Justin Theroux spent Jennifer Aniston’s 45th b-day in NYC, partying with Orly Bloom


The photos of Justin Theroux walking down the street with a bag are from Tuesday, Jennifer Aniston’s 45th birthday. He was in NYC. She was in LA. It happens. Sometimes two professionals in a relationship have competing schedules and they have to be on different coasts for significant events. But… Justin was in NYC for a good enough reason: he was working. He’s been filming – I think? – The Leftovers, his new HBO series. But Jennifer wasn’t working. If she wanted to, she could have flown to NYC and they could have had a nice birthday dinner in NYC or something. But that’s not what went down, according to People Magazine/The Publicists:

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux weren’t together for her 45th birthday Tuesday, but it appears that she was on her fiancé’s mind.

Theroux, 42, was spotted by photographers in Manhattan’s West Village Tuesday at the boutique perfumery Aedes de Venusta, where he presumably picked up a gift for the birthday girl.

That night, he attended a party at the Deth Killers store opening elsewhere in the city. “Justin was very sweet,” a rep for the opening tells PEOPLE. “Smiled for pictures, and was friendly to staff in the shop. Took selfies with partygoers alongside Orlando [Bloom].”

Theroux arrived at the bash around 7:30, according to the rep, after spending the day filming his new show, The Leftovers.

“Justin was upbeat and laughing in the shop with Orlando, as he tried on different hats, which he ended up wearing out at the end of the night,” says the rep.

Back in Los Angeles, Aniston was spotted celebrating her birthday with friends at SoHo House Tuesday in West Hollywood.

[From People]

As I keep saying – and truly, I’m not alone – it does seem like Justin and Jennifer are spending more and more time apart. It’s like a Duchess Kate and Prince William thing – separate lives, a marriage or engagement in name only. If Justin and Jennifer really are on the rocks, I have an admission, and it’s something that few Brangeloonies will ever admit: I feel sorry for Jennifer a little bit in this situation. I think Justin got with her because she had money and a big name and a big profile and lots of connections, and he used her and got what he wanted from her professionally, and now he’s acting like he doesn’t give a s—t. And that sucks. He seems like such a douchebag.

Also, I’m not even sure if that perfume he bought is really for Jennifer. Who buys perfume for their fiancée on their fiancée’s birthday, while on another coast? I bet he just bought himself cologne or whatever.


Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Victoria1 says:

    It happens, but she’s got the resources and could’ve come to NYC. Although I don’t blame her for the shit weather we’ve been having.
    Is it wrong I find him attractive???
    I agree this relationship is over or on the way out…

    • Cecilia says:

      Nope…you’re not wrong to think he is attractive. He is a VERY good looking man.

      • kellyinseattle says:

        I think he looks a bit like Sqiggy.

      • springingforward says:

        They’ve been over for months and just playing out the pr for as long as possible before the tabloids find out.
        I don’t find him attractive in the least. Black hair, fake tan and skinny jeans don’t do it for me ;-)

    • V4real says:

      No he is attractive. Now what’s not attractive is those damn skinny jeans, he looks like the fourth Jonas brother.

      • Maya says:

        Right on. Justin is a very handsome man but his skinny jeans just makes him totally unattractive plus he is a bit to short for me.

      • Belle Epoch says:

        What’s not attractive is carrying a girly shopping bag! Mr. Tough Guy has to buy catnip for his girlfriend? Totally emasculates the macho he is trying SO hard to project.

        Where is Liberty? We need one of her stories for this!

        “But my darling, I must return to ze city, to mourn my friend and to shop for pretty things for you!”
        “I cannot, I will not, leave my sunshine, my hairdresser, my fresh lemons off the tree for my detox. Your friend is already dead – you can mourn him here by my side.”
        “Mon amour, it is not the same without the choking bus fumes, the grey day-old snow, the entire city dressed in black, just like meee… This is my tribe, my milieu, my chance to wear black leather and black aviator glasses without you wearing the same thing right next to me… My soul cries for freedom, but of course I will not forget the pretty packages for you!”
        “I cannot possibly go – I have a tanning appointment AND the dog groomer on the same day! It is too much. I must have my rest and my Mai tais to prepare for my new Deep Film.”

      • littlestar says:

        And that crispy looking fake tan he likes to sport as well.

      • Victoria1 says:

        V4Real – it’s what’s under the pants I’m interested in!!!!

      • Liberty says:

        @Belle Epoch

        Ja: so I CANNOT believe you let yourself get papped carrying a bag! Like a gift for ME would be carried down a street in a dirty city in a bag!! What will people think? So take it back. It probably has fumes and taxi diseases all over it.

        Jt: Like, no problems, my babe, eet was not for you.

        Ja: Okay good. Wait. What? what?!

        Jt; Ah, well, oui, speaking just you know, how you say, extemporaneously, I did not know we were still all en flagrante pour l’amour…

        Ja: What — What! Did you get a call?

        Jt: no, no, my babe, but, hey, life, you know — ah, so! La.

        Ja: Life! what life! If there is no call nothing has changed! Nothing! Got that! Wait! Does this mean you aren’t sending me a room for Valentine’s Day?

        Jt: well – uh, hey! my babe! I mean! You are so….and I am so! You, tans. Moi snow! Boots! You zee chickens. Me, Chopin and zee world of zee mind! Eet was how you say, eemposseeble! Plus, I must say eet, you deed not show up –

        Ja: Did you not explain about my extension glue problem? did you by chance tell ANYONE that i was having a serious issue there? like Cate would have understood! You didn’t explain? is that why it’s not in the tabs?

        Jt; …well like non, I had other…but, so! La! Een any case, you said you already make plans for thees week, with those womens who are so your strong amazons and oh especially, the one who scares me, so….yes, so, my babe I theenk, “ah, oh, mon dieu, I am Veenced — !” And my heart! And so, la. I go, I shop.

        Ja; Do not try to charm your way out of this with your fancy French author magic talk! You know my girls! Having my day with them matters! They get me!

        Jt: Oui, totally, that ees like, almost Kundera but reverse so like, Stein, Wolfe? But, now, life is full force een my mind, all theengs, are change. So can I leeve the life as shown to us in the super mind bending feelm, HER? A woman but only on zee phone? No! No! I cannot! I am a man! A French-type man, like my Hollande! Did you not see me in Charley Has The Angels? I am: Man! So yes, I go to do what a man he does — I buy myself a bag of zee cool theengs I hear at a super party with super guys and girls! theengs for moi! my Valentine to mee, a man who is sad now, and alone, but thanks god, alone with many beautiful peoples of New York, where there are yet more theengs. The studio, she give me a card! With thees, I weel heal, ah, and so, you see, the bag she res, all for moi.

        Ja: What! What! So — the room I want is being delivered here to me? Is that what you are saying? My Cabo dream room for the house isn’t coming?

        Jt: Ah, my babe, life she is a mysterious thing….For I do not theenk there is such a room on eets way to you, you see? No, this thing, it does not come I think. I think the Universe is how you say, complex and yet, even the small dog smells the chèvre.

