Hayden Panettiere caught making out with Jesse McCartney

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The relationship between Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia must be on the fritz. Either that or they’ve quietly broken up, because Hayden was spotted making out with singer/actor Jesse McCartney in a big way.

We’re seven hours late for work today because we partied at Crown Bar until we passed out – no, not from drinking, from shock. It happened right after we saw 19-year-old Hayden Panettierre ALL OVER Jesse McCartney.

And when we say ALL OVER, that’s exactly what we mean. She was holding him tighter than Michael Phelps gripping that bong. The Heroes star was sitting on Jesse’s lap while he kissed her neck. Then she got up and did some crazy sexy dance in his lap.

So, it looks like goodbye Milo!

It must be over between Hayden and her long-time squeeze Milo Ventimigla, 31, because after her inside PDA with Jesse, 21, they went outside to smoke and he wrapped his arms around her from behind and was kissing her neck again. (It started to look like an episode of True Blood; dude has some sort of next fixation for sure.)

In the middle of this, a girl approached Hayden to ask for her autograph on the back of a store receipt. Hayden was nice enough to oblige.

Girl, don’t even try to talk your way out of this with Milo. That is, of course, if he’s still in the picture. We saw it with our own bloodshot eyes.

[From Radar]

While I like Milo Ventimiglia, he’s 31, and Hayden’s only 19. Jesse McCartney is 21, so he’s definitely more age-appropriate for her. There’s also been a lot of talk that Milo wanted to get engaged to Hayden. Which makes perfect sense for someone his age, but not for someone who’s 19.

I really hope they had already broken up, otherwise hearing that your girlfriend is exchanging saliva with some C-list singer has got to be an extra big jolt. Even though their age difference is fairly significant – at least for this point in their lives – Hayden and Milo always struck me as cute together, and they didn’t exploit their relationship for publicity. Maybe this one just a one-night mistake.

Here’s Hayden at the Declare Yourself ‘A New Birth of Citizenship’ Inauguration kick-off event in Washington DC on January 18th. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. EnKay says:

    Hayden is 19 NOW. She was a minor when Milo started dating her. How do you exploit a relationship with a minor for positive publicity? I can’t give Milo credit for laying low. But then again, that relationship did not strike me as “cute” in any way.

  2. Musey says:

    Well, I’d really like to hope that they’d quietly broken up before Hayden crammed her tongue down Jesse Whatsisface’s esophagus (really, “C-list” is being entirely too generous here.)

    Personally, I’ve always found that relationship too skeezy for words, especially given how Milo pounced on her the second she turned legal, but I’d still have to feel bad for the guy if his girlfriend was cheating on him with a loser like Jesse McCartney. And I don’t want to have to feel bad for Milo Ventimiglia. He’s icky.

  3. Diva says:

    Why is “C-list” being generous to Jesse McCartney? He’s played on Top 40 radio, I’d say he’s doing pretty damn good.

    I think they make an adorable couple!

  4. Anni says:

    poor milo. i selflessly offer my help to make him smile and happy again.

  5. Annie says:

    The Milo/Hayden thing really freaked me out.

    Can’t get chicks your own age?

    If she IS dating Jesse, good for her, he’s adorable. And if she’s not and just having fun with him, hey she’s 19. Party on. And party on with guys closer to your age. (*waits for the “Age ain’t nothing but a number* crap.)

    And yea, I’d say he’s hardly C-List. The guy has 3 records under his belt and a HUGE fan base. Heck, according to wiki: “Leavin’” was chosen as the 4th biggest single of 2008 on American Top 40 making it his best single to date. Not a bad deal for Mr. McCartney.

  6. Annie says:

    Oh yea Anni, so selfless :P

  7. CB Rawks says:

    But he’s gross. He looks like an albino Malcolm in the Middle.

  8. me says:

    ok…the thing about that story that I’M concerned about is that she “went outside to smoke”…HAYDEN!!! WAKE UP!!! you have possibly the most perfect skin i’ve ever seen!!! don’t ruin it with cancer sticks!!! :(

  9. ChristinaX says:

    LOL, geeze.

    It’s probable that Hayden Pantierre and whatshisname broke up. She doesn’t seem like the bitchy cheater type, so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, but with Jesse McCartney? Blech!

    And if she is cheating, her young age isn’t a copout for being unfaithful. Sorry! I think of cheating as the same as disloyalty, and disloyalty is not a phase you grow out of.

  10. becca says:

    ^^^^^Exactly. If you cheat, you’re liable to do it again.

