Clive Owen smolders at Berlin premiere

The Clive Owen film The International just premiered in Berlin, and the man is just smoldering. I keep hoping for a huge media blitz for Clive, one in which he gives many heart-wrenching interviews about how he’s searching for his one true love, a gossip blogger named Kaiser. Unfortunately, Clive has just given a hand full of interviews, staying on-topic about his film. Good thing the man can wear the hell out of a suit, or I would be done with him. Who am I kidding? I just can’t quit Clive.

“The International,” starring Clive Owen and Naomi Watts, was contrived years before the banking crisis hit, but German director Tom Tykwer said that what has happened on the markets did not come as a complete surprise.

“Back then many people said, is it actually feasible that a private bank is the villain in a movie?” he told Reuters.

“But we instinctively … said this is a reality we have to formulate because this represents a system that is about to torpedo itself,” said the maker of the critically acclaimed “Run Lola Run.” “And the fact this is actually happening now is a grotesque coincidence.”

The International, shown to the press earlier on Thursday, opens the 2009 Berlin film festival with a red carpet gala event. It kicks off 11 days of screenings, parties and deal making at Europe’s first big festival of the year.

Owen plays Interpol agent Louis Salinger, who sacrifices everything to bring down a major multinational bank which is selling arms to anyone willing to buy them and prepared to stop at nothing to protect its own interests.

For Owen, the attraction of playing the doggedly determined Salinger was his moral strength.

“He has got weaknesses, his private life is a mess, the pursuit of this bank is at the cost of everything else in his life, but at the center of him is this morality,” Owen told Reuters in an interview to publicize the film.

From Reuters

Did you see that? When he said “He has got weaknesses, his private life is a mess…”, Clive was on the verge of declaring his love, I know it. Even though The International is getting great reviews, some are speculating that people won’t want to see a movie about massive financial fraud during a recession. When faced with difficult times, apparently people want to watch dog movies or something, although I spent last weekend watching Schindler’s List again, so what do I know?

Clive Owen is shown with co-stars Armin Mueller Stahl and Ulrich Thompson, and director Tom Tykwer at the Berlinale on 2/5/09. Credit: AllStarPhotos/DPA/Newscom and WENN.

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  1. Exiled says:

    He’s on my laminated list.

  2. Gloaming says:

    If only he smouldered his way into my bed
    *deep sigh*

  3. says:

    exile: me TOO!! who else?

  4. lisa says:

    Now how did you get out of my bed, Clive? Sneaky little devil.

    Wow, he looks gorgeous here and proves that most men just get better with age. Love it!

  5. Megan says:

    Isn’t he gorgeous.

  6. Ruby says:

    Okay: Clive and Daniel (Craig) are both on their knees *begging you* to let them into your bed… who do you pick?

    (And you can only have one! No slash-fic!)

    Who would win the battle of the smouldering English studs?

  7. Dorothy says:

    I have read interviews where he says some very beautiful things about his wife! I also love that his wife has a little extra meat on her bones and he still is in love with her!

  8. daisy424 says:

    Smolders? The man is on fire!
    I would gladly be the moth to his flame.

  9. lisa says:

    Dorothy: I completely agree. While she is not some drop-dead hollywood wife, she is definitely pretty. There is nothing more attractive than a man who is very much in love with his wife.

  10. Autumm Leaves says:

    sex on 2 legs. His wife is L U C K Y!

  11. snappyfish says:

    I love this guy, he is so sexy and a great actor. I loved him in Inside Man. I also love the story that he and his wife met on the play “Romeo and Juliet”.

    Contented Sigh….looking at Clive. What eyes!!!!

  12. kate says:

    i would put him in the hospital…on the sex inury ward.

  13. Sarah says:

    Gosh, I can’t stand this guy. Sorry. I really find him disgusting since he forced his tongue down Angelina Jolie’s mouth in what-was-the-name-of-it-again? That heartwrenching crap-movie, where AJ turned from UNHCR ambassador in a movie to UNHRC ambassador in RL. I am too lazy to look it up. Anyways… you actually could tell how disgusted SHE was and that tells you a lot about this guy and his “smoldering” effects.

    No go on, you all, and slam me. Knock yourself out…