        Ja; Stop! What is in that bag! I am looking at the picture on line! It’s for her, isn’t, it? I can pay someone to find out you know!

        Jr: Ah… what…to say? I must not say that een eet ees my heart in brokers…. So I tell you – it ees the key to my new way cool super New York home in a very, very dirty part of the city town! You would hate, haha! Oh my babe, I had it put upon a leetle key chain of a chain and sharp metals and a skull from a small rat. It is rocks! And eet ees for — moi! Farewell for now my cher jeune babe, for my soul now, eet ees time for my time of serious thoughts for some months, to reflect, yes? and also some hot New York massage. Please to send my more skinnier pants to me? I feel more thin and alive now in my acting time and city of senses! Okay, my dude, have the Day of happy hearts tomorrow with the Chelsea and the Reese — I am so glad you have each other now! Ah. no, mon Dieu, I lose seegnal, I walk into dirty New York place of soot and life and music and the blood that pounds of freedom with my true peoples, ah, you know them not, oh their brains, their souls, I weep! but, never minds, i call you later, perhaps, adieu! They wait to pour the wine, my beautiful soul peoples! I come, I come!! Ha ha, you are such rogues, my friends, we weep but then, we dance again, here comes moi — open your arms —

        Ja: What! what! Who’s there? Anyone big? Wait! Send me something in a bag by tomorrow!! I mean it! By noon! Yes, noon is good! Hello?

      • The Original G says:

        Ah Liberty, I love it when you tongue is up your cheek!

      • Josephina says:


        Whew! I thought you were gone. I am so glad you’re back and here.



        Love your writing style and creativity. Keep it coming.

        You are not replaceable.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        You are in fine form today, Liberty! I read it three times, laughing the entire time…
        My favorite part–
        ” Did you not explain about my extension glue problem? did you by chance tell ANYONE that i was having a serious issue there? like Cate would have understood! You didn’t explain? is that why it’s not in the tabs?”

        And the ‘seegnal’….HAHAHA….

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Liberty …

        LOL!! That was GREAT! :)

        I read it out loud … you are incredibly gifted, my babe!

      • Miffy says:

        @Liberty: Tears!! Legitimate tears!! That was amazing!

      • Sal says:

        Oh god Liberty, please don’t leave us again. You rock!

      • Belle Epoch says:

        YAY LIBERTY!!!!

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I don’t think anyone is dissing his looks–he is attractive. He dresses a little too try hard, at 40, but I only knew who he was, when he got with Jennifer because I thought he was really hot in Charlie’s Angels.

      • CaribbeanLaura says:

        Oh lord I think I had mentioned it before. I LOVED him in Charlie’s angels. The whole wiry Irish thing? blew my little mind. I would have been about 15 when the movie came out. BLEW MY MIND!

      • V4real says:

        Yes VC he was very hot in CA, I loved the slim but somewhat muscular upper torso.

        Nothing to do with the topic at hand but VC Im picturing you as a very beautiful young lady. I love your mix which you described on the SLJ post.

      • Tara says:

        Well, I like the “skinny” blues better than the black jeans. These at least look like they breathe. Also don’t get calling these “skinny jeans.” But I grew up in the 80s punk scene when you had to peg the legs of your jeans yourself. And yeah we copped the “peg leg” term from the 50s. Any other cut was considered hippyish. Also, aviator glasses? Old people shades. And attractive on almost no one. The things people now call hipster glasses were standard issue then.

        Anyway, he looks better without Jen than with her. Less orange and more like himself, d00zht@st1c as that may be. Long live the new Celeb-thchy.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        That’s me in my gravatar–which is horribly lit (it’s in my bedroom), and I look like I’m pissed off–but I always blink because of the flash–so my eyes are closed.

        I always think I look weird.

      • Lady D says:

        Virgi, I agree with V4.

      • V4real says:

        I thought it was you but I wasn’t sure. What a brave girl for using your own gravatar.

        Thanks for giving me the self gratification that I was righ; I think you’re beautiful and I like weird so own it babygirl.

      • nicegirl says:

        VC!!! LOVE seeing you in your gravatar pic! Gorgeous skin, gorgeous hair, gorgeous aura and air! Many thanks!

      • Christin says:

        @VIrgilia – I agree with the others. You also seem very wise for your years. Always enjoy reading your comments and perspective.

    • Sullivan says:

      @victoria1: I find that he looks much better when he’s in NYC. His dark, middle-aged hipster look makes sense there. He gets a little scruffy. It works. In L.A, with Aniston, he is made to look ridiculous. The spray tan, the over-dyed black hair, the EYEBROWS… it’s crazy-funny, but not attractive to me.

    • mercy says:

      He could be, but too many negatives in the styling department and I haven’t seen anything particularly special about his personality or acting that makes up for it. He needs to lighten up on the the bronzer, hair products and tweezing, and wear clothes that don’t accentuate his lack of height and skinny legs.

    • nikko says:

      I find him very attractive, in fact he’s fine! I never saw her as being his type, so you might be right about him being a jump off. I don’t blame.

  2. Josephine says:

    Not sure why you think this is somehow Justin’s fault. She’s not working right now, but still won’t get herself to NYC, the place she claimed just a few years ago that she was in love with, the place she bought three separate apartments, and the place where her beloved is working.

    If there are problems, I’m sure they both contribute. She must have understood that a man willing to be with a woman for 14 years without marrying her might not be the marrying kind, and he must have understood that she is wed to Cali, her friends, and her lifestyle.

    • Miffy says:

      Um, yeah, was just going to say. Aniston was the one with not only the time off BUT the budget to private jet it to her fiancé for her birthday.

      I don’t think HE’S the one withdrawing from the relationship. She’s a grade-A commitment phobe, which, in my books at least, is fine! Not to start a debate or anything but the pro-Brangelina consensus was that Pitt-Aniston dissolved because she didn’t want a family (and she was entitled to do so) and now it looks as though she chose to spend her birthday drinking margaritas with Chelsea Handler and crew over spending time with her fiancé on her birthday.

      Despite how that reads, I’m not criticising her at all. I’m just really sick of the ‘poor, lonely, abandoned Jennifer Aniston’ when she’s quite obviously a woman living her life exactly how she wants to and thoroughly enjoying it.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I think that she just doesn’t want her SO around all the time—only when she really wants him around, is what I think the issue is. I’m not saying that they have to be attached at the hip, but I’m not going to have a man living in my house, have a ring on my finger that he gave to me, and not want to be with him as much as possible.

        I always thought her and Brad’s marriage disintegrated because they were always apart. You can’t be apart like that all the time and be fine. I’m really amazed that people were surprised that they split. I don’t know anyone who calls their marriage a merger, or tells a reporter that they’re glad that their husband is gone (for 8 months!!!) so that she can redecorate how she wants.

