Ben Affleck is desperate for a son

After welcoming their second baby girl, Seraphina Rose, in January, Ben Affleck is trying to convince his wife Jennifer Garner to get pregnant again – this time with a boy. The couple welcomed their first child, Violet, in 2005. Although he’s thrilled with his two lovely girls, Affleck is said to be desperate for a son. This is all according to a “source” close to Affleck, willing to talk to OK! Magazine. Apparently, it all involves some elaborate scheme involving baby-sized Red Sox gear.

Jen Garner has told Ben and her friends that she’s “done”. I guess she feels that she provided him with the royal heir and a spare, both girls, and her work is over. But Jen is a big softie when it comes to her husband’s wishes – so perhaps Victor Garbor will be announcing another pregnancy sometime soon.

Daddy Ben Affleck is thrilled that his new baby girl, Seraphina Rose, born Jan. 6, has joined daughter Violet, 3, in his growing brood. But a friend of the He’s Just Not That Into You star says he’s already lobbying wife Jennifer Garner to get pregnant again–and this time, with a boy!

“Ben’s happy to keep going until he gets his boy,” says a friend, who notes the star’s fanatical love for the Boston Red Sox. “He has visions of dressing a little guy in Red Sox gear, tossing a baseball around and cheering in the stands together.”

Jen, however, has other plans! “She’s told friends that she’s done,” a friend of the couple, both 36, tells OK!. “She jokes with Ben, ‘If you want more babies, you’ll have to find a way to produce them yourself!'”

But Ben is convinced he’ll change Jen’s mind–eventually. And he may be right!

“Jen is a big softie when it comes to giving Ben what he wants,” says the friend. And if Ben remains the lone male in the Affleck household? “He’ll have those little girls dressed head-to-toe in Red Sox gear!”

From OK! Magazine

Yeah, a plea for somebody to gear up in Red Sox stuff is not exactly a declaration of “please have another one of my babies”. And what’s so wrong about putting Violet and Seraphina in Red Sox gear? True, it’s a bit gaudy, but they won’t grow rebellious for years. So will Jen Garner give in and have another baby? And what if it’s another girl? Will Ben be “disappointed”? He’s a douche if he doesn’t appreciate what he has – two healthy girls and a loving wife.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner and Violet are shown out on 2/3/09. Jennifer Garner, Violet, and Jen’s mom Pat are also shown on 2/8/09. Credit: Fame

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  1. vdantev says:

    Funny, I’m desperate to never read about his breeding habits.

  2. justalark says:

    RE: “He’s a douche if…”

    Kaiser, so how old are you–twelve?

  3. photo jojo says:

    Ah, I think wanting a son is a natural thing for a lot of men… doesn’t mean he isn’t thrilled with two girls. 🙂

  4. M. I. Opinion says:

    Yuck…SOOO 1800’s of Ben. Dress your girls up, go out and pitch with them, and watch as they soar with confidence and pizzaz in to the 21st century!

  5. Tess says:

    The shot of Jen, Violet, and her mother is is simultaneously sweet yet discomforting.

    In Hollywood, where image is all, the image is a reminder of the tick-tock passage of time.

  6. Flour says:

    It is typical for a man to want to pass on his penis wielding abilities. Plus, you know, sex is fun. But to go thru “some elaborate scheme involving baby-sized Red Sox gear” sounds like a load of OK Magazine crap.

  7. caribassett says:

    I think it’s nonsense. The Yawkey Way store has tons of awesome stuff for girls. 3 of our 4 children are girls, and they all have tons of Sox stuff. Audrey’s first phrase was ” Go Big Papi!” 😉

  8. aleach says:

    So, do you guys want to hear some juicy gossip? My hubby works with a man from Africa, and he went to back to do a documentary about the civil wars and how he was orphaned and sent to America when he was little, etc. Well, Ben Affleck is working with him to get the story picked up by a network, and he said that while they were in Africa, Ben was kissing all over some lady that the coworker of my hubby assumed was his wife (hes not up on the celebrity stuff like we are!). So anyways, he came back and was telling my hubby about his trip about “Ben Affleck & his wife” & my hubby was like “wow, Jennifer Garner was there too?” and the guy was like “hes married to Jennifer Garner? Well, it wasnt her!”
    So thats all I got, but still pretty interesting! haha.

  9. cara says:

    @aleach….I was going to comment on how I thought some “blind item” a few months ago (bored and philandering hubby w/actress wife, longing for the “glamor” days he had w/ex) was about this douche, Assfleck, but it seems you not only beat me to the punch but came up with pearls of wisdom and truth.

  10. Leandra says:

    Note the timing of this BS story. They have two girls now so time to drag out the “desperately wants a boy” story. Please – anyone can see this is just some trumped up tabloid gossip.

  11. Feynman says:

    @Justalark: “He’s a douche if…”

    Kaiser, so how old are you–twelve?

    Exactly what I was thinking – is this middle school? Half expected a hair flip and “hmph”.

  12. kate says:

    this story sounds totally fake.

  13. Ned says:

    He is going to have 2 very very tall and big and possibly farmer looking girls, so it’s pretty close to having boys.

    Seriously, have you seen the mother?

    Anyhoo, they do have the money, and since her dream was to get pregnant with and have HIS children, I don’t see the problem in having another child.

  14. Ned says:

    Jen is a big softie when it comes to her husband’s wishes

    Like trying to get pregnant with his consent or even knowledge, while they are only dating and he wasn’t even serious about their relationship?

    Jen does whatever she wants.
    Always have and same goes for Ben.

    He never wanted to marry her- she chose that for them.
    HE never wanted to father her children or even stay with her for that long- JEn chose that.

    Garner is one selfish bi-tch that does exactly waht she wants, with complete disrespect to what others want or need.