    As long as she’s nowhere near the guy I’m infatuated with, I really don’t care. Jesse McCartney? Eh, whatever. Just glad he’s not Zuko anymore. When I heard that,it really pissed me off. But his replacement Dev Patel would be SO much better as Sokka.

  11. czarina says:

    I agree that you cannot judge everything solely by age difference.
    However, it is not just the years…it’s which particular years. A person’s life at 19 is a lot different than someone even at 24 or 25. There is a great deal of growing up that is done during that time, and a 31 year old man is very likely already at a stage where he knows who he is and what he wants for the future.
    This teenager should be dating young men closer to her age, or even just focusing on herself for the time being.

  12. kd says:

    whatever. She’s not exactly an “oscar actress” or anything.

    As for milo and her relationship. It was creepy gross, but understandable since she always seems to want to appear so much older than she is. Frankly she looks like a middle aged divorcee in every picture of hers. Kinda haggard for someone so young. Must be WhoryWood.

  13. Aubrey says:

    if you combine lohan and hilary duff together, you’d get pannettiere

  14. vdantev says:

    So pretty, so low self esteem. That’s a step above making out with a homeless man.

  15. MT says:

    How slutty of her.

    I am sorry, but is there any other word for a 19 years old, with such a record?

  16. Aspen says:

    Czarina hit it on the head for my view. It’s not that there was a large age difference. It’s the PARTICULAR age difference.

    Being in my early 30′s, I cannot imagine having enough in common with ANY 18 year-old to be romantic with him. I see people in that age group now and smile the way I smile when I see other children…with fond memory and sympathy for the difficulties of that age. There is no “communion” between someone my age and someone literally half that.

    If a woman in her 30s started banging an 18 year-old co-star and then set up house with him…I doubt people would be so judgment-free in their estimation of the relationship.

    It’s really kind of gross, actually.

    I’m glad she’s out of there, and I don’t care if she “cheated.” They aren’t married, and she’s still a VERY young woman. Like the whole “Rob Pattinson is a man whore” story…my opinion is that dating around is normal and healthy in the large part for people so young.

    She’s not being a slut. Two men in three years is hardly the scorecard of a tramp. She’s being a young person who decided not to shackle herself to the first man who looked at her.

  17. Aspen says:

    …and making out in public is the divine right of all 19 year-olds. If you never sat in a public place making out with a boyfriend between the ages of 18-22…then I am so sorry for your loss.

  18. Leah says:

    Yeah, she really shouldn’t smoke. So terrible for your health and appearance.

    I always thought the Ventimiglia-Panettiere duo was a weird, creepy mixture.

    I liked Milo better with Alexis Bledel. For sure.

  19. ChristinaX says:

    Oh noes, I never made out in public! I’m pathetic!

  20. Codzilla says:

    Christina: Lol!

  21. Blah Girls says:

    i love how it says she stopped to sign an autograph on the back of a receipt. haha go hayden!

  22. Smokey says:

    It actually is pretty slutty, unless she broke up with Milo a while ago. They were together for a pretty long time, so if they just broke up recently and she’s already doing this? Yeah, doesn’t make her look too good.

  23. Hillary says:

    I’m pretty sure Jesse is a little better than a “C List” Singer… I can’t turn the radio on without hearing him and he sells out every one of his concerts…Hmmm

  24. Kimberly says:

    NOOOO Jesse! Don’t start with a skank like her…she cheated on Milo and is likely to do it to you. You deserve better jesse! And “c-list” ?? What the hell?? His albums have gone platinum and he’s been on the american top 40. He’s done world and home tours.

  25. bgirlcreer says:

    those who say that jesse is in hte “C-LIST”.. you are all LOSERS, you’re all jealous bcoz you are not as famous as jesse.look at urself first b4 judging other people..
    to jesse,dnt let these issues affect you!there are still many people who LOVE you.^_^

  26. bgirlcreer says:

    those who say that jesse is in the “C-LIST”.. you are all LOSERS, you’re all jealous bcoz you are not as famous as jesse.look at urself first b4 judging other people..
    to jesse,dnt let these issues affect you!there are still many people who LOVE you.^_^

  27. laquita says:

    Personally, I believe Hayden should feel pretty damn lucky to be hooking up with Jesse Mccarntney. C-list? He is so incredible. She is the fourunate one,its true. Instead of blasting someone one’s more sucessful than you, why don’t you just learn to let lose some of that hating.

  28. laquita says:


  29. Aaron says:

    Hayden is so hot. I wish I could date her

  30. ladey says:

    so how was that? i mean are they still going out together? jesse mccartney is preety good..