        I would think that her birthday covers it. Because now that we know that she celebrated with Chelsea and crew–that means that they probably weren’t planning on doing something later. My birthday always lands in the middle of the week, so we always celebrated it on a friday night, so that my mom had time to make a big dinner and a cake. Maybe she’s going to have two celebrations–but she’s not working, so it obviously wasn’t that important to her to be with Justin to celebrate.

      • Janet says:

        @Virgilia: People were amazed when Pitt and Aniston split for the same reason they were amazed when Stewart and Pattinson split — they had bought into a fairy tale myth of a golden couple and they couldn’t handle it when it all turned out to be mice and pumpkins.

      • courtknee says:

        Miffy, you Aniston fans crack me up in your effort after almost a decade of the sad loser in love Aniston chronicles (that she and her PR flack have used to stay relevant) to make her NOT be the eternal dumpee. You’ve got quite a bit of repackaging to do before the public starts thinking of Aniston as a carefree love em and leave em free spirited type. This is the woman who wanted Brad to stay miserably married while he figured things out, wanted John Mayer back even after he humiliated her by dumping her and telling TMZ, and was obviously dumped by Vince Vaughn as well.

        As for this ‘pro brangelina’ consensus you speak of, that’s just b.s. – no one believes Brad Pitt was waiting on her decision to have kids before he got the hell outta dodge…where are you getting this?? Most people believe what Brad and Aniston said that until Angelina his desire for kids was abstract, that Aniston was basically rebound and Brad knew he had made a mistake early on. How many times does she have to get embarrassed and call Brad’s people for apologies because Brad’s discussing his boring miserable early 2000s . Haha. Get real.

      • Miffy says:

        I’m actually not an Aniston fan in the slightest, I find her dull and vapid, I was merely commenting on how I’m not buying the little lonely hearts niche she has carved for herself when there’s plenty of evidence otherwise.

        You Brangeloonie’s sure are on an aggressive buzz though.

      • Artemis says:


        If Aniston is an eternal dumpee, then what about BP? Why is the woman always the sore loser yet the man is never? BP was engaged multiple times and never got married before JA. He got cheated on by at least 2 girlfriends (fiancées Jill and Goop). He always had a gf and he dated at least Katja Von Garnier and Claire Forlani before he met Aniston.

        People always try to claim that BP is hot property, I’m not denying that (especially during the ’90s hot dang! ) but he has a longer track record of being dumped than Aniston. The guy flew to Jill with the little money he had to then be told he got dumped for another man! BP was declaring his love for Goop to his peers to then be cheated on by her. Goop said herself that when it’s not supposed to be, it’s not supposed to be when asked why they broke up. And a friend of BP said that there were hints that Goop wasn’t ready for marriage yet it took her cheating to leave her. And people talk about Mayer like it was the worst thing? BP can be stupid in love too, trust.

        It took 2 years before they married btw (which is how long most of his relationships lasted). He wanted to get married and it didn’t happen after 2 seconds so really to dismiss his responsibility in the marriage is sexist. You realise somebody is not suitable for you during dating, which they were doing for 2 years. It was both of their fault that they didn’t realise it in time. Plus they were just as lovey dovey in public for a while like him and AJ so there must have been very good times.

        He always seemed like a passive person and since Aniston had to file for divorce instead ‘miserable Brad’; it drove that point even further for me. When he started to live his life thanks to Jolie, it was even more clear. You can’t blame somebody else for being miserable, you make your own happiness.

        For all her PR pity parties, she sure as hell does her thing a lot (booze, tanning, holiday, not getting pregnant) while BP talks about his past relationships in terms of ‘miserable’, ‘worst time of my life’ etc. Like, there is a reason why he always had a gf. Dude can’t be alone either, he smoked the ’90s away because he didn’t live an interesting life, yeah, who’s fault is that? Why does BP get a pass for pity parties while JA is some kind of vindictive hag?

        Hardcore fans always claim the divorce happened because of kids etc because he talked about it all the time so Miffy didn’t lie there.

  3. Lindy79 says:

    I found it more odd that she wasn’t with him for the funeral of his good friend.
    She could be filming but if I was going to marry someone, I would make it my business to be there for them at such a horrible time.

    Honestly, I think they have split.

    • Lee says:

      I totally agree. I figured it was pretty telling when she didn’t come for the funeral, and this just confirms it. They’ve just not made the “official” announcement. They don’t have to, either.

      • Monkey Towz says:

        I wondered about that too. Maybe his ex went to the funeral too? I’m just assuming Heidi was friends w/PSH as well? I’m not as up to date on JA gossip (always found her benign & mediocre but not offensive) but have learned a lot about her from this site. Maybe she has a hard time with funerals (although not going for your fiance even if it means running into his ex is still a little odd imo).

      • Lela says:

        @Lindy79 My thoughts exactly.

    • courtknee says:

      Same old Aniston tricks. IMO, they’ve split, and much like she went around lying that she and Vince Vaughn were still together though he was overseas for months and dating college co-eds, she kept up the charade even lying to Oprah’s face as I recall. Most likely because she didn’t want to be seen as single during some brangelina milestone (birth, oscars, cannes, etc.) She did the same with Mayer..he humiliates her with a breakup then they get back together to stalk Brangelina’s Oscar ceremony only to break up again that next week. I mean come on. This is her M.O. Even the announcement of her engagement occurs the same month as theirs. It’s creepy.

      She’s got to be the most inauthentic phoney celeb in Hollywood: on the one hand she and the PR flack pimp her engagement and wedding in People Mag, now she gets assignments from her PR flack to panel interview Steinem and b*tch about marital status and women’s worth. Trying to pretend she has some newfound feminist gravitas while she announced a few yrs ago she def wants marriage and children (remember her 5 year plan) – certainly the two things can coexist, but don’t question why the media makes that their focus on their coverage of you when you keep talking about it.

      My guess is she and poseur dude are done, but as usual she’ll play the charade thru yet another Brangelina award season…only to probably officially announce a split along about April. Lol

      She’s really ridiculous. Almost unstable. She makes me uncomfortable. There’s no there there.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        What was the thing with her and Vince Vaughn? This is how I understand it, from posters on this site—

        She and Vaughn started dating while filming the Break Up, which was shortly after she and Brad separated????

        Both of them deny dating for a long time, she to Oprah.

        I don’t think they ever confirmed that they were dating, both were really evasive, but they were also photographed in Chicago, where he was, and there were those pictures of her straddling him in a chair, on a deck in a hotel.

        Then she didn’t admit that they broke up until he was pap’d making out with some college chick, in London. I also seem to remember something like she went to London to see him right before that???

    • Nicolette says:

      This. Not accompanying him to the funeral of a close friend says a lot about where their relationship is. If you’re not there for each other in times like that, it’s pretty much done. Not to mention the fact that she had co-stared with PSH herself. If they couldn’t come together for that, it’s no shock they spent her birthday apart.