  15. Jen says:

    Does anyone really believe this story? Really?

  16. Annie says:

    I’d say it’s pretty natural for men to want a boy. That doesn’t necessarily undermine how much they love their girls. But it’s really not all that “douchey”.

    It’s the same as women wanting little girls.

    I admit to hoping for a little girl to dress up in bows and lace.

  17. OXA says:

    If this is true, I feel so sorry for the 2 beautliful girls as their father has just about said that they are not good enough.

  18. Annie says:

    Oh, and Jen. No. I don’t really believe it.

    I can believe he wants a boy, like all men, but I doubt he’s desperate or begging for one.

  19. Judy says:

    I believe this story about as much as I believe the story from some guy over in when was Ben there again? LOL Another nobody wanting to be somebody wioth this kind of crap.

  20. NotBlonde says:

    Yea this story seems like utter crap. All men want boys. The current bf (heading toward fiancee, hey hey hey) wants four boys. But it’s not like if he doesn’t get them he’ll be heartbroken. I want two girls to dress up and play with and eventually fight with while they are teens and then reconcile with when they hit college…*sigh* motherhood.

    So yea, this story seems like crap.

  21. aleach says:

    lol yep Judy you got it, im a “nobody that wants to be somebody” so i make up some dumbass story about ben affleck. Wow, you know me so well! haha.
    I dont care if you believe me or not, i just thought it was intersting & this is what the guy told my hubby.

  22. Kristen says:

    They make plenty of Red Sox gear for girls nowadays. I should know I see it every time I pick up something for one of my boys. 😉 Seriously though girls look cute in the pink and white Sox gear..

  23. Judy says:

    am not saying YOU made that story up. I never said YOU made the story up. If it sounded that way I appologize, I meant the person who told that to you.

  24. Codzilla says:

    Aleach: Thanks for sharing! Who knows, right? Truth is stranger than fiction, and the idea of a movie star screwing around on his wife isn’t exactly far fetched.

  25. aleach says:

    yeah, its not that surprising of a story is it? almost to be expected! but i was excited…i felt like i almost had a connection to affleck! haha, ahh well. i guess thats as close as i will get! 😉

  26. Joolzz says:

    didnt he cheat on Jlo? once a cheater always a cheater right?

  27. Linda says:

    “Like trying to get pregnant with his consent or even knowledge, while they are only dating and he wasn’t even serious about their relationship?”

    You’re Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. Ben said in Details magazine BACK IN NOVEMBER 2004 (before Jen got pregnant with V. remember) he wanted To get married and start a family. It probasbly was ALL his idea to start with actually. She had Alias, it definitely was being a “softy” and giving him what he wanted since it wasnt that great for her career at the time.

  28. vdantev says:

    didnt he cheat on Jlo? once a cheater always a cheater right?

    That logic only applies in the Pitt/Jolie/Aniston universe, lol.

  29. Emily says:

    Yeah in fact Alias went downhill when Jennifer Garner got pregnant. She couldn’t do any of the stunts (and she did a lot of her own stunts, if you watched Alias you’d know this) so her character didn’t do much for half the season. Getting pregnant with anybody’s kid wasn’t exactly the greatest move for a woman who was starring in a physically active show. It ended up being the show’s last season because ratings plummeted.

  30. Diva says:

    I don’t think there’s anything douchey about a man wanting a son. And there’s no reason to assume it means he doesn’t adore his girls! It’s not an either/or thing.

  31. barneslr says:

    “Like trying to get pregnant with his consent or even knowledge, while they are only dating and he wasn’t even serious about their relationship?”

    Yes, and I am sure that YOU are a pal of his, and know exactly what he wanted from this relationship, etc.

    Do you not realize how incredibly stupid you seem when you assert that you *KNOW* what other people—whom you don’t even know personally—want?

  32. barneslr says:

    “If this is true, I feel so sorry for the 2 beautliful girls as their father has just about said that they are not good enough.”

    Where does it say that he said that? I seem to have missed that. Just because he might like to have a son doesn’t mean he is unhappy with his girls.

    Some people who post here seem to think the world is completely black and white…if you want a son, you must hate your daughters…If you like cats, you must hate dogs…see how dumb that is?

    My brother has 2 girls-yes, he would have liked a son, but that wasn’t in the cards for him. He’s now the grandfather of another girl. Think he’s disappointed? Heck no. Would he have enjoyed a son? Sure. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t adore his daughters.

  33. RAN says:

    Agree Barn…I’ve always wanted a little boy (and I’m a woman) but that has never discounted the love, the bond, the gratitude for my beautiful daughters.

    I now have an adorable grandson…it’s ALL been worth it

  34. Jag says:

    So life wasn’t worth it until you had the grandson, RAN?

    See? That’s my problem with those kinds of statements. For those of you who wanted boys more, and girls not as much but you put up with them, why didn’t you give your girls up for adoption until you go the boy you wanted? Some cultures used to do that often…

    As for Ben wanting to dress up his boy in sports items, why can’t he dress up girls that way? I was a tomboy, and still watch football to this day. My sister was a girly, frilly girl, which was what my mother wanted – so yeah, I have a problem with this entire page. Parents should stop trying to dictate what type of child they will have, and should love them anyway – boy or girl, frilly or tomboy.

  35. RAN says:

    Please Jag, if you’re going to comment, read the entire comment. Your stupid challenge about my last comment is ridiculous.

  36. RAN says:

    And let me clarify the next sentence in your post. Not one poster on this thread (including myself) has indicated that they “put up” with girls because they didn’t have boys. Every single one has spoken of their love and gratitude for their children’s health and life – regardless of the sex of the the baby.

    It’s people like you who try to find fault with EVERYTHING, and really give a new definition to the term hypersensitive.