Usher’s fiance is pregnant, but it might not be his

Usher’s recent fiance, stylist Tameka Foster, is rumored to be pregnant. Usher and Temeka announced their engagement just over a week ago and the news came out Monday that she’s pregnant and that they’re planning to wed around November, which is coincidentally around the release of his new album. There is no confirmation on the pregnancy yet.

Now Young, Black and Fabulous claims to have insider information that it is thought that Tameka’s baby is her ex-husbands. YBF says that Usher reconciled with Tameka just this February and immediately started to make public appearances with her. They say that she’s already four months pregnant and that multiple insiders say it can’t be Ushers:

OK folks. Y’all know I ONLY report ish that holds water. by . The rumor mill is right this time around….Tameka is indeed pregnant. But there’s more to the story according to 3 of my extremely credible sources who all have personal relationships with Usher. Tameka is reportedly four months pregnant and the father of the child is her ex-husband Ryan Glover’s. NOT Usher’s.

I first reported here on YBF that Usher and Tameka were back together back in February when he started bringing her to every event he attended. Tameka was actually pregnant before she and Usher reconciled their relationship–explaining their speedy and suspicious engagement. Usher is indeed playing himself because he is about to come out pretty soon about the baby and will claim it as his own. And of course Tameka will let him because he’s her meal ticket and her way into the fashion game she’s so desperately trying to enter. My sources say he consistently does things like this to manipulate the media (surprise, surprise) into following his every move so that he can hit platinum and “most coveted” status in no time. Hence his new album dropping in November right along with this real speedy and suspicious wedding to Tameka that will definitely go down at the same time.

This saga is reminiscent of he and Chilli’s breakup, her being in his videos, and him coinciding the dropping of certain singles from Confessions with his breakup with Chilli to make people talk. Usher is known to do this throughout his career, but now he’s hit an ultimate low. So when all this ish hits the fan, y’all know YBF is where you heard it first.

It will probably depend on when the baby arrives if it’s Usher’s or not, but if he doesn’t mind being a cuckold and wants to claim the baby as his, then it’s up to the real father and the mother as to whether they’ll play along.

I bet YBF is just doing the math though, because if Tameka is four months pregnant and has only been with Usher for a month it sure doesn’t seem like the baby is his.

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  1. crystal says:

    usher has at least one if not more babymammas out there who had his children. i think its at least two.
    this is kinda scummy, but not schocking…it could be ushers..who knows how long they have been going at it.
    i dont know what “chilli” is like in real life, but i think that usher was a total dog about the way in which he dumped her and trashed her in his “songs”. also…any marriage that this boy gets into is doomed because he is really married to his mamma. he has to answer to mamma first. lol his mamma doesnt like ushers latest girl.

  2. CANDY says:

    who cares about usher and this ugly azz girl, what does he need attention or something. Maybe he is rebelling against his mother for not liking her. the whole thing doesn’t make any sense. That girl look like she up to no good.

  3. Lashun Henry says:

    thats right usher is better off b y his damn self his fiancee is a gold digging bitch that is lookin to get money so she feed the rest of her rugrats behind her
    I LUV U USHER always but your fiancee can go to hell

  4. DH says:

    SOOOOOOOO she’s pregnant and ugly and NOW this chick is gonna think she’s something because she’s sleeping with Usher….FORSURE this girl is up to NO GOOD…and YES Usher is married to his mother…
    who would want to be with him anyway….he’ll make a song and a video about you!

  5. Spanish says:

    Source say’s she is four months,and her and Usher only been together for 1 month.But who know’s the truth. Only Usher and Tameka would know how long they’ve been together.You can’t always go by what the damn media say’s, they’ll say anything that sounds good.And then it’s up to the dummies to believe it.

  6. ja says:

    please note that at the the Grand Opening of the Cove Atlantis in the Bahamas in May 2007. Tameka dont look that pregnant to me the picture in essece tells it all . it’s all this a joke . please usher , stop playing games with us .

  7. me agian says:

    Usher it’s a good thing to decide to get married to the mother of your unborn child. but it will be very disappointing if you are not the true biological father. I don’t have any problem with you dating , seeing or getting married to older women, beacuse longing for older women has always been your trend. Only getting married to chili or someone with more class would have been a better choice. Again if mama says No! Please in the issue of a life partner it’s something to give a second thought. But if you claim there’s nothing like that well……., there’s nothing we can do. But please try as much as you can to keep close ties with your mum even if she’s no more your manager. I need you to respect and honor her wishes. Trust me she will not misled you because there is no motives for that. You should know that she will always remain your mum and never you EX-mum. Dear am sure you have your reasons even though it seems to us that you have lost your mind. Would you do me or us a favor? Get on the media to get the records straight. But before you do that , search deep down your heart ……. that this relationship is what you want and it’s something you are happy in . Those should come first and everyother persons reasons should be secondary . Take care usher. I hope this gets to you because it’s ment for you.

  8. shirley n. says:

    usher my neice is a big fan of yours and i am too personally… but this deal with tameka is outrageous! you are a grown man and you know what flaws that tameka has and if you can live with that then so be it but me personally i would of listened to the half sister cause thats that girls family and evidentially if tamekas had somethig up her sleeve then it sounds to me that the half sister knew or knows that ur wife is up to no good.. BUT usher your fans are your family too and we only speak on the behalf that something aint right and if you get hurt there will be alot of fans saying that u set urself up for disapointment with this female..take care for i understand how u feel deeply…..