      • Jackson says:

        Totally agree. Birthday? Eh, ok, maybe she didn’t want to spend HER birthday flying to see him. But to not attend PSH funeral with him, when apparently he was pretty close to PSH, AND she was also in a movie with him? No. Just no.

    • Christin says:

      Since she wasn’t working, the funeral absence is even more odd. He’s a friend who called on Mimi and the family before the funeral; she was a co-star with PSH. Even if she didn’t plan to attend the funeral, why not jet to NYC the week before the birthday to support her alleged fiancé?

  4. Patricia says:

    I don’t feel bad for her. She’s made a fortune out of bad movies and “hair do”‘stories. She could choose to live a private life but she would rather have her publicists broadcast every aspect of her life, as if it matters. I find her kind of pathetic yet at the same time I don’t feel bad for her.
    Let her face some actual adversity in life and then I’ll feel bad for her.

    • Maya says:

      I know – Jennifer and her fans and the media made it look like she went through some trauma. She only had a divorce people – many people have failed relationships – they don’t go around acting like victims.

  5. Neffie says:

    If thats the case than its not better than gold digging or prostitution.

  6. lizzy says:

    I think wanting to live on separate coasts is probably a deal breaker. Maybe he thought he could convince her to move? She is a cali girl all the way and seems like the one not to compromise.

    I didn’t know Kate and William had that kind of marriage!?! Do they?

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Read their posts—William just started school, apparently doesn’t have time to go on vacation with his wife and son (Kate went to Mustique), but he has time to go boar hunting in Spain, with a group of friends.

      • Miffy says:

        A group of friends and his ex, no less.

        Something smells a bit déja vu there, like father, like son? Well if Charles has set any kind of example it’s that you get the kids out of the attractive incubator first and then it’s fine to marry the less publicity friendly love interest after.

        Gross speculation there but I’m in that suspicious kinda mood!

    • courtknee says:

      Well that will probably be their ready made excuse for a breakup anyway (bicoastal failure) but I doubt it will be the truth – how likely is it that two middleaged adults: a guy who’s been a new yorker since he was young and a sitcom tv actress who embodies everything phony and plastic about hellay…wouldn’t give a thought about logistics and living arrangements and careers? These aren’t college kids and no one believes they got swept off their feet without thinking. He had a 14 yr relationship under his belt and not too long after he hooks up with her he’s got her agency repping him and he’s appearing in pictorials in her agents bro’s magazines and she’s giving blueprints to people rag about weddings for their cover..Yet they can’t figure out career/location logistics? Come on. This feels fake as hayell.

  7. original kay says:

    Watch what people do, not what they say.

    No truer words for this situation.

  8. Sullivan says:

    The thrill is gone.

      • MonicaQ says:

        I can’t judge by that picture–my husband and I don’t do PDA. One part being in JROTC in HS, 2 parts being in the south and would rather not have rednecks yelling at us for the eventuality of “breeding mongrel children”. So maybe they’re not that comfy with it?

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        The picture isn’t about PDA—it’s raining outside and he’s only got the umbrella over HIM, but she’s standing right next to him.

      • Evyn says:

        It’s not about the lack of PDA, but about this douchebag not holding the umbrella over his lady. Also, a true gentlemen walks on the side of his lady that’s closer to the street

        If you google their pix, you will find countless photos of him not opening car doors or holding doors for her. It shows a total lack of consideration and respect.

      • Sullivan says:

        @courtknee: funny. I guess I should the thrill is gone for me. 😄 I enjoy the Anthrax posts. In a gossip world full of pedophiles, suicides, and drug ODs, that couple keeps me laughing. The orange spray tans, the waxing, the crazy-eyed smiling. As a couple, they give good, fun gossip. Apart, she’s a sad-sack and he quits looking ridiculous.

        Question: would he buy her perfume? I mean, doesn’t she have an endless supply of her Jennifer Aniston perfume?

      • Miffy says:

        Woof! As if the umbrella holding isn’t bad enough, his hand closest to her is crammed right in his pocket. He may as well be flipping her off while he’s at it.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Yeah–whenever my dad walks down the street with any of us kids, he makes us go on the side of him that isn’t the road. I asked him once, why (because he made us do it) and he said it was because if a car crashed into us, it would hit him first.

        That’s a douchey picture.

      • Original N says:

        @ VC – You have great parents! I do this with my children as well for the same reason …

      • MonicaQ says:

        Ah, totally wasn’t paying attention to the umbrella. My husband usually hands over the umbrella, remarking that he’s bald and has no hair to mess up.

  9. akivasha says:

    I am a hard core Brangeloonie but I cannot feel sorry for her. If what you say is true about him, a women of her position must think of these things before getting into a relationship, that was my first thought about him.
    I think he tried but too hipster to be Mr. Jennifer Aniston. She needs to be on her own, go find yourself Jen!

  10. Maya says:

    Why blame Justin? Jennifer hasn’t been in NY since they got engaged (I think). She doesn’t have movies scheduled to shoot and yet she didn’t attend PSH’s funeral with her fiancé – never mind that PSH was a close friend of her fiance’s – Jennifer herself worked with him and knew him personally.

    But then again this the same Jennifer who didn’t visit her then husband Brad while he was shooting for Troy for 8 months and instead said that she is happy having the house for herself.

    I have always said and I will say it again – Jennifer needs to learn to compromise in a relationship – it cannot be her way or the highway everytime.

    One relationship failing can be blamed on the other person but every single relationship failing then some of if not most of the blame is entirely yours.

  11. Penny says:

    Justin is the one with the connections. Almost every big name they hang out with these days is one of his friends. There were literally dozens of people in his circle who could have had made a few calls for him and gotten him press exposure.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Which leads me to believe that either he didn’t want to be famous all that bad for the first twenty years of his career, or his influential friends can’t do jacksquat for him, in terms of being a household name. I think the most they’ve done is let him in on something i.e. Ben Stiller in Tropic Thunder, RDJ in Ironman 2.

      I don’t understand why he had to hook up with Jennifer, to get onto CAA’s roster–if he was so talented and had this many influential friends–why did he need her?

    • Luca26 says:

      He’s from a well off and connected family. I think he genuinely didn’t want to be famous and was content being subversive and ‘cool’ until a few years back when he went through a mid-life crises and America’s Sweetheart was a part of that.

    • courtknee says:

      True. I’m coming to the realization that almost every one of these new pals they’ve been hanging with….kimmel, john krasinsky, blunt, stern by way of kimmel, the stillers etc.are all HIS friends. Though she may have known them casually..they were actually his friends that she wouldn’t have even been hanging with if not for him. That’s another thing that speaks to a split…All of a sudden Courtney Cox is back on scene and even though theroux was said to be around during holidays we see pics of Courtney, her young pop star boyfriend and their pal ed sheeran. Almost like Aniston’s pathetically saying, nah…I know cool people too. Lol

      Theroux was one of these comic writer pals to a lot of comedians but who has had Fame elude him. He needed a boost that would give him a higher profile. Presto Aniston and her PR machine. Now he’s famous – a name…and it really doesn’t matter what happens with them as a couple…people know him now – as Chapelle once said: you can get famous but you can never get unfamous. Not that poseur dude wants to.

