a boost because they are associated with the other. Even when no one really knows much about them. So in that Amber and Johnny are not different.

    I think the roll out is the problem. But you have to do something to make people interested.

    • prayforthewild says:

      The PR of this relationship is starting to be reminiscent of Aniston/Theroux. He wasn’t on too many people’s radar even though he’d been kicking around Hollywood for a while, like Amber. Then suddenly he was everywhere, new agency, People mag’s ‘sexiest’ list, et., for no practical reasons other than being Jen’s BF.

      I’m seeing something similar with Amber. Though I do think Thereaux has more talent. Amber is just very beautiful, IMO.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        At least Amber’s working—Justin didn’t have a job for over 2 years when he was getting all that.

      • prayforthewild says:

        True that, but I’m not trying to start a loon war. 😉

        BTW, love your posts, VC.

    • marina says:

      Why would you obsess over any couples?

  28. Tina says:

    Her agent:
    “I would bet that one day Amber will produce and direct a film with an original concept that nobody has thought of.”
    The desperation of this woman ….
    I can’t believe the lengths she and her team goes to present her as the next Orson wells and meryl streep combined. Are they aware that it’s totally absurd when her acting ability is at best mediocre.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Her agent is a delusional idiot.

      She needs to fire him, quick~ and quit releasing tidbits to all these tabloids.

  29. Sarah says:

    Just an FYI, Johnny is on record after the 1st Pirates movie as saying that he based his characters manerisms and body language on Kieth Richards. That is why eventually Kieth Richards was asked to play the part of Captain Jack’s father.

  30. m says:

    ok, now he’s an idiot.

  31. veggieaddict says:

    What a blithering idiot! I loved him and admired him for so long…but now…ehhh!

  32. goldie77 says:

    If this prenup story is true, it reeks of blind desperation on JD’s part, HOPEFULLY someone around him will actually help him so that he doesn’t get burned.  I know people that work with him, not too many people want to rock the boat when they work with people as famous as he is and he’s pretty headstrong, if he wants to do something, there’s really no stopping him. Is Amber 100 % trustworthy…. NO, don’t think so. She’s played her hand very well in landing JD, very well indeed. So much crafting and PR smoke & mirrors is going on and has gone on with this “relationship” it’s sickening really. But his image would have been more tarnished if it hadn’t been….

    • butch says:

      So much crafting and PR smoke & mirrors is going on and has gone on with this “relationship” it’s sickening really. But his image would have been more tarnished if it hadn’t been….

      Can you explain this,please?

  33. DianeP says:

    How “considerate” of Johnny to “not ask for a pre-nup”. Hello Paul McCartney and Heather Mills. He better kiss his “Pirates of the Carribean” paycheck goodbye.

    • Katherine says:

      Since we don’t know when he actually gets paid for Pirates, that asset may not be of issue. I don’t think this man is a fool so I think he has probably thought this out – maybe more than Amber realizes. And they won’t be splitting one major asset – a house in the suburbs – like most divorces – whatever johnny has left from future earnings will still be huge bucks.

  34. Katherine says:

    Not that i believe some tab is orivy to such info but she doesn’t get any part of the assets he brings to the marriage. Johnny’s children are already taken care of so that’s not an issue. She only gets a percent of his earnings while the marriage exists and that is subject to the jurisdiction where they live and more importantly where any divorce takes place.

    Not sure why this fuss about age. She’s almost 30 so it’s not like she’s some teenager or that Johnny is 70. Perhaps because I have had partners bith way older and way younger age is rarely a factor for me. There are other characteristics way more important for a successful union.

  35. se says:

    I’m so tired of women like her. I hope she never makes it in Hollywood.

  36. aang says:

    I still have no idea who this woman is but holy Scarlett Johanson with a splash of keira knightly

  37. GIRLFACE says:

    Walmart Johannson for real.

  38. Karen says:

    Those quotes are just embarrassing.

    Are we talking walmart Johan because of acting? Because, yes.

    But I think Amber is more physically attractive, by far. Say what you will about her acting, PR tactics, and attention seeking but the girl is a 10/10 in the looks department.

    • GIRLFACE says:

      I just looked at her Twitter and you might reconsider. It’s shameful. So so embarrassing how budget her photos are. Plus the sh”t she retweets is really vapid and dumb?

      • RubyGloom says:

        She doesn’t have Twitter. Lol.

      • GIRLFACE says:

        Then there’s someone posing as her on twitter with thousands of followers claiming to be her official twitter.

      • RubyGloom says:

        Are you new to Twitter? : )
        “The blue “Verified” badge that appears on certain Twitter accounts is Twitter’s way of helping its users to get true, verified information directly from celebrities, public figures and business entities themselves. Since well-known figures and business entities may tend to inspire a number of impostor accounts, those with verified accounts can feel safe in knowing that only one account can get the Verified badge under their name or under their company’s name.”

  39. WendyNerd says:

    The second I saw this headline, I had to go here:

  40. Moi says:

    Oy that’s because Johnny has many friends here in Austin. Okay, I’ve never put much thought into this coupling, but now I’m concerned. I will watch her acting, if she’s not good, nothing good professionally will happen for her. Period.

  41. serena says:

    Damn Johnny has become senile.. just sign a prenup! Better, don’t marry her!

  42. GIRLFACE says:

    Johnny looks so goofy next to her it’s sad.