      • Leah says:

        I agree that he didn’t want to be famous until the last few years, he tried it and subsequently i think he has had enough now. They never made sense to me. Justin is the the hipster new york type with artistic pretentions, jennifer is the americas sweetheart type, very hollywood. I always think he is the more talented, i know people say but he hasn’t acted since this and that, but he is also a screenwriter. And i think he is rated by his contemporaries in a way she isn’t.

  12. snakecharmer says:

    he was kind of hot in mulholland dr. but why does he insist on wearing those skinny that are so unflattering and ill-fitting? homey is 42, come on. i feel sorry for jennifer too because i think justin was loving the idea of dating her for the $$$$. yeah yeah he does ok, jen is loaded. now reality has set in and he wants out. she needs a boyfriend that is older than her who will respect her not play her like justin, john, etc…

  13. smee says:

    He looks like a “High-End Shopping Hipster” action figure in the top foto.

  14. db says:

    They are so not together. When is this silly pantomime going to stop??

  15. Luca26 says:

    Everything is circumstantial but the People article doesn’t sound like her reps are trying to make you think they are together. A source close to them would have mentioned a phone call or a gift or whatever.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      That’s another red flag, although her pr has made snafus before—like saying they’ve been dating since May 2011, when Heidi moved out in mid June 2011.

      But yeah–I think they’re letting us down easy.

      • Lady D says:

        Maybe no magazines want to publish another ‘Let’s all feel sorry for Jen’ cover. Maybe, just maybe, mags are losing viewers with the same old, same old. Isn’t she about due for a ‘Jen can’t keep a man’ cover?

      • LAK says:

        Nah….10 YEARS AFTER BRAD: and exclusive brought to you by People. That’s the next big cover.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I hope not, LAK. I eyerolled after the first one, and I was in middle school when I read it….’Eat your heart out, Brad! Looking good is the best revenge!’–as a woman, I just can’t believe she approved that. And it’s not like she was young, like in her twenties, so that a little tit for tat thing would get the better of her–she was her in forties. Wtf?

        But hey, we have to give her bonus points for the cover title not being: “Jennifer: Five years after that Maneating, Big Lipped, Homewrecker stole Brad”–baby steps.

        I do think there’ll be something after the Oscars, at the soonest, but I hope that ain’t it. I will lose whatever respect I had for her then.

  16. sugar says:

    my thoughts- he is diggin it just walking down a NYC sidewalk in the brisk winter “damn its cold” air, having a good time being goofy trying on different hats…yeah Justin is back!
    he clicked his hipster biker black boots 3 times repeating “theres no place like home”…justin is home in more ways than one.

  17. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    On one hand, I do feel bad for her, on the other hand, I don’t. You get what you put into a relationship, and Justin spent the first two years following her around in LA, doing what she wanted, basically. If he wanted to go to NY and hang out with his friends, he did it while she was filming. I don’t see them vacationing in Hawaii, going surfing or anything like that in Cabo.

    I would hope that if they aren’t broken up, that Jennifer wouldn’t put up with him ignoring her (if he ISN’T filming, I have no clue) on her birthday. I would be pissed. I would expect MORE from my partner, being that both of us have enough money to decide, on a whim, to get a plane ride if we need to, on short notice. Maybe the fact that they aren’t together suggests that Justin DIDN’T have anything planned for her birthday, which is why she didn’t go.

    I think they’re broken up, which makes me not feel bad for her, because if they are broken up, then they’re just dragging this out, unnecessarily. It seems that they’ve been apart since last summer, only coming together every once in a while, and going on vacation.

  18. Kim1 says:

    I agree what would be the point of buying her a bday present on her bday.He would have to have it shipped to LA.Usweekly says she wore a “T” to her interview with Gloria Steinem so All is Well.No worries.Nothing to see here.They will be at the after Oscar parties.

  19. lisa2 says:

    There is nothing to feel bad about. I think if a couple is a long way away it is not always easy to make those trips. But NYC and LA are not 20 hours apart. They could be celebrating over the weekend. He is working so he is kind of committed to being on set. She is not and was able to take a private plan to attend that Makers’ thing.

    I don’t know if they are broken up. I highly doubt it. They have never had what I call a hot and interesting relationship. She likes what she likes and doesn’t change much. This is what he wanted so I don’t feel bad for either of them.

  20. Toot says:

    Jennifer celebrated her birthday with the people she truly wanted to, and we know it wasn’t Justin. I don’t feel bad for her because she’s living her life the way she wants.

  21. tracking says:

    She had professional commitments of her own, including interviewing Gloria freakin’ Steinem on the West Coast. Grownups can spend several days apart without it being a ‘thing,’ you know.

  22. Cecilia says:

    Jennifer & Justin are older. They have established lives. Neither one appears to be a clinger. We can speculate all we want but I don’t think we understand the relationship they have. They seem content with it this way.

  23. MonicaQ says:

    Maybe they have something planned later? Or birthdays just aren’t that big of a deal to them? Personally, my birthday is around our wedding anniversary so my husband and I just celebrate that together. Then his birthday is around our “dating” anniversary so we do that together too.

    I do feel sorry for her in that her story has been spun into “Poor empty womb-ed un-loved Jen. She *needs* a man, don’t you see? Otherwise she’s *incomplete*. She probably has Beanie Babies to make up for it and watching a Baby Story crying into her kettle corn.” You know, unless that’s the type of thing she wants to keep her in the news; then I *wouldn’t* feel sorry for her.

    I’m kind of glad I missed that whole love triangle. Sounds like people got waaaaaaay too invested.

  24. Sal says:

    Ouch, lol. Well, I suppose she didn’t suport him at the funeral, he didn’t spend her birthday with her. Fairs fair. As to the perfume shop, how do we know he didn’t duck in to pick up his favourite aftershave, or even get perfume for one of his mistresses on the side?

  25. lunchcoma says:

    Ah, so these two really are over. I can see not attending a funeral, but it’s hard for me to imagine not wanting to spend your birthday with your SO if it’s at all possible.

  26. Size Does Matter says:

    Do you hear that sound? Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for another Aniston relationship.

  27. MrsBPitt says:

    Another clue to a break up is that Jen is spending more and more time with Courtney Cox again…seems like whenever she is in “break up mode” she leans on poor Courtney…

  28. Free at last! says:

    I freaking hate the helmet he wears all the time. What’s wrong with him? Can’t he see the helmet makes his egg look like a head? Why doesn’t he choose the helmet Tom and Brad wear? Much better protection, seriously.

  29. Miffy says:

    Can we stop with the poor abandoned and unlucky-in-love Aniston schtick? She’s the female equivalent of George Clooney. She’s single and wealthy and enjoying every second of it. She clearly dictates the terms of her relationships, she does not compromise to suit her love interests but sure as hell expects them to do so for her.

    She was very accurate with her statements about a woman’s worth being tied up in her marital and procreational status. If she were a man, she’d be viewed as much of a lovable, martini-swilling rogue as Clooney and all the other male A-list actors who won’t settle down. But because she’s a woman she’s seen as sad, lonely and on the shelf. Now she has groomed that image for herself to a certain extent but I’m not buying it anymore. This is a woman very much in control of her life.

    • Lou34 says:

      She has her PR team and her very own words/interviews to thank for that portrayal!
      Her publicist helped create the image of poor, sad, dumped Jen and evil AJ. Just read her Vanity Fair pity party interview to see where it all began.

      Cameron Diaz has avoided that because she did not create that image! She is not seen as lonely or sad and that is because she actually looks like she loves life and enjoys life. Lots of other single women in Hollywood do not have that poor and sad image either.
      Aniston goes on and on about how she is happier then ever, but yet does not look it with her constant PR shenanigans.

      • Miffy says:

        That’s true, actually, she has crafted her lifelong pity-party in the public’s eye for herself.
        Cameron Diaz is a great example. Guess I jumped the gun on the sexism stance. I still stand by the refusal to buy this lonely rubbish anymore though!

    • Luca26 says:

      Let’s not forget that for all her years as a rom-com queen the roles she took worked because they mirrored her tabloid persona and struggles. Movies like ‘the Breakup’ and ‘the Switch’ were of interest because they closely paralleled her personal life (or the tabloid invented one). She could talk about her characters travails and cheekily fit into a narrative i.e. Jen’s getting back with her ex just like her character in the Bounty Hunter, she’s going for fertility treatments and so on.
      Now I think she may be moving on to feminist and serious actress because she’s aging and can no longer get romantic leading roles so she’s distancing herself from her own PR and casting strategy.

    • courtknee says:

      Oh stop. Just enough with revising history. This is a woman who has long complained publicly about the men in her life dumping her, often saying they need to ‘grow up and be responsible’ – she repeatedly plays victim and often has her garbage talking girlfriends like chelsea trashbag, pile on them for hurting her. John Mayer likened breaking up with her to burning the flag. Lol. That’s not a woman in charge. NO one believes she’s making these decisions to end relationships..it’s hard to view it otherwise when after getting dumped…she’s announcing her love of the guy who dumped her saying ‘he’ll never do that again,’ only to get dumped again a week later. I mean really girl, just stop. This woman us not cam Diaz or Jlo Or Madonna. ..or any number of women who carry on with dignity in the wake of a split..she’s the one who chooses to demonize and have a grudge match with the guy who left her hoping to get her old team Aniston rallying round the flag – this behavior is why she inevitably gets the tabloid treatment as a loser.

    • TC says:

      Miffy — I certainly wouldn’t compare Aniston to George Clooney. He’s stated very clearly that he is never getting married again and never having children. That’s why it’s never a constant topic of conversation when he’s interviewed because he shot that option down. He’s been very clear on that point. Aniston on the other hand has enabled the motherhood and remarriage question herself by claiming she will definitely have children and wants to give marriage another try. Now, whether that was the truth or not is another question. But the point is that for years she has helped to drive the tabloid baby narrative, while Clooney has done the opposite by shooting down any marriage or baby speculation.

      I personally think Aniston was being dishonest about wanting children, but that’s just my opinion. I personally believe if you truly want children, then you seek out partners who share this same interest — which, by the way, is actually what Brad did. But Aniston’s relationship choices with Mayer and Theroux just don’t scream “marriage and children” material to me.

  30. pk says:

    Jennifer seems rather boring and at her age the hair and body will only get you so far. Maybe Justin got tired of sitting around sunbathing and drinking in Cabo.

  31. The Origingal G says:

    So, personally, I wouldn’t look at her attendance at PSH’s funeral or the birthday thing, in and of itself as a harbinger of anything. But… I am one of those who has pointed out that they have been living apart mostly. As in separate coasts, apart.

    I have always felt that was significant, bu tI do have some new thoughts on this. Jen and Brad spent a good part of their marriage apart as well. I’m not saying this to predict that Jen and Justin have/will split.

    I am just saying that Jen seems very comfortable with this. She’s not jumping on a plane to get some perfume or whatever. If she likes it, who am I to tell her it’s wrong? Or maybe, as has been speculated about a number of other celebrity couples, they have an open relationship?

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I guess it depends on if Justin is family oriented.

      If I had Jennifer’s (or Justin’s) money, then I would be home for every family get together, every family holiday. And unless I was spending time with my fiance’s family, I would expect my fiance to be with me. I can see my friends whenever I want, during the year.

      So they might both be comfortable being apart from long periods of time.

      But, I wouldn’t be thinking that something was going on with their relationship, if they hadn’t pushed the wedding so quick after the Oscars. Who’s to say that they won’t hijack the Oscar cover AGAIN with news of a broken engagement?

      • Bea says:

        I could definitely see her PR machine trying to scoop the Oscars again, the question will be which rag would be stupid enough to take the bait after People was burned on the “wedding will happen” and “wedding won’t happen yet” covers?

        I’ll bet she is waiting to get wind of JP news breaking before making any other big “exclusive” announcements.

      • Cecilia says:

        I don’t think she is waiting on news from the Brange camp. She has a full life & has moved on, as have the Brange.

      • Lou34 says:

        Then why don’t YOU move on Celicia if she has??? Based on your multiple comments on Angelina posts and your hatred for her, you still live in 2005 and are far from over it.
        I will believe she has moved on when her fans finally do.
        And what is so full about her life? She has money for sure, but does not seem to ever do anything exciting or meaningful with her life. Just tans, talks about her hair, tans again, goes to eat, makes a bad movie, does yoga, cuts her hair, tans again…….so empty I think.

        If I had her money and free time I would travel the world, there are so many amazing places in the world, I would sure not go to Mexico every vacation.

      • Cecilia says:

        @ Lou34

        Me move on?? From what? After reading your comment, it sounds like you’re the one who needs to move on. You’re on here gossiping about how empty Aniston’s life is & making it clear how much you dislike her but you call me out for disliking the Brange? OK then…

      • Lou34 says:

        Yes, why don’t you move on from their divorce almost a decade ago. We all can see your comments on AJ threads and you still seem very bitter that BP dumped your idol. You hate Angelina because Brad left Jen for her. It is very obvious you took their divorce very personally.
        Isn’t Justin enough for you fans of hers?

        You thin shame her and make fun of how skinny she is for instance. Make fun of her veins.

      • Cecilia says:

        I was not a fan nor was I commenting on gossip sites way back in 2005. Their divorce was a non-event for me — but looking back on it, it truly was the best for all parties involved — and Jolie is up for criticism just like anybody else who puts themselves out there.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        (comment deleted before,hmmm…was it too long?)

        Anyway, I’ll believe that Jennifer, pr-wise, moved on from the Brange the minute she dumps Chelsea out of her Goddess Circle. That’s what convinced me, that she wasn’t over it–at least not enough to stop using it for pr.

        Her friendship with Chelsea does her NO favors, whatsoever. Now, if Chelsea had been doing her ‘Angelina is a homewrecker’ rants back when she started her show in 2007, NOT in 2010, when she and Jennifer became besties–then I wouldn’t have suspected anything. But Chelsea started her rants on Angelina after she signed onto CAA, and after she and Jennifer became friends.

        Now don’t get me wrong–I don’t think Jennifer controls her friends. Her friends are their own people. But we control who we are friends with. We control how we are seen out in the public eye, to people who don’t know us. Chelsea’s rants only serve to make HER look like she can’t let go of the past, and like she has an agenda, and in the end, only fuels speculation that Jennifer hates Angelina, and loves Brad–which is what I think, based on her interviews.

        Basically it’s this—whether or not Jennifer has/had issues with Brad and Angelina isn’t the point. The point is that she is friends with someone who is bringing back all of this to the media’s attention. Jennifer is someone who was stalked by the paparazzi for MONTHS, just because she and Brad were getting a divorce, and he moved on with Angelina. She has said numerous times that she does not like the tabloid speculation–especially given that the tabloids were the ones who ran that ‘Jennifer won’t give Brad a baby’ bs–and so on.

        She was 41 years old when she and Chelsea became friends. At that point in her life, one would think that she would be strong enough to cull a RECENT friendship that makes her look like a bitter, old, obsessive divorcee, OR have her friend STOP doing those rants.

        I’ve had to do the same, with someone I barely knew. This was a girlfriend of one of my cousins who is a few years older than me–they had a baby together recently. She was on FB talking shit about my aunt. I had been friendly with her, because she was my cousin’s girlfriend–hadn’t known too much about her. But the minute I started reading her FB posts about my aunt (her defacto mother in law), all bets were off. If I can do that, at the age I’m at, then Jennifer should be able to do the same.

        I’m not saying don’t ever go back onto her show, but they make it clear that they are more than just casual friends–they spent Thanksgiving together when they barely knew each other.

      • Andrea1 says:

        @Lou am totally with you! Some of these So called fans act as if Brad dumped them like the split was personal to them.. She is always on AJ’s post posting negative comments how she is too skin her boobs are too big for her, she and brad are only together for the sake of the kids and how AJ turned her “seedy” imagine around.. Olivia in particular always post with So much hatred calling Brad an old goat.. Its So tiring I often wonder if they are related to JA to be So invested in what happened between her and Brad.. Oh also Maggie no longer comment maybe she changed her name or something. I remember Sal outed Cecilia as been Maggie because the both of them always went on about working in the industry and hearing rumours flying around about Brad and AJ while filming mr and mrs smith I wonder if it was a coincidence that they both work in the industry around the same time. And now I believe Sal.

    • The Original G says:

      VG, it wouldn’t work for me. My DH and I have to make adjustments for each other’s work schedules but we like to stay tight. Because we really want to. We like being together.

      Sometimes people have no choice, and show biz has those challenges. But as has been pointed out they both have enough money to make it work. After a year, they haven’t tried to. Ergo; they like it.

      (Don’t they have , uh, needs?)

  32. dread pirate cuervo says:

    My guess is there’s a Valentine’s gift for someone who is not Jen in that bag. Not a Branfeloonie, it was just my first thought.

  33. Bea says:

    Oh Kaiser – et tu? The PR machine has nabbed another one if you feel like joining the “poor Jen” parade especially at this late date. I don’t doubt that Justin wanted a bit more fame and fortune and hooked his skinny jeans to her risidual wagon, but hey – didn’t JA hitch her TV girl status to Pitt’s movie star train right after his break-up from GOOP? What goes around…

    Anyway, how does one feel sorry for a woman getting dumped when she has made a second career out of it?

    Don’t worry, the shade is already being thrown towards Justin (from where I wonder – big mystery) that anything that goes wrong is his fault.

    Oh, and yhy would Justin be buying perfume for her? Doesn’t she have her own Eau de Pew at Walmart that I’m sure she wears 24/7?

    The only person I feel sorry for is Courtney Cox. Yet another break-up that she will have to hold Aniston through and then be shoved to the side again when JA finds a new fiance. Maybe she will find the next one on the indy circut while she is filming her next Oscar winning role in Cake.

  34. Mark Wilson says:

    They’re done.

  35. gennline says:

    Don’t you think that they are both just playing the press. Both very visible on her birthday, though on separate coasts. Knowing full well that the tabloids are going to talk about them.
    I think JT is not above playing this game. I would be surprised if they had broken up. I think it is suiting them both to feel that they are leading the tabloid press by the nose.

  36. DenG says:

    So, Theroux used Aniston to advance, and Aniston used Pitt. Had she been married to Tate Donovan or Adam Duritz or Paul Rudd (if he had agreed to the terms), would anyone give a crap?

  37. break says:

    Perhaps this just shows that they’re in a mature, secure relationship, and when they’re both busy, they don’t feel the need to get together for the sake of appearances.
    Time will tell…

    • Nee says:

      But what is Jen busy with in LA that she can’t do in NYC? I thought she wrapped her role in HB2? She does not seem to need to be in LA at the moment for work.
      LA to NYC is not a long flight, especially with the time difference.

      The fact she did not even go to NYC to be with him after PSH died is surprising. She just could not bother. And people who are saying she did not want to overshadow the funeral are forgetting there were bigger/much, much more talented stars there. She would not stick out or overshadow a thing.

    • The Original G says:

      I don’t understand the maturity argument. People in love are together because they want to be. Not because they’re immature and not for appearances but for the pleasure of each other’s company. I agree, time will tell.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Yeah, plenty of immature people fall in love. Plenty of selfish people fall in love–Heathcliff and Cathy.

        (you can see how I’m trying to avoid writing a literary analysis)

  38. Jayna says:

    I think she was madly in love with Justin. I saw her get very emotional in an interview when discussing her engagement and tear up. He’s a handsome guy and smart and had that kind of cool vibe she likes. She used to date musicians, so I think loves his skinny jeans look. Who knows what happened, but I feel it might be more him than her as far as ending it.

    He did ask her to marry him. So he might have liked being higher profile because of her and part of the attraction, but he didn’t just use her if he asked her to marry him. Now he might feel differently and that’s the problem, not wanting to actually get married.

    • Erinn says:

      “I saw her get very emotional in an interview when discussing her engagement and tear up”

      To be fair, she’s an actress. A mediocre one, but even I bet I could make myself cry if I thought I had to.

  39. Springtime says:

    Just hold on. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I just got a feeling that Aniston and her bestie pr genie has a big “Aniston &Justin” outing planned. I believe his contract is over but he is still with CAA so he has to play when summoned.

    I think the perfume is for Heidi.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I forgot about Valentine’s Day being tomorrow….well, I guess we’ll see what happens.
      Maybe it’s just me, but if I had a partner, I would go all out. I just learned how to make caramels–I can see it now. I’d probably make cake too.
      I guess I just don’t get the point of being with someone, and then deliberately choosing to be apart from them for long periods of time–like Justin and Jennifer are doing.
      But we’ll see if Jennifer flies up to see him, or vice versa. There’s already an article on Yahoo about them being apart.

    • courtknee says:

      Yep I call a major photo op on Valentine’s day. Basically…if they’re seen together…they’re over and if they’re not seen together, they’re still over. Lol PR couple to the max.

      It won’t be until after awards season, (esp the Oscars) that you’ll see them make an announcement, thru reps, that they’re done.

      Her question to Steinem about ‘why does marital status/procreation have to denote a woman’s worth,’ was the salvo. I’m sure PR flack wrote it and put a star by it to make sure she asked it. Hahaha They want to lessen the criticism and gossip when they reveal their dunzo.

  40. Leah says:

    I don’t know. My fella and I have spent birthdays and v days and anniversaries apart. Also, re him being douchey and using her – although many of the public didn’t know him before he got with her he’s a very powerful name in his own right behind the camera and loaded with his own money too.

    • Josephina says:

      Powerful and loaded???????????


      Mr, Aniston was unemployed for nearly 2 years and was available to hold Aniston’s purse during their courtship. His Rock of Ages screenwriting stank up the joint. His Wanderlust movie role was a total bust.

      Scripts don’t come to him, And no, he is not the first on anyone’s list to produce, write or direct. And where are his SAG nominations, by the way?

      Trust. His popularity is SOLELY due to being Aniston’s boy toy.

      Yes, he has friends in Hollywood. [Slow clap.] And where has THAT gotten him?

  41. joan says:

    JA is not a cool person any more. Her style is dated, her lifestyle isn’t cool, she’s stale, her movies are stale and unsuccessful. When she makes tiny changes she rushes back to what was.

    The cool thing to do would be to go to that funeral. To go to NY on your b’day cause your fiancee is working there, and look like a good sport. Pretend you cared about the amazing actor who died. But he was a real actor, and Justin is from a famous literary family and has written screenplays himself. JA is not their intellectual equal or talent equal or their cool equal.

    She automatically chooses the un-cool thing, and probably doesn’t even realize.

    • sugar says:

      i have to agree. This to me seems like one of those romances that happen on set they tried to play it out in real life but her way of life his way of life are just not meshing. It. Happens.
      I’ve thought about the PSH funeral with Justin going by himself unacompanied by Jen. I obviously do not know Justin but I thought he had kicked this drug in the past plus knowing PSH personally it just has to rip his heart out and maybe he needed to grieve by himself and process this loss on his . Wedon’t just move on by next week because the world has..time can and does heal but not by the next magazine cover.

  42. Karen says:

    To me, birthday’s simply aren’t that big of a deal so the whole situation is overblown.

    But I’m getting annoyed with this all, they should just break up already, I highly doubt they’ll be getting married and I would guess there IS indeed trouble brewing. She needs to find a nice silent investment banker to date and he just needs to disappear. #sorrynotsorry

  43. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    First–Brad and Angelina haven’t spent a birthday apart, not that I’m aware of–not covered by this site, at least.

    Second, the whole thing with Jennifer not going to PSH’s funeral is that she was in LA, while Justin was at a funeral of one of his friends i.e. she’s not there to support him. Brad and Angelina, for whatever reason didn’t go to her aunt’s funeral—they were together @ WWZ premiere. The whole point is that Jennifer wasn’t with Justin during a difficult time–for whatever reason.

    Maybe Brad and Angelina didn’t go to Brad Gray’s wedding….because they weren’t invited. That’s probably a good reason, right there.

    Lastly, no one would be talking crap about Jennifer and Justin’s relationship if they hadn’t started pushing the wedding talk HARD in People mag. (which prints whatever the celebs want) the day after the Oscars. They’ve also been apart since last summer, a lot. So obviously tongues are going wag, and then after all that, Justin’s friend dies–Jennifer isn’t there. Her birthday comes….she’s celebrating with her friends, while Justin’s still in NY. Those are things that couples usually lean onto each other/do together.

    Whether they break up or not, is anyone’s guess–but it doesn’t look good for them.

    As for who dumped who, I would say that Vince Vaughn and John Mayor dumped her–she didn’t even want to admit that she and VV weren’t together anymore, and we all know what happened with Mayor.

    • Cecilia says:

      Hi VC…what happened to TRUTH’s comment…the one you just replied to? Was I seeing things?

    • lisa2 says:

      Brad and Angie weren’t together for his 50th. he was working. But he flew to be with the family right after. But he was in London and they were in Australia. Many hours away.

      Missing a BD is not a huge deal. You can celebrate later. But I’m just kind of hmmm that they can’t or don’t seem to be doing what they can to be together. But again I think they are still together.

      another boring story for a fact.

      • pwal says:

        Very true that the JPs weren’t together on Brad’s 50th. But then again, Brad’s 50th was made a big deal by the media, not him, so not celebrating it on the actual day isn’t a big deal. Plus, who’s to say that it wasn’t marked when he and the rest of the kids returned to Australia to mark Pax’s b-day.

        At any rate, Justin missing Aniston’s b-day shouldn’t have been a big deal, but the press had to make this b-day a milestone. The big 4-5… really? Plus there is that precedence when Justin proposed to her on his b-day, rendering his b-day as a milestone for Aniston, versus him taking a major step on his b-day.

      • Maya says:

        I think the reason people think Jennifer and Justin are finished is not because of her missing her birthday but more the fact that she missed his close friend’s funeral. Shouldnt she have been there to support her fiance while he was going through a hard time?

        As for Brad’s birthday – he went to Australia a few days afterwards. Infact despite being in two different continent and busy careers – Brad still flew to Australia atleast 3 times to be with Angelina and his children and they also met in Hong Kong for a few days (all of this happening within 3 months).

      • Truth says:

        It’s the press that make big deal.,I remember the press also make big deal about brad turn 50. But never made big deal about their not celebrate together.
        Btw..New York in the worst snow storm ever,so it’s sensible for Jen to stay in LA.

  44. Squiggy was hot though…..

  45. Emily C. says:

    Why on earth would anyone fly INTO New York City in this weather if they didn’t have to? Sheesh.

  46. Suze says:

    Definitely dunzo. I predict the split will be announced right after awards season.

  47. truthful says:

    sorry but I am SO feeling Justin, I am glad that he is not some YES boy, like Casper is to JLO.

    He has projects and dreams of his own, if she wanted to see him, she could have flown in also. I’m glad that Jen’s money is not swaying him and turning him into a puppy of sorts.

    I think that is one of Jen’s problems, SHE wants to wear the pants and have control constantly.

    I know about it because that how I used to be, I wasn’t aware of it til a close friend told me. Once I met my husband, I unknowingly, kinda ditched that “my way or the highway” thing, I clung